It had been a week since that night at the restaurant. They had come home, cuddled up with Minha, ended up putting a movie on and then fallen asleep. Eun had almost been late for work the next day but all Leigh could remember was the smile on his lips after they kissed. How happy and free he looked. And since then they had been texting constantly, sending cute messages, trading a few selfies here and there, Eun visited the shop sometimes, he brought a coffee to Eun's office one day. They were figuring out how to make a busy schedule work and Leigh was happy. Deliriously so, especially when Eun had called him his boyfriend earlier this week and the kitsune's heart had practically leapt out of his chest.

And today was their first official date. Initially, Eun had wanted to go out somewhere together but Leigh had asked him if he wouldn't mind the two of them just spending the day at home. The kitsune knew that Minha had been excited to see her new friend again and he really liked the idea of them just spending a lazy afternoon together. Eun had insisted he was going to show Leigh how to bake so he had ordered a bunch of the ingredients to be delivered which had come this morning, he had some of them in the fridge and the rest were arranged on the counter. He would have measured out them into bowls already but Eun was being pretty secretive about what they were going to make today. 

He had spent most of the day working through the inventory and backorders for the shop, his glasses were perched on his nose and Minha was curled up asleep in the patch of sunlight which shone on the couch next to him, she loved the sun and would spend all her time there given the chance. The time felt like it passed slowly because he couldn't wait to see Eun again, it wasn't even subtle at this point how much Leigh lit up whenever he got to see him and while he sometimes wished it would be more often, he was making the most of the time they had, just like they promised. But eventually after a few hours of sorting through the mess of the stock system he heard the sound of the knock at the door. 

He hopped to his feet, trying to beat the shiba inu who was already skittering across the floor at the sound of a new visitor to the apartment, he was sure that she knew exactly who it was because she never got this excited when the mail man came. She beat him there but he shook his head slightly "Did you learn to open doors? No? So you need me to open it" she seemed to understand backed up a little though he tail wagging gave her away. He pulled the door open and immediately smiled when he saw the ever charming Sangeun Moon at his doorstep "Hey" he spoke softly, beaming, his dimples on full show. 

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He had a soft smile and nodded when Leigh said that, “You’re right. That’s one of the reasons why I went ahead to pursue my career right now. People deserve second chances and they should be given the opportunity to better themselves at some point in their lives. If innocent bystanders can try to find it in themselves to step up and be brave, then those who didn’t get the means to prove themselves to be innocent should be given the same window” though he often find himself having to defend those who actually did commit the crime they were trialed for, there were a few instances where he was appointed as their attorney when they didn’t have enough money to pay one. “One life at a time, right?” he giggled softly when Leigh said he enjoyed listening to him saving the world in his own way. “I hope a day will come when I can expand my territory even more and grow in power.” Corruption will always be there, and he knew the risks of being involved with politicians too but the road to be the district attorney back home was quite a golden moment for the dhampir. He couldn’t give it up. Not just yet.

 Eun scrunched his nose up upon hearing the story on his cousins waking him up so early in the day just because they wished to go swimming, “Don’t tell me you caved in? Leighhh” he whined and shook his head, the kitsune did seem like the type to give in and sigh, saying fine. The dhampir guessed he was going to be the one who’s a bit strict, depending on the said situation. “Well, if it was worth it… then that’s good to hear” what’s important was that Leigh found great happiness and joy in it. The concept of crab fishing made him look flabbergasted as he tried to grasp the idea of it, listening to every single word Leigh told him about it, “Try and pull out a crab? Just like that? Won’t the crabs try to pinch you? I mean… they are pretty dangerous when you are not tying them down, have you never gotten hurt while doing that?” His cheeks flushed immediately when he told him there was no way he would devour his crustacean friends, “King Crab sounds delicious though” he murmured to himself and grinned sheepishly, he really liked eating that particular dish so he couldn’t help but be embarrassed when Leigh loved crabs like they’re his friends. 

“You play with crabs… can you be any more precious and cute?” he shook his head with an amused smile. “Wait… does this mean you don’t… eat crabs?” Have you ever wanted to before? Those words weighed a lot to him, especially when he’s not used to being asked what he wanted, “I guess you could say so… I knew I wanted to do plenty to you… or with you…” he could feel his ears turning red, talking about this was different because he wasn’t going with the intention of teasing. He was actually talking about it as an actual scenario. Sometimes they stumbled into a few heated kissing sessions and Eun would find himself wanting more, he never really said it out loud but it was clear to the dhampir himself that he wished to take it to another stage but wasn’t sure on how to approach the matter. A part of him was grateful that Leigh started the asking first. “Why? Are you… ready for the next step?” his eyes glanced over the kitsune’s gently, chewing his bottom lip as he cleared his throat. His palms were sweating profusely as his gaze fell downwards, it was hard for him not to show the kind of attraction he felt for the therian. 

He giggled because Leigh was right, it wasn’t as if they just met yesterday, they’ve been friends for a while now and it was only now that the two of them were confident that it is love,The way he nestled against him made his grin wider, as he wrapped his arms around him securely, dipping his head down to peck his cheek, “You would?” He saw how Jae moved in with Han and he always ever thought that he should be moving with another person once he’s married, but now? He wasn’t so sure anymore. Maybe he just wanted to spend more time with Leigh. It was a valid reason, honestly. It was impossible for Eun to hold himself back on his laugh, not when the video was actually funny to begin with, it didn’t help that Leigh was also having the time of his laugh laughing at the reactions too. Before long, he was already holding his stomach and pressed his head against Leigh’s shoulder, he was so tired from laughing. It didn’t take a genius to see from the gesture alone, Eun was very comfortable with Leigh. He lifted his head to meet his eyes and grinned sheepishly, “This was fun” he exclaimed softly, leaning in to close the space between them and press a soft kiss against him.

Leigh nodded slightly, he could understand why Eun’s work fit with him so well, he was the type of person who wanted to be able to make a difference in the world and honestly the kitsune loved that about him, he was passionate and hardworking and never asked for anything in return when he did something good. “I imagine it can be a little conflicting when you know you have to defend someone who isn’t innocent though” it worked both ways after all, he had to defend people regardless of what actually happened and if a crime was actually committed. Leigh nodded when Eun explained it as one life at a time “Well we wouldn’t want your cape getting all worn out would we” he mused with a soft nod, he hoped that Eun could grow into this role he believed in, in whatever way made him feel like he was making a difference, he could tell that purpose was important to him.

Leigh gave a sheepish grin when Eun scolded him for giving in to his cousins and taking them swimming “They gave me the puppy dog eyes okay, it was like trying to say no to a cute squirrel who just really wants an acorn” he sighed under his breath slightly, he was a sucker when it came to other people and making them happy, he would always tend to give in and let them have what they wanted because he wanted to be able to make people smile. Leigh arched a brow at Eun’s shock when he said he liked to pull crabs out of the rock pools “Well I mean most of them are pretty small, even if they pinched you it wouldn’t hurt too much, besides I’m not completely crazy, I take a net” he did end up going silent when Eun said that he liked eating king crabs, Leigh liked sushi but he had never been much of a seafood fan beyond that, shellfish and the likes tasted slimy to him.

He blushed profusely when Eun said was cute for enjoying playing with crabs “I mean I thought they were cute, watching the way they walk sideways and you can scoop them up into your hands and let them crawl on you” he bit his lip, okay maybe it was a bit of a weird thing to enjoy but he liked them and thought they were charming little crustaceans. Leigh shook his head when Eun asked if he eats crabs “You know I’ve never been the biggest fan of shellfish or the likes” he commented and wrinkled his nose “The fox prefers meat in the more traditional sense, no time for catching” he pursed his lips slightly.

He felt a little shy having this conversation with the dhampir, which considering he was the one with experience meant both of them were a little shifty and red in the face “Oh” he responded, raising his brows when Eun immediately connected wanting to go further with Leigh, honestly he had been expecting the dhampir to mention some celebrity he’d had a crush on or maybe someone he’d liked before “Okay” he added nodding his head as he processed the information going on. He twiddled with his thumbs in his lap and he bit his lip “Well I mean...people who love each other usually want to get closer with each other and uh…” he dropped his gaze for a moment “I feel safe and happy with you” he admitted nodding his head slightly “So when you’re ready for the next step and the next next step, I will be too” he smiled nervously as he lifted his gaze to meet Eun’s.

He enjoyed being close with him like this, feeling the way Eun’s strong arms felt around his frame made him feel secure and safe, he closed his eyes for a moment to enjoy the moment as Eun pressed a kiss against his cheek “Of course, it’s hardly like I’d tell you I love you and then chase you away is it?” he teased it with a smile, he was happy here with Eun and they both seemed to be enjoying their date, watching the screen and trying to hold back laughter only to both end up in stitches and completely unable to stop laughing every time they looked at each other. He pressed a gentle hand against Eun’s back as they both struggled to catch their breath between laughing. And then they fell into a comfortable silence for a moment, just staring into one another’s eyes as though they were daring he other to make the first move. Leigh was tempted to lean in but before he could Eun was already pressing his lips against his which made the kitsune hum softly as he returned it, his heart feeling like it was doing little flips in his chest as he lifted his hand to stroke gently against the loose strands of hair at the front of Eun’s face

There was one thing that Eun never quite had a problem with when it comes to talking about his line of work; he never forgets to highlight the importance he thought he was doing to contribute to the betterment of society. He was glad he could share it with someone he was very much comfortable with, like Leigh. The kitsune was always there to lend him his shoulders and ears alike, never really asking why in return either. He was just there for him. Which he appreciated. "Yeah, sometimes it gets hard when you know the person you're defending is the actual bad wolf in the case" it was a miracle he could keep a straight face after doing that but work is work. He helped more people in need that actually deserved it so he tried to see the positive in everything. "But then again nothing is ever truly easy, is it?" The price needed to be paid. 

A soft giggle escaped him when Leigh talked about his cape, to which Eun turned to the side with one arm perched against the couch and raised his eyebrows suggestively, "Every hero goes back to their loved one and that person always ends up taking good care of them. You know because they helped others and in return… their partner helped them." His relationship with Leigh escalated a lot, he wasn't as shy as before when it comes to talking and trying out new things with the other male. Now Eun has never been the general shy guy but his ears still turn red around Leigh, sometimes. Better than his cheeks, he thought. The dhampir couldn't help but to scrunch his nose up and scoffed playfully when Leigh told him how hard it was to resist his cousins, "One, squirrels are vicious animals. Two, they will steal the acorns from you even if you don't give it to them anyway so I guess I could understand where you're coming from." 

It was a different outtake from Eun but the result is still the same; he would eventually give in. Willingly or not. He was both surprised and not surprised when he found out that Leigh loved crabs as creatures and Eun the same, but as food. It left the elder Moon in a moment of silence for a brief while. He was so sure his ears turned red already because his hands went to cover it instinctively. "Well that's… awkward" he murmured silently. "How is it possible for one to be cuter when talking about his crustacean friends hm?" he chuckled and shook his head, it was endearing he'll admit. "The fox likes to hunt rather than sitting idly by to catch huh?" He queried curiously, as a supernatural himself, he knew it was not abnormal because there were plenty of other species roaming the earth too but he still has yet to see Leigh in his kitsune form too. Maybe he's a bit curious too. The look on Leigh's face when he confirmed that he wished to move further into their relationship had the dhampir turning redder. 

His ears probably looked like he just ate the spiciest food ever. "Oh Leigh, believe me when I tell you I'm ready, even if I don't really show it outrightly. It's just so new to me I… am not experienced in it and I don't know how to take the reins all the time" but thankfully, his sense of wanting to try overpowered him most of the time so he ends up trying either way. Holding him like that had Eun feeling a tingly sensation in the pit of his stomach, it felt so comforting, and Leigh laid against him like he belonged there. It made him want to hold him longer and never let go. He laughed a lot and so did Leigh, the endless stupid try not to laugh challenges made them struggle to breathe properly since they were busy laughing but he didn't mind it one bit, he enjoyed hearing the kitsune laugh. He didn't know what went down but he knew he wanted to do nothing more than kiss Leigh at that moment and that was exactly what he did. No regrets whatsoever. If anything, Eun enjoyed the kiss and when Leigh returned it by humming softly against him while having his hand tugging on his dark locks, the dhampir nipped his bottom lip gently before pushing the other male down on the couch, finding himself straddling the former with one hand cradling his face. 

He nodded slightly, that was the cross to bear when you were a lawyer, even the guilty had the right to an attorney “I guess at that point you just have to believe that the system will do what it’s supposed to” he spoke softly, he was sure that didn’t always happen but it wasn’t like it was up to the dhampir how the justice system worked and sometimes a case didn’t work out the way you wanted it to. “If it was then we would all have rocket science degrees and be living on Mars” he responded with a playful smile, perhaps Leigh liked astrology a lot, if he hadn’t become a mathematician he could have probably gone into that field and worked for NASA “You know I always wanted to go to space, an astronaut was definitely in my top 5 list of dream jobs” he was Leigh so of course, he had so many choices of what he wanted to do with his life.

Leigh raised his brows as he looked back at Eun, while he talked about superheroes and how they always had someone to return home to at the end of the day “Are you inviting me to be your Lois Lane, Eun?” he questioned with a sweet grin, if Eun was a hero then Leigh was more than happy to be his support and the person he could turn to when he needed to just be normal for a while. Though he wasn’t sure how well he would do at the role, Leigh had been in one relationship before and that one had turned out to be balanced one day. The kitsune hadn’t seen it at the time but Radley had been stringing him along with promises of a future he never actually intended to have with Leigh, that much was evident from how fast his ex-boyfriend had moved on when he left and how he hadn’t heard from him since. “Squirrels are greedy but if you feed them, they become pretty loyal” he responded and grinned “I was definitely in their favorite book” it was quite the feeling to be the favorite elder cousin.

Leigh cleared his throat and gave a half-smile when Eun said it was awkward because he had been talking about liking to eat crabs rather than observe them “Never really been a shellfish guy myself, but you already know how much I like sushi” considering their first date that wasn’t actually a date had been at a sushi bar. He blushed deeply when Eun asked him how he managed to get cuter while talking about crab fishing, Leigh had this tendency of getting into the zone when he was talking about something which interested him so it was clear he was comfortable around Eun to show that side of himself. “The fox is actually quite rebellious and kinda annoying” he grumbled, whenever he turned he felt like he was himself but a grumpier, hungrier version of himself “It still...kinda scares me to turn” he confessed in a soft voice, of course he didn’t have a choice but to do so but he hated the lack of control.

He swore his heartbeat doubled in his chest when Eun responded without hesitation saying he was ready to move forward with their relationship, honestly he had been expecting some sort of apprehension from the other male, after all, he’d never been in a relationship before but then Leigh was reminded that Eun was older than he was and had probably been thinking about moments like this, for a long while. “That’s okay” he assured in a soft understanding voice “It’s just you and me, there’s no pressure” Eun’s skin felt so soft under his touch as he caressed the other male’s cheek, stroking softly against it as he kissed him. He felt a little nervous but more than anything, excited to be so close to him and hold him like this, it felt like a dream come true. He was a little surprised when he felt Eun nibble on his lip and he responded by parting his own to toy against his bottom lip with his tongue, before long Eun had pushed him down against the couch and Leigh was looking up at him with a soft expression. He leaned up to meet his lips with his again before breaking it to kiss along his jawline slowly “Pinch me because this has to be a dream” he whispered softly, blushing as he met Eun’s eyes, watching his reaction to his kisses as he trailed slowly down his neck.

It was reassuring to hear Leigh tell him this, so many people told him that he was at the wrong side of things and sometimes it hurts his pride when they said he was supporting the wrong side of justice. He wanted to do the best for everyone and himself, but it wasn't going to be smooth every single time. His time as a criminal defense lawyer will allow him to intern under the district attorney which was what he was eyeing since the very beginning. "It feels good to hear this from you, everyone else would only discourage me. They like the reputation and money that came with it but… not the criticisms" it was sad. Upon finding out that the kitsune wanted to be an astronaut once upon a time ago, Eun chuckled and tilted his head to the side, "Oh really? You'd make a cute astronaut. But unfortunately, I selfishly don't want you to be one and am grateful that you are… a mathematician instead. I wouldn't be able to see you often if you're off in space the entire time." Eun wasn't always cheesy but he really likes Leigh. "I'm curious though, what are the other 4 dream jobs?" 

Though he knew plenty about Leigh over their time spent together, he still wanted to know more, there were so many things he still didn't know and he wanted to take this chance. "Depends if you want to be my Lois Lane, do you?" he grinned cheekily and winked, he was flirting with Leigh and this amount was more than the effort he has ever used on dating. There was no surprise that people have tried to set him up with blind dates before but it didn't end well. Everything was overwhelming for Eun, to receive this amount of love and care from Leigh but it was the good kind, which he didn't mind. "Are you seriously suggesting that squirrels can make good pets, Leigh?" he teased and pretended to think about it, "I mean… they are pretty cute." He could relate liking to be the favorite person in one's book, Eun grew up wanting to be everyone's favorite and most of the time, it turned our exactly the way he wanted. "And I will remember how you only eat selective seafood then, fish is fine but no crabs. Got it." Eun tends to cook when he has the time so he will need to remember that too, no matter how much he loves his King Crab dishes. 

Hearing about his fox self is actually quite fascinating for Eun, especially because it seemed to be quite the contrast with the male in front of him. "So quite literally the opposite of you. I can't picture a grumpy you so that's something" Leigh never showed a side that showed his temper. But neither did Eun, he has been upset but he never showed his temper. Not really. His eyes softened almost instantly as he placed a reassuring hold on him, "I can help you with that if you want. So you won't have to turn alone anymore." He knows how much it sucks being alone when you're going through something where you secretly wanted someone to be there for you. Everything is still so new to Eun and he probably shouldn't have just said it out loud that he was ready to move with anything but he also didn't want to leave it at that. He wanted to try. He really did. He was glad that Leigh understood how new this is to him and brought it slowly. 

It dawned to him how much he wanted this, despite not having any experience, the dhampir wished to go through this. The want is there and the fire kindling his desir is currently roaring inside him. It was almosy impossible for him to ignore this pull towards Leigh, especially when the kitsune responded softly. Kissing is something, but for Leigh to trail his kisses down his neck was another thing entirely. There was a new sensation he never thought he'd feel as he almost fell on top of Leigh due to the lack of support while he was straddling on top of him. Eun let out a small moan and gasp while holding onto Leigh like his life depended on it, "Leigh… oh my god." Oh my god, indeed. "Is this really happening?" He didn't even remember about cheesecake.

Eun was always so critical of himself and Leigh could understand why, he had grown up un a way where there was so much pressure placed onto his shoulders, he started pushing himself to meet all of those impossible standards and that was a near-impossible habit to break. But he hoped to be able to show the other male that he should be a little kinder to himself, as he had achieved a lot and he was deserving of happiness. “Every job has it’s harder parts, if it was a perfect world then we wouldn’t need lawyers at all, but we do and you’re doing your part to make sure people are safe” in his eyes, that was remarkable. Leigh scrunched his nose playfully when Eun said he would make a cute astronaut “Ethical hacker...marine biologist....race car store owner” he giggled under his breath as he looked up at the dhampir with a soft grin.

The kitsune practically lit up when Eun asked him if he wanted to be his Lois Lane “Getting to take care of you as your partner is all I could ever want, Eun” he hoped they would both be able to boost one another, help one another to reach for their dreams and be happy. That was how Leigh saw his ideal relationship. Someone he could trust to have his best interests at heart and be there for him. Someone who understood him. “I mean most small rodents make good pets if you bribe them well enough with food right?” he teased with a bright smile, though squirrels probably wouldn’t be his first choice, he had chinchillas which were basically fluffier squirrels “Chip and Dale may as well be squirrels” he commented with a sheepish smile.

Being a kitsune wasn’t exactly something Leigh had wanted for himself but then he always reminded himself that it was the better than the alternative. He had learned to adapt to being a fox in exchange for his life and it was worth the trade-off. He chuckled when Eun commented how the fox tended to be the opposite of him “It’s like having a secret part inside of you that could burst out at any moment” thankfully aside from a full moon, he was pretty good at keeping the fox under control. He lifted his gaze, slightly wide-eyed when Eun held him and offered to be there the next time he turned. Honestly, Leigh was so touched by the offer and it reminded him of how good of a person the man in front of him was. “I’m scared that the fox might get frightened and try to hurt you” the fact that Leigh didn’t say he was ashamed to turn in front of him said how much he trusted the dhampir though.

Leigh swore he had dreamed of his moment so many times and yet not a single one of them measured up to the feeling he was enveloped in right now. Eun’s lips felt so firm against his and yet there was a softness which came from the other male yielding a little, letting him in. His heart was thumping in his chest as his shaky hands held onto Eun as though he might float away if he let him go. His scent was soft, like sandalwood mixed with oceanic tones, smells which Leigh associated with happy memories of days at the beach. He couldn’t get enough of him as he slowly kissed down his neck, letting his scent overpower all of Leigh’s senses. He wasn’t expecting Eun to fall closer to him but he wrapped his arms around the dhampir’s frame to support him, one hand slipping behind him to stroke against his hair gently “That’s only the beginning of it” he whispered softly, his eyes opening to meet Eun’s.

Leigh wanted to make sure was okay, it was important to him that the dhampir was happy every step of the way, to say that he wanted every experience he had to perfect was an understatement. Leigh pushed himself upwards a little so he was in a sitting position with Eun straddled over his lap. He lifted a hand and trailed one finger against his cheek before following down his neck and to his collar bone. He leaned in and pressed gentle kisses against his chest at the top of his shirt “You are so handsome” he whispered softly between kisses.

He was glad to have someone who could understand him the way he wished people would, even if it was only one person, he was happy. Hell, if that one person is Leigh, of course he mattered more than others. Day by day, Eun realized this feeling he felt deeply towards Leigh was something more than just friendship. At first, it started that way, but then it grew into something more and the dhampir didn't even notice the difference. Perhaps, it was due to his inexperience but he was willing to learn more for the kitsune. "It feels so comforting to hear you say that to me" he murmured softly and spared him a smile, if this is what he could go home to every single time, then he would be incredibly happy. "Ethical hacker? That's a thing? Wow… a race car driver? Well… baby that's a dangerous profession but now I can't unsee the picture of you standing against a race car. Do you even have a car license?" The teasing tone in his voice grew and while Eun has been exceedingly playful with Leigh, the comfortableness always seemed to grow day by day. 

Knowing it was something but hearing it directly from the person himself was another level. It left the elder Moon speechless. "Then you can be the Lois Lane to my Clark Kent." Yeah, that works. He had no idea how happy he was but he could guess; a lot. "Chip and Dale are exceptions… they're so fluffy and squishy" they look content and happy too. It must be nice being a pet. He grew up in a supernatural household, the only humans being his mother and grandmother. Because of his father, all of his siblings were dhampir. Training was something he knew all his life too. He was trying to be understanding of Leigh's situation and he really wanted to help him in any way possible. "It must be reeling…" from the way Leigh described it, it sounded like the fox could be unpredictable. Sometimes that scares even the owner themselves. Not knowing if they are in control of their actions at any given time.

 "Oh Leigh… I am more capable than I look" he started it off with a jest but his eyes were soft, as if he was conveying a message to the kitsune that he was willing to go through a lot for him, "besides… maybe your fox might fancy me too" he added teasingly. First kisses are always overwhelming right? At least that's what Eun learned. The adrenaline running through his veins really jumped out and his grip on Leigh only grew firmer. Yeah, he wasn't going to let go of him. No way. Leigh smelled good, and as he pulled him even closer, he could feel his knees getting weak. Oh god, this was so surreal to him. The way he kissed down his neck was making his ears grow red. It felt good and despite it being his first time, Eun could feel the anticipation building even more. He didn't have an idea on what to do. He would've done his research on how to approach this better but he also didn't think he would be making out with Leigh on their first date, much less move past that phase. 

His eyes felt hazy as his gaze fell on the kitsune who shifted their positions and is now sitting with Eun straddled over his lap. He couldn't help but to close his eyes in pleasure when he kissed his chest, "Leigh… you're so good at this…" he breathed heavily. "Are you sure this is fine for you?" There was a hint of lust in his eyes but he didn't want to push the other male into this. Not if he didn't want to.

Leigh felt a connection with Eun like nothing he had experienced before, he had dated before but this wasn’t the same, there was a depth between them which was completely unspoken, this had come out of friendship and trust and slowly strengthened since then “You shouldn’t doubt yourself so much” he spoke softly, in a tone which said he wasn’t judging but rather was worried for the other male’s sense of wellbeing sometimes. He laughed a little shyly when Eun expressed his opinions on the choices he would have made for his career “Many companies will pay good hackers to try and break their systems, if they can do it, then they knock which holes they need to plug” he nodded a few times “ my defense that other was from when I was really young and obsessed with those little matchbox cars” he grinned shyly when Eun asked him if he had a car license “It’s on the to-do list” he spoke softly in a guilty tone.

He felt his heart flutter just from Eun saying something superhero-related like that, he felt special to be able to compare what they had to a love story that great. He giggled under his breath when Eun said his chinchillas were fluffy and squishy “How would you know, you haven’t met them yet” he kept their cage in the utility room because it was a good place to let them out without worrying they would chew on everything. He had shown Eun a lot of pictures of his pets though so he was sure the dhampir got the impression. “Sometimes” he agreed when Eun pointed out that having a whole different part of him could be exciting at times “I like knowing that if I was really in danger a part of me would kick in that’s better at fighting than I am” the fox could also run fast which could be helpful if he needed to get away “But I don’t like feeling like I lose myself for a while” he nodded slightly, double-edged sword he supposed.

Leigh pressed his lips together for a moment when Eun said he was tougher than he looked “I don’t doubt that...but it’s still, hard for me to think about a part of me even trying to hurt you” he did giggle when Eun said the fox might like him just as much “Well you did manage to charm Minha so who knows” he commented with a shy smile, he still wasn’t sure about turning around the dhampir because he didn’t like the person he became when it happened. But he did trust Eun, he trusted him more than anything. Eun’s grip felt so steady against him, he could feel the way his fingers curled a little to grip him tighter as they held each other close. Leigh was slow and soft with him, taking the time to map out each part of his body with soft kisses.

He paused a few times just to look up into the dhampir’s eyes, to share a moment of connection and make sure this was what he wanted. The message he received back each time was clear “I love it when you say my name” he spoke in a hushed voice when the other male complimented him on how good it felt, his head tipping back to look into his eyes. He was almost surprised to see how dark and focused Eun’s eyes were. He swallowed from the sense of arousal that washed over him seeing him like that “I want you, Eun, I’ve always wanted you” he spoke softly as his hands lowered softly, moving down the collar of the dhampir’s shirt before slowly undoing the top button and then looking at him with doe eyes as though he was searching for permission.

Whenever he sees Leigh these days, it was hard for him to describe the kind of feeling bursting inside him. His emotions were enhanced the entire time and he only wished to spend more time with the kitsune. He had plenty to think about, yes. But often he would find something to avert his attention on, that something this time happens to be someone named Leighton Kingsman. Is this what it feels like to be in love? Eun wouldn't know, he has never felt it after all. But if this is how it feels then he would like for it to linger a bit longer if not forever. "It's hard not to doubt yourself when things are like this your entire life but for what it's worth, thank you Leigh" he spared him a reassuring smile, it was nice knowing there was someone else who cared for him this deeply aside from his brother. He knew he tends to neglect his own wants and well-being but now that the kitsune is around to remind him to take care of himself more often, Eun felt the pull to do exactly that. You should be taking good care of yourself so others won't worry, he reminded himself.

 "Ah…" he nodded in understanding when Leigh explained to him what the term ethical hacker came from. "You had me worried there for a bit, considering you were telling me something that could be considered as breaching the law to a lawyer, who knew my fox could be so naughty right?" he teased and poked his dimples. It was no surprise that Eun noticed his dimples whenever he smiled, it was practically one of his favorite spots to poke at. When he admitted that he didn't have a car license just yet, the dhampir chuckled and shook his head, "Mhmm you should get it but it's fine if you don't want to drive. It could be so exhausting so I feel you" he patted his shoulders reassuringly, it really is exhausting. "You're right, I haven't met them yet which is honestly illegal, I have been gushing over them the entire time and I still have yet to pinch those two. But nevermind, next time is still there. I've seen enough pictures to know they are probably squishy." 

Knowing that you wouldn't be left utterly defenseless whenever danger posed itself is indeed a useful advantage. "That's understandable, we like to have advantages, it's just human nature to feel that sense of security. But losing yourself sometimes and not knowing how to get it back? It can be scary" he mumbled, kind of like how a Valkyr feared descending into bloodlust once they have a bite too long. He ruffled Leigh's hair playfully when the kitsune expressed his worry that his fox would try to hurt him, "if it makes you feel better, I will wrestle your fox to make it submit. Given that it doesn't fancy and fall head over heels for me first of course" the wink was there, of course it was there. Eun would never miss a chance to be a cheesy guy around Leigh. It was ingrained in him. Leigh had experience, he knew exactly what to do and that actually reassured him a bit. To know that he had no idea if he was kissing him right or if he was even a bad kisser, it was eating Eun up. But at least Leigh was there. The kitsune would tell him if something was wrong, right? 

He was positive that Leigh wanted this as much as he does. That's why he didn't stop. And perhaps, he wished to take it further. No point in delaying the inevitable. Not when Eun is drunk in love with his embrace. "Leigh" he repeated once again upon hearing how the other male loved hearing him say his name. "I will say your name like a mantra any day, baby" he mumbled in a hushed whisper. His arousal has been building for a while and the dhampir could feel himself getting agitated if he doesn't go along with this. The three words uttered by Leigh had the elder Moon widening his eyes in awe before crashing his lips against him while fumbling with his own shirt, eager to unbutton them clumsily. "I… I want you too Leigh. But I'm not… not sure how to go with this" his ears were red in apprehension and was halfway unbuttoning his own shirt. 

Leigh’s expression softly as he looked back at Eun “I know, but if no one says anything then things never change” he nodded thoughtfully, he didn’t think the dhampir would immediately stop being so hard on himself just because Leigh told him, but perhaps this would make him pause when he was pushing so hard in the future and it would make him think of the people who care for him and wanted the best for him. Leigh laughed softly when Eun expressed his worry for Leigh being involved in illegal activities “Do I strike you as the kind of person to break the law? One time I accidentally took a packet of sweets out of the shop without paying for it and then walked the whole 10 minutes back just to return it” he laughed blushing softly.

He puffed out his cheeks playfully when Eun poked them and gave him a dopey smile he reserved only for when he was with the dhampir. He liked how gentle Eun could be with him, his fingers felt soft against his skin. “I took some lessons but I always ended up getting nervous and making mistakes and that knocked my confidence” he commented under his breath, he then convinced himself he didn’t need to drive because he lived close enough to his work to walk and he would barely use a car anyway. He giggled softly under his breath when Eun said it was illegal that he hadn’t met the chinchillas yet “They’ll like you, but you should really wear a hoodie when you come to meet them” he grinned slightly “They love to climb in the sleeves and pockets of hoodies and fall asleep” and they were really soft, it was precious.

Leigh was always honest with Eun, he was shy so he didn’t talk to many people so when he did let someone in, they became important to him, to a level where he would trust them to know anything they asked about him. But Eun was the one person who took things deeper than that, Leight offered answers to Eun which he hadn’t even said out loud before, he made the kitsune search deep inside himself for the way he felt about things. ‘It just feels so out of my grasp at times, when I turn, it’s only because the moon forces me and it’s…” he let out a soft breath “Painful” he knew a lot of therianthropes turned at will to reduce the pain but he just didn’t feel like he had the strength to do that. He giggled, leaning into Eun’s touch when he ruffled his hair “Just don’t be mad if I bite you...and stay away from my tail” after all, a kitsune’s tail was sharper than a diamond, it could damage anything.

Leigh was being gentle with Eun, introducing him to one new sensation at a time as to now overwhelm him, which was testng on his own self control. He was a naturally good kisser, his lips felt soft but forceful against the kitsune’s lips, speaking lengths about the passion they were sharing with one another. “Eun” he whispered back when the other male spoke his name, feeling a shivering sensation roll through him as his grip tightened a little against the collar of the dhampir’s shirt “My heart is fluttering” he spoke softly as he opened his eyes to meet Eun’s for just a moment, only for Eun to lean in and capture his lips again, this time with force, he hummed softly into the kiss. He returned it, momentarily distracted from anything that wasn’t Sangeun’s lips against his. His eyes opened and he noticed the nerves in Eun’s tone. He brought his hands to rest over the dhampir’s “Let me” he spoke softly before diligently opening each button on Eun’s shirt before undoing the final one. He couldn’t resist as he ran his hands slowly over his muscular chest, slowly travelling upwards before pushing the shirt off his shoulders from underneath.

He got a little choked up the moment his gaze fell on the other male, now shirtless and looking back at him apprehensively “Wow” he gasped softly before taking hold of the hem of his own t-shirt and then pulling it up over his head before discarding it.

"You're right, it will never change" unless someone talks about it and he was glad Leigh said something about it. Perhaps he was too much of a coward to actually face this directly. He has been pushing a lot of things behind lately and instead of solving them, he has been actively running and hiding behind the kitsune, using him as his shield; his excuse. Truth be told, he didn't want to leave Leigh. More than anything, Eun didn't want to leave the person he was here. He learned so much. "I mean not really… but you never know right? What kind of person they could be until they-" he realized what he could be implying and stopped himself from saying any word further, replacing it with a sheepish grin instead. "Not that I'm trying to imply that you are not what I thought you are um… you're brilliant." Good going, Eun. The story about the packet of sweets did make him laugh, "Could you be anymore cuter?" It does sound like a Leigh thing to do though. Which makes the kitsune even more endearing in his eyes. 

He needs to stop giving him reasons to love him more but that was practically impossible when the dhampir found even the simplest fact about the other male fascinating. "Not everyone wants to drive so don't worry, it's tiring anyway" he whispered, it really is. If Eun didn't have to drive to get to where he wanted to go then he would gladly give his car keys up. But driving is essential for him who needs to be in places. He didn't have the time to wait for a public transport. "No way" the way he described his chinchillas made Eun want to see them even more. "I will remember to wear a hoodie next time then. My most comfortable one. Watch them fall in love with me even more, Leigh. You're giving me all the secret ways to make them fall for me." He was sad to know that the experience Leigh had with turning wasn't pleasant. He knew from his acquaintances that turning the first time would be hard but it would eventually get better as time goes by. But they weren't bitten, they were born as one so that is also another factor in that. "Do you not want to turn during the full moons? Is that why it's painful?" 

He wasn't going to pretend he knows how things work between therianthropes but he wished to understand better so he could help Leigh in the future. He was in this for real. So of course he wanted to take care of his boyfriend. "Got it. Tail is off limits and don't get mad if you bite me. Don't get mad at me if I bite you too" he teased in an effort to lighten the mood up but then realized what he just said and blushed. "I mean… nevermind." Why would he even say that? Oh Eun. The way Leigh responded against his lips when they were kissing made him feel like he wasn't as bad as he thought he would be despite this being the first time he ever went further than just a simple kiss with Leigh. The urge to push Leigh against the couch was tempting but his apprehension made it hard for him to think straight. That and the fact that Leigh was peppering kisses down his neck and taking his shirt off. At least he worked out, he reassured himself. 

"Mine too… I feel like my heart could jump out at any second." He wasn't lying. This was so new but it feels so right at the same time. He sucked in his breath when Leigh discarded his shirt away, before shortly following by taking off his own. Eun stared at his shirtless state and nibbled his bottom lip, "You're so beautiful…" But because Leigh was staring at him like that, Eun's ears slowly started turning red, "Do you uh… do I look okay?"

Leigh grinned sheepishly when Eun explained how it wasn’t easy to tell whether someone could be capable of breaking the law. It was actually cute seeing the dhampir trip over his words because that was usually the thing Leigh ended up doing constantly around him “I try to be” he commented in a bashful tone when Eun said he was brilliant and then he blushed when Eun reacted to his case of petty theft “I thought I paid for everything in my bag but I realized one of them wasn’t scanned” he fiddled with his hands a little “It didn’t feel right keeping something I didn’t pay for” he commented, noting how flamed his cheeks were to admit something so embarrassing.

Leigh shrugged slightly when Eun reacted to the way his chinchillas could be “They don’t really like being held so I found ways to get them to come to me, now it ends up becoming a snuggle session every time I let them out” he had some really fluffy hoodies which they loved even more and would always make themselves comfy there. “Chinchillas are kinda hard to win over though, they aren’t especially affectionate with humans, you more have to watch them while they have fun running around” he chuckled under his breath, it was entertaining to watch them play. Leigh bit his lip when Eun asked him why he had issues with the full moon and he shifted a little uncomfortably “I spook easily...and feeling every bone in your body snap without your control...that’s a good reason to be scared” and that scared feeling only made his susception to pain even higher until it became almost intolerable.

Leigh did blush softly when Eun mentioned biting him, he knew he had said it in a teasing manner but then the kitsune remembered that dhampirs actually did bite people, at least the ones who fed on real blood anyway. He looked up at Eun who looked startled by what he had said and smiled softly “I could never get mad at you” he dismissed it before shifting on the spot a little wondering if he should say something “Have you? Ever bitten someone?” Leigh avoided biting at all costs given that was how a therianthrope passed along their curse and he didn’t intend on giving anyone else the experience he had gone through.

Leigh kept reminding himself to take things slow, to remember that every new step they took was one that Eun hadn’t taken before. He was paying attention to the dhampir, every little sound he made, the way he smelled, where his gaze moved “I’m flattered I can make you feel nervous” he commented in a soft voice. He could feel his own heart thumping in his chest as he took in the view in front of him, he was so stunning that it was almost unreal to Leigh that this was actually happening. “You’re even more breathtaking than I imagined” he managed to get out in a soft but reassuring voice. Leigh slowly lifted Eun so he could pull himself out from under him and get to his feet, he held out his hands and when Eun took them he pulled him up with him before leaning in to press a soft kiss to his lips. At the same time, he slowly reached down to unclasp Eun’s belt buckle and then the top of his pants button “There’s still time to change your mind” he spoke softly, looking into his eyes to make sure he was okay.

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