Staring at the blinding light that shone her way, Irene wasn't sure if it was just mocking her or if it was just her paranoia eating her up. Irene Farley had a terrible dislike towards lights, or anything that could possibly resemble them in general. It reminded her of her bitter past that she would very much rather forget. The light reminds her of Mira. And she hated how she's always being so cautious around her surroundings because she feared the day would come where Mira would finally tackle her down alongside taking everything she cherished with her. No, she was not going to allow that to happen, not even in a million years or another lifetime. This is her life, and she will live it as she sees fit.

The flaxen haired diviner was just skimming through her documents that needed her signatures and confirmation when the door to her office was knocked a few times. Forcing her attention to look up to her personal secretary that has been working for her for as long as she could remember, ah yes, 19 years, Nadia has been working for the company for 19 years since she was the tender age of 18. The reason why everyone else couldn't survive more than a month in the company but she could was because Irene likes her. Platonically. Nadia is loyal to the core and would do anything, and it was hard to find people such as that. She only saw it as her opportunity to rid herself off untrustworthy people from her life. The heiress didn't need such toxicity shrouding her.

Nadia handed her a rather organized file which elicited a questioning glance thrown her way. “I thought I've finalized everything else last week? What's this?” Admittedly, there isn't any company logo on the front of the file. “It's not company matter, Miss Farley. It's what you requested me to look into a few days ago.” At the sudden mention of that, her eyes widened and hummed in delight. “Thank you, you may go.” After a slight bow, the red haired secretary made her way out of the office, leaving the Farley female alone. Her blue hues scanned the file carefully before taking out the content. She works fast, Irene had to at least give her that. Sometimes she feels lucky to have someone so multi talented as her PA. Both her personal and professional lives are accommodated moderately because of her.

The name Mira Harridan was printed in bold font. After a while spending her time reading into it, Irene closed the file and clenched her jaw slightly. Until it formed into a smile instead, it was genuine enough to trick anyone into believing there was any sincerity behind the formation. One way to get rid of the threat was to pull the weed straight off its roots, and that is exactly what she's going to do. She will make sure that Mira Harridan would not step anywhere close to her, ever again. Then her life would be a lot more peaceful. “You should've never seeked me out in the first place, darling. Now I know you will never stop until you take me down.” If it was up to her, Irene would've dismissed this empty threat decades ago because she couldn't take her seriously but after the previous attack at one of her branch and the chain mails, she's had enough. It was time she put an end to this.

Sliding her glasses down from the bridge of her nose slowly, she hummed to herself a tune the two females used to sing together while growing up, as the blonde took out the picture clipped on the side of the file. If looks could kill, she would've killed so many people already. The message and emotions underlying behind her sharp piercing sapphire hues held some much value to her, as it only drove her deeper into the path she's taking on. Oh, Irene loves playing with fire above everything else. In an instance, after a while of staring at the 4R picture, the soft edges of it burned itself as a small fire erupted. She discarded the picture into the dustbin and closed the blinds from her office and told her secretary that she's going out for lunch. All the stress is making her hungry.

Make no mistake, Irene Farley is notoriously known for her cultivated hard-scaled exterior that stretched out her road wider into becoming a well-known businesswoman. The woman is a harpy when it comes to business, and she won't wait to swipe you with her talons. Don't let her innocent-like appearance fool you, she remembered that's what people around her said. She didn't pay any attention to it because she thought it wasn't wrong to begin with. It's been a few days since she settled in Evermore recently, hearing that Mira is somewhere in the city and that there was a coincidence clashing with her plans. So it didn't take her long to tell Nadia to buy a place there so it can serve as one of their smaller medium branches. Evermore is beautiful, away from city life that she's too used to, it was a good change. After she gets rid of Mira, she might even consider to stay there.

There was a restaurant not far from where her office building was at, just around the corner, which is going to be her spot today. Hopefully she'll be able to sort out a few details there. Entering the door, the bell chimed and Irene offered the workers a polite smile before taking her seat at the back. As usual, Nadia was in charge of her appointments and had made a reservation earlier today. After ordering her meal, the flaxen haired diviner scrolled through her tablet, skimming over the latest presentations.

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Lachlan woke up that morning with a jolt as he pulled himself for the nightmare that seem to be happening more and more every single day. He ran his hand over his tired face as he sat up looking over his empty bed before pulling himself out of it to try and shake off the overly tired feeling that seem to cling to him every single day since Kevin came back into his life. His adoptive brother was the only tie he had kept from their family. After all their parents were dead and their sister the murder of them. The alpha picked up his phone as he man his way into the bathroom seeing his day had already begun without him.

Another murder had been found on the edge of town with another letter carved into the chest. Lachlan team had been helping out with the string of murders looking for patterns that would be unseen by the everyday bump and grind cops. Lachlan looked at the letter and his heart sank, he knew someone was trying to leave a message and he thinks he knows for who. He turned the shower on and sat his phone on the edge of the sink, to grab a quick shower before he got dressed in jeans a plain t-shirt and a flannel making his way to the station.

He stopped off at the Blue Cafe which was a nice place tucked into the busy  to grab a coffee and something to eat for himself knowing that before he left he should grab coffee for his team. He settled himself in his booth he came to every brunch and pulled out his file from his back. It was a file he looked at often. It was the only file that he looked back into. His eyes looked to the photo of the blonde that escaped him due to little evidence though he knew she was guilty.

With a heavy sigh he closed the file pulling out his laptop and typed in the name of Mira Harridan the person he had been looking into. Her name stuck out to him with the recent people settling into Evermore and he couldn’t quite put his finger on why. Looking to the waitress he did his best to smile though he couldn’t feel the muscles in his face to know if he was or not. “Black coffee and the large brunch with double ham.” he ordered in his deep silky voice before looking back to the photo of Mira that a traffic camera picked up “Thank you.” he added as she walked away.

He let a loud sigh as he started at the woman's photo trying to place her. “How do I know you Mira Harridan?” his eyes flicked back to the Irene file beside him.

Settling in her seat shortly after ordering her meal, Irene leaned against the chair and crossed her legs reflexively as she opened her tablet after taking it out from her bag earlier. Swiping through the presentation slides that have been provided by her secretary, Nadia, today, it was all the usual. Whether it’s either reports regarding their internal affairs of the company or the financial ledgers fluctuating over the past few months. Every month, she would always make sure to hold discussion with the rest of the board of directors housing Unruly Eve. She’s been handling every matter regarding the company for the last 60 years or so, while others have been busy with the world wars occurring and making a dent in history, the flaxen-haired female was already calculating steps in order to push the company a little further in the business world. It bore fruition, of course.

The Farley heiress made sure to exploit every aspect she could, taking in opportunities while others turned a blind eye due to her being a woman who seemed inexperienced. Her youthful appearance often deceived people, especially those who’s only met her once or twice on a professional basis. And Irene being Irene always found a way to make it to her advantage. Explained by many of employees, Irene Farley is a cutthroat harpy who would attack you when you least expect it. Humming to herself as she continued to review the slides so she’ll be well-briefed about it when they hold a meeting in a few more hours in the evening. Such vast topic about the investments they’ve been making for the past decade is open for various discussions that she no doubt, the executive managers would try to expand their business more.

When her food arrived, the flaxen-haired female gave a small thankful nod to the waitress in charge of delivering her meal and spared a genuine smile. Was it really genuine? It’s always hard to detect when it comes to her since she’s been flaunting the same smile for decades. From the corner of her eyes, as soon as the waitress returned to the counter, she saw the male sitting just across her, a few tables away. She will never forget him no matter where they go, how could she? It wasn’t evading him 6 years ago, and seeing him in Evermore, when she’s also handling Mira’s obsessive tendencies, would not be pleasant. Lachlan Remington, she remembers escaping his hold when she was ‘convicted’ on the murder of one of her associates. Of course, she was involved but no one knew that, except him.

When she left the court, shielded by her sunglasses, she made sure to leave an impact on the therian. Irene didn’t leave him without a message to relay, telling him exactly what she wished to say. That she didn’t feel guilty at all. There was no substantial proof tying her to the case so it became a cold one. What the hell is he doing here? Just when she was about to calm herself down while assuring herself that he wasn’t here for her, her phone rung and it was from a blocked number. Clenching her jaw slightly, the diviner answered it with her steely gaze fixated blankly on her food. “You’re being very childish to think if sending a few messages is going to make me scared, Mira.”

The Therian grew frustrated staring at the file. He couldn’t tell if Mira was a victim or a player in the games that surrounded his only unsolved case. He hated how things ended with that case how Irene came to him smug like nothing in the world could touch her. He knew that she was involved with the murder of her associate. The woman was a force of nature that was for sure. She left an impression on him in more ways than one. The Therian reached for the file on Irene to look upon the worn photo of her once again when the sound of a phone ringing filled his ears.

The male paused his movement when the scent of magical laced blood filled his nose, the spice the scent carried was more than enough to inform him that it was Irene scent. He stayed pause there as he listened to her give a cold reply into the phone. The moment he heard her say Mira. He closed his laptop and shoved it in his bag along with the file he was looking at with her photo in it. He stood up and picked up the coffee mug that was placed down. He moved over to the seat across from Irene. 

Lachlan sat his back beside him and took a long sip from his coffee as he placed the mug on the table holding his cold gaze with hers. “I didn’t expect to see you here this morning.” he said as placed his hands together on the table as his eyes flicked to her phone and back to him. “So Mira.” He looked back to her. “What is she to you? She after you for murdering someone close to her?” he asked leaning back as the waitress placed his food in front of him which he picked up his fork and began to eat some of the eggs. “Do you have any idea where she is?” he asked keeping his tone even though he was sure his heart was beating hard. 

It had been years since he had seen her. He couldn’t say it outloud but she looked good. Her hair was blonder then he remembered. He leaned back in his seat for a moment looking into her eyes. 

Sales fluctuated and inflated over the past few months, which gave her a reason to come to Evermore and seek Mira out so she’s able to pluck the weed out from the roots, once and for all. However, Mira was cunning and managed to evade skillfully, though Irene is positive that those will only last for a while. One way or another, she will put an end of the Harridan girl and then she’s free to return to her lavish life again without any worries or woes haunting her head each night. The only reason why the Farley female was getting restless was due to one of their branches in New York got burned last month and all the signs pointed to Mira. How can she get rid of this woman once and for all without attracting unintended attention? 

The last she wanted to do is bring the attention to where she is, it’s not advisable for her to do that and she knows it. The call was unexpected and expected, at the same time. The Farley heiress had to admit one thing; despite with all things running amok, Mira Harridan is sly and smart. She’s not your usual diviner, she may not kill or maim intentionally, but that is usually what made her intimidating to her. Irene is used to getting her way, and boy the dark diviner had no problem staining her hands if it meant the deal is done by the end of the day. It’s black or white when it’s with her. Yes or no. No in-between. Of course, she realized Lachlan was there but ignored his presence, but when he made himself known by sitting across her, the blonde poked her tongue against her inner cheek, clicking it in annoyance as her grip on the phone grew firmer while sending an unamused look toward the therian, “Whatever you think you’re doing right now? Stop it. This is my warning to you, Harridan. I’m done playing tame. Just because I let you have your fun doesn’t mean I’ll let you bury my legacy, my warning is simple. Stop, or prepare yourself.” 

With an unwavering stare she gave the male, she pressed the red button and hung up, placing the sleek phone on the side of her plate and her reaction changed altogether, from a pissed off and unamused woman to your everyday office worker who smiles like it’s their job. “Good morning to you too, Officer.” If she wasn’t liking her odds, she definitely didn’t show it. “My company is just across the block, I came here for my breakfast, if anything, I didn’t expect you to be here. Such a wistful coincidence, no? Last time we met, I was walking out on you from the court in Oregon, and that was what? 5...6 years ago? I’d say you’re looking dapper but all the stress looming over you is not a good look” she mused lightly, a coy smirk facing his way. She knew it was only time before he started asking her questions; preferably about Mira. But that doesn't mean she had to play well, she'll play along… but that's it.

“She’s an old friend… childhood friend, or whatever you call them these days. And I don’t know, Mr. Remington, why do you think she’s after me? It’s easy to get jealous of me, who knows” she shrugged casually and brushed the question off dismissively. “Two weeks ago, they said she was sighted in Bern, Sweden. I don’t know about now. Why are you so interested in her? Trying to get to know all my friends and enemies?”

Honestly his former employer would be here writing him up for even sitting across from her since she was a former suspect of his. Yet he didn’t work for the FBI anymore, he had a different path then last they met. He would have to admit he enjoyed the annoyance that she held as he sat across from her. She tried to put the front that she was unamused by his presence yet he was sure that was quite the opposite. He raised a brow slightly as she said Mira last name. His gut feeling was correct then, Irene know where the woman was. And here she was threatening the girl over the phone in front of an officer.

As the woman switched at the drop of a dime, Lachlan could only bring himself to shake his head. “You know, you may have many fooled with that pretty smile but not myself.” He said as he cut his ham up on his plate and took a bite from it chewing slowly for a moment. His eyes took in how her hair was blonde then he remembered before he spoke again. “You know I can hold you 72 hours for threatening someone in front of an officer right?” He gave a slight smirk as he weighed his options after all he knew she was a diviner from the way she smelled but if she teleported away he could charge her with trying to invade an officer, he hadn’t felt this kind of rush in a while.

Lachlan gave a heavy eye roll one even he could feel when she insulted his looks. “Ah yes well some of us actually have morals and the stress is from murders getting away like you.” He said back as he took another bite of his food. “Must be able to keep up the good looks because of all that money you manage to have after everything. Did you get a nose job, I remember watching it grow in court.” he said back with a slightly bored tone as he worked on eating his breakfast. “How was six years of easy living? That phone call would suggest that maybe you have made more enemies.”

He mentally noted that her company was in town. He had been so busy with the random string of murders he hadn’t been keeping close enough tabs on her. He listened closely as she talked about Mira studying her movements, trying to pick up queues on what she wasn’t saying. Lachlan reached into his bag and placed the tablet between them as he swiped it open and a photo of Mira walking down main street showed on the tablet. “You have bad info. She is no longer in Sweden and is here. Yet I can’t seem to figure out if she is the victim of you, or you of her, or maybe you both are playing some game that I will never understand.” He gave a shrug as he looked to her reading her face. “I just know she is a wanted woman, and if you are withholding information maybe you should inform me here, or I will gladly handcuff you and take you down to the station. I am sure that will look good having your photo plastered around the Evermore Daily in handcuffs.”

Ever since the case died and went cold a few years back, Irene never looked back to reminisce about the memories, it wasn’t exactly pleasant for the dark diviner to keep digging the past when it’s clear it would only affect her future in a bad light, the only light she wishes to surround herself with is light of positivity itself. She may not be the kindest person or even a decent one to be walking and roaming around the earth, but she’s definitely far from the worst kind. Admittedly, Irene is quite deceitful, an old habit formed since her childhood that she couldn’t seem to shake off. Well, they did say, old habits die hard. How accurate was that? The blonde wasn’t aware what position Lachlan raked up after their last encounter 6 years ago, he had been in the FBI then, but from the looks of things, it doesn’t seem like he’s in it still, anymore. 

Was she delighted to see him before her eyes today? Not exactly. But was she amused to see how things would turn out once again involving the same person who tried to put her behind the bars for more years to come? Definitely, something that piqued her interest. It’s surprising to see how much the Farley heiress loved playing games, especially when it involves herself. She was guessing, a part of her was slightly twisted, in a way, after all. Who could blame her when her past is like that? Being surrounded by cutthroats just like herself and always having to keep her chin up and treading all those cruel businessmen, it was bound to get her like this. The moment she heard him pointed out that her pretty smile wouldn’t be able to fool like it’s done to many others, her lips curved itself into a wry grin, “It never did, no? You’ve never been wavered enough by anything I do. Everyone else lets me off, but not you." 

Clicking her tongue against her cheek, she was reminded of a certain time when she did get her way with him, somewhat, “Well, except that one time. Good memory.” The charge he said, however, made her the smile falter briefly, her sapphire hues taking in the male before her with a hardened look momentarily. “Was I really threatening someone? A sister can threaten her elder brother by saying I’ll kill you when he teases her, seems adjacent enough” she shrugged, this wasn’t the first time she’s committed any crime or offense, a threat like that wasn’t going to wave her off as easily, especially when the person in charge of that is someone from her past. “I was never charged with murder… or murders. I was only accused of it, I didn’t even need bail because there was nothing concrete supporting it anyway. The court journey was a waste of time for your team, but at least I had the opportunity to walk around and inhale the fresh air. Better than those air purifiers inside my office for sure” Was she proud of what she did? Not really. Contrary to many people’s belief, she wasn’t downright cruel. 

Deceitful and manipulative? Yes. Harsh and unforgiving? Maybe. But cruel? No. Even the fire she caused that robbed the lives of 3 people including her parents and maid weren’t intentional. But sometimes, desperate times call for drastic measures. “All-natural, darling, it’s a face you’ll continue to see on magazines, papers and news for more years to come. I’m not going anywhere, not until Death comes knocking and said my time is up, which I’d say I still have a few decades left if I choose it.” Rolling her eyes as she leaned against her seat with her legs crossed, she shrugged absentmindedly, “Hectic… busy. Nothing new. I always have enemies. I’m not the reigning successor of my company for no reason, it doesn’t matter. There will always be those annoying weeds, like Mira, for instance,” A weed she desperately wishes to pull out, permanently.

 Her gaze fell on the tablet where a picture of Mira was displayed on the screen, captured from the cams she presumed, and she could feel her jaws tensing briefly, “She’s climbing up, I’d give her that. Don’t worry yourself, the only thing you can take from this is that she has a personal vendetta against me and only if she keeps messing around will I take actions, I mean I did do nothing when she burned 4 of my premises” Irene was pissed off that time, for sure, but kept a level-headed decision to herself. “Look, you don’t need to go all authority shit on me, Officer. You ask me what you want to know and I’ll say it, I want her locked behind the bars more than you do.”

Lachlan new the business woman enjoyed playing games. Maybe he himself enjoyed the game of cat and mouse and yet with them it was more like cat and cat. As he viewed that she mastered the game as well as he and yet she won the last time. As her smile turned into a wide self satisfying grin at his statement as if she was proud that others would just overlook her sinister ways. “Guess I am not so easily charmed by a pretty face.” He said as he at his food watching her with his dark eyes. “Yet still your pretty face managed to get you off because the judge was a total pushover for your sob story.” He said as he grimaced remembering how she taunted him outside of the courtroom. He had gained pleasure at the idea of handcuffing her so when she walked free it made him want to take her down even more.

Lachlan chose to gloss over the one time she managed to get her way with him, as if nothing happened.  He rolled his eyes as she played out the schematics on how that call just could be her teasing someone. “And you know that a 72 hour hold has nothing to do with arresting you, just keeps you from your important meetings for a few days. No word one where you went.” He enjoyed the idea of messing in her affairs after all she had messed with plenty of his in the past. Lachlan gave a low growl as she spoke, he gripped the fork so tight it snapped in two and he pulled back calming himself. There has truly never been someone like her that got under his skin the way she did. “It wasn’t a waste of time. What was a waste of time was a joke of a hearing that refused to give us warrants to access your hard drives. Next time I may not choose such a legal route again.” he knew this kind of killer she had to have proof buried in files.

As she spoke of how he would be seeing more of her face he felt a twinge of excitement rise as he gave a slow smirk. “Know I will be keeping a close eye on you Irene, you won’t be able to make a business meeting without me knowing.” His dark eyes watched as she shifted and shrugged as if everything she had done was nothing in the end. “You never stopped to think that maybe there is something wrong with you, if you have so many enemies? Do you not see how someone like me could see that making you an evil mastermind behind something darker?” he really was baffled  it didn’t click. “So Mira is just going to be another one of your victims then Ireanna?” 

Lachlan looked to her as she talked about Mira and somewhat of a connection the pair had. “Serial Arsonist?” He questioned noting in his head that he needed to look into that and see if she was telling the truth or not. He paused when they both seemed to want the same thing. That wasn’t something he was used too when it came to her. Lachlan grew quiet for a moment as his eyes rested on her. "Prove it… work with me."

Admittedly, Irene does have her own fair share of games when it comes down to an even playing field. The thing is, when it comes to her, the Farley heiress rarely plays fairly. Pun intended. She remembered distinctly of what her nanny used to tell her when she was a young child, living a secluded life being isolated away from any types of civilization because her parents would not come for her. Her parents were sly, that was the word she remembered her caretaker had told her. A 7 year old Irene Farley didn't know any better what the word actually meant. They weren't bad people but god, they were definitely bad parents. She's the product and living proof of what they did to break a young girl. Now, she felt like those ways only worked in her odds when it comes down to people who aren't as intelligent. So where did it fell dow Namely, her problem sitting right across her, at the moment; Lachlan Remington. Now, that is one name she will never be able to forget and neither could he, she assumed. 

"It's not just a pretty face though, isn't it? If people overlook past my antics and facade, maybe they'll be clear to see my motives. God, people can be so easily charmed these days, you'd be surprised how easy it is to make them go woof" she purposely inserted that term just to rile him up, it's a reunion so she may as well make it memorable. Irene said nothing about playing the judge right into her trap, it doesn't take a genius to know it wasn't a proper thing to be talking so freely around an officer such as him. That is not a risk she's willing to take. The blonde had to bite back her tongue upon hearing his taunt about locking her away in captivity legally for 72 hours to hinder her progress at work. He was good at this because if anyone who knew anything about her knew that Irene Farley hated being held back; especially when it involves her work that could be easily said to be her life. A surprised gasp escaped her when she saw the fork being broken in half, as she refrained herself from snickering any further by placing a hand over her mouth. 

"Calm down, if I remember correctly, you hated spotlights and yet here you are, giving unnecessary reasons for attention." Was she really wrong at that? "You make it sound as if I'm a hard fugitive who escaped her sentences. I may have done plenty of immoral things but I am not a killer." Her tone was final and it was clear she was being very serious about it. Irene gets easily triggered when one refers to her as a murderer, it reminds her of the night she was claimed. A memory she never wanted to reminisce again but could not evade from it because a ghost from the past kept popping up everywhere to cause trouble for her. Obviously, she was desperate to get rid of her. "At least it'll give me comfort to know that I'd be having an actual bodyguard watching my every steps" she mused. 

Her jaw was clenched as soon as those words escaped him, "No. I did stop to think that maybe there is something wrong with me, that perhaps I have done something wrong. But it was nowhere near anything they have planned for me. What they cannot see is a female with power, a woman who wears a crown, sitting in the chair they want so badly they would actually kill for it. Believe me, I can attest to that, personal experience" she scowled, "I worked my ass off to get where I am today and my company wouldn't have strived today if I didn't get rid of the weeds inside. It's not as if I have any other life outside of work anyway. That is one worry less for you." She had always been so work-oriented. "You choose to see me as an evil mastermind just because I managed to evade my sentences. Why should I go to jail for something I didn't commit? Tax evasion? Fine. But murder? You don't really think I'd dirty my hands to do a petty thing like that, do you? I barely have time for myself to be concerned about anyone else. What does it matter what I say anyway, people choose what they want to believe. Truth is a matter of an opinion."

 It felt as if a switch was triggered when he called her by her name, Ireanna. When was the last time people dared to call her by that? One person; Mira. "Don't call me that." It was as cold as her steely gaze that wavered as she disregarded his attempts to have her work with him, someone who wanted to see her behind bars. "And why would I do that?"

Lachlan stared at her for a moment as he cleared his throat he leaned closer, “Most people find it easy to see the face of a pretty girl and believe she is innocent. It's the well crafted trap that beautiful women have. Shit from a first glance I want to believe every word that leaves your mouth. I want to go out of my way to protect you, It male drive, especially Therian driven nature.” The Alpha said as he let his dark eyes hang on her for a long moment. “Lucky for me, I was trained to look deeper, get past that layer of pretty.” He rolled his eyes slightly he watched as she seemed to stop herself from lashing out her sliver tongue his way. He knew that must have killed her, one thing he was sure though was she still valued her work over everything after being able to do so. Though the fork breaking was not part of the plan, his eyes looked down to the twisted metal and sat it down. He really needed to be more cautious though it only seemed to cause the dark diviner to snicker at him, which lead to an annoyed huff of air to escape through his nose.

Lachlan brought his dark toned hands together and locked his fingers together, better he break a finger he could always snap it back in place since he didn’t feel the pain. “Yeah I am not so sure you are not a killer, after all you where the one to come up to me and say ‘Must hurt I got away with it.’ after the ruling in the courtroom while I was waiting for my taxi.” He remembered it was like it was yesterday, she had such a smug look on her face. Yet now she wanted to convince him otherwise, it was sending the therian such mixed messages yet when wasn’t she like that. She had been a puzzle from the moment they met him asking for help only to turn around to be the suspect. Lachlan let out a short laugh through his nose as she spoke of him trailing her as guard duty. “Yeah till I learn what you are actually doing, and you end up. In handcuffs once again.”

Lachlan watch as her reactions to his words, and how she seemed to stand her ground even more that she was just a passionate business woman, just doing what she did to keep herself in power. “So you are saying there are people in this world of yours that don’t want you ruling this company of yours so bad that they would kill to make you look bad.” He gave her a ‘I’m not buying it’ face as he shook his head. “I do believe you work your ass off, one thing I will never take away from you is how passionate you are when it comes to your business. I just never knew work like that was to die for.” though he really wasn’t one to talk, he had been shot before and kept going, though his not being able to feel gave him that advantage. “How do you handle your weeds Irene? With body bags?” he question once again hoping to trip her up.

“I chose to see you as you show yourself to me. You have shown me nothing but a mastermind, maybe not evil not the moment we met in the past. When you came to me all those years ago for help at first, I had no idea. I saw a smart woman who was scared, little did I know it was to cover your own tracks.” He said with an exasperated expression. “Admitting to Tax Evasion. Its like you are begging to be handcuffed.” he said as he let his eyes rest on the tablet for a moment with Mira photo on it. “I am giving you a chance to change my mind, to prove to me you are not a murder I think you to be.” he hate to admit it but she had a way of putting doubt in his stubborn mind. Maybe he was being far too hopeful in that moment then he should be. He didn’t bother saying sorry about calling her by her real name, after all he enjoyed getting under her skin as much as she did him. “Let me make it clear.” He said reaching in his bag and placing the handcuffs on the table. “You come help me find this Mira. Or I take you in to be investigated for federal fraud, since you admitted to tax evasion on recording.” he nodded to the tablet that was always recording. “Your choice.”

She could understand why Lachlan would find it hard to trust her, trust doesn't come easy to people, especially people like them both. With their line of work? How can they even begin to trust someone else who's always been there to insult or mock them as soon as they are at their weakest? So in a way, Irene does understand how hard it is for Lachlan to trust someone like her. However, as far as her tolerance and patience level go, what he said did went across the lines, calling her by her full name Ireanna was already crossing one line and the part about her work? Another line. Using her exterior? That's the third line. At this point he was already slowly closing in to her own anger that she was trying her very best to keep down. "I asked you for your help because I needed it. Because I was being framed for something I didn't do. Why should I have to be convicted or go to jail for something I didn't do?" she scoffed, it doesn't make sense but what the hell does others care? The very moment she showed the apparent weakness, they will swarm her like feral and famished hyenas.

 "I don't need my face for anything, it's people's fault if they decided to fall for a trap or something, not mine" she seethed, she was sure she was so close to grinding her own teeth. "Well boo hoo, congratulations Mr Remington, would you like a medal and a bouquet of flowers to go with it? Congratulations for being able to see past my facade or as you put it so lightly." The blonde was going to play along with him but now? She simply does not have the mood anymore. When he kept reiterating that he does not believe she is not the killer, she rolled her eyes and clenched her fists under the tablecloth, Irene Farley was generally a quick-tempered person but over the decades, she knew how to hide it momentarily or at least she knew how to play her cards well in times such as that. When it comes to personal things however? When he's crossing into her own personal space? Not it.

 "I never came up to you after I left the court" she gritted her teeth, glaring at him with the utmost look of displeasure she has ever given anyone, "I never came to brag or anything. After I left the court, I left. I never came back. I. Went. Home." She got into her car and let her driver drive her to the airport so she could return to Paris. Whoever it was that met him wasn't her, and she wasn't even sure if he was trying to fool her. "Well then, do as you please. I don't care. Just don't get in my way when I'm working or you will finally know what it's like to cross me." It wasn't an empty promise but it wasn't a threat either. She kept her tone leveled, like it was even scripted. She gave him a look that says 'how can you be so dense' when he asked if there are people willing to keep themselves in power by tripping her over, "Of course. For someone so smart, you can be quite dense. In the business sector, you either win or you lose. There is no in between. If you show a weakness, they come to you and rip you apart like a pack of hungry hyenas." It was as simple as that. 

"How long do you think I've been in that position of CEO? How long do you think they've been tired to hear only a woman get that position they're been thirsting for half their lives?" At this point, she was slowly losing it. "If I want them in body bags, they'll be in body bags. But I don't. I don't kill people. No matter how vile or cruel you think I am, I am not that inhumane. Perhaps I'm emotionless but that's it" she scowled, he was slowly wearing her patience off and Irene wasn't sure how long she would be able to handle him and his condescending remarks about who she is. "I don't need you to tell me who I am. I know who I am." Why was she still here? Why hasn't she left? Maybe there was a part of her that wanted some validation, she wanted him to trust her. Maybe not her entire words. But trust her now that she had no involvement.

 "Why else did you think I told you, an officer, that I have been filed for tax evasion and yet I am still here? It's something for you to hold against me. Because when I say I didn't kill that guy, I didn't." Her eyes fell on the handcuffs on the table and darted back to him, clearly she wasn't amused when she kept being threatened, "And if I help you find her? Then you will leave me in peace?"

There was one thing Lachlan knew how to do best when it came to Irene and that was to press every one of her buttons. It was a pure talent he managed to master, maybe it was because before he wanted to do something different with the information he had learned about her. “I get you are all about playing games Irene. I get that is your thing, make someone look like a fool but to come up to me after the trial after you had hoodwinked me once into believing your fairy tales, for allowing me to get close.” he paused for a long moment. “To come up to me after the trail and gloat about killing that woman. How they let a murder walk. So yes you have to do some damn convincing because right now with me you don’t have a leg to stand on.” He said sternly as he looked her over. 

He gave a slight roll of his eyes to her sassy words that would have a different man pitying her.  He stared at her with a stone cold face at this point they were going in circles insulting each other about the past. The fact of the matter was that he would never be impartial when it came to Irene. Not after the night they shared drinks, and bonded over not trusting people. Sad it was but here they were staring at each other waiting for the other to break down. He didn’t let the stone cold expression leave his face. “You went home, got in your car  in front of me after our lovely little chat.” he pointed out what he recalled from that day. When she gave him the vague threat but not really a threat he just rolled his eyes again. She was far more stubborn then he remembered, or more so strong willed he knew she wasn’t someone he could push over. That is why he knew coming at her he had to be able to mess up the one thing she cared about. Her work. “Forgive me for not believing in cutting other people's throats to get ahead. I don’t think that is dense of me. I lived the gang life, that shit was cut throat.” his hand touched the tattoo on his inner arm for a moment. “So forgive me if I find it pointless for CEO’s.”

He tapped the table softly before looking along her. “I know you have been a CEO longer then I know, I know you are a strong and powerful businesswoman. It was never your business practice I had doubts in. I know you are brilliant Irene.” He sighed in frustration because the longer they talked the more he remembered the woman he first met and how he wanted to do anything to keep her safe. How he remembered the first time he hand cuffed her not believing he had anything to do with the murder till the evidence pointed otherwise. “You were not emotionless always.” He muttered slightly as she scowled at him and he knew that there was really no point in bringing up that past though. “I didn’t always think you vile and cruel and you know this.” He let the inner cat that wanted out. He didn’t want to be sitting here being this way but he also knew this was the only way to solve the mystery of Mira. 

“I have no idea if you are playing me or not at this point.” He looked to the handcuffs that he really didn’t want to place on her once again. He wanted her to work with him and clear her name as at this point he was wavering on whether the events of the past where real or not. Diviners, damn their magical abilities. “If you help me, then I will leave you in peace.” He said simply unsure even in himself if that statement was a true one or not. “I just want justice.”

She hated that he was able to push every button there is just to rile her up. Believe it or not, Irene didn't like this anymore than he does, being framed wasn't something foreign to the heiress, perhaps, but it also doesn't mean she would stand there and allow others to do that over and over again to her. Which was why she was actually still there and not threatening to leave. Yet. "You believe what you want to believe, Lachlan. I don't see why I'm so desperate to come to you, of all people, for validation. When I don't really need it. Not from the likes of you" she hissed, her fist balled up under the table wraps, while keeping her gaze fixated coldly towards the therian. She remembered it clearly, she came to him for help back then. And god, he helped her. She thought that kind of kindness wouldn't last, it was the first time she's seen anyone shown her such action. And she was right, it didn't last. "As I reiterated before, I. Did. Not. Kill. That. Woman." 

At this point, if she didn't leave, she may as well burn the entire restaurant down with her pent up rage that was stilling inside her petite body. "I shouldn't even care why I need your medal of approval. I have nothing to prove to you and I shouldn't have to" she shook her head rigorously and scoffed in boredom, "Let me make this clear, Lachlan Remington. I'm not that stupid to go back after being released for a murder charge that I wasn't even guilty of. I wouldn't come to you and gloat. That's insane. I appreciate the fact that you think I'm insane enough to do that but believe me when I say this, I have no motive to do so. Winners don't float until the war is won." She narrowed her eyes and tilted her head to the side, a bit curious of what he saw that day too, "Tell me I got into the backseat instead of the passenger's seat or the driver's seat." Because she recalled perfectly with every detail briming, she didn't drive. Her driver was there to take her home from the court house. 

"And I never chatted with you after the trial. I couldn't even find the time to tell you anything. All I remember was lowering my glasses down and giving you a disapproving look and a smirk. That's it." Irene may not be the most tolerable person for the therian but she had to admit, she was satisfied to hear that her opponent is all but lost. Emotions tend to get the best of her. "Well, in my world, we take those who can service only. If you're useless, you're not onboard. Then it's only a matter of time until your expiration date comes in. People are disposable in that world, Lachlan. Don't be so surprised." The blonde did make sure to foster a few care between her closest associates and workers, just enough to maintain the high order of things. She knew it was hard to cut people off when the time comes but that's the reality of it. Only the strong can survive.

Her eyes fell to the table when she distinctly heard him muttering about she wasn't always emotionless, that's a painful past for her to bring up. She remembered crying in front of him after a few drinks together when they talked. It was one of the few times people could find her so vulnerable. And she hated it. She hated how easily she lost herself to that temptation. "You didn't always think I'm vile and cruel, sure. But you sure act like that's all I am" she murmured faintly, clearly a bit upset by the way things turned out, "I never wanted any of that to happen." She sighed heavily and got up, calling the waitress to go and give her their bill so she could leave, "If you help me, you'll leave me in peace" she enunciated every word just to make sure he knows she wants him to mean it, "Fine. I'll do what I can. You're not the only one who wants justice, officer. The only difference between us on that part?" She pursed her lips and glanced back at him after brushing the helm of her blouse, "I stopped believing people could deliver that."


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