It had been a week since that night at the restaurant. They had come home, cuddled up with Minha, ended up putting a movie on and then fallen asleep. Eun had almost been late for work the next day but all Leigh could remember was the smile on his lips after they kissed. How happy and free he looked. And since then they had been texting constantly, sending cute messages, trading a few selfies here and there, Eun visited the shop sometimes, he brought a coffee to Eun's office one day. They were figuring out how to make a busy schedule work and Leigh was happy. Deliriously so, especially when Eun had called him his boyfriend earlier this week and the kitsune's heart had practically leapt out of his chest.

And today was their first official date. Initially, Eun had wanted to go out somewhere together but Leigh had asked him if he wouldn't mind the two of them just spending the day at home. The kitsune knew that Minha had been excited to see her new friend again and he really liked the idea of them just spending a lazy afternoon together. Eun had insisted he was going to show Leigh how to bake so he had ordered a bunch of the ingredients to be delivered which had come this morning, he had some of them in the fridge and the rest were arranged on the counter. He would have measured out them into bowls already but Eun was being pretty secretive about what they were going to make today. 

He had spent most of the day working through the inventory and backorders for the shop, his glasses were perched on his nose and Minha was curled up asleep in the patch of sunlight which shone on the couch next to him, she loved the sun and would spend all her time there given the chance. The time felt like it passed slowly because he couldn't wait to see Eun again, it wasn't even subtle at this point how much Leigh lit up whenever he got to see him and while he sometimes wished it would be more often, he was making the most of the time they had, just like they promised. But eventually after a few hours of sorting through the mess of the stock system he heard the sound of the knock at the door. 

He hopped to his feet, trying to beat the shiba inu who was already skittering across the floor at the sound of a new visitor to the apartment, he was sure that she knew exactly who it was because she never got this excited when the mail man came. She beat him there but he shook his head slightly "Did you learn to open doors? No? So you need me to open it" she seemed to understand backed up a little though he tail wagging gave her away. He pulled the door open and immediately smiled when he saw the ever charming Sangeun Moon at his doorstep "Hey" he spoke softly, beaming, his dimples on full show. 

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After that night when they had their sushi date, yes he would call it that because honestly, what was it going to be called when he kissed Leigh? Surely it was something. Right, after that night when they had their sushi date, Eun has followed Leigh back to his place, it was the first time the kitsune revealed his humble abode to him. They've been friends for many months but the dhampir had never set foot nearby, much less inside the house. He finally got the chance to meet the infamous shiba inu, Minha, who was said to have Leigh's heart. He couldn't deny her cuteness and significance because even the dhampir himself got hooked on the dog before long. Spending the night at his couch after he kissed him again, with the fluffy dog curled up on his lap, and Leigh with his head against his chest, it was a good memory for him. He remembered that he had been significantly upset that evening after the call he received from his father but all of that sadness was quickly wiped away and replaced with a smile. 

Eun felt like a burden was lifted off his shoulders and couldn't stop smiling at the situation presenting itself in front of him. They started texting more often than usual, mostly Eun answering Leigh's questions with cute memes of his own. The therian had also visited his office one day, bringing him a cup of coffee, to which he was immensely grateful because he hadn't been able to get anything to eat. Seeing Leigh there that day only gave him more of a reason to get out and go to the nearby restaurant to eat together. The kitsune often reminds him of when to stop and he felt like someone was looking after him, his personal guardian fox. Eun has promised to take Leigh out on a date but when the other male expressed that he was fine keeping them indoors, Eun came up with the idea of bringing the activity to his place. Besides, having a chance to see Minha again was a bonus, god knows how long he's been missing the shiba inu. 

He wanted to show him how to make desserts, he's been jotting down the notes on his mini recipe book all the ingredients he needed to make a tiramisu and cheesecake. Baking had once been a passion of his, Eun was happy to see the chance of recollecting his past memories by sharing something so special with his now special person. He never would've thought he'd have a significant other in his life, certainly not a boyfriend. But here he is, today, all dressed up with a bouquet of Leigh's favorite flowers and a box of chocolates to help. He was aware it's a bit cliche but he wanted to do it. He wanted to experience everything with Leigh. Before long, he was already in front of the door, knocking on the wooden surface while waiting for the owner to come and greet him. He could hear a few barks which no doubt belonged to Minha and chuckled, she was so enthusiastic it was cute. 

When the door was finally opened, he was going to be the first to greet the therian but got flustered when Leigh greeted him with those dimples, it left the dhampir fidgeting while trying to get back to reality for a while. He held out the bouquet to Leigh while trying to cover the flustered look, "I stopped by the florist and got you a few daffodils… I remember you told me they were your favorite" he murmured and pushed the flowers aside so he could face the male himself, "I missed you." Bark. "Both of you. Can I come in?"

Leigh definitely had butterflies in his stomach because this was their first official date and while he knew the two of them would have fun, there was still this sense of build-up behind it, he remembered texting with Irene about it and then getting himself all flustered when she pointed out that it would be Eun’s first date. Not that he minded being his first date but that made Leigh wonder if he should have agreed to something more traditional, like dinner or a movie. Still, this felt like something he could look forward to and that he would remember, especially if the learning actually went well and he learned how to make something good.

He knew Minha had been waiting to see her new friend again too, whenever the mailman came to deliver packages, she would always sprint to the door and Leigh was pretty sure she was hoping it was Eun because as soon as she realized it wasn’t him she would retreat back into the apartment somewhere and sulk. He supposed Eun was right when he said he was going to make her fall in love with him. Though he couldn’t really complain considering how adorable they had looked cuddled up on the couch together. He swore he hadn’t been able to get that image out of his head since that night.

After he opened the door he smiled brightly, his gaze falling over the dhampir who stood in the hallway, surprise crossing his face when he realized that Eun had dressed up a little for the occasion and brought flowers with him. Leigh looked at the brightly colored flowers and parted his lips in surprise before taking them “They’re beautiful, thank you” he was blushing almost immediately, no one had ever brought him flowers before, he was surprised “You didn’t have to get me anything though” he spoke softly, though the way he was holding them against his chest spoke a lot about how meaningful it was to him.

His heart swelled when the other male said he missed him and then he laughed when Minha tried to get his attention “We missed you more” he responded with a shy smile “And we can get away with saying that because there’s two of us” he chuckled stepping aside and jerking his chin to invite Eun inside before closing the door behind them. “I wasn’t really sure how much we would need of everything so I just got...a lot” he commented as he pointed towards the kitchen counter which was covered in ingredients “In my defense, I did warn you I was really bad at this” he spoke it softly as he headed over to the counter to grab a tall glass to place the flowers inside, it worked well enough as a makeshift vase.

How was he supposed to even process this? Eun has been overtaken by the nerves ever since he stepped out of his suite and headed over to Leigh’s, every step of the way only made his heart pound faster. At some point, the dhampir even thought he was probably about to suffer from cardiac arrest. Is this how people usually feel on first dates? The difference between this and the usual ones are quite prominent, first dates are usually carried outdoors instead of indoors but the two of them were already comfortable with one another to even think about it. Besides, the thought of finally being able to showcase his baking abilities and sharing something good with Leigh was enough to give Eun a restless night. And for a good reason too. He hasn’t been able to sleep a wink by just thinking about it. 

Unfortunately, over the past week, Eun was still bombarded by plenty of paperwork to be settled and there were times when he desperately wished all of those pesky calls would disappear for the weekend. Technically, he was free to do whatever he wanted today. The memories of last week kept flashing back for the elder Moon, who would often have a rose hue on his cheeks whenever he thought about it. He wondered if he’ll get to do the same today. Eun didn’t intend to dress up as much but it was comfortable and he felt the need to impress his boyfriend, impressions matter and even though he was certain Leigh would accept him either way, it’s always good to pull some effort and show that you did, to your significant other. Whatever time they could spend together, he’ll be sure to cherish them. He swore he felt like his heart literally thrummed wildly the moment the kitsune greeted him with those set of dimples, how could he not falter?

 “You’re more beautiful, though” There it is, that coy grin again. It’s good to see that he hasn’t gotten rid of that coyness just yet then. Seeing how the other male accepted his gift made his heart swell in such happiness. And to think it wasn’t even the only thing he brought. When Leigh said he didn’t need to get him anything, Eun grinned sheepishly, “I wanted to. You’re my boyfriend, aren’t you? There must be that kind of need to want to impress… I’m sorry if I’m being a bit awkward on the whole ordeal, this is my first time ever and I have no idea what to do” No wonder he had one episode of mental breakdown prior to his arrival. 

Stepping inside the therian’s home, the dhampir was quick to eye the ingredients placed neatly on the counter, to which he made his way to. “Oh wow, you really did get a lot… I mean, I probably should’ve notified you how much we’ll be needing but the truth is, I didn’t search up the recipes and what to do until 3 days ago…” Procrastination at its finest. “I swear I am not the kind to procrastinate, I was just… buried.” He placed the paperbag on the counter too, pushing it towards the kitsune with a smile, “I thought we could use a bit of sweetness so I got us some chocolates too.” And maybe, just maybe, he had also included a bottle of wine inside. Taking off his coat and putting them on the coat rack, Eun starts to roll up his sleeves while analyzing the contents on the surface, before dividing them into their respective spots. “Relax, we’re not going to burn the entire place down” he teased, surely it couldn’t be that bad.

Leigh had been on plenty of dates over the past few years but none of them really mattered the way this one mattered, normally he would go out on a date, hook up with someone, maybe go on another if it was fun and then naturally it would fizzle out. With Eun things were different because they were already close and he wanted to go into this with some kind of lasting impression. Of course, Leigh knew they weren’t going to last forever, that was what they talked about the other night on the couch but he wanted to be happy now and he wanted to be able to make Eun happy. So this date mattered and that made him nervous because he wanted things to be perfect and if there was one thing he wasn’t perfect at, it was cooking. Still, he was hoping for the best.

He sucked in a surprised breath and giggled without intention when Eun said he was more beautiful, it honestly felt like a movie, getting flowers on the first date and compliments, it was the kind of thing that 15-year-old him dreamed of. “Thank you” he spoke softly, his eyes watching Eun with a softness in them “You look handsome” he commented noting that he had definitely dressed up for this occasion. He felt his heart flutter even more when Eun referred to him as his boyfriend so easily, his grin was wide “You could impress me if you brought me a rock” he joked with a laugh and nodded his head “It’s just us right? Nothing to be nervous about” they’d spent time together before, tonight didn’t have to be any different.

Leigh reached up to scratch the back of his neck when Eun commented on how much he had bought for their baking session “Watch me have forgotten something really important and have to make an emergency trip to the store” he joked with a sheepish grin. The way Eun considered not checking the recipe until 3 days ago as procrastination was cute “You know it’s adorable the way you plan everything in advance” he commented softly looking at the paper bag which Eun was holding and then parting his lips in surprise when he handed it to him “I feel bad for not getting you anything” he spoke softly but that didn’t stop him from looking inside and taking out the chocolates and examining them with a wide smile “You’re at least going to help me eat them right?” he commented and smiled softly.

They headed over to kitchen, Minha was getting under his feet because she was so excited to have two people rather than one in the house “Minha lay on your bed” he told her and she looked up at him basically asking if she had to before she headed over and laid herself down in the patch of sun. “Speak for yourself” he spoke softly when Eun said they weren’t going to burn the place down “I managed to burn oven pizza the other night, who does that?” he teased as he sidled up beside the other male and stared at the ingredients “So what are we making first?” he had no idea, he just bought one of everything from the baking section of the store.

The nerves in him were basically kicking every single place inside his body, as if they were asking for him to panic because that’s very unusual for Sangeun Moon. He never panics, not even when people were trying to crack him under the pressure. Perks of going through those torturous sessions while he was studying law, you can’t falter too easily or else it wouldn’t look good at court. Now, while he could hold them back when he was doing something in front of everyone else, he wasn’t sure if he could attempt to hold them back when he’s in the presence of the person he wanted to impress badly. If he slipped up, would Leigh laugh at him? The embarrassment could quite literally eat him up. Before he could even try to muster something up, he knew he slipped up. How? Because Eun was suddenly hiccuping from one minute to another. As if sensing that was more than enough to embarrass him, his hiccups grew louder and got more uncontrollable, to the point where the dhampir had to cover both hands over his mouth. “So-” Hiccup. “Sorry.”

 This wasn’t normal, Eun doesn’t get this shy over compliments. He’s been complimented for his manners and looks over time so why was he suddenly hiccuping like a fool in front of Leigh? If it was possible for him to dig a grave and bury himself in it, he would’ve done so. “Thank you” he murmured, then came another compliment which made the dhampir breathe out nervously while trying to keep the hiccup in. It worked until it didn’t. The hiccup he tried to hold back came out as a cough instead. “What can I say, you rock my world, Leigh” Still, he offered the kitsune a sheepish grin while throwing a finger gun towards the other male. Hiccups can’t keep him down, like hell it would. “You’re right… there is simply no need for us to be nervous, this is just like what we used to do, we’re just more free to… be slightly intimate now."

 The thought of kissing the kitsune again brought the heat up to his ears, to which Eun dismissed it by rubbing against it with no care in the world. He excused himself and tried to calm the hiccups down by drinking a glass of water placed on the side, “I hope you don’t mind… I don’t know why I’m suddenly hiccuping…” The ingredients were enough for them to even bake dozens of goods to give to others, honestly. “You’re right, you forgot the ladyfingers” he pointed out rather bluntly, before slowly breaking out a smile, “That’s fine, I didn’t tell you what we were going to make today so of course you wouldn’t know you should buy that. We can make our trip down to buy it together though, I have never done a tiramisu and I really wanted to try it for you.” But everything else, he seemed to have it. “I plan a lot of things in advance… so I don’t forget” he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, “Most people think it’s an attractive trait…” Judging from how Eun lifted his gaze to stare at Leigh, as if he was trying to ask for his validation, it was clear that the dhampir wondered if Leigh liked that trait too. 

“I’m the one who came here, I should come with some offerings” he shook his head and smirked coyly when the kitsune held up the box of chocolates, “Of course. I think you should be more worried that I may finish that before you.” Minha was so obedient, it reminded him of how much he misses their family dog, “She’s so obedient… I’ve always wanted to have a dog of my own. I only had one before but she’s more of the family dog” Upon finding out that Leigh has indeed gone through an incident like that, Eun stopped arranging the ingredients and blinked a few times in awe, “I can be the cooker out of the two of us then.” It was better to do something they can put away first, “How about we start with a classic cheesecake? Do you like them?” 

Leigh had to admit he was a little surprised to see Eun nervous because he was so used to him being the calm and collected one, the Kitsune had some practice with dates and he had known Eun for a while now so if he put aside the nerves he felt about the formality of the situation, really it was just the two of them spending time together and that was special enough to him “You don’t need to apologize for hiccupping Eun” he commented with a sweet smile and reached out his hand tentatively to rub his back soothingly wondering if that would help. Still, the other male had that familiar demeanor to him which Leigh liked so much, he grinned slightly “That was an awful dad joke and yet somehow you pulled it off” he teased shaking his head at his finger guns “’s just baking…” though the word intimate did made the therian hitch his breath.

He shook his head slightly when he asked if he minded him getting himself a drink, this was only Eun’s second time here and here he was making himself at home again, it was a nice feeling really. Leigh pursed his lips and snuck up behind Eun after he set down the glass, suddenly wrapping his arms around him and yelling “Boo” he laughed for a few moments before eventually letting go, his face was flushed bright red because he was surprised with himself “I uh... I heard making someone jump can get rid of their hiccups” he added, biting on his lip as he waited to see if they resumed.

Leigh felt a small sense of panic rise when the other male said he forget something and he parted his lips to gasp “I got everything I could think of” he spoke slightly sadly but when Eun suggested that they could go to the store and get some together he calmed down for a moment “Uh...what are ladyfingers?” he asked, feeling the heat rise in his face to admit that he had no idea what Eun was even talking about. It was sweet how Eun explained his like for making plans and then when he said people thought it was attractive Leigh widened his gaze a little, was Eun looking for his approval “Responsibility is very attractive” he agreed with a soft smile.

Leigh laughed slightly and smiled “Well I appreciate the offerings, thank you” he nodded slightly, he did like his sweets and the flowers were already making the kitchen counter look more radiant “That’s okay, I’m used to having everything in moderation” he responded and nodded slightly, addictive personality meant he had to be careful about how much he allowed himself to have of stuff. “I’ve had her since she was a pup and back then I didn’t have much going on so we spent a lot of time together, you could say we’re kinda inseparable now” he grinned shyly “You should get one of your own” he spoke softly “There’s a special kind of bond you can’t get anywhere else” he spoke it softly.

Leigh nodded when Eun said he was the cooker of the two of them but then he protested “But I want to learn to do it better” he responded nodding his head in an affirming gesture “Cheesecake is doesn’t need to be cooked...least risk right?” he smiled softly biting his lip.

Because Eun wasn't used to feeling so nervous in front of people aside from his own parents, he had a hard time holding all the emotions to himself. So when he suddenly started to hiccup uncontrollably like a maniac, the dhampir was pretty much cursing internally at the way he's behaving. Oh, this is such a big embarrassment, he muttered to himself. Of all days, it had to be today. Of all times, it had to be now, right in front of the guy he was trying to impress. What a trip. "No I know it's not something I should be apologizing for but still… it sounds so embarrassing, I'm embarrassed" His ears were pretty much red from it already. However, admittedly, Leigh was doing a very good job at reassuring him. He wondered if the kitsune will be the same way every time he needed to comfort him. There were times when Eun was very aggravated by work and Leigh managed to calm him down by talking to him. 

"There is no awful in my vocabulary, you should know that, Leigh" he scoffed and puffed out his chest before sending a wink his way, "The jokes may be outdated but I'm Eun." It may seem silly but to him, it felt like he was slowly reverting back to his casual chaotic self. It's a big assurance for the dhampir. He had surprisingly finished all the water in the glass in one gulp, but not before he almost choked a bit and was grateful he had already downed them all because of what Leigh did afterwards. The dhampir hit his hand against his chest before spouting nonsense and gibberish in Korean, accompanied by what seemed to be a high pitched squeal, "Leigh!" he whined and placed the glass on the counter before whining again. "Yes you did make me jump" he huffed and tried to wait to see if the hiccups were gone. Thankfully, it worked. "Gosh you saw me in that kind of setting... " With that, he pressed both of his hands to his cheeks to cover up the blush. It was truly embarrassing for the elder Moon. 

"If Jae heard about this, he would never let me live this down" the thought of that alone was enough to send a shiver down his spine. "Cute" he quipped softly, grinning widely when Leigh asked him what ladyfingers are, he was more than happy to explain. "The Italian name for it is savoiardi, it's basically sponge biscuits. It's a sweet thing. The shape is like a rice biscuit but a lot longer. I'll show you them when we buy it." He felt as if his legs were threatening to give out hearing that from him, responsibility is attractive, he said. "You think so?" he sounded very much like a child seeking validation from his parents. "I hope you won't take my affection moderately" he winked, "because I don't think Eunnie would be happy." Oh god, he did not just change the tone in his voice. A moment later, he seemed to have realized what he just did and chuckled nervously, "What was that Eun, gosh" he mumbled to himself. The thought of getting a pet of his own made his eyes lit up, "Any recommendations?" 

He didn't know much about the breeds because he never had the time to do his research on them, but seeing the bond Leigh had with Minha, Jae with Yeontan, Han with Byul, Ahri with Bomi, he wanted one of his own too. When Leigh protested by insisting that he wanted to learn too, Eun went over and placed both his hands on the counter, effectively trapping Leigh against the cooling marble top, before giving him a soft kiss, "You'll always do good with Chef Eun in the kitchen" he cooed and went back on organizing the ingredients. 

Leigh smiled softly, it always seemed like Eun put pressure on himself for quite literally everything and he had no doubt he was doing the same thing with their date, truth was it could be the worst date in the entire world and it would still rank high for him because of the person he got to spend it with, he wasn’t sure Eun quite understood how deeply he felt for him. “Don’t be” he spoke softly, shaking his head slightly “Believe me you’d have to try really hard if you want to scare me off” he nodded his head thoughtfully, nervous hiccups weren’t going to rank that was for sure.

He laughed slightly “You’re way too young to be acting so cheesy” he responded with an amused shake of his head, it was the kind of thing his father would come out with over a family meal and make everyone shake their head because of it. Leigh had to admit that when he tried to make the other male jump he wasn’t quite expected /that/ reaction, so much that it even made him jump himself because of how loud Eun screamed, Leigh was worried for a moment that he hurt him and immediately let go. Pressing a hand over his chest he tried to catch his breath before he started giggling softly “I can’t believe I just scared myself by scaring you” he mused with a soft grin as he looked back at Eun, god he was so real to him in that moment and it made the kitsune’s heart feel all fuzzy and jumpy “But seems like your hiccups are gone?” he offered as a peace branch “I’ll keep your secret” he responded with a sheepish smile.

“Aren’t sponge biscuits….exactly the kind of thing we’re cooking?” he raised his brows curiously, he didn’t know a lot about baking but surely buying them was cheating? He twiddled his fingers together a little nervously because he always felt like he sounded silly when he was talking about something he didn’t understand, he supposed that was why he liked to verse himself in so much knowledge. Leigh nodded when Eun asked him if he really thought responsibility is attractive “There’s something special in knowing someone takes their life seriously, it means when they choose you...they really choose you” that’s how he saw it anyway, if people didn’t have their life together then how could they possibly be serious about a relationship. “Eunnie?” he asked and laughed softly, that was an interesting way to say it, it sounded really cute.

“Maybe a cute little labrador which you could take running with you, they’re really energetic and sweet, easy to train, loyal to a fault” he nodded slightly, he could see Eun with a golden one at his side for sure. Leigh had stepped into the little kitchen space and was staring hard at the ingredients as though they might tell him the answer to this baking thing so he was pretty shocked when he felt Eun’s hands against his and when he looked towards him, his eyes widened because of how close he was. He didn’t even have time to process what was happening before Eun’s lips met his and he kissed him back softly. He opened his eyes, showing an expression full of wonder as he watched the dhampir carefully “I look forward to learning from you, oh cooking master” he smiled softly and nodded, now their nerves were dealt with, it was time to cook “Okay, tell me what to do” he spoke softly.

Leigh's presence did help, tremendously. He may not say it out loud now but he was sure Leigh understood how significant he was in his life. He had people he cares for, his family, some of his more notable friends and Leigh was definitely someone who had a spot in his heart too. Or at least, that's what he was. Until he became someone more. He'll never be able to get rid of the blush that stained his cheeks whenever he called Leigh his boyfriend. Sometimes it wasn't even verbally heard, but that small voice inside him would just swoon continuously. "So my outstandingly loud hiccups couldn't even scare you even if I wanted them to? Wow… I should find another way then. I need to test my boyfriend's resilience, you know" he teased, there it is again, that boyfriend word. It's just one word but why did he feel like he was ready to fly in cloud nine upon hearing it? He thought it was love. As cliche as it was.

 "Yes thank you for acknowledging how young I am. 30 is hardly old, I can't believe Jae made me think as if I was like 40, and even then that's still fine… what did he expect me to act like? 60?" he grumbled defensively, Eun usually had that fast paced tone to him whenever he was riled up or wanted to send his point across. Most of the time, people would be able to bear witness to that when they see the dhampir getting aggravated. Like now. He didn't expect Leigh to give him a surprise like that, so when he automatically reverted to his loud self by exclaiming and whining loudly, he was pretty much blushing like a mad tomato. Especially when the therian proceeded to giggle, "Leigh!" hr whined again, "This is not funny" Though judging from the pout he had on him, it was hard to even see if he even meant those words. He was clearly sulking. "You'll keep my secret pssh" he narrowed his dark hues on the kitsune who still had those dimples on display which was making it increasingly hard for him not to melt under his gaze, "Jae does not hear about this." Deal.

 "What if I had a heart attack, Leigh, that's not how you're supposed to be giving my heart, foxxy, you're supposed to make my heart burst from so much happiness not the opposite" Eun was basically chastising the kitsune, with one hand on his hips and that sassy look he gave him. The elder Moon crossed his arms and scoffed before clicking his tongue and shaking his head, "Baby that's not cheating, sponge biscuits are not easy to make, besides it'll take us hours to make it, much less perfect them" It wasn't until he realized he had used the endearing term that Eun bit his lip. Oh, that came out of nowhere. "I know you have a sexy brain, Leigh, but I can be the attractive chef today, you can be my assistant; my sous-chef" he cooed and pat his cheeks teasingly. "I choose you, do you know what that means?" He had that soft gaze again, like he was so close to confessing again. 

"My siblings used to tease me and call me Eunnie but because I'm the eldest and they didn't want to get spanked… they would out honorific behind it. Eunnie-hyung and Eunnie-oppa…" He smiled at the memory, it felt like yesterday. "Surprisingly, I like it when people give me nicknames. They're memorable." Serious and actual nicknames, of course. Hearing Leigh recommending him a breed only made it seem like he was truly ready to own it, "Do you want to have a dog with me? I mean, he could be Minha's playmate" Having a pet with your significant other, that's one thing he wants to check off. Eun smirked at the way he left Leigh after kissing him, the kitsune had kissed him back and that made him feel triumphant. "We can start with the cream cheese first. You bought the blocks instead of cream cheese spread, I'm proud. We'll need four of them. Do you mind unwrapping it for me and put them in this bowl?" he passed him the bowl with a smile. 

Everything was new between them when it came to dating but they had known one another for a long time now, maybe that’s why Leigh felt more at ease and like he could tease the dhampir and have fun with him. He didn’t feel the usual pressure he did to be anyone but himself because he already knew that was the person that Sangeun Moon liked “Your boyfriend isn’t going to let anything steal him away, he’s too hooked” he confessed with a soft smile towards the other male, his heart felt like it leapt in his chest every time he said that word and now he was free to say it as many times as he wanted “I still can’t believe this is my reality sometimes” he confessed it with a soft smile.

Leigh laughed under his breath when Eun complained about Jae calling him old “Joke’s on him because you only got more handsome with age I’m sure” he commented with a small chuckle. He had to admit he wasn’t expecting Eun to jump as bad as he did when the kitsune snuck up behind him, he could still remember the way he flailed and that was what kept him laughing softly, the way he whined made Leigh pout “But I like seeing you caught off guard” he protested with an encouraging smile “It’s a reminder that this is real” he grinned when Eun warned him that Jae wasn’t to find out about this particular blunder “Deal” he responded and chuckled “I’m on your side” he added and nodded a few times. The way that Eun continued to tell him off made him quieten down though “Okay I won’t do it again” he responded nodding thoughtfully, he supposed maybe that was too much for a first date perhaps.

Leigh raised his brows, his cheeks flushing when Eun so easily called him baby, he bit his lip softly because it sounded so natural and yet special coming from his lips, he choked over his words as he responded “I...didn’t know they were so hard to make” he commented as he looked back at Eun with wide eyes, it seemed this was going to be a roller coaster of new things for the both of them. “Okay, I can live with being the assistant as long as you promise to fire me when I completely screw it up” he laughed softly. When Eun asked whether he knew what choosing him meant, Leigh naturally answered with the first thing that came to mind “That I’m a pokemon?” he questioned tilting his head because he wasn’t quite sure where he was going with that.

He smiled as Eun talked about his siblings giving him a nickname as kids but covering it with honorifics so that they wouldn’t get in trouble “You’ve always been pretty close with them huh?” he commented thoughtfully, whenever Eun talked about his siblings he always had this softness to his voice which said everything he needed to know about the other male’s dedication to his family "Does this mean you want me to give you a nickname?" he asked curiously. Leigh had to amdit he was shocked by the idea of them getting a dog together “I can help you choose one, but he should be yours...given..” he didn’t want to finish that because it was followed by negative things and he promised himself he wouldn’t go there tonight “Minha would love a new friend” he spoke and nodded his head a few times, she was a very excitable and friendly dog, she would love to hang around a new pup. As Eun explained what they needed to do, Leigh beamed proudly at his praise and then got to work doing as he asked “So who taught you how to cook?” he asked as he opened the blocks and set them down on the counter.

Eun wasn't sure if it was because he's never really hung out with any of his 'friends' that much or was it because he's seeing this as something more, the nerves were slowly dying down and it was no longer there thanks to Leigh's scare earlier. The dhampir grimaced upon remembering how he had flailed loudly, how embarrassing could that get? He's never had a close friend before, not really. The friends he had during school or work never lasted long, at most they were considered friends on the social ladder but merely acquaintances in his actual contacts list. Leigh was his first ever real one, and now he is his first ever boyfriend. It feels weird but it made sense in ways he could never decipher. The important was that he was thrilled to have the kitsune by his side; they were happy. He was happy. "Yes please call yourself my boyfriend frequently… I feel like I couldn't quite grasp how real this actually is… I have a boyfriend. Wow." 

People didn't even think Eun was going to get a girlfriend at all, he was the type people could see following his parents' wishes and marry whoever they chose for him. Technically, that is still true. But there's a twist to the story, he's carving another path because he wanted Leigh and an alternative to how he shapes his story. "Pfft Leigh if you keep complimenting and feeding my ego like this, it's going to inflate so much you won't be able to put it down" he grinned, covering his mouth with one hand as he attempted to stifle the laugh that threatened to spill. He grinned sheepishly and ruffled Leigh's hair teasingly, "I'm real. You're real. All of this is real." What the dhampir didn't expect was for Leigh to quiet down, was his loudness too much?

 He had remembered that the therian was a generally introverted person who probably wasn't used to all the hoots, "Leigh, are you okay? I'm sorry if I was too loud, I didn't mean to overwhelm you… I was just teasing and when I get playful, I tend to be loud" he mumbled, fiddling with the helm of his shirt while staring at the kitsune, he didn't offend him, right? "Did I offend you?" This was one of his biggest fears, to see if their compatibility wasn't really what it seems. "People don't usually make them if they need them, so they just buy them when they need it, it's convenient and would save you hours" Eun wasn't a pastry expert, after all. Even if he could do ladyfingers, he would probably spend the next week trying to perfect it due to his perfectionist nature. "If you screw up, you can be taster" he winked and almost doubled over when Leigh said Pokemon, "Oh my god baby, you're so cute. How did you know I loved playing Pokemon? I'm gonna catch you in my pokeball" he teased, gosh he was so tempted to pinch the kitsune's cheeks. "It means I won't choose another person. It's you, it's always been you."

 He nodded in affirmation when Leigh asked if he was close with his siblings, he remembered asking time where he would have the best time during his breaks, because it meant he could return home instead of staying at the dorm. "I was enrolled in a private academy so I couldn't really see my siblings that often" He would often write letters, of course. His mother returns them with her own diligently. "It means if you have one, don't hesitate to give me them" he grinned, nicknames were endearing to him. It occurred to him that having a dog together would only hurt them in the future so he bit his lip and nodded, "That's okay too. I can't wait to have my own dog… he should be just like his owner right? Minha takes after you a lot" That's what he read on, anyway. "I grew up in a strict household so my mother would often reward me with treats whenever I behave well. My grandmother was the first who taught me how to bake, I was 6. And I wasn't good, I tell you" the fond memory made Eun chuckle as he poured the sugar into one cup, measuring the sour cream just as well. 

He had to admit that it made him feel special to be the first person that Eun got to call his and seeing how giddy he got every time that he said it, you could tell how important it was for Eun. The kitsune had to wonder if this was something that he dreamed about or whether it just snuck up on him without any warning and he suddenly found himself in the middle of it. From the way Eun talked about it before, he’d never really had any crushes so he supposed this was all a little overwhelming for him “I like it when you’re excited” he commented softly “Sometimes I feel like you don’t have many things in your life to be excited about” he didn’t say that to be mean but because he had noticed how Eun planned a lot and did what he was told a lot and that didn’t leave him much space for excitement.

The way Eun spoke about his own ego made the kitsune laugh softly “I can’t have been the first person to shower you with compliments” he commented and nodded a few times, Eun had called himself a Korean word that Leigh didn’t remember the name of but he did remember that it meant he was basically the guy everyone wanted their kid to marry because he was literally good at everything. “Do you have any weird things you like?” probably a bit of a random question but sometimes he felt like he was missing some of the quirkiness the other male must have “Other than really bad dad jokes” he commented with a playful smile “I know it is...I’m just” he wasn’t sure how to describe it “You’ve heard me talk about my little...daydreams before but sometimes it’s hard for me to believe they could ever be a reality” he laughed softly “People tell me I dream too big” he gave a soft smile tousling his own hair after Eun messed it up.

He had gone quiet because honestly he was a little worried he was going to screw this up because he was too clingy, that was the reason his last boyfriend had broken up with him and while he had matured a lot since then, there was still this fear that the same thing could be repeated “I’m okay” he spoke it softly “I just...I find it hard to be myself sometimes” he spoke it and bit his lip softly “People didn’t like who I was back in school and that...had lasting effects on me” so when someone reacted badly to something he did, his default reaction was to go into panic mode “So no you didn’t offend me...I’m just scared one day I’ll do something to make you stop liking me” he knew it was irrational but he did tell Eun he would try to be honest with him.

Leigh giggled when Eun said if he messed up he could be the taster “Don’t give me temptation to mess up, I’m already bad without the promise of getting to eat all the treats” he laughed softly but smiled widely when Eun said he liked playing Pokemon “Me too, which was your first starter Pokemon?” you could tell a lot about a person from their starter Pokemon. Looking back at Eun he felt himself calm from his previous worries “You make my heart flutter when you say things like that” he responded softly as he looked back at Eun. “So whenever you did get to see them you spoiled them” he smiled slightly “I was like that with my younger cousins whenever we would have family gatherings, I’d let them climb on me” he grinned softly.

When Eun said he would like it if he would give him a nickname, Leigh took a deep breath, he had done some research about what he might want to say, even practiced the pronunciation “ about 왕자님?” he blushed deeply because he had no idea if he said that right or if it even worked in context but he wanted Eun to know that he had been doing his research. “I’m sure you would make a great dog parent and I’ll help you to train them” he nodded enthusiastically, though not falling in love with the pet Eun picks was going to be a challenge. “Ah so baking was your treat for doing well?” he smiled, well it sounded like it was always something he got to look forward to then. He watched over Eun’s shoulder as he measured out the ingredients, he did it so easily without seeming to worry too much “So you got better through practice?” he shuffled closer because he was enjoying watching Eun work.


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