He really needs to stop wandering the streets so late at night. All it’s ever done for the young therian is get him into trouble, but restlessness and the urge to be outside when the moon is out is strong and old habits die hard. He’d gotten off guard duty as he jokingly calls it a couple hours before, leaving the man with one of the newer hires in what is meant to be the easy shift of the job. Literally all the new guy has to do is watch the man sleep and make sure no one breaks in, it’s a job for babies. So then, why does he smell the familiar scent that’s been with him all day? He’d showered and changed, the scent isn’t residual on his clothes, and that’s when his nose picks up the sharp tang of blood.

Felix curses under his breath when he also doesn’t pick up the scent of the new hire and immediately takes off in the direction of the smell, following his nose as the scent gets stronger. It had rained earlier in the day, causing small puddles to go splashing under his boots as he runs toward the scene, the sense of dread in the young man’s stomach getting ever worse as he approaches. Finally he turns the corner into the alleyway and the sight that greets him stops him in his tracks. The man assigned to their protection is laying in his own blood and is quite obviously dead. He can’t even imagine how pissed off the bosses are going to be, but even more than that he wonders what on earth happened?

He’s not the first one at the scene either, a patrol car had been stopped at the entrance to the alleyway and the two cops are already on the scene. The third person is obviously not a cop judging from the way he’s dressed and, judging by the man’s scent, is also not human. Felix approaches the men cautiously, not wanting to get himself tackled in suspicion. “Excuse me, what’s going on here?” He’s already produced the card from his pocket that identifies him as private security. “This man was under the protection of the company I work for. My bosses will want to be notified of what happened.” He’s polite but as he looks around the scene he already knows the cops are wasting their time with this man. His scent may be on the scene but it’s newer than the body’s, meaning he came on the scene after the murder had already happened.

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Edward leant against the wall as he watched the sunset fall as he began to notice his abilities came back to full power as he pushed himself off the wall he began to make his way to a club which he had on his radar for some time due to a number of incidents had happened over several nights and he felt he had to investigate to ensure no supernaturals were involved as he blended into the crowd as he approached the club as he approached the entrance the darkness of the night for the darkness of the room and flashing lights. and the mixed speed of slow and fast-moving people as the room's new smells hit his nostrils.


The room flickered multiple colours as people danced and the smell of alcohol hit his nostrils from larger vodka and alcohol pops and the music was a little desired as it blasted is eardrums as he recalled his favourite era of music was from the 1900s as his eyes scanned the room looking for any suspected issues as he turned a  faint scent of blood hit him as the speed of his searching increased as he used his abilities to view faster leading him towards the exits of the club he was met by darkness but the smell of blood was getting stronger.

The alleyway was pitch black on the lights from the street illuminated the alley slightly as he smelt the blood he followed it like a dog following a scent as he looked around for the something or someone as he touched the side wall he felt a substance on his hand as he removed his hand he smelt the blood he knew there was a human hurt or worse as he carefully moved forward he found a body motionless on the floor he knelt to check the pulse realising he was dead he closed the man’s eyes as a police car arrived on lights Edward heard the words “ get on your knees hands behind your head “ Edward wayed up his situation if it was darker he would have vanished but the lights illuminated the alleyway so he had no choice he placed his hands behind his head   “I just got here I found him like this “ he looked around as he remained frozen to the spot as a  figure appeared from behind  “ i just followed the blood trail “.

While one officer seems busy trying to figure out what’s going on while also handling the valkyr with his hands up, the other approaches Felix to take the card from his hand and look it over. Felix sees the brief flash of recognition in the officer’s eyes before the older gentleman hands it back over. “We’re just as lost as you are buddy, we just got here ourselves. He was already here so better safe than sorry.” The officer points at the valkyr that the other one is watching over and Felix gives a brief nod. “If he’s right and there’s a blood trail it shouldn’t be too hard to trace it back to the actual scene. I doubt he’d be cooperating so well if he was the murderer… let alone have stuck around.”

He walks over to the body, frowning some at the murdered client. Nope, Orion and Ember are not going to be happy about this. But looking at the body it’s pretty clear that no valkyr did this, none of the signs are there. No, this was someone else. The cop watching over the valkyr, hearing what Felix said, frowns a little. There’s procedure and the like but they know that him just being there isn’t enough to link him to the murder so they’ll need to get his ID and address and then they’ll have to let him go until they get actual evidence gathered. Felix remains silent as the officer gets the information he needs from the valkyr, though Edward can probably feel his eyes on him the whole time. Not accusatory, more interested.

Letting the two go and getting on the radio to call in forensics, the two officers go to do the rest of their job and Felix approaches the man, hands in his pockets. “Unfortunate for you. You’ll still be a suspect even if they do have to let you go. Don’t worry though, they shouldn’t be able to pin it on you.” With a small smile Felix starts to walk in the direction he’d come, following the blood trail to see if he can figure out what happened. “Care to accompany me to figure this shit out?”

Edward followed the investigator as he looked back at the now illuminated crime scene as he turned his bed back to the investigator “I followed the blood trail from the new club that was opened 3 nights ago the private booth through to private dance floor “ Edward overtook the stranger as he began to lead the way back to the club finding the open back door that he excited a few minutes prior.

The club had become quieter as the crowds went out to see what was going on  as  Edward  turned his head to  to the guy “I highly doubt im on  the police database but as  your trying to help me  “ he  reached  out his hand “ I am Edward Starhawk  at your service “ he  turned quickly as he began to  retrace his steps to the  seat  that now showed a dark puddle of blood “I believe your victim  was attacked here .”


Dark, dingy back alleys. Totally Felix’s idea of a good time. Actually there was once a time that he would’ve been fine with it, a time that it was normal, but now? Nah, he’d rather be in that club or, even better, a cafe with a cup of coffee. Damn when did his life get so mundane? Oh well, no time to worry about that now. “Alright. So he definitely got attacked in the club. Did it look like he’d been dragged, or did he walk to where you found him?” Felix is no investigator, he doesn’t have the training to do it or the magic powers that some others have. But he can help piece things together thanks to the schooling he’s getting.

The club is mostly emptied out now but thanks to his sense of smell he can still tell what’s going on. Either their guy was here for the drugs that he can smell wafting off most of the people or he was using it as a cover. Since he’d only met the guy once it’s hard for him to tell which one. “Well I don’t have access to the police database so that’s not really something I care about. Nice to meet you, though I wish it were under better circumstances. I’m Felix Morris.” He shakes the valkyr’s hand before following him into the club, easily pushing past the crowds to get to the seat. “Yeah, I’d say you’re right. So, now the question is who attacked him…” He has no authority to get into the video footage, so that leaves either attempting to sniff the attacker out or finding the idiot with the bloody knife. Wonderful.

A smell hit his nose a  smell he had not smelt  since the Nam in 69  as his eyes began to scan  the room “ was your client trained in a form of defence as the smell of gun powder  replayed the scene as he began to follow the scent “ a gun was used  mist likely silencer to “ he pointed to the  broken light then to the wall with 5 rounds  in the wall  nut it was not the  thing that caused  him to bleed  from” he stopped at the start of the blood “ if you look at the 3 large angles it shows that he was stabbed  “ May i  “ he  stood in front of Felix as he  lunged  his fist forward as  stopped millimetres from his skin “ first strike but he  was  stabbed from another side  before getting stuck to the side  that when he fled  

Edward began to follow the blood trail with the scent of a  stranger as he looked around the other scent broke off heading down another alley as he began to look down the dark street the passing traffic was the only thing giving the alley the light it needed “ someone came down this street “ his eyes began to scan the room his environment as he became engrossed with a  trash bin the smell was pooling in the area as he pushed the bin underneath a bin there was a large knife on the ground “ he waited for Felix as he folded his arms “ you may want to get the PD over here.

Felix shrugs some, tucking his hands into his coat pocket. “Not a clue. Guy wasn’t very forthcoming with information, at least not to me. One of the bosses might know more but they’re both asleep and I don’t really want to wake them yet.” Or at least he assumes they’re asleep. In Ember’s case there’s really no telling, he swears the woman never rests. He frowns a little as he examines things with the valkyr, glancing between him and the scene in front of them and shaking his head slightly. “If a silencer was used it was paired with magic. Actual silencers don’t work like the movies, they don’t really muffle much sound. It would’ve been heard even over the sound of the club…” Not unless they had some other way of muffling the sound but he really can’t be sure what that would be. Other loud noises that could cover a gunshot? Ehhh. Most likely magic. Which is wonderful. He hates magic. The stabbing is more up his alley and he doesn’t even flinch as his companion’s fist stops just short of making contact, barely even quirking a brow at the man.

The walk down the alley is thankfully not awful for him. His enhanced senses allow him to follow the trail just as easily as the valkyr can and while Edward goes to examine the pooling of blood, Felix walks a little further down where the scent rushes up… straight up a fire escape on the side of the building. “Yeah, we will. Cover it so they can get some blood. Whoever it was with the knife went up this way.” He jabs his thumb up toward the retracted ladder, giving a soft sigh as he pulls his phone out to text the bosses. This just got very messy.

Edward pulled back his jacket pocket as it revealed a Glock in its holster as he nodded to Felix “ if you haven’t got a weapon to let me lead the way “ Edward rose to his feet as he walked to the ladder climbing to the first floor slowly making his way slowly up keeping his weapon pointed downwards making sure he was not seen as a threat stopping short of the last set of ladders as he looks around making sure they had continued to the top of the building.

Waiting to make his move felt like the day he and his brothers were waiting in a trench for Saracen invaders trying to attack his forces his body reacted to the situation in his head as he moved up the last ladders clearing the roof efficiently before holstering his weapon the blood spots that they were following became smaller as he followed them to the centre of the roof as he looked around “ do you think the blood was the attackers as it seems to have stopped like they have given them selfs aid “.

He nods to the valkyr, the only weapon he has being a knife meaning the obvious better choice is the gun. He follows the man silently, bringing the knife from his boot just in case. Sure the old saying is don’t bring a knife to a gun fight but that saying doesn’t necessarily apply when one can shift into a giant fuck off lion on top of having a knife. Besides, he has backup with a gun. So they’re good. Normally he’d have just leapt up but since he’s being courteous to his companion he follows at a respectful distance, keeping an eye and ear out around them to make sure they’re not being watched or followed.

Once they’re safely on the roof he puts the knife away, looking around swiftly before kneeling to examine the blood trail. He nearly suggests that Edward try tasting to see if there’s a difference but he manages to stop himself before he can make that very bad joke and instead leans down to sniff. There is a very distinct difference in the smell between the dead man’s blood at this. “It’s not the guy who died blood for sure but… I can’t tell who’s this is. Not without having smelled the attacker’s. Definitely someone different…” He follows the trail to where it stops, noting the brief increase of blood at the spot before nothing. “Yeah, definitely took care of the injury up here… but the rain is keeping me from being able to follow the trail well.”

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