Svetlana had still been adjusting to her new living arrangements. Admittedly, she rolled over every morning at the same time, just to catch a glimpse of Thaddeus sleeping without his shirt. The man had abs for days. He had truly saved her life more than she could ever express, and she was more than grateful. But, she did fear that moving into the INN would only end up throwing his life out of wack. She hated bringing others into her life, because Svetlana knew she would always be a fugitive; a prisoner to the rogue Vampires who craved her blood, and not just her blood, they wanted her head for what her father had done. Svet barely knew her father, but in her eyes, he would forever be a hero. Dimitreu VVailyev dedicated himself to a branch in the military, which specifically protected Nephilim's who were being hunted by a group similar to the one that was now hunting Svetlana. After her father had slayed them, they reformed, building a mucher smarter, much more evil group of rogue species, and like father like daughter, Svetlana slayed them too, the ones who'd held her captive from age 14 to age 18.

The day she finally saw her father, was the day the rogues drug him in, making him kneel in front of  where Svet was chained up, where she had spent years being tortured by them,  forcing her to watch them burn him alive. The smell of his flesh, the screams of agony that escaped his lips, and the very last words he spoke I will always be with you. I love you my dearest Svetlana. Even during his dying breath, he had forced himself to tell her he loved her. And when the silence settled in, Svetlana's Nephilim abilities activated, which allowed her to break free of the chains that bound her. Svet could remember how much blood she spilled that day. And she could still feel that dark cloud hanging over her head, and that longing feeling for more blood shed. The Nephilim had grown dark, and darker than any of the others in her faction, so she had reach out to her ambassador, finally. She'd not seen Dom in a while now, and until she could track him down, she would take whatever help came her way.

As she peeled herself from the comfort of the bed in Thaddeus room, Svet rummaged through the spare closet he had cleared out, finding herself an outfit, before taking a quick shower, and staring a pot of coffee. She wanted to learn how to attend to Thaddeus guests to help him fo when he wasn't around, with that, she made her way out to the front desk and sat where he normally did. Surprised by the brunette whom she'd seen with Thaddeus before, the Nephilim waved at her. She sensed that this woman had been watching her. Maybe she knew more than Svetlana realized. Perhaps Thaddeus had told her of Svetlana's status. Svet had no idea, it was likely just the paranoia.

When the coffee finished, Svet made two cups, and approached the woman. "Hello" she started off simple, and a little nervous. She trusted no one. But, she did offer a friendly smile before sitting down at the small round table to join her. "Ive seen you here more than once now. Do you work for, or with Thad?" she asked with an arched brow. Sliding the brunette a cup of coffee, Svet's curious nature caused her gaze to avert to the womans clipboard, in a feeble attempt to see what she was writing down, and waited for her to speak before just assuming the worse.

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Since the night she checked in and talked to the owner, Zandra noticed everything was till like nothing happened. Last night she watched the room that was near the back door waiting for a move. Nothing yet. The Guard didn't like anything that was going on, she talked to Hana that was whiling to give her things she needs without giving out a lot of their people's private information. As much she as it would help her out more she gave it a rest. Nothing about what is going on did feel right as that morning she called Erythreus for advice and updating him on what is going on. "Nothing is happening but there clues to this group being at this INN. Something is not right and I don't like the feeling. No am not giving up but I do request if something does happen I would like you to send someone out for back up." Zandra said through her cell phone as she messages her head.  

The Human guard knew she needs to calm down as she got her laptop and charger cord along with her phone and clipboard as she walked down to the lobby to type out her stress and do more research about the area. Something had to give, there has to be a clue to where they went along with their motive. it would be easier if the group lacked to leave something to make things easier. 

Walking to the sitting area she noticed a woman from the same night she checked in. Zandra didn't know why but something inside of her wanted to know why the feeling is pointing towards the female. When her hazel hues saw the female waving at her the human smiled knowing her arms were holding so much. Sitting down as she set up everything, Zandra opened her laptop and went to her web browser to start looking for everything she is looking for. This was the most stressful mission she was asked to do, for Erythreus not wanting her to do anything dangerous since the bear trap this is the most laid back mission. She was not complaining as it was quiet and enough for her to think but she did hate feeling useless. 

When she was reading an article about the area she felt someone walked up as Zandra left her head to see the female from the desk. "Hello," Zandra said being friendly with her smile as she closed her laptop a little so she won't be rude seeing the woman sit down on the other side. "Oh no, I don't work for him. Did I come off that way?" The guard asked looking at the female sliding a cup of coffee to her as she bites her lip and accepted the cup. "Thank you." Zandra didn't think a woman would as attentive as the other before her by the way she walked about the owner told her that she mind is with him so she backed off.

Zandra could tell the other is not a people person or she didn't trust anyone she does not know so the human didn't want to make the other uncomfortable but it did make her wonder what the other wanted. She notices the female was looking at her clipboard as her smile faded a little knowing her job is more important than a vacation. "Just taking notes for my job and hobby," she said laughing nervously. She knew not to tell anyone she is a guard for the Aliwards but for her to say she is a small blogger might make thins toward her look bad. 

It was true that Svetlana's guard was up, with quite literally everyone these days. There were a few exceptions to that. Dom, now Thaddeus.. so she guessed that made two people she trusted at least. When the brunette sitting on the opposite side of the table asked if she'd made it come off like she worked for Thaddeus, Svetlana shrugged "Not really, Ive just seen you here every night at the same time, scoping the place out" she started and pursed her lips, scanning their surroundings before she continued. "It seems like you've been looking for something, specifcially at the back door exit" she stated, giving the other female a knowing look. "And you seem to do a lot of writing and texting, like a business woman.. maybe even a spy" she chuckled, because that definitely sounded like her usual paranoia rather than an accurate statement.

When the other female explained that she was only taking notes for her job and hobby, Svetlana smiled "very well" her Russian accent purred a little, and after taking another sip of her own coffee, Svetlana found herself blushing as she glanced over to the door of Thaddeus' room. "My name is Svetlana. It's nice to meet you" she added, eyeing her clipboad, rrealizing she had been taking notes of things that had been happening here at the INN, and oddly enough, ever since Svetlana had arrived.

"So. If you're taking notes for your job, that means your job is what? I guessed right when I said spy huh?" she asked, in a defensive fashion, flexing her hands into fists, "Do you work for them? Are you here to try to take me away?!" she began to panic as she stood to her feet, backing away panicked by the sudden fear that struck her. Whoever this woman was, she seemed nice enough, but it wasn't enough to settle Svetlana's thoughts.

She stood back, waiting to fight for what remained of her life, if this woman should be here to harm her, she'd have one hell of a fight on her hands. Svetlana wouldn't surrender, not willingly. After her and Dom survived the last brutal battle with the rogue Vampires, she refused to let another take her away. She'd been watched by them for long enough, so long that she had been force to flee her own home, which was the one thing she had purchased with her fathers money so far, so leaving had been heart breaking enough without thinking someone was here to interrupt the only safety she had left. Plus, she didn't want to endanger Thaddeus, whom she had recently taken a liking to.

Svet waited, but not without pacing back and fourth, and not for a moment did she take her eyes off the female.

Zandra could understand why the female is questioning her One day it was normal and now a stranger is now looking around the place. Due to her leg, Zanda makes sure she does not miss a day. Listening to the other, the human guard watched the female as she looked around herself and back to the other. "Am looking into a case for my father. He asked me to ask he couldn't. Something is going on and I can't tell anyone." Zandra reached out to show her proof on her phone and her wallet. She was no lair but strengthing out the truth is what she had to do. She can't say I am a guard and looking for a group that might be planning something and it's the hot spot for them to come back. That will make people panic and she saw an event like that happen before. 

When the word spy came out of the other's month Zandra looked at her unsure if she would call her being a guard a spy? Maybe she was for the mission at the moment but normally she is not put into this type of situation. Her leg was bad and this is all she can do. Zandra didn't know what she could say knowing the truth why she is here is nothing from a sky network unless someone is not telling her something. 

The Human sipped her coffee every now and then as she smiled. "Svetlana. What a unique name you have. I like it! I love your accent, Russian is it not?" Zandra was good picking up the littlest of things. Things were thick in the INN if she wanted to be honest. Something bad might happen or something bad did happen and she could not see it. 

Again with the spy but it looks like it was a little more personal toward the other. "Ok, one, am not a spy. and two and a blogger ." Zandra said pulling up her blog on her laptop and turning it toward the other. "I've been doing the blogging stuff since high school. Now my job is more complicated but if I was a spy would I be doing something else then sitting down with a bad leg?" Zandra asked calming.  "The real question is why you think am going to take you away? Are you all alright? Who are you talking about?' Zandra was confused more by the moment. What Zandra didn't know was the female in front of her was her key to figure things out and who is the group she is looking for. 

Zandra noticed the female stood up ready to fight as she sighed and bent down to show the other her marks from the bear trap she was reckless to walk into. "Look if you are looking for a fight then I am the wrong woman. I can't fight if I try to do I might lose my leg for good. What more do you want for me to prove I am not here to cause problems then what is really going on." Zandra said throwing her arms to the side as she does not get it. "I am clearly missing something here and I would like to know what it is."

"Right, your father" the Nephilim smirked and gave her a knowing look. Svet could see right through the lie she had just told, but Svet also knew that if she was there on something official, then she couldn't say what she was doing, and the Nephilim understood and respected that, so she didn't pry. "This place seems to be safe enough. I would hope they've not followed me here" she frowned. Svetlana shook her head, and chuckled as she realized what she had just blurted out. She didn't even know the woman next to her, let alone the fact that she had just literally spilled a pretty big secret without meaning to about herself.

Nonetheless, Svetlana smiled "Thank you. And yes, Russian. You're pretty clever for a normal girl just here drinking her coffee though." she smirked. Svetlana was also good at picking up on little things, and it always left her being one step ahead, or at least where she needed to be with the people she was surrounded by. Reading people had became a habit after spending four years in a compound surrounded by a group of rogue species, where you didn't know what they would do to you from one second to the next.

Tilting her head to scan the laptop screen, Svet used her hand to turn the females laptop back towards her "Fine. You're not a spy. But a blogger? I mean maybe you are a blogger, but something more than that has you sitting here observing who comes and goes. Besides, ive done spilled my truth.. the truth is, there's a pack of rogues that might bust through those doors any second now, simply because i'm sitting here breathing" she shrugged. That wasn't even the half of it. So, Svet didn't mind telling her that tiny piece of information, it would surely leave her wanting more.

"The truth is. Ive been on the run for years. Im just so tired" she frowned, and crossed her arms. Even if this woman was no more than a blogger with a bad leg, it felt nice to vent to someone she may never see again. "It's such a long story. But, you can't blame me for thinking you may have worked with these rogues. Their organization started so many years ago, it's almost hard to remember. My father ended them the first time, and back then, they were caging up Nephilim's and torturing them.. after my father ended that group, they reformed, captured me and tortured me for four years, waiting to lure him out, and when they finally got him there.. they set him on fire, and made me watch him burn alive. The anger, emotions, fear.. it all triggered my abilities, and allowed me to break free of the chains that had held me prisoner in that compound, and I left a trail of bodies in my wake, all except for the ones that managed to flee. Those who got away, they reformed yet again, and now they're here in Evermore, to finish what they started"

Svet took a deep breath. That was never an easy story to tell."The truth is, I work for the government, and co-own a club. But, while working like any other day, I came across some files hidden deep in the government's filing system, electronically, yet I could not simply erase it like I had with the rest of my past, the logs show that this file is constantly being accessed, added to and it had already been copied to external sources. The information inside is a compilation of evidence the size of Everest, images, videos and witness accounts of everything that happened inside the compound that I had been held captive as a child. The only detail of the massacre that was missing was the most vital, my presence. Whoever is conducting this investigation knows  about the supernatural, but they do not know about me, or so I thought. Something much bigger than those rogues has come back from my past"

Svetlana took a deep breath. If this woman was woking for someone against her, she would definitely know now. She now waited to see how she reacted to the information she gave her. If she wasn't working against her, then maybe there would be some small mirace hat she could work with her, and help her. Whoever this blogger was Svet could sense that she was something much more than a blogger. "Ive noticed how you watch things, and since I don't see an FBI badge, or anything else.. what else do you do?" she asked curiously, and replaced her coffee with a glass of something much stronger.

All the human can do is looked at the other, man the one is a hard one to fool. Zandra watched the female wondering what she would say. A few words caught the human off guard, who was they and why would they be following the female? "Am sorry, who is they?" Zandra asked confused. Looked like it's something she female took back so Zandra didn't ask anything more. 

Zandra has no idea how to treat the situation but she got the vibe the female has trust issues. "I know a little bit of Russian. That's how I picked up your accent." Zandra did learn little thought textbooks and videos but sadly there were no classes for her to take. No matter what direction she went with the female was still questioning her. Zandra would not help but feel weak. 

it is true she is a blogger but her like as a guard was a secret one wrong move is game over for her. "Well, my life as a blogger as it's the way of a fun time and always keeping my eyes out for anything to report on. I mean who will tell the truth? The Newspaper? The outlets?" Zandra said knowing what she is saying is true. No one who blogs or reports does not say the truth.

Speaking about the truth, everything the female said that is something she never thought to hear. With the story, the female told Zandra made the human guard look at her wondering if this could be the same group but she did remember Svetlana said something about they could come in any second. "This group of rouges, do they come in groups? What  do they look like?" Zandra asked wondering if this is the same group she needs to report and deal with. "Can you tell me everything you know about the group. If they are after you why didn't you get someone to help you?" she asked to bring up her note pad to type out everything the female said and will say.  Zandra didn't explicit to meet someone who had someone experience with them. 

Watching the other Zandra can tell it's hard for her to tell a stranger that story. "I have no idea about this group other then there has been questionable activity around this area. Do you think these rouges can be the reason?" she asked. Zandra wanted to know as much as possible. If anything she can call for backup due to her leg. "I am not here to cause problems but to keep everyone around the INN safe," Zandra said as she felt her phone vibrated but she ignored it. "I mean I know how to fight but not at the moment due to my leg is messed up due to a bear trap." 

Svet quirked a brow in her direction, as a moment of silence passed between them. She figured she had done made the other female feel awkward about her job, which wasn't her intentions at all, but Svetlana was fighting for her survival every day that she woke up. She could never be too safe. When the female across from her asked who Svetlana meant when she said she had hoped they didn't follow her here too, the Nephilim grimaced. It's not like she cared to tell her, this girl obviously had her reasons for beig here and watching over the place, it's just Svetlana hated reliving that horrific part of her life every time she had to tell it.

She felt guilty for making Zandra feel weak for not being able to say too much about what it was she was doing here. But, when she commented on why she liked to blog, it made sense. "I guess you make a fair point. Ive never known the news to be honest anyways. Most of what you see reported on the news, is a bunch of cover up stories to save their own asses and to keep the city from spiraling out of control. If they blasted the truth on the news for everyone to see this place would have done burnt to ash" the Russian said bluntly, referring to the city of course.

It was now apparently Svetlana's turn for the hot seat, when Zandra began to ask her one question after the next without giving her anytime to answer before she went to the next question, so for a moment, Svetlana sat there silently, and let Zandra ask every question she could think of. But, when she asked why she hadn't gotten anyone to help her, the Russian laughed sarcastically "I tried that way. It ended with my closest friend losing several members from his pack, people died to save me" Svetlana would never forgive herself for the Therian's who had lost their lives during that very bloody battle out on that field that night.

"There is an older group who wear black gowns with hoods.. what are they called..?" she asked and thoughtfully placed her finger against her chin before the words came to her "Cloaks.. they were wearing black cloaks. It seemed all too cliche except.. it was very real. The elder Vampires were basically the leaders of the younger ones who  are hunting me. They wanted to make a deal.. that if i sat there in my home and did nothing, that they would keep the younger ones in check.. but that only meant that when they see it fit, the older ones get to kill me themselves. So I came here.." she refreeded to the INN and why she now resided here.

"The last time I had someone help me, many people died, people who never deserved to even be in my messed up life. They had family, and loved ones.. I have nothing, or no one.. so it wasn't fair for them to die instead of me. After that happened, I vowed to never involve another innocent soul" at this point, Svetlana could feel the tears that had pooled in her eyes, running down her cheeks.

"I do yes. It's worth keeping an eye on for whatever reason you're here to do that" Svetlana knew she was more than a blogger, and she seemed to be someone of importance but since Zandra couldn't tell her that part, Svetlana didn't ask anymore. "So you've gottten reports on questionable activity in this particular area? They may be here looking for me.. who knows? What did your reports tell you?" she asked, wondering if it were the same group that was looking for her. " I just wanna be ready for them this time, and preferably, without involving Thaddeus, even though I know nothing will stop him from trying to protect me" she couldn't bare it if something happened to Thaddeus as well.

Svet's gaze dropped to Zandra's leg, which was wrapped up with surgical stuff. "How did you get yourself in a delimma like that?" she asked with a cocked brow, because bear traps typically only sat somewhere isolated. "A blogger shouldn't have any use for an area isolated enough that contains bear traps" she smirked, and flashed a playful wink, because now she definitely knew that Zandra wasn't your average every day blogger. "Don't worry. I won't ask you.." she chuckled, before shaking her head, amused slightly.

"So, how did you hear about the activity in this area? Are you and Thaddeus friends?" Svetlana couldn't help but be curious over the man she was now staying with. She was quite curious about Zandra in general though, even if she wouldn't answer some of Svet's questions, she was an interesting person who Svetlana didn't mind getting to know, if she could convince Zandra to go out for a drink with her. "If you're not too busy here, we could walk a few blocks down the street. There's a decent bar, where we could get to know each other a little better. I'm guessing a drink or two might help me remember more of what you need to know" okay maybe Svet was being a little sly .. but she needed some fun in her life.

"People can't handle the truth and that is the real point I try so hard to bring as much I can. The new can't be trusted but the real people who see the troubles first hand.  You can say my job along with my hobbies makes it a good comb for me to have people in Evermore aware. Is it possible people not from here is reading it, yes but I believe in the truth and nothing about the truth." Zandra said looking at the other.  She was not doing to expose people but to share her thoughts and stories about what she saw in her eyes and what she really thought about it. No one can't stop you from speaking freely or copyright something that is your own story. If people want to shut her down she will let them try as she had no done nothing wrong at all. 

Hearing what happened, Zandra looked down. Hearing about death makes the situation worse thinking how the ending would've been more different made the human not like what was said. "So this group is coming after you will kill anyone in there path if am correct I can see why you said tried," she said looking up at the other. Good people died to protect one life, not sure how the situation was at the time.

When the Valkyr was telling about the groups, Zandra quickly wrote it down not wanting to leave a single detail.  Something about what Sve said didn't feel right to Zandra but it could be what she felt and seen from the room in the back. If they checked into the hotel to look for the other that could be too close for comfort if she was the other female.

"I understand why you will feel that way and whatever this group wants from you is wrong and someone has to stop them no matter what happened or what it takes," Zandra said knowing this might not what the other wanted to hear but it's the truth. "This group can't be on the streets if they can't be stopped then chaos to something worse to happen will come into the city. I don't think we both want that." Noting everything Zandra is trying to be gentle as possible knowing this is hard for the other.

"There has been activity around the area for a few days now and it came close to this INN. I can't say a lot but all I know is to find out more about this group were trying to get information about and not get involved." Zandra said knowing some of her information was from Thuddas as she sighed. "For what I know is a group came in with many bags asking for the room close to the back door. Dark clothes. Unsure if they are supernatural or not. If that comes close to the group your talking about then it's possible they are looking for you which is a bad thing. There are still reports about this coming in so it looks like they aren't leaving yet." Zandra said knowing if the other can help her or is the key to unlocking this group one report of a name to the manor is all they need to plan out what the next move is if it's possible since the death of Vladimir. 

The Human guard looked down the female asked Zandra nodded with a small sigh. "You can say the wrong place at the wrong time. In short Beartrap and was almost killed." The other is smart to connect things which means she has to be more careful with her words. "I mean reporters will do anything to get the scope no matter what." she played the reporter card ones again. Hearing the other won't ask to make her feel a bit better, it's best for the other not to know. "I will say am a human who knows about the supernatural." 

"No, actually when I came here is the first time I meet him. For your first question, I just have my father telling me things along with his connections and his past who has helped him in the past." She had to stretch the truth, at the point telling a white lie is now natural in this conversation.  When the other asking to take her out for a drink, Zandra was shocked by the least. "I will only say yes because you want to know more about me. I don't use someone for information even if I need it. I have a good memory to remember things." Zandra said putting everything in drafts and closing her laptop. "So what drink? Shall we go now or later?"

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