Ray put up his hood as he stepped out of the academy into the pouring rain as he smiled gently, feeling the drops. Hit his skin as he placed is books into the saddlebag on his bike as he lifted leg getting on the bike as he pressed the ignition on the bike setting off down the road maintaining a steady speed for the weather as his mind travelled back to what Samuel had said " head to the local human pharmacy on south street and took the nearest alleyway to a back street building " Ray continued for another 15 minutes before pulling into a multi-story parking lot .

Ray stopped his bike as he pulled his he pulled down hood as. He looked around to gather his surrounding before heading back out into the rain as he looked at the crowds heating into South street his mind wondered why here Samuel always mentioned the Initia. Had a mountain base, why not meet there.

As he walked through the crowds, he kept his ears open for any mention of the name Sofia as he made his way to the pharmacy he stopped as he looked around for the direction he was told as he brushed his wet hair he saw a shop he walked over pulling out his wallet " water and an energy bar " Ray looked up at the guy warily as he paid for the items before leaving quickly as he headed down the alleyway as he pulled the lighter he always carried out of left pocket.

Ray walked for a few minutes as he came upon a red door as he walked up to the door, ready to knock turning away quickly as he moved to the. Wall. Opposite as he took a seat on a pile of wooden slate under the shelter of the guttering as he flicked his lighter on and off using his other hand to expand or weaken the flame as he thought about what to say. After a few minutes, Ray rose to his feet, moving quickly to the door staring at it as he turned in his heel heading back to his seat. Before rising for the third time, he walked to the door before hearing a noise come from inside as he thought to his self " that's fine. They will be heading out soon. so he stood waiting

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When he answered her question regarding when he could be free, Sofi nodded knowingly and paid attention to every word, making sure to remember every word so she could get back to him later on. One of the perks of being a Psychic Initia, your memory gets a bit stronger every year. The same goes for how Metal Initia are the natural born fighters in the Initia tribe. Then again, when she checked out every element in the tribe, she noticed the same pattern drives them through; everyone knew how to defend themselves and utilize their abilities to the best of their efforts. "You sound like you're busy" she pointed out wryly, Sofi always had a fun time listening to their stories, it's fascinating to see their lives outside of their element within the tribe. Even the Masters had their own occupation to last them through the years, teaching doesn't pay you so they had alternatives, most used their advantage over their elements which was totally understandable. 

For instance, Sofi herself held a PhD in Psychology and is working as a Neuropsychologist in Evermore General. So she wasn't surprised to hear that Ray, a Fire Initia is a firefighter. "Thursday it is then. I'll let Sofi know when I see her, or maybe I'll just text her later on. If you have any other enquiries regarding the Psychic element, feel free to ask me, I may not be as knowledgeable as the Master herself but I know a few things. Enough to consider myself a Master-in-Training." She had a small quirk to her smirk when he confidently stated he was ready to face whatever trials the Grand Master would throw his way to test him. That's what most of them say and she admired their conscious for that. Courage is courage, at the end of the day.

 She took a piece of gum and popped it in her mouth before leaning against the seat to make herself more comfortable, "I met her while I was back in Kiev. The element seemed so foreign to everyone and I just wanted to get to know it better. Reading and research got me here. It's not a grand story."

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