Dominic sat in the worn plush recliner, slumped down in a fitful state of sleep if it could even be called that. The last four and half days had been equally the worst and best chaotic hours of his life. 

Seeing Siobhan wake again in his arms after most certainly breaching the afterlife had nearly made him pass out as the mix of adrenaline and relief rushed over his body like the flood of a broken dam. It was a good thing he'd already been on his knees otherwise he would've collapsed with her right then on the spot. Time had slowed enough that he drank in every word she'd whispered to him, his chest having felt like it split open at hearing her voice again. Seeing that familiar soul behind those blue-green hues. The one that somehow looked back at him and thought he'd be worthy of her love.

Then mayhem erupted. Everyone was suddenly sweeping in to check in on Siobhan when all he wanted to do was take her from that room and bring her home. She was slipping in and out of consciousness and it took a lot of coaxing from Billie Mae to relinquish his hold on her to let the diviners check on her vitals and whatever else they needed to do to make sure the affect of Discord was truly gone and done with. 

They hadn't been too sure. 

Two days had gone by and she remained asleep. Her pulse was getting stronger, but she only slumbered. Hardly moving. The others tried to tell him it was good that she rested, but every moment she remained unconscious had only made him more worried that she would never wake again. So as she slept, he stayed awake, pacing about her room, about the hall where they'd put her. Then through the thousands of bookcases before coming back again to her room where she continued to lay in bed with magical swirls of energy rotating around her which monitored a variety of things on her wellbeing. Or so he was told. 

On the third day they said she could come home with him and it had only relieved him slightly. Penelope had decided she would be okay without their spellwork, but to consistently keep an eye on her. As if it were possible to do anything else. Dominic had placed her in his bed and there she remained for the next day with no change as he constantly came in to check on her while texting the others with updates on her condition. 

Now it was the fourth day. Siobhan remained looking peaceful and he had watched the even rise and fall of her chest from the doorway where he leaned against the frame. His body was screaming at him to sleep and so he found himself in the recliner he'd taken from the living room to keep vigil, a cup of old coffee in his hand from early in the morning. Despite what his body wanted, his mind would still not let him pause, so though he was drifting somewhere between asleep and not, something seemed to be tethering him back to consciousness. 

His eyes lifted with great effort and he saw Siobhan sleepily looking to him from the bed as pale afternoon light cascaded over her. She was looking at him. 

Dominic nearly dropped the mug as he moved. Placing the drink down on the floor, he sat on the side of the bed and reached for Siobhan's hand, kissing her fingers, and putting them against his face. He stared quietly for a moment at the familiar eyes he'd missed before speaking, his voice raspy since he hadn't used it in over a day. "Hey, you."

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✧ Never one without the other ✧
Siobhan hadn’t realized where they were in the moments she took that first breath in after visiting what she could assume was the afterlife. All she knew was the arms holding her were strong, warm, and felt like home. Those hazel eyes dark and stormy as she looked up into them she watched the range of emotions -Unbearable pain, shock, relief- ripple through them. Those tears streaking down his face that dripped onto her delicate flesh, the beacon that guided her back into her body. It hurt to speak, she wanted to say more, wanted to tell him so much, there was so much she had to tell him now that she was herself again.

Yet it would have to wait, as the chaos of the room rioted around them. As Siobhan pulled her gaze from Dominic to see what was going on, her eyes rolled back as the pain radiated down her spine, it was overwhelming for the young nephilim. If she had been awake still she would have fought to stay in his arms, with the warmth, with her light. She felt the movements of everyone yet her body wouldn’t allow her to wake up. Penelope came to the conclusion that since Siobhan had lost her wings that her Nephilim abilities had weakened to almost nothing. Making her healing that of a human basically. Yet since the diviners used their magic to help speed up her healing out of the danger zone.

Three days waves of magic washed over her, she was fighting to wake up. Yet her body refused. Finally the magical waves stopped, breathing was easier and the pain had lessened. She knew the diviners were helping but she just wanted to be with him. What helped the most was the moment she was in his bed. His scent caressed her nose, lingering around her under the warmth of the blanket. The comfort of the bed she used to lay in with him, her body relaxed into it. She felt as if she could melt away finally feeling at home once again. Sleeping peacefully for the first time in a long time.

When the warmth of the sun kissed her pale face, she rolled her head to the side. Blinking a few times, before seeing him in her gaze. Her hues scanned his face, he looked like he hadn’t slept in days, and knowing him he didn’t. A faint smile touched the corner of her lips, taking him in. His hair was longer than it had been, his beard more wild, that rugged handsomeness that captivated her all those years ago in the woods when she hurt herself. She wasn’t looking at him through discord’s hateful fog, relief washed over her at that. As he opened his eyes as if he knew she was watching him, had to be the wolf senses.

Feeling his lips on her fingers caused a gentle blush to spread across her cheeks, the pureness of the affection. Her hand cupping his face when he placed it upon his cheek, her eyes bright and full of life once again. This was real, she reminded herself, she was with him. It felt like a dream, one she had held scraps of in her darkest moments with Discord so she wasn’t swallowed whole by it. “Hey, wolfy.” She spoke lowly. She let out a gentle breath before moving slightly to the side. She winced at the throbbing pain as she moved but it was bearable. “Lay with me?” She asked knowing he needed sleep, she was sure she would fall back asleep soon.

Her gaze moved around the room to see what had changed yet what caught her gaze was Pouli setting a top a shelf eyeing the pair, finally the snoring of Weuweu came from the floor beside the bed. She was sure that Dominic had to stop him from climbing in the bed with her several times. She wondered if Kiyaya visited still, if he got his daily fill of bacon. She had missed so much when it came to the animals, they looked so much bigger then she remembered. Her gaze drifted back to Dominic then as she looked deep into his eyes. “I’m so very sorry for everything.” Her gaze moved to the scar that was on the side of his head, just a peak of it from when she attacked him with the pool stick. She had hurt him. It made her stomach roll over, thankful she hadn’t eaten. That guilt gnawing at her brain sending her mind.

The pain she had caused him, led her mind down a miserable memory lane. All she had done in those two years with Discord, for Discord, what Discord had done to her. She swallowed hard as tears filled the corner of her eyes. Did she deserve this peace at that moment? When she had hurt him, and so many others. “I-Discord-I…” she pressed her lips together tightly trying to keep from burying her face in his chest sobbing. How would she express any of what happened to her? How could she tell him that she failed to keep a child they conceived safe? That Discord. Sio looked to the ceiling as the tears rolled down the side of her face in a silent cry.

Dominic moved into the bed, carefully laying beside her as he leaned up against the many pillows beneath his back and placed his head against the headboard. He circled his arm around her, pulling Siobhan against his solid frame as gently as he could. Her scent nearly made him choke in pained relief. No longer twisted with the foulness of Discord, she smelled like wildflowers in the fields near the cabin and the heat of sunshine on a warm spring day. Like the fresh morning air that lifted her wings. She smelled like her. Like home. He let it fill his whole being until it became buried in his bones, a brand on his soul. 

He let his free hand drift to Siobhan's, wrapping his fingers through hers and putting them to his chest. Exhaustion began to take over now that she had finally woken and the fear that she wouldn't had finally quieted a bit. His heavy eyes closed as he let himself sink further into the comfort of the bed with her against him until he felt her shift. Dom's dark brow creased as he saw her pained expression which seemed to be searching for something in his eyes. An apology coming from her lips was the last thing he expected. 

His body turned slightly to face her more and he watched as the tears slid down her face. "Nani." Dominic reached for her chin, taking it between his thumb and forefinger to angle towards him. What he wouldn't give to take that pain away. "You have absolutely nothing to be sorry for. Whatever you did under Discord's control is not your fault. I know that's easier said than believed, but you have to try and remember it wasn't really you behind the wheel." He reached up to brush away the tears with a scarred knuckle. "No one blames you for any of it."

His eyes glanced upward towards the scar that she was clearly remembering giving him. It hadn't fully gone away despite his aggressive therian healing, a pale blemish that would likely never go away. "I'm thankful for it." A sly grin tugged at the corners of his lips when he recalled that memory. "I'm thankful everyday I happened to come back in town from that mission and walked in that shit bar." He raked a hand through the strands of his hair framing his face and rubbed at the mark. "Of all the scars I've gotten over the years, this one I'll never regret seeing." He leaned in and kissed the top of her head, stealing another chance to breathe her in.

Dom found her gaze once he pulled back, a thoughtful expression on his features as he reached for her hand again. "Whatever happened, we don't have to talk about it right now. Or ever, if that's what you want. I'm here to listen if you want to tell me and you can tell me. No matter how bad it may sound." His hues dropped to their entwined fingers. "If you can't talk to me, that's fine too. I'm- I'm not expecting anything. Between us. I know I ended things and believe me, it felt wrong the moment you were gone. We might even be two different people now, I don't know." He looked to Siobhan again, full of vulnerability that he generally didn't show anyone. "I just want you to heal. Whatever happens after, if I'm a part of that or not in any capacity, it's okay either way." 

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