Christmas has already come and gone so quickly like it’s never even been. With New Years just around the corner, the Celestial Castle was still in full swing of celebrations. including the partying, just really any excuse to drink the days away without being judged. Willow was now already tired from it all, thinking soon maybe she’d go to stay with her brother at his ranch. With how Leigh decided to have the book shop closed the day after christmas so people can enjoy all the festive activities but she knew it was just a way for them both to have some days off since it was mostly just the two of them running the shop. So it was always hard for either of them to decide when they wanted time off around the same time. Willow enjoyed her job at the bookshop place for her to escape where nobody knew of her past for who or what she was. Her happy place in a way surrounded by things she loves the most, books.  Willow spent the last few days cooped up in her room reading some of the new books she was given over christmas. Spending most days after christmas the same but it wasn’t much different to what she does in her spare time if truth be told. Willow always loved Christmas, everything about it. Always been about family, more so now with how most Celestials all live with each other. Feeling like a big family all together once more but this time around their all safe and protected. Without the worry of being locked up or something bad happening to anyone. Hoping that next year everything will be working out her way looking to get her mental health on better track without needing to bottle it all in. Putting on a brave face so that nobody would see how she’s still struggling to cope with everything that happened to her and other celestials. 

She was on her way back to her room after helping herself to another refill of Baileys from their own bar that other celestials have set up they have in the main living room. Along with having their own wine cellar, fully equipped all with the important necessities Walking down the hallway she felt herself bumping into something or someone. Making her nearly spill her drink and smash the glass in the process. “Oh no” She gasped a little already saddened by her drink being lost. “I’ll clean it up” Already too worried about the mess not looking up to who she’d bumped in to. When she did Willow looked to someone she didn’t recognise but noticed from the glowing of his skin he was like her a celestial. Ticking off not an intruder on her list. “Wait, who are you?” Looking confused, raising her brows almost trying to think had she missed him walking around the manor since she was mostly good at knowing people and faces. Still Willow was blinded till she noticed on the ground in front of her was more than a broken glass and spilled alcohol. Noticing brand new expensive watches and necklaces. Making Willow look even more confused at the mysterious celestial.

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Today had been a good day, a lucrative day. Since sleep was hard to come by he spent as little time as possible at the faction house, avoiding his people and his new Wayfinder. It was still difficult for him to reconcile his new situation with the past that seemed as if it were only a fortnight ago. He had died. Choosing to implode in on himself for some reason that escaped him and rather than staying dead Ophelia had brought him to a modern world.

His heart ached for what he had lost and yet he couldn't help but feel a purpose behind it all. Thus the internal conflict that kept him awake during the darkest hours and sent him wandering the city streets. Modernity was absurd and terrifying, all things built for convenience yet the population was so large that said convenience was impossible. People rushed here and there as if time were against them and the general attitude of the populace was aggressive. Still, there were a few ups to his situation, namely the riches that could be exploited by the public.

Since taking to the streets at night Wade had amassed a small fortune of jewelry, wallets, devices, and other accoutrements. He had yet to figure out how to unload his bounty and turn it into profit but that could come later. Practically skipping into the building the male wasn't expecting anyone to be up and about this late so he gave a little start as he ran right into a person. Many of the things in his pockets went scattering across the floor, some landing in a puddle of wine. Frowning a bit at the rude question or rather abrupt way she asked after his identity the Celestial didn't want to oblige her.

"No need to worry after who I am, suffice it to say I am a passing guest." With the enigmatic answer, Wade scrambled to pick up his discarded bounty. "Who are you madam that you are up at this time of the night and with no escort?!" He couldn't help the question however impertinent, a lady should not be wandering in the middle of the night unattended. Her virtue might have been in question!


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