It felt like forever, since the Celestial had last ventured into Ailward Territory; the last time that had been the Isle of Skye. But since she had lived in Evermore, she had avoided the mansion where the Aspects and Guards lived. For the most part, it had been the fear and resentment she felt towards the other faction for a long while; until she had started to rekindle her friendships with the Aspect of Death Ery, and his siblings Cora and Ven. It was a progress, a long one at least. Feeling a little prouder of herself, that she could be around them, without wanting to scratch someone’s eyes out; was a big progress for her. Part of her had missed hanging out with her old friends; it felt like things were getting better.

So that evening, when she ended up at the Ailward manor; she was still shocked at herself. How did she end up there? That was a question of courage and maybe some persuasion from Ven and Cora, to visit them. Ven after all, was the first to question why she didn’t visit. Artemis just hoped that Malva’s tiger wasn’t on the loose. That was something, she didn’t need. Getting chased by a wild hungry feline cat, around the Ailward Mansion, wasn’t on her list. It had taken a lot of self pep-talk before she had even arrived. But to be fair, she spent a fun evening with Cora and Ven, catching up with the pair. She even took notice, how there were some new guards, that she didn’t remember meeting before. Artemis could see that the Ailwards were growing in numbers again; she supposed for them, it was a good thing. Seeing how they lost so much, at the Isle of Skye.

It was getting late, and she didn’t even realise what time it was; till she glanced out of the window, seeing how dark it was. “Oh’s late.” Seeing the time, it was almost 1am? Wow...late indeed. 

The Celestial had a messed up sleeping pattern every once in a while; so staying up so late, was nothing new for her. “I swear, you guys are a bad influence.” she joked, as she glanced towards the two Aspects. Feeling, like old times indeed.

As she eventually decided to say goodnight, Artemis was about to take her leave. Until she heard a slight thud. Walking over to the doorway, she poked her head around the corner; to inspect what it was, that was making the noise. Raising an eyebrow, when she saw a familiar male with wild curls, in the near distance. “Looks like my evening is about to get more interesting.” she muttered to herself.

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“It’s one of my traits” He teased back. Finding she was an easy target to confuse even when he was drunk he was still able to mess with her. Damien was happy to see her smile again not seeing it in a long time. He’s missed the star more than she knows. It was like old times again in a way, reminding him of the good times.  “Can you blame me? You're the same so don’t point fingers at me” Remembering how the celestial cheeks always would flush pink whenever a cute boy is nearby especially if he tries to help set her up. “Maybe next time you can come with me and Dom on a night out” Offering to her what could be a wild night but he knew she’d quickly decline but one could hope.  She’d most likely be on babysitting duty like she was doing already right now trying to sober him up. “You like to see us damsels in distress and help” Artemis was always the one to help to sober them up or to clear up their messes. That she was the more responsible one most of the time, especially when it came to one of them being drunk and needed help to sober up.

Damien was happy that she was starting to get back out there. Having heard from a few others that she’s been struggling to find normality once again after all that happened in the past. “You were always handy with a camera” He pointed out remembering how even back then she was able to capture it all. Even taking a photo of one of the most simpler things and then being able to see all of the finer details. He was a bit old fashioned but better than others. Sticking to taking photos in a smartphone. He wouldn’t have a clue or anything to edit a photo or change settings. Damien was happy to hear that she was hanging out with Cora and that it did them both good. “Maybe don’t go all adventuress’s with her” Having heard that Cora once stole all of Virideus’s weed one time. Yet he knew that Artemis was sensible enough to stay out of trouble like that.

“Oh I see. Someone else has beaten me to playing matchmaker… So who is this new toy boy?” He couldn’t wait to tease her after hearing of her new crush. Damien could already tell that it must be something to make her act all giddy. Smitten. This was different to how she was when she had a thing with Erytherus. Damien could see how happy and excited she was. “You kept this all secret” That something like this she’d want to tell him straight away and here he was wanting to take her out to find a match but it seems she’s already found one. “So a musician huh? I’m guessing the lead singer, knowing you?” Raising a brow wanting to know more. Damien could already start to guess knowing what the Celestials type was. 

Artemis just shook her head in her amusement, at his teasing. It was like nothing had changed in their relationship. The two always having such banter and teasing, even back then. “Yes…yes I can blame you.” she said with a laugh. Knowing she always found a way to do so, even if he used come-backs against her. But the two were similar in such ways, it was hard not to point it out. As he suggested a night out with him and Dom, she rose a slight eyebrow. “I am gonna have to start charging, double by the hour.” she teased. For she did not get paid to baby-sit, and if she had to end up babysitting both of their drunk asses, it’d be hard work for her. “I am not sure it’d be a good idea. Might ruin your guys’ fun.” Not wanting to put a damper on their evening, with her being responsible out of the trio. “But if it’ll make you happy. I’ll think about it.” What’s the worst that could happen? One of them convince her to start drinking…and her getting drunk herself. Besides, she wasn’t even sure how Dom would take to her hanging out with them both. Artemitra hadn’t really talked with Dom, just a passing greeting when she saw him out and about; but that was it.

“Guess I have a natural talent.” she said with a light shrug. Somehow always having the artistic eye about things; even back in the olden days. She knew what she was doing, that was for certain. Artemis was always one for details. Even then, not satisfied if something didn’t look right and out of place. Raising a slight eyebrow at his warning. What did Cora not tell her? “What did Cora do now?” she asked; knowing how the Aspect of Darkness had a habit of getting into trouble. Sure, trouble may have found the Celestial, but it’s not like she ever walked into it, willingly. Unless someone needed saving. The Star was smarter than that. Knowing Damien must have been warning her for a reason. Like always, looking out for her.

She gave an innocent shrug. “Yeah, sorry about that.” Artemis knew how much he enjoyed playing match-maker; when it came to her love-life. But Tori had beaten him to it. “Why were you planning on trying to set me up with someone?” she joked. Wondering what ideas he already had in his mind. Yes, whilst she may have had feelings for Ery in the past. Things with Jem were entirely different. The two just clicked. Maybe it was because she hadn’t been with anyone for a while; but she felt like she was on a whole different planet from being happy. “Maybe just a small secret.” Truthfully, her first priority had been sobering him up. As Damien seemed to catch onto what her type was, she nodded. “Yes, he is actually. And he plays the guitar also.” Artemis did always have a soft spot for musicians. And guys with a killer smile. It was a few of the things that had instantly attracted her to Jem. It was hard not to fall for that smile.

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