Mistaken Identity (Open to Ray Herald and Samira Young

Ray pulled his jacket up as he . winced feeling the pain his ribs as he made his way out of the locker room as several of his new truck company " see you later rocketman " they laughed as they left ahead of him following shortly after making his way towards his bike taking a seat on the saddle placing his rucksack on his motorcycle as he kick-started it into life and set off towards the bar.

Ray relaxed a little as he felt the cool breeze touch his skin as the familiar places flew past his eyesight before he took the slow, painful turn into the parking lot sending his bike to a silent stop as he got off his bike he felt as if eyes were on him as he winched leaning to his side his mind turned to Samuel and about . The city either one either someone from another faction is watching you, or you're about to be mugged as he heard no one coming forward he believed it to be his mind as he turned quickly on his heel heading towards the back door quickly stepping inside.

Ray walked quickly along with the kitchen as he slides his bag into the allocated space for him as he winced grabbing the desk the cook turned to him * Jeeze ray you fall off the ladder or something " he laughed " yeah something like that " Ray grinned as he walked out to the bar and how packed it was as he slides behind the bar " someone win the lottery ?" he joked . to the member od staff next to him as he began to serve drinks

Four hours had passed as he filled up a pint glass of water as he began to make his way towards the back as he moved towards his bag lifting out a packet of painkillers as he took two he turned to the cook " heading out the back " as he stepped outside towards the bins stopping. suddenly to look around as the same feeling as before hit him
Ray quickly slide behind the containers entering the passageway he often used before taking a seat on the white plastic sun chair he had placed there . as he searched for his lighter with his left hand he slides it out and lighting in one fell swoop as he moved his free hand raising and lowering his hand

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Samira looked at the clock on her living room wall, and she could tell that this would be another sleepless night, or at the very least, a short amount of sleep. She couldn’t help but wonder what she could do to pass the night, and immediately her mind went to alcohol. However, she didn’t want to become dependent upon alcohol to help her sleep, so she decided to take a walk around the city and see where she ends up. So the young red-head got dressed in a pair of dark blue denim jeans, a plain white t-shirt, and a pink sweater to give that extra layer of warmth. When she got dressed, she picked up her phone and purse, and headed out of her apartment; locking the place up behind her.

As she walked around the city, she stopped into a little late-night cafe, where she heard talks about some supernatural using their powers in the city, where people could see. While Samira didn’t know if the rumors were true, she figured that she should check into the occurrence, and see if there was any truth to the rumors. Her search led her to a bar, and she headed inside, waiting for some indication of a supernatural using their abilities. There was no evidence of anyone using their abilities here, and just as she was about to leave, she heard one of the bartenders say that they were heading out back. As she looked at her supernatural detection device, she saw that the male going out back was a supernatural being. With that, she decided to follow the male out back and see what she could find out.

When she was out back, she couldn’t find the male, yet the device was saying he was nearby. After searching around for a little bit, she found another passageway behind some containers, and slipped into the passage. That was where she found the male, and it did seem as though he was practicing his abilities, though he wasn’t exactly doing it out in the open. “Excuse me” she spoke, letting him know that she was there. “I don’t think you should be doing that here” she stated with a slight concerned tone. Samira wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, especially since he had more than enough power to hurt her, or even kill her if he wanted to.

Ray quickly extinguished the flame as he turned towards the voice " you do know this place is condemned right " he pointed up to the sign saying condemned, and no one apart from you has walked in " Ray shrugged as he opened his cola bottle taking a swig as he put the bottle down as he jumped off the box as he stretched.

Ray smiled as he looked at her stance " I'm not going to hurt you I'm in saving lives not taking them " ray walked over to the girl as he offered his hand " I'm Ray firefighter and barman, and I think you want next door that the bar what's that? Ray raised an eyebrow as he pointed to the device his mind slightly alarmed as he was fully aware of hunters from the lectures he was given from Samuel

Hearing the male say that the place was condemned, didn’t ease the red-head’s mind. Despite the place being condemned, people could still come in, just like both of them had done. “Condemned or not, it’s still a public place that you could be caught in” she stated in a calm voice. Something she always tried to do in front of supernatural beings was staying calm. She figured that if she showed fear, or concern in her voice or actions, they’d act upon it. “You do make a good point. I was the only one who walked in here besides you, but that doesn’t mean it’s not accessible to the public. Someone could just walk in here like we did, and then there would be trouble” she stated truthfully.

“Well that’s good to know. At least you aren’t a bad guy, for now that is” she spoke with a small smile. As he walked towards her, Samira felt herself tensing up ever so slightly, not enough to be noticeable to anyone looking at her, but enough to make her wary. As he extended his hand to her, she let out a sigh of relief and reached her hand out to him. “It’s nice to meet you Firefighter and Barman Ray” she stated with a small laugh. “My name’s Samira. Samira Young” she stated with a smile before noticing his eyes drifting to the device in her other hand. “That’s nothing to worry about” she spoke with a smile and a friendly tone, as she placed the device into her purse.


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