As per her usual daily routine, as soon as the clock strikes 7, she usually should make her way back home after a full day of work in her office, but unfortunately, the flaxen-haired diviner has been spending her week in that same office that suffocated her. The reason for the condemnation? Work. Of course. Maintaining her work as the CEO and still trying to juggle with the fact that Mira has been trying to sabotage her company as of recently. What’s new anymore about the other light diviner who sought out her destruction ever since 1932 after she burned down the manor, and subsequently killing every single soul inside, late at night. There was not one justified reason that Irene could muster up to explain what happened that night, other than the fact that she got infuriated and her emotions got the best of her after being pent up for her entire teenhood.

The worst part was that the blonde didn’t see why she needed to apologize. Mira’s mother was their maid, her personal maid that has been taking care of her since she was a mere baby, and admittedly Irene grew fond of the two who remained her only confidants and company throughout the torturous period of her life being chained to the manor by the countryside while her parents acted like she didn’t exist. Even when they had explicitly told everyone else that they loved her, their only child. Actions spoke louder than words, and unfortunately, neither one of her parents had shown her good reasons to keep up the good act, not after they’ve mistreated her entire life, leaving her be like some stray. She is Irene Farley, the only heir to Unruly Eve Corporation, and she will remain as a Farley, until the end of her days. She would be damned if Mira would jeopardize everything that she’s been working on for decades-long, up to 68 years worth of work trying to rebuild the company she now presides over.

Sales fluctuated and inflated over the past few months, which gave her a reason to come to Evermore and seek Mira out so she’s able to pluck the weed out from the roots, once and for all. However, Mira was cunning and managed to evade skillfully, though Irene is positive that those will only last for a while. One way or another, she will put an end of the Harridan girl and then she’s free to return to her lavish life again without any worries or woes haunting her head each night. The only reason why the Farley female was getting restless was due to one of their branches in New York got burned last week and all the signs pointed to Mira.

Her light locks looked messily out of place and her glasses kept sliding down her nose bridge until her secretary aka her personal assistant knocked and told her to go home. Nadia was quite possibly the only confidant she had that she actually trusted and she’s been working with her for over 19 years, hence why the blonde took the older female’s advice and is now on her way down in the elevator. Spring was her favorite season ever, so the moment she got out and bid farewell to the security, she sucked in the breezy night air with a small smile. She decided to get a cup of coffee at the nearby cafe first, but much to the dark diviner’s dismay, it’s closed. Fishing out her phone, she let out a heaved sigh since it’s understandable because it’s already 11 35 pm.

Irene was too exhausted to actually operate on heels, especially 4-inch heels. Still, her body craved coffee so she forced herself to walk to another one that was thankfully open, but 4 km further. After a few minutes, she received her well-deserved coffee and was about to go back to the company to retrieve her car at the parking lot, until she was tackled out of nowhere. With herself thrown like a ragdoll against the wall, and her coffee now spilled on the floor, she wasn’t sure if she’s more aggravated or scared. A female and male growled towards her, and despite Irene standing taller than the female, the way it seethed at her screams valkyrs. And she is way too drained to use her magic.

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Leaning back in his desk chair Jonathan stretched his arms up above his head, letting out a roar that echoed around the room. The sound was purely therapeutic in nature, both as a way to let out his pent up frustration as well as to help engage his muscles completely so as to ease the kinks he could feel forming. As soon as the stretch was done he dropped his arms in his lap, keeping the chair leaned back as if he were bodily distancing himself from the mound of paperwork that covered his desk. Glancing at the clock his steel blue-grey eyes widened as his mind registered the time, realizing that he had been holed up at work for far longer than he intended. Straightening up the male stood, once more stretching his entire body in a full extension of muscles and sinew. Just as he reached the pinnacle of the maneuver his mouth opened on a monstrous yawn that made him chuckle.

Looking around he decided to leave everything as it was, as much as he hated the clutter he had no gumption to straighten it up. Tomorrow would come and after sleeping in a bit he could come in fresh and tackle it all. Scooping up his keys the male walked out of his office frowning as he noticed the light in his assistant's office was still on. Ducking his head into Siobhan's office he beheld the blonde snoozing at her desk, smiling fondly at his young friend. Slipping up beside her he gently roused her, chuckling at her grumbling as he encouraged and urged her to gather her things and head home. They walked out together in companionable silence, and once they were outside Jon handed her into a taxi and directed the driver to ensure she got home unharmed. He was probably being a little more protective than he should have been, however, he saw the Nephilim female as another sister and family was placed above all else in his mind.

Watching as the car pulled around the corner the male took a deep breath, pulling the brisk spring air deep into his lungs in an effort to clear away some of the cobwebs that stuck to the corners of his mind. Slipping his hands into his pockets he turned in the direction of home, deciding a good walk would be good for him after having spent the entire day hunched over in an office chair. He had taken no more than a couple of steps when he caught a sound that was out of place, a growling following by a scuffle that made his brows knit together in a frown. Taking a split second to decide what he was going to do the Nephilim turned on his heel and headed towards the disturbance. It wasn’t in his nature to ignore such sounds and in his life experience, nothing good came from growls at night.

Turning a corner he found a pair of individuals slammed a young woman against a cement wall, her grunt of pain making him wince. He could tell both of her attackers were dark creatures, incredibly strong and from the looks of it crazed. Crossing to the party of three in a few short strides he cause the attackers pain, his mental abilities forcing them to feel immense agony while he disabled them physically. It took very little time, Valkyr’s were strong but with their blood craze and the discomfort he was causing in their minds, it was easy for him to overpower them. Instead of pushing their luck they ran, stumbling over each other to get away leaving him and there would be victim alone.

Crouching down Jonathan took a knee near the young woman, looking her over to check for injuries, “Are you okay? You took quite a hit there.”

The first thing that flashed across her mind was how much pain she’s enduring right now, that shove was way too sudden and harsh, and embracing the stone wall afterwards wasn’t really doing her any better either, because the dark diviner could be seen slumping down, leaning her back against the said wall as she winced slightly. Fluttering her eyes closed briefly before opening them, only to give her attackers a glare that’s filled with annoyance and aggravation, who seemingly was actually taking joy in her pain. Like that’s new.

Though, ever since she settled here in the infamous supernatural haven, Evermore, she’s never encountered something like this. Well, guess you can never really say things for sure. Never say never, is what her secretary would tell her and much to her chagrin, she’d admit the redhead is true. It wasn’t a good thing to be wandering around in heels in this sleep-deprived state too, which only ever fueled her emotions that tend to stray away from the light path and more to stay in the dark. Ironically. “Are you for real, right now,” she grumbled and tried her best to stand up, and get up on her two feet so she can actually give them a taste of their own medicine but to no avail, her attempts remained futile.

From the corner of her eyes, the way they acted screams valkyrs, and she’s had plenty of experience encountering the rabid and rogue ones that seemed to think more with their thirst rather than up there. Which is bad for her since not only could she not muster up the physical strength to get up, she couldn’t even think straight with her eyes being halfway across closing to sleep land. That equals to no magic for her. Shit. As she tried to calm her erratic breathing that hailed from her exhaustion and lack of coffee making her going all jittery, she could hear the growls getting nearer until it was replaced with howls of pain instead, which caused her to peek one eye open to see what’s going on. The two yelped and ran away, which got her confused. Not that she was complaining.

There, in front of her, was a silhouette of a male, who then crouched down to her eye level and asked if she was fine. However, due to her head being a whole mess right now, the first thing she did was glare at him and tried her best to get up, even though it was very hard to do since she sprained her ankle and her clavicles felt sore like hell after hitting the wall earlier. Who was she to know if this was part of the plot? “Get away from me” she seethed. For Irene, to be a pessimist about everything is pretty much how her entire life has been mapped out to be. She doesn't trust anyone or anything, and she sure as hell wasn't about to think a savior came to her aid tonight, especially if it's in Evermore. 

Glancing over his shoulder the male Nephilim made sure they were well and truly alone, watching the fading backs of her attackers and keeping an eye out for those who might take advantage of the situation. It wouldn't the first time some vulture came out of nowhere, swooping in to pick off the kill. He'd seen it too many time over the span of his life and made sure to keep the carrion away. The streets around them were silent, only the occasional purr of a car passing nearby and somewhere in the distance a siren heralded an officer responding to a call. No footsteps or shuffling of feet gave anyone away, and the other ambient noises could be chalked up to the wind. Satisfied that it was just the two of them Jon focused back on the woman in front of him.

She struggled to rise, no doubt in some great amount of pain from the knock she had received from the wall. From the way she moved, using the wall for support as she struggled to rise he surmised she might have been hit far harder than either of them realized. A concussion wouldn’t be outside the scope of possibility which meant she needed medical attention asap. Reaching out he tried to help her up, taking her arm gently only to be shoved away and growled at. Furrowing his brow he tried again and got the same reaction, pressing his lips together firmly as his annoyance rose. Couldn’t this woman see that he was trying to help her, that he WAS helping her.

Frustrated and tired the Nephilim rose to his feet and considered the situation, he couldn’t just leave her here. Out on the street in the dark of night, in the condition she was in the woman would be easy pickings. It was rare for one person to be attacked twice in the span of a few hours but what kind of person would he be if he just left her hanging out on the side of the street? Sighing he bent down and scooped her up, batting her hands out of the way with an impatient sound, “Stop being stupid and let me help you. You need medical care and I can take you there.” What was it about Evermore that brought out the wild and foolish in women, first Siobhan and now this woman. Both he had no doubt were strong and capable, but refusing help or jumping willingly into danger without so much as an iota of self-preservation to keep them alive.

Coming across a bunch of rogue supernaturals tonight was not supposed to be in her to-do-list, she was just going to go ahead of her merry way and faceplant herself on her comfortable and beloved bed so she was able to receive her well-deserved and long-awaited sleep that she’s been robbed off for the past week. At the end of the day, no matter how experienced she was with the internal affairs of the company that she’s been handling behind the scenes since a little over 60 years ago, one hit thrown towards her and Irene would’ve been tackled to the ground, left to bite the dust. There’s been plenty of times that she’s been taken by surprise but this was a whole new level of weird, even for her. The blonde is too tired to use her magic and her exhaustion was taking its toll on her, leaving her defenseless. She didn’t expect for anyone to come to her rescue, she’s learned enough to know which is which, and Irene Farley is nowhere near being branded as a damsel in distress.

As appreciative as she was secretly feeling, her natural untrusting nature has made it slightly harder to comprehend things. She didn’t believe people would do something good to expect nothing in return. That’s how sadly her twisted mind works. So when he tried to help her after coming to her aid, Irene shoved him away harshly while growling in response. When she did that, she fluttered her eyes shut briefly due to the sudden wave of nausea washing over her. Bringing one hand to her temple, she clutched her head while the other free hand gripped on her bag tightly. Yep, she definitely got a concussion from the shove earlier.

The concrete wall became her support while her eyes darted at the waning gibbous above them, it was if it was trying to mock her current state. Her head is slowly but surely, pounding its way inside, which made her attempts to stand up or refuting the stranger futile. A displeased murmur escaped her lips as she squirmed slightly against the hold. Being independent is one thing, relying on her untrusting nature is another. Neither of which suits her current situation. Irene clicked her tongue in annoyance and defiance as she squinted her blue hues at the male upon being called stupid. “Your bedside manner is truly abysmal.” But he does have a point, she needed medical assistance and the pounding in her head wasn’t helping her think rationally.

“Of all times, they had to attack when I’m halfway falling asleep in Slumberland” she grumbled to herself, the distaste underlying her tone made it clear that she was not impressed to be seen as an easy picking. “You didn’t have to intervene, you know that right?” her tone was confused, unsurprisingly with the kind of people she’s always surrounded with, Irene didn’t know anything about chivalry.

Jonathan Bradford considered himself something of a people person. He was a businessman, highly skilled in the art of conversation and negotiation with all the intricacies of culture and language that came with it. He was charming and concise, open-minded, an active listener, and above else compassionate which made him the ideal person that in almost every situation he found himself in whether it be personal or professional, he could find common ground and make a friend or ally. He met each new person as if they were a clean slate a new challenge or an interesting puzzle to figure out, every meeting an opportunity to adapt, and every snag in the road a problem he could learn and grow from. Which is what made this particular situation, with this particular blonde stubborn pain in his ass in the middle of the god damned night so fucking frustrating.

Grinding his teeth together as the little slip of a woman pushed and wiggled her way out of his arms the Nephilim nearly broke his rule about cursing in front of females. It wasn't that he didn't think they could take it or was a chauvinist, on the contrary, he was all about equality and knew quite well what women were capable of. His personal code insisted that he treat them with the utmost respect at all times, even when he was dog tired and they were trying the last dying shreds of his patience. Rolling his eyes at her barb the Jon slid his hands into his pockets, squeezing his fists in slowly pumps to try and relieve some of the pent up frustration that had him wanting to punch the brick wall. Instead, he counted to ten inside his head and let out a heavy sigh before responding in kind, "If this is your way of showing gratitude to someone who just saved your life your delivery needs some work. Not to mention your sense of self-preservation is quite frankly shit."

If she was going to be rude and ungrateful than there was no reason for him to go out of his way to be kind and compassionate. The Nephilim wasn't going to leave her in this state, he had every intention of dumping her at a hospital before letting her out of his sight but this whole ordeal would be much easier if she was being less difficult. When she spoke again annoyance rang through every syllable, as if his actions had put her out and interrupted her carefully planned day. The chuckle that escaped his lips was both dry and insulted, "Oh of course not, I could have simply walked by and watched as they killed you. Gone on home, fixed a glass of tea before bed and wondered where they had stashed your body. Woke up tomorrow morning and thought about how long it would before someone discover your dead corpse while I showered.”

The male did his best to look thoughtful as he laid out the disgusting tale, rubbing his jaw and looking into space. “In the coming weeks my mind might mull over the possibility of your obituary and when it finally does come out I’ll just shrug. I mean by that point you’d be nice and juicy. Definitely a closed casket.” He made a face that told him exactly what he thought of that idea, both a little outraged and miffed by her flippant attitude. He understood that most people had an innate distrust that ran through their DNA but that didn’t stop him from helping out when he could. It was just the type of person that he was, despite societal and cultural norms he wasn’t going to change. Looking down at the blonde who looked unsteady and about to pass out Jonathan took another calming breath, “Look I’m tired, you are tired and hurt. I’m just here to help. I want nothing from you except for you to let me take you to a hospital so that we can both move on with our lives.”

He pulled his hands out of his pockets and held one out to her, “What do you say, let me take you to the ER and we can part ways. No harm done.”

Lately, her company has been a bit of a burden to hold on to, but nonetheless since it is her family company; something she’s also worked on for the past few decades, that wrapped up her entire life line of work there, shouldn’t she at least try to fix things? Losing it over a few days of frustration seemed way too childish for her. Then comes this call, from that one guy that has been pestering her to sign the deal with empty promises. Sure, they’ve had their fair share of investments on multiple branches of businesses throughout their many years of operating, but all of that took heavy precision and a long time to reach a consensus. That’s why she never stopped having weekly board meetings to discuss where they’re currently standing at. And of course, the problem with Mira. 

Couldn't they have picked a better day to attack her? She would admit, getting that snap and scowl from the guy that she understood was just trying to help her, no thanks to her stubborn self, it made her rethink her choice of words. Her temper won’t get her anywhere, especially with someone like this guy. Let's put it this way, Irene...think. The business world is harsh, it’s calculating and cruel, it will not be lenient. There’s the weak and the strong, and by all means, she intends to stay on top as one of the strongest. Just use that formula or whatever shit you have to, you shouldn't argue. Following the grumble of complaint from the other self inside her did cause her to tap her heels impatiently as she leaned against the wall she found herself panting like hell from the wound that was making delirious and slowly running her whole mind amess, her blue hues staring straight into the taller male in front of her. Reckless of her, Nadia would scold her the first thing she returns, for sure. 

Sinking her teeth on her bottom lip, she let out a heaved sigh and leaned against the wall even further, eyes gazing at the Nephilim while arranging her words politely, "One, my self-preservation skills are usually nowhere shitty like this. Two, I'm usually very well at talking so no excuses on the delivery method. Three, I'm tired… I'm hurt… I'm probably suffering a concussion and I hate it when people witness my weak side. But that doesn't give me the right or warrant my behavior towards you, for which I apologize deeply" she murmured faintly, her accent was slowly fading away the longer she tried her eyes open, it's starting to get blurry. "I'm sorry for the… unnecessary treatment." She was grateful he came to her aid, God knows this wasn't the way she wanted to go. Irene wanted to leave a legacy behind that will be remembered by people all around, she didn't want to die because some rogues wanted a warm blood bag for the night. 

He had a point, both of them are tired, she should just take his offer and go to the hospital. That would make things a lot easier. She pursed her lips slightly and gave an exasperated sigh before nodding gently and accepting his hand, "Alright..." she mumbled softly before pulling herself up, her legs were still wobbly but she could stand. For now. 

It seemed to take her forever to mull over his words, though he hoped he had been gruesome enough with the description. Even if he had thought twice about it there was no he would have left her to fend for herself, he wouldn't have left anyone in that situation. It just wasn't who he was. He was a protector, a defender of those who needed a helping hand whether willing or unwilling. He wasn't the type to stand by and ignore when a person was being attacked or being done wrong, his parents and his mother had ingrained in him the need to help.

When she finally spoke Jonathan had to grit his teeth, his jaw nearly locking up as she ticked off the first couple of items to him. When she finally got to the apology a single eyebrow rose upward along with a corner of his mouth in a wry grin, the irony of her tone carried on the apology wasn't lost upon him. Here was a woman that was obviously used to getting her way and being on top, she didn't offer amends often which was why this one sounded more like a lecture in her reasoning than a legitimate apology. Still, the Nephilim wasn't going to be picky, nor at this juncture as he going to complain.

"Accepted." As she wobbled to her feet Jon reached out and took her hand, then pulled her tight into his side wrapping an arm around her waist. She was a tiny little thing, slight and petite against his taller frame as he turned them and began walking toward the garage of his building where he had his car parked. "This first time your knees buckle I pick you up and if you pass out I am flying you to the hospital." He laid his terms out in a casual tone as if they were discussing business terms of a contract and sussing out the minor points that were going to be included in the plain language.

Irene was far from stupid, admittedly she can quite inexperienced and dry around the areas of numbers or mathematics in general, she is not someone who delves in arithmancy for fun after all, but she had other skills equipped to survive the business world. She's not entirely hopeless around it, if not she would never have preserved her family's legacy by protecting the company till today when so many men had tried to take it from her grasp. However, there is one thing she is not that good at when it comes to preserving; herself. Ironic as it may, there isn't a lie in that. She could be quite reckless and careless at times but it was the way she perceived things to be lesser than what most things actually are, that took the flag for her. 

Admittedly, Irene knew it was a bad move to refuse help from someone who wanted to help her, especially at times like this when she really does need one but that's just Irene Farley for you. Even she gets infuriated with her own head sometimes. Thankfully for her, this guy didn't seem like someone who would leave someone in need of medical attention or any help in general, in some lonely shady alley like this. Forcing her tired slumped body up on her feet was a challenge she managed to get over and before anything she was already up, waiting for him to lead the way. She murmured a small and timid thank you towards him when he extended his hand out to help her up, it was very much appreciated. Irene was taller than most average girls her age, or at least the age she looks like but it was clear the male was so much taller than any average male too so it wasn't surprising to find herself staring at him from where she stood at. 

The blonde had to crane her neck to be able to get a full coverage of his features, he seemed familiar. "Have we met before?" she asked plainly, tilting her head to the side to inspect his side profile a little bit more, "I feel like I've seen you somewhere… probably not directly but still" When he laid out his terms, she chuckled and shook her head at the dramatics, "I'm not going to faint" she even waved her hand dismissively despite knowing what a grade A pain of a headache she's still going through, at the moment. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened. As soon as those words flew out from her mouth, she stumbled on her steps while trying to follow him to the garage and semi-faint on the pavement. She could feel her head throbbing and it definitely wasn't the only part ringing in her ears in pain. "I'm fine…" she shook her head trying to get rid of that ringing while clutching her head. 

Jonathan had found himself in the company of some pretty hard eggs to crack in his stint in the business world but this young woman took the cake. She was stubborn to a fault and even more wary than a long-tailed cat in a rocking chair store. It would have been comical had he not just seen her get her bell rung and experienced how valiantly she was trying to make it not a big deal. He had to admire her spunk, there weren’t many people who could experience a near mugging/murder and not end up freaking out completely. So it surprised him a bit hearing her quietly muttered thank you as he helped her to her feet.

They started walking towards the hospital, one eye on her while the other scanned their surroundings constantly. He gave her an odd look at the suggestion that they had met before or that she might know him, her certainty nearly made him laugh. He certainly would have remembered her if that were the case. “I’m pretty sure we haven’t met before but I am known in some social and business circles.” He looked down at her as she scrutinized him, realizing he hadn’t introduced himself. “My name is Jonathan Bradford, I own and run Helios Industries.” He didn’t want to add the usual niceties that usually followed an introduction, he was sure she didn’t think it was nice meeting him on these terms.

No sooner had they taken a few more steps than she turned into a human noodle, muttering she wasn’t going to faint a minute before her body slumped towards the pavement. Shaking his head the Nephilim scooped her up, took several running steps, and launched them into the air. He flew across down at the speed of a bullet, dropping down to the door that lead to the ER with no one being the wiser. Walking in he flagged down a nurse and explained the situation, using his credentials the young woman was in a room within moments and being attended by several doctors and nurses.

Stubbornness would've been her middle name easily with the kids of reputation she carries around. Everyone she knew had the same thinking, she wasn't someone you should bother to kiss up to, simply because Irene would see to it that you would be greeted with a door slammed to the face. Or if she was being extra generous that day, perhaps even an unimpressed look and her hand directing them to the exit door. Either one of the two and no in betweens. No middle ground. But the blonde didn't fare forever being cold and intolerant, she had her good sides, it's just… selective. So she did say her thanks despite leaving it near to a small whisper that was barely audible. It was getting increasingly hard for her to keep a clear mind while focusing on her surroundings, particularly her direction to go to the hospital nearby. 

The hit to her head would prove to give her a concussion at the end of the day, one way or the other. "That's probably it… those business circles... " she mumbled, Irene never attended any of those gatherings with potential investors or business partners and often sent Nadia to act as her representative. But the name Jonathan Bradford does ring a bell somewhere. "Helios... " So that's where it sounded awfully familiar to her, she's heard of the company when she first decided to settle in Evermore temporarily, the stories of the company did not escape her notice and now that she finally had a good look at the owner, it was safe to say that Irene was visibly floored. Kind guy, that's what she said. Kind enough to help a stranger. It should be common decency but with the world they live in, the female didn't believe in those. 

"I'm Irene… Irene Farley, CEO of Unruly Eve Corp" Luckily, she was still able to form a coherent sentence even if she ended up slurring towards the end, "I'd say it was nice to meet you but the circumstances doesn't… fit." Her company had recently just set foot here seeing as her main branch and headquarters was located far in Paris. But the time she lost her consciousness, she couldn't remember a thing then. It was probably why she was quick to panic internally the moment she fluttered her eyes open only to be greeted by the ceiling, Irene sat up in a jolt before breathing heavily. "Where in the world…" The blonde winced and pressed her hand to the left side of her head that had a bandage wrapped around it, "Ow…"

As all of the nurses and doctors began to swarm around Irene, Jonathan faded into the background. Words were tossed around, concussion and fracture and blunt force trauma. One of the nurses turned to him and asked him questions as to how she had gotten into such a state. With methodical precision the male informed the staff surrounding the woman what had happened from the moment he had walked upon her assault. Once those surrounding her were satisfied within his explanation they resumed working on her and forgot all about him.

It was strange, he had heard of the up and coming CEO but hadn’t ever met her in person. The rumors and chance words exchanged about her had been nothing but glowing, with the odd exception here and there that she worked too much. That seemed to be a common theme among new business owners, the drive to prove oneself among the elite lead to long hours and little to no sleep. From the looks of the dark circles under his new friend’s eyes he could surmise that she was in good company.

Hours seemed to creep by, doctors and nurses left after wrapping up her head and doing a couple of x-rays along her rib cage. Left alone with the young woman the Nephilim had stepped in and taken some of her pain, allowing her to sleep a little more soundly. He’d slumped into a seat, head in his hands and softly dozing when the Irene shot up from in the bed like one of those wind up toys that popped out of the lid. Grinning as he stretched languidly then stood, placing a gentle hand on her shoulder. “Take it easy there Killer, you have a mild concussion and some fractured ribs.” With his hand on her body the physical connection allowed him to suppress her pain once more, as waking tended to make it worse.

Waking up when you were suffering from a concussion and damaged ribcage to add. But Irene being Irene wouldn’t take the reports of having to lay down on the bed any longer than she has to. She needs to get back up and get to working. Yeah, that’s it. Unfortunately for the dark diviner, the moment she fluttered her eyes open and attempted to sit up, a strong sensation shot up to her head, causing the blonde to wince as she placed her hand over her temple, massaging them for a brief while before shaking her head a few times. Dizziness began to seep in and before long, Irene found herself feeling extremely nauseous all of sudden. While she was trying to make sense of her own current injury, she noticed the silhouette sitting nearby, is that the guy she met earlier? What was his name again? Ah… Jonathan. 

Was he waiting? That’s considerate of him. Irene flinched a bit when he placed a hand on her shoulder, it was purely out of instinct, really, to which she apologized afterward for displaying such behavior for someone who only wished to help, “Sorry… I didn’t mean to flinch” Maybe it was the aftermath of this thing. Fractured ribs to add on a mild concussion? Great. “How long have I been out?” she murmured gently while staring at the room she was placed in, the sound of the machines plugged on made her want to shut it off. Focus on other things, Irene. She could feel like her pain had just been lifted off, at least a bit of it, enough to leave the diviner fine in her state. 

“Thanks for… what you did back there, I didn’t have the chance to properly thank you. Sorry for my behavior again, it’s been a hellish day and to add this on, well it’s clear the day did not want me to live today” she murmured softly, “Why are you still here, by the way?” she asked curiously, it wasn’t as if she wanted him to leave but she just didn’t expect for him to stick around when she’s been quite rude earlier. "Thank you for bringing me to the hospital, most people would've left me there." She's not surprised given she'd probably do the same. 

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