Niram Lamire

Age of Appearance: 34 | Date of Birth: 1st of March, 1801 | Actual Age: 215

Located: Evermore City, Colorado | Status: Immortal | Born: Egypt

Family: None Known | Species: Celestial

Distinguishing Marks: Mark of the Scorpius Constellation on his left pectoral

Faceclaim: Michiel Huisman

1801 was a rough time in Egyptian history, the French and British fighting over land which they wished to claim. On the night a Scorpion fell to the earth many were already resting and dreaming of the coming battles and those on guard duty were unsure of what they saw. The bright light streaking across the sky so fast and disappearing into the desert before they could make sense of what was happening.

Those native to the land were who found the man within the indention of the earth, the leader far more than his people believed him to be having fallen to the earth seventy-five years prior. Never had Ammon imagined that another Celestial would fall to the earth so close to him and there was never a worse time for it to occur. Tensions were high given the struggles which came with the battles between the French and the British as Napoleon tried to conquer new lands.

The newly fallen Celestial was out for many days as Ammon knew he would be, the tattoo etched on the young Celestial’s pectoral being that of the Scorpius constellation whereas Ammon’s was on the webbing of his left hand and that of Leo. The younger Celestial awoke on the same day the Battle of Abukir was fought, the unease, pain and uncertainty in his eyes was all something Ammon had experienced himself and was easily able to lead the newly fallen Celestial through.

Ammon explained that it was normal not to remember anything but the newly fallen Celestial became frustrated with his inability to remember anything about himself and his lack of knowledge over everything. The younger Celestial began to glow being under emotional stress which only helped to further his frustration since it was something he couldn’t control. Well aware of how much the lack of knowledge could wear on a man Ammon began to teach the younger man how to meditate and center himself to find greater focus.

The newly fallen was quick at learning and began to help around the small village, normally being sent to gather water or do other manual tasks due to his size. Ammon always kept a close eye on the other man waiting for his name to return to him, which is finally did one day. Niram Lamire. With that small bit of knowledge Niram began to feel like an actual person opposed to the shell of a man he had been before. The men of the village began to teach him how to fight and at night Ammon would teach Niram a different sort of fighting with the energy they both possessed.

In the course of just a few weeks Niram was handling a sword as well as any other in the village and he was equally as skilled with his Celestial energy. The battle between the French and British continued to wage and one day Ammon sent Niram to another village to get something for him. Upon Niram’s return he watched as soldiers attacked the village but it was obvious their target was not those of the village but Ammon himself. The moment a knife was plunged into Ammon’s chest he watched in horror as the man holding the blade disappeared.

There were two options run or fight. Everything within him was telling him that he should run, the village wasn’t safe but these were the same people who had taken him in. The Celestial who lay dead had been his friend and he couldn’t stand for the village to be burned and everyone in it to be killed just to cover up what had been done. Acting without thought Niram held back the Celestial energy which wanted to surge through him as he met the soldiers as a man besting them in battle. Wounds littered his body as he began to glow once more the pain decreasing before the glow faded away.

Leaving the village he began to search for others like him, however what he found instead was a collar of servitude. Niram was forced into working on a cotton plantation his freedom taken from him but luckily not his life. The murder of Ammon had tainted his view of the world and his servitude made him think poorly on humanity given the way they treated their own kind. Food was rare and not of good quality, the Celestial often eating rotten food and hoping that maybe it would kill him. There were many times he would get sick from what he ingested but his life continued in this form of hell.

His owner would often pit him against other men placing bets on the fights. Survival was all he knew and he made choices that caused his stomach to churn and his respect for himself to diminish. How many years he had been in servitude? He wasn’t sure of the answer but one night a man came to the plantation to speak to his master. From the shack he was kept in he could hear screaming and fighting before an eerie silence overtook the plantation. The door to the shack was pulled open and a man stood there telling him that he was free to leave, his service was no longer needed.

The man was a British ship captain who had become a pirate after the British crown turned it’s back on him. The plantation was apparently one that supplied a lot of cotton for Britain and the crops were burned and those held under servitude were given two options, they could take their freedom and run or become part of the crew. Niram could tell that Edward Cross was not a bad man, merely one whose country had turned on him for doing what he believed in. Cross explained that he had made a bet with Niram’s master and won but the man refused to keep to his end which was to free the slaves. This was of no surprise to Niram since his master had been a man of pride and would fight to the death even if he was in the wrong.

Niram agreed to become part of Edward’s crew knowing that he would be safer on a ship at sea than on the land. Sure if the crew were to turn on him he would have nowhere to run but it was a chance he was willing to take. The crew in question was mainly made up of free men and a few from the original crew Edward had, they all welcomed him and began to teach him the ways of the sea. At night Edward taught him how to navigate by the stars and told him the stories he had heard over the years about the constellations. Ironically the man was a fan of Leo the lion, Edward spoke of how the Greeks believed it represented the Nemean Lion who Hercules killed, the beast having been nearly invincible. To Niram, Leo meant something else entirely, the only man he had met from the constellation brave beyond measure and strong beyond reason.

Edward and Niram spoke often, the human often finding wisdom in the Celestial. Niram was not a man of violence but he wasn’t one who allowed others to suffer either. When Edward asked him questions the man knew he would get logical suggestions and answers. Niram choosing to go about everything in the way that would be most beneficial to everyone and lack violence and bloodshed. That wasn’t always possible but it was what he strived for.

Reaching a port in Italy, Niram left the ship to check out what the city had to offer. What he ended up stumbling upon was a rare beauty being backed into a wall by two human males who found amusement in the discomfort they caused. With an eerie, silent grace he walked up behind them both men finding a blade pressed to their throats fear causing them to leave with a threat on their lips. Niram wasn’t one to take threats well, at least not with his past but he allowed the two men to leave before checking on the woman. The tension and fear began to drain from her body as her eyes met his in gratitude which surprised him and caused him to be at a loss for words. The woman introduced herself as Aurora, a word he was very familiar with since it meant dawn but she was nothing more than a human.

Aurora offered Niram dinner and he accepted since she said there was little else she could do in order to show her gratitude for his actions since few men would have stepped in. Niram expected the young beauty to purchase him dinner but instead she lead him to her home and cooked for him. It was the first home cooked meal Niram had ever had, roasted meat over a fire didn’t count after all nor rotten days old leftovers. The young Celestial ate like an animal scarfing her cooking down quickly causing himself to become embarrassed as he explained having someone cook for him was a rarity. Aurora merely laughed softly at him saying she was glad he had enjoyed it. Though Niram didn’t want to he left Aurora in order to return to the ship, the woman needing someone he could never be, he was a man who ran and she was a woman who deserved a stable life. A few days later the ship left Italy and Niram left Aurora behind remembering her kindness and thinking on it often.

For years Niram was part of Edward’s crew as they stole and caused much distress for the British crown. As the others aboard the ship aged, Niram had yet to do so which caught Edward’s attention. When the captain brought it up to Niram the Celestial feared what may happen, his right hand resting on the hilt of his dagger. Instead Edward asked no questions, he just said that he had always known Niram was different and it was time for the ship to change hands and for the crew to find something new. Edward gave the ship to Niram, the Celestial telling the crew if they wished to stay they could but he would be using it to make an honest living. Many left but a few stayed and Niram was grateful for them especially as their years when on, he knew it was dangerous to share his secret with others but he trusted his crew with his life and they had placed their lives in his hand. That was a circle of trust which was never broken even as the crew aged, never revealing his secret to anyone.

Stopping at a port in Turkey he was without a crew now, most having become too old to carry out their duties and others having chosen to start families. It was only Niram now and that was something he was trying to get used to. For the most part he did make an honest living moving shipments from one port to another but he also had a bad habit of picking the pockets of others. It wasn’t something he thought about he would just often find himself brushing against someone in order to take from them. It was during one such incident with a young brunette that a strange sensation went down his spine as he stared at the woman before him in confusion and yet there was patient smile upon her lips. Apologizing for his actions he invited her to his ship so they could speak openly as he recognized the feeling of one of his own.

The woman introduced herself as Ophelia Dreyvalian, she wasn’t just some Celestial though she explained herself to be a Wayfinder, a Celestial who set right the rifts created by the death of another Celestial. Niram had never known that such a person existed but he knew what she was telling him was the truth as she spoke of wanting to unite her people and find a safe place for them. Niram told her there was no safer place than the sea but she spoke of somewhere they could all settle down with no need to run or fear. He hadn’t meant to laugh but the very idea seemed ludicrous to him since he had seen what people would do for the power of a Celestial and what people would do to one another for nothing more than amusement.

Ophelia spoke of a species who would help them and protect them, all she needed from Niram was his assistance in finding the other Celestials who had fallen to earth. He had a ship and could travel farther and faster than most, she told him it would be a great service to his people and keep others Celestials from being killed. That was logic that Niram couldn’t argue with and so he agreed to help Ophelia going to the locations there streaks of light had been seen falling to earth. Sometimes he was able to find those who had fallen but other times they had moved on by the time he made it to the location of impact. Some of the Celestials refused his help but that was their choice and he respect it since many wished to try and live a normal life in the world.

Niram’s life intersected with many of the species as he brought them to safety finally feeling as if there was a purpose to his existence. Those he found he tried to help with their abilities if they needed it and taught them how to defend themselves as humans since using too much Celestial energy could not only weaken them but kill them. There were times when the skills he had learned in regard to weapons and their use was the only thing which saved himself and the other Celestials he tried to help. Often he would be hurt, scars collecting on his body over the many years he’s survived.

The most amusing young Celestial he met was Alva Davenwood, the Pegasus who had believed she was a gift of the gods. Granted that was what had been explained to her by humans who didn’t understand what Alva truly was. It had been rather rude of him to laugh but she had been the Celestial who had been treated best by those who found her. If outsiders hadn’t come to the island she had landed on she could have lived out a very long life there in peace but that never seemed to be the life which was meant for a Celestial. Despite the posh explanation she had been given for what she was Alva became a fierce fighter but Niram doubted that she had it in herself to harm another. She was soft hearted and that was one of things he liked best about her and one of the reasons he became so protective of her. He taught her everything that he knew including meditation which she seemed to like best, able to slow her brain and relax.

The moment Alva met Ophelia he could tell the younger Celestial was likely to worship the woman wishing to stay close to her. Shortly after dropping Alva off with Ophelia he continued to make good on his promise to the Wayfinder bringing as many as he could to safety before Ophelia told him he could rest. The moment he stepped upon the Isle of Skye he felt a peace the likes of which he had never felt before. That however didn’t mean that he stopped practicing with Celestial energy or with weapons often sparring with the Guards which brought him great amusement. After all most of the Celestials weren’t found handling weapons though he wished that they would. He hoped that they could continue living in safety on the Isle of Skye but he would be prepared should that not be the case.

Niram had always believed in Ophelia’s strength and determination so he thought nothing of the fact that she left to fix a rift created by the death of another Celestial. Niram should have given it more thought though because Ophelia never returned. The rift wasn’t fixed and history was drastically changed. While the Celestial mourned the loss of their Wayfinder things were set into motion that they didn’t see coming. Ironic given one of their many abilities but the future was ever changing and flowing.

Niram and Alva were in the courtyard when they were taken, Niram had tried to fight back but he was caught off guard and surprised that the Guards of the Isle were turning on them. When Niram awoke he was in a cage and his breathing began to quicken to the point of hyperventilation as he remembered his years in servitude. Looking around him he realized that he was far from alone, all of the Celestials who called the Isle of Skye home were now caged up. Food was brought to them and the number of Celestials in captivity began to grow as they were now rounded up from outside of the Isle. Every time a new Celestial fell it was only a matter of time before they ended up locked away.

Bitterness and a burning rage began to grow inside of Niram at the way they had been treated by those they trusted, those who were supposed to make sure they were safe. Often times he would spit at the Guard who left him food asking if they had any honor at all but they never answered him. The years drug on as his sanity began to slip from him only finding solace in meditation as he wished to be anywhere other than where he currently was.

As new Celestials were brought in Alva would tell them stories about how things used to be, about the Isle of Skye when it had been their home, about Ophelia who she truly believed was still alive. Niram often voiced the fact if Ophelia were still alive she would never allow them to suffer in such a way, death after all could be the only reason she hadn’t returned and there was no use hoping for things which would never come to pass.

The Scorpius held no belief that their lives would ever be their own again, he longed to see sunlight, a full moon, the night sky littered with stars which had yet to fall but he knew that wasn’t a possibility. His pessimistic beliefs were shattered the night the Isle was filled with Celestial energy which caused the hairs on the back of his neck to stand on end. A familiar presence made itself known and Niram stood in disbelief as he looked upon Ophelia, as she told him to stop standing around he quickly snapped out of it chuckling. Fighting through the Isle of Skye was easier than it should have been venom running through his veins as far as the Guard and the Ailwards were concerned.

Their prison fell from the sky and disintegrated into the sea as they watched, Niram knew Ophelia had never wanted such a thing to occur but she was loyal to her people first and that was why they all trusted her. The Celestials who had fallen after Ophelia had disappeared gazed upon her with great respect and Niram did the same knowing he should have never doubted the Wayfinder. If there was anyone who could find a way to save them it would be Ophelia and she had.

Evermore City was the destination Ophelia had planned for them, a city filled with supernatural species who would all like the power of a Celestial along with the species which had imprisoned them. It was a huge risk but if anything Ophelia was known for taking the biggest risks for the biggest payoffs. There wasn’t anywhere else the Celestial could really go now. Given the amount of time Ophelia had known him she pulled him aside before they moved to Evermore asking a favor of him. The Wayfinder knew what was in his heart and she knew that he couldn’t just release the past but she asked him to try and let go to the illwill he held towards the Ailwards and the Guard. It was a task he knew wouldn’t be easy but once more he pledged to her that he would go where she went and be at her back and if that meant walking into the lion's den he would do so time and time again.


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