Leigh had owned his little bookshop which was tucked in the corner of the city center for about a year now and yet he still couldn't believe it every time he showed up here and knew it was his. The therian had been balancing his life pretty well since then, he was a scholar first and a businessman second so there was often times when he needed to close the shop because he was working to a tight deadline for one of his papers and couldn't be worrying about customers and their orders at the same time. Though in the past few weeks was the first time he had really felt the strain of the two roles of his life. Now the shop was making a profit had decided then it was time to take on someone new, not just someone to cover when he was too wrapped up in his other work but also someone to help organize the place and make it more appealing to customers.

He had done interviews for a while which was a strange experience for him considering he was very shy and reserved, even when it came to work related things but from the moment that Willow had walked into the shop she had put him at ease, there was something about her bright and sweet persona that just seemed to click with him and despite the fact that she didn't have the exact experience he was asking for. He'd hired her on the spot just because he saw the two of them getting along and she had some really good ideas about how to improve the store and generally she was just a bright person to be around. Sometimes it literally looked like she was glowing though he didn't comment on that. 

It had only taken a few shifts for her to start suggesting all different things they could do to change the place around at first Leigh had grumbled about how he liked the layout and everything was in the place where he knew what it was but then Willow had gotten one look at the storeroom and it had been game over. He'd promised they'd get around to a rework and the date of the rework had finally come around, despite him being tempted to push it back yet again. Leigh had dressed casually knowing they'd be going through the storeroom and possibly working in places where the books had gotten a little dusty so he didn't want to wear anything he'd ruin. 

The shop was only about a 10-minute walk from his home so he made himself a tea in a cup before heading out onto the streets of Evermore. Being a Saturday morning it was busy in the city center and he had to weave his way through the flow of people coming the other way until he finally made it to the little shop. He loved this property, it had an olden rustic look to it and it was tucked away nicely on the corner of the street which meant they didn't see as much of the traffic as the shops directly on the main road. He unlocked the door and headed inside letting out a long breath as he readied himself for a day of tidying. 

Leigh hopped up onto the countertop and continued to sip his tea as he waited for Willow to arrive because if there was going to be any hope of the shop looking any better than it did right now by the end of the day he was going to need her organization skills and really he was hoping 

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Willow knew that Leigh was right that they got to move with the times. Seeing it that it was more of a reality to them than before. With how she quickly had to go with the times after losing many years being locked up. “We’ll be alright but I’m not sure about our older customers” She reminded him but it was something they already knew maybe they’ll have to give their elderly customers special treatments. Willow got a little bit excited over the mention of getting new books something they haven’t been able to do yet so far with how they hadn’t got enough room before. “Yay, I’ve been dying to get my hands on some new reads. Not that I don’t love the classics but you know what it’s like to have some new reads” The Redhead grinned sheepishly, by now they had some regular customers whose getting their way round to the books they already have on their shelves. Willow too knew the pain of thinking you found a good book then too soon found that it’s not worth the money. “That's what I like about the shop at least here you know you won’t need to waste the money. Try before you buy” 

Out of her and Elias, she was always the short one of the two. Finding that he often teased her for her height. It wasn’t her fault that she was surrounded by tall people all the time. That she was constantly being towered. “So in other words you saying that around christmas I need to make a bunch of cookie batches to fill you up” Looking to see if he would light up at the mention of christmas baking. Something that now she tends to do back in the Castle for the other Celestials. Making it feel more like home. “Just have faith, give it time” She reassured him giving him a warm smile. Willow knew that Leigh liked to keep his personal life away from his professional life. Something that she felt that same way about. At least she always knew that she’d never have to get into any deep conversations and things she didn’t want to talk about. Finding work and talking to Leigh and customers was like a breath of fresh air. “Don’t want to waste my time being mad at time” Having better things to do with her life. The only people she was still mad at was the whole Ailward Faction, like many Celestials still angry and upset over their lost years. 

She knew straight away that Leigh would see through her lies thinking that she covered her tracks a little but not enough. Hearing how people nowadays want to use record players and disk for decoration made sense. “People always like to have a little bit of vintage in their lives” Willow liked how the bookshop was still old fashioned in many ways. Willow couldn’t help to roll her eyes to Leigh’s comment finding he may have more of a habit of sleeping on the job. “Like any old person who says their just resting their eyes” She commented still giving him a judging look. As long as he doesn’t do it in customers then it may be fine but she wasn’t going to let him now that. 

Maybe she wasn’t that bad to need two baths like Leigh. Probably because she was letting him do all the heavy work and lifting because she did. Letting him be the one to be covered in dust and dirt out of the two of them. “So if you don’t come into work I’ll know that you’ve been swallowed up in the shower drain” She teased grinning to him of his choice of how many showers he was going to take after today’s work. “Guess there was a lot more crap than both of us thought,” They both knew it would have been a lot easier if they hired a skip thinking it wouldn’t be so bad they didn’t. Willow looked over to him a bit confused by his game choice. “One where you collect cats?” Confused to even think that could be thing, finding games in these modern days a lot weird. “What about word searches? Adult Colouring books?” Finding that she was listing things that old retired people tend to do. 

It was almost an impossible idea to think that the clearing up wouldn’t take all day. It was a better idea to close up the shop whilst doing it. Preferring not to have customers interrupting them every five minutes. That’ll be worth in the end. Willow have never been so happy to actually see old wooden flooring again. With how at the start of it all she thought she’d never see the end in sight as it’s been put off for so long. She knew she was right noticing how Leigh had been hitting his head on the doorframe because he was too tall. “Guess old buildings just hate you and your height” She teased laughing at how he kept hitting his head. “See now we get better systems in place it’ll be a lot easier, we just got to make sure it doesn’t get into a state again” Both of them making a promise to each other to not let it get into a trip again not wanting to spend another weekend putting it all straight again any time soon. 

Willow liked hearing Leigh’s idea of how to expand the shop. Something she’d not thought about herself but seen it in other places. “That could work, people always become peckish when reading a good book but doesn’t want to get up and leave to get it” Up for the idea thinking and seeing it all working. It’ll probably increase business and help to put them on the map in a way. “So how’s your cooking skills then?”

He grinned when she seemed excited about them getting in new stock, the two of them definitely took advantage of being able to get the stock in so easy and always had first pick of whatever new the supplier sent in “Yeah and there’s some great new authors breaking through lately, it’s a good time to be getting in new stock” he commented about the shop allowing people to try before they buy was one of their greatest strengths but could also be a drawback at times “As long as people actually do buy something and don’t just read the parts they want and leave” which had happened a few times. Which was exactly his motivation to expand what the shop did and make money in other ways too. “I mean I wouldn’t say no to Christmas cookies” he responded with a wide grin when Willow mentioned them, she seemed like the type who would really like Christmas he had to admit

“Being mad feels like a wasted emotion before long, never really achieves anything does it?” and while sometimes it made you feel better just to be angry for a while it was quick to melt away and then you wanted some other resolution to the thing that made you mad in the first place. He tried his best to be the bigger person and move on from those kinds of things. “Yeah, guess it reminds them that they’re still in touch with their roots” he mused trying to explain why people might want to hold onto old stuff, it was the same reason he’d want a first edition of his favorite book, nostalgia. When she jested that he was making excuses about sleeping at his desk he chuckled softly “Guess I will just have to make sure I don’t say up late just wanting to get through one more chapter next time” one of his fatal flaws, he found it very hard to put a book down once he got into it.

“If seen stranger news reports” he commented with a laugh, it was crazy, the things that actually happened in today’s society, though he didn’t think he would be falling down the drain any time soon, he did like long showers though so he supposed someone might jest him with that statement if they were waiting for him to finish. Thankfully, he lived alone so it was his rules when he got back to the apartment and he didn’t answer to anyone but himself. “I mean I was expecting this level of crap honestly, I just don’t think the scale of the task fully registered in my mind” he laughed softly. When she questioned him about the cat game he pulled out his phone and loaded up the app showing a range of cats he had collected through a points and unlock system, there were cats dressed up in little job outfits, mermaid cats, colorful cats, pretty much everything you could think of really “It’s stupidly addictive” he commented as he tucked his phone away again “I like puzzles but most of the number ones don’t last me long enough” he commented with a shrug “Never tried coloring but my mom was right when she said I’m horrible artist” giving the number-driven brain, not the creative type.

“It’s not just old buildings, I swear nearly every place is designed for those under 6ft” he responded with a chuckle thinking about how many times in an average week he had to duck to avoid hitting his head on a doorframe or even a couple of signs on the street “I actually had to pick the apartment I did because it was one of the only ones with doorways which accommodated for my height” thankfully it wasn’t too far from the shop which meant he could easily head back and forth between them whenever he needed to. “You’re right, it was put off for too long but at least the end is sight now right?” he chuckled as he cleared another of the shelves deciding nothing on it seemed particularly useful so he threw it all into a garbage bag which he carried out and placed with the others.

He was glad that she seemed optimistic about the changes he was thinking of making because if anyone had a good feel for how it would be accepted by the customers it was the other person who spent all their day alongside them “Exactly and then we could just let people read what they wanted so long as they were paying for some food or drink, should solve our problem with try before buyers who take it too far” people could still buy a book if they wanted too. Plus it meant they could probably turn over their stock more regularly. When she asked about his cooking skills he went quiet though “See, that’s where the problem starts” he commented with a laugh, he wasn’t great at cooking, he would admit that “But I already signed myself up to some classes to learn some things and I’ve been...practicing” he nodded slightly, it wasn’t an immediate thing anyway but he was optimistic.

She was one of the ones who loved all the classic books. Still holding onto her favorites from years ago that were now hard to find. Collecting and keeping hold of all the first editions all have more meaning to her than what they are worth. All holding onto the good memories that she wanted to keep and remember the time when everything was much simpler. At least she was still in the same job, one thing that hasn’t changed. Willow loved her job with how it didn’t really feel like a job itself with how she’s doing and surrounded by something she loves. “We could do like book or author of the week, putting out the newest books. Trying to keep up with the times” she suggested looking over to her boss if he agreed. With how with no space before to store books they haven’t been able to order anything knew for a while. She was in dire need of something new to read. With how many immortals who like to believe they’ve read every book with so much free time to pass. “Yeah true” She knew he was right how she too notice how some people come in and flick through a book and soon leave not even buying anything. Not exactly helping their profits. A grin appeared on her lips seeing how Leigh was already thinking of his stomach keen on the idea of her baking. “Or any cookies or cakes in general” Adding on how she knew him and his appictate too well. Not knowing at times where he puts it with his lanky and skinny figure. 

Willow knew she couldn’t stay mad at her brother forever just wanting it to be enough to know that she wasn’t all forgiving him for leaving and taking off when she needed him most. “Your right, I can’t waste my life being mad at him” She’ll just give him hell for a few weeks then they’ll make up, something that's happened many times. She was sure that it was the same in most families. Having little spats that after a while it’ll get to a point where they’ll both forget what it was over in the first place. “Just promise me you won’t become a hoarder like the previous owner” Chimining in, giving him a serious look like she wanted him to promise her there and then. The celestial laughed softly at the mention of staying late to finish one more chapter of a book. Something she knew everyone was guilty of. “There’s times if I get too involved in a book I end up staying up all night reading it. Not realizing the time until the sun comes up then find out that one more chapter turned into many” She admitted sheepishly grinning at her bad habit that mostly happens when she has trouble sleeping on her bad days.

“The world is a strange place nowadays” Empathising how she knew it all too fell, thinking in the past she’d seen it all until coming into the modern world to find out she was all wrong. Even more so living in a city full of other supernatural creatures, something that never becomes boring, that's for sure. “If you left it to get any worse one day you could of came to get something then pull something you shouldn’t out then end up being buried under by all the crap” Pointing out what she had seen happening if they didn’t spend the time sorting it out. Willow was confused wanting to know more about this cat game he was talking about, not seeing or hearing of one before. Looking over to his phone trying to see what he was meaning, seeing how extreme lengths and time he’s spent playing it. “Wow you went all out” She couldn’t help but laugh at seeing all the ridiculous things people could come up with and play these days. “A lot of hours worth I see” Already able to see him playing it during the quiet periods then panicking when a customer comes catching him play it. “I’m not good with the games with quick reflexes” Not able to wrap her head around it, acting fast on a game like that. “I think she’s right on the horrible artists things, I’ve seen your scribbles and doodles dotted about” Teasing him softly. 

Willow found it amusing how Leigh kept commenting on how he was too tall and everything wasn’t tall enough for him. “So your blaming the city because your too tall?” She mused softly looking over to him. “One with tall ceilings right?” Adding on how she knew places like these lacked tall ceilings and it annoyed him. “Luckily I’m quite short so I don’t have to worry about those things” The opposite to him. “And we can actually see floor unlike before” She put in chuckling with him. Willow was relieved and proud of all the hard work they both put in today. Achieving what they set out even at first when they both thought it was impossible to do in one day but they did it in the end. “I’ll look into buying some organiser things” Admittedly she was looking forward to organising it better later on so she could make it even more efficient and in order. 

Thinking more along his idea she thought it was a good one. Something she wouldn’t have thought about doing before with how it was much different from the typical book shops she’s always used to. “I guess we have to do what's needed to stay with the times” Willow pointed out something she knew that in days like today meant a lot more than it did back then. It would mean that they would have to put in more work but she didn’t mind it if it meant drawing up more business and bringing in new customers at the end of it. Willow could already guess that Leigh didn’t seem like the cooking type of person, noticing how he always tended to bring in premade and bought in sandwiches instead of something homemade. Even before she could suggest classes he already thought about it. “I see you’ve already started to think it though” She could see how he was already thought about making plans and changes. “I can help out for whatever you need” Wanting help out knowing that he couldn’t do on his own. “We make a good team right?”

One thing he really liked about working with Willow is she always seemed to have new ideas to bring to the table, it meant he didn’t need to feel like he was making decisions alone because she was here to pull him back to reality whenever he needed it “Not a bad idea, especially if we both make the effort to pick an author we haven’t read someone of before and try them out ourselves” then they would be able to give honest thoughts about the books they were selling “Or maybe we could challenge one another to find ones each other haven’t read yet” he had read a lot of books but he had to admit he wasn’t as in touch with the newer authors. “Yeah that’s the plan, nothing fancy of course but just...a good place to go when you need to escape the world for a little while” and something a little unique too “We even talked about maybe pairing with the local animal shelter and letting them bring pets in from time to time to help with adoption rallies” plus who didn’t like the idea of getting to hang out with books, food, and cute animals for an afternoon.

She seemed conflicted about her brother and it seemed perhaps she was worried he would let her down, from what he knew about her, it seemed like there was a large number of people who had done that in the past and he couldn’t blame her for having a lack of trust in others “If it’s any consolation I think you did pretty amazingly at picking yourself up all by yourself” he complimented, she had always been so bubbly and kind, you wouldn’t know for a second if she had been through hardships because she never really showed that. Though Leigh knew she was a Celestial because of the soft glow which surrounded her he never really mentioned it, figuring she’d talk about it if she wanted to. But he did know that meant she had been through tough times because they all had. He laughed when she asked him not to become a hoarder like the last owner “Deal, I don’t think any of us want to repeat this whole cleanup exercise” now they had everything out in trashbags they needed to start rearranging the shop how they wanted it and put the things they were keeping back into the store cupboard. He smiled when she admitted she got herself lost in a book often “I feel you there, and you kinda feel mad at yourself for not getting enough sleep but then also kinda don’t” he chuckled softly, been there many times.

He had to laugh when she mentioned how if they left the cupboard much longer one of them was no doubt going to get buried by all the stuff “Yeah that would have been an awfully sad way to die huh? Buried by random crap I never wanted” he laughed softly, as he eyed the things they needed to put back “Okay so we should get everything we wanna keep back on the shelf, I’ll take the tea set back into the kitchen area if you wanna start arranging some of these books which might be worth getting valued and put them in that box” after all if some of those were first editions which he suspected they might be, they could either sell them or share them depending on the worth. He laughed shyly as she commented on his progress on the game “20 or so minutes a day quickly adds up I guess” he commented with a chuckle, it made him happy though and that’s what mattered. He shot her a mock glare when she teased him for being bad at drawing “I appreciate the vote of confidence Willow” he commented in a jesting tone and shook his head laughing.

“We’ll go with that yeah” he responded when she asked him if he was blaming the city for his height “It’s not that strange for someone to be tall is it?” if they were in Korea or Japan it would be different because he was definitely very tall for a Korean but western people tended to be taller. “Yeah you’re tiny” he teased with a laugh “I think I’d probably lose you in a crowd” he commented with a laugh thinking about how she would be shorter than most of the people there. “Never have I been so glad to see the floor” he admitted with a chuckle, they’d been working on this a few hours now and things were finally starting to feel manageable, and he wasn’t too tired out yet either. “Yeah we should come up with some sort of system, especially cause no we should be able to fit some more of the stock back there” he nodded a few times “I think we had a label maker somewhere too, we can use that” Leigh was normally horrible at organization but this seemed like the best way to approach it.

“I kinda like the idea of trying something new too” he noted with a nod of his head as he headed into the back area and started setting out the tea set by the sink so that he could wash it all ready to be used “I don’t think either of us are the type to want to settle for what’s easy, we like a bit of a challenge” he noted considering they were now facing one in the form of the store cupboard “We do” he affirmed in response to her words “Surprisingly so actually, given how different we are” she was much more confident than he was but that kinda worked for them because it meant she always spoke her mind and he always listened to her feedback and thoughts “Any vacation plans for this year?” he asked curiously wondering if she planned on leaving the city at any point or if she preferred always being here.

She loves her little job at the bookshop. It was her happy place in a way. Place she knew she could always go to where she needed somewhere to escape all the bad and chaos happening in her life. To speak to and be around different people all the time who only wanted to have a bit of small talk. She loves interacting with their old regular customers asking how their day was and all that was knew. Remembering she was doing that one of the days she visited the shop, surprised being offered a job even when she wasn’t really looking for one. “Gives a chance too to read books we haven’t read before” Grinning, always eager to get her hands on any new reads. Like any book fanatic. “I’m more of a person who prefers the old classics” Teasing him most of what he’s too expect. Willow was curious to see and find out what type of books he likes to read, forgetting what reads he likes. “Simple but give more of a homemade touch to it”  Willow likes how Leigh still likes to keep the place looking like a traditional book shop, reminding her of the old days. She was surprised to hear how Leigh had already been in talks with an animal shelter, making connections. Now she could see how it could work. “Aren’t there in some cities cat cafes?” Willow pointed out having heard it somewhere. “You’ll be in charge of any of the animals messes” The Redhead pointed out teasing him but was serious about it. With how she hadn’t signed up to clean up after animals. 

Willow has never opened up to Leigh about her past. Always liking how they managed to keep their personal and professional life separate. Never bringing any bad vibes from it. Not even having the awkward conversation if each other was supernatural. With how she didn’t care if Leigh was supernatural or not, that it would change how she sees him as either way. Maybe one day she’ll open up but not today. “I used to feel that I was weak, needing others to help me and to be saved. After then vowed to myself that it wouldn’t happen again learning to be stronger” She admitted of her struggles something she’s never opened up about before not since the first few weeks after they were released from being kept captive. Turning her brokenness to something more happier. “You know during quieter times I like to reorganise the books putting them all in alphabetical order” Admitting how she makes more work for herself but does it on purpose. Liking to reorganise things with how when their busy or not bothered books tend to be put in randomly by them or by customers. “We all know how much you love your sleep” She pointed out reminding how she found him this morning taking a power nap. 

By bow both of them were happy of all progressed they’ve made today. Maybe it took them a lot longer than they first thought with how much stuff ended up finding. “At least we got through it right?” Pointing out to all they had made with each others help. “Sounds like a plan” Willow was good at finding the old classic books, seeing how some she remembers back to finding in bookshops years ago. That those were the ones that are worth a lot more now. “We want to make sure not to throw anything that may be worth something” A rookie mistake one they weren’t going to make. “Think of how many cats you’ve saved” Still she found it amusing of what his favourite game was. Teasing him about it and his drawing because she could. “Hey, it was your mum who said it not me” Pretending to sound and feel a little bit defensive about it. 

“We’ll go with that yeah” he responded when she asked him if he was blaming the city for his height “It’s not that strange for someone to be tall is it?” if they were in Korea or Japan it would be different because he was definitely very tall for a Korean but western people tended to be taller. 

“Hmmm some places it is” She laughed softly with how everywhere was not equipped for lanky giants like him. “I do get lost in crowds a lot” Thinking as he said it was true, hating when she has to push her way through crowds in busy places. The floor before they started was non seeable with how much crap there was. At one point, both of them thought that they’ll never finish. Willow seen first hand of Leigh’s organisational skills deciding to turn round and take charge a little. “How about you figure out the system and I’ll do the organising of it” She instructed a little, thinking that it would be easier to use what their good at for things like these. In the next few months they could make a start of to the different alterations of the cafe side to it. Willow knew she’ll be offering her help when she can but she’ll let Leigh take charge with how it was his idea. He was right about how both of them didn’t like taking easy way of doing things. “You are right we do like challenges” Seeing how this was going to be a big challenge. One that was going to take a lot of time and effort but in the long run she knew how it would help to put this place on the map more than it is already. She was taken aback, caught off with the question of being asked if she was going on holiday some time. “Umm no, I like it here. My family is all here so I like being close” Having no desire to leave, she felt more protected in the city with the other celestials than out somewhere far away. “What about you? Are you able to find any time away from your studies and this place to see anywhere else?” Curious, at times she didn’t know how he’s able to take on and juggle so many different things. Reason why she likes to work and help out whenever she can.

He chuckled softly “Exactly, more books equals more happiness right?” they were both enthusiastic about reading and that helped with the impression they gave to their customers, it was different than just working the desk, both of them encouraged people to read new things and were good at giving recommendations which is what kept a lot of their regulars coming back. They’d also gotten the chance to help with suggested reading material for a new school library a few months ago “I’ll read anything which can get my attention for longer than a few seconds” he chimed in with a chuckle, he wasn’t picky, he liked what he liked. He nodded slightly when she said about some places having dog and cat cafes “Yeah, though this would be more of a once a week thing and the volunteers from the shelter would look after the animals and arrange adoptions” at least that was the impression Irene gave him, they still needed to go meet the shelter.

He shrugged slightly when she talked about feeling weak “I think we all have a point in time of our life where we felt weak or like we were too reliant on others” he certainly did but in the end, he had slowly learned to appreciate himself and his own worth. “It’s a work in progress right?” she smiled over at her because he got the feeling she was a lot like him when it came to that, trying to figure out her own strengths and independence. “There was a point in my life where I literally felt like I couldn’t live without someone else and now I realize that was a very unhealthy place to be in” so now he never wanted to return to that state, he always wanted reasons to want to be himself. He shook his head when she said she liked to organize all the books on quiet times “You’re crazy, I would get bored after the first letter was finished” he didn’t have much patience for doing the same thing over and over, which is why he preferred being on the counter and serving the customers as the conversations made it different.

“It’s definitely a weight off” he responded and shrugged his shoulders, one of those things you kept putting off over and over until eventually, you realized it had to be done before it actually became an accident and someone got hurt “I think the best part is knowing we won’t have to do it all over again” as long as they kept it tidy but he fully intended to so they could actually make use of the space because truth be told they were starting to need it because of all the regulars along with the university students coming in more often. “Yeah I’d definitely be kicking myself if we threw out something priceless” he commented as he continued stacking up things on the shelves, between the pile for the trash outside and the rearrangement of the shelves in here the main room was finally beginning to clear down and after stacking the last box they needed to keep he headed back in there to put the shelves back in their places “I think we may be almost done” he looked down at his watch noting that over 3 hours had passed while they were sorting through things and rearranging the shelves. It seemed about time to call it for the day.

He chuckled slightly when she offered to do the organization “Which is your very polite way of saying Leigh you have zero coordination and it would be easier for me to do it than to fuss with your ideas” he laughed gently giving her a knowing look, he didn’t mind because she was right, he would probably pick something which made sense in his head but made no practical sense when you actually tried to use the system in real life. He was a mathematician, complex theories were kinda his thing but something like this needed to be simple and logical, not his strong suit. “Exactly, it might even give us enough need to get a third person on board” of course Irene would be involved as she planned to invest but he imagined her part was going to be more about meeting with suppliers and getting them good deals than it would be actually working in the shop “Maybe one of the university students or something” they all needed part-time work and the likes and he wouldn’t mind having a new face at the shop, it would make covering the work easier too.

“I haven’t been on a vacation in like 5 years” he answered he question and chuckled, she seemed strange sometimes, like she was keeping some secret from the world and protected herself by keeping people at arm’s length, he got it though, sometimes you just didn’t want people telling you what you should be doing or meddling in your business “But finding the time is the killer, you’re right” maybe after they got another employee he could rethink “So I guess no for now, but watch this space” he laughed softly “Well I think we’re good to call it for the day, I need to take the trash up to the waste center and then take about 5 showers” he laughed softly and smiled “Thanks for your help today” he spoke softly and nodded “Would you mind locking up?” he was glad to see it finally done, so now he could go home and think about how best to use the space and they could begin the new system implementation on Monday.

Knowing he was right that their happy place was always with books she wasn’t ashamed to say it. With how everybody who walks through their doors like them dedicated to books and reading. “Our happy places” She grinned happily always eager to read any new books that comes her way. Almost believing by now she’s read majority of books in the castle by now knowing she wasn’t the only one. Having used books as her healing aspect sure that it was the same for others like her. “I’m always giving you good recommendations anyways” Reminding him how she was always telling him something she’s reading or have. Mostly so she could have someone to talk to about books with how Elias wasn’t much into books as she is. That's why she likes the book shop with people all like her.  Willow was curious to hear how the adaption rally would go and work, leaving that all up to Leigh to figure out. “Just we got to try to make sure not to adopt pets” Although she could see herself adapting a cute kitten or cat if she had the chance. Always having a soft spot for cute furry animals. Plus they were like company.  

Willow nodded her head how he was right. “I want to become stronger not to be weak” Wanting to learn to protect herself and others instead of always being the one who people need to save. “I’ve even got my own personal trainer or sort that I've been starting to see” She admitted to him waiting to see his reaction if she’ll surprise him with how she’s never mentioned it before him. Willow knew she didn’t seem like the type to be a fighter with how she’s more the theoretical side to it instead. “I like my freedom but then I like having people near” Trying to find herself somewhere in the middle with how she had enough space for herself in the manor choosing not to go and live with her brother. Even how many times he begged her to choosing to stay with her people. She grinned hearing him mock her organizing the books. “Well lucky for you I have the patience to do it” Teasing, pointing fingers to him how she’s one to do the things he hates to do. “I’m more the organising and your more of the other” Reason how they worked so well together in the shop never finding themselves stepping on each others toes. 

She always like setting herself challenges like these of organising having done it at first when they first arrived at the castle a few years back. Trying to get rid of the old clutter and things that were all left behind. Almost similar to what they were doing here today. “Long as we make to keep it all tidy” Reminding and pointing fingers how it was down to them to keep things all back to how it was now. All organised and tidy. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure everything is checked through” Reassuring him softly that she would make sure they don’t chuck out anything that is worth something. Willow spent a little while looking through the bits and bobs they still had left lying about. Putting a few books in a box that looked to be quite old copies along with some other bits. “I think it must be” Yawning and stretching a little finding herself exhausted from all the organising they’ve done. 

She couldn’t help to glare at him at his comment pretending to be shocked that he thought it of her. “It just needs a woman’s touch that's all” Pressing a little, not annoyed. Willow knew that he had hired her for a reason seeing potential in her even without interviewing or speaking to her. So he couldn’t blame her for wanting to take over a little. How she always tends to go over anything he touches to give it the finishing touches with him not even noticing she’s done it. The Redhead nodded her head as he mentioned of getting another person in the shop if they get busier. “Yeah those people always need a few hours to earn some money” Agreeing with him on that idea with how there were times when she and leigh both needed a day off at the same time but it didn’t work to their favour most of the time. 

Surprised thinking he was the type of person to go travelling every so often but instead he was stuck here. “Maybe it’s hinting you need time away, to relax away from here and your other stress” Willow pointed out giving him a soft smile seeing how he rarely had time to themselves these days even less time if she didn’t work helping him out. The two of them knew that time was the main thing holding them back from progressing the shop further. “How about a simple coffee machine, to start off with. Then look later on in the future to expand” Offering her idea not wanting to scrap it all away with how they didn’t have time to expand the shop with it’s own cafe just yet. Rolling her eyes at his comment of taking 5 showers thinking he was over exhausting a little. “Well if I don’t hear from you tomorrow then I know you fell down the shower drawn” She joked laughing at him. “Yeah sure, I’ll lock up. You go home” Willow was used to locking opening and locking up never minding the early mornings or late nights. Having nothing to rush back to at home. “Night Leigh” Smiling at her boss as she was almost kicking him out of his own shop.


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