Has it always been this empty? That's the first thing Dae thought of when he passed the balcony, Yeon has never been one to decorate his place all that much, in fact the niveis thought him to be someone minimalistic with how simple yet classy the interior design of the penthouse was. It looked the same since they left it like that. It's been a while since Yeon departed to NYC to embark on another chapter in his journey, one that made Dae beyond proud. But he couldn't deny the loneliness he felt either, he didn't have his partner in crime physically by his side anymore and he couldn't even call him without having to issue an appointment beforehand. At least that's what the receptionist told him anyway and he decided that he shouldn't bother a busy man like that over a chat. He can just visit him next time when he wants to, right? 

Well that didn't happen. A month ago, he went to the company Yeon relocated to, but was met with heavy traffic. And by heavy traffic, he meant the amount of people who actually wanted to be granted an audience with Yeonseok Lee too. Supposedly, Dae would've gotten access either way because of who he is but he didn't want to burden the valkyr with his troubles so he steered clear. He kept himself busy with new clients, he improved his tracking too, at some point, Dae grew tired of this. Even bounty hunting feels meaningless now, there was no excitement to it, his adrenaline couldn't even begin to cover 10% of what he feels. He didn't want to take his time away but yesterday he realized he had to see him. Even from afar is fine. 

Instead of taking any transport, he decided to fly because that was the easiest for him, not to mention it gives him time to collect his thoughts while he's up in the air. Dae did make note to stop after flying a few hundred miles to recuperate. It took him some time but it was definitely faster than driving there too. That was how he found himself leaning against Yeon's balcony while it was raining heavily, the thunder was mocking him for sure, but Dae couldn't give it any mind to even care. He's so tired both mentally and physically. The niveis was soaked from head to toe, he actually looked like how his cat, Cleo, would be when she just got splashed by water. The hoodie covering his hair barely left anything untouched, the city was bustling with the density as usual, and Dae scrolled his contacts, typing a message to Yeon, "Are you busy?"

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Life in New York was honestly far more hectic than the valkyr had pegged it to be, despite being in the center of the area, preparations for the show were in full swing which meant most days from early morning to the afternoon, Yeon was in rehearsals with the performers, going through the routines, blocking in positioning and refining each of the movements, working and reworking until it fit his vision. In the afternoons he would make his way to the studio so that he could oversee everything going on there.

By the time he made it to the evening there wasn’t much energy left in him. Usually, he would head back to the place he was staying throw down his things, read some emails in bed before passing out. It wasn’t exactly easy but he felt like he was creating something good here, but it hadn’t left much time to think about anything else. Still that didn’t stop his mind from wandering sometimes, wondering how Han was doing in his new role in Denver or whether Dae had any interesting stories to tell about his clients.

They talked, of course they did, but as he feared, they were starting to feel more distant. He missed them. He wanted to make a trip back to see them but it just wasn’t possible with his schedule right now and so video calls had to suffice. Despite how tired he could be, he tried his best to never miss one of those. He had just finished at the office and was heading out for the night when he heard his phone ping, he read the message and bit his lip, he really missed having Dae by his side, he missed the stupid reasons they would find to spend time together and he missed the feeling of being close with him.

“Just heading back home now” he responded to the message before noticing the storm outside and sighing as he grabbed an umbrella from the rack as he headed out the door “Did you have a good day?” he added when Dae didn’t respond right away. Before long he had walked the short distance between his place and the studio and was heading inside and up the elevator.

The rain didn't bother him the slightest, in fact Dae found some comfort in the coldness, as he usually does. But the thunder was really bothering him, it wasn't the fear, he wasn't really afraid of a lot of things aside from being considered a burden or to feel unneeded by someone he cares for. Isn't that what's going on though? Didn't he come here because he felt like he was no one without Yeon by his side? The valkyr wasn't there to cheer him up and make him feel good about himself. God did he miss him.

With his back pressed against the glass sliding door, he was thinking about all the times they spent together until a notification interrupted his line of thoughts. Dae brought the phone up to his vision and pursed his lips before typing back his response, "You're heading home?" He could feel some excitement busting inside him upon finding out the valkyr was going to be home soon. It wasn't until he saw the storm worsening that he frowned, "Isn't it raining heavily? Will you be fine?" He could even see the streets with no proper drainage being clogged so the rain water really made its presence known.

He smiled at the other message, the one where Yeon asked if he had a good day, "Not really… I'm actually in the city right now, I just arrived. Was meaning to see you." It does seem like he had gotten him at the right time. Finally.

Yeon wasn’t really bothered by the storm, he kinda liked watching them out the window sometimes and he always had an umbrella available, if not then a cab was always an option, that was the good thing about NYC, there were always options “Yeah, had a long day of paperwork, no fun” he responded and added a grumpy cat emoji to the end, one they both used a lot because of an inside joke of it reminding them of Dae. “It’s raining pretty hard but I’ve got an umbrella, you’re not Korean if you don’t have an umbrella handy right?” he teased and smiled to himself, he was always glad when he got the chance to talk to Dae.

“The city?” he responded before continuing to type simply because he was surprised what he read “As in NYC...city?” he added to the end, when Dae said he wanted to see him he swore his step just quickened a little. Before long he was up in the elevator and stepping out into his apartment, he took off his shoulder bag and set it down before placing his umbrella in the stand but his focus was still on his phone “Where are you? We could meet for dinner?” he swore he hadn’t been excited about something like this in weeks.

Which probably said a lot about just how much he had missed the niveis, he had friends here of course but none of them ever quite held a candle to Daehyun Stormwind, there was just something about him that the valkyr clicked with, he never felt the need to second guess himself or feel suspicious around Dae and he was one of the first people Yeon had ever truly missed. He missed his stupid gummy smile that only came out once in a blue moon, he missed tracing his fingers against those icy blue tattoos, he missed it all.

He saw the cat emoji Yeon sent and chuckled, they had that inside joke where he was a grumpy cat in his past life and even the niveis couldn't refute the idea. He even had a cat back home who acts like she's the queen of the world, and they were quite similar. Aside from the fact that she completely dislikes the valkyr whom Dae actually likes. He was the only person she couldn't get along with. Most said it was because Cleo didn't like competition and Yeon takes his attention quite often. Maybe there was a sliver of truth to that. Isn't that why he flew all the way here? "You're still Korean to the roots" he commented and sent a gif from Singing In The Rain for a whiff of humor. He missed this, talking to Yeon even via texting. 

But he would love to see him face to face even more. So he can't wait until he comes back home so that wish can finally be fulfilled. "Mhmm, as in NYC, I flew here and it was very tiring but… I had a few pit stops and I missed you" so it was barely anything, he thought. Flying here was the least he would do for the blond, believe it or not. He didn't want to say it out loud and he was grateful that Yeon knows he was never a man with words. They know how much the other cares for them. "You sound excited, careful not to trip" he teased and heard the sound of his footsteps from inside. The balcony was barely just 50m away from where he probably stood. "Didn't you say you were tired?" He jested, "You should rest, don't worry I'll go to you." 

He was already there anyway. But he wasn't exactly in the state to be entering inside either. "Hold that thought… I think I need to dry up first, I'm practically soaked from head to toe…" he added. God how much he missed running his hands through his blond locks, tracing his jaw while telling him stories about his hunts. He missed it all. "9 o clock" he typed, wanting to tell the valkyr where he is at. He got up from his spot and leaned against the sliding door on his side, bringing his hand up to knock against it to get Yeon's attention.

“Always will be” Yeon responded when Dae said he was Korean to his roots, he was proud of that part of himself and he hoped to always hold on to that part of his identity, even if he couldn’t go back to Korea any time soon and even though the memories of there were hard for him to process, it was still his home and he still missed it. He laughed at the gif Dae sent, despite being the eldest of the group, Yeon would admit he was the wittiest when it came to texting, he found it very charming.

“I swear if this is a joke I’m going to put myself through a teleport just so I can shove you” he responded, he’d been wanting to see Dae for a long time now and so the idea that he was right here was exciting to him. “I missed you too” he added to the end before twiddling his thumbs as he impatiently waited for Dae to respond to his message and tell him where they would be meeting after this “I’m a graceful dancer, excuse you, don’t label me with Jae’s clumsiness” he responded before looking up from his phone to make sure he wasn’t going to walk into anything and therefore prove Dae right. “I’m never too tired for you, you know that” his responded and grinned to himself, the day suddenly felt so much brighter.

Yeon was still standing in the middle of his living area just engrossed in his phone, that was the effect the niveis had on him he supposed, reading the 9 oclock he quickly looked up before spotting the figure at the sliding door and before he could think his feet were already taking him towards him, waving to him through the glass before frowning when he saw how drenched Dae was and quickly unlocking the door to usher him inside “When I said I like someone being wet for me, this wasn’t what I meant” he jested before reaching forward to wipe Dae’s wet blond locks out of his face and cup his face with his hands “I can’t believe you’re really here” he spoke softly.

Dae also loves the cherry blossoms and that was the only reason why he ever went back to Korea, to see those during spring. Like Yeon, he too, didn't go back there for reasons. A chuckle escaped him when the valkyr threatened to teleport just to shove him if he was found out to be lying about being here in NYC, "How could I ever? I'm not Han okay, it's not as if you can't detect a lie from Snowball from a mile away anyway but I have no intentions of fooling you. Aside from when we're playing chess and Monopoly. That's the only time I'll trick you." Dae was a fan of board games so he was extremely sly when it comes to those since he was fueled by the desire to win.

A bright smile was etched on his lips when he saw the message Yeon sent about missing him, "Me too" he mumbled to himself. "You may be a graceful dancer but one trip also means you can fall with grace. Were you expecting to teleport mid air or something? Or did you learn a new choreographed move that would ensure you would fall with style?" he teased, Yeon does have a way of making things look really pretty no matter what he does. It was nice to see that the valkyr was also waiting for him and anticipating his arrival, he felt like he was cared for. This is a nice feeling. "Careful Yeon, one might think you're whipped for me" he jested and waited until he would notice his figure standing at his balcony, all wet from head to toe. When he finally did and opened the sliding door, the niveis admitted that he was a bit hesitant to set his foot inside because of his current condition. But he knew he couldn't exactly argue with Yeon about this, so when the blond ushered him in, he complied. 

He looks just as attractive as ever, his hair even looks fluffier if that was even possible, it made him want to run his fingers through it. What he didn't expect was Yeon to brush his wet locks away and cup his face, god he was so close to him, their close proximity was making the blood rush to his cheeks, his heart was beating faster than usual and he felt like his legs had no function of standing still anymore. "I thought you like all kinds of wet" he retorted coyly before chuckling, bringing his hand to put them over the valkyr's own while sparing him a soft look, "Better believe it. I flew for a long time to get here, just for you. Aren't you lucky?" There was no need for words right? Both of them missed each other and they have always been touchy, it's fine.

Yeon couldn’t help but laugh as he read Dae’s messages about how he wouldn’t like to him unless it was for the purpose of winning a board game “Don’t remind me, Han literally flipped the table last time” he shook his head as he hit the send button, Yeon could be sneaky but he wasn’t super competitive with those sorts of things but Han and Dae very much were and so it had become somewhat of a battle between them. “I mean technically I could just valkyr speed my way through it so that no one saw?” he responded “teleporting mid-air is also an option though I don’t favor that” it seemed the niveis underestimated his commitment to keeping his graceful image intact.

He read the last message Dae sent before he finally looked up to see him and wondered how much truth there was to it, after all, there wasn’t anyone else he could think of that made his whole day just at the idea of seeing them. Yeon didn’t care that he was soaked, or rather he didn’t care about him getting the house wet or getting soaked himself, he just wanted to close every bit of space there was between him and niveis and that was exactly what he did as he moved close to him. He stared into Dae’s dark eyes as he brushed his fingers against those familiar blond locks and he bit his lip as he contemplated stroking his face.

“Oh I definitely do” he teased softly, he was about to pull away but before he could do so, Dae placed his hands over his, which he took as a sign that Dae didn’t want him to move so he stayed there for a moment, despite being soaked, Dae looked...happy? “Very” he responded when Dae asked him if he felt lucky “You must be exhausted” he commented softly...part of him was pining to drag Dae to his bedroom but he quelled the desire to focus “As much as I can’t wait to get properly reacquainted….I really am starving so...dinner?” he proposed with a soft smile “We can order something to come here if you don’t want to go anywhere” it didn’t matter to him as long as they were by one another’s side “This is perfect, I even have the day to spare tomorrow” he murmured softly.

"Didn't it only take a few glasses of whiskey and him being agitated to get that going? I actually still have the recording with me, though Snowball didn't know anything about it" if he did, he probably would've tried to get his hands on it and knowing Dae, he would not give it up so easily. He probably made copies of it. "I like how you retort back like it's just the obvious thing to do" he misses that. Being able to bicker with Yeon lightheartedly like that, his friend, his companion. He didn't expect Yeon to pull him in given his current state but god did it feel nice to have him this close, the niveis usually detested anything that resembles heat because of his affinity and general love to the cold, but the warmth Yeon emitted, it was one he could handle, if not craved. 

Feeling his hands pressed against his cheeks made Daehyun Stormwind feel like his entire world that cracked could come back once again. Maybe it's not that bad to have someone to mend you from time to time. Is it really a weakness? When Yeon affirmed that he was whipped for him, Dae bit his lip and giggled, "That's good to hear that my charm is still intact. I thought you forgot all about me now that you've gotten yourself a handful of New Yorkers… are they any good?" And of course, sexual innuendos never escape both of them, they were playful like that. It was also an attempt to make things less serious because he didn't come here for that. He came all the way here to enjoy his time with his partner in crime. He craned his neck slightly and stretched a bit, nodding in response to his remark.

"A bit. Even a drive from Evermore to New York is long as hell, and I don't have limitless fuel like a plane does so I had to do plenty of pit stops every once in a while. But I'm not that tired out, I'm more… excited to see you, to be honest." It wasn't a lie, all the exhaustion wouldn't touch the deprivation he felt from the valkyr. So it wasn't surprising to see it overpowering that now. "Yes dinner, god I'm famished… I'd prefer to order something in, I don't have the energy to socialize with society so…" He wondered what they'd have. "What do you want to go for? Pizza? Thai? Chinese?" Whatever works for him at this moment. "You have a day to spare tomorrow? That's good… I'm not going away anytime soon, I'll probably stay here for a few days. I haven't checked in any hotel yet of course."

Yeon laughed at the memory of playing Monopoly and the chaos that ensued when Dae managed to bluff his way to a win, besides, Yeon had been passing him money out of the bank for most of the game after he got knocked out, mostly out of boredom. It was entertaining, besides the rules they were playing was that it was only considered cheating if you got caught. He missed nights like that, where they would eat a bunch of food that was really bad for you and just laugh and talk for hours on end, he missed having friends he could just fall into a comfortable relaxed state with.

Dae was absolutely soaked but the valkyr couldn’t care less in that moment, he couldn’t believe he was really here and all the energy that Yeon felt had been slowly draining from him lately seemed to rush back to the surface, he felt more awake than he had in weeks “Not even close” he scoffed softly when Dae asked him if the people in New York were better than him “But you knew they wouldn’t be, right?” he commented and smirked tilting his head as he moved back enough so he could get a good look at him. Honestly, Dae looked like he was tired, which was probably from the journey here.

“Me too” he spoke softly when Dae said he was excited to see him “I swear there are so many things in this city I’ve seen and it’s made me wish you were there...the world isn’t quite so fun without your commentary” and people in New York could do some really stupid things and he could almost hear Dae making snide comments on their idiocy in the back of his head when they happened but it wasn’t the same as hearing it in person. He grinned when Dae agreed to dinner and pulled out his phone so that he could look for places to deliver “I’m feeling Korean Barbeque if you’re up for it?” he commented and then jerked his chin over towards his bedroom “There’s plenty of things hanging up if you wanna change” Dae was dripping everywhere after and it wasn’t the first time they’d traded clothes.

He came to hover in the doorway as Dae headed inside, not wanting to take his eyes off him for even a second “Stay here” he responded almost out of reflex when Dae said he hadn’t checked into hotel yet. He covered himself by following it up though “Saves you having to pay their crazy city taxes...I swear everything costs double in this place” because it was a tourist destination, it was honestly frustrating.

The two of them were a pair. And even though Han would often point out that they must have cheated despite not having any concrete proof since the niveis was pretty sly with his ways, it always brought a smile on his lips. He misses that too. Their game nights are surprisingly not boring, it wasn't how Dae first thought it would be. He actually laughed a lot when they made their appointments for those nights. It also means a lot when considering the fact that the four of them had their own personal schedule and are busy individuals. Yeon is a whole CEO and has a company to run, Han has been taking overtime to and that increased his workload, and Jae is a full time literature student working part time. Unlike them, Dae is more of a freelancer despite his more strict and demanding criteria of the job, he could choose to accept or decline easily so he eventually ends up taking the cases when he was bored or needed money. 

It felt so long ago since they had the time to laugh together. It did bring a grin to his lips when Yeon exclaimed how the New Yorkers didn't hold a candle to him, that is really reassuring to hear. Of course, there were doubts and he was confident that he was so much better compared to individuals who knew nothing about Yeonseok Lee's desires. But, hearing it from the owner himself is something else. "I just like hearing it from your own lips… it's fucking attractive when you tell me nobody is going to best me when pleasuring you" he purred teasingly. To be honest, Dae felt slightly insecure when Yeon stepped back to look at him because his wet state was ruining the carpet, no doubt. "Sorry for ruining your carpet by the way…" he mumbled and fiddled with his fingers while keeping his head down like some cat who just got chastised by its owner. The wet spot underneath was forming and it made his ears turn red from embarrassment. 

"I do comment and judge people a lot, if it was a paying job, I'd excel at it and make easy money." That's why he takes bounty hunting seriously with his work ethics, he gets to enjoy the torment he delivers and the commentary was especially satisfying. At the sudden mention of Korean barbecue, the niveis swore his stomach grumbled which resulted in him covering that area and cleared his throat, "That sounds good… you baited my stomach already." It has been a while since he has worn any of Yeon's clothes, he loves them more than he would admit. It wasn't the expensive brands of course, it's his scent. He noticed that Yeon was still standing at the doorway and smirked, stripping in front of him is barely anything new, besides it has been months so why not give him something to look at anyway? He started taking off his jacket and hoodie, exposing his body littered with tribal marks to the valkyr and soon the pants dropped too as he took a pair of sweatpants and black tee. "If you don't mind… I wouldn't want to impose."

Yeon definitely missed easy nights in with his friends, here the people expected him to go to parties and clubs which he personally didn’t mind, but it could get exhausting doing that every week, sometimes he missed the quiet that came with Evermore. But mostly Yeon missed the sly smirk on Dae’s lips that told the valkyr that he had a plan up his sleeve, he missed their secret team ups and knowing looks shared between them. He missed not having to question who he was taking home that night because it was always going to be Dae, no one ever held a handle to him and they both knew it.

Yeon allowed a wry smile to cross his lips “That’s because it’s true, there’s no one that manages to even come close and you know that” he purred softly as he stared into his eyes, they’d both accepted a long time ago that they weren’t going to find better than the other but Dae was right, it still felt good to hear it, especially after being apart for some time. “What about you? Found anyone impressive in Evermore or on your worldly travels?” he questioned curiously, Dae must have had plenty of opportunities to find others after all. Yeon shook his head when Dae apologized for getting the carpet wet “It’s only a carpet” he responded and shrugged dismissively, honestly he didn’t care much for material things because it wasn’t like he couldn’t replace them.

He grinned slightly when the other male said he would make a lot of money if judging was a profession “Perhaps you should become a critic of some kind” he commented with an amused expression, he could imagine it now, everyone trying desperately to meet Dae’s approval which wasn’t easy to satisfied. Just thinking about dinner had Yeon’s stomach rumbling too, he chuckled because he heard the sound of Dae’s at the same time “Seems like they’re both in agreement” he teased as he started scrolling through the menu on his phone, chewing on his bottom lip cause he couldn’t decide what he wanted. His attention was quickly taken Dae started undressing though, the phone remaining in his hands but his eyes were locked on the niveis.

Those familiar marks brought a smile to his lips, oh how he loved to trace them, he was biting down on his lips as he watched him, he knew Dae was putting on a show just for him and he appreciated the view he was being blessed with “It’s no problem, you know what I’m like, always get a place too big for me anyway” he chuckled wryly but his expression showed that he really wanted Dae to stay...just for a little while. “So what are you thinking?” he commented as he held out the phone towards Dae so he could pick what he wanted.

Despite the heavy rain in the city, it didn't hinder the city from operating smoothly per usual, he could see that once he was leaning against Yeon's balcony which was pretty high up. He wondered if things would be better if he was to reside here, if he stayed here. Would he be able to see Yeon more often? It does seem pretty unlikely considering how busy the CEO is. But they'd be close, he tried to reason. "Don't I like to know that" he chuckled in response to his purring, he does like knowing nobody could replace him in Yeon's space. To him, that means a lot. It means he was worthy and still is. 

When asked if he found anyone impressive on his travels, Dae chuckled and shook his head, "Who do you take me for, Yeon? Do you really think I'd be able to forget about you, of all people, so easily? I know we're not mutually exclusive or anything but you… nobody will ever match up to you." And he was not just saying it. The feeling wasn't quite the same. "Of course I had to quench my carnal lust but… they're nothing compared to you." They didn't even come close. The way Yeon didn't even mind him wetting the god knows how much the carpet cost, was very telling. The niveis felt reassured if anything. This warmth was welcoming and he misses it like crazy, even if he wouldn't admit it. "And how well would those people get paid? More than my current occupation?" He raised his eyebrows and teased, money does pay a great weight to a lot of things and he was grateful that he found a suitable job to fit his interests while being paid enough. 

At the sudden rumble of his stomach, the niveis huffed under his breath because it wasn't supposed to come out like that but now that the cat is out of the bag, and good was offered, what could he do? Did he notice the pair of eyes gazing on his body while he was undressing? Very much so. It was the reason why he enjoyed giving a mini strip show for the valkyr. Yeon's hands might be glued to his phone but his eyes probably wondered when he's going to get his hands on the pale haired male. "You do like getting big places, sometimes I wonder if you like big things in general, Yeon" he pointed out and smoothened the top down, the familiar scent engulfed his senses and Dae felt like he could forever drown in this.

"I could use some rice per usual…" Dae took the phone into his hands and quickly clicked a few things on the menu that included yukgaejang and kimchi fried rice, with the barbecued meat being beef briskets, bulgogi, and fried chicken. He returned his phone to him and plopped on the couch, "And of course you have a comfy couch…"


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