It had been a week since that night at the restaurant. They had come home, cuddled up with Minha, ended up putting a movie on and then fallen asleep. Eun had almost been late for work the next day but all Leigh could remember was the smile on his lips after they kissed. How happy and free he looked. And since then they had been texting constantly, sending cute messages, trading a few selfies here and there, Eun visited the shop sometimes, he brought a coffee to Eun's office one day. They were figuring out how to make a busy schedule work and Leigh was happy. Deliriously so, especially when Eun had called him his boyfriend earlier this week and the kitsune's heart had practically leapt out of his chest.

And today was their first official date. Initially, Eun had wanted to go out somewhere together but Leigh had asked him if he wouldn't mind the two of them just spending the day at home. The kitsune knew that Minha had been excited to see her new friend again and he really liked the idea of them just spending a lazy afternoon together. Eun had insisted he was going to show Leigh how to bake so he had ordered a bunch of the ingredients to be delivered which had come this morning, he had some of them in the fridge and the rest were arranged on the counter. He would have measured out them into bowls already but Eun was being pretty secretive about what they were going to make today. 

He had spent most of the day working through the inventory and backorders for the shop, his glasses were perched on his nose and Minha was curled up asleep in the patch of sunlight which shone on the couch next to him, she loved the sun and would spend all her time there given the chance. The time felt like it passed slowly because he couldn't wait to see Eun again, it wasn't even subtle at this point how much Leigh lit up whenever he got to see him and while he sometimes wished it would be more often, he was making the most of the time they had, just like they promised. But eventually after a few hours of sorting through the mess of the stock system he heard the sound of the knock at the door. 

He hopped to his feet, trying to beat the shiba inu who was already skittering across the floor at the sound of a new visitor to the apartment, he was sure that she knew exactly who it was because she never got this excited when the mail man came. She beat him there but he shook his head slightly "Did you learn to open doors? No? So you need me to open it" she seemed to understand backed up a little though he tail wagging gave her away. He pulled the door open and immediately smiled when he saw the ever charming Sangeun Moon at his doorstep "Hey" he spoke softly, beaming, his dimples on full show. 

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“I know… but that’s what I should’ve done. To help people when in need, no?” Eun had a tendency to undermine everything he’s done, he was raised up to be humble for his actions but there were times when he had to close himself down because his father always told him to keep an eye out for the hyenas who were ready to rip him apart. Being with Leigh, the kitsune helped him change a lot on his mindset, it felt as if he was changing for the better. “You are more than a friend to me, Leigh” he nodded in affirmation, once upon a time, Leigh had been a very good friend to him, a person who helped him learn more about the things around him but now he’s the man he’s willing to risk a lot for. Anything to have his love. “Thank you… knowing that I’m important to you makes a big difference for me” The talk about his father made him purse his lips and sigh, “I just hope one day… he’ll be able to see that I’m not running away because I wanted to defy him purposefully… I ran away because I could no longer follow and fall back in line.” It was no wonder why he envied Jae, despite the younger having a lot of backlash from their own father.

 Of course he saw the way he smiled at him, which prompted him to smile all the same. He was a bit taken aback when Leigh suddenly took his hands away from his face though, his cheeks were still flushed slightly from earlier and he tried his best to avert his gaze away but it was a lot easier said than done. Eventually, his eyes fell on the taller male and he looked so vulnerable, the urge to say thank you was once again at the tip of his tongue but he knew he couldn’t keep saying the same thing even if it meant he was conveying his thanks to his loved one. At some point, it would become redundant and he didn’t want that. So, in return, Eun only spared the kitsune with a look that conveyed every single emotion he was feeling then. The elder Moon was used to teasing Leigh, so when he saw the way Leigh had reacted to his teasing, he couldn’t help but chuckle, “My baby is so cute… I feel flattered that you think I’m worthy to be piled up with the other good men.” Even though jealousy was a bad trait, he also grinned momentarily because it meant he really did feel strongly about Leigh, to the point where he didn’t want to share him with anyone else. 

“I already checked the box, huh? Well, for your information, foxxy, it was only the beginning of everything. I have so many things to do with you.” Oh, for sure, he had a few plans he wanted to carry out, he only needed to take his place to introduce one by one. Maybe he was a bit excited about it but why wouldn’t he be? Leigh’s officially his boyfriend now. “Maybe we can both book a flight together so you can finally introduce me to your parents, hm? Do they even know of my existence, Leigh? Have you told them anything about me?” he teased and nudged his side, with how Leigh had described his parents to him, they sounded like wonderful people. “You’re calling me smart, I feel honored… being called smart by someone so smart like you” he poked his dimples and giggled as he dragged the springform pan to the side, “Do you mind putting hot water inside the roasting pan?”

 He was a bit worried if Leigh would scald his hands but he wanted to give him a chance to help. Hugging him felt right, and the kiss he shared with him was so soft and passionate. He didn’t want to pull away, not really. He never thought hearing his confession would be mind blowing, but it was. He didn’t know what compelled him but before long, one moment he found himself blinking in awe because of those three sacred words, and another he had already pulled him for a hug, pulling away only so he could kiss him again. This time, it didn’t feel as soft, it was as if it was filled with need. God knows how long the kiss lasted but once he pulled away to catch his breath, he was in awe, “God I love you so much…” he sighed and pressed his forehead against him. “You can’t tell me that and not expect me to be red in the face, Leigh” he hit his chest playfully and shook his head.

“It was very brave” he responded, not dismissing the fact that Eun did something that most others wouldn’t because it was too much of a risk to themselves “Some might even argue a little reckless considering you could have been hurt” Leigh pouted slightly, but he couldn’t complain because Eun had handled the situation so well and in the end he had made sure both of them came out of it safely. Leigh would always be grateful for that. A smile graced his lips when Eun assured him that he was more than a friend, it reminded him of how far they had come. It was hard to believe that day was almost a year ago now. Leigh nodded “For your sake, I really hope he can come around, but if that’s not the case...know I can always be an ear for you to talk about your worries with” he nodded thoughtfully.

Leigh couldn’t possibly know what his father was like but he had gathered this picture from all the things he had heard from Eun. He imagined someone who was strict to the point where it could be suffocated, likely someone who was impossible to ever truly please and yet of course his sons would try to relentlessly. Seeing that vulnerable look in Eun’s eyes made him suck in a breath, there was this sense of trust and openness between them which almost felt surprising to Leigh, in response he smiled softly, in a way which showed his assurance to the other male, that he wasn’t going anywhere and that his feelings were valid. Leigh was red-faced as Eun teased him for his tastes “You definitely make the top of the list” he spoke in a soft voice “Because you’re my real hero” though sometimes it was hard to believe Leigh was this lucky.

Leigh pressed his lips together and then smiled when Eun said things were only beginning, that’s what made him excited, knowing he had met someone who always treated him like he was important and to fall for that person and have them fall for him in was everything he ever dreamed of. Leigh blushed when Eun asked him he had told his parents about him “Well my mom definitely found out...she has this way of knowing whenever my mood changes and she knew I was especially happy one night and pried it out of me” he pressed his lips together embarrassed “So they do know you exist yes…” he looked up at Eun “Do you really want to meet them?” it seemed a little sudden into their relationship and Leigh didn’t want to scare him off by having him meet them too soon. Leigh blinked in surprise when Eun poked against his dimples and he giggled, nodding and grabbing the roasting pan before boiling the kettle and tipping it inside and setting it down on the side.

Confessing like this wasn’t easy for Leigh, he had always been the type to keep quiet as to not ruin things but sharing it with Eun felt much easier than he expected and seeing the happy look in the dhampir’s eyes after he said it felt so freeing. The moment he uttered those words Eun pulled him in for a hug which Leigh returned, cuddling in close to his chest and wrapping his arms around him. Everything felt so natural and unexpected and the moment they parted Eun pulled him in for another kiss, a passionate one which was unlike any other kiss he experienced before, his heart was doing flips in his chest as he hummed in a surprised manner because of the force of Eun’s kissing made him stumble backward into the counter before he righted himself and kissed him back, one hand resting at the base of his neck. It felt so special, he felt so special, he never wanted it to end.

When they finally came up for air, he closed his eyes, enjoying being surrounded with Eun’s scent and feeling the way he did resting so close to him, he giggled when Eun told him off for making him blush “I think this might go down as the best first date of all time” he murmured softly and smiled, opening his eyes to look into Eun’s “I think we’re neglecting the cheesecake” he confessed with a soft laugh.

A smile graced his lips when he heard Leigh told him it was brave of him to do that, it felt nice to hear that. “Thanks.” A laugh then escaped him when the kitsune talked about how he could’ve gotten hurt if he continued to jump into situations like that recklessly without any plan thought out first, “That’s only if I don’t have a plan to start with, but when I jumped into yours, I had one. I mean… I was hoping I won’t have to use any type of violence, you know. I was gonna scare him using my words, I mean I had to have some advantage if I’m a lawyer but if I had to, I would’ve resorted to knocking the living daylights out of him” he murmured sheepishly, he didn’t like doing that so thankfully, he didn’t have to. “I’m glad that I do have you to come to” he really was, things seemed so hard now, so having someone to hear him out, it meant everything to the dhampir. 

He did hope that his father would come around to the idea of him choosing his own life partner, of course. The man with him right now made him think about his heart more than his own fiancee, that has to mean something. You’re my real hero, that’s what he said, and Eun could feel like his heart could’ve jumped out of his own chest, at that moment, it made him freeze momentarily as his gaze lowered to meet the other male’s own, “I like the sound of that” he exclaimed softly, a small smile playing on the curve of his lips as he could feel his chest fluttering. So this is what falling in love feels like. No wonder his brother seemed so happy and enthusiastic when talking about his boyfriend. It felt like he could quite literally run around happily. If he looked back at their story, he was sure Leigh wouldn’t even think about today happening, and he wouldn’t have thought about it either. But now here they were, happy that they have each other to lean to. 

“Your mother sounds like a lovely woman, I would love to meet her someday, if you would have me, of course” it reminded him of his own mother who was currently sick. Eun misses her a lot and wished that he could visit her, but he was too much of a coward to return home because his father might keep him there and go with the marriage. It made him feel like a bad son, honestly. When asked if he really wanted to meet his parents, he nodded enthusiastically, “Yes. Do you mind?” His dimples made the male look a lot cuter which was why he couldn’t stop his hands from poking them. It was no surprise that Eun found the kitsune attractive. Feeling his arms wrapped around him made the dhampir feel like he was that young kid hugging his own mother, but the love he felt for Leigh wasn’t the familial type. Still, the comfort Leigh offered felt so familiar to him, perhaps it’s the kind he’s been yearning all these years. The kiss he shared with him, he never wanted it to end, not now nor ever. 

When he realized he had pushed him back against the counter, Eun giggled and brushed his arms instinctively, “Sorry” he quipped silently, “I guess I was too… enthusiastic about it” not that he couldn’t, anyway. “You think so?” he grinned, “But I haven’t even started to feed you cake yet” his cheeks were flushed because he might have wanted to remember how that feels like, “I heard feeding your significant other cake is romantic, is that true?” his eyes fell on the cheesecake and he shrugged, “It’s almost finished, don’t worry” Once he filled the roasting pan with hot water, he placed the springform pan inside it. “A few minutes in this and then off to the fridge for an hour, and we’re set” he tilted his head to the side and grinned softly, “Do you think it’s a good time to drink? The wine from earlier?” Maybe he’s been feeling a bit thirsty after all of that and thought it was the right moment to pop up a bottle.

Eun was smart, Leigh knew that much for sure, he always seemed to have a plan and then a backup plan if the first plan fell apart. He supposed that was what made him such a great lawyer, it wasn’t just about being able to know the law and read it out but it was being able to present and examine evidence and make points and strategies within the courtroom. So, of course, he had a plan “Sometimes I forget that you’re pretty much a master strategist” he responded, he remembered they had played a board game once where you needed to play the game to win and Eun had been exceptionally good at it “Though I’ve yet to see you actually resort to any violence” he didn’t doubt Eun was strong though, you could see it from his stature alone.

He couldn’t stop the smile which graced his lips when Eun expressed his liking for being his hero, he was that to him but he was also more than that. It wasn’t just about that first night in the shop, it was about everything he had done since then too. He had given Leigh confidence and something to look forward to, he made him feel special and cared for. He made him feel stronger as a person “Me too” he echoed with sincerity in his voice. Eun wasn’t wrong when he talked about Leigh’s mom, she really was a great person and honestly, he wished every kid could have parents as good as his were. He wasn’t bragging, he just knew a lot of people didn’t have the fortune that he did “Of course I don’t mind” he stuttered out rather abruptly and than chuckled under his breath “I just...didn’t want to scare you off with moving too fast” Leigh was more than happy to involve Eun with his family because he cared for both of them “Maybe you could...come with me when we go to the beach house this year? My whole family would be there...maybe even my cousins too” honestly everyone would be shocked if he showed up with a boyfriend and maybe he would be excited for that.

Kissing Eun, it made him feel breathless and like his mind had soared up to the clouds above them, he didn’t even mind being pushed back because all he did was pull the dhampir close to him while their lips moved together. The giggle Eun let out when he realized the passion he had put into the kiss made Leigh giggle too “I’m not complaining” he commented in a soft voice. After hearing him say those three words, honestly, Leigh didn’t want to let him go. He raised his brows when Eun said he wanted to feed him cake “Is that a thing?” he responded and laughed softly “I mean I love cake so I wouldn’t complain about it” he smiled sheepishly averting his gaze for a moment and chuckling. He hovered around for a while as Eun finished off making the cheesecake, stepping around the kitchen island, and watching him with a serene expression.

He widened his eyes a little when Eun asked him if he wanted to drink and he blushed softly looking down for a moment “ of everything that happened with the pills...I try and avoid any addictive substances that could be potentially harmful” he responded biting his lip for a moment “But I have some nonalcoholic cider I can drink so you don’t feel left out, if you’d like to have some” he looked up at Eun wondering if he would be upset by drinking alone on their date.

Eun prides himself with his thinking, not because he would come up with a good plan that would last them long enough for him to come up with another that will ensure their preservation, but mostly because he didn’t have to resort to physical violence easily. He was better than that and he admired police who could do that, maybe that's why he stayed in the court instead. Because deep down, the dhampir didn’t want to incite violence like that even if it’s permitted. So when Leigh called him a master strategist, he blushed profusely and hit his side playfully as he tried to dismiss it, “You’re praising too much, Leigh, it’s nothing” he was such a sucker for compliments, maybe even more so when it comes from Leigh but it still made him blush because it felt so casual and he didn’t really expect for that to happen. 

For someone who is always prepared, to be taken aback is something else for him, “I don’t think you wanna see resorting to violence… I don’t think I even want you to see me angry, I don’t get angry often but I’ve been told by my colleagues to stay away when I do” he murmured sheepishly, he wondered how he looked when he really is pissed off though. Seeing the smile on the kitsune’s lips made him smile instinctively, the way his dimples would display itself as he spoke, no wonder he’s whipped. Hearing that Leigh didn’t mind if he went on to see his parents had him beaming, especially when he invited him over to the beach house too, “Is that an invitation?” he wiggled his eyebrows teasingly and bit his bottom lip, this was going well, he never would’ve expected it to turn out like this but god was he happy to see the outcome of it. “You’re not scaring me off with moving faster, Leigh” he shook his head, if anything he thought he was the one moving a bit faster than usual but the two of them had been close friends for a year already, they basically knew one another’s quirks. 

“Your whole family huh? Are you going to introduce me as your boyfriend to them then? I should feel flattered” and he is. He would say it over and over again, admitting how proud he felt to be Leigh’s significant other. To Eun, most people just couldn’t notice the gem in front of their eyes and that’s fine because he’ll be that person for the kitsune. “I admit I miss my mother a lot… I wonder how she’s doing now. I called my brother and he said she’s still undergoing her treatment, she looks better but I know her health is dwindling. Unlike the rest of us, my mother is a human. With a Valkyr husband and dhampir kids.” Sometimes, he wondered if his mother chuckled with mirth just thinking about the ironic situation she found herself in. With three out of four of her own children being away from the country itself. “You know… my mother would actually like you. She has a soft spot for people with dimples and pretty smiles. She is frail but has one of the strongest and kindest hearts I know of, so she’d bode well with kind people… like you” now if only the two of them could meet. Maybe one day. 

“You’re not?” Initially, he was surprised because he didn’t want to look like he was crossing his own boundaries by being so forward with the kiss but if Leigh didn’t mind, maybe that’s fine. “I’m a Korean who has been living his entire life there until last year so yes, I’m an avid fan of kdramas… we have a lot of those around. I just wanted to give it a try and see how it turns out” Hey, he had a few thoughts too. By the time he was sure the cheesecake had cooled down, he noticed Leigh staring at him, to which he spared him a cute smile as he got the springform pan out so he could put it in the fridge. He almost forgot about Leigh’s addiction problems and could feel his cheeks flaming up, “Oh! I’m so sorry… I forgot… but yes, if you don’t mind, I would love to have a company or else I’d feel like a huge dork drinking on my own with you here” he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly before heading over to take out the red wine he brought earlier. “You don’t mind me drinking right?” he was a bit hesitant, because it felt surreal.

Leigh blushed slightly and pressed his lips together for a moment when Eun said he was praising too much, it was hard for him to not praise Eun given this picture he had of him and how he had changed his life in the time they had known one another. Of course he knew the other male had his flaws just like everyone did but he was so caring and hardworking that it was hard to fault him even if you tried. “It’s a shame that anyone needs to resort to violence full stop” he responded and shrugged his shoulders slightly, why couldn’t people get along and take care of one another rather than hurt them? “Though it’s hard for me to imagine you angry” he pointed out with a thoughtful look “Is there anything specific which tends to make you feel that way?” he did seem like the protective type, so perhaps if someone threatened those he cared about that would be cause for action.

Leigh widened his eyes when Eun asked him if that was an invitation to come to the beach house “I mean...if you’d like to that is...the place is big enough for could have your own room...or you could share a room with me..that would be okay” he bit his lip realizing he was rambling a little and took a few deep breaths to calm himself. Eun seemed really serious about this which was reassuring for him, he felt like he’d had feelings for Eun for so long that this seemed like a natural development for them but he did understand that this might be more sudden for the dhampir. Leigh blushed when Eun asked if he was going to introduce him as his boyfriend “Well you’ll probably get interrogated by them either way so probably best to call us what we are right?” he shifted on the spot wondering whether this was a dream because it honestly felt like one.

His expression softened a little when he spoke about how much he missed his mom “Maybe you could send her a gift” he mused for a moment and pressed his lips to together for a moment “I know it’s not the same but then at least she would know you’re thinking of her” he was sure she would find some comfort in that. He looked up at Eun and smiled when he said his mother would like him, Leigh didn’t think himself as an especially likable person but he tried his best to be a good person and to take care of others. “Well one day I hope to meet her” he spoke softly and nodded his head “So your father wouldn’t like me then” he responded and gave a half-smile, he had put that much together already from the way Eun spoke about his father.

Leigh grinned sheepishly at the way Eun seemed surprised “Why would I complain about my boyfriend wanting to be close to me” if anything he was elated because of the way Eun was with him tonight, he had been worried that it might be awkward or weird between them after being friends for so long but it was nothing like that. “So it’s a k-drama tradition to feed each other cake?” he questioned curiously, he couldn’t say he had ever really been inclined to watch them, nor had he ever really gotten into kpop, despite the fact the was Korean by ethnicity, he had very much been raised around American culture. Leigh scrunched his nose playfully when Eun realized they the kitsune didn’t drink and he went over to the fridge to take out the cider he was talking about and then he took a corkscrew from the drawer and offered it out to him “Of course, I’m not opposed to people drinking, I just know my own limits” he beamed softly and pointed to the cupboard above Eun “Wine glasses are in there” he smiled waiting for Eun to pour a glass before he offered out the bottle he was holding to toast “To a great first date” he teased playfully.

 “You’re right, to resort to violence… it’s not supposed to be an easy road to take or even a road anyone should be taking, I can’t fathom why we need to bring in violence into the picture when things could be solved diplomatically. But not everything can be settled easily with a few words. Some people don’t believe in the justice system, Leigh, and I can’t blame them either honestly… I’m sure they’ve been screwed over plenty of times by it because it’s also a system that favors the high” Another word for privileged people who have the money and resources to do what they will. When he said it was hard to picture him when angry, Eun chuckled nervously, “Yeah… I said the same thing. But I guess there must be something others see that I don’t and it’s incredibly important to my character development so I had to take in their views and better myself up.” So, he tried to curb the anger inside, and control them better than usual.

 The way his eyes widened considerably made the male cover his own mouth with his hand because god did he look cute looking like a deer in headlights, “Or I could share a room with you hm?” he teased and giggled softly, “I’d love to meet your family, Leigh” he affirmed with a smile as he leaned in to whisper in his ear, “Though between the two of us, I think I’d like to share a room with you.” What we are, that’s right, he always reminded himself that they were two people in a relationship now and there was nothing better he would like more than to announce to people who they both cared for. If only he could do the same with his own family. Though, admittedly, Jae knew about them, if he wasn’t already the one who kept egging him about the development between them. Maybe later, he’d tell Ahri too. Since she’s already here in Evermore anyway. Which leaves his parents and his younger brother, Hyunsik, left. One day, he’ll be able to tell them and he’ll say it with his entire chest. 

“Mhmm, you’re my boyfriend. My cute nerdy boyfriend who makes me rethink everything twice because he’s too precious” he cooed, never once had he thought to be someone who would be like this but love really did change plenty of perspectives for the dhampir. It wasn’t something he’d complain over either. “A gift would be probable… maybe I can tell a colleague of mine back home to pick up something and send it over to the hospital… I’d ask my brother to do that since he’s also the doctor in charge of her but I don’t want to burden him with extra workload, he’s already tired enough.” Yeah, a gift should be in motion. “Thanks for suggesting that, I forget how much I missed my mother… Which makes me feel like a bad son, honestly” He’s been the pride of the family for so long, ever since he was a young child, now? He’s been absent for over a year already, under the notion of working when he’s also trying to delay his arrangements back home. “I’ll bring you to see her one day” he promised, his mother would love him, he knows it. 

“My father doesn’t like most people, Leigh. By that, practically everyone who doesn’t bring him any benefits… so don’t worry about that. He’s a harsh man.” It’s not as if the kitsune needed the Valkyr’s validation anyway. His cheeks flamed slightly when he asked if it was a k-drama tradition to do that, “Uh, it’s just something people do. Like watching the first snow with your beloved… kissing them when that happens to mark an everlasting promise between them. There’s plenty of things to do” he chuckled and tilted his head slightly, “Do you want to do them?” He thanked him briefly as he was offered the corkscrew, to which he quickly got down to work and uncorked the wine bottle, his eyes running around the cabinets, opening one and two to see where the wine glasses were kept at, until his gaze fell on them on third try. He poured the wine in the glass before raising it to toast with him, “To a great first date indeed” he joked and once the glasses clinked together, Eun took a sip before placing it to the side, setting a timer on his phone. 

“We have an hour to wait for the cake to cool down. We can do tiramisu another time, it could give me another reason to come over your place next time” he cooed teasingly, and took Leigh’s hand into his, leading him to the living room and pushing him gently so he would sit on the couch before going back to the kitchen, only to return with the cider and wine and his own glass, placing it on the table before them. “Now this feels a bit familiar…” he murmured and took another sip. Before long, he had finished his first glass and glanced over to Leigh’s direction, “Do you want to do anything? Watch movies? Play board games? Chat?”

Eun was a really smart and rational guy and Leigh enjoyed listening to him talk because he always made a lot of sense and seemed fair and kind “Thankfully I’ve never needed the law to solve any of my problems but I imagine it could be rather frustrating to have to wait for justice only for someone to be able to escape it because they had money or power” he sighed softly under his breath, dropping his gaze for a moment as he thought about it. He could imagine why that might drive people to search for their own kind of justice or revenge, even if it was wrong. “Everyone has their own breaking point though, I don’t think there’s a single person in this world who could honestly say they have never gotten too emotional and done something they regret” Leigh’s frustrations didn’t tend to come out in anger but they could still lead to harmful things to happen.

Leigh continued staring at him, feeling a little shocked when he almost immediately latched onto the idea of them sharing a room together, perhaps subconsciously that was Leigh’s way of asking if the other male wanted to be intimate with him, though it had come out as a full-on ramble which confused even him “I’m sure they’d love to meet you, my cousins would love another person to play with too” he laughed, they could be pretty demanding and cute when they wanted to be. He was a little shocked when Eun leaned in against his ear, naturally shivering because of how intimate it felt “Are you sure?” he murmured softly as he reached out his hand to touch gently against Eun’s arm “They usually don’t have more than one bed” he spoke softly glancing down at the ground as he did so.

Leigh swore his heart was doing little flips in his chest when Eun proudly claimed him like that and he couldn’t stop himself from smiling in response, he never expected to have this and that was what was really precious to him, he cared about Eun deeply and wanted to make him happy and so to fulfill that want was a special thing for him. He tilted his head when Eun talked about the practicality of getting a gift to his mother, he was sure it would brighten her day just to know her son was thinking about her and missing her “Admittedly...the situation seems kinda complicated” he confessed, giving a soothing squeeze against Eun’s shoulder, he was sure he would be there with her if he could be but if he went back to Korea, they both knew he wouldn’t be coming back to Evermore again “I’m sure if she knows you then she would know how badly you’d want to be there with her” he assured and nodded his head slightly.

Leigh bit his lip and nodded a few times when Eun explained how his father didn’t really like anyone who didn’t have anything material or power-based to offer him. He grimaced slightly as he realized Eun had to grow up under someone like that, someone who he constantly couldn’t make love him the right way no matter how hard he tried “I know I just...I guess I wanted to hear it” perhaps there was a part of him deep down that hoped he could understand how much he loved and adored his son. Hearing Eun talked about these romantic things he had seen in dramas made him smile softly because they sounded adorable “Well I think we’re a little while off before it snows but” he scrunched his nose playfully “It sounds like fun” he responded and nodded his head slightly.

He drank down a mouthful of the cider and smiled putting the glass down and then chuckled when Eun came to relocate him over to the couch, he sat down without question and crossed one leg over the other as he watches Eun head back to the kitchen “You do realize this is my house right?” he jested playfully, Eun seemed to be guiding him around like he owned the place. Leigh reached for his glass on the table and took a long sip of it before setting it back down “Maybe we could do one of those YouTube try not to laugh challenges?” he suggested with a smile he had a smart TV so they could do whatever they wanted really.

“It can be frustrating, yeah. Believe me, sometimes I have to defend my clients who I know did wrong on their part but that’s my case so I had to keep my mouth shut and defend them until my case is cleared” it made him feel extremely guilty especially when he’s the one who let him go. “People who have money and power misuse their privileges to get themselves out even when they did something wrong" It's just the way things are and though Eun would frown and sigh, he couldn't do anything about it. "But I can tell you there good thing about my job is that there are really a few of those who wanted to turn a new leaf, to make use of their second chance to be a better person than they were before. I help them get through their case, win it for them and they go home being a better person. They will still need to pay their settlement but second chances exist, and I shouldn't be the one to dictate who should get one and who should not, right?" To Eun, it's a complex situation but there's a certain beauty to it. 

"Thank god I can play with kids" he chuckled, Eun wasn't really good with kids but he knew how to charm his way around people, how hard would charming a few kids related to Leigh could be? Hopefully, not too hard. When he saw how Leigh reacted to his whisper, he had to bite down on his bottom lip to refrain himself from smirking because that felt good, it was nice to see some sort of reaction that indicates the kitsune's attraction to him. He placed one finger underneath his chin and made him tilt his head up to meet his gaze, "I'm sure… I know they usually don't have more than one bed but that's fine by me. All the more reasons to be close, no?" The thought of sharing a bed with Leigh did make his ears turn red though. He understood what this relationship entails, and he was ready to play into it. Whatever happiness he could reach here with Leigh, he's gonna grab it and enjoy it. While he still could. 

"I really want to be there by her side, squeezing her hand and to assure her that I'm there for her… rooting for health. But if I go back now, I might not be able to return here… to you" And that is a decision that Eun needed to think about. Maybe he'll return, he needed to return at some point but he wished he had the time to build his resistance up first before doing so. That day, he'll bring Leigh back to meet his mother too. "She does understand me better than my father… I've always been a mama's boy" he murmured faintly, he missed the days when she would dote on him like he was her everything. Even when his father would discipline and scold him, she would often bribe him with sweets. That felt so long ago. "It's his loss anyway" he looked up and caressed his cheek tenderly, "He's missing out on the kind of guy you are." Everyone else, Eun was sure would love Leigh. "One day, you're gonna be able to tell him how much you love me and I'll be there to tell him how much I love you" Maybe not anytime soon, but he hopes that'll happen.

 He was elated to hear that Leigh was implying how they'll spend more days together, it felt serious and real. "I'll wait. And we'll have plenty of things to do even before that. So many... " When Leigh pointed out his gestures, Eun rubbed the back of his head and grinned sheepishly, "I mean… I'm trying to get used to it? I have to, right? It's my boyfriend's place, after all." It was cute, seeing how he stared at him funnily, Leigh was amused, for sure. "Try not to laugh challenge? You sure? My laugh is loud as you already probably know but are you prepared to lose, Mr Kingsman? Because you will." He had the remote in his hand as he raised his eyebrows in contempt, offering it to Leigh as if he was waiting for the kitsune to take the challenge. 

Leigh nodded thoughtfully “But then everyone deserves the right to be defended for their actions, even if they’re guilty” and he was sure that everything Eun did was within the rights of the law because he was certain he wasn’t the type of person who could be bribed or bought. “It makes me sad knowing there are lawyers out there who would bend to people asking them to change the rules because they have money” he was sure that no doubt frustrated Eun too considering that he worked so hard to get where he was and do it genuinely. He smiled as Eun explained the positives to his job too and how he had seen people completely turn their lives around after making a mistake “Well you have to believe in the system right? You have to believe that even if you lose your case it’s because justice is correctly being served” winning all the time wasn’t the point, defending those who needed it was the point.

He laughed softly “They’re older now, like 10 and 12 so they are more respectful than they used to be” Leigh remembered a time when they would be jumping all over him and climbing on his back because they wanted a piggyback and he was the tallest member of the family. He took them out crab fishing a few times too “Oh and we’ll have to go crab fishing, I love catching crabs, they are so fun and cute” he beamed playfully, that was one of his favorite things about going to the beach honestly. Eun made him a little nervous with the whole thing about sharing a bed and his heart was pounding when he felt one finger underneath his chin and he lifted his gaze to meet the dhampir’s, this throat felt a little dry as he listened to his words “I know we haven’t really talked about that” he spoke it in a soft voice “Have you ever...uh…” he cleared his throat hoping Eun would understand what he meant.

Leigh really felt for Eun when he expressed how badly he wanted to be there for his mom and honestly it made the kitsune feel bad for wanting him to stay here with him rather than returning home. But then on the other side, he didn’t want Eun to feel guilted into living a life he didn’t want to either and selfishly he wanted to spend as much time as he could with him “I wish I had the answer to fix it all for you” he spoke softly, he wished so much that he could have everything he wanted because if anyone deserved it, it was Eun “Just...give yourself time to process everything and make the right decision for you, everyone else can wait” he nodded slightly “Even me” he was happy to wait for Eun to feel ready. When he called himself a mama’s boy Leigh chuckled “We have that in common” he spoke softly and grinned, his eyes softening when he looked up at Eun while he spoke about how one day he wanted to be brave enough to announce his love to his faster. Leigh reached out for Eun’s hand and smiled softly “One day” he agreed with a smile.

He giggled at the thought of waiting for the first snow of the year to come around together and getting to kiss Eun in it, it did sound romantic, albeit a bit cheesy but he was a sucker for romance so he wasn’t complaining. “It almost sounds like you have a whole list written and ready to tick off” he released with an amused grin, he actually wouldn’t be all that surprised if Eun really had that if he was honest. Leigh shrugged playfully “I’m not complaining Eun, it’s nice to see someone so at home in here” he looked over to Minha who was curled up in her basket and grinned “Well aside from her anyway” she was well behaved in the evenings, always curling up happily. “I love your laugh, it always sounds so booming down the phone” he teased with a smile, giving Eun a challenging look as he took the remote from him and flipped on the TV, he pulled up one of the challenges and then hit the play button before scooting a little closer to Eun so he could lean against his side. (X)

“Yes everyone deserves to get the chance to prove their innocence or to talk whatever they think is necessary even when they’re guilty. It’s human rights. We’re also not lawmakers so… we don’t have the power or right to dictate who gets to talk and who doesn’t. I’m just glad I never get my eyes off the prize despite everything, that’s the one thing that kept me afloat” It was a hard field to get by, but Eun wanted to make a difference, in his case, he could do some good by giving advice and aid to those who needed it. “Money is power these days, unfortunately we can’t do anything to change that. Though perhaps it won’t stay that way forever… maybe one day, things will be better. But those changes, it could only be done from within, no? Maybe if there were more good people inside, things would change” It’ll take time but isn’t every revolution? He didn’t expect for the apple to fall from the tree overnight. “There’s justice, most people may not be able to see it the way I do but it’s there.” He was so sure of it. 

When Leigh told him that his cousins were a lot older now, he grinned wolfishly and took that as a chance to jab him on the topic, “You mean they were complete devils before this? When they were… younger? How bad can cousins be?” He didn’t really know because his family isn’t exactly big and his father is not the type to mingle around like a social butterfly, even within the family ranks. “Crab fishing?” he raised his eyebrows questioningly and shook his head, “How does one even go Do I wanna know why a certain kitsune likes his crabs? Does he like to eat them or?” Crab fishing sounded very surprising, it’s not something he would be able to hear any day, that’s for sure. It makes Leigh more unique than he already is. “No, I don’t think you’re cruel enough to fish for crabs and eat them…” Eun knew exactly what he felt when he saw the way the other male’s gaze quivered underneath his own, he liked seeing that. 

His heart was thumping with excitement, if this was all it takes for him to flip in enthusiasm, he wondered what would happen if they were to do more. But he didn’t expect for Leigh to ask him about that, which made his ears redder as he cleared his throat awkwardly, “Uh… no. I mean, you’re my first, or you would be my first” he realized he was rambling and bit his bottom lip to refrain himself from continuing on that road to embarrass himself, “I mean, you’re the first one I kissed so… everything else is basically non-existent for me. The closest to skinship I’ve done aside from kissing is holding hands and hugging… maybe a bit of cuddling.” The dilemma between staying and returning took a certain toll on the elder Moon, especially when he had both people he cared deeply for sitting at the opposite sides of the scale. Leigh, the man he loves, is here in Evermore, a place that was slowly feeling like a home to him. His mother, the one who gave birth to him and doted on him since he was a baby, is back home in Seoul. He wanted to be with both but it’s hard to do that when the other is residing half-way across the globe. It’s not like taking a trip to another state here in America. 

He spared him a grateful smile when he said everyone else can wait, “Yes they can” he affirmed, this is his life they’re talking about, anyway. He needed to make a really big decision because it will mark his future. “I hope you’ll stick by me even until that day comes, Leigh. I really… really love you. I know it seems like it’s far too soon for me to speak those three sacred words but that’s what I feel. Or at least, what I think love would feel like.” He couldn’t say it out loud but yes, he found himself wanting to do things he never thought he would want to. “Not an entire list, no” he scoffed and huffed, as if he was trying to play it off, “But yes I do have a few things I wanted to try with the one I love” He has never felt any attraction to another person until Leigh so, he would very much like to make the best use of their time together. “Maybe you should get used to seeing me around here, who knows, maybe I’ll stick around long enough for you to hold me down and never let me go” he cooed playfully and pinched his left cheek teasingly. He scooted closer so he could bask in his warmth, leaning against the soft cushion of the couch as he placed his head against Leigh’s side and watched as the challenge started. He was barely 40 seconds in but Eun couldn’t refrain himself from not laughing, “No, this is not fair! That… look at how she tripped…”

He could tell that Eun was really passionate about the work he did and really believed in it and that was inspiring to Leigh, he watched the other male with a expression of content as he listened to him explain how he saw it “I think people are becoming more aware of the world around them and are less likely to turn a blind eye now” he nodded thoughtfully, of course there was still a long way to go but it began by making sure people felt like they could speak up against those who hurt them. “I like hearing how you save the world in your own way” Eun seemed like the type who wouldn’t be able to settle for anything less.

He grinned as they chatted about his cousins “Oh complete devils, but I couldn’t help but love them anyway” he laughed softly “A few years back they woke me up at 4 in the morning because they wanted to go swimming and their mom said no” he rolled his eyes playfully, of course he ended up caving and they headed down to the beach to watch the sunrise together “We got in so much trouble that day but it was worth it” he giggled playfully. Leigh frowned and then laughed “Well you know, you grab a net and you go down to the rock pools and try to pull out a crab” he scrunched his nose and shook his head when he suggested he would eat them “How dare you suggest I would eat my crustacean friends” he gasped playfully and smiled “No I play with them, hold them in my hands and then after a while I let them go and watch them go back to the sea” he grinned sheepishly.

Leigh blushed too when Eun explained how he wasn’t experienced and yet he also felt a sense of relief from that fact it seemed like he had thought about it and more specifically who he might want it with “Oh…” he spoke softly and bit his lip slightly “Have you ever...wanted to before?” honestly Leigh was curious to know where Eun stood on all of this because he knew he had feelings for him but he didn’t know where Eun fell when it came to sexual attraction, he always seemed so shy or unsure whenever the topic “Don’t worry...I’m not trying to rush you into anything you don’t want to do or anything like that, I just” he looked up at him for a moment with a serene “I want to make sure you’re comfortable and happy” they’d already had a few heated kissing sessions and he highly doubted they were over so he wanted to know where they stood before then.

He nodded in response to Eun’s agreement to his words, he was happy to see how much freer he seemed lately, now that he had made some choices for himself, without anyone being able to tell him otherwise. He sucked in a breath and widened his eyes as the way the dhampir expressed his affection for him “It’s not too soon if it’s how you feel” he responded in an assuring tone “You don’t strike me as the type who falls too easily Eun, you’re smart and you always think first” he smiled softly “’s not like we met only yesterday” Leigh had feelings for Eun long before now and while he wouldn’t admit it was love before, he knew it was. He giggled when Eun said he had a few ideas he wanted to try “Well then I say let’s begin ticking” he teased with a soft smile as he nestled in closer to his side “I’d like that” he mused when he said he might not be able to get rid of him.

Leigh ran his hand slowly against Eun’s arm while they watch the video, he was just about managing to hold back his laugh as he watched the lady fall but when Eun burst out laughing it was so infectious that he started laughing too “There were so many opportunities she had to stop herself and yet she went with it” he laughed harder scrunching up his nose playfully. He had just about managed to get his laughter until control and calm himself when the parrot video came on and his lips started trembling as he tried to hold back a laugh before bursting out with one “He’s even got an accent” he mused shaking his head because this really was an impossible challenge.


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