It felt like forever, since the Celestial had last ventured into Ailward Territory; the last time that had been the Isle of Skye. But since she had lived in Evermore, she had avoided the mansion where the Aspects and Guards lived. For the most part, it had been the fear and resentment she felt towards the other faction for a long while; until she had started to rekindle her friendships with the Aspect of Death Ery, and his siblings Cora and Ven. It was a progress, a long one at least. Feeling a little prouder of herself, that she could be around them, without wanting to scratch someone’s eyes out; was a big progress for her. Part of her had missed hanging out with her old friends; it felt like things were getting better.

So that evening, when she ended up at the Ailward manor; she was still shocked at herself. How did she end up there? That was a question of courage and maybe some persuasion from Ven and Cora, to visit them. Ven after all, was the first to question why she didn’t visit. Artemis just hoped that Malva’s tiger wasn’t on the loose. That was something, she didn’t need. Getting chased by a wild hungry feline cat, around the Ailward Mansion, wasn’t on her list. It had taken a lot of self pep-talk before she had even arrived. But to be fair, she spent a fun evening with Cora and Ven, catching up with the pair. She even took notice, how there were some new guards, that she didn’t remember meeting before. Artemis could see that the Ailwards were growing in numbers again; she supposed for them, it was a good thing. Seeing how they lost so much, at the Isle of Skye.

It was getting late, and she didn’t even realise what time it was; till she glanced out of the window, seeing how dark it was. “Oh’s late.” Seeing the time, it was almost 1am? Wow...late indeed. 

The Celestial had a messed up sleeping pattern every once in a while; so staying up so late, was nothing new for her. “I swear, you guys are a bad influence.” she joked, as she glanced towards the two Aspects. Feeling, like old times indeed.

As she eventually decided to say goodnight, Artemis was about to take her leave. Until she heard a slight thud. Walking over to the doorway, she poked her head around the corner; to inspect what it was, that was making the noise. Raising an eyebrow, when she saw a familiar male with wild curls, in the near distance. “Looks like my evening is about to get more interesting.” she muttered to herself.

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There’s many things he’s proud of along with many things he wasn’t so proud of too. Making many mistakes along the way. Years ago he hadn’t seen himself as the leader type of person. Always being more of the follower than leader till he found himself taking on all the responsibility when the guard found themselves without a leader. Damien knew there were others who were more qualified for the position but all said no. He didn’t know whether it was that they didn’t want it or that it was something that’s cused. In the end it fell on him. All in all he was good at his job. Skilled in all areas, he was good at tracking. Mostly down to his Valkyr traits helping. It’s what made the guard so special and good at what they do. All able to use and combine their surpuentual traits and abilities to their work. That's why they were all so good at their job and what they do, having more of an advantage than what human’s were able to do on their own. Damien missed the simpler times when he was sent out on missions rather than being the one who sends people out on them. But now and again he’d find himself tagging along with other guards, not missing out on the fun completely even though now he’s got more responsibility and work in his place than before. He did miss the simpler times.

It was getting late when he had left the club. Probably mere hours in the morning when people were all making their exit. Damien had left Erytherus there. Seeing how the Aspect of Death was leaving with a woman strapped to his arm. Something that happened most nights these days. How Damien would find himself being dragged to different bars and clubs because an Aspect wanted to go but needed a guard to go with them for protection or a wingman. Damien was one to handle his drink but he could never out drink either Dominic or Eryterus. Always amazed how the teo of them weren’t on the floor how much they had to compare to him. Finding at the end of the night he would find himself stumbling back home to the manor but at least he wasn’t doing the walk of shame. Damien thought it would be best to head back home rather than stop over at his boyfriends. For different reasons. He didn’t want to wake Arwyn up knowing that Therian probably was asleep, too he didn’t want for him to worry where he’d been. Ever since he came to clean about his work and life now, he’d find that Arwyn would be always worrying more than normal for his safety. His boyfriend was always paranoid, more of the warrior of the two but now it’s highted. Plus he didn’t want to explain that he was hanging around with Eryterus who he used to have a few drunken flings with in the past before they were back together. That Arwyn would worry about that. All different things why he was best off going back home and sleeping off his incoming hangover. 

Somehow he managed to find himself a taxi that took him back to the manor normally he’d end up walking the rest of the way but tonight he was lucky. It took him a few tries, thumbling around trying to get the key in the lock to open the front doors. When he did he stumbled in, not able to walk in a straight line. Probably looking light in a state but he still managed to be wearing his cowboy hat that he called his signature accessory but nowadays he wore it to annoy people. Too he was carrying a bottle of booze that was wrapped in a brown bag. Damien didn’t care to look around knowing that most people are asleep at this time of night. Stumbling into and through the foyer to one of the nearby sofa’s Nearly falling off it as he sat down. 

She might as well have been invisible; as the Valkyr guard didn’t even notice her presence. Watching Damien walk over to the nearest couch. How he was slumping...wasn’t the best. Especially, if he’d topple over and throw up...not a mess, she exactly wanted to clean up, or leave the cleaners to deal with either. As he almost fell off the couch. The Celestial had quickly moved towards him...grabbing his shoulders and moving him back against the couch, so he didn’t fall off. “Steady on, you drunk cow-boy.” Maybe, it was a slight dig, at his hat and the way he was dressed. Very western-like. But the concern was still there. He was a mess. Now that she was closer to Damien, he reeked of heavy alcohol. It made her stomach twist, suppressing her gag reflex. But her nose wrinkled. The Celestial had enjoyed few drinks in the past; but nowhere near to the point, where she looked as hammered as Damien. She usually stayed at a tipsy, slightly drunk level; as some drinks made her a light-weight. But never overly heavily drunk. Cause...that’d be gross.

Seeing he had a bottle in his hand. She reached for it, before he could think about taking a swig.“Oh no, you don’t.” Artemis ended up prying the covered bottle from his hands. “You’re drunk enough, as it is.” Moving the bottle away from Damien’s reach; she set it on one of the small tables in the foyer.

Why did she stay? Artemis could have just walked past Damien and out of the mansion; and left him to his own devices. But if she was in such a state; she’d hope...that someone would be nice enough to help her out. So that’s why she was here right now. Clearly, the man needed some help recovering...and make sure...he didn’t vomit everywhere. It shouldn’t have been her problem; more like Arwyn or Nadiya’ deal with a drunk Damien. But they weren’t here. So it came on her, by her own choice to help the Valkyr Guard.

The Celestial couldn’t help but wonder, whom on earth had made Damien in charge of the Guards? This wasn’t exactly, a best example to set to the rest of his people. Coming in drunk off his head. “Don’t look so surprised, you almost look like you’ve seen a ghost.” The Celestial said playfully. But realised, he probably wasn’t expecting her, of all people, to be awake at this hour...let alone even here. Looks like she’ll have to leave the Ailward Mansion, at a later hour than first planned. Looking at him, she shook her head slightly. “You really do look a state.” she sighed. Internally, she had a few ideas of whom might be to blame for him being so drunk...aside from himself, of course.

Nowadays Damien didn’t know why he always turned to booze at the end of each night. Was it just because of habit or way to deal with all of the struggles and pressures that came with his job. Noticing now that Erytherus was drinking more, both of them blamed themselves for Vladimir\s death. How they were the ones who decided and chose to send guards out on missions. It was more painful when their people didn't return home. This time it hurt the most, seeing all the people who were left behind having to pick up the pieces. Damien thought it was best not to let Ery drown and wallow in self pity by himself, that's why either himself or Dominic goes to join him at any run down bars they could find that they hadn’t been kicked out of yet. Damien knew he should slow down his drinking. How he knew that Arwyn and his boyfriend weren’t too fond of his drinking habits, how he was always moaning at him to take more days off. So that's another reason why he chooses to go back home to the manor after coming back from a drinking session. Plus he was not a good person when hungover, trying to outdrink the others. 

The Valkyr snuck back into the manor thinking he would go unseen or so he had hoped. Slumping down on the sofa knowing he wouldn’t make it to his room so the foyer would do for him to sleep off his hungover that was soon to come. Damien hadn’t noticed that someone had caught him till he heard the voice of someone who hadn’t seen in a long time. Yet one that used to be so familiar. Damien wasn’t so surprised seeing the brunette sneak around the manor from time to time either out of Cora or Venetus’s rooms. “Arwyn likes the cowboy hat” He commented, slurring his words almost. Everyone who he met or had been close with would tease him about his clothing style and choices because he would wear a cowboy hat when not in Texas. It was an old habit, one he’d not lost. 

Just as he went to take another sip of the bottle of booze he brought back with him, he felt it being quickly snapped out of his grasp. Making the Valkyr frown and sulk a little. “But but” He tried to say but knew it was hopeless whenever someone would find him drunk like this. Normally it was Bexley who would help his drunk ass then she’d end up beating him up a little in process. In the manor all of the guards and aspects had weird relationships and friendships with each other. They were all family in a way, like sisters and brothers. “Don’t you have a castle to go back to?” He commented looking to the celestial pointing out how she was in the wrong place if she was looking for home. Damien knew he probably wasn’t making much sense, now starting to regret going out to the bar tonight.  Sighing to himself, he took off his hat and put it on the coffee table in front of them beside the bottle of booze that was taken off him.

Damien cleared his throat turning to the brunette knowing she wasn’t going to let him off easy like old times. “It’s been a while, little star” He teased her softly, shooting him a small smile even though he knew that she probably was still not ready to forgive him for their species past. The Valkyr grinned at her insult, almost proud of it. “Why thank you, I always try my best you know. You should see the others, when I left them”  Smirking to Artemis, almost making her regret choosing to stay and talk to his drunk ass. “You look good tho” He smiled softly looking over to her, he wasn’t flirting, put it out there. Seeing how she was shining more brighter, the opposite to when he last saw her. There were many regrets that he’s made since becoming an Ailward Guard. Choosing to stick to and follow the Aspects and others guards decision was his worst one. Seeing how he helped to hurt and destroy people. Since becoming commander he made sure to make better decisions rather than following commands, able to help do better. That’s what he’s been doing. 

The Celestial had no idea, what she had gotten herself into; by deciding to stay at the mansion to talk to a very drunk Damien. But it was done.  Knowing too well, that she’d feel guilty if she didn’t stay back to try and help him out of his drunken state. Despite all that the Ailwards had done to her kind-Artemis was moving past it and rekindling long lost friendships, that got burned in that long process so many years ago.

Catching onto his slurred words, Artemis knew she was in for a looonger night, than expected. “I am sure, he wouldn’t appreciate a very-off his ass drunk boyfriend, though.” She pointed out, how having a drunk half was less than satisfactory for the other party. Thank God, Arwyn wasn’t here...or he’d probably have a fit, if he saw Damien like this and probably lecture Damien about being in such a state. But Damien would get lectured, by others for the time being-her included on that list. “Don’t even think twice about it.” The Celestial half warned, as Damien got all pouty, trying to reach for the booze that she snatched from him. To truly get rid of the booze that got him so drunk. The Celestial popped open one of the windows, before grabbing the bottle again, popping it open and pouring out the contents from the window...hearing it trickle and hitting the grass outside of the mansion. Before tossing the empty bottle into one of the bins near the couches in the hallway. Saving Damien from an even bigger head-ache and hang-over. Even if he wouldn’t be impressed, with her tossing the rest of the booze out of the window. It was for his own good.

Raising a slight eyebrow at his comment. “I don’t own the castle.” She slightly shook her head. Damien’s drunk words were harder to make out. So it had taken her a few moments to gather, what he had meant to say. “And I am certain that leaving your drunk ass like this would be unwise.” Home and sleep could wait. Getting Damien sober was more important, if the Ailwards and their cleaning staff, didn’t want to deal with a messy mansion, thanks to Damien. For a few moments, she looked at him, just shaking her head. Still unable to put together, how he even thought he would be able to keep up with Ery and his drinking. This was utter madness. “You really need to stop, trying to catch up with Ery and his drinking ways. Unless you want to end up in an early grave, for over-drinking yourself.” Not that being intoxicated could kill him-but was unhealthy as anything and damaging nonetheless. 

There it was, that old familiar nickname from Damien. Artemis managed a slight smile-even if a hint of annoyance at his state; was still evident in her expression. “That’s a bit of an understatement.” It was probably a lot longer, than a while. Shaking her head, as Damien was almost cocky and impressed with himself for turning up like this. Rolling her eyes into the back of her head-she could only imagine, what a disaster, he had left his drinking buddies in. For a few moments, she wasn’t sure if he was trying to flirt, or not. “Alright Mr. Before you start to drunkenly flirt, let’s get you something to eat.” Half guessing, that he probably had nothing to eat, whilst he was out drinking...or he wouldn’t be such a mess. Food was a good way to absorb some of the alcohol in his system. Gesturing for Damien to stand took the Celestial a few attempts to help him up and off of the couch. “Try not to throw up on me.” Having an arm around him for support, she made her way towards the kitchen with Damien. Almost lugging his weight behind her and attempting to keep him upright.

Fiddling around the walls; once they reached the kitchen. It took a few moments for her hand to find the kitchen lights...switching them on. Walking over to the island counter in the middle of the kitchen, she made sure that Damien was sitting upright, before she made her way over to the large fridge and cupboards; going through what the Ailwards had; so she could make Damien something to eat.

It was an often occurrence for a guard member or Aspects alike to stumble back into the manor late at night or early hours of the morning. Mostly after a late night drinking session. Then the next day they’d all be paying for it with the hangovers that was to come. He used to just make it to one of the couches in the lobby of the manor then just sleeping it off. People were all used to it by now but it seemed like Artemis didn’t get the memo or forgot what he was like. “It wouldn’t be the first time he’d seen it. You should see when he’s drunk. He becomes extra needy and clingy.” He pointed out almost so smugly that he’s not the worst one of the bunch when it came to drunks. It never took many drinks before Arwyn would become drunk how his drinks level wasn’t like his own. That he’d often tease him for being a light weight and not able to handle his alcohol. That he’s still a young pup. Damien tried reaching for the bottle of booze before feeling his hand being slapped away from grabbing it. With Artemis thinking fast. “You sound like Bexley when she tries to be my sponsor” Sighing almost. The ones who try to cut him off the booze never do it gently. Damien watched in horror as the Celestial poured the rest of his bottle of booze away out of the window onto the ground below. “What a waste” Still gasping that anyone like him would be like seeing it all go to waste whilst him and others always savour all of the contents.  

“Owns or lives in one same thing” Even though they weren’t he was too drunk to think of anything else. “You can always leave me that what everyone else does, so don’t waste your time with me” Warning her off, thinking he didn’t need her help whilst in reality he does but never want to admit that he’s not able to handle his booze all of the time. “I don’t know how that guy does it, he’s so old but he’s able to put people on the floor when it comes to drinking” Still in disbelief of the Aspect when it came to drinking. “Don’t worry I can’t die from drinking too much, if it was true that would have happened a long time ago” He commented sarcastically looking a bit smug even when it’s something not to be proud of. 

He had missed her that was for sure but before he’d never found the courage to seek her out or any other celestials at that after all that happened. Damien was too ashamed of himself and that he played a part in it all. That the people he had hurt wouldn’t be able to accept his apologies, he wouldn’t blame them either. So he kept his distance, thinking that was the best thing he could do. Though he had noticed how there were some others in the manor who celestials have started to forgive. That not everyone is able to hold grudges forever.  Whenever had a bit too much to drink he’d find himself saying things with no filter, that include trying to flirt. “Arwyn and Erythreus never complains” He teased, shooting her a smirk to annoy her a little like the old days. “But I just want to sleep.” Trying to protest almost not at the stage to eat food, but he had forgotten to eat before they went out like usual. It seemed like with all his protesting that Mitra hadn’t given up on him, even trying to help him up. Damien had helped her trying to get on his own but trying not to trip over his own feet. “Don’t worry I’ve been vomit free since 93” Smirking proudly as they made their way to the kitchen which wasn’t so easy. Somehow Mitra managed to make it to the kitchen ordering him to sit in one of the bar stools. Damien tried to balance his drunk ass on one of the stools. The Valkyr watched as the Celestials raided the fridge and cupboards. “You know your way around the kitchen, huh?” He chuckled softly almost saying how he’d noticed her in and around the manor even when she didn’t notice he was around. 

The Celestial rose a slight eyebrow, as Damien began to compare himself and others when being drunk. Not looking impressed. It’s not like that, would talk him out of this situation. “At least, he has more sense than you...and doesn’t drink himself into oblivion like you do.” pointing out one difference between him and Arwyn. It seemed like she wasn’t the only one that was trying to set Damien on a better path, hearing how his fellow guard member Bexley, was the one that usually brought him back to reality, like she was attempting right now. “Good. You need more sponsors, to get your drunk butt out of trouble.” Not blinking, when he complained about the booze going to waste, as she emptied the bottle out of the window. “Trust me, you’ll thank me later...when you recover..” Well, here’s to hoping he would. But it was good for him. Whether he wanted to believe it or not. 

Tilting her head, in slight confusion at his drunken slur. Artemis shook her head. “No, it’s not!” But she couldn’t help but look slightly amused. His drunk come-back, was a bit amusing. But she chose to ignore his warnings. There was no way, that she would be leaving him in such a state. No one would appreciate being left like that, despite him being a pain in the ass. It wasn’t her, to leave someone like that. Past or no past. “I don’t even want to know how he has such a high tolerance. It’s scary.” The Celestial muttered honestly. Ery’s alcohol tolerance would floor anyone. And some might find it impressive, she on the other hand found it worrying. Hearing Damien’s quip, she raised a slight eyebrow. Not looking so impressed, with his smug look. Squinting at him, slightly. “That’s nothing to be proud of.” she uttered, shaking her head at the Ailward Guard.

Out of all the places to run into Damien; The Celestial didn’t think it would turn out like this, him bringing his drunk ass back to the manor. Suppressing an eye roll, The Celestial sighed slightly. “I see, you’re still as annoying as ever.” she shook her head, hiding her amusement. Whether or not she wanted to admit it, Damien had amused her often, but more times than not; he did manage to get on her nerves with annoying comments. “You can sleep afterwards, right now...your body needs to absorb some of the alcohol in your system, so you don't have a major hang-over in the morning.” Or well, it’d still be major. But she might help him in some ways, by lessening it, with some food. Shaking her head, at his vomit comment. “Mhh, let’s hope you can keep your record then.” she said with a slight laugh. Deciding to go for some eggs and bacon, along with pancakes. Artemis had pulled out the needed ingredients...setting them on the counter in front of her. “It’s a kitchen Damien, not a maze.” Artemis muttered, as she heard his comment. But she had been here in the Ailward Kitchen a few times with Cora, so it’s not like she was a stranger to where things were. Putting on the coffee maker, she glanced over at him. “How do you take your coffee?” Coffee being one of the few things, that helped people when drunk. She then pulled out some pain killers from her purse...setting the packet and a glass of water in front of Damien. Whether or not he wanted it, it’d come in useful, to fight a head-ache. With that, the Celestial began to make the pancake mix.

When he had a little bit too much to drink he was more irritating than normal. Not knowing what a filter was. Years back it used to get him into quite a bit of trouble to say the least. Getting into bar brawls with whoever decided to pick up a fight with him. In the past he used to flirt or kiss someone who was taken then the boyfriend would take a swing at him. Then he would react like anyone else would. To go in for the fight. Ending up in him either being chucked out of the bar or ending up in jail for the night until he sobered up. Normally he managed to use Bexley to bail him out. It hadn’t happened to him in quite a while. Ever since he got back with Arwyn. With the Lycanthrope keeping him out of trouble but it hadn’t kept him from his drinking habits. Which Artemis’s now is seeing for herself. “Arwyn likes to keep out of trouble” Lately it seemed like whenever he consumed too much it would be when he was out drinking with either Ertytherus or Dominic. He would say that they were bad influences to him but he was just as bad choosing to go with them. “I haven’t been up to trouble lately, I’ll have you know” He shot the Celestial a teasing smirk. Knowing she knew what lengths of trouble any of the Ailwards gets up to. That she’d seen it happen first hand and had once been so used to. It was heartbreaking to see alcohol going for waste like that. 

The Valkyr continued to sulk a little as Artemis was continuing to stop him from getting his hands on any more alcohol for the night. “Yes it is” Damien shot back as they continued to bicker like old times. One thing that continued to confuse them all were Erytheuru’s drinking habits “I think it’s gotten worse in the past few years” He pointed out truthfully, knowing the celestial once cared for or even loved the Aspect of Darkness at one point. That she probably doesn't want to know what he gets up to these days  when he has a bit too much to drink. Damien choose to stay quiet, yawning a little feeling a bit tired. Not knowing what the time was not boring to fiddle about in his pockets to find his phone that would most likely be dead. Having a habit of not charging it until it was dead which was bad if he needed to be reached. 

“You know you love it really” He teased, grinning, knowing that she had missed him even if she wasn’t going to say it outloud. Always knowing how to annoy her but she knew took any of it to heart. People were used to how he was by now along with when he was a bit tipsy too. Normally he never bothers to eat anything after coming in late at night from the bar. Yet always having a hangover in the morning because of it. “I normally have toast in the morning” Damien could understand what she was trying to do so he could avoid having a bad hangover in the morning. Most people would leave him be but the Valkyr knew how persistent the celestial could be. Damien could see that he managed to make her laugh with his vomit free comment. He just continued to sit there watching as she was walking around the kitchen finding all what she needed. His drunk self wasn’t taking much notice to watch ingredients she was picking up. “Believe me there are some guards who still are confused about where things are in the kitchen” Making a sly comment but pointing out the truth but it mostly was the gadgets that confused them the most.  “I’ll have coffee with some milk please” He lived and breathed coffee like everyone else but he was one of the few who didn’t take it black even when he was drunk or hungover. Moments later a glass of water and some painkillers were placed in front of him for him to take. “Are you trying to give Nadiya a run for her money?” He teased her softly to how she was mothering him almost, looking after his drunk self whilst everyone else kept away. 

Artemis knew that she cared too much; it was always one of her weaknesses in a way. Even when people hurt her, part of her still cared for them. As Damien spoke about Arwyn, at least one of them was trouble-free. As for Damien, Artemis didn’t fully believe him when he said he had kept out of trouble. Looking at him with a raised eyebrow. “Of course you haven’t.” Artemis muttered, clearly not believing him. Her eyes slightly rolling at his teasing smirk. He knew how to get under her skin, with his annoying tendencies. Just like the good old days. “If you haven’t been getting into trouble...what would you call it then?” She asked, curious. Waiting for what kind of an answer, Damien would come out with.

Those two could bicker like siblings, when they got at it. It was no different; Even though they hadn’t seen each other in a long while. At the talk of Ery, the Celestial bit the inside of her cheek. Yes, it did hurt her to know that the Aspect was getting worse. Their relationship had been complicated and confusing to most that had found out about it; sometimes to even herself. But she still cared for Ery. That wouldn’t change, despite the chaos that had happened between their people. It bothered her, that he was sinking down so low; but she tried not to let it show...or she wouldn’t hear enough about it from Damien. But somehow, it didn’t surprise her that Ery had been drinking himself to a pulp the way he had; things had been bad from what she had heard from Cora and Ven, and on occasion when Ery mentioned a few things here and there. “I suppose that’s his choice then.” Artemis avoided eye contact, as she was pottering around the kitchen, keeping herself busy rather than thinking about the chaos that was around in her life.

Of course, Damien knew her better than that. “I hate how you know me so well.” Artemis muttered under her breath slightly. Even if she had a high wall up in front of her; he could see right through it. She did miss him. It reminded him, off their better days before things went to pot. As Damien mentioned toast, Artemis nodded slightly. “I am not sure, that toast will be enough to stop that hang-over.” But she would include some toast with bacon and eggs and pancakes. As he mentioned that some of the guards were confused about where things were in the kitchen, she shook her head. “How is that possible? They live here. Surely they don’t need a map for the kitchen.” she said jokingly. Hearing his request for coffee, Artemis poured out the freshly brewed coffee into a large mug, with some milk before passing it to Damien. Raising an eyebrow at his question. “Do I look like I am old enough to be your mother?” she questioned, before giving him a warning look not to say anything insulting. No, she wasn’t giving Nadiya a run for her money; she was doing what any good friend would have done. Look out for a hung-over friend. Soon enough the scent of cooking filled the kitchen as the Celestial got to work. Making fried eggs with bacon, on a separate pan she was making pancakes. Putting some bread in the toaster; soon enough the toaster dung, springing out some freshly made warm toast. Once the eggs and bacon were done, Artemis put it on a plate and in front of Damien; before she carried on with making the pancakes. The butter and cutlery was also out in front of the Guard, so he didn’t have to wander far in case he lost balance with his drunk self.

Trouble was something that meant the opposite for people like them. In a way it was a good thing. An occurrence that happened so often was normal. That trouble followed any of them wherever they went. Whether it be supernatural or just people getting up to no good. Mostly these days the Valkyr manages to stay out of trouble. Finding that if he does find himself in a spot of trouble normally there's another Ailward involved. Especially when alcohol too was in the mix. “You wound me little star” He pretended to feel hurt placing his hand to where his unbeaten heart was. Too scrunching up his nose a little. “Living in a manor full of Ailwards” Damien sniggered a little before chuckling, still he was feeling too drunk to think of a better comeback. 

Damien hadn’t thought about his choice of words. Not realising at first that he was talking about something that is tabo or it should be. Maybe it was that seeing Artemis was being back memories and bit notaglia. All of the good things that happened once ago. Damien bit the inside of his cheek knowing that he should stay quiet and not talk about a specific Aspect anymore. The Valkyr quickly thought of something else to talk about but the Celestial thought it was him being drunk. “You should come over to Nadiya's place, Poison Pleasure House. If you want to go somewhere that’s not here or at your star castle” He rattled on. His choice of words was poor without an explanation involved, forgetting for a moment that she wouldn’t have a clue what he was talking about. That he just asked her about going to a brothel instead of saying the correct term of his adoptive mothers place. “Wait, wait… wait” He started to explain himself. “I don’t mean in that way. The person who owns it I’m close to. Sometimes I work behind the desk or have my own space there if I want to escape this place for a bit” Some people thought it was weird getting close to Valkyr who turned him but they had a mother-son relationship. Who knew them, it makes sense but he was probably sounding crazy right now. 

“You love it really” He grinned letting her know that they were stuck with each other for better or for worse. Knowing each other better than they know themselves at times. Making the Valkyr realise how much he missed having Artemis around. “I normally just raid the cupboards for crisps or chocolate” To have some munchies especially if he’d had any of Virideus’s stash of homemade weed. Soon as he mentioned that some people didn’t know their way around the kitchen he could see how puzzled Artemis was. “It’s simple really, some just live and breathe coffee or protein shakes and snacks” He himself never got into any of that stuff preferring real food over just shakes and smoothies. Preferring something substantial and real. “Thank you” Smiling as he was handed a large cup of coffee which looked so good right now. Damien didn’t know what to say when Artemis said he looked old enough to be his mother knowing that she was waiting for him to say something wrong like usual. “Well no but you have this motherly attitude to you” It was the glare and raising brows that did it. The Valkyr was sipping his coffee as he watched Artemis cooking up a storm in front of him. With a large plate of breakfast put in front of him. “Thank you. You always have been good at cooking” His cooking skills still haven’t gotten much better but she’d always managed to cook up so much delicious food. 

Of course, Damien would pretend to be hurt. It slightly amused the Celestial; it just seemed like something one of them would do; if the other one made such a comment towards the other one. It was just how they rolled. Not minding the banter. It reminded her of the past. Things felt simple again...even if for a bit. “Very funny.” Artemis mused at his comment about living in a manor full of Ailwards. He wasn’t wrong though. 

Trying to wipe her mind off the current thoughts, the celestial sensed that Damien caught onto her mind wandering. Feeling grateful as he changed the subject, but he soon confused the fallen star. As she was about to take a sip of her own coffee, she raised an eyebrow at Damien. Was he kidding? “I...I don’t swing that way.” Not sure if he was hinting at her, to come to a pleasure house for the women or he just mis-said something and confused the heck out of her. Not to mention, that poison pleasure house, sounded like it was something dangerous? Not sure what to think, until Damien explained himself. Now feeling a bit silly.”Oh.” Biting her bottom lip, she looked slightly emmbrassed.  “Sounds like a bit of a strange place for a woman to hung out.” Well...unless you worked there or owned it. But for the Celestial to visit, it wasn't her usual place on the map to visit. But she supposed it wouldn’t harm her, if she visited Damien there, right? Especially if she didn’t feel like being in a large manor with the entire Ailward faction.

Truth to be told, she did miss this...this banter and good old days of friendship. Did she miss having Damien around, whether she was ready to admit it out loud or not. He did always know how to cheer her up, when things got her down. Or just generally get on her nerves, without meaning to. But that’s what friends sometimes did, right? Hearing about his diet and munchies, it sounded like the old days. Just snacking on light food, rather than eating something proper and substantial. Maybe it was a Valkyr habit.  Who knows. “I don’t know how some people could be like that. I’d miss the food, if I lived off protein shakes.” But she supposed that kind of diet worked for some people, unlike herself. Helping herself to some bread, she put it in the toaster. Making herself some toast. Artemis was feeling a little peckish. Not too hungry, to have a full plate full of food like Damien. But just a few pieces of toast would do her, good. As she waited for Damien to come out with an answer, he for once didn’t give a silly answer like she might have expected. “You’re welcome. I’ve always loved cooking, I suppose.” A trait she never lost. Even her fellow stars always loved her cooking; especially her roast dinners that could feed an army. Artemis always took pleasure in her food and the joy it brought to people, if they enjoyed it.

Damien watched looking amused seeing Artemis’s reaction to him asking for her to stop by the Nadiya’s pleasure house without her knowing the context or the reason why. He was having fun seeing her freak out a little after he said it, with her saying that she didn’t swing that was. “I know you aren’t” Damien was still finding it amusing. “I’ve seen you blush and get flustered by hot guys” She was never a good wingman. It took a while for Artemis to figure out what he was meaning, he never made much sense when he had a few too many drinks. Not getting to the point so quickly. “It’s not so bad of a place, there’s kinda a back part to the place that's like a normal home” It was a home away from home to him in a way. Whenever he wanted to get away from the Ailward manor, he would head straight there. 

He was now starting to sober up. Artemis’s cooking had filled him up, soaking up the alcohol in his system. She always used to be the one who helped to sober him up after a drinking session in the past. That he used to often joke that she was his sponsor. Making sure that he wouldn’t do anything stupid. In this case now it was to stop him from having a hangover in the morning. “Protein shakes are just a money making thing but there's guards who use it to build up muscle and strength” For himself eating food wasn’t so important just as long as he has enough blood he’s fine. He always can make an exception to Artemis’s cooking. “So what do you do these days?” He wondered looking over to Artemis with all of their talking so far, he’d almost forgotten to ask about what she was doing. Not wanting for it all to be about him and then the Ailwards all of the time. He may or may not know a little from asking Cora or hearing some of the few others talking but he knew that he’d be able to find out properly from Artemis herself. “Or has something happened in your love life, are you seeing anyone?” He grinned, shooting her a wink trying to tease the Celestial knowing that he hated to speak about her love life and that she was always shy like that. The Valkyr had a suspoision that she had a crush on someone, he could always tell

Sticking her tongue out at Damien, she threw him a slight glare. “I swear, you do love to confuse me.” she shook her head. Cracking a light laugh. Even so many years later, he knew how to be a pain in her ass. Something she knew he’d probably excel at, no matter how much time would pass by. It was Damien after all. Hearing his comeback, she looked over at him. “That’s besides the point. I’ve seen you get flustered by hot guys too. Though you’re always much more smooth about it, than myself.” To her it wasn’t fair that he was using that excuse, just because he was gay. Though she tried helping him out in the love department, she sucked at being a wingman. It wasn’t her usual skill. She always got a bit…flustered trying to find the right words. So she let Damien do the speaking himself, after a few tries. But nonetheless she listened to what he had to say about the pleasure house.It didn’t exactly seem like a place that she’d visit. But who knows. There was a first time for everything. Especially if she needed to find him for some reason.

Grabbing a slice of bacon from the side-plate, Artemis bit down on the crunchy piece. Nibbling at it, whilst Damien ate the food she set out in front of him. Seeing that he was sobering up was a relief. At least she wouldn’t have to deal with cleaning up his sick. Not that it’d be the first time. Oh no. She had endured plenty of that before. “I am sure it has its advantages. Especially since you guys are always so busy.” It no doubt helped them on long missions.

As the conversation turned over to her. Artemis knew that Damien would no doubt try and suck out some new information out of her. “Oh besides keeping you sober?” she joked. “I guess I partially have been trying to get out of a hole, as Cora would call it.” she shrugged her shoulders. “She says I need to be more adventurous and live.” She indeed was trying to though. “A few of my celestial friends helped me set up a display at the art gallery. I still feel lucky that I got accepted with my work.” she smiled proudly. “Besides adding new additions to the art gallery, I’ve been working various photography jobs.” Telling Damien about the last few events that she attended work wise. As he brought up her love life, her cheeks instantly flushed pink. God, he always knew how to stump her. Her love life had been quite confusing to say the least. Given her relationship with the Aspect of Death, once upon a time. “There might be someone.” Artemis eventually said. Knowing he’d tease her about it. He always did. “I actually met him, when I was helping Astoria with her party event. His band was playing at the event.” The smile on her face made her eyes sparkle. God she felt smitten.

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