It had been a week since that night at the restaurant. They had come home, cuddled up with Minha, ended up putting a movie on and then fallen asleep. Eun had almost been late for work the next day but all Leigh could remember was the smile on his lips after they kissed. How happy and free he looked. And since then they had been texting constantly, sending cute messages, trading a few selfies here and there, Eun visited the shop sometimes, he brought a coffee to Eun's office one day. They were figuring out how to make a busy schedule work and Leigh was happy. Deliriously so, especially when Eun had called him his boyfriend earlier this week and the kitsune's heart had practically leapt out of his chest.

And today was their first official date. Initially, Eun had wanted to go out somewhere together but Leigh had asked him if he wouldn't mind the two of them just spending the day at home. The kitsune knew that Minha had been excited to see her new friend again and he really liked the idea of them just spending a lazy afternoon together. Eun had insisted he was going to show Leigh how to bake so he had ordered a bunch of the ingredients to be delivered which had come this morning, he had some of them in the fridge and the rest were arranged on the counter. He would have measured out them into bowls already but Eun was being pretty secretive about what they were going to make today. 

He had spent most of the day working through the inventory and backorders for the shop, his glasses were perched on his nose and Minha was curled up asleep in the patch of sunlight which shone on the couch next to him, she loved the sun and would spend all her time there given the chance. The time felt like it passed slowly because he couldn't wait to see Eun again, it wasn't even subtle at this point how much Leigh lit up whenever he got to see him and while he sometimes wished it would be more often, he was making the most of the time they had, just like they promised. But eventually after a few hours of sorting through the mess of the stock system he heard the sound of the knock at the door. 

He hopped to his feet, trying to beat the shiba inu who was already skittering across the floor at the sound of a new visitor to the apartment, he was sure that she knew exactly who it was because she never got this excited when the mail man came. She beat him there but he shook his head slightly "Did you learn to open doors? No? So you need me to open it" she seemed to understand backed up a little though he tail wagging gave her away. He pulled the door open and immediately smiled when he saw the ever charming Sangeun Moon at his doorstep "Hey" he spoke softly, beaming, his dimples on full show. 

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Sometimes he blinked a few times and he still couldn’t believe that this is his reality, today, what they’re doing, is actually happening before him. All in his own conscience. He finally learned how it feels like to love someone and Eun likes it very much, visiting Leigh was just a glimpse of what their life would be like, in the near future. And perhaps, he couldn’t get enough of it. “You’re right, I don’t have many things in my life to be excited about. I try to think of the latest thing I was proud of and that was… a little over 2 years ago when I finally graduated and received my accolades. That’s something everyone should be proud of but it’s a bit pathetic to see that I haven’t been excited ever since, you know?” He’s embarrassed. Everyone else had the chance to celebrate the biggest moments of their lives, and he was left not knowing what he should be excited about. “So thanks, Leigh” Thank you, indeed. His smile was wholesome, he couldn’t wait to see what they could do today. Eun was already looking forward to the mess he was so sure they’d make. 

“You’re not the first, no, but you’re the first I actually want to hear all those compliments from. Doesn’t that make it a bit different?” he tilted his head to the side slightly, almost cutely, like he was asking the kitsune if he’s felt something similar. “Hearing others won’t be the same when you’re hearing someone you want to give everything to.” The dhampir covered his mouth using one hand before shaking his head dramatically, “I can’t believe you said my award worthy dad jokes are horrible, Leigh… tsk tsk” Did he have something else that’s habitual? “But now that you’ve asked me that, I have a habit of liking a few letters. Not necessarily poems, just journal entries about my day. My handwriting isn’t good enough to show though, it’s very sloppy” he grinned sheepishly, he enjoyed writing journal entries when he was younger and had plenty of journals stored away. All because the elder Moon couldn’t bring himself to throw it away. It was a part of his childhood. 

“People said I dreamed too big too, once upon a time” he took Leigh’s hands into his, brushing his thumbs against his palm softly, “But look where I am now, right? It’s not impossible…” The frown never left his face, in fact, the dhampir was more upset at the fact that Leigh thought he could ever push him away by being himself, “Don’t be… I like you for you, Leigh… all of you” He didn’t know how he could never notice that part of him but Eun intends to show it. To show why he fell for him. “I will not stop liking you, Leigh, so you can stop worrying about that” he ruffled his hair gently and gave him a reassuring smile, “I’m hard to be chased away, anyway.” When the kitsune asked him what his starter pokemon was, Eun was more than giddy to tell him, “Chikorita” he beamed in delight, it was like witnessing a younger him again. “What’s yours?”

 He had the intention of making his heart flutter even more but decided to not tell his plan beforehand, after all, it’s best to do things like that discreetly. “How many cousins do you have?” His family wasn’t that many to expand, they always had 3 to 4 per family. The nickname caught him off guard, it rendered him speechless, so much Eun stared at Leigh like he just called him husband, “Did you just call me a prince, foxxy?” Bit by bit, his smile grew wider as he leaned closer with a smug grin, “Your pronunciation is also on point, I’m impressed, Leigh.” The thought of having his own dog was quite literally sending him to cloud nine, he wondered what kind of owner he’d be. He could feel him peering over his shoulders but Eun only grinned brightly as he continued to whisk the butter with a slightly above average turn, it was one of the best perks of being a supernatural, to use your strength. “Mhmm, I couldn’t go back home nearly as much unless it was semester break… it was hectic for me, so I had to train by myself. Baking myself a cupcake always clears it for me. A treat for myself. Do you like sweets?”

Leigh gave a somewhat lopsided smile and tilted his head slightly “Well that’s definitely a big thing to be excited about but I think you need to change your definition of excited” he pursed his lips “You’re telling me you haven’t been excited for a package with something you really wanted to arrive...or new music from your favorite artist coming our...or….getting to go to the beach or an amusement park…” he had lots of little things he looked forward to in life and no they weren’t graduation level every day but they made him happy “Getting a text from your favorite person?” Leigh gave a bashful smile as he looked back at Eun “I think you have more going on than you even realize” Eun was just very specific on details and perhaps he thought those things weren’t special enough.

Leigh licked his lips and then grinned shyly “Then I will keep saying them...even if I become a human tomato” he often found it hard to say how he feels so he would end up stuttering and saying something silly and while he felt more comfortable around Eun than he did with most, he still found himself getting caught up a lot. Leigh cleared his throat and then laughed when Eun told him off for insulting his dad jokes “You asked me to tell you the trust” he jested but then listened to Eun talking about the letters he enjoyed writing “So you have the writing of a doctor then” he chuckled under his breath “Did you write any about me?” of course he would want to know that, he wouldn’t dare ask to read them when Eun already indicated he didn’t want to share but he was curious about the topics he must cover in them.

Leigh smiled sweetly as he felt Eun take his hand in his, he liked the feeling of his warm touch, so much so that he didn’t want to let go “I guess things will never happen if you don’t try to make them happy...if you don’t….reach for them and hope for them” he felt like it was a mix of both, hard work and luck, sometimes you had really great times and others were a struggle but you had to keep pushing on regardless. Leigh sucked in a breath and smiled when Eun reassured him that he liked him for him “I can’t help it” he responded and bit his lip “My brain isn’t wired with the confidence others have...I have this tendency to doubt myself it proves a hard habit to break” he supposed it came from many sources, like relentlessly wanting people to like him when they never would when he was younger and suffering a breakup which essentially proved they chose someone else over him. He took a deep breath when Eun touched his hair “Thank you...I needed that” he spoke softly.

He loved how excited that Eun got when they talked about Pokemon and Leigh was imagining a younger Eun playing the game and going through the adventure on his game boy “Mine was Bulbasaur” he responded and grinned “Looks like we’re both grass starter enthusiasts...that usually means we’re the weird ones” he laughed softly, most people picked the fire starter “Chikorita is pretty cute huh?” he nodded a few times. When Eun asked how many cousins he had he smiled “Four...three girls and one boy and I was the oldest of all of them” it was the closest he was to being an elder brother and he enjoyed taking care of them. Leigh was practically holding his breath after he suggested the nickname, he had practiced saying it so many times you’d have thought it would be easy and yet he still felt his palms getting a little sweaty as Eun reacted and he breathed a sigh of relief “I think so? I hope so?” he blushed hoping Eun liked it.

Leigh watched Eun carefully as he cooked, noting the way he skillfully moved through the kitchen and how it all seemed kinda effortless to him despite the fact it wasn’t even his own home “I favorite is caramel cake...the kind that is just covered in frosting” he laughed, he couldn’t eat too much of it without his stomach hurting but that wouldn’t stop him trying anyway “Are cupcakes your favorite?” he questioned curiously.

He could feel a blush forming on his cheeks when Leigh told him that he probably needed to change the definition of his excitement, “Honestly, I don’t know how to put it. I’ve never been this… excited for anything. I’m not sure whether it’s because I don’t know what it actually means to be excited or it’s because I’ve never had anything that I think I should be excited for” In his mind, Eun could only be excited if his parents were too. Which was a bit sad, for the male who was already nearing his 30th year mark already. It felt as if he never lived his youth at all. “A package to arrive? I… Well, I’ve never been much for online shopping nor do I actually remember receiving any package since it’s all addressed to my work address, new music from my favorite artist? Uh…” It feels embarrassing for him to admit that he’s never truly experienced those or maybe he’s done it but couldn’t recall any part of it, which only brought him to one conclusion; it wasn’t considered significant enough for the dhampir to remember.

 He looked up from his embarrassed gaze and nodded almost enthusiastically when Leigh mentioned getting a text from a favorite person, “He’s standing right in front of me, actually. I’d rather talk to him like this compared to texting but can’t be choosey, right?” he chuckled, sometimes he would rather hear his voice so Eun would often ring him up instead of texting. “I know I’ve done all of those, but it’s a bit embarrassing to know that they were not considered special enough for me to remember… Wow, I’m really missing out, aren’t I?” Leigh was very shy, and Eun loves how he tried his best to send the message across even if that meant he was turning into a human tomato, it was incredibly endearing to him. If anything, he only found himself falling deeper for the kitsune, more than he probably should. “Careful Leigh, one day you may end up being an actual tomato and unfortunately for you, I like my tomatoes. I may end up eating you for all we know” he teased and patted both of the male’s cheeks playfully, this is exactly what he pictured when he saw a relationship window open for him to set his foot in. This kind of happiness he felt, something he didn’t want to end.

 When asked if he’s written any entry on him, Eun cleared his throat and hummed in affirmation, “A few… I’m not sure if you can read my writing all that well though, I swear I’m not good at them. Totally not a candidate for any calligraphy competition, that’s for sure. But not as messy as a doctor” He’s a lawyer, his fingers were made to be typing on a keyboard, not the other way around. But since he makes a lot of extra notes, they couldn’t be that bad. “Why? Do you want to read them?” He was shy about showing it, since it was very personal to the elder Moon, but if Leigh expressed his want to take a look, then Eun would gladly present it. “Let’s have plenty of hopes together, Leigh” he held his hands reassuringly and gave him a wide grin, “Nothing wrong with trying, right?” He learned a lot of new things when he befriended Leigh and let’s just say that the dhampir enjoyed them greatly. “Let’s put it this way then” he cleared his throat and bit his lip apprehensively, “I can be your bottle of confidence for you.” He didn’t expect Leigh to just discard the shell of his for him, but he wanted to be a better person for the other too. 

Eun ruffled his hair gently and patted him reassuringly, “No problem. You know I’m here for you.” He wanted to say always but managed to refrain himself from doing so because that word would only hurt him. “I can’t believe something that was probably sounding like an offense would manage to sound like a compliment” he shook his head and laughed, “Just saying grass enthusiasts are better compared to others. I don’t make the rules.” He remembered being the only one who picked that starter when he was a kid, but then again, he’s always been a weird one out of the bunch, surprisingly. “I’m guessing you’d be pretty good with kids too, huh?” Eun wouldn’t call himself the expert of handling kids, but he likes to cater to their cute demands, somehow. He didn’t have people catering to him and he didn’t have half as enough time to cater to his younger siblings, so perhaps it was to make up to them and himself. The nickname was so unexpected but it had the dhampir grinning from ear to ear, “I never thought I’d be so giddy over a nickname but here I am… proving myself wrong again.” His prince. Cute.

 Eun made a mental note to remember Leigh’s favorite dessert, perhaps he could make them in the future for the kitsune. It’s only natural for a boyfriend to want to do things for their significant others, right? “Mhmm, cupcakes are my favorite because that was the only thing my mother could give me. As a child, I wasn’t pampered all that much. My father thought pampering me would end up making me a spoiled kid… so yeah” Not exactly a good childhood story for him. “I bet your father is so much better than mine.”

Leigh felt special, the things Eun said made him feel special because they sounded so genuine. Usually, when someone complimented him he found it was due to obligation or because he said something nice first but the things Eun said felt important to him “It kinda makes me feel sad that you haven’t felt like other things were...exciting” he responded candidly as he watched Eun carefully, he could understand that perhaps his expectations were higher though, while Leigh was the type to focus on the little things “You’re missing out” he teased as he nudged against Eun’s side “Order yourself something online as a treat sometime, then try and forget you bought it and then when it arrives it’ll be a nice surprise” Leigh did that often, usually with things which came from abroad so it took a while to come.

He giggled when Eun said he was his favorite person “Somehow I knew you were going to say something like that” he responded and shook his head playfully “Plus I can’t surprise you as easily in person as I can with a text” he chuckled “Except when I’m trying to scare away your hiccups I suppose” he bit his lip and smiled because he was still surprised by Eun’s reaction to that. Leigh nodded when he said he was missing out “You haven’t even experienced the pure joy of having a favorite band and getting excited because they’re coming to your city” Leigh definitely liked music and had been to a few concerts, it was the only kind of large crowd he was willing to tolerate. Leigh widened his eyes when Eun teased him about how much he was blushing which naturally made the kitsune reach up to cover his face for a moment “Well that definitely would be a problem, but I’m afraid I can’t stop” because now the more he thought about it the more embarrassed he was getting.

Leigh widened his eyes when Eun said that he had written a few journal entries on him, it made him wonder what the other male would have written about him on the pages “Oh...that’s okay” he spoke softly when Eun said that he probably wouldn’t be able to read it well, truthfully it seemed like it was something very personal for Eun and for that reason he didn’t want to ask to see it. He bit his lip when Eun asked if he wanted to read it “I more just...wanted to know if I was mentioned” he admitted sighing softly because there was that blush he kept wearing again. Leigh’s gaze dropped to this joined hands when Eun spoke about having hopes together “Sounds like fun” he responded in a soft voice “Who knows what dreams we might find if we dig for them” he spoke softly thinking about the things he wanted to achieve.

He liked he way that Eun was touchy with him, it hadn’t been that long and they were already holding hands and had even shared a kiss, it felt much more natural to him that he had honestly been expecting and in that sense, Eun definitely provided him with confidence just like he said. He giggled when Eun commented about how being called the ‘weird one’ might be seen as offensive “It means that we’re the ones not afraid to be different right?” he smiled gently “And you’re right, we should make an entire team of grass types and play together” he grinned “We could even play leaf green just to complete the theme” he hadn’t played a pokemon game in a while but they made him very nostalgic. He shrugged slightly when he asked if he was good with kids “I guess so?” he responded and smiled “People tell me I’m quite patient, so I don’t mind being around kids even when they’re hyper” he chuckled “But I would be scared to drop a baby if I was asked to hold them” he was sure most people had that irrational fear.

The way Eun was grinning after he used the nickname definitely gave him a sense of relief that he liked how he chose to address him...he’d read it was a little childish but he had always seen Eun as his hero, so his prince seemed accurate “I was so nervous I’d say it wrong” he admitted with a soft laugh under his breath. “Cupcakes seem like they’re easy to make but...I guess it would easier to burn them because they don’t take as long as regular cakes?” he was still watching Eun working on the cooking, by now he had pretty much blanked on what they were supposed to be doing though. Leigh really wished he could make Eun’s relationship with his father better, sometimes it made him feel a little guilty that his parents were so supportive in comparison “My dad is the kind of person who just gets along with everyone, it’s hard not to like him” he laughed under his breath “He also saved my life so...there’s that” he pressed his lips together.

It's been so long since he's had anyone making him feel so significant and special like this. Who knew he only needed a day with Leigh to find out just how much one could love another? The both of them likes each other, he knew that. The kiss they shared the last time was a testament to it and Eun couldn't bring himself to even think about questioning what it meant afterwards. How could he? It was his first kiss and the fact that Leigh was the one he shared it with, on his own liberty and consent, meant everything to him. "It's sad, I know… but hey, at least I can start feeling them now? Better late than never, right?" He would rather be late until he was already turning 30 than to never attempt it at all. And he was more than happy to try it with the kitsune by his side. "I'm missing out on a lot of things, Leigh… good things. I'm embarrassed but… I intend to make the best of my time here to make up for it. You'll help me, won't you?" He listened to his suggestion about ordering something online and nodded in affirmation, he'll do that, honestly it made the elder Moon look as if he was the child that was taking in what an older person was telling him, "Order something online. Got it." It was a bit funny. 

"What would you need to surprise me with, be careful Leigh, my heart ain't that strong as I look, it's quite fragile… who knows you may even give it a heart attack one day" he jested and winked playfully, "I'd rather have you surprise and give me a heart attack another way" he murmured and fiddled with his fingers shyly. Though he had close to none idea on how a relationship was supposed to go on, he knew the kisses he shared were bound to be more frequent as they take another step in their journey. And maybe, just maybe… Eun had a taste for it and now wished to have more. "I've never been to a concert" he shook his head, "I only ever heard all the events people held but never got the chance to attend. I remember wanting to be the first to line up in front of the bookstore when a new manga was released… that was years ago, but I wasn't able to do so because my father told me to attend extra classes with my tutor." It had upsetted younger him greatly but who was he to say no?

 The blush on his cheeks only made him chuckle, so cute. "Then don't stop on my account, I don't mind. I'm just warning you beforehand for what may happen in the near future if you keep blushing, you're my boyfriend now" there may be certain lines he was able to cross now, but he didn't say it out loud. To be honest, he wasn't sure if he should be telling Leigh what he's been writing about him in his journal but he also couldn't bring himself to lie and say no because of course, the dhampir had written about him in that enclosed space of his. Leighton Kingsman made him laugh more times than he could count. How could he not write a letter of appreciation inside that at least once? "You never know what's in front of you until you dig for them" he mused softly, "Whatever we find, I'm sure it'll be worth the while." He was naturally a sociable person so skinship was not a foreign thing for him, though this kind of skinship he was initiating with the kitsune is so different compared to his normal ones. You wouldn't find him holding someone's hand voluntarily like he's doing now, or staring into his eyes with such fondness. No, no… that's only reserved for Leigh.

 "We can be different together" he nodded with a smile, yeah that sounded nice. "I figured as much, you are kind… those people usually have a thing for pure souls like kids. Even if they are devilish brats." Being called his prince was more than enough to make Eun's heart flutter, he really does like this guy and was so close to giving everything up for him, he might actually still do it, "You said it perfectly. I've never been someone's prince before, I guess I should start acting like yours." He's been his knight in a shining armor, what's a prince compared to that, right? "Mhmm, and even if you get the wrong measurement it doesn't ruin the entire thing. I find cakes to be a lot more aesthetically urgent compared to cupcakes. Here, can you please pour one cup of sugar and one cup of sour cream?" He had pushed the tub of sour cream towards him. When he heard that Leigh's father had saved him, his hands stopped doing what it was doing earlier momentarily, "I know it's a sensitive topic but... You never told me how he saved you, it's fine I'd you don't want to talk about it of course... I just, yeah I'm being nosey again.. Sorry."

Leigh nodded his head enthusiastically in response to Eun’s words “Exactly, there’s plenty for you to look forward to” he grinned a little “Maybe we should make you a list to tick off” Leigh hadn’t lived the most adventurous life out of everyone in the world but he definitely had a fair few little things he always tried to do because he knew he would get excited over them. “Of course I will” he responded with an easygoing smile “It’s basically my personal responsibility to make sure that your time in Evermore is as memorable as possible so” he pursed his lips and grinned “Start with ordering something silly online...maybe a model kit to build or a toy you always wanted when you were younger but never got to have” anything which sparked interest and made you feel excited. Sure some people might call it irresponsible but he thought it was important to have fun sometimes. 

Leigh shrugged, blushing slightly when Eun asked him why he wanted to surprise him “I guess I like the idea of things being new when it comes” he responded and smiled, shrugging it off, he wanted Eun to get to experience new things and feel excited when he was with him, the same way Leigh felt a certain thrill in getting to be with the dhampir “It’s silly I know” he added to the end and laughed. “Surely you must have some musician you want to see...something you always heard about but ever got to do” he pursed his lips when Eun said he wanted to go and get a manga from the bookstore when it was released and he pouted a little at the thought of him giving that up over some extra classes “Then what about a comic con, they sell all kinds of manga, you can add to your collection?” plus they often had artists who would draw all kinds of popular characters, along with replicas and plushies, it seemed perfect. 

Leigh fiddled with his fingers as Eun continued to talk, he couldn’t help feeling nervous around the dhampir, no matter how hard he tried he always felt flustered by the smallest of things “Are you trying to find ways to naturally insert the fact I’m your boyfriend into conversation?” he grinned sheepishly, he liked hearing it a lot and he liked the fact that Eun seemed to be so proud of it. Leigh never really had set goals in his life he wanted to reach but he lived day to day reaching for things which made him happy, that could change with time and even be different on different days, but one thing his heart had latched onto by now was spending time with Eun, it was something he wanted every day, it was something he treasured. Shyly Leigh edged closer to lean his chin on Eun’s shoulder as he watched him preparing the food, he would say he was learning something but really he just wanted to be closer to Eun and take in the soft manly scent he always seemed to radiate. He loved being able to be close with him like this. 

“They can definitely be devilish brats” he responded and laughed softly remembering how his cousins would always demand his attention and try to steal his glasses so they could wear them, he laughed it off but it could often be frustrating. “No changes needed, you already fit the bill, I wouldn’t have rehearsed it more times than I’ll admit if I didn’t mean it” he grinned slightly, when Eun asked him for help with measuring out the ingredients he pouted because he didn’t want to let go but did as he was asked “Okay” he spoke softly looking around confused because he wasn’t sure what a cup would entail so he grabbed a mug and filled it with the things he thought they would need. Leigh pressed his lips together when Eun asked about what happened with his father and nodded slightly “No don’t be’re supposed to be the one I can tell anything to right?” he picked at his shirt a little wondering how to explain it. 

“I wasn’t born a Kitsune” he explained nodding slightly “I was born a human and...honestly I was never the strongest person when it came to my immune system, I was tall and thin and I guess other kids didn’t like me because I was also...strange” though he never really understood why back then “I was smarter than my classes, I had more interest in the sky than I did others and...well schools are can imagine” it felt weird explaining this to someone who wasn’t a therapist but he continued because he wanted Eun to understand, especially if they were going to spend a lot more time together “There were a few kids who hated me, I don’t really know why...but they essentially made it their goal to make my life a living hell” he paused biting on his lip to try and stop himself from tearing up, he wanted to finish the rest of the story but he wasn’t sure how to without getting upset.

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