It was about an hour before midnight in Evermore City and Sunmin was wide awake. He’d always been this way, feeling as though night was the time when he was supposed to be awake and doing something. What the something was he couldn’t pinpoint but he was hyper-aware of the face he was alive during these hours. Which made his current living situation tough because there wasn’t really anywhere he could hide to sleep during the day. He’d been sleeping on and off for the past few hours, his head propped on the backpack as he laid out on the church pew but he found himself tossing and turning and before long he couldn’t take anymore.

He got to his feet, slinging the backpack which held everything he owned over his shoulders and headed out into the night, he didn’t really know where he was going, he just wandered. He did this often, ended up exploring different parts of the city, it was a big city and took him a long time to get anywhere but it wasn’t like anyone was waiting on him, nor did they care much for where he went or what he did as long as he stayed away from trouble. Problem, he kinda liked trouble and doing things that were thrilling. He knew it was dumb and probably going to get him in prison someday but he supposed he just didn’t care all that much. Maybe he’d developed a taste for the running.

His eyes turned up to the sky and he smiled as he noted how clear the sky was tonight, most days this week there had been clouds littering the sky and he wasn’t able to view them cleary but it seemed they were back in full force tonight. He pondered it for a moment before spotting an apartment building not too far away and it had a fire escape which he was pretty sure he could reach. Climbing up on one of the park cars he used it to hop up and cling onto the fire escape before climbing each of the stories until the reached the top. He peered into the window and it seemed if anyone was in there they were asleep so he didn’t stop there, he pushed himself up onto the window ledge and used it to push himself up onto the roof.

Once he was up there he smiled to himself, this one of the tallest buildings in the area which meant he got a really good view of the sky from here. He gave a contented sigh as he wandered over to the center of the roof and then laid himself down, head resting against his backpack the same way it had been when he was in the church. Thankfully it hadn’t got really cold in Evermore just yet so he was content laying here in his coat, perhaps he would even be able to sleep if he didn’t hear the sound of a door stirring from below.

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The human merely huffed, but gave a simple nod when he pretty much nailed it "Yeah he really doesn't. It's sad, and he's one of the ones that make people share in his misery" she admitted, referring to her father, but quickly pulled out of that train of thought unable to contain the eye roll she offered him in response to him calling her princess again. But, maybe he was right. She hadn't lived at all, and if he knew a proper way for her to start, then by all means. "So you'll show me then? Because you seem to have it figured out" she added, smirking teasingly. Someone like him could without a doubt teach her how to live her life on the edge of things and take risks, but she was terrified of straying away from being 'daddy's good girl' it's all she had ever known.

Hana arched a brow, but found herself smiling at his curiosity. It was nice to even have someone willing to ask these questions. She had almost convinced herself how alone she was in all of this until she met Eun, who'd pretty much been brought up the same exact way as her. "If I don't do what I promised, he'll make sure I never live happily ever after. I'll face the fury of a mad man" she pouted, crossing her arms like a true child would. "He's so set in his ways! I can't breathe around that man" she continued venting, "maybe I should defy him, and live with the consequcnes of him going out of his way to make life a little unbearable" she added, and sighed, blushing a little as she gazed over to Sunmin, who probably thought she was overreacting now, giggling a little.

Hana certainly found herself curious with his comment about the wolrd being bigger than he thought it was, frowning a little "So that means you're.." she wasn't sure how to even ask, because she didn't want to pry, and she didn't wanna finish that question in case she had misunderstood it. So, after clearing her throat, the human looked back up at the stars, and looked back to him again "You seem to like the stars a lot" she added, faintly smiling, wondering if that meant something to him. She'd heard plenty of stories about Celestials, how they had literally fallen from the sky as stars, or glowing beings, which made her glance at him one more time from the side of her eye. "I know we've not known each other long, but ive vented to you and burrdened you, feel free to do the same. I can be a good listener sometimes" she grinned playfully, but she did want him to share, if he wanted to. It was only fair after all.

Hana scrunched her nose and shook her head at him, amused as he quipped, telling her it was her gain "We shall see" she nodded, perhaps giving a double statement with saying that. She wasn't sure what it was yet, but she did wanna keep him around. She wasn't ready to see him go anytime soon, and when he did, she was sure she would wanna see him again. Even with all of his bad boy glory, Hana liked him already. She just couldn't admit it, and mostly because the nagging voice of her father was in the back of her head, letting her know he didn't approve. She felt like cursing him, but that would have made her sound crazy, since her father wasn't actually saying anything right now.

Hana could only grin as if she'd won something when he scooted closer and leaned against her. She figured he wouldn't scoot any closer, so when he did it surprised her, and made her happy all the same. He was someone comfortable to be around too, no matter how risky of a guy he was. "I usually have a closet full of hoodies myself, but I left a lot of my stuff in the dorm I was staying in for college. I need to go get my stuff, I don't have long left" she said happily. It was the one thing her parents had pushed her towards that she was proud of she guessed. Hana looked over to him as he commented on her singing, she wondered if it was something she could have pursued but she hadn't so far, and everything had been about fashion or helping troubled teens, so she had to chose between one or the other, which meant singing didn't fit in her schedule. "Thank you, my brother thinks so too. But, ive pushed myself in two different directions, so I guess singing will only ever be something I do for fun" she shrugged. It was nice to have someone notice her the way he had so far, because outside of Ha-joon, no one ever had. Sure she had many in line for the day she got married, but she didn't care about any of them, and she had never connected to none the way she felt she was connecting to Sunmin. Hell, she hadn't even had a proper conversation with anyone else.

Hana sighed when he returned the question. She wasn't even sure how she felt about the holidays "Well, I like the idea of having someone special to spend it with. But, I don't have anyone special to spend it with, so I suppose that's a bit contridicting right?" she asked, laughing, before eyeing him as he scoffed at her question. The answer seemed to thrill her,except for the part where he said he couldn't take care of himself, because that also answered other questions she wouldn't directly ask him. She didn't wanna seem to over the top with someone she didn't know that well, but something about Sunmin thrilled her in general, and she had the feeling that it was the fact that he was much different than anyone her father would have wanted her with. "That's fair.. although, no matter what your situation is, you seem to get by" she smiled sheepishly, and nudged against him just enough to be playful about it, but she'd done it so lightly he may have not even felt it.

She was still really hesitant, though her guard was slowly crumbling with him, when that wasn't the plan at all. The human couldn't help but frown when he said most people would just see him and be on their way. "That's a sad thing to hear you say. You're a pretty interesting guy, they don't know what their missing. Lucky me" she poked her tongue out playfully and glanced out into the distance. The wind blowing slightly, made it a little colder outside, but she didn't mind the cold now, she really hadn't even been paying it no mind until that breeze surrounded them. Hana closed in whatever distance they'd had between them, which was barely anything since their shoulders were already touching, but she was much warmer when she sat completely against him, and figured her pajamas would warm him up a little too.

His answer had stunned her slightly, but then again, it made sense, she could just feel that with him the moment he said it, and while it was sad, she'd hoped that maybe she wouldn't be the next thing he'd sabotage. "Well, I think maybe that's because people never stick around... perhaps if someone showed you something different, you'd react to something good, in a different way. The moment something good comes along, we all tend to tense up.. even me, but sometimes we have to let it in no matter how scary it is" she shrugged, and she was maybe just speaking on her own experiences and the way she handled that kind of situation, or hell, maybe she was dropping hints without meaning to. "I hope one day you can experience the good life offers though without sabotaging it" she added, and gave a faint smile. She knew it must have been hard to live that way.. and it was a sad thing to know with someone like him. Beyond him seeming sketchy, she was genuinely enjoying his company, and couldn't help but feel for him a little.

When he finished off with saying he usually returned back to just him, she sighed softly, and for the longest, she just sat there, letting the music play in the background. Hana chucjled when he said it was amazing how much you could have just at your finger tips "I have an mp3 player ill load for you, you can keep it a while" she smiled softly. She figured it would help him get through his days a little if he had something he could keep with him. "So, any talents or hobbies?" she asked curiously, while pulling the covers a little closer around the two of them Typically being under the same cover with a guy would have made her feel weird, but not tonight. Hana was genuinely enjoying her time, so nothing about this felt awkward. She guessed life really had it's way of bringing people together.

"And thanks, for what you said earlier. Being sick has had a lot of downfalls, but you're right. I'm sure I can live life as long as i'm careful, ive just had a lot of people pity me for it, and I hate that more than anything.. if it's not pity, it's them assuming i'm not capable of being normal" she sighed softly. Ha-joon constantly worried, and every time she tried getting a job to save while she was in college the people she worked around didn't allow her to do anything without freaking out, assuming she'd fall over dead.

Hana glanced over to him as she finally rolled over on her side, with only her head sticking out of the covers at this point "So, you said earlier i'd only find you if you wanted to be found. Does that mean you're gonna make it difficult?" she asked, glaring a little, because she swallowed her pride to ask such a question.

He gave a low chuckle when she questioned whether he would show her how to live her life “Hey I never said I was good at it either, though just sitting and letting the little things matter is a good start” he nodded slightly, Sunmin never really let anything hold him back from enjoying things. When she went on a little rant about her father he softened his expression slightly because it was evident that she was unhappy with the situation and probably felt trapped “Probably not a good idea to take advice from a guy who barely knows you but” he shrugged slightly “It sounds like you know what’s better for you more than he does” though he was aware things probably weren’t that simple. He didn’t have experience with wanting to please your family after all.

He glanced over at her when she spoke a half-sentence which gave him an inkling that she knew more about what he was saying than openly expressed “Different” he commented as he leaned his chin against his crossed arms over his knees. When she commented on his love for stars he bit his lip slightly and shrugged “Always have” he responded honestly “Couldn’t tell you the reason, they just feel comforting to me” perhaps because of the thought that they were miles and miles away and the earth was insignificant compared to them and yet they got to stare up at them every night.

He heard her talking about college which made him smile, he’d been onto the college campus in Evermore a few times because it was the best library in the city and was open most of the day which meant he could while away the afternoon at the computer, researching and learning things for free. He was pretty sure by now the librarian either knew he wasn’t supposed to be there and didn’t care or she was just clueless in general “When’s your graduation?” he asked curiously, he’d always liked the idea of graduation even though it wouldn’t be something he got to experience. When she commented about her singing being something she does only for fun he shrugged “Nothing wrong with that, no shame in doing things just because you like them” considering he did that all the time “What directions though?” he was curious by what she meant by that statement.

He nodded slightly as she talked about the holidays “Well you have your brother with you right?” he knew she meant someone special as in a significant other but he figured you could have just as much fun with anyone you got along with, that was his experience of it anyway, he remembered times where he spent time singing stupid songs with the customers at the casino back in Vegas pretty well. “You have to” he responded to her statement about getting by “The moment you stop the world will swallow you up” so you had to keep moving if you wanted to cope. He didn’t intend on letting the world do that to him and while he lived a very low-key life, he didn’t hate the path he’d been given. He did smile when she called herself lucky, glancing over at her beside him for a moment, she hadn’t moved since he had nudged up against her side but she seemed content there “I’m not sure about that but thanks” he chuckled “Sometimes I wonder what my purpose is” he commented under his breath, what was the point in stars falling to earth?

He nodded slightly “Or I don’t wait for them to leave” he kinda had this theory where if he left first then someone couldn’t hurt him by leaving, which was ridiculous he knew but Sunmin had known nothing but temporary in his life which meant the moment he felt attached to something he got alarm bells in his head telling him that he needed to get away. “I guess my brain has been trained to believe everything good is temporary” and now it was hard to break out of that mindset because it had been proved true so many times that his survival instincts just kinda kicked in without him even trying “Me too” he spoke softly “I met someone the other day who could have been really important to my life and I...ran” he admitted, maybe he had wanted to talk to someone about it so they could tell him what a bad person he was for abandoning Han after he seemed so interested in knowing him “I could have had a family and I ran” he spoke again acknowledging the situation for what it was.

When she offered to give him an MP3 player he grinned slightly but shook his head “You don’t have to do that” he spoke softly, she seemed like a good person, he noticed, he was pretty sure the whole reason she was still out here with him rather than in her warm home was because she was worried about him and while he didn’t need anyone’s pity, it was nice to know one single person cared a little bit. When she asked about his talents he chuckled “I’d probably make a good spy?” he offered with a grin “I can draw or I can use those computer graphic tablet things to draw anyway” he pursed his lips “If you have Tumblr I posted a few there” he didn't have a phone but he made an account on the library computer so he could keep the things he draw.

He rolled his eyes as she talked about people assuming she couldn’t do something because she had an illness “Well in that case you should absolutely prove them all wrong” he grinned “Most people try and pity me too, such a wasted emotion that most people don’t want” it wasn’t like he couldn’t get out of this life if he wanted to, he chose to live it because the free spirit routine fitted him best. He chuckled when she asked if she would be able to find him after all this “How about I make you a promise that you’ll see me at some point princess?” it would be nice to have to someone to talk to next time his head felt like it was spinning so why not?

Hana smiled, her doe eyes gazing over at him full of curiosity. She couldn't help but feel herself wanting something she had no business even thinking about. It had only been but this long around him, and she'd found herself with a permanent smile attached to her face, minus the eye rolls she'd given each time he called her princess. "I suppose you're right. Little things should matter. And honestly, no matter where I met you.." she started, referring to her roof, smirking playfully "you seem to be way better at it than me" she added, referring to how he'd said he wasn't great at living life himself.

Hana bit her lip when he said it was a bad idea to take advice from someone who barely knew her, "You're doing pretty good so far" she commented playfully, but she meant it all the same with him knowing her, maybe they had only just met, but the things he'd said so far, were more relevent than anything anyone else had said to her lately. "I mean yeah, you have a point. I obviously do know whats better for me than he does, or I at least know what feels better.." her expression changed to one of confusion with that statement. Was it the same to go after something that felt right, as opposed to something everyone else thought was right for you? No.. it couldn't be. Hana preferred going for what felt right to her, and taking the consequences later on for not aiming for something that everyone else wanted her to do. "That's fair Sunny" she smiled faintly as she looked back up to the sky, feeling so small in comparison. 

Hana smiled brightly when he asked when her graduation was, it was always nice to have conversation with someone genuinely interested in what you were talking about, rather than just responding because they felt obligated to do so. "This upcoming summer. The end of August. Why? Are you going to go applaud me, Sunny?" she asked, giving a hopeful grin. Hana chuckled when he asked what directions, "I stupidly enough switched majors. Its been more complicated than it sounds, but it earned me enough time in each so that I could either go in the direction fo helping troubled youth, or fashion.. the two are like night and day I know.. usually when I explain this, the other person looks at me like i'm crazy, but I love fashion.. more than I can express, but the idea of making a difference in peoples lives in a more effective way like helping troubled teens, seems to tug at my heart too.. i'm pretty lost about it all, what I wanna do.. even though fashion seems to be winning me over a little more" she sighed dramatically and placed her hands over her face for a moment. It really did stress her when she thought about the fact that she'd have to decide soon. 

"True. My brother is amazing enough, so I shouldn't complain." but still, she felt that longing for something more in her life. She smiled, and nodded in agreement when he spoke of how you had to keep moving in life. "Ive felt like stopping and giving up a couple times, but you couldn't be more right.. it nearly derailed me each time I stopped pressing on" she admitted, and snuggled against the male a little closer, she was sure any closer at this point though, would have her laying on top of him. But, she was enjoying the warmth radiating between the two of them. She'd never felt so content being this close to someone ebfore, especially someone she'd not known very long, and someone she had been suspicious of like she had been with him at first. But, that was slowly fading away, even if she did still have her guard up slightly. Hana had always been so reserved and snobby towards men in general. She had always viewed them as their own species, but Sunmin was something entirely different so far, and she hoped the feeling would last, because while she didn't know what it was she was feeling, it was quite thrilling either way. 

"You'll find your purpose. We all do at some point in our life" she stated, smiling, as if she knew so much. Maybe there were the very rare few who never did find a purpose, but she had faith that Sunmin would. He seemed to get by really well no matter his living situation, and genuinely seemed okay with the way he lived, so she imagined it wouldn't be impossible for him to find purpose someday. "Sadly, I get that more than you know. Though, there's no harm in taking a chance when it feels worth the risk" she sighed softly, because it saddened her that a guy as seemingly as amazing as him, or at least from what she knew, never gave himself thew chance to truly be happy, due to the fact that he'd trained himself to run every time something good came along. 

Hana couldn't help but frown when he said he'd almost had a family, but he ran. "Family is family. I think no matter how far you run, they will always be there.. maybe you can go back and fix it. You should" she stated, feeling as if she was maybe over stepping for telling him that he should, but it seemed to bother him that he'd ran, and it also seemed that he may of been needing some advice on the matter. "Me and my brother weren't always the closest. We began our relationship, unbreakable. Then things happened, and I kind of ran too, as did he, but like I said, family will always be family. I'm sure whoever you ran from, will be waiting for you to return" she had a hopeful tone. For his sake, she really did hope that whoever it was, would forgive him for running like that. "I take it they live here in the city?" she asked, and hesitantly, but surely leaned over and propped her head on his shoulder. Perhaps to comfort him, and maybe a little bit of it was because she just felt like being close to him right now.

"Brother, sister?" she added onto her questions, curious of what kind of family member he had ran from. "I'm quite sure that if I can get through my family issues, it's possible for anyone to try at least" she then said, though she wasn't really getting through it latelyl. Especially now that the Triad were involved, and her parents could very well be the reason her and Ha-joon were in grave danger. Hana smirked, finally finding a way to hopefully drag him inside later. "You'll have to show me. I have a laptop inside, but we;ll look later. I'm curious now" she grinned, and felt her heart race a little when he promised she'd see him at some point "That's a deal that i'll hold you too, Sunny" she chuckled and shook her head, eyeing him while he looked at the stars, finding herself captive to that smile of his. Damn it. She felt herself spinning a little, but she could only view it as a good thing. She just hated that anyone had the power to make her feel that way, because it gave them the power to hurt her deeply should they decide she wasn't worth sticking around for. "You're right about that. Pity is a wasted emotion, but at least someone else gets it" she felt relieved in knowing he could relate to her on that part, even if their reasons were different for getting pitied.

"Is there anything specific you like to draw?" she asked curiously, finding herself interested in that specific skill of his. "And, don't worry about the mp3 player, I have something better." she shrugged. She had more than one laptop, and then her tablet because of college and then fashion, but she didn't actually use more than one device in general, so she figured she'd at least loan him her tablet, because she had a feeling he'd decline it the moment she tried giving it to him. The plan was to loan it to him permanently. She knew that was the only way he'd even consider it. But it would have given him a way to draw whenever he wanted to, rather than just when he was at the library. She had a feeling that it likely made him feel worse about his situation when people gave him things, but she really hoped he wouldn't see it that way with her. 

He chuckled under his breath when she said he seemed to be better at living his life “Well that’s because there wasn’t anyone telling me how to live mine, it always just been me” and he always preferred it like that, when other people weren’t around to influence it, he made the best choices for him and his life and that was key to his own survival and happiness. “Well then maybe it’s time to started defining your own path princess, it doesn’t sound like you need someone to pave the way for you” and frankly it seemed insulting to him that anyone would think she wasn’t capable of choosing her own future.

He grinned slightly when she said her graduation was in the summer “Well while I look like your average student I don’t think university is my calling” he responded to her question and then shrugged slightly “I’m just curious is all, sometimes you give me the impression you know exactly what you want and then others you seem a little lost” though he supposed he could give the same impression at times, depending on what the topic was regarding so perhaps they weren’t as different as he thought. “You know, whenever I have seen someone with a practical and an artistic talent, I typically see them choose the practical one and then regret not trying to take their artistic passion later on” Sunmin met a lot of those kinds of people in Vegas, those who came wanting to be performer but settled for less later on. He had always been okay with doing the practical choice but his graphic design definitely called to him at times.

“Sometimes I just wonder what this purpose is supposed to be so I can get on with it already” he commented in a slightly grumbling tone, it was frustrating at times not knowing what he was supposed to do with his life or even if there was a point at all. But then he also accepted that no one actually had the answer to that question and it was all this self-determined idea of what they wanted from life in the end. He guessed he just hadn’t found his want just yet. Hearing her talk about family was interesting to him, being someone who had always been alone he wasn’t sure what that word was supposed to mean to him and it had been strange for him, feeling connected with someone who he didn’t even know the way he did with Hanseol.

“Brother, I suppose” he commented softly under his breath “Honestly I’m not sure how it all works but for as long as I can remember it’s always been only me, I only ever had myself to worry about, my life was my path and no one was able to sway it” he nodded slightly as he glanced over at her when she leaned against his shoulder, while he wasn’t used to being close with people like this she felt warm against his side, reminding him he wasn’t alone “and I guess I’m not really sure how to deal with the possibility that might change” that someone could mean enough to him to shape the choices he made. It was an odd feeling which felt almost foreign to him, make his chest feel all nervous and fuzzy whenever he thought about it “If I were him I wouldn’t be waiting around” but then the guy had spent a full month looking for a lost painting so who knew.

He nodded slightly at her agreement about pity and the fact that it was an emotion people felt but very rarely acted upon without some kind of ulterior motive behind it, he didn’t need or want people feeling sorry for him but he did respect when someone was empathetic and tried to understand where he was coming from and why he was the way he was. “Mmm anything really, most of them end up turning out as characters I picture in my head, sometimes people will leave comic books and the likes on the bus and I like practicing drawing in that art style” he could probably make a comic of his own if he was actually able to come up with some sort of storyline and dialogue to go along with it, but telling stories wasn’t really his strong suit. He furrowed his brow when she said she had something better “What could be better than playing music all day?” he questioned curiously, he didn’t have much experience with tech except the older computers they had in the library, couldn’t afford anything higher-powered than that and considering he didn’t have a home to charge devices in, he always preferred long battery life for one function to these phones or devices that seemed to die within a day.

“Hmmm true point I guess” she stated, giving him a playful glance. “If it wasn’t for my brother, I could almost admit that it would have been nice to not have anyone to ever tell me how to live my life.”  she expressed, while gazing at him. Hana gave an eye roll, but found that same smile returning to her features every time he called her princess. With the shake of her head, she pursed her lips, “Maybe not, but I do need a tutor.. It’s like.. I really don’t even know how to begin when it comes to living my life the way I want. Putting one foot in front of the other is a hard thing to do if you’re not following your fathers commands” she sighed a little. Hearing him say thqat university wasn’t his calling, only made her admire him more. Most people their age had been pressed towards college, and the type of future they would have, even marriage, but it seemed that so far, Sunmin had made literally all his decisions alone, and he seemed happy with it all. “Yeah I get that a lot. People ask what I truly want, and my answer never seems to satisfy me enough.. Honestly i do feel lost with what I want.. With most things at least” she gave a flirtacious grin, as if she were giving him a subtle hint. 

“But I think with what you’re saying, that I would truly regret not going through with fashion and putting my own label out there.. My own brand. That’s my dream, as much as helping troubled teens is. I wonder what would become of my life if I tried doing both?” she asked, but just the thought of that made her feel exhausted. She would literally have no time for anything besides work. “Working at the Haunted Inn though, the place where the spookfest was held, that’s been pretty satisfying. Never imagined i’d like the place as much as I do. I think they may even be looking for janitor’s and maitnence men “ she expressed, knowing that he could easily work there if he spoke with Thaddeus about either of the two, and not need a single bit of school behind him for it. 

“I truly believe, no matter how hard we search for it, we’ll never be satisfied with anything as far as finding our purpose goes.. But i do think putting yourself around the right people, fills that void just enough to keep you from constantly dwelling on it.” she expressed her opinion on the matter, often times wondering if she would ever stop longing for a purpose of her own. “I’m sure you will figure it out someday though.” she added with a faint smile, finding herself unable to stop looking at him during the moments he would look up to the sky, or away from her in general. “Do you believe in the whole New Years resolution thing?” she asked, curious on the matter. “Ive never had one, but I guess if i’d start now, my New Years Resolution would be to start living my life according to what makes me happy” she smiled genuinely. She definitely wouldn’t mind living for herself instead of living for her father, the way she had lived her whole life so far. At least she had met Eun. Someone who knew exactly what being the golden child felt like. 

Hana listened intently, and frowned because she couldn’t imagine how he would just change his whole routine if he had a brother. “Sounds like you have some stuff to work on then. But, baby steps are always good.. I’m sure no matter what the circumstances are, that he wouldn’t expect you to just dive right into it with him.. I do wish you the best with him though. It sounds rather exciting, while I know you’re so used to being on your own, it may be a nice change for you.” she said, smiling genuinely as she only seemed to inch closer to him when her head leaned over on his shoulder. “Sounds like it might be worth waiting for though” she added to his comment. He sounded a little pessimistic and not that into sharing his life with a brother of his, but she knew if given a proper chance, they’d both adjust, eventually. She and Ha-joon had always been bonded, but .. they had spent plenty of time having to reform a relationship with each other, which hadn’t been easy. And, she figured if they could do it, anyone could try at least. 

“So, could you sketch me as a comic girl?” she asked, grinning from ear to ear, wondering how skilled he actually was. That would have been a nice addition to her bedroom wall. Hana enjoyed reading through comic books herself, especially when she was bored at the dr’s office during the days she’d been to check on her lungs and get refills on all her medications. When he asked what could be better than playing music all day, she chuckled, shrugging slightly. “Playing music, and drawing all day. Or watching movies and drawing.. Which ever you prefer” she didn’t think he’d be to comfortable at accepting anything from her, but she was a persistent female. Plus, the vibes she was getting from him, were ones that made it seem like he had at least begun warming up to her, and she him. No harm done by giving him her tablet. Plus, she could show him how to use the texting apps on it, and she’d be able to keep in touch with him when he was near wifi. She had a feeling that after he left, she’d wanna be able to check on him.. And she also feared that she’d miss him.. So soon, which scared the living hell out of her. 

“We can grab it whenever you wanna walk inside.” she gave a sinister smirk. Because now it definitely sounded like she was trying to lure him back into her apartment, and not that she was, but it was just amusing since they had went as far as bringing blankets outside, just because he didn’t wanna go in earlier and she refused to leave his side. So to tell him they’d have to walk inside to get what she was talking about, was rather funny to her. 

“When do you think you’ll see him again? Your brother I mean” she asked curiously, and jumped, startled by the sudden fireworks being let off just blocks away from her apartment. It couldn’t have been more perfect though. “Well then. An unexpected surprise” she chuckled, it only added to the beautiful scenery above their heads, a sky full of stars. “It must be getting close to time for the ball to drop” she inhaled, realizing the way she’d be bringing in her New Year, couldn’t have been more perfect. She hoped she’d made a little difference for Sunmin too. 

Sunmin pressed his lips together and then shrugged slightly as he glanced over at her “It’s not as hard or as scary as you think it is really” he admitted with a half-smile “You just have to accept that you aren’t going to know exactly what the future looks like and go from there” he was never sure where his life was going to take him, he was a wanderer, living his life with very little to his name and yet he felt like he’d lived and explored in many ways. Of course there had been hard times and frustrating times, times when he wondered what the whole point was but there had also been a lot of good ones too, he didn’t really see himself as hard done by, just different to most people. “You’ll figure it out, it might not feel like it right now but you will” he was sure of that much.

“I think you might end up wanting to tear your hair out” he answered bluntly, but then maybe that was just him, he didn’t like feeling to busy, it overwhelmed him because he wasn’t sure what should come first “But I guess it really depends how worth it would be to you” he prompted with a nod of his head. She could do whatever she wanted to, it was her time after all and if she felt that doing those things would make her feel fulfilled then why not? He gave a slightly appreciative smile in her direction when she offered to vouch for him for a job essentially “Thanks, but no fixed address means no formal employment and I wouldn’t ask someone to break the law for me” he gave a pointed look in her direction, she shouldn’t be surprised by now that while offers were kind, he wouldn’t take them.

“As frustrating as it all is, I agree, we’re always going to search for more” the answers to the universe could be right in front of them and they’d still likely look for some other or deeper meaning, maybe that was the nature of humanity, to picture some larger painting they were a part of. When she asked him about the New Year’s Resolution thing he chuckled and shrugged, though he quietly listened to her choice of change he nodded approvingly “Well you’ve said it now, you have to make it happen right?” he teased as he shot her a look to say he was going to hold her to that. He pondered for a moment what he would choose for his promise to himself for the coming year “To try and stay in one place longer than a year” he responded and nodded his head, he was so tired of always moving and never figuring out where he fit, he wasn’t sure it was Evermore but it was time he found something to occupy himself for a while.

He chuckled under his breath when she said it was exciting meeting a brother he never even knew he had “I don’t think I’d call it that” responded and shrugged slightly, if it was exciting he wouldn’t have run for the hills after all. “Well I don’t even know him so maybe it is, maybe it isn’t” he chuckled and shrugged, after what he did he definitely didn’t expect Hanseol’s opinions of him to be high, nor could he really blame him but before then, there had been a certain happiness shared between them, even if it was fleeting. He grinned slightly sheepishly when she asked him if he would sketch her as a comic girl “Well what kind of character would you like to be?” he tilted his head to the side a little “A villain or a hero? And what kind of power would you want?” he actually did like comics he found them really fun to read and to immerse himself in.

He shot her an unimpressed look when she implied on going inside again, he swore this girl had some kind of obsession with trying to get him to come inside and he had no idea what for, it was a beautiful night out, sure a little cold but why would he want to leave it to look at bare walls which looked the same in pretty much every house. Her question about his brother made him shrug a little “I don’t think I will” he admitted with a shrug “Call me an idiot but my pride is too big to go crawling back there” he knew she would probably judge him for that one but there just some lines he couldn’t force himself over, even when he knew he should. He yawned softly as he looked up to the sky for a moment and then fluttered his eyes closed, just taking in the moment “I should probably get going soon” he spoke softly as his eyes opened again.

Hana was the type of female who just had to know everything, but to hear Sunmin tell it, didn't make it sound half as bad. "You sound so sure, and so confident. It almost makes the unknown sound exciting" she expressed, almost shocked at herself, simply because with literally everything in her life, she had to know the outcome, and she had to be sure of herself. The unknown had always scared Hana until now. She guessed it just took the right person to nudge her a little. "As long as you really believe in what you're saying there, then I will at least try" she stated when he told her she would figure it all out.

 He sounded so sure of it, that it was hard for her not to believe him. She had a feeling that he had learned all of this from life experience. If she would listen to anyone, she could bet that he was the right one. She chuckled at his comment about her wanting to pull her hair out, "I think you're right. If I take on that much, it may leave me no room at all to breathe, let alone do this new thing i'm wanting to try, which is live a little" she smirked a little, but that was true. While she had been debating for the longest now, on whether she wanted to take on both jobs or not, she had also been thinking just as long, about how hard that would actually be. It  wasn't hard to make the wiser decision.

Hana grazed her teeth over her lower lip when he commented on the fact that he didn't have no fixed address and have a pointed look when he said he wouldn't have anyone breaking the law for him. She could also tell, that he was only turning the offer down, simply because it was that, another offer. Hana had always been humble, and helped others when she could, so while she was crush hard on this guy, she would have still offered her help if she could have. Simply because she didn't want to disrespect him though she was going to make it a point to break that habit with him.

Hearing the promise he would have made to himself, Hana couldn't help but feel that her mood had shifted just like that. Should he leave now, she would have definitely felt pretty hurt. She didn't care bout timing. Time meant nothing if you've connected with someone the moment you start talking to them. And that had been the case here without a doubt. Sunmin was easy to talk to, well mostly, even if he did get under her skin the many times he had called her princess, and they clicked pretty well. To lose that now, just seemed wrong. "I hope you do stay for a while Sunny" she said simply, but gave a look that likely spoke a little louder than her words did.

Hana eyed him from the corner of her eye, when he said he wouldn't call it exciting. The talk of his brother seemed to be a relatively sore subject for him, and she felt bd that she was such a talker. But, she felt that if she was going to get to know him, then it didn't hurt to know all things about him that he was willing to share. "Someone wise told me one time 'you'll figure it out.It might not feel like it right now, but you will" she winked, using his own words against him playfully, but she meant them nonetheless. She couldn't help but want the best for him in regards to his brother.

Hana tapped her finger against her chin thoughtfully. She coldn't help but feel excited that he asked what kind of character she'd like to be. "Definitely a villain. And, as for my power? Gosh, there's so many things i could chose, but let's say my power is illusion, because reality sucks sometimes, and illusions would make it all better" she quipped, but that was partially true. If she could build illusions for the ad parts of her life, she certainly would have, not for just herself, but for her brother, and others she had come to care for. "But just from what you know about me, is there any specific power you would chose for me?" she had to ask, she was sure the answer would be amusing.

"It's okay Sunny, maybe you shouldn't rush it. I'm sure whatever's meant to happen, will happen when it should. Im sure he gets that too" she expressed in a soft tone of voice. She wasn't going to judge him, hell, her relationship with her own brother had been anything but perfect, not even close to perfect really. It had started off that way, but the more Ha-joon aged, it seemed that the more the lies built up.

Hana felt her whole body tense up when he said he should probably go soon. She couldn't lie, she didn't want him too. She wasn't even sure if he had gotten a decent enough impression of her to see her again, and admittedly, she wanted to see him again more than anything. But, she managed the frown that threatened to display how she felt about him wanting to leave. "Hold on one second" she stated, and rushed back inside to gran her tablet, programming her cell number in a text free app she had on it for him before running back to him with it, almost busting her ass as she slid a little against the sleek roof top. "Don't say a word" she chuckled, her face probably as red as a fire engine, before she sat back down and handed the tablet to him.

Leaning over, she opened the menu "I already had the app installed. But, here's my number" she started, showing him how to use the text part of it, "I hope you'll text me sometime soon Sunny. Ive really enjoyed tonight" she admitted, finally giving in to the frown that wanted to steal her smile. "Ive put that number in my cell phone so I can text you, if that's okay. The tablet isn't an offer, or me trying to hand anything out to you. Just use it until you're able to to get one of your own" she knew if she said it like that, that he'd feel less like he was being handed something, at least the way she said it, was more like him borrowing it, and she could imagine he'd appreciate that more.

Looking over to him, Hana bit her lower lip gently "I guess if you have to" she chuckled, and stood to her feet, stuffing her hands into her pockets. "Don't forget me.." she added, and nervously shifted from one foot to the other. She did kind of hope to at least steal a hug from him before they parted ways. Here was where the unknown came in to bite her. It's why she hated it.

“Even if you aren’t confident, if you act as though you are then people will find it hard to tear you down” he nodded slightly, attitude changed many things in life and you believed something, even if it wasn’t true, you would give that impression to others. He grinned slightly when she said there was a new thing she wanted to try called living a little “It’s really a great regime, you’ll find it does wonders for your skin” he laughed softly because it was quite obvious he knew absolutely nothing about good skin but he was playing around with the thing they always said on adverts to sell you some kind of wellbeing product.

It was definitely a big promise to make considering that he couldn’t remember a time when he had spent for a full year in one specific place, it was always couch surfing and random shelters, the times he did actually have somewhere to stay he ended up running away before long, the very idea of settling was completely foreign to him and yet that was the exact promise he was proposing to make to himself. “You’re sweet princess, but you’ll forget about me before long” he commented with a wry smile because everyone eventually did after he went into the wind and continued on with his life. If Hanseol was smart he had probably done that already, though he got the feeling the other Celestial was just about as stubborn as he was.

He opened his mouth to protest when she quoted his own words back to him and then he chuckled slightly dropping his gaze and then shaking his head “I guess you’re right, sometimes people can’t take their own advice huh?” he didn’t know how it would work itself out or even if he would ever see his brother again but there was some comfort in accepting that the world worked in its own ways and that things could turn around at any moment “No fair using my own words against me though” he commented in a grumbling tone but it was evident from his expression that he was pretty impressed by her listening skills. Most people he met pretended to listen but were really just wrapped up in their own mind.

He liked the way she practically lit up at the idea of choosing her comic alter ego, a coy smile crossed his lips when she said it would definitely be a villain and in some strange way it made sense, that she would want to be something completely different to the image she had to show the world. “Illusion sounds like a really good name for a villain” he commented with a nod of his head, thinking how the power could be based around being able to make people see what they want to see, lulling them into a sense of security “I think I’d give you super strength because you’re so tiny and it would be hilarious to see you shock all the giant brutes with your crazy strength” small but deadly came to mind, he smiled gently just thinking about it. “Yeah you’re right, maybe I’ll just say if I happen to see him again, next time I won’t run, that seems fair right” he wasn’t sure why he was seeking her approval but he was.

It had been an interesting few hours, what he expected to be him sitting alone and watching the stars had become a strange conversation about music and movies and comics and pretty much every random topic both their minds could conjure and he couldn’t say he hated it. He was surprised when she dashed off though and he looked in the direction she had run confused before she eventually came back with something in hand, but not before almost sliding her way across the floor which he couldn’t hold back a snoring laugh in response to “I’m not saying anything” he commented as he covered his hand with his mouth. His eyes dropped to the device she held out in front of him.

He was about to protest that he couldn’t take something like this from her but the look on her face looked so hopeful and somehow he couldn’t bring himself to let her down again, so he studied the tablet trying to understand what she was trying to tell him “You actually want to talk to me?” he commented it softly almost in disbelief because if he was honest, he just thought she was guarding her place all this time so she could make sure he didn’t steal anything, probably rightly so if he was honest. He hesitantly reached out to take it “I know where you live so don’t think for a second that I can’t return it at any time” but the idea of being able to do some real drawings without needing to fight some kid for the computer in the library was actually a really nice one.

He tucked it into his duffel bag and nodded slightly towards her “Something tells me I couldn’t even if I wanted to” he commented with a smirk gracing his lips “You know you’re absolutely crazy to hold a candle out to someone like me right?” he leaned in closer to her and pressed a soft kiss to her cheek “Absolutely batshit crazy” he winked and saluted before he headed in the direction of the way he had scaled the building giving her one more look before he started climbing down and before long, he disappeared into the night.

Hana  smiled at the words he spoke, finding them too true not to hang onto. She hadn't really ever had issues being confident, at least where it concerns her social life, but she supposed she lacked confidence in other aspects of her life. She had let plenty people tear her down, and now her parents were a few among that  crowd. She chuckled however when he told her living a little did great wonders for one's skin "Ive heard it makes yur hair really shiny too" she quipped back playfully. She had really gotten herself used to what it might be like to have his company.

So, when he said she'd forget him in no time, the human narrowed her gaze at him and crossed her arms "You seem so sure of yourself Sunny" and while she probably should have paid more attention to how she had met him, she couldn't help but cling onto the way he made her feel, and how he so easily got under her skin. It was one of those things you couldn't ignore, no matter how damn hard you try.

Hana smirked when she noticed the way his mouth fell open to her quoting his own words "It's like they say, practice what you preach" she flashed a playful grin and shook her head at the way he grumbled about it. Hana had always been a good listener but she had admittedly listened more to Sunmin than she had anyone else lately. She usually didn't care much about what someone else had to say, while she could sit and talk to someone for hours, she never bothered to really pay attention like she had here tonight.

Hana couldn't help but smirk, she loved the name Illusion as her comic girl alter ego name. She laughed at how he spoke of giving her super strength, due to how petite and tiny she was. How funny it would have been to see her shocking a bunch of brutes with her strength, displayed a pretty funny image in her own head too. "I think i'd be the type to go around lifting cars with one hand, and my other hand on my hip, all that sassy flare mixed with the fact that i'm holding a car over my head. What could be better?" she chuckled, completely amused by the visual of that. "Oh my god! that's exactly what you could draw" she squealed excitedly almost, but soon realized she had gotten herself a little to wrapped up in enjoying his company. She cleared her throat, and likely pulled an awkward expression as she scratched the back of her neck some.

It wasn't a sin to be sitting here actually enjoying herself though, she supposed it just scared her a little that she liked him. Someone like Sunmin was here one minute and gone the next. Hana couldn't help but pat his shoulder when he agreed not to run the next time he got to be around his brother. Something in her gut told her, that she knew exactly who his brother was. But, since he was just now opening up to her about his brother, she wouldn't go as far as to comment on it until she knew more.

Hana glared daggers at him when he said he wasn't going to say anything about her nearly busting her ass in front of him, but she could see how hard it was for him to hold back the laughter "don't hold back to much.. go ahead" she said in a challenging tone, but also playful about it. She could see the look on his face, and for a second, her heart sunk, she just knew he was going to turn the tablet down, until she felt him finally take hold of it, and the odd feeling of relief from that made her smile happily. "Is that as shocking as you act like it is?" she questioned in response to him asking if she really wanted to talk to him again. "I mean even in spite of where I met you, your company hasn't been the worse Sunny. This princess needs someone to show her how to live" she added, flashing a playful wink in his direction.

Hana held her hands up in defense "By all means, come back" she chuckled. She didn't care about the tablet, she just hoped to see him again, and soon at that. Hana's heart stopped completely for a moment when he leaned in and kissed her cheek. And she couldn't help but turn the color of a fire engine. She was sure she had never blushed like that on any other occasion. As he called her crazy for holding a candle out to him, and repeated by saying 'absolute bat shit crazy' the human flashed him a wink, "You know it Sunny. Be careful out there" she finished off, and watched him vanish down the stairwell to the streets. Hana decided to stay on her roof and take in what had just happened tonight, his scent lingering on the covers that she had now wrapped around her small frame, cursing and groaning into them as loud as her small voice would allow. She couldn't stand how she felt. And as she sat here wondering why, she couldn't help but smirk as her fingertips traced the part of her cheek that he had just kissed, looking to the stars with a huge grin on her face, wondering when and if  she'd ever see him again. The curiosity of that made her mind and heart both race wildly.


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