Eun couldn’t remember when was the last time he had been so nervous. It was crazy how he was even talking to himself in the mirror, the anxious reflection was representing what was going inside him. “Relax Eun… everything will be okay” he told himself but if only things were easier said than done.

It has been a whole two weeks ever since Leigh suggested it’d be nice to meet his parents over the weekend. Correction: it was Eun who suggested. He thought it would bring their relationship to the next level but he was dead wrong. He was wrong about everything. How did he think it was a good idea when he couldn’t even help the shaking he does with his feet.

While he was clearing his throat and practicing what to say in front of the mirror, Leigh called for him and he bit his lip before responding to his call “I’m here baby, in the bathroom.” It didn’t take long until the sound of the door was pushed open and there he was, in all his glory, Leighton Kingsman. “Is it time?” he enquired and pressed a brief kiss against his lips before stepping out to his duffle bag, containing his clothes and essentials.

“I’m nervous… what if they don’t like me… what if I’m too eccentric?” This wouldn’t be the first time Eun has been questioning himself being good enough for the kitsune but the day itself has finally come. “Do you think face-timing would’ve been better first? No wait your parents has seen me before when you face-timed them…”

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Leigh was excited. He loved it going to his hometown to visit his parents because he got to show them so many things about his life and this time there was so much. The animal cafe project was beginning and then the renovations at the bookstore were underway, the place looked completely different from when they last came 2 years ago. But most importantly, he would get the chance to show them the person who made him so happy…and the smile on his lips which was so real because of him.

Speaking of. Where was he? He called out his name across the hall “Eun?” and after a few moments of silence the other male called back to him. He headed into the bathroom where he was pacing across the floors and he gave a small smile as he came in closer and returned his kiss “We should leave now or we’ll hit the late morning traffic” he affirmed and nodded his head before lowering his hands and taking hold of the other male’s.

“Believe me, it’s impossible for them to not like you…you’re you” he explained and shook his head, he was absolutely certain on that much, they were going to adore him “The bigger risk is that they’re going to like you more than me and I’ll have to remind them I’m their first son” he jested and nudged him softly. “They’re not’ll see that” in fact if anything he was a little worried his parents would be too friendly with Eun and scare him off a bit.

He cupped his cheeks and smile “It’s gonna be great” he assured him and grabbed his own backpack before tugging him towards the front door, putting Minha’s harness on ready for the trip because there was no way he could show up at his parents without her “Don’t be too jealous if they greet Minha first though…” he grinned sheepishly “First grandpup” he giggled softly and led her and Eun out of the front door and headed towards the car.

Only god knows how nervous he was being about the whole thing. His hands were actually shaking briefly as he got out of the bathroom, he didn’t even realize he has spent roughly half an hour inside. But it was so much better when Leigh held his hand, there wasn’t much difference sure, but just the kitsune holding his hand to reassure him meant so much to him.

It calmed him down and eased his nerves slightly. “Yeah you’re right we should go now… or else the traffic will make me want to eat someone.” Eun was not a big fan of traffic, much like everyone else. But he often gets aggravated in traffic. Which makes it funny.

They loaded their things inside the trunk and he got inside the driver’s seat, heating up the engine momentarily as he stared at Leigh sitting in the passenger’s seat “Psssh surely they won’t like me better than their own son, that’s ridiculous, but thanks so much for trying to make me feel better baby… it helps.” He was truly appreciative.

If he said they weren’t scary then maybe that was right. He shook his head at Minha who sat at the back obediently “Surely I’m more beloved like a dog… right?” But then again Minha is a sweetheart. It didn’t take long until the car was outside the parking and driving in the main road as they head out of Colarado. “I’m so nervous I feel like I could crash… I’m a good boyfriend, right?”

He laughed softly, Leigh could drive but only when he absolutely had to and he always preferred playing the role of passenger princess where he could so he was glad that Eun awas usually willing to do it. But the dhampir did have some road rage when it came to traffic, he hated being stuck when he wanted to get somewhere “I still remember that time we got stuck on the highway for three hours and I had to make you get out and pace” he teased softly and smile “But the maps app says we should be all good today…don’t worry” he reassured him.

They weren’t bringing too much so it didn’t take too long to load everything into the trunk and get Minha comfortably into her car seat. He got into the seat beside the dhampir and smiled over at him “Well…maybe I’ll win by a little since they raised me but…you have a lot of qualities that draw people in you know…smart…funny…not to mention you’re like…the most handsome guy I’ve ever seen” and yes he was biased but it wasn’t that much of an exaggeration “They’re gonna wonder how the hell I found you and honestly…I’m still not sure…” what did he do to deserve someone so…perfect for him.

Leigh giggled softly “They’re very attached okay, they only get to see Minha maybe once a year and my mom’s a big dog person” they had two of their own at the moment who he was sure would keep the shiba entertained for the duration of their trip, she loved coming in and shaking everything up like the chaotic ball of energy she was. “You are an amazing boyfriend, who drives me everywhere cause he knows how much I hate and who buys me cute little chocolate bars cause they have the characters I like…and who makes me smile so much” he brushed his hand against his “They’re gonna love you, I promise” he was so sure about this that he just felt excited to finally share his favorite people with each other.

“They will…no doubt ask you about your parents though…have you thought about what you wanna say about them…” he questioned in a soft voice.

He whined at the sudden mention of that day, god he could still remember what happened. Leigh literally had to calm him down and help him find his composure again. Whatever trait he had as a professional lawyer went out the window when it comes to the road, Eun hated getting stuck in traffic. “You sure? Have you double checked? Triple checked? No sign of any road hazard?” The dhampir was very meticulous with how he planned his days, and this is included. He wanted to be there on time. Better if early.

He chuckled when Leigh said he was the most handsome guy he has ever met, the kitsune knew how to kindle the fire burning within him so well. All the compliments also stuck to him like a magnet. “You probably prayed on a shooting star” he teased, when he heard from Jae that celestials were actually fallen stars, he had to wonder if wishing on a shooting star was an actual thing.

The dhampir pulled out a small bag filled with all the snacks the kitsune liked and out it on his lap as he started reversing the car out of the driveway and into the road “I got it all stocked for you.” He didn’t know how to answer questions about his parents, because neither of them knew what he had going on and he wasn’t sure how he wanted to break it down to them either. “I… honestly don’t know. What do you think I should say?”

“I’ve checked over and over, there’s not going to be any problems unless someone decides to crash in front of us” and there was nothing they could really do if that happened so there was no point worrying about it. “Besides, we’re only going over to stay at my parents, they’re not going to scold us if we’re late” but he did understand that Eun would want to be on time, he was very specific about that with any event they went to, impressions mattered he would say “No sign of anything and I’ve got a traffic alert turned on” he assured him in a soft voice.

Leigh giggled and covered his cheeks for a moment in embarrassment “To be honest that’s definitely something I’ve done…” he was the type of person who liked to believe in lucky charms and shooting stars were considered lucky so of course he’d make a wish “And when I blow my candles out on my birthday…and on a dandelion” he just kept asking the world to send him someone good who his heart would be safe with. That’s all he wanted, to feel safe to be himself…to feel loved. “But I never imagined…someone so…actually perfect for me” there was no doubt that Eun was insanely handsome.

His eyes lit up when Eun pulled out the bag of snacks, taking it from him he rifled through it excitedly, getting a new sense of excitement every time he spotted something new he liked inside “I know this is mostly a ploy so that I won’t ask you to stop for Starbucks on the way but…thank you” he commented and softened his eyes, being a kitsune, Leigh was always hungry and Eun had learned that really quickly.

Leigh pressed his lips together when Eun asked his advise “You could tell the truth…that you haven’t…told them about all of this yet” it had taken Leigh a while to come out to his parents even knowing they’d be understanding, he couldnt imagine how much harder it was for Eun given his parent’s strict nature.

He gave Leigh a look that said ‘really? Did you have to say that out loud?’ when the kitsune mentioned about how they would not have a problem unless someone was to actually crash in front of them. He tapped him playfully and shook his head “Don’t you know to say such things when we are just about to depart is bad omen?” Eun can be superstitious, unsurprisingly.

“Still… I want to make the best first impression anyone can ever make for their partner’s parents…” The dhampir is a perfectionist who would not take a second best as an option. He was glad Leigh was the passenger because he couldn’t focus properly on the GPS if he was to drive fully. He raised his eyebrow when Leigh admitted he has been blowing on dandelions “Oh? Somehow that doesn’t come off as anything surprising…”

The kitsune had a cute charm to himself and it was clear that the male has always lived an honest life like that. It was a refreshing turn, especially when the elder Moon is often surrounded by people who were two-faced. This was genuine. “It goes both ways baby…” Perfect for Leigh would be perfect for Eun too. “You always ask me to make pit stops and you know I like to go direct route” but how could he say no when his boyfriend is asking? So he decided to prepare beforehand this time.

“How would that even go… what would they think about me? What if they think I’m embarrassed to introduce you to my parents and family? What if they think I’m not serious with you? I don’t… want them to think that.” He panicked slightly and gripped the steering wheel firmly, trying to breathe in and out moderately. “I’m afraid Leigh…”

Leigh gave an apologetic response, he was always good at jinxing situations without meaning to so he decided to say nothing else, no point continuing to tempt fate right? “I know you do” he spoke softly when Eun expressed that he wanted to look good in the eyes of his parents, he understood how differently the Korean-born male was raised, there were a lot of expectations to be a certain way when it came to being a good prospective partner.

“I just…want you to know that they’re not the kind of people who judge…I mean…they know me and all the messy stuff that’s happened in my life and they still love me” and he had been trouble for them for sure. “The only thing you need to really show them is how happy you make me…and that…should be no trouble at all” because he was head over heels and he felt so safe and secure with Eun, he didn’t doubt this…them…for a second and that was so comforting.

Leigh stared at the collection of snacks he was holding and blushed softly “Yeah…mostly it’s because I’m tall and cars…restrict my legs” he mumbled softly “But I’ll be good today, I know you want to get there early” another way of making a good impression. He understood and he wanted to help Eun feel the most comfortable he could be.

Leigh softened his eyes and brushed his hand gently against one of Eun’s on the steering wheel “The fact that you’re nervous and this is so important to you…says so much already about where you stand, they’ll see that in you, I promise” he pressed his lips together “But I don’t think you should lie about where things stand either, you’re nervous enough without needing to think things up on the spot too” he gently stroked his hand with his thumb “We’ll talk to your family in time, we can just tell them it’s better done in person” which wasn’t wrong.

He was stressed, and rightly so. Eun was so used to having all the expectations bearing weight on him but this is like one of the only times he actually wanted to be very good at it. He wanted to make an impression that would put him in Leigh’s parents’ head forever, and in a good way. He wanted to be liked… and perhaps even loved.

“But that’s you Leigh… how could they judge their son… they love you… I am a stranger, they might feel differently. They might even be harder to impress than usual because this is a man for their beloved son… I know I’d do the same if I had a child.” He wasn’t sure if his parents would, or perhaps they would but not the way he wanted them to. It was complicated.

“I’ll speed… carefully” he wasn’t sure how to word it because English was still a second language to him and despite getting better at it over the few months he has spent in Evermore, he wasn’t fully ‘fluent’ yet. He did get reassured when the kitsune told him that this was already a good start since he cares a lot about the outcome before it even started. “Yes… we can say that…”

It wouldn’t be a lie but honestly, Eun could feel his palms getting sweaty because he had a feeling it wouldn’t go well with his own parents. Not because Leigh is a male, more to the fact that he is not abiding by what his father had planned out. “My father is a hard man, Leigh… he has everything planned out for everyone, especially me his firstborn…”

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