Coffee, she needed coffee with lots of sugar, oh how she would get a mouth full about how she shouldn’t be eating sugar but it truly was additive to their kind. She tried to have a little bit of it every now and then. Though lately it felt more often since the nightmares of her son had started to pick up. So as her hand ran over her hand sleepily she made her way into the cafe and found her way in line. She looked to her watch for a moment before feeling an overwhelming wave of sadness wash over her. “Not today.” She muttered under her breath softly as she turned to look over her shoulder to the male who just entered the Cafe. 

Her heart started to ache in her chest throbbing away letting her know he was sad over a loss of the heart. Most likely a wife or a girlfriend. The image of the woman he was longing for flashed in her head and she knew this was a sign she needed to help. Looking longingly at the coffeemaker she sighed and made her way into the bathroom. Spending a little time she shifted into the woman who was on his mind. Before she knew it her appearance shifted and she stared into the reflection of a woman she never met. 

She moved out of the bathroom then and moved into the cafe, her eyes locked with Logans and she tossed a gentle smile towards him. Watching the confusion cross his face as she passed him knowing that he would most likely follow she moved out of the Cafe, turning right and making her way towards a small pond park that had a bench on it. It was mostly empty besides ducks and it would be a good place to let him talk it out. As she made it to the park she sat on the bench and crossed her legs waiting.

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This morning was the best morning he had had in a while managing to get a full two minutes of sleep which beat his record of thirty seconds. Obviously, this was not enough for anyone but with the nightmares and memories that haunted him and kept him from sleep there really was not much, he could do. He had tried sleep medications and medicinal ways but none worked. Work and home were what his life was now and occasionally he would help his sister with her training but other than that he had become an enigma. A passing figure in a crowd of faces. 

I rubbed my face as I entered the cafe... Why was I here? Coffee... Right the chief wanted coffee. I personally did not drink any since I could not sleep anyway. I blew a breath past my lips, ignoring everyone because I knew their looks all too well. Most knew the rumours about me, they knew the lies and they believed them. I stopped ignoring the crowd when someone rudely bumped into me and caused me to spill the coffee in my hands. I growled faintly looking back at the man brushing myself off as I spun on my heels to head back on to the line to get another coffee. Instead, I froze when my eyes saw a familiar set in the crowd. I am tired so I had snapped that was it that had to be it. I turned away from the women I knew intimately trying to convince myself I had lost it at last and she was not real. 

He breathed hard trying to hold himself together and not wanting to make a scene in the local cafe. All his red flags were waving telling him to trust his gut and not follow what he had seen. He was standing on the line again telling himself it was just a delusion and that she was not real. Before he could even process anything though he was jogging after her because at the end of the day she was the love of his life. He caught up to her quick but kept his distance still sure she was a lapse in his own sanity. When she sat he shook his head "no." He said to himself because he could not believe this was real. "No." He said again as he turned to walk away but he just stood there. He found it impossible to walk away so he spun again and approached extremely slow and stared at her for a long time once right in front of her. He looked around wondering if others could see her or would ot just seem like he had completely lost it all and would just be talking to himself. "Just... Just tell me you are not real. Tell me I am crazy so I know what to do." 

Dropping herself in the form of a lost love one didn’t always hook the bait so to say. So as she sat there staring out at the lake she was sure that he wouldn’t show up. Maybe she shouldn’t have been so indirect. She was losing her touch. She had gotten so used to soothing mothers and their babies that she hadn’t used this ability in what felt like such a long time now. She looked to the hands that were not her own as they pressed to her knees for a quiet moment as she tried to even remember what to answer to. Would she royal fuck this up? There was a reason she was good with mothers and babies over adult men.

Eventually his shadow came into view and she slowly moved her eyes up to look at him as he stood there staring for a long moment. Well this is awkward she thought to herself in that quiet moment but still just waited in that quiet moment to let him process what he was seeing in front of him. She gave a gentle smile before she patted the space beside her. “Sit down Logan.” She said knowing his name from the bit of insight that she gained from him. “I am not what you think.” She said softly as she assured him.

“We do need to have a talk since you are dwelling on something you couldn’t control.” She said to him knowing that feeling of the world on your shoulders. “My death wasn’t your fault.” She said softer as her hand came to rest on his softly. “When are you going to see that and let it go?” She said gently as her eyes remind on him.

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