It was about an hour before midnight in Evermore City and Sunmin was wide awake. He’d always been this way, feeling as though night was the time when he was supposed to be awake and doing something. What the something was he couldn’t pinpoint but he was hyper-aware of the face he was alive during these hours. Which made his current living situation tough because there wasn’t really anywhere he could hide to sleep during the day. He’d been sleeping on and off for the past few hours, his head propped on the backpack as he laid out on the church pew but he found himself tossing and turning and before long he couldn’t take anymore.

He got to his feet, slinging the backpack which held everything he owned over his shoulders and headed out into the night, he didn’t really know where he was going, he just wandered. He did this often, ended up exploring different parts of the city, it was a big city and took him a long time to get anywhere but it wasn’t like anyone was waiting on him, nor did they care much for where he went or what he did as long as he stayed away from trouble. Problem, he kinda liked trouble and doing things that were thrilling. He knew it was dumb and probably going to get him in prison someday but he supposed he just didn’t care all that much. Maybe he’d developed a taste for the running.

His eyes turned up to the sky and he smiled as he noted how clear the sky was tonight, most days this week there had been clouds littering the sky and he wasn’t able to view them cleary but it seemed they were back in full force tonight. He pondered it for a moment before spotting an apartment building not too far away and it had a fire escape which he was pretty sure he could reach. Climbing up on one of the park cars he used it to hop up and cling onto the fire escape before climbing each of the stories until the reached the top. He peered into the window and it seemed if anyone was in there they were asleep so he didn’t stop there, he pushed himself up onto the window ledge and used it to push himself up onto the roof.

Once he was up there he smiled to himself, this one of the tallest buildings in the area which meant he got a really good view of the sky from here. He gave a contented sigh as he wandered over to the center of the roof and then laid himself down, head resting against his backpack the same way it had been when he was in the church. Thankfully it hadn’t got really cold in Evermore just yet so he was content laying here in his coat, perhaps he would even be able to sleep if he didn’t hear the sound of a door stirring from below.

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Hana sighed as she flipped through the music in her phone. Lately she'd been feeling a slight strain between her and Ha-joon, and knew that it would get worse before it could possibly get better. So many secrets and lies had piled up, and the two of them were already in disagreement about the deal Hana had made with their parents just for them to live here. After her parents especially her father struck a deal with Hana over a fancy meal for the family, Hana had agreed to marrying a well respected Korean, by age 27. In exchange, her and Ha-joon were given permission to move to and study in America. And while Ha-joon was a dancer, who didn't need no studying. Hana was a college student, where it was crucial that she studied some where better than what Korea had offered up. 

Hana's future meant the world to her. 

Since she only had several months left before her agreement ran up with her parents, Hana wanted to enjoy it. The human got up and began dancing around the house while tidying up. Occasionally, she had to slow it down because of her lungs, which always made her feel defeated when she was doing something as simple as cleaning her house. It always took Hana so much longer than it took average people to do the smallest of things. And, if Ha-joon was around, it took even longer than that. Ha-joon hovered a lot, but she understood why he did. Hana and Ha-joon loved one another to no ends, and their bond was unbreakable, even if things had been a little weighed down for them. 

Hana had been lost at thought when she'd finished the house chores. After working up a sweat, she figured a shower would make her feel better. After gathering her clothes and the things she always took to the bathroom, Hana filled her tub full of hot water and lavender body oil, grabbing the rose petals she'd bought from the herb shop, and tossing a hand full inside. The smell lured her on in after she opened the window to let some air in, and stripped down to nothing. The window didn't allow anyone to look inside, considering how high up her and Ha-joon's apartment was, so she usually liked it open when she bathed. 

Hana nearly cooed at how good the water felt as it worked its way over her tensed muscles and sore limbs, and the smell was heavenly enough to cause her eyes to flutter shut, eventually dozing off. The music playing from her phone had been faint enough to allowher to hear the door, in case Ha-joon came home, so she could call out to him and tell him where she was. But, as the tin roof above her began rumbling underneath someones foot steps or body weight, Hana jolted from the tub, drying herself the best she could, but didn't bother slipping anything on except her floral silk house robe, and fuzzy slippers. 

Hana made her way out into the hallway from their apartment, and walked up the stairway exit, leading to the rooftop. She was more than surprised to see a male sitting there. "What the hell do you think you're doing up here?!" she shouted at him, and placed a hand on her hip, while her foot tapped away at the roof. With her hair still wet, the breeze that currently flew around them, caused the human to shiver, and with that, she began hugging herself, keeping her robe pulled as closely around her as she could. Having it fly open right now  and revealing her nude body to a perfect stranger wasn't exactly the plan. 

She tried to ignore the book bag, and how he seemed to be comfortable laying there looking to the sky, like he had no where else to be. "You do realize you can't just be climbing on peoples roof's right?" she asked, but reluctantly sat down beside him. "What's so fascinating about it anyways?" she questioned, before gazing into the distance. Sure it was a nice view, but there were lots of those around here. Hana glanced at him from the corner of her eye, but tried her best to look back ahead of her, pretending she hadn't been looking at all when he looked over to her. She didn't intend on going anywhere, wet or not, until he spoke. She'd never encountered anyone on their roof like this before, so she was definitely sticking around to see why he was up here. 

It was quiet evening but the chill in the air was evident today, the fall was coming full speed for Evermore city and Sunmin knew winter was only a few months away. Winter was by far the worst season of the year for Sunmin, the chill always meaning he needed to find shelter every night if he didn’t want to freeze to death and the constant threat of getting wet was there too. He was trying to make the most of the milder nights like this one while he still could but even today he could feel it getting colder when the wind blew.

When he heard stirring he was about to get to his feet and make a run for it, he got into a sitting position, ready to grab his backpack and climb down the fire escape before whoever it was could catch him when he heard a female calling out to him in an agitated voice. He was half expecting a middle-aged housewife to be there when he turned around so seeing a young, attractive looking girl was surprising to him. Especially because she was only wearing a robe. He stared for a moment completely dumbfounded by the view that he didn’t really take in what she was yelling at him and that he was probably going to get the cops called on him.

By the time she had come to sit down next to him, he had realized she was still yelling at him about being up on her roof, which was understandable considering this one was particularly frail and he probably could have ended up falling through if he wasn’t light. He glanced over at her noting how close she was not and opened his mouth to speak “I do a lot of things I’m not supposed to do” he admitted softly with a slightly amused smile in her direction “Don’t really fit into society’s rules” he added naturally, she hadn’t immediately threatened him so that was enough to keep him calm knowing she would hear him out.

“Aren’t you cold?” he asked noting the fact she had pulled the robe so tightly around her that it was actually stretching and then he grabbed his bag and opened it, finding the hoodie he had for many years which was way too big for him and would be way too big for her and offered it out to her with an effortless smile. “Don’t catch a cold, they’re no fun” he chuckled knowing he was probably frustrating her by not explaining why he was here. “I like climbing” he explained with a nonchalant shrug “Plus there’s something about the sky tonight, it’s so clear and beautiful” he tilted his head back again to see the stars and smiled, he always felt so whole when he was staring at the sky.

Hana tilted her head, and squinted her eyes for a moment. Yes he was definitely staring at her, and not even listening to what she was saying. "You clearly aren't paying me any mind" she stated as she sat there ranting until he finally spoke. She was half tempted to ring her wet hair out over top of him to bring him back to earth. Hana sighed, with her arms folded, and glancd back over at him, well more so, glared at him when he said he did a lot of things he wasn't supposed to do. "Is that right, roofboy?" she questioned, since she didn't know his name, roofboy would work for now. "So aside from climbing on top of someones roof, what else does the daredevil within come out and play with?" she asked, and while her expression probably remained solid, Hana was a little amused herself, and if she were honest, she too was dumbfounded by his appearance.

Hana narrowed her gaze to the enormous hoddie that he then offered, and for a moment, she had to think on it, but before she knew it, she'd snatched it from him. "I guess it's the least you can do, since you're on my roof. More so, you scared me!" she yelled at him while standing to her feet to slip into the hoodie, that looked more like a dress on her, and sat back down beside him. "It won't bother me much" she lied of course. Someone like Hana with an illness definitely didn't need to catch a cold. And, thanks to the fact that she didn't heal like supernaturals, she was an even bigger target for mundane things like flu's and cold's.

"You avoided my question though. Why are you on my roof?" she asked again, trying a different, much more calm approach, in hopes it would get an answer from him. Hana's features softened though, when he at least answered her question about what was so fascinating up here. She figured she could try it for herself, and laid back as he did, staring up at the sky. Her eyes had brightened, and for the first time ever, she'd found herself completely content. Still, she couldn't help but give him side glances when he wasn't looking at her, only tearing her gaze away each time he'd look back over, pretending she hadn't been looking his way at all.

"It is really pretty" she agreed, but sat back up and faced him "But you still can't just be chilling on peoples roof's to get a nice view" she added, "At least it was mine. I'm not gonna threaten you with the cops if that's what you're waiting for". Hana had been through enough to know that the cops were corrupt, and that they'd likely take someone like him to a dark alley, rough him up, and then throw him behind bars, where he'd not be able to pay and bail himself out. "So, what's your name roofboy?' she asked, giving him the hint of a smirk before shaking her head and forcing herself to look back away from him, immediately scolding herself.

"And seriously. Why are you on my roof. You're not here because of the stars, so spill it!" she then said, the sass returning back to her voice as she realized he'd not even bothered telling why he was on her roof.

She was right, he wasn’t really paying much mind to what she was saying because it was rather distracting that she was only wearing a bathrobe on a breezy rooftop and he swore he recognized her face from somewhere. He was pretty sure it must be the Evermore Halloween party but he had seen so many people that night it was hard to be sure. That had been fun and made him a few bucks which was always good. “I’ve climbed a few cranes” he responded with a nonchalant shrug, he wasn’t going to talk about the fact he stole things too because he got the feeling that might get him into more trouble than he was already in and he really couldn’t be doing with having to flee from this city already. “Skyscrapers take a long time but the view of the city is worth it” but tonight he didn’t have the energy for anything so crazy “Then there’s the old fashioned breaking stuff” he chuckled he supposed he had a lot of frustration to deal with.

He watched the way she stared at the hoodie for a moment before she went to grab it and almost immediately put it on but she scolded him again, he gave a low chuckle, he wasn’t scared but she was good at making him actually listen “If it makes you feel any better I did try to check if anyone was home or awake, the lights were all out” he wasn’t trying to disturb anyone, didn’t really want to see people if he could avoid it so he wouldn’t purposely alert them to his presence. The way the hoodie practically engulfed her made him chuckle softly but at least she wouldn’t be cold, he hated the feeling of being cold, it reminded him of the hard winters where he could barely feel his fingers and toes for days on end. “The cold bothers me, why would anyone want to chill to the bone if they could avoid it” he shivered just thinking about it.

She kept on asking that question and he kept on avoiding it by changing the subject or making slightly sarcastic comments but technically he had already told her why he was here, he wanted to see the sky, he couldn’t sleep and he had no other ill intentions. He glanced over at her a few times wondering what was going through her mind, it seemed she was going to stay here to make sure that he didn’t break anything or try to steal any of her stuff which was fair, he supposed he did look a little shady.

“I mean, technically I can, princess, it’s just not legal” he responded as he shot her a look and shrugged slightly, when she said she wasn’t going to call the cops he grinned “I’m just wondering what your game is here, gonna wait for me to get bored and leave huh? I might end up keeping you up all night” he smirked slightly knowing there was a suggestive undertone to that comment. He got a feeling from the way she talked that she was prim and proper which kinda made her fun to tease. “Sunmin” he answered he question and raised his brows “And yours, princess?” he grinned slightly.

He held his hands up a little when she yelled at him again “I swear I’m here for the sky, there’s nothing much to do for someone like me in Evermore, I make the most of the little things” he nodded slightly “I’m not here to take anything if that’s what you were thinking” though he could have been but he tended to target people who generally seemed to be assholes than just random people.

Hana could see right through him, and used this moment to tease him. "I suppose my attire don't make it easy to concentrate either" she stated, flashing him a playful wink as her legs stretched out in front of her, the robe rolling up towards her thighs, but she had quickly pushed it back down, silently cursing the wind. The human arched a brow at him when he said he'd climbed a few cranes and out of reflex, she gently smacked his shoulder "Trying to get yourself killed?!" she asked over dramatically, crossing her arms as she stared out into the distance, only giving him a side glance "Sorry. Probably not my business.. just, you're either going to wind up hurt bad enough, or have the police called on you, and the police in this city are crooked as can be" she expressed, waving her hands around as she always did when she was trying to make a point. Hana had encountered a few of the corrupt cops in Evermore already, they were a bunch of low life scum bags who targeted and preyed on young girls like Hana herself, at least those she'd met anyways, she was sure there were decent ones around.. just not from her experience. 

Hana blinked a few times however, when she looked at him closely enough, she realized he must have been the one who'd scared her a thousand times at the Halloween event not long ago. Chuckling, she ran a hand through her long black hair, "I know you.. kind of. You had a field day scaring the life out of me at the event" she grinned, finding it amusing that he was now on her rooftop. "Skyscrapers? breaking stuff?" she asked, floored by him in a way that made her heart flutter. Hana definitely got those bad boy vibes off of him, and oddly enough, it made her want to know even more. "Sounds like you have some anger to deal with, no need in breaking things and getting in trouble for it, I know a place you'd love" she nodded, grinning from ear to ear, knowing how much fun she'd had there the first time she had went. 

Hana's doe eyes full of excitement right now, glared right into his, shaking her head, unable to refrain from giggling yet again. "So that made it okay huh? As long as no ones home you can chill on their roof. I don't mind it honestly, it's yours as long as you wanna be on it, but my couch is a lot more comfy" she added, but immediately regretted that comment. "I --" she stuttered, and cursed herself silently, and since it was to late to take it back, she sat there silent for the next several minutes, enjoying the breeze as it slung her hair into a mess. 

Hana snuggled the hoodie, blushing a little as she looked over to him, "I like it.. it keeps me warm" she said with a genuine smile, feeling her skin become consumed by gooseflesh after accidentally leaning against him. "Yeah, I love the cold because it just gives people a reason to cuddle, but other than that, it only offers head colds, and icy roads .. plenty of car crash's... and I don't have a cuddle buddy, so I suppose I kind of hate Winter time now that i think about it" she shrugged, laughing some before locking eyes with him. The way he called her princess, kinda made her want to smack him, but Hana had never been a violent person, it was more so the fact that she found it attractive, which only made her madder. "How many princess's have you met that knows Taekwondo and subak?" she asked, tapping her fingers against the tin of the roof top with a smirk planted on her features as she gazed to the sky above them. 

Hana stood at his next comment, crossing her arms and staring down at him, "I don't think you can keep up on your best day" she stated, and found herself struggling to tear her gaze away, frustration clear in her features. He really pissed her off, and somehow, she kind of liked that. She liked the way he tested her, and made her feel the need to rise to a challenge. "And, what if i'm willing to take you up on that offer? I can do this all night long" she added, and began pacing a little. Hana stopped for a moment though when he finally spoke his name out loud, grinning at him "Nice to meet you Sunny" she started and shrugged "Princess, apparently" she added with a wink, since it's what he had been calling her. She wasn't going to keep him waiting long though, there was something that drove her a little crazy about him, and she had to figure it out. 

Hana sighed, and reseated herself beside of him as he held his hands up in defense to her assumptions "Alright Sunny, Ill take your word for it. You know, ive never actually stargazed before.." she admitted, and averted her gaze back to the sky "but ive always wanted too, I suppose nows just as good a time as any" she stated, before glancing back over to him "It's Hana" she finally said, and gave an eye roll. "But, if it gets to cold, we can see just as easily from inside my apartment, my bedroom has a good view of the sky" she swallowed harshly, realizing what kind of invitation that probably sounded like, but she really did wanna convince him to go inside .. Ha-joon would have probably yelled at her a little, but she could handle it. For some reason, she didn't wanna let this guy next to her out of her sight, at least not yet. "And you asked what my game was? Maybe i'm just playing yours, with my own rules" she stated, and shrugged a little before lying on her back to look back up to the sky. 

"Where did you used to live? Ive never seen you in the city before, you had to come from somewhere" she expressed, smiling happily as the sky finally darkened enough for the stars to make an appearance, and what an appearance they made. Hana found herself in awe of the view, having never seen such a sight before, finding irony in the fact that she'd found something this beautiful just from her roof top "Perhaps you have a point though.. taking pleasure in the small things, this is kind of nice" she pointed out, as her gaze found him once more. "And what did you mean earlier, that there's nothing much to do for 'someone like you'?" she questioned, making a small hand gesture as the last three words rolled off her tongue, arching a brow at him. 

His lips parted in surprise when she hit against his shoulder and he tilted his head out of confusion “Perhaps, though it’s yet to actually happen” he shrugged slightly and gave a wry smile because she barely knew him and yet she was acting like the wanted to protect “Well I know a little about staying out of the way” here one moment, disappeared the next. He didn’t stay in one place very long and he didn’t give law enforcement the time to see his face. “Don’t worry I know how to handle myself” he spoke matter of factly and shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.

He wondered for a moment if maybe he’d brushed some dirt or dust onto his face during the climb because she was staring at him pretty intently for a while and he realized she had actually managed to recognize him from the event the other night which made him laugh “That was one of the best jobs I’ve ever worked, getting paid to make people jump out of their skin? Priceless” he grinned slightly smugly. “But getting in trouble is what makes it so fun” he teased with a twinkle in his eyes “What’s life without a little risk?” boring, that’s what it was. He’d been dealt the worst cards and he still found ways to enjoy himself, perhaps even more so than someone with a silver spoon in their penthouse.

Sunmin shrugged his shoulders “Is something they never know really hurting them?” he didn’t come up here to take anything, if he was going to take something he’d do so from someone who didn’t deserve what they had, he was good at telling who was and wasn’t a good person after all. When she mentioned her couch he frowned for a moment but didn’t say anything about it, he wasn’t sure why she was bothering to be nice to him honestly, most people weren’t and saw nothing but a nuisance.

He glanced at her for a moment when she went on a pretty crazy tale about how she loved the cold and then didn’t love the cold, it was quite the ride to go on but he got the sentiment by the end of it “Wintertime is where you have to be careful not to get wet or be caught without a place to sleep” he spoke softly as he stared out into space “Winter is definitely the worst season” and he had seen people he knew almost freeze to death because they were caught without options in winter. He found it entertaining that she got annoyed by the fact he called her princess which only made him want to do so more “You would be the first, princess” he responded with a smirk back to her, completely unfazed by her threats, if she wanted to attack him she would have by now.

She was stubborn, he would give her that, from the way she pretty much immediately rose to the non-existent challenge he gave her “Not one to back down from a challenge huh?” he raised his brows because he got the feeling from her reactions so far that she was pretty straight-laced. When she called him Sunny in response to his introduction he laughed a little sarcastically “Ironic” he commented because recently he had found out he was quite literally a star, therefore he actually was, sunny. Her introduction made him grin slightly though “Very regal” he commented with a dry chuckle.

“Never?” he asked with raised brows though he didn’t turn his gaze from the sky as he pulled his knees in against his chest, wrapping his arms around then resting his chin atop of his knees “How would you know if you never stargazed, Hana” he chuckled softly and shook his head “If I didn’t know better I’d think you were trying to lure me into your home” he grinned slightly “Letting a guy you think is a thief into your home, very risky is it not?” his tone was sly as he glanced over at her, thinking she was actually crazy for laying down in that flimsy robe atop the roof. “You should get back inside, you’re going to get sick” he warned though his tone was suggesting rather than demanding because it wasn’t his place to tell people what to do.

“Everywhere” he answered her question pretty vaguely because he didn’t really want anyone looking into his past or connecting any dots, he didn’t need reminders of all the places and people left behind “Never really fit in anywhere so I don’t stay for all that long” he was always just searching for the truth about himself, anything to make it all make sense. When she asked him what he meant by someone like himself he shrugged “Someone who never really belongs anywhere I guess” he had no interest in fitting into anyone’s perfect life or standards. He didn’t expect her to understand that considering it seemed like she probably had someone who took good care of her here.

Noting the look on his face, she decided to simmer down a little. She guessed anyone would have qodnered why a complete stranger would wanna protect them, especially after assuming he was a thief. But, Hana had alwas tried her best to pick the good out in a person, even if there was very little. "Oh I imagine you do. And I never implied that you can't handle yourself. I don't know, you just seem like someone worth protecting.. or attempting to protect, plus.. don't us females always do things that you guys never understand?' she asked, as if she needed to justify why she'd even acted that way. But, she always got why it made her look a little crazy.

Hana shook her head when he admitted that the spookfest had been one of the best jobs he'd ever worked, "WEll, you definitely did an amazing job" she said in response, glaring at him long enough to make it known that he had indeed scared the life out of her that night. "It was fun though" she then added, and softened her features a little. Hana had been the golden child from the moment she drew her very first breath, she couldn't imagine going against her parents for any reason at all. So, to be sitting here with Sunmin, hearing him say that getting into trouble is what made things so fun, she couldn't help but arch a brow, a small huff escaping her mouth.

With folded arms, she finally made eye contact with him again "Ive never risked anything, or taken bold chances" she admitted, wondering what the appeal was to risking getting hurt, or getting into trouble. "I suppose not. Ill give you that" she stated, when he asked if something they didn't know, was actually hurting them. She was sure Ha-joon had said that to her before, when she had wanted to attend a party that her parents were dead set on keeping her away from. Hana looked away as he frowned, her gaze catching the blanket of stars above them again, before pulling her own knees in, and hugging them, resting her chin on top, basically sitting the same way he was now. Hana gave an eye roll when he called her princess again. She could see what he was doing, and  she'd be lying to say it wasn't working "

Hana flashed him a playful smirk when he laughed at her introduction. His smile was more than her heart could handle. It simply melted her, but she did her best not to make a scene about it. She knew he'd already caught on to how she'd slipped up and flirted with him already. Hana shook her head when he asked 'never' to her statement about never stargazing before tonight "Nope. Life has always just been so insanely busy that I forgot to try things like this. So I guess I should thank you" she grinned brightly, and gave a side glance, just enough to see that he was looking at her and found confusion in her statement about her bedroom window "Because I sit in it a lot, just to reflect and such. It's pretty comfy, but most of the time my gaze is stuck on the street below, watching people" she admitted, "you'd be surprised what people do right in public view" she chuckled, and shrugged a little. 

Her mouth fell open when he seemingly accused her of luring him into her house, and she tried to play it off as though that was the last idea she had in mind. Especially as reminded her about how she'd assumed he was a thief just moments before. "Risky indeed. Aren't you all about that kinda stuff though? Consider this, me being risky." she chuckled, and nudged him gently. "I maybe thought you were up to no good at first, but I don't now." she admitted, aside from the one thought that remained. He was a guy. And she was sitting here in nothing but a floral print robe, and his hoodie. And, she also had the house to herself.

Hana shook her head no at him when he suggested she go back inside, "I'm good" she stated, giving him a knowing look. She had the feeling he was used to being alone, but that he didn't actually wanna be at times. Hana arched a brow when he answered with the word 'everywhere', sighing to herself. "Well, that tells me a lot" she expressed with a brief glance in his direction. But, as he went on further, she understood better "Fair enough. Are you finding your way around the city pretty well then?" she asked, but she was more so asking if he was gonna stay. "It's hard not fitting in. While i'm sure we have different reasons, ive never felt like ive belonged anywhere either." she frowned a little, but she had always been called a 'goodie two shoes' or 'daddy's girl' by anyone that she tried to get close too. She'd only ever been friends with people just like her, and oddly, she hated people like herself. Hana was different than the majority of people who had been raised by parents that sheltered their children and put them on a pedistool. But, it felt as though no one ever recognized her as different.

Hana laid her cheek against her knee so she could face him properly, even though his attention was caught by the stars "I'm sure there's somewhere you fit in. Somewhere we both fit in, just haven't found it yet.. gives us something to keep looking for though. So at the very least, we'll never be bored" she stated with a genuine smile, and giggled softly before stretching her legs out in front of her, and gaze back to the sky. "It really is a sight to see. Never thought stargazing was something i'd enjoy this much" her eyes held a small twinkle to them, and her face was graced by a permenant smile, or at least that's how it felt. She couldn't recall the last time she felt this way about anything. Work and school was all that mattered, and anything outside of that, was declined by her parents. She hated the fact even more so that she'd made such a deal with them just to be able to move and study in the US.

"So Sunny" she started, grinning playfully at him before she continued "I'm gonna go slip some clothes on, and get some blankets. You can either join me, or wait here" she finished off. If he wouldn't go inside with her, then she'd be stubborn and stay outside with him. She couldnt' deny how much she was enjoying herself. For one, she hadn't really had conversation like this with anyone in ages, and for two, the view above her was just too nice to give up right now. She figured she could eventually convince him that the inside of her apartment was way better than her roof top, but after sitting out here long enough, she definitely saw the appeal. Getting to her feet, Hana decided to walk on to the entrance of the building, but something stopped her, and with that, she stared over her shoulder to him, hoping he'd follow her. He couldn't possibly stay in the cold .. but perhaps he'd help her carry some blankets out at least, because she wanted to make a night of this. And, since she'd admitted to never doing anythig risky before, she figured he could show her a thing or two.

“You don’t say” he responded with a light chuckle when she said she didn’t take risks or bold changes, never would have guessed that one, she definitely struck him as the do as she’s told type and she no doubt had strict parents to go right along with that and make sure that she stayed in line. In some ways, he was lucky he had no family so he could do whatever he chose without someone feeling like they had a say on it. “I never set out to hurt anyone, I just decided to live” in general, he did the things which made him feel most alive and didn’t question it too much. “I see that so often” he commented as he glanced over to her “People who spend their time so wrapped up in their problems and their work that they entirely forget about the little things around them” don’t get him wrong, he spent every moment he could working because he needed the money, which is why he had dressed up as a zombie and scared people all night the other night but it was a means to an end to him and would never be the most important thing to him.

When she spoke about people watching he did laugh though because she was right, people did crazy stuff when they thought nobody was watching “Yeah no kidding, I once watched a guy chase his dog at least three blocks down the road because he was so distracted staring at some girl that he didn’t realize he let go of the leash” he snickered, that had been entirely hilarious to watch from a distance. He raised his brows at her offended look when he suggested she had ill intentions, it was fun to mess with the princess and make it out like she had bad intentions because he was sure she never had one of those in her entire life, except maybe jealousy, she seemed like she might be the competitive type. She got him right back with his own words about risk though which cause him to chuckle in amused fashion “Touche” he responded with a smirk “Well I wasn’t expecting anyone to be up at this stupidly late hour so, guess we were both wrong at first” he pointed back in case she was questioning his intentions, his intention was to be up here alone.

She couldn’t seem to take a hint though, stubbornly saying she was good when he suggested she should go back into the warm “When you’re bedridden with the flu, remember I warned you” he commented bluntly and shrugged slightly, if she wanted to stay then she could, it wasn’t up to him to tell her what she could and couldn’t do and he would never want to do that either. Her sassy response to his answer about where he was from made him bite his lip from amusement, so quick to react, he noticed, guessing she was used to judging people before they judged her, what a sad predicament. “Decently” he responded with a shrug of his shoulders “When there’s no work I usually wander, there’s a lot to see” not the big corporate buildings or shops but the rivers and the hot springs near the mountains and statues made by unknown artists. It really was a fascinating city. “I’m not sure I find it hard” he responded honestly as he looked back at her, he could understand why she might feel like she didn’t belong though, he got the impression she was trying to live to expectations she could never meet “It can be awfully lonely at times though” he offered an insight and shrugged, gaze drifting away.

“Or if not then we’ll just have to accept our lot and stand out” he responded with a low chuckle, perhaps being different wasn’t so bad as long as you were being true to yourself, that was the one thing he refused to compromise, if he didn’t have his identity then he didn’t have anything left to fight for. “You never thought looking out into one of the world’s most beautiful natural phenomena might be enjoyable” it sounded slightly judgmental but he said it a playful tone. Like he brought up before, most people forgot what was right in front of them while they were looking towards some future they were searching for. “Sometimes it’s nice to just sit and do nothing for a while” he commented and shrugged, he could do a lot of nothing on certain days and still be content, but then he also needed to remember that time was a skewed concept to him considering he hadn’t aged a day since he woke in the hospital 21 years ago.

He could tell she wanted to go inside but also didn’t want to leave him alone here, while the warmth of a home was tempting he didn’t move from the spot he was sitting, maybe he was stubborn in his ways at times but he came up here to watch the stars and he didn’t intend on leaving them. “Only to help you carry them” he spoke begrudgingly, if she was going to stay out here with him he’d rather he wasn’t the cause of her getting pneumonia. Slowly he pushed himself to his feet and hovered behind her as she wandered through the halls of her home. He didn’t really look around all that much, never really been a nosy person, he was very good at keeping to himself. He hovered in the doorway when she headed into what he assumed would be her room “What do you do?” they had a nice place here so he assumed something that paid well.

Hana grimaced, and gave him an eye roll when he responded with a snarky comment "What's that supposed to mean Sunny?" she asked, raising a brow, and giving him a serious glare when he responded saying 'you don't say'. She was unable to hold her gaze however, and began giggling. It boiled her blood. When she was making an attempt to make a point, it didn't do her well to start grinning or laughing, but for whatever reason, she couldn't be serious like that around him. He had somehow planted a permenant smile on her face. When he said he never had set out to hurt anyone, but instead, chose to live his life, the human sighed and looked back up to the stars. "I wouldn't know" she frowned, implying how she'd never really gotten to live her life. "At this point, Ill have to be taught how to live and have fun" she added, and shook her head, silently cursing her father for it. Hana continued gazing up to the sky, but listened intently, and wondered if maybe her life would be a lot less stressful, if she'd worry less about school and the things her parents expected of her. 

"You make a lot of good points. But i still find myself wondering how. A lot of it is a lot easier said than done, right?" she asked, figuring he hadn't just woken up one day, deciding he was going to live in such a weightless carefree manner like he currently was. She assumed he'd lived a much different life than that before, but she could have been assuming wrong, so she didn't say as much out loud. "Though ill admit, it's pretty sad that some people literally have never taken one moment to enjoy the little things around them" it's not like Hana was one of those people, but rarely would you find her doing anything outside of college work, or working in general. She'd been so focused on protecting Ha-joon also, that she laid fun and living to the side. And for a long time, it didn't matter. Nothing but her brother mattered. It was only now, as Ha-joon grew and became more independent, needing her less and less, that she'd found out how lonely she ultimately made her life. 

Hana had been staring up at the stars, when he'd told her a funny story about a guy being so distracted by a female, that he had lost his dog, and chased it nearly three blocks, finding herself laughing hysterically at the visual she got from that. "God. I would have paid to see that!" she expressed in a hype tone of voice. Truth was, she hadn't really even taken much time to laugh lately, so it was nice for the split second that she allowed herself to. Hana finally averted her gaze to look over at him, flashing a playful, yet flirty wink in his direction when he responded with the word 'touche', giving him a simple nod. When he commented about how they'd both been wrong at first, because he didn't think anyone was up at this time, she found an opportunity to use his own words again, "touche" she grinned playfully, and bit her lower lip. Whatever was going on here, she was enjoying it, though she couldn't lie, every nerve ending within her was on fire, and a voice continued nagging at her about the dangerous side of him. He took risks and chances far beyond anything Hana had ever even thought of doing, and he truly was what her father would call a bad boy.

"Man, if my father could see me right now" she laughed absent minded. She of course wouldn't tell him why she had just blurted that out. But in a way, feeling like she was defying him (her father) was rather thrilling. Hana tapped a finger against the side of her head when he told her to remember he had warned her, because she simply refused to go inside. "No worries. Ive got a mental note kept right here" she stated playfully, and lowered her hand, tensing up a little as she acidentally brushed her hand against his. Hana noted the expression on his face however, and he'd apparently done a good job at reading her for who she really was. But, she definitely had a sassy side to her, and it was true that she'd been use to judging people before they judged her, which seemingly stemmed from how sophisticated she typically was. 

"Good" she responded back simply when he said he was finding his way around decently. "It's a huge city, but once you've walked around it enough, it gets easier" she nodded, and smiled as he said there was a lot to see. "Ive yet to see so much here still" she started, and gazed out into the distance "I like going to places that have a serene setting. There's thisb really great place in the forest, with those really wild looking tree's, they're hooked at the end, kind of like they're meant to be seats.. you should see them sometime soon" she stated, and gave him a look that spoke louder, because while she didn't ask him to go out there with her, she definitely implied that they should go together someday. 

"Well maybe not for you. I had a real jerk of a father though, and even though he's miles and miles away from me, he's still totally on control of my life" she groaned, and hugged her legs again before laying her head down on top of her knees, huffing as she thought about how ridicilous it sounded that she was letting her father control her. "And no kidding" she added, looking back over to him, smiling a little. "Being lonely makes people go insane" she added, chuckling lightly. She had pondered the thought of getting herself a puppy just for the sake of having something / someone around. 

Hana shook her head laughing. Yeah he did sound a little judgemental at first, but the playful hint in his tone, made her cheeks brighten to a rosy red as she blushed "I suppose not Sunny love" she started with a crooked grin gracing her features "but I now see what ive been missing out on, so I don't guess this was such a bad thing" she added, referring to how he'd came to her rooftop. "Another thing we agree on. I take my days too, where I don't do much of anything. But, they come rarely" she admitted, and chuckled lightly. Hana smirked over her shoulder as she realized he was following her, and commented that it was only to help her carry blankets. As they reach her room, she gazed to the door way where he hovered at "Well, my brother was the one bringing all the income in for the longest, but I now worktoo. I work at the INN where the spookfest was held" she stated, and grabbed some blankets, before gazing around to see if there was anything else she could grab. 

"Do you like music?" she questioned curiously and shoved her phone, which probably held more songs on it than she'd ever be able to listen to, and carried the blankets over to hand to him. As she stopped in front of him, she couldn't help but gaze for a moment longer than she had intended to. He definitely was something worth staring at. She had already gotten herself choked up because of him several times tonight though, and looking at him any longer would have been weird, so with that, she cleared her throat, and held the blankets out "hot chocolate sounds like an idea too" she then said but waited to make sure he even liked it before she went through the process of fixing two cups of it. "any tattoo's?" she asked curiously, "and do you need this back?" she added, wondering if he was cold, since she was still wearing his hoodie. "I can put something warmer on, if you need it. But it is awfully comfortable, and it smells good" she grinned, her doe eyes full of wander. It was nice to think about things she never had before. 

She had some more questions she was curious about, but since she had decided to stick by him tonight on the roof, she'd save them for when they got back to the stars. "If you change your mind and decide it's warmer inside, It's really not a problem, but i'm cool with going back out. I was enjoying that" she finished off, and swayed in place to the music playing in the background. There was never a moment that Hana's room wasn't blaring either a song, or something from NEtflix. 

“No, nothing is a simple as waking up one day and everything has changed” that would be far too easy and convenient, no it was more of a struggle to push yourself in the direction you wanted to go day by day, some days were good, some days were bad but with enough determination you eventually saw how much you had managed to move. “It is sad, yes” he responded thoughtfully as he considered all the people out there so focused on getting to their next goal they didn’t realize what they were throwing away to get there. She had a really nice laugh, he had decided when he heard her response to his story about people watching, it was a shame her usual laugh was a dry sarcastic one that didn’t suit her nearly as much as this one “That dog saw his opportunity and wasn’t slowing down for anyone” he commented a laughed softly thinking about how it had stopped to check out other dogs and even chased a cat down the road in the mania, he was pretty sure if he ever got a place of his own and the means to care for one he’d want a dog, they seemed like really great companions.

He raised his brows when she made a comment about her father and then titled his head to the side wondering if that was supposed to be a dig of some kind but he decided to shrug it off, simply shuffling his position so he could sit more comfortably while also keeping her in eyeline because it seemed rude to just stare up at the sky and not pay her any mind. He rolled his eyes when she said she had made a mental note of his warning not to get herself a cold in this weather but he was pretty surprised when he felt her hand brush against his and he turned his head to look down at his hand and then up to her, he bit his bottom lip slightly but said nothing. “Me too” he answered softly when she talked about liking to go to quiet places “Anywhere where people aren’t, it where I will be found” he commented thoughtfully, he just preferred peace and quiet and not having to handle unexpected comments or jeers. “I do like tree climbing” he commented with a sly smile when she mentioned trees that had conjoined themselves “Or any kind of climbing really” he added with a laugh “You won’t find so many people on a roof when compared with the street” which is why if he wanted to be alone he’d climb up high somewhere and just settle himself.

He could tell she was saddened by her father and the choices he had seemingly made on her behalf from her tone but also the way she curled herself up in a ball which was a sure sign of someone feeling distressed “Would it be rude of me to ask why he gets to control your life?” he asked it softly, he’d never really grown up in Korean culture so he didn’t have a full understanding of how their expectations were. Honestly, as a Celestial, he was kinda exempt to those kinds of things because he didn’t have any family to disappoint, no parents at least. “Sometimes I would go into McDonalds and order from the desk rather than using the screens, just to have a small conversation with someone” he commented something quite vulnerable because she seemed to be sharing those kinds of things with him and that was information he didn’t mind disclosing.

He chuckled under his breath because it seemed he had managed to win her over when it came to this whole climbing trip he decided to make today, honestly, he hadn’t been expecting to meet anyone tonight and normally he would have already moved on after he did but he didn’t mind being around her, she seemed a little lost in the world much like he felt so they were on the same wavelength and he didn’t mind talking for a while “I’ll take that as a compliment” he commented with a slightly cheeky grin, eyes moving from the sky towards her for a moment “They’re the days you look forward to most though right?” he chuckled softly, to him, there was nothing better than a day you just had free to make any and every decision you wanted to, it was truly freeing when you were completely in control of your time. “Damn, doesn’t that freak you out a little?” he chuckled softly, he’d heard so many people gossiping at the party about the place potentially being haunted.

“Everyone likes music don’t they?” he asked almost rhetorically because he found it hard to believe there would be people in the world that had a dislike for every kind of music, that seemed completely bizarre to him. “I listen to whatever I can, radios at cafes, live performers on the streets and likes” it was fun, watching people perform and seeing the passion behind their eyes as they shared something they truly loved with the world. He could even sing a little though that wasn’t something he was about to share. He took the blankets she offered out to him and nodded slightly catching her gaze for just long enough to look into those expressive hues that seemed to find his so often tonight. “Oh no that’s okay, blankets make up for the cold just fine” besides she seemed to have taken a liking to it anyway, he padded back through the kitchen area and through towards where they had come in with a slightly lost expression on his face.

He listened to the music she was playing and smiled as he headed back the way they came and set out the blankets against the roof, leaving a couple for her to wrap herself up in and then sitting down in them and wrapping the other two around him and coc***ing himself in it, he looked pretty cozy, staring up at the stars by the time she would follow him back out here, though his ears felt a little cold because that was the only place the blanket couldn’t really cover.

The human bit her lower lip as she stared out into the distance, thinking about the things he said. Even if he had come off a little shady, and kind of sketchy, he knew how to carry on a decent conversation. And, Hana being the brainiac she'd become because of college, she loved nothing more than simply carrying on an intelligent, or at least a meaningful conversation. She was exceptionally a sucker for deep conversations. She noted the way he smiled when she gave a genuine laugh, and couldn't help but light up a little . She was sure by now her cheeks had turned a fire engine red. Whatever effect he had on her, was certainly changing the typically snobby, sophisticated, goodie two shoes that she was. People steered clear of Hana, and normally she liked it that way, but right now she kind of enjoyed Sunmin's company, and didn't want to end this night before she could get to know him a little, even if he left and she never saw him again.

Though the thought of never seeing him again tugged her a little harder than it should've. He too had a nice laugh, and a smile that could light up a million dark alley ways. "Animals are a lot more intelligent than they're given credit for. But still" she reach up to rub her jaws. She'd laughed hard enough to make them sore, which she wasn't familiar with at all. She didn't realize such simple things could completely change her mood. The way he raised his brows at the comment about her father, made her feel the need to explain, otherwise she just felt plain rude for saying it in the first place "Sorry. My father was just a really complicated, strict man is all.. sitting here doing something this harmless would strike him as me being rebellious" she grimaced once more, but shrugged it off after that, because who wanted to hear a girl complain about her douche bag father? She didn't have many good things to say about him.

She was sure that just the mere accidental brush against his hand had knocked the wind right out of her, she noted the way he looked at his hand afterwards, before looking back at her again, which seemingly changed the way her heart beat, because it was now racing. She did well to manage whatever emotions she felt though, because she acted as if nothing was happening, while on the inside she was a complete mess for whatever reason. "So if I wanna find you after this.. I should check the library or something?" she asked playfully, grinning cheekily to his response about being found only in laces that were quiet "I would imagine that the quietness gets a little to quiet sometimes" she added in her opinion. No one ever truly loved to be completely isolated. At least she thought that, perhaps some did. Hana's eyes widened at the mention of tree climbin "More danger I see" she shook her head, but it did actually sound fun.  "I mean I wouldn't be so against a little bit of danger I guess" she shrugged and glanced to him with a smirk gracing her features.

When he asked about her father contorling her life, Hana sighed, and looked at him for a moment, thinking about whether she'd answer truthfully or not. It wasn't that Hana had ever had a problem with telling the truth, it was that her truth was a sad truth. "I'm the oldest of two, and basically I'm the golden child if you know what that means.. never thought that after all the things I did to satisfy them though, that my life would come to one final decision made by my father.. I wanted my brother and I to have an actual shot at a future, and where we lived, there wouldn't have been much for us there, so I made a deal with him to move and study in the US.. It kind of feels like Ive sold my soul to the devil, My father isn't a man you don't pay your debts to" she frowned, even more so when he said he'd went into Mcdonalds at one point to order from the desk, simply to have a conversation with someone.But, she was happy that he felt comfortable enough to share that detail with her. Hana grinned when he said he'd take her comment as a compliment "You should. It's been a while since ive enjoyed someones company this much"

She couldn't deny that there was a tiny spark here, even if she was the only one feeling it. But, something was keeping him around, and she could only hope her presence was that very thing. She wasn't one to fall head over hills .. it was a risk she'd never been allowed to take, and she was meant to marry the perfect guy. But, no matter how perfectly imperfect he seemed, she kinda wondered what it would be like to go against everything she had promised her father, and take a chance on something a little risky.. something a little daring, it made her gaze avert to Sunmin, while she swallowed a little harshly as those thoughts began racing through her mind so intensely that she'd fallen off track mid way through their conversation.

Hana shrugged when he asked if her job freaked her out "I thought it was amazing at first.. even with the small fears I have about ghosts and such.. but I mean, aren't ghosts a pretty funny thing to be scared of in a world full of so many other creatures?" she asked, smiling faintly. Her smile grew a little brighter when he mentioned watching people performing on the streets "I love watching dancers.. especially freestylers on the street, they truly put their heart into it..Ive saw that spark with my brother when he dances.. it's endearing"

Hana nodded when he said the blankets would help with the cold just fine "Your loss" she grinned playfully, and arched a brow at the expression on his face after he treaded back through the kitchen. She couldn't help but wonder why he seemingly felt lost just then, but either way, she had let him go on out, figuring he'd fix the blankets, while typical Hana ran to her room .. and almost in a sneaking manner, to pull his hoodie off, dress in something cute but warm, fix her hair, and run back up to meet him on the roof. She knew he would see the change of clothes, and how she had fixed her hair differently, but she would risk having him mock her for trying to be cute for him. Besides, now that she was back out ere, she could see how comfortable he looked, and she couldn't lie, it made her happy that he had decided her company was good enough to stick around for. Anyone else caught on a roof, the way he had been, likely would have left the moment they were caught. It was pretty crazy how this whole thing had happened, and especially how Hana didn't wanna see him leave, but she wouldn't dare say it out loud.

With his hoodieswooped over her arm, Hana walked up behind him, and placed just the hoodie part over his head, "Figured your ears were freezing" she stated, smiling as she stepped around to get bundled up with the covers herself. Hana was now sporting pajama's fuzzy enough to keep the both of them warm if she were to lay against him. That tought alone made her smirk, but she ended up sitting next to him and grabbing his cover, draping it over her shoulers before pulling another up past her legs. "I won't bite" she teased and began flipping through different songs until one appealed to her. It was old, but one she'd never not love, and one she would likely sit here and openly sing to. (x) "Sorry, it's sappy. But Daughtry is an artist I can never grow tired of. Ive heard a lot of music since coming to America" she giggled cutely, and hummed softly.

Hana sighed happily as her gaze averted back to the stars. She felt so weightless right now, and that was a feeling that someone like her just wanted to wallow in and get lost in it. "So, do you like the holidays?" she asked, and scooted a little closer so that only their arms were touching. But, one known fact.. body heat generated better than actual heat, and sh didn't mind warming herself against Sunmin at all. She couldn't help but wonder about things that weren't her business at all, she glanced at him from the corner of her eye, wondering if she should even speak on the thoughts that had no right being in her head. "I'm guessing you don't have a significant other?" she asked, the only way she really knew how to mouth those words without sounding too rude, even if she felt rude regardless now. Hana found herself blushing at her curiosity, that seemed more like a hint of some kind, and decided to settle back into the covers, yawning slightly as she glanced back to the stars.

"If my questions are ever too pressing, you can tell me. I'm curious by nature. Plus, getting to know you is kind of growing on me a little" she admitted, still staring up at the stars, all nestled into the covers, seemingly even closer to him now. "What's your biggest weakness Sunny?" she asked, averting her gaze to him once more, and positioning herself so that she laid on her side with her face propped on the palm of her hand, with her elbow rested onto the covers to support the weight of her head. "Mine is sadly that i'm stubborn, and I take on too much. I  have an illness that I try to hide from the world, but then when I take on to much, it shows.. and then there's my need to always be right" she chuckled. Hana hated that she'd been born with an illness though, and that it had never gotten better, and had only progressed over the years, to the point that she was sure her lungs couldn't take much more. She'd likely need surgery in the future, and she wasn't sure how serious it was. With stubbornness came the fact that she refused to go to the dr's appointments her father had made sure to keep up with. She got a call from him every two weeks with concerns about why she'd not been back.

Reaching her phone over to him, she smiled faintly "Theres tons downloaded, but you can also use youtube for songs that might not be in my downloads. Feel free to be the DJ" she grinned playfully and laid her head back.

He nodded when she said that animals were more intelligent than most gave them credit for, he could see that, they were also much sweeter than most humans were, all a dog wanted was security, warmth and love, in return they were wonderful companions and if his situation was better he would definitely want one “People don’t deserve animals” he commented softly and nodded a few times. Hearing her talk about her father he grimaced a little “Sounds like he doesn’t live all that much” he commented bluntly because if he saw something like the joy of seeing the stars as reckless he probably didn’t have any room in his life for joy. He gave her a pointed look when she said she could find him at a library “Perhaps, though people only find me if I want them to” he was very good at staying off the grid when it was necessary. “You call it danger, I call it living princess, maybe you should try it sometime” it might have sounded harsh but his tone was clearly teasing her because of the way she had said she was boring before, though he didn’t actually get the sense she was boring at all.

He remained quiet, his eyes attentive as she spoke about her upbringing and then he pressed his lips together “So you traded a little freedom for a lifetime without it after” he commented deducing from the whole deal with the devil thing that she was going to get herself trapped into something she couldn’t get out of “What would happen if you didn’t?” someone had to ask the question floating around, he wasn’t sure how this whole family thing worked really because he didn’t have any, or he supposed he did but he’d been avoiding Hanseol since he found out they were related. As she talked about working at the haunted inn he chuckled softly, but he went quiet when she mentioned many other creatures, because that definitely seemed like she knew about the supernatural which made him curious to know more “True, the real world is scary enough, ghosts don’t really compare” he went quiet wondering if he should ask her more before he spoke again, keeping it vague in case he had misunderstood “I found out recently that the world might be bigger than I thought it would be and I guess I’m having a hard time adjusting” he admitted as he glanced over at her, wondering if she would catch on to what he meant or not.

“Oh, me too, everyone always seems so talented and there is something about the energy you get from seeing a live performance which just stays with you” he’d never really had the luxury of being able to perform himself but from the look on people’s faces, it was a very enjoyable and freeing thing to do. He laughed when she said ‘your loss’ when he said she could keep the hoodie and naturally quipped back “Your gain” he chuckled softly as he headed back outside, it was a peaceful night even though it was cold, there were a few people around but for the most part, it was quiet. He was surprised when he felt the hoodie as it was hooked over his head but he didn’t complain and pulled it close around his shoulders “That’s why buying a hoodie was my top priority for the winter, no one wants cold ears” he joked with a shrug as he glanced over to her, noting she had changed clothes to something much warmer, she looked cute, with the fuzzy pajamas, the kind of soft-looking material you just wanted to reach out and touch because it looked so soft. He inadvertently scooted a little closer to her when she said she didn’t bite so he could lean his shoulder against hers while they talked, it was more contact than he was used to but it didn’t feel all that weird. Maybe she was just a comfortable person to be around, he was still here after all.

And she had a nice, soothing voice, he thought as he listened to her singing softly to the music, he didn’t recognize the song but it was the kind that he liked, he imagined it being sung by someone on the corner of the town square with an acoustic guitar “I can’t complain about music” he grinned slightly “You’re a good singer” he commented directly and nodded slightly. When she asked him if he liked the holidays he shrugged slightly “I like the ideas of the holidays but I’m not a fan of the cold” he admitted with a laugh, besides it was mostly for people who had lots of people to spend it with and that wasn’t the case for him. Though it was usually the one time of the year he would give in and go to the shelter so that he was surrounded by other people for a few days. “Do you?” he returned the question because it seemed like she probably did. He scoffed when she asked him if he had a significant other and shook his head “I’m not even in the position to look after myself, let alone someone else” she asked a lot of questions but he didn’t mind because it meant he could distract himself for a while and just enjoy talking, she hadn’t tried to pry too much into his past yet so he was content.

“I don’t mind, most people tend to see me and be on their way, I guess I’m not used to someone wanting to know things about me” he commented a little bluntly as he glanced over at her and gave a soft genuine smile, not something he gave often but he didn’t hate her company and she seemed interesting, a little lost in the world he would admit but wasn’t everyone? When she asked his weakness he went quiet as he thought about it, listening to her talk about her own first and softening his eyes a little when she said she had an illness “Well I don’t think it makes you weak that you want to live your life in spite of the illness” he spoke softly “But you should be careful too” he added not wanting to advise her to push herself too hard when he didn’t even know her struggles. Well she’d given him quite an vulnerable admission so his answer needed to be good “I’m paranoid…” he responded about his weakness “Every time something good comes along I tend to sabotage it because it seems too good to be true” he spoke softly staring out into the distance, he had done that so many times he couldn’t even count it and he knew he would do it again “So I usually end up returning back to just me” and he was sure there were people out there he’d let down because of it.

He looked down at the phone she passed him as he looked through the list of music she had and widened his eyes a little “It’s amazing how much you can have right at your fingertips” he spoke softly as he scrolled through and picked out a random song from the list which sounded nice.


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