One Class Finishes Another begins (Open to Ray and Sofi) [COMPLETED]

Ray put up his hood as he stepped out of the academy into the pouring rain as he smiled gently, feeling the drops. Hit his skin as he placed is books into the saddlebag on his bike as he lifted leg getting on the bike as he pressed the ignition on the bike setting off down the road maintaining a steady speed for the weather as his mind travelled back to what Samuel had said " head to the local human pharmacy on south street and took the nearest alleyway to a back street building " Ray continued for another 15 minutes before pulling into a multi-story parking lot .

Ray stopped his bike as he pulled his he pulled down hood as. He looked around to gather his surrounding before heading back out into the rain as he looked at the crowds heating into South street his mind wondered why here Samuel always mentioned the Initia. Had a mountain base, why not meet there.

As he walked through the crowds, he kept his ears open for any mention of the name Sofia as he made his way to the pharmacy he stopped as he looked around for the direction he was told as he brushed his wet hair he saw a shop he walked over pulling out his wallet " water and an energy bar " Ray looked up at the guy warily as he paid for the items before leaving quickly as he headed down the alleyway as he pulled the lighter he always carried out of left pocket.

Ray walked for a few minutes as he came upon a red door as he walked up to the door, ready to knock turning away quickly as he moved to the. Wall. Opposite as he took a seat on a pile of wooden slate under the shelter of the guttering as he flicked his lighter on and off using his other hand to expand or weaken the flame as he thought about what to say. After a few minutes, Ray rose to his feet, moving quickly to the door staring at it as he turned in his heel heading back to his seat. Before rising for the third time, he walked to the door before hearing a noise come from inside as he thought to his self " that's fine. They will be heading out soon. so he stood waiting

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The clock hung across the room kept ticking, exactly like it  should do; to work. Like what the person inhabiting the room should be doing, but no, instead she was busy jotting down her reviews on her notebook. From page one, it had been random sketches, but up to page 4, it was filled with a completely different content, most those that consisted of her Psychic element. She also had list down the names of all the Masters in Evermore. The fact that Evermore had rare element Masters such as Electric, Metal and Gravity was already an amazing feat. And now they would be the first tribe in history to possess all 8 element Masters. To be honest, Sofi wasn't sure how she would ascend to her leadership as the new Grand Master of the Evermore tribe and while she kept convincing and encouraging others, the same didn't exactly work for her own self. 

Too much exertion in her activities could give her enough days inside a hospital, lying on a bed inside a ward for god knows how long, and that was considering she doesn't undergo a full coma induced slumber either. It was a possibility and there was plenty of if's running amok, but Sofi wasn't about to dwell on it much longer. Sofi has yet to meet every current Masters of each element, she only knew one of them personally and that was only because Rowan Mckenzie just so happened to be her best friend that she spent a good portion of her life with. Everyone else was strangers to her. And Sofi always keeps her eye out in the alert, which she was immensely grateful for her ability in the Psychic element that allows her to be sure who she should trust and who she should not. Today was just like any regular day, training. Again. 

Physical training always kept her head off the grid and gives her another thing to think about entirely. Which means she would not have to rack her head and think about what's going on. She was a good actor to show that she hasn't been encountering the same insecurity issues as others, of course, it was a tad bit easier when you've been in the field where manipulating the state of mind for a while. It builds you up to mask any emotion when you probably feel the most. Rubbing her temple after letting out a heaved sigh, Sofi decided she couldn't keep doing this self thing with herself, not when she's surrounded by things that would pressure her more than good, aka the newspaper articles she collected regarding the Initia tribe here. 

Before she assumed the leadership for the tribe, it was under the command of another one, who she knew to be quite wise beyond his years and that did hold a weight over her to be the best successor her predecessor will ever get, that's what you get for being such a perfectionist, she could almost hear Rowan saying I told you so. She heard that someone was gonna learn her element which did piqued her interest, a few days ago, though she didn't quite get a name. Sofi just finished redecorating her office in her house as she just got out of the room, sensing there was another presence outside her home, was someone here to see her? So she pushed the door open and peeked her head outside, only to find a male leaning against the wall, "I don't recall having any appointments today" Of course she knew he's an Initia, she could literally read him. It's not exactly hard to identify an Initia, at least for her. 

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Ray stood at the door freezing slightly as he moved back " hi " he looked across to the girl as he took a deep breath as he slides his lighter into his pocket " erm Samuel sent me " his eyes moved away as his nerves kicked " I'm looking for the Psychic Master Zahara Sofi " his mind wondered if he had said the name right as he gently tapped his thigh to keep calm talking to someone was different from rappeling off a 3 story burning inferno.Image result for max thieriot gif

Ray knew he probably smelt of smoke as he looked at her "oh " he took a step back as he sat on the slates " I've missed her damm my classes ran over is why I'm late" he . pulled his lighter out of his jacket as he began to flicker it on and off as he looked up and down the alley as he sighed " could I wait inside its pouring with rain "

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"Oh . I'm Ray " he gently tapped his head as he recalled he had not introduced himself as he offered his hand " I'm a friend of Samuels " he pulled a note he had prepared earlier with a letter to Sofia to say he wishes to learn the Psychic Element and his cell number as he handed it to the girl before heading back down the alley to look for a cafe for a meal.

When she opened the door, she didn’t expect to meet someone else. Well, not someone from the tribe, at least, sorry, her tribe now. Sofi had to remind herself that the Evermore Initia tribe is under her leadership now, it is her responsibility to keep an activity check on every other Initia residing in the eternal city. Even if some were no more than just casual visitors, if they are an Initia, then they are automatically under her supervision as long as they keep their feet sanctioned here in Evermore. Sofi tilted her head slightly to the side and bit her bottom lip as she tried to analyze this male standing in front of her porch, trying to put a name to the face, by the very least. She tried to rake her head for any possible identity to come up but unfortunately for the blonde, it wasn’t that easy when she’s been consuming coffee non-stop while also working on her papers.

 So she did what she could, reasonably, or as reasonable as a Psychic Initia can be. Tapped into his head for a brief while to find some inkling to his identity so she could be sure he is who he says he is, even after he introduced himself to her. You never know, one can easily lie to the other’s face. “Psychic Master Sofi Zahara?” she pursed her lips for a while before pondering if she should come clean and let him know if she is that person. From what she saw, he was an Initia who came seeking an elemental master, an element he probably wishes to learn. Who is she to turn away another student? Especially when not many were willing to study this element due to its volatility. “I’m her-,” she affirmed, a small smile playing on the corner of her lips as she stared at him, “Sorry, I mean I’m a friend of hers.” 

Upon hearing that Samuel sent him, she wondered if this was the same Samuel who taught Rowan, the one who recently passed away, leaving the Electric Master position to be occupied by his prodigal student who also happens to be her close friend. “Yeah sure, feel free” she murmured gently and took the note from him, there, his name was written with a fine print alongside his number, she watched as he walked away and wondered if she could take this time to grow closer to her other tribe members, remember she is still new here. She rushed back to lock her door and ran after him, “Why were you searching for her? Were you planning on learning the Psychic element?” she inquired curiously.

Ray stopped at the edge of the street as he turned to face the girl as he thought about his reply as he wiped the rain from his forehead as he nodded " Samuel sent me to learn from Sofi about the Psychic element he said its one of the best elements for me and " he froze . for a minute " he said that as I'm not great around people I could learn to talk without actually talking as his mind wandered slightly.

But yes i am hoping that Sofi would train me if she wanted to " Ray lifted the water bottle twisting the lid as he took a swig " can i ask you something though though he tossed up his lighter and caught it as it falls back into his hand " are the rumours true about Sofi that's she's now the boss of the Initia?" Ray leant against the wall as he watched her " May I ask your name it's okay if you don't want to " Ray thought about the last time he met Samuel and how stern he was about learning the Psychic Element

" Why are you interested in why I'm looking for Sofi " he tilted his head as he held his lighter " are you either a student Sofi or other " there is another reason why I want to learn her Element Samuel said she would have the patience to teach me " Ray moved to towards a piece of shelter as he gently . lite his lighter as he slowly raised and lowered his hand the flame matching in return before disappearing " sorry habit " he shrugged as he watched the girl

When she saw him, Sofi felt slightly conflicted because she wasn't sure if she should be revealing her identity to him as the Psychic Master he was seeking out but why not use this time to the best of her ability? Why not take this opportunity to get to know what the other Initia community members think about her recent ascension as the new Grand Master of the Evermore Initia tribe? About what they think about her generally as a person? What have they heard about her? Were there any rumors regarding her? Sofi wanted to know about all of that. That's the main reason why she now decided that she should keep her real identity a secret from everyone else who may not know who she is. Lying wouldn't be a first for her anyway. Especially for a Psychic Initia to lie to another, it doesn't seem far-fetched because nobody else could tap into her head.

 "So another Element Master sent you to go seek another Master out…" she murmured to herself, so he wanted to learn the Psychic element. Honestly, she would lie if she said she wasn't a bit taken aback by the ordeal because it's not an element any other Initia wanted to learn initially. It's very volatile, after all. Perhaps, the most volatile of all elements combined. "Well, you don't have to be socially awkward just to learn this element, you know." She's not. Sofi likes to think that she's easy to approach, maybe not a full scaled social butterfly but she doesn't snap. Unless she was tired or hungry. "An element Master would never turn any students who wish to learn their elements, away" she reassured him, how could they? "It's just not ingrained in their nature to do so. It's only hard because most students will need to pass their test first."

 The blonde made sure to have anyone else who wished to learn her element pass her own respective tests first seeing as this element pays a lot of attention to the strength of one's mental. "Well, from what I've heard, she's the new Grand Master for the tribe" she nodded in affirmation, honestly to her it was still so surreal for her to accept. She's a leader now? When he asked her why she was interested in knowing why he was searching for her, the blonde coughed and cleared her throat awkwardly and smiled, "Yeah, I'm a student of hers. For a while now." She fiddled with her fingers and decided to give a new name, a name of her patient's, "It's Erika. My name is Erika." 

Ray looked towards Erika as he nodded "Nice to meet you, Erika, I'm Ray erm listen would you like to you know to join me for a coffee till Sofi arrives " he began strolling back towards the street " Samuel always said you would know when she entered the room and one of the Most patient people he has ever met " Ray stopped at the corner shelter as he looked towards Erika " What made you want to learn the ability "

Ray slipped into the small cafe area as he took a seat as he offered his arm to the other seat " as he took the menu with his other arm as he glanced down the menu. " I believe Samuel is correct I have never doubted his judgement the Psychic Element will help in my career as a firefighter " he put the menu back as he leant back in his chair tell me about your self if you want bur from what I'm told Sofi has her critics like all leaders do, but she would be the first into the fight to protect her kin but that's what I've heard from Samuel " he shrugged a little " your one . of the first Initia I have met since I arrived in Evermore "

"You're not trying it on me are you " he laughed as he looked towards her as he rose from his seat " would you like anything " he looked up at the waitress as she called over " ill come to you hun " Ray blushed a little as he took his seat again

It does seem that the guy bought her lie regarding her identity, which shouldn't be surprising to Sofi since she's been perfecting this art of using her own mental powers for her own advantage. While she may not be able to manipulate what goes on in his head, she does, however, have the ability to coerce it to go around the same stream. It takes a long time to perfect, for sure. But that's what her decades of learning had been. It wouldn't have worked if she had been slacking all the time, that was the beauty of the Psychic element, it's either going to eat you up or boost you. Either way, it depends on the individual on which path it'll take them to. Upon hearing his offer on coffee, she gave him a soft smile and nod, "I would be delighted. Thank you for the offer" she pressed her lips together before resuming, "Sofi may not be coming home until after it's late. She just got used to the office here and she may be wandering around to familiarize herself, you know?" 

A weak attempt at reassuring, maybe. But she also wanted to know who this guy is first, it's one of her many methods of testing them. If they didn't know what she looked like, then that's in her favor. Not everyone can learn the Psychic element, even Sofi herself, had problems surrounding it and that was saying something considering she is a Psychic Initia who has been rumored that they have not existed for centuries. Of course, she needed to do some evaluation before anything. "Well, Samuel certainly sugar-coated things" she chuckled to herself, Sofi wouldn't go as far as to describe herself as approachable because she seemed quite reserved, but with her new-found ability on spirit manipulation upon ascending as Grand Master, it makes people feel more at ease around her which makes her happy. 

She settled on her seat across him and nodded, "Well, Psychic element would give you some advantages when it comes to the mental side. You can predict and understand them. It's a useful ability, for sure" she fiddled with her fingers and stared at him with careful eyes, "But it's not sunshine rainbows and daisies either, you know. You can actually go crazy if you are not able to control it." She tried to phrase it as less bluntly as possible, all the blonde wanted was for people to rethink their choices. It wasn't that she didn't want to teach them, what kind of Master would turn away their own disciples? "She's very stern and blunt. If you're doing something wrong then she would say it out loud, no attempts to sugarcoat either. She's gonna be very harsh at times, but that's only because you have to train your mind before you actually tap into the ability." 

She does have her reasons for being incredibly critical but most of the time outside of training, she's easy to talk to. "Try what? My ability? Psh no… I do cherish privacy so don't worry about that. Why Psychic though? I mean, aside from other elements? Not because someone told you to pick it… but your own conviction. Speaking of which, what are your other elements?" It doesn't take a genius to figure out he's a Diverse Initia.

I remember when Samuel first took me under his wing, we encountered an Initia that had the psychic element when they had started talking to me and well I felt a connection with Psychic Element like I do with fire " Ray got up heading to the counter returning with two coffee as he placed one in front of Erika " I'm guessing Samuel remembered that and when it came to learning told me to begin looking for Sofi.

Ray quickly picked up the sugar as he poured it into his cup as he looked towards Erika " I understand that my life hasn't been bed of roses either I had to hide my Initia side from my father, and when I helped at the house fire I knew I had to go if I can deal with that and the smokehouse incident I can cope with the side effects of the Element " Ray lifted his coffee to his lips as he took a sip as he put his mug down " So Erika what brought you to Sofis door " he sat back in his seat as he watched Erika " My main element is fire I'm not fully adept, but I can use it well and defend my self but . I'm looking to Learn the water Element and if Sofi would take me on I would like to Learn Psychic Element, and I understand that most people would say avoid psychic ability, but I'm not like everyone else I like challenges.

Arent we all a little crazy it's just how we deal with it determines who we are " ray raised the coffee back to his lips as he gulped as he put the mug down as he minds focused to the fact she had mentioned Sofi would be back late he had heard that before from people that wanted to avoid him as his mind thought about the friends he had that chose to go to other places and the flop of the asking a girl out he looked down a little before looking to Erika " if you See Sofi before I do could you ask her if she could meet me somewhere near the fire academy as I can't travel too far away while I'm on call, but from Wednesday ill be at station 11 ion the lower east side or she can meet me at the bar I work at whatever is more manageable for her

Hearing his reasoning to why he chose the element, Psychic, made Sofi wish that she could know more about her students, or at least potential students, if anything. She wanted to help them unlock the potential inside them as they delve into this other world in order to learn another element; especially when the element could be quite volatile. Even Sofi herself had trouble controlling this particular element of hers, and it was supposed to be her affinity. "I… wasn't aware there was any other Psychic Initia?" So far, she's never even heard of them before. She's done her travels and research, yet no one came up, leading the blonde to find the route to a proper discovery by learning it on her own, "I would ask if you were sure that the other person is an actual Psychic Initia or just a con artist trying to make a living but I'll leave it at that" she chuckled softly, if that was true, then she probably would've known. 

Whatever it was, that could wait another time. What's important is for her to test Ray Herald on his convictions and moral compass, it was everything she needed to know to be sure that the student would be selected under a good observation, as they would be undergoing plenty of rigorous activities for the mind and the soul altogether. "I'm not trying to discourage you from learning, Ray" she quipped gently, circling the edge of the cup absentmindedly as she stared back at him with a small smile, "If anything, you can say I'm glad more people are open to learn such an element. But there are certain things one must know about when delving in such arts" There was a reason why the element almost disappeared from their history. Nobody learned about it because they were under the impression that it didn't exist or it died out, which all branched out from the same root; which was nobody was a Psychic Initia, much less a Master of it. 

"I'm a student of Sofi's. I met her during my studies in Berlin. She brought me here and well, being a Diversified Initia, I wanted to learn another element other than Metal, so here I am. As for today? I was stopping by for a visit but forgot she's also a busy woman on her own schedule." After years of training her element, lying became so casual and easy for the Grand Master it sometimes made her feel guilty of how at ease she could be. "I'm glad to hear you're open to challenges, most people tend to stray far away from the path they're not sure they could walk on" Perhaps, Sofi saw a new-found sense of humor and respect for the male, it's the passion that matters, at the end of the day, anyway. When a person is strong and determined, there should be no problem in training them. "I'll let her know, for sure." She pondered for a while before placing her hand out as if she was asking something from him, "Give me your phone, I have her number if you want. That way you can text or call her whenever you are free or convenient."

But unfortunately " Ray sighed "I found out this initia was a fake Samuel said if I believed I could do it, I would succeed I can see why to an extent" Ray sat back as he sighed " to be honest its still all a little my father didn't tell me anything I didn't even know I was an Intia till after the fire and Samuel told me .

When I moved here, Samuel got me to read and research each element and see what felt natural physic and water id like to focus around helping people like the girl I rescued the energy. I felt and saw I could be more then my father said I could be * ray lifted his coffee as he drunk some more before placing it on the table " and it's a nice to meet you at least I'm not. Stuck in the alleyway waiting " he chuckled before looking down a little as he thought about his childhood and how he wasn't healthy and instead of toys and cleaning guns and the one day his father asked him what was he going to be when he said Firefighter his father laughed . and said no stupid your not going to be more than a drug runner for me .

Ray looked up " sorry I zone out a little at times as he passed his cell phone over " and to your question I love challenges each time I fail it makes me want to try again dam I blew my first bike up six times before learning where I went wrong

She had to admit, when she heard from him that this so called Samuel that he met had been a fake all along, she was a bit taken aback. Identity theft is not a new thing, yes, but still, Sofi would never have thought it would be something that her namely future student would encounter. Well, at least he knows he wasn't the real Samuel who actually passed away a while before she ascended as Grand Master, and that he was able to identify which was the real one. It plays a lot with their mental strength and to see if he was able to withstand the bull point of that, was important for the female Initia. It was incredibly important for Psychic Initia to start off by training their heads from being infiltrated, that, and to be aware that the mind plays a big role in determining everything. 

Sofi wasn't trying to render people away from taking up this element, in fact, when she received any potential student list, she was enthusiastic. Nobody wanted to learn Psychic because it was too unpredictable, there were no guidelines to play around the field and she was a bit disheartened to see the way others followed the flow. Most of the time, Sofi had a dejected look masking her face. But she also needed to know why the said Initia chose this particular element instead of another. "It's good to know that you are very resilient and ambitious. Giving up is not a trait anyone wish to instill in any of the Initia in this tribe. However, before you could properly cone to study under the Psychic Master, you will need to pass a few of her tests. It differs for each person, but it doesn't take longer than a week." Of course, she was going to test him. 

"When are you usually free? I heard you just graduated from the academy? So do you work now? As a firefighter?" From there, they could plan their schedules, and yes Sofi still wouldn't reveal her true identity to him just yet. "You can schedule your practices around when you can."

Yea in the city centre is usually 48 hours on and 48 hours on such an im free tomorrow then in 2 days times but there are places in the firehouse others don't know about " Ray picked up his cell phone as he looked through his calendar im free Thursday no fire duty or bar work " he looked to her as he nodded " I'm ready to face any Trial Sofi wishes to set " Ray picked up his cup finishing his coffee .

So what made you want to learn the element " Ray sat up as he smiled gently before pulling out some gum offering a piece before taking his own " Sorry still not use to the taste of smoke " he . leant back as he watched curiously to learn about one of Sofias students" sorry if I seem intrusive you don't have to answer 


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