It had been a week since that night at the restaurant. They had come home, cuddled up with Minha, ended up putting a movie on and then fallen asleep. Eun had almost been late for work the next day but all Leigh could remember was the smile on his lips after they kissed. How happy and free he looked. And since then they had been texting constantly, sending cute messages, trading a few selfies here and there, Eun visited the shop sometimes, he brought a coffee to Eun's office one day. They were figuring out how to make a busy schedule work and Leigh was happy. Deliriously so, especially when Eun had called him his boyfriend earlier this week and the kitsune's heart had practically leapt out of his chest.

And today was their first official date. Initially, Eun had wanted to go out somewhere together but Leigh had asked him if he wouldn't mind the two of them just spending the day at home. The kitsune knew that Minha had been excited to see her new friend again and he really liked the idea of them just spending a lazy afternoon together. Eun had insisted he was going to show Leigh how to bake so he had ordered a bunch of the ingredients to be delivered which had come this morning, he had some of them in the fridge and the rest were arranged on the counter. He would have measured out them into bowls already but Eun was being pretty secretive about what they were going to make today. 

He had spent most of the day working through the inventory and backorders for the shop, his glasses were perched on his nose and Minha was curled up asleep in the patch of sunlight which shone on the couch next to him, she loved the sun and would spend all her time there given the chance. The time felt like it passed slowly because he couldn't wait to see Eun again, it wasn't even subtle at this point how much Leigh lit up whenever he got to see him and while he sometimes wished it would be more often, he was making the most of the time they had, just like they promised. But eventually after a few hours of sorting through the mess of the stock system he heard the sound of the knock at the door. 

He hopped to his feet, trying to beat the shiba inu who was already skittering across the floor at the sound of a new visitor to the apartment, he was sure that she knew exactly who it was because she never got this excited when the mail man came. She beat him there but he shook his head slightly "Did you learn to open doors? No? So you need me to open it" she seemed to understand backed up a little though he tail wagging gave her away. He pulled the door open and immediately smiled when he saw the ever charming Sangeun Moon at his doorstep "Hey" he spoke softly, beaming, his dimples on full show. 

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It was cute seeing Leigh still being so bashful and shy around him, while Eun preferred having him comfortable around him without having to blush, he understood why it was still going to be a constant thing between them and honestly? He's kinda loving it. It was cute and it might have raised his ego by a bit to know he could make a guy this flustered around him. What can he say? He can be prideful when he is. "Ah, poor Leigh" he teased, "the mistake of forgetting to pay for one item from the basket huh? What was it?" Now he was curious to know what Leigh mistook with him. The way his cheeks flamed up made him poke his cheeks softly, it was too tempting not to do that. As day by day passes, all the dhampir could find himself doing is recalling his own feelings for the kitsune that seemed to be growing tenfold every time he sees him. Maybe that's what love does to you? He wasn't sure, but he sure likes it. "Of course you did, I'm not surprised, you're a smart guy" Leigh coming up with such strategies wouldn't surprise him, especially when he knows the kitsune is a mathematician so calculating possibilities are basically a hobby at this point.

 "So they're not like dogs? Well, that's probably a better choice of pet for people like me since I might not be home frequently… though I imagine you can look after them for me if I'm not" he cooed teasingly, implying that he was ready to think abt moving in with Leigh someday. Honestly, things might feel fast or it might not, but they have been close friends for over a year, he didn't think it was weird anymore. Besides, it was hard for him to feel this way about someone anyway so he knew Leigh had to be the one. Was he being delusional? Maybe. Why not? His frown set in as he brushed his fingers against Leigh's shoulder, rubbing against his collarbone gently as if he was trying to comfort him, it was a habit for the elder Moon. "I heard that the more you struggle, the harder it'll be." It was also something logical to say, there was no point keeping your supernatural side dormant, especially when they are that volatile. One day it might explode and things would be worse. 

He cursed internally when he realized he had let it slip about biting, he never thought he wanted to do that, especially to Leigh, but the appeal was there. He wasn't blind, he saw the bite marks on Han when he visited Jae over the weekends. It wasn't as if the Celestial was being subtle in hiding them. It made him wonder about a lot of things. He wondered how fun it made them both feel? So when Leigh asked him if he has ever bitten anyone, the dhampir quickly shook his head and blushed, "No… never. It's a very intimate thing to me and I've never really been engaged in any relationship before… nor do I have close friends that much to begin with." God he wished he could bury himself in the ground six feet below right now. How embarrassing! "But I know my brother bit his boyfriend sometimes…" Of course he was nervous. 

This is so surreal to him and he didn't know if he should be doing this or that, thankfully Leigh helped him with it. But god did it feel good to be able to give in. When his shirt was discarded, he was biting his bottom lip in apprehension while his eyes raked the kitsune's naked body, "And you… God you're so beautiful…" Leigh was definitely hiding a lot underneath those hoodies and shirts. He melted against the kiss, perhaps even Eun couldn't get enough of it. By the time Leigh was unbuckling his pants, he nodded gently though his eyes held a tinge of nervousness in it, his anxiety was practically swimming in his brown orbs. "No… I want you to do this. I want to do this with you… to you. Will you have me, Leigh?" His eyes held a desperation he never thought was possible. He really wanted this.

The kitsune shrugged his shoulders as though it wasn’t a big deal but this wasn’t the kind of thing he often confessed to anyone else. It was one of those stories you just kind kept to yourself but he trusted Eun more than anything “It was a little roll of toffee candy...they wouldn’t have even noticed it was missing” he laughed under his breath, it was only his conscience that made him turn around. He chuckled when Eun called him smart for finding ways to get the chinchillas to like him “It takes a lot of patience and love, but they’re worth it” and getting to see all the crazy things they get up to was fun. Minha got to keep her place as his snuggle buddy and it worked for everyone “But yeah, they’re not needy like dogs, they won’t cry if you leave them to go to work” though Minha usually came with him to the shop so she was never a bother in that regard.

Leigh widened his eyes looking up at the dhampir when he felt the comforting squeeze against his shoulder which made Leigh bite his lip for a moment “I can’t help but struggle” he confessed in a small voice, as though he was looking for some kind of validation of his feelings. He didn’t like being seen as weak but he knew when to admit that he was, pain made him week, it made him panic “I don’t have a good tolerance for pain...the first few times that I turned...I blacked out” it was a traumatic experience for him which is why he was scared of it now. He shuffled a little, making himself more comfortable as he waited for Eun to tell him about his experience with blood as a dhampir “So...that means you want to?” he asked in a soft voice, the way Eun had talked about it showed he had thought about it, probably considered it before but chosen not to because of the intimacy implications that came with it. Honestly, Leigh wanted to know where his boundaries were, because the kitsune could be quite open-minded.

“So it’s intimate in feels good?” he asked, surmising that if Jae bites his boyfriend then there must be some kind of pleasure driven from that act. Leigh was being patient and understanding, but he also felt his heart drumming rapidly in his chest, because this was a moment he didn’t think he would ever have and while he wanted Eun to feel comfortable, there was also a sense of nervousness in his own chest too. Mostly because Leigh wanted it to be perfect for him. He sucked in a soft breath when Eun called him beautiful because there was something about the way he spoke it that had his heart leaping for joy, feeling the blush rise up on his cheeks “Makes you wonder why we waited so long huh?” he spoke it softly, attempting to break any awkwardness with a soft smile.

The way Eun sank into the kiss like he never wanted it to end had Leigh reeling, his usually nimble hands faltering as they undid his buckle because of how jittery he was feeling. Eventually he managed to get it undone and pulled back to look into Eun’s eyes, nodding slightly when the dhampir reiterated what he wanted. That was enough for him, Leigh wanted him to be sure because god was he. “Yes” he murmured without hesitation when Eun asked if he would have him “A thousand times yes, baby” he had a twinkle in his eyes as he looked back at the other male before pulling down his zipper and letting his pants fall to his ankles. Before long he was attacking his own buttons, undoing them and letting them fall before stepping out of them. He looked at Eun with an apprehensive look but he could see the tension between them pulling them together, like he wanted to clash his lips on his until he couldn’t breathe. He wondered if Eun was thinking the same thing.

Upon hearing that it was just a roll of toffee candy, Eun couldn’t hold himself back as he clutched his stomach to make sure he didn’t fall over from laughing too hard. “A toffee- candy? Leigh baby, even you’re more noble than I would ever be” he shook his head as he attempted to wipe the stray tears as a result from the laugh earlier. He wouldn’t know how to take care of any other pets that are not cats or dogs. He only ever had taken care of their family dog, Bomi. Oh he misses her so much. Thankfully, he was able to remedy some of that ache in his heart with Minha. The shiba inu had a charm to herself that made the dhampir roll over in excitement when it came to her. “Sounds like they’re convenient too at times, huh?” It does help that he wouldn’t feel like he neglected them because work was pressing. There were several occasions where Eun had to go on a trip to go over the documentation that is confidential enough not to be sent over an email. 

Eun was glad that Leigh trusted him enough to divulge his fears to him, he wanted to be there for him when he needed him the most. Just like he wished the kitsune would be able to do the same for him when he needed him too. The elder Moon knew he had plenty of other pressing matters, especially those originating from the heart of South Korea itself. The thought of Leigh having to struggle with the amount of pain emanating from his own body made him sad, so he was trying to find ways to help, even though there wasn’t much he could do from his side aside from reassuring and encouraging him that it will be fine. “Do you take some painkillers? To minimize the pain? Does it even work when you’re… you know… turning?” He wasn't even aware if their biology works the same way when they were in the process of shifting. God, he needs to pick up a book on supernatural 101 and search kitsune. 

His cheeks were practically making him look a lot like a tomato now that Leigh asked him about biting. “Want to? Yes… I wanted to try it on someone I can trust… someone I love. I’ve never fed on anyone else because of this exact reasoning.” Even when his father would pressure him in feeding because it would make them stronger, Eun never complied. He told himself he could be stronger on his own, without needing blood to supplement that. Does it feel good? For him, very much. For Leigh? Perhaps there was certain pleasure to it. He did stumble across Jae feeding on Han that one time, and while it traumatized him to remember knocking is essential even if Jae is his brother, it sparked a curiosity in him that wanted to know how pleasurable it was for the receiver. “From what I know, it’s supposed to. I don’t know if it’s just Han being a kinky guy but he had bite marks a lot. And I know my brother, he won’t feed on his boyfriend if he wasn’t asked to.” Jae was bit on consent, and it was Han. Of course he would be careful.

 He was in his own cloud nine when he drowned in the passionate kiss he received from Leigh, if he wasn’t already sitting he was sure his knees would’ve buckled there and there. The confirmation from the kitsune was all that he needed to hear; all that he wanted to hear. The moment the other male stepped out of his pants, Eun wasn’t sure if it was just the adrenaline kicking in, motivated by the burning desire inside him, but the dhampir had stood up and grabbed Leigh and kissed him again. He stumbled slightly on his steps but managed to corner, or rather pin the kitsune against the nearest wall, closing the gap between them as he breathed heavily against his neck, lips still attached against him.

Leigh couldn’t help but blush when Eun laughed because of his conscience being bothered by a small packet of toffee “It was the principle of the thing” he commented in a shy voice and shrugged his shoulders slightly as he looked up at the dhampir. Leigh had quite a sensitive personality, it was easy to upset him and he had a strong sense of wrong and right, so he knew he would feel guilty it forever if he didn’t do the right thing. He nodded in agreement when Eun mentioned them being convenient “Just letting them out to run and watching their silly antics is enough to make a bad day better” and that was the important thing. Plus sometimes they would come and sit with him and that made him happy too.

Leigh never wanted to be a kitsune and it did bother him that he was stuck with this decision, it was a constant reminder of the fact he had almost died that night he overdosed. But he also needed to remember that him turning was a small price to pay in exchange for his life because if he had died that night he wouldn’t have met Eun. He would have never managed to open his store and chase his dreams. In that respect, he could live with the curse, even if it was that to him, a curse. “I’ve tried it but” he pressed his lips together thinking how to explain it “The pain is more in my head than it is...actually painful” he nodded, PTSD was like that, when you were reminded of the situation which caused it, it could manifest it in ways you couldn’t control “The only thing that’s helped so far is having music or...something which allows me to separate reality and...not” he nodded slightly. If he and Eun were going to get closer he deserved to know what he was dealing and what the kitsune was going through.

Leigh was equally as flushed as he waited to hear Eun’s answer on whether he wanted to bite him, the kitsune fiddled with his fingers in his lap and smiled slightly “Okay” he spoke softly and nodded his head “I trust you more than anything” he responded, if he didn’t like it then they didn’t have to do it again but if it was something Eun wanted to experience then Leigh wanted to be the one to give him that. He wanted it to be with someone who trusted him and who was open with him. His hand naturally traced down the side of his own neck slowly as he thought about what it might feel like. He nodded as Eun explained how he was sure Han and Jae did the same thing “If you want to try feeding from me...I give you my permission to do so” he bit his lip as he watched the other male’s dark eyes.

Staring into Eun’s eyes there was a fire in them that seemed like it had sparked in just a few moments. Leigh felt the same way, all his attention was on the hard haired male and all he wanted was to disappear into his embrace. Leigh gasped when Eun grabbed him and pulled him in but he hummed in content as he retuned the kiss, his arms lifting to wrap around the dhampir’s neck just as he felt his back hit the wall. His fingers ran through the hair as the back of Eun’s neck, pulling him in closer as he lips parted in response to the dhampir kissing his neck “Oh Eun” he sighed out softly, he was completely wrapped up in him, his scent, the way he felt against him, the way he felt inside being close with him.

He giggled softly as he pulled away for a moment before grabbing his hands “My bedroom is this way” he spoke as he tugged him towards the door.

His actions proved to Eun that Leigh is genuinely a good person with an equally kind heart. It was hard to find people like that these days. Most people might turn out to be good, or at least they like to keep telling themselves that, but didn’t necessarily possess a kind heart. With the kitsune, it was both and it made him blessed. Maybe he was long overdue this shot at happiness and the world delivered it to him in the form of Leighton Kingsman. “So my boyfriend is honorable, that’s good to hear” he teased, of course he knew that but he had the opportunity to coo over his partner so why not? It didn’t have to be one time only, right? They’re in a relationship officially now. Leigh really did love his pets, Eun could see it in his eyes when he talked, it was incredibly endearing if he was being honest. Eun often had to refrain himself from poking the dimples on the kitsune because the temptation was strong, especially when Leigh kept on smiling every single time.

The dhampir couldn’t possibly know how Leigh coped with his supernatural status, especially when it was probably still new to him no matter how long it has been since he was turned into one. Unlike Leigh, Eun was born a dhampir. “I don’t know how to tell you that I’m here to help whenever you need me. I want to relate but I don’t think it’s the same, I grew up as a dhampir, though half human, I’m still human. I have a human mother.” Until today, who kept on loving his father. But then again, the elder Moon was aware that his father wasn’t a bad person, he was just raised in his own ways and thought it was the best for the rest of them too while not realizing it’s not making them happy.

 “At least it’s not… uh so different right? You and me, we have enhanced senses no? And you… have to shift every full moon and can shift whenever you want too, while I actually wield ha… real weapons” god that sounded so absurd to people who didn’t know about the supernatural world. He was glad he didn’t need to hide his identity from Leigh honestly, and was immensely grateful to know Leigh knows about the supernatural because he embraced his dhampir side, with the exception of consuming blood to make himself stronger. “I know you think you might hurt me but maybe one day we can try slowly, I can be there for you. Trust me, Leigh. I don’t want to abandon you.” Perhaps, it could divert Leigh’s attention away from the pain inside his head. Who knows? It was worth a try. “If music helps you a bit, then we use that too okay?” he was rubbing softly against his shoulder as if he was attempting to comfort the kitsune. 

Leigh deserved to be loved. He knew that. So when Leigh suddenly told him it was fine if he wanted to bite him and how he trusted him with the entire ordeal, Eun was flabbergasted momentarily, “I- Leigh, you… are you sure? It would be my first time feeding directly from… someone” he murmured gently, it wasn’t as if he didn’t want to give it a try, of course he does. But would Leigh really be fine with it? It didn’t help that Leigh had traced one hand down his neck earlier, god the sight was even more appetizing the longer he stared. He didn’t regret a single thing, even if he might have pushed Leigh a bit too hard against the wall earlier. Ooops? But he was too engrossed and wrapped around the idea of making love to him tonight that he didn’t realize what he was doing. At least Leigh seemed to be enjoying it. Being leaded to what would be the other male’s room had Eun wetting his lips in apprehension, he didn’t even wait for Leigh to open it before he took charge and pushed the door open, pressing the kitsune against the said door as it closes. “You have no idea how badly I want this… it’s so new…”

Leigh had a serene and assured smile on his lips as he looked back at Eun, it was nice knowing there was someone who wanted to be there for you, who cared for you deeply and accepted you for who you were. He was glad he didn’t have to hide the fact he was a therianthrope from the other male and he was glad he didn’t need to pretend with him. Leigh wasn’t a good liar and he wanted them to be honest with one another “The fact that you want to relate to me says enough” he spoke softly, nodding his head slowly.

Leigh gave a slightly sheepish grin when Eun attempted to compare their two species and their supernatural experiences “We’re both different in this crazy world” he surmised with a soft smile, sure they had very different experiences with the supernatural world but at their core, they both were supernatural and trying to figure out where that made their place in life. Neither of them seemed to be fully sure what it truly meant to be their species, Leigh was nervous when it came to the idea of a pack, Eun was still trying to figure out where he fit in with his family. “I just never want to scare you away” he spoke softly, if Eun insisted he wanted to be there for him then Leigh didn’t want to push him away, he cared about him and for that reason he wanted to trust that if Eun said he would be okay then he would be “I do love music” he spoke in a sheepish voice and smiled.

He saw the look of shock in Eun’s eyes when he said he was okay with biting him and that made the kitsune blush slightly, he looked into his eyes with a serious expression because he wanted to communicate how much he wanted to be able to bring every pleasure to him “I trust you” he reiterated without hesitation “I want to give you every part of me” he spoke softly as his hand ran slowly over Eun’s shoulders. He loved having him close, it was intoxicating for the kitsune because he was so driven by scent. He was also not complaining about the dhampir had been a little rough with him here and there. Still Leigh kept coming back in full force, attacking the dhampir’s lips with kisses as they made their way towards the bedroom. By the time they finally got inside he was completely wrapped up in Eun. He blushed as he lifted his arms to wrap around Eun’s neck, letting him push him against the door and looking up into his dark eyes “I love you” he cooed softly as he leaned in to meet his lips.


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