The weather was changing as it was cold and storming when Rosabelle got off work. While coming out of the fire house, Rosabelle looked at the pouring down rain as she sighed. Many of her co workers offered to take her home but she politely declined just because of her past and was still afraid to ride in a car with someone. She stood under the edge before pulling her umbrella up for her walk home. While she walked, Rosabelle kept an eye out as she didn’t want to get caught from her past.  After a while of walking, the rain lightened up so it was pouring down. Rosabelle was half way home before two cars skidded in front of her, causing her to fall back onto the side walk. Her eyes looked at the cars while the men flooded out and was getting ready to surround her.

Rosabelle quickly got up and made a run for the forest near by with the men close on her tail. Tears started to fall down her face as it mixed with the rain. “Leave me alone!” She screamed as she knew she could hurt them with her claws but her trauma made her even more afraid to do anything. Rosabelle soon tripped and almost fell, luckily she landed on her knees to quickly get back up. Sadly as she started back up to run, one of the men pinned her down and started to punch her. Rosabelle fought back as she used her claws to get them only for them to hit her harder. She soon let out a scream while she continued to fight back. Minutes later, Rosabell felt the man get pulled off of her and dragged off. She coward to a near by tree while Rosabelle watched one man take on the others. Her eye was blackened and had a bunch of bruises but they were slowly healing while she sat there.

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The day was coming to an end” thank the heavens “Ronan sighed as he  waited for the barman to  poured 9  shots  of whiskey  the last 12 hours had been hard he  was  sent by his supervisor to a home invasion gone wrong all occupants were killed  taking one shot downing it quickly  the images he saw was to close to home reminding of the destruction of  his family , he quickly  took  another shot as he looked down the old wooden oak bar of Mc Gilligan's   it was empty, and he was surprised he didn't see Dominic  he recommended the Irish bar, and he was right it did remind him of home 

Time passed between shots talking to  the  barman on shift and  just staring out the  window  as he  turned his head  taking the last shot of whiskey he heard the screeching of  several cars and several men chasing a woman he had witnessed  move with  purpose,  sensing something wasn't right  he rose from his seat as he grabbed his jacket“ cheers  ill definitely recommend the place”  his  accent clear as day as he made his way along  the bar exiting a few minutes later  stepping out of the bar the  heat from the inside was met  by a cook breeze as   he closed his eyes  taking a deep breath before he turned on his heel and began to walk in the direction the men were running  as he reached the end of the block he heard a scream in the direction of the forest Ronan broke out in to a run straight into the forest 

Ronan slipped his hand into  his jacket pocket as he hung  his jacket on the tree as he focused on where the scream had come from  before charging head first  into the fray  pulling  off two guys before   two meeting  two blows to his face  , Ronan smirked as he took it as an invitation to  strike back breaking one of the men's leg with a kick  before  breaking anthers nose” no gents that I have your attention”  his Irish accent  in full flow “if you have an issue with the lady you have an issue with me and as you can see I can defend myself “

Rosabelle watched the man speak to the group as they froze while they held one man with a broken leg. The other glared at the man as the some pulled back. "That girl belongs to us!" One man growled as they stood up while the other men started to get behind him to help, minus the one with a broken leg and the other with a broken nose. Rosabelle looked at the men as she could feel the rain get harder as the storm continued. Her eyes went to the group to the Irish man as he told them that he can defend himself. "Just let us take her and go, she is our property." The leader said as he glared at the man. Rosabelle could tell who they were as she covered her ears from the thunder. 

"Now get out of the way so we can take care of her." The leader said as he started to pop his knuckles. His face covered in deep scratches from Rosabelle attacking him. Lightening flashed across the sky as the rain not only got harder but came down in larger quantities. Before Rosabelle could blink, the men jumped onto the irish man and tried to attack him. 

Ronan smirked as he looked at the man he assumed to be the leader,” the last I checked, owning someone a slave was made illegal a few hundred years ago, and I should know the law “he exposed his police badge as the rain hit his skin and hair Ronan reached for the little satchel on his belt behind his holster as he pulled out the large handle as he flicked the staff extended his eyes scanned the men before looking back at the girl before taking a deep breath” are you alright? ” He pulled out his cell phone tossing it to her” Dial 911 ask for the PD they will recognize my cell phone number. Ronan fell back as the men took him to the ground.

Ronan struggled on the ground against the men as he received various punches the worse fear flooded through his body as he felt his holster being pulled as he defended the punches he reached down to his service pistol with a struggle he licked the safety off as he fired 3 rounds which followed immediately with a scream of pure pain before one rolled over holding his knee   picking up his baton Ronan swing wildly along the backs of the remaining men rolling from underneath them Ronan rose quickly using his staff to aid him he pulled out his pistol aiming at the remaining men as he breathed heavily as he shortened his baton to the size of a dagger as he prepared for the next round

Ronan kept his eyes on his opponent as he spoke towards the girl in a softer tone” look I know you're sacred I have felt the same in the past, but if we are going to get out of this you need to stand up   to show them you're not afraid to stay behind me as we move if you do not trust yourself believe you can like I believe you will walk out of here with me “he fired a shot past a guys head like a warning shot to stay back “he looked back to the girl “I'm Ronan  “he took   another shot at the ground he stopped one guy  jumping backward as he took a deep breath " i believe you can do it “

Rosabella froze in fear as she watched the man toss her his phone to call 911. Before she could start typing in the number, Rosabella jumped as she watched the man fight the men off as she backed up more while her back was against a tree. Her hands shook as she quickly typed in the number and started to answer as she watched in fear. She heard a voice on the other end but she could speak out of fear. As the person on the other side of the phone noticed the number, Rosabella could only manage to whisper, "H-Help." Rosabella watched as she covered her eyes at the gun shots and soon held back a scream as she heard the man's screams of pain. Rosabella dropped the phone in fear as she kept hiding against the tree. 

Hearing the man come back to her as he spoke in a soft tone. Rosabella looked aat him and shivered while he told her to show them she wasnt afraid, but sadly she was. She was terrified as she looked at the man before she picked up his phone and slipped it into her pocket before slowly standing up as she didnt know why but she had a sudden burst of courage as she then heard the man spoke his name as she nodded slowly as she shivered in her stand position and looked at the men. "G-GO AWAY!." She screamed, not noticing her eyes were glowing blue and her scream sounded more like a roar than a scream. Rosabella didnt know what was happening as she looked at the men stare at her in fear and surprise. Before she could even let out another word, her body shifted into a snow leopard and hissing at the men as she stood next to Ronan.


Ronan's eyes widened as he witnessed the girl he was protecting turn into a snow leopard before his very eyes he quickly returned his gaze to the men that were here after them “Could have told me you were a Therian “he knew his tracker was now active and back up would be arriving soon“ you have time to run now “Ronan quickly grabbed his pistol as he fired two shots at their feet he could hear sirens and slam of doors and his name being called” you have time to run but if you come after this girl again I know who you are “his tone was firm as the men began to run apart from the man that was wounded by gunshot. When he entered the woods he knew exactly where he was as he knelt in front of the girl “Run around a mile behind you there is an outdoor gym there is a green locker the code is 3224  then meet me at the crossroads-cafe it's around 6 doors down do you understand now go” he rose to his feet walking to the injured male.

Ronan walked to the male kneeling beside him as he pressed on the broken leg“ What did you see here why were you sent after the girl“ he waited for his answers which he wasn't happy with he pressed down on the leg again as he screamed“ you were sent to take care of a CSI you saw no woman and no big cat understood“ he pressed on the leg till the man agreed just then a torch hit his face“ suspect in custody we need a bus “. A few minutes passed, and Ronan found himself  on the  back of a bus being checked out as he made up a story about what had happened  to an officer as he handed over his service pistol for comparisons at the crime scene  when he was dismissed,  an officer offered to take him anywhere he wanted, remembering what he told the girl  he got in the squad car“ can you take me to the crossroads café I was meeting a friend before I was jumped, as they set off the officer  was talking about what happened and how he wouldn't be here Ronan turned  to the officer“ its fight or flight   if I wasn't cornered I may often, but I knew I couldn't, so I had to fight“ minutes past as  it started to rain  as the patrol car pulled up outside the café” cheers“ he got out to look in the window  it was quite apart from the guy in the corner  he sighed hoping the girl  was alright as he walked in  taking a seat at the front of the window

Rosabella growled and was about to lung at the man that was about to come at them but Ronan told her to run when sirens were getting closer. Her body froze as she heard the sirens and soon made a run for it in the woods so no one else could see her. Hearing what he said before, Rosabella kept running before she managed to shift back into her human form. Her lungs burned as she got back up from shifting back and kept running. Luckily the rain helped her cover her tracks. Meanwhile the men who were laying on the ground groaned in pain. The man groaned louder when Ronan stepped on his leg. "Listen that brat was our ticket for a fortune." He managed to get out before the back arrived and cuffed them. 

Rosabella got to the outdoor gym and looked around as she was kind of in the nude since her clothes were ripped from shifting. Her brain was working overtime as she looked for the green locker and tried to remember the code which she managed to get the first try. She noticed his clothes in there and quickly put them on to cover herself since she couldn't keep walking around in  the nude. Once she was dressed, Rosabella grabbed her things and headed to the café. A sigh escaped her lips as she made her way to the café, once there, Rosabella noticed Ronan which she made her way in and at the table he was sitting at, with her bag in her hands. His clothes were baggy on her small frame but it was nice to be clothed. 

Ronan rose to his feet as he looked at Rosabelle” I'm glad you managed to get here Rosabelle I was concerned you ran into more trouble please sit” he walked overt to the counter” hi can I have two coffees and a burger and fries” Ronan paid the fee for the order before returning to Rosabelle at the table”  you held your self well once you had the courage to fight” he stopped as the waitress brought the drinks and food over” I took the liberty of ordering you food if you anything like my other friend  they get hungry afterwards” he grabbed two sugars as he placed them inside the coffee cup as he gently stirred with a spoon as he waited for the waitress to leave 

Ronan took a sip from his coffee as he looked at the girl as he placed the cup down as he sighed gently" sorry for those clothes being   a tad to large i wasn't expecting the situation tonight” he sat back in his seat as he looked at her “how long have you been therian  " he said quietly as he held both hands around the coffee mug"  he listened to her response nodding on occasions in acknowledgement he raised his coffee cup to his lips taking another sip of coffee before he lowered the cup again the second question” why were those men after you did you steal something from them or did you shift in front of them or something”  he waited as she spoke again  nodding when he had to "  before you ask I'm not human I'm Dhampir I've trained to fight for most of my life " he went quiet for a few minutes as he thought before replying”  would you like me to rain you   even if It's enough just for you to keep your head and defend yourself butt its  up to you 

When Rosabelle noticed him, she was surprised when he got up to check on her before the two sat down. Hearing him talk about ordering food for her made her stomach growl at the mention of food.  "I-I didn't know what came over me." She said softly. Her body shivered a bit but she listened to him talk about how he had a therian friend when he ordered food. She nodded as she watched him make his coffee the way he liked while the waitress left the two. Her eyes examined the café as there wasn't many people there, she kept fidgeting with the clothes alittle, nervously. Once he spoke again, Rosabelle turned her head to look at him as he apologized for the clothes which she shook her head. "I-Its fine... I am just kind of glad I wasn't running around naked." she said softly as she looked at the counter when he asked about how long she was a therian.

"Most my life apparently." She said as she looked at him. "D-didn't know I was until I was about I think 16." She said as she looked at him with a serious look. "My life hasn't really been kind to me." She said softly as she then looked at the counter. Once the food got there, Rosabella started to eat slowly as she listened to his question about the men. "N-No I would never... I was kidnapped them a while back. They apparently managed to find me again since they want their little slave girl." She said softly as she went back to eating some of the fries alittle as she then heard him talk about how he wasn't human. "T-Train me?" She said softly before looking down at her plate. "I-I would like that. I cant rely on Dominic and Lachlan to protect me anymore....since both are busy." She said softly as she ate more of the food slowly as she didn't want to look like a pig.

Ronan stopped as he listened to the girls answers “may be Meditation will help you control how and when it happens, so you have more control of the transformation” he grabbed a napkin as he began to draw a stick figure” the hole point of meditation is to feel as one with nature as well as yourself   for example in the woods you stood your ground once you were ready like a tree burying its roots deep into the ground and stand firmly, when you begin to run you will feel like the wind when you strike your movements will be as fluid and quick as the ocean”  he looked at her” you can't change who you are, but you can learn to have your other side in your life to.

When she stuttered "Train me, Ronan nodded“ how to punch, kick, defend yourself as well as judging a situation and when to engage and when to run“ he listened to Rose as he heard the name Dominic Howlett?” he nodded” I take it you know where the Ailward territory is then“ he asked questionably before taking a sip of his coffee before placing it back on the table as he grabbed another Napkin as he began to write things down“  you will need to close to train in and bring spare   tape and food“  noted down his cell phone number“ when you ready text me and I will be awaiting you the next morning at 6am in the grounds of the manor“ he noticed her meal going down slowly” are you ok“  it felt strange seeing a therian not scoff food down like  Dom did especially sapphires cookies 

When you are ready ill escort you home you shouldn't have issues with the men now we have an APB on those who escaped, and the ones arrested should talk“ he took another sip of his drink” And no I'm not human I'm a Dhampir“ he chuckled” I bet you were waiting for me to say I'm a leprechaun in disguise “ 

As Ronan explained meditation for a while as she ate quietly. Her eyes kept looking from him to around the café every few minutes as she was still skittish with the men and also how things brought up memories that she didn't want to remember. Rosabella soon finished her plate and watched him write on the napkins to explain meditation and also write other things down. She opened her bag and was happy that her paperwork wasn't soaked but her phone was no where in her bag. Her mind started to race alittle and groaned softly, 'I guess it fell out of my bag when I fell.' She thought before turned her attention back to Ronan.

Rosabella listened as he talked about training her to defend herself and other things. When he mentioned Dom's name, Rosabella nodded, "Y-Yea he saved me when I was younger, about 18 to be exact." She said softly as she sipped her coffee as she listened to him. "Ailward territory?" She asked, confused about the territories. She watched him grab another napkin and write more things as she then noticed the waitress coming over.  "Is there anything else?" The waitress asked which Rosabella spoke quietly. "Umm can i get another order of fries?" She asked shyly. The waitress nodded and refilled the cups of coffee before leaving. "Ok." She said as she looked at the notes before hearing him asking about if she was ok. "Y-Yea." She said softly as she smiled alittle. 

Her eyes looked at the notes as she listened to him talk about escorting home. "N-No you have already done enough. I dont want to take anymore of your time." She said as the waitress brought the fries. "T-Thank you." Rosabella said as she looked back to Ronan, while the waitress left . A giggle came out her of lips at his joke as she shook her head. "I-I kind of figured you weren't human." She said as she smiled. 

 Ronan raised his hand and apologized for the confusion caused by his usage of a regional term. He went on to explain that in Ireland, if one owned a piece of land, it was referred to as blank territory. For his father, their lands were known as winter territory. Currently, Ronan was staying at a manor that was owned by Venetus Ailward. Although he had a room thanks to his hosts, it was still considered Ailward territory, which made sense to him. Ronan raised his hand and apologized for the confusion caused by his usage of a regional term. He went on to explain that in Ireland, if one owned a piece of land, it was referred to as blank territory. For his father, their lands were known as winter territory. Currently, Ronan was staying at a manor that was owned by Venetus Ailward. Although he had a room thanks to his hosts, it was still considered Ailward territory, which made sense to him.

Ronan quickly glanced at Rosa, a look of concern etched on his face. "Would you allow me to take you a couple of blocks from here to ensure that you are safely away from the area?" he asked. "Besides, Dominic would skin me alive if he knew that I saw what happened and didn't make sure that you were escorted away from the scene."
He nodded to himself as the waitress brought over another plate of fries and refilled his coffee cup. "Thank you," he said, adding three sugars to the steaming cup. "If you ever feel unsafe in the future, you can come here. It's a cop cafe."
As he took a sip of his coffee, the sound of the rain began to hit objects outside. He watched as vehicles and people hurriedly passed by. "What brought you to the city?" he asked Rosa, his curiosity piqued as he looked at her" i had noother plans i was heading home myself.

Rosabelle smiled softly as she heard him apologize for the mannerism before she noticed his face change to concern as she tilted her head alittle. "Umm Sure." She said as she then heard him talk about Dominic. "I-I think Dom would be more angry with me for walking home alone." She said as she ate some fries and rubbed her neck.  When he told her if she felt unsafe to come to the café which she nodded and smiled.  "Thank you." She said softly as she ate the fries as she looked at her list which was growing at some of the things she needed to do, first was to contact Dominic and tell him about the incident before telling him that she needs a new phone. 

"Umm I work at the fire station as their secretary. Dom was able to help me get the job after saving my life a long time ago and also helping meet the Alpha." She said as she looked at him and smiled "I-I actually don't live that far, care to walk me home?" She asked 

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