Has it always been this empty? That's the first thing Dae thought of when he passed the balcony, Yeon has never been one to decorate his place all that much, in fact the niveis thought him to be someone minimalistic with how simple yet classy the interior design of the penthouse was. It looked the same since they left it like that. It's been a while since Yeon departed to NYC to embark on another chapter in his journey, one that made Dae beyond proud. But he couldn't deny the loneliness he felt either, he didn't have his partner in crime physically by his side anymore and he couldn't even call him without having to issue an appointment beforehand. At least that's what the receptionist told him anyway and he decided that he shouldn't bother a busy man like that over a chat. He can just visit him next time when he wants to, right? 

Well that didn't happen. A month ago, he went to the company Yeon relocated to, but was met with heavy traffic. And by heavy traffic, he meant the amount of people who actually wanted to be granted an audience with Yeonseok Lee too. Supposedly, Dae would've gotten access either way because of who he is but he didn't want to burden the valkyr with his troubles so he steered clear. He kept himself busy with new clients, he improved his tracking too, at some point, Dae grew tired of this. Even bounty hunting feels meaningless now, there was no excitement to it, his adrenaline couldn't even begin to cover 10% of what he feels. He didn't want to take his time away but yesterday he realized he had to see him. Even from afar is fine. 

Instead of taking any transport, he decided to fly because that was the easiest for him, not to mention it gives him time to collect his thoughts while he's up in the air. Dae did make note to stop after flying a few hundred miles to recuperate. It took him some time but it was definitely faster than driving there too. That was how he found himself leaning against Yeon's balcony while it was raining heavily, the thunder was mocking him for sure, but Dae couldn't give it any mind to even care. He's so tired both mentally and physically. The niveis was soaked from head to toe, he actually looked like how his cat, Cleo, would be when she just got splashed by water. The hoodie covering his hair barely left anything untouched, the city was bustling with the density as usual, and Dae scrolled his contacts, typing a message to Yeon, "Are you busy?"

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The Valkyr grinned and licked his lips in response to Dae’s approval, it seemed no matter what Yeon experienced or who he took home, nothing ever compared to the icy male. He could never really explain the why and by now he had simply accepted it as fact “Oh I know you can’t forget about me, we’ve both already established that’s impossible” he teased playfully as he leaned closer to him for a moment “But that doesn’t mean I’m not…curious about who you’ve decided to spend your time with” he did enjoy the assurance though, it made him truly feel like he couldn’t be replaced in the niveis’ eyes.

He chuckled “Well probably not quite as much as your…current antics but there’s also no reason you couldn’t do both” he offered a wry smile to him, perhaps that would mean Dae could cut down on traveling so much and spend a little more time where he was comfortable which was a plus wasn’t it? Yeon couldn’t help where his gaze wandered as he watched Dae undress, he was sure that the niveis knew without even looking exactly where the valkyr’s eyes were. He loved Dae’s body, he had always held true to that, despite his rugged look, there was something quite delicate about all those lines that traced over his skin.

He cleared his throat and smirked when Dae made a suggestive comment and he chuckled “Oh we both know I love big things” he teased slightly, he wasn’t ashamed of his rather eccentric tastes, if anything he would argue he had earned his way to them. Dae looked handsome, even more so because Yeon knew it was his clothes he was wearing “Rice is a given, I swear I can’t go a day without it” he teased before allowing Dae to select what he wanted before adding his own items to the list and then submitting the order.

He made his way closer to Dae and sat down next to him, wanting to keep himself close to the other male “Money unfortunately does matter when you want…nice things” he murmured as he stared at him, thinking in his mind how the niveis would be more comfortable to rest his head against. After a moment he couldn’t stop himself from crawling closer to him and hovering over him for a moment, staring into those eyes he’d missed so much. There were too many things between them that neither of them were saying and they both knew it. Not wanting to the be the one to break their bubble though, the Valkyr simply leaned down to press his lips against Dae’s.

He felt like he had a spotlight unde room whenever Yeon stares, the piercing gaze always kept him up at night, day too if he was being honest. He wanted to be validated by the valkyr so much it was driving him crazy at some point. He misses him so much he actually flew all the way here to see him, even from afar would have been fine. But that was until Yeon saw him and invited him in, how could he leave him now? The close proximity between him had his purring in content, this is something he was used to and he could continue getting used to. "Not much, I was busy with my bounty. Though… I did have a few girls in Lithuania a week ago, sex with anyone is incomparable to you but they were fine women, for sure." He could still appreciate the beauty in them and the effort they pulled. He chuckled when Yeon pointed out he could do both, that he could, but it was too much effort. 

"Bounty hunting pays me well and gives me thrill… I may as well be an escort if I want another job that gives me a similar sensation" he teased, "Would you pick me if I was?" he added playfully as he pushed the wet clothes to the side, careful not to make it ruin the floor and far from the usual laundry. The fact that Yeon responded with another serial innuendo made the niveis grin, that is so like him. "I know from experience, you're very talented when big things are involved" he jested. The shirt he was wearing was the definition of comfort, it wasn't big seeing as Dae was slightly bigger than Yeon on his upper body due to his shoulder and chest, but it fits just fine. The familiar musky scent was also driving him to the most comfortable place ever. Dae was tempted to just pull him in and cuddle the valkyr but he clenched his fist to keep the self control to a maximum, keep it to yourself, he reminded. 

"The world revolves around power and these days… money is power" he murmured and let his eyes rake over the blond's body as he crawled over him, wondering just what he was planning or if it was what he thought it was. The moment their eyes were locked on each other was when Dae knew he would be damned if he pushed him away. When he pressed his lips against his own, Dae couldn't help but let out a soft moan, indicating he had been waiting for this the longest as he brought his hands up to trail his body before pulling the valkyr close so he could sit on the niveis' lap, without breaking the kiss. They didn't need to exchange any words, they already knew. He deepened the kiss as his hands rested on Yeon's hips, tugging on his bottom lip gently to show how much he misses him.

Honestly, Yeon had been waiting to see him, he thought about asking him to come a few times but that felt selfish, Dae had a life of his own and if the valkyr couldn’t make the courtesy to get back to Evermore then he couldn’t expect the same in return. Which was why it meant a lot to him that the niveis was really here. He wondered if it was selfish of him to miss the icy male when he was the one who left. “You’re always busy hunting something down” he chuckled softly and tilted his head “The chase is almost as good as the end result for you” he grinned slightly “Lithuanian girls huh?” he commented with a raised brow “I’m imagining blondes” he teased playfully.

Yeon did get a little caught off guard when Dae teased that he might become an escort “Something tells me you’d make a lot of money...considering you have the skills for it” he praised and grinned, though the idea of Dae selling himself for money honestly didn’t sit right with him. He pressed his lips together in thought, why did that bother him? He smirked when the other male joined the jesting about his like for big things “You’d know from experience” he teased, the niveis was pretty well endowed himself after all. Dae looked good in his clothes he had to admit, they fit a little tighter on him than they did on Yeon but the valkyr was hardly complaining about that.

“Keep the shirt” he responded and smirked slightly “I think I like it better on you anyway” he was sure Dae had a small collection of Yeon’s clothes by now, given the things they got up to but he didn’t mind, it wasn’t like the valkyr couldn’t get more. “True” he responded when Dae pointed out money is power “But the real power is knowing what to do with money” he commented and nodded his head, throwing money at your problems wasn’t always a smart move after all. Yeon couldn’t really help it when he leaned in, he only hovered there for a moment before his body naturally reached out for the thing he craved.

The kiss began softer than their usual. But the sound of Dae’s soft moan against his lips rippled through him and he couldn’t help but pull him in closer, allowing Dae to guide him as his knees came to straddle either side of Dae’s lap. They parted for a mere second or two before he found Dae’s again and he allowed the other male to deepen it, his lips parting a little as though to invite him closer. His body was naturally pushing up closer against him. The tugging made him smirk and return the favor by sweeping his tongue against his bottom lip playfully.

He was always hunting something down, or someone, that's right. "It's part of the job, Yeon, gotta hit the deadline if I wanna keep my job on the line… There is also the part where I kinda need to keep my reputation up too, not for me but for the sake of the job. You wanna hire someone who has top notch skills and all 5s on his rating so… I gotta keep at it." Thankfully, he's good at maintaining that. "The chase is thrilling, gets your blood pumping… if not for the money then the adrenaline is worth it." He especially prefers it if he could give it a jab at his clients sometimes. Just because he could. A smirk formed on his lips as he hummed in affirmation, "Oh yes, those girls are amazing in bed. Blondes… green eyes… and I'll rate their bodies 10 out of 10 too." The ones he met are pretty and had way too many clothes covering their body. 

A chuckle escaped him when Yeon pointed out that he'd make plenty of money should he decide to go down the route of taking up this new job that entails his… particular services. "You'd know that firsthand wouldn't you, hm?" He purred, but why does it feel empty when he thought about escorting? Letting others have control over his body instead of the opposite because they're the ones paying him. Was it a problem with his conscience and control or was it something else? Was it pride? He wouldn't sell himself for money? But that's far from it, Dae is always in control of everything he does so if he wants it then it's because he's allowing it to be done. So it wasn't that problem. The shirt that fit snugly on him felt nice, even more so when Yeon complimented him for it, going as far as to tell him to keep it. He raised his eyebrows playfully, "Yeah I like this on me too. Like how I like you on me…" he couldn't help himself from letting that one out. Oh well, it's Yeon anyway. He knows. 

"I have no idea what to do with money… I'm not much on self indulging… aside from carnal pleasure and the likes… not too big on lavish things either… so I'll probably end up leaving a huge amount of money to someone who probably needs it more." And Yeon knows Dae well enough to understand that's how Daehyun Stormwind is. He didn't want to bring anything else with him aside from good will. Because living is not forever anyway. When Yeon leaned into his touch, Dae took advantage of it, purposely showing the valkyr how much he craved him. Every single part of him. His kisses were meaningful as usual and while it was also clouded with lust, the passionate manner it was delivered in says it wasn't just wanting to possess his body. He wanted everything that is Yeonseok Lee. He nipped him playfully and purposely tightened his grip around his hips as if to warn Yeon, "I missed this… god knows I have had plenty to satiate me but you… are something else. Did you curse me with only wanting to be claimed by you hm?" 

Yeon couldn’t help but chuckle when Dae spoke about his job and how he needed to keep his reputation “And here I was thinking you couldn’t care less about what people think of you” he chided softly, there was a lot of truth in that when it came to Dae, he was pretty unbothered by others when they made comments or got themselves involved where they shouldn’t “Probably similar to the feeling I get when I’m dancing” he commented thoughtfully “Though yours definitely has a more sinister tone” but it wasn’t like the people he was chasing down were innocent, they were criminals who had skipped bail so they deserved what came to them.

He chuckled and raised his brows as Dae talked about the girls that had kept him company “Sounds like I might need you to introduce me at some point” he teased playfully, Dae had definitely always had a thing for pretty blondes and honestly Yeon could understand it and he never complained about being surrounded by people easy on the eyes. Yeon returned his chuckle when Dae turned his jested back on him and shrugged slightly “I have high standards” he teased softly, honestly by now it was more like impossible standards because nothing compared to the experience he had with the niveis and he knew it came from being with someone he actually knew, someone he had insight into every little quirk of.

Yeon grinned slightly, Dae had always been minimalistic while the valkyr had always been much more extravagant “I don’t think most people even get to see how kind of a person you really are” he mused with a small smile, Dae didn’t flaunt many sides of himself outwardly but he showed it in a lot of the little things he did, things you picked up on when you really knew him. “A few designer leather jackets for your collection wouldn’t go amiss though” he teased playfully.

This kiss. It honestly blew his mind. He didn’t know if it was because of the distance and missing him or whether Daehyun really was that good, perhaps a combination of both but he found himself completely lost in it. It felt reminiscent of the airport, where they had shared their first...real kiss. There was emotion behind it, it showed how much the two of them desired one another. He chuckled against his lips when he nipped him, bringing one hand up to stroke his thumb against Dae’s cheek gently “You should know by now Daehyun Stormwind, you’re mine” he whispered softly.

He had a pout on his lips as he huffed indignantly, trying to look as if he was offended with what Yeon just said but they both know it was just for formalities whenever Dae expressed his… dissatisfaction over. "I don't care what people think of me, I care what my job prospects do. There's a difference. I still have to make a living, Yeon" he chuckled and shook his head. Nothing about his job is easy, in fact, there were more possibilities and risks of being caught or even falling to his death if he got himself over some of the traps laid out. But that's the fun in it. "You can say it for what it is, I'm a sadistic bastard who also indulged in the feeling of being a masochist. Two sides of the same coin, at the end of the day." And he's not embarrassed over it. This was barely scraping the surface of what he had done. 

"Those girls would love to hear that they have such a good sponsor waiting for them, but I think I'm slightly more possessive and greedy when it comes to ensuring you have the best of the best only." It was another code for the niveis not wanting others to steal his thunder away and make the valkyr forget about him, even though he was well aware of their connection being far more than just the bedroom activities. "Of course you do, I like to think you kept me around for a reason" he winked playfully, as far as praises go, Yeon knew just how to ruffle his feathers. The valkyr knew what makes him tick and what makes him purr. He fiddled with his fingers absentmindedly and shrugged, "I don't think myself as kind so there's no reason why others should too. It's just unnecessary emotional baggage I have to carry over them by keeping certain expectations in light. Too much pressure." 

He likes doing those in secret and in silence, attracting the attention of many is the last thing he wanted to do. He had enough people under his contacts and that's as far as things go. "You are spot on with the leather jackets… I do love them." And Yeon knows it all too well, he has gifted him some and each time, the niveis cherishes them. This one felt familiar but still different from the one they shared at the airport. He remembered the same passion but it was… more fiery. He had expected this kind of gesture to be shown in a heated moment that leads them to bed but surprisingly, he felt a cooling sensation to it too. Enough to keep him on his toes because he had no idea what might come after, as well as a certain serenity that doused the overwhelmingness to keep him grounded. 

"Careful, Valky… if anyone heard that, they might think you will never let me go" he whispered and his lips ghosted over the other's. Before he could go for another kiss, his phone had his notifications ringing. Normally, he would've just ignored it but it kept bombarding and it was at that moment, Dae let out a growl under his breath. The universe just couldn't seem to let him have his moment.

Yeon chuckled “Me too, gotta please the masses to make it in this world” he commented and grinned slightly, he had always been pretty confident when it came to his work and managing himself in a business space but there was definitely a line between the person he was in the office and the person he was outside of it. “I couldn’t imagine you in a 9 to 5” he cooed softly and reached for Dae’s collar and patted it slightly “I couldn’t even imagine you in a tie” he commented in a thoughtful voice, Yeon however was in a tie more often than he wasn’t. “Well as long as it keeps you occupied I suppose” he patted his shoulder and shook his head slightly “I still remember you bit me the first time we met” that was one hell of a first impression that’s for sure.

Yeon chuckled under his breath when the other male mentioned how excited those girls would get if they knew who he was “And by the best of the best, you mean you, right?” he had a wolfish grin on his lips as he stared back at him for a moment, tilting his head slightly as though to challenge the other male to deny it “Don’t sweat it Dae, no one comes close” and he didn’t think they ever would. There had been a time when Yeon had tried to shake the connection they shared but now he was more willing to just embrace it. The blond valkyr bit his lip slightly when Dae denied the thought that he was kind “You’re more thoughtful than you give yourself credit for, you can brush it off as much as you want but I’ve seen the way you take care of Jihoon” he spoke softly.

Yeon smirked because he already knew he hit the nail on the head when it came to the leather jackets “I knew there was a little bit of expensive taste in you” he teased softly as he watched the other male “We could add some of those t-shirts of mine you like too” he teased softly, it was natural to want to dress nicely and the valkyr knew even someone as casual as Dae could be swayed a little. “You kill the gruff hunter look” he teased softly “Though it really must take forever to dry out when you get it wet” he commented and grinned.

He had gotten himself wrapped up in the moment for a while there and when Dae said if someone overheard they might think he would never let him go “I can let you go” he whispered back between kisses they shared “But you’ll still be mine” he whispered back as he tugged against his collar, trying to pull him in as close as possible against him. When Dae’s phone started to ring he couldn’t help but grumble softly under his breath before finally letting him go, laying against the soft pillows of the couch and watching the niveis with curious eyes.

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