Retired Role - Not Available

Name: Malia Rosenburg

Faceclaim: Hailee Steinfeld

Species: Human

Age: 21

Family: Adrien Rosenburg



Malia Rosenberg had been born into a family of wealth and power, from her inheritance being in the seven figure range or to half her family being local politicians, her presence anywhere sparked the attention of many, friend or foe. Being an only child made her feel lonely rather often, though she always had her mother to keep her company when she was not at school or visiting friends. Malia often found herself caught up in some trouble or another, often being brought home by police late at night after she had snuck out and attempted to go to a party her parents specifically told her not to.

Malia repeatedly ignored the rules set upon her by her parents and any other authoritative figure, opting to carve her own path rather than the one set by others. Despite this she still achieved high grades in most of her classes, she had always been something of a star student, she never missed a class and never handed up an assignment past the due date. Were it not for her attitude against the rules, she would have been the perfect pupil. During her last few years of secondary school, Malia’s father became Mayor, causing the murmuring whispers in the hall to thicken each time she was around, it caused a welcoming boost to her social reputation.

Her affinity for causing trouble attracted the attention of the other rebellious teenagers in her school, one of them being a boy who expressed his romantic interest in her almost from the very beginning of her friendship with him. It was a strange feeling to have someone care for her in that way, never having a romantic aspect prior to this. After a few weeks of dating, which mainly comprised of kissing during break times, eating one another's food and talking over the phone for hours on end, the two even said the “L” word to one another.

Though, the upsides in life always came with a downside, one morning Malia was awoken by her father in tears, immediately asking what was wrong she simply received one gut wrenching answer, “Your mother is dead”. Malia’s mother had been killed overnight, coming home late from the city one night he was caught in the famous massacre that hit Evermore years ago, though it hit Malia harder. After that night she became distant with many people, something her boisterous boyfriend disliked because after many weeks of her sulking he broke it off with her. This coupled with the stage her father had sunk into (Drinking, hiding away), caused a sombre period of her life to begin.

It took some time, but all wounds heal. Malia no longer had her mother, and most of her friends, around for comfort so she began to confide in writing, she had begun writing pages and pages of fiction, making up stories that she would use to vent her emotions. This had inadvertently led Malia to her first profession; Journalism. Upon noticing her passion for literature, Adrien recommended her a position within the Organisation. On top of that, this was also the point in time that Malia discovered the existence of the supernatural, of course that had to be explained for her to work there.

It was somewhat of a shock at first, but that soon wore off. Today, Malia works as a Trainee Journalist for the Organisation, assisting in making sure the secret of the supernatural and related events are kept out of the limelight, as well as learning many self defence techniques just in case she found herself personally involved in one of those events. As well as covering them up, she also writes articles that are important news to the members of the supernatural community.

Intelligent - Kind - Focused

Distrusting - Obsessive - Bossy

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