Ray pulled his jacket up as he . winced feeling the pain his ribs as he made his way out of the locker room as several of his new truck company " see you later rocketman " they laughed as they left ahead of him following shortly after making his way towards his bike taking a seat on the saddle placing his rucksack on his motorcycle as he kick-started it into life and set off towards the bar.

Ray relaxed a little as he felt the cool breeze touch his skin as the familiar places flew past his eyesight before he took the slow, painful turn into the parking lot sending his bike to a silent stop as he got off his bike he felt as if eyes were on him as he winched leaning to his side his mind turned to Samuel and about . The city either one either someone from another faction is watching you, or you're about to be mugged as he heard no one coming forward he believed it to be his mind as he turned quickly on his heel heading towards the back door quickly stepping inside.

Ray walked quickly along with the kitchen as he slides his bag into the allocated space for him as he winced grabbing the desk the cook turned to him * Jeeze ray you fall off the ladder or something " he laughed " yeah something like that " Ray grinned as he walked out to the bar and how packed it was as he slides behind the bar " someone win the lottery ?" he joked . to the member od staff next to him as he began to serve drinks

Four hours had passed as he filled up a pint glass of water as he began to make his way towards the back as he moved towards his bag lifting out a packet of painkillers as he took two he turned to the cook " heading out the back " as he stepped outside towards the bins stopping. suddenly to look around as the same feeling as before hit him
Ray quickly slide behind the containers entering the passageway he often used before taking a seat on the white plastic sun chair he had placed there . as he searched for his lighter with his left hand he slides it out and lighting in one fell swoop as he moved his free hand raising and lowering his hand

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