Life in Evermore City was much quainter then the crazy existence she had lived in LA before she left, the contrasts were so stunning to her every day, here in Evermore she could actually go out and life her life without constantly being followed or asked for things, though it still had it’s moments, especially when she went to the mall or caught a plane anyway. But for the most part, she had figured out how to live quite a low-key life in this city, exactly what she wanted because she never really started acting for the fame and definitely wasn’t the kind to revel in that kind of attention like a lot of people did.

She did love her fans though, they were important to her, but so was her privacy and her chances to live her life and be happy. The serenity of her life here was mostly thanks to a few key local business owners who were happy to do her private sessions, namely a few cafes around the city who had quieter back rooms, bars with VIP areas and where she was headed today, a fitness center who were kind enough to offer private fitness and meditation classes. As someone who needed to keep herself in shape for roles but often found herself lacking the will to do so, those classes and personal training sessions were a great motivator.

She headed inside the building, throwing a towel over her shoulder and pulling her hair up into a ponytail which she fastened neatly before heading through to the usual spot her session took place, seeing there was no one else here yet she shrugged and headed inside, taking the liberty to start stretching and seeing her water bottle and other things she brought with her to the side. What she didn’t expect to see when she looked up from her current calf stretch was the trainer she had worked with back in LA, one she had actually gotten along with pretty well with because she had understood Ivy’s pain when it came to hollywood standards and the superficial society it created “Cali?” she asked with raised brows almost shocked to see her here, though admittedly she had no idea where the other woman went after they parted ways and here made as much sense as any.

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Popping a handful of kettle corn into her mouth Calista wandered from the break room up towards the front of the studio. Waving at a couple of her clients, smiling around a mouthful of food she typed a few commands into the computer so that her calendar appeared on the screen. Since today was one of her off days with the faction her appointments were filled with yoga classes. It was one of the other passions in her life and one that helped keep her balanced both mentally and physically. Gravity Falls gave her adrenaline and a sense of accomplishment, her position as a Master gave her the chance to share her knowledge, and yoga kept her sane.

Since she had a private lesson coming up Trish had opened up the Lavender room at the very back of the studio for her and her student. Closing out of her calendar the brunette grabbed the now half-empty back of treats, her water bottle, and yoga mat before heading towards the back classroom. Setting out her mat she then went around the room and lit some candles followed by light scented incense then shut off the lights. It was the way she preferred to practice when inside, with no distractions from the outside world and natural lighting. The candlelight danced along the smooth walls mixing with the relaxing music that drifted through the speakers that were set in the ceiling. It was her own personal mix of tunes and sounds that Cali had found had the best results.

She had just taken her yoga mat and spread it out on the floor when her name was spoken in a soft and disbelieving tone. Straightening she turned with her eyebrows up in question her mouth opening in disbelief when she got a look at the figure that was waiting just inside the door. It was like a blast from the past, a specter from another chapter in her varied life, that had suddenly appeared. “Ivy!” Smiling she approached the other woman and wrapped her in a hug, “Seems all sorts of people from my past are suddenly appearing in my classes.”

She had to admit, she didn’t really expect to see anyone she had met anywhere else here in Evermore, which might be small-minded of her but she found that Evermore was somewhat of a peaceful and carefree city which didn’t really fit with the crowd she had met back in LA but then it occurred to her that this city was probably perfect for the laid-back and nature inclined Calista Wolff so after the initial surprise had settled she had decided this was probably the perfect place for her to choose. Much like it fitted Ivy well too after she wanted the escape the craziness of California.

She had just gotten to her feet, a look of surprise on her features where the dark-haired female pulled her in for a hug and Ivy placed her hands gently against her back while hugging her tightly, honestly she was really happy to see her, she needed all the friends she could get considering how unapproachable she could seem to most. Mostly because she had little patience for being mobbed on the street or having people screaming at her “Oooh so I’m not the first? How crazy” she remembered some of their sessions fondly and suddenly she was pretty excited to work out today.

“I hope you haven’t planned anything too crazy for today, I admit I am sorely out of practice and I may have lost some of my flexibility” she laughed under her breath and shrugged slightly as she watched her “So how are things? Still living life wandering from place to place or have you decided Evermore is the one?” Ivy definitely didn’t regret coming here that was for sure, she had finally gotten the peace she had been craving when it came to her personal life and allowed her some separation from the craziness of her career.

Perhaps the arrival of yet another individual from her past was some sort of sign from the universe, an omen given more credence that this was indeed where she was supposed to be. Cali considered herself a spiritual person, being an Initia Master she took cues from the elements and the world around her knowing that there was more there than most people cared to see. So when events like this happened she gave thanks to whatever entity was helping guide her and promised to put that positive energy back into the world. Everything was reciprocal after all, with every take there must be a little give to keep things in balance. Ivy had appeared once more in her life for a reason and the brunette would ensure she gave in kind.

Her mahogany orbs scanned over the young actress, noting the subtle ways that she had changed since they had last seen one another. The dark circles that had seemed to exist unendingly just beneath her gorgeous eyes were gone and the smile she gave was genuine. The Initia could remember how many times she had seen the other woman put on a fake face that had seemed to all the world as if it was the real thing, but that was fame for you. With that kind of popularity, there came a sort of veneer that glossed over all of the dark and real parts of a person’s life, making it all seem glamorous and spectacular. The reality was less than desirable and yet there were thousands of individuals every day vying for their time in the spotlight, willing to debase and degrade others in order to get there. Thankfully Calista had recognized that particular lifestyle as one that she was not built for and had gotten out at her earliest opportunity.

“Nope, not the first. Though you are the prettiest thus far.” Smiling, she shot her long lost friend a wink, waving her into the room. Laughing out loud as she took a seat on her yoga mat, gently urging the door to the room closed as her legs folded in the lotus position. Letting her hands rest palms up on her knees, her eyes drifting closed as she waited for Ivy to join her. The question was a valid one, given her past tendency towards drifting like a tumbleweed through the world. “I think I may see what it’s like to put down some roots.”

A small smile touched her lips as she took a few measured deep breaths, “I’ve managed to snag a position here with the local Tribe and I’ve started my own business besides.” Both were big changes and accomplishments for someone such as her. Popping one eye open she looked over at her friend and now once more, student, “What about you? Last I heard Evermore wasn’t exactly big on making movies, what brings you here?”

Life in Evermore was so different from the life she used to live back in LA, simply by the people she surrounded herself with. She was guilty to say that back then she allowed herself to get sucked into the parties and the lifestyle to the point where she thought friends were people who were talking to the tabloids behind her back for money, or people who were just using her to get themselves more publicity. Now she wasn’t innocent when it came to that either but what she had managed to do was stop herself in her tracks and question what she was doing and why which had inevitably led her to realize she needed to make a change. Not every friend she made in LA was like that though, as evidenced by the surprise reunion with Calista today.

She laughed slightly when she said the prettiest by far “Flattery will get you nowhere” she jested with a smile, setting up her mat and then copying Calista’s positioning and focusing on her poise, it had been a while since she had done yoga but it was something she had done pretty much routinely when she was in LA so she remembered most of it pretty well, even if her body was reluctant to want to do it. “Well you picked and interesting city for it, it’s like it’s own little supernatural metropolis” she commented with a laugh. They had shared with each other that they were both Initia back then, in fact, that was probably why they had gotten along so well, knowing they had something in common like that.

She managed her breathing, counting in her head between breaths to make sure she was taking in a lot of air “Damn so you really have found yourself huh?” she smiled softly “I’ve been taking some study with the tribe, though it’s admittedly limited to my crazy schedule” she shook her head, the celebrity life never ended even when you wished you could switch it off sometimes. Though she wasn’t complaining, it allowed her to do the things she wanted to “Well...that’s kinda the point, I wanted my home to be somewhere that wasn’t so closely tied to work because I started to feel like my personal life was work” she nodded a few times “And you don’t need me to tell you how toxic that life could become” so she traveled out for shooting and then she came back here to Evermore, to her home where things were simpler.

“So you’re doing training now?” she asked it curiously, being a trainer wasn’t a small commitment in a tribe, it meant a lot of hard work and frustration, definitely not something you would decide to do without a lot of thought.

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