No, they definitely weren't in Kansas anymore. Actually, not very far at all from there. A week or so had passed since his kind had fallen from the veil and void to the Earth with no understanding of why or how. Being locked out from communication to their home was making Lucien more disheartened by the day. What had caused their expulsion? The theories and whispers ran rampant throughout the Ailward mansion where the Aspects and Guards were kind enough to let them stay in Evermore, Colorado as Malva worked her magic to make the final touches on their home which would reside in the prairies not far from here.

Lucien had been scouring endless amounts of books and other texts with Malva, hounding Venetus if anything else had changed with a shift in the realms, and even bothering the Aspect of Death to see if the souls of those who had passed were caught in the void without any help, but Erythreus, along with his other siblings, always said the same; there were no real answers. The only sure thing was they all believed it couldn't be a coincidence that their arrival had lined up with the curious happenings around Evermore. He could tell the Ailwards were on edge, but he was gracious to them all for their hospitality.

The aurazin's worried eyes finally peeled away from the large bay window he had been staring out of absentmindedly as the front doors of the manor closed. Another one of his kind had been welcomed inside and Lucien couldn't help but wonder how many of them were still lost in the world. Frightened. No way to reach out for help or easy way to make their journey to the Ailwards. There were quite a few of them at the manor now and there was some comfort in that. At least they had each other. 

Lucien's gaze moved over the enormous living room where the others gathered for a touch base and to prepare for their move from the manor to their own place together. They all had so many questions he couldn't answer, but he had to remain strong. Being a leader was not something he ever wanted in this way, but someone needed to ensure their safety and he had been the top ranking sentry. If it had to be him, Lucien would gladly do it for them. Whatever it took, he'd get the Aurazin home no matter what that home may look like now. 

"So," he began, rubbing his hands together and then clasping them behind his back tightly, trying to force a small smile that would be pointless among the company in front of him now. Trying to fake an emotion was not exactly the easiest thing to do around Aurazin. "How's everyone doing? Honestly." A simple question. Possibly a stupid question, but Luke knew that if there was one way to make his kind feel better, it would be to lay out all the emotions they could to ease some of the weight off their shoulders.

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The slight hint of a snicker escaped Damarco's lips when Astraea spoke up, telling others to can it. Some of the Aurazins were more freaked out and panicked than others, and then you had some who were keeping a really level head, and only focusing on what they could do right now, like Astraea, whom Marco really admired for her strength in all of this. He knew no matter how much of a brave face she wore, she likely fought the same battles as all of them deep down.

So far, Damarco had seemingly clung onto the words that Astraea and Arabella both spoke. "They are both right. Astraea is right when saying we need to start planning, and Arabella, as she said we all probably need jobs, or some form of income to make sure we can take care of ourselves with human necessities, and I imagine those necessities is going to include an electric bill and a water bill, and for a guy like me, wifi" he loved his music, and had no problem pitching in where he could to make sure this place could be ran like a functional home, as functional as a human would need a home to be, since they were meant to act as normal as human beings. It was only as Lucien spoke of getting them legal documentation so those who wanted to and were ready to, could go get jobs that Damarco breathed a little easier.

Just as Damarco allowed himself to slip off into a sea of thoughts, another Aurazin joined them, and the emotions got even more unreal, and a little harder to deal with. It was a set of siblings that had been seperated when they'd all be cast out, and Damarco could sense each of their emotions as the male yelled out the word 'Maddie' and ran to her with arms wide open. Marco smiled, because it wasn't sad emotions he felt, it was just an overwhelming feeling of happiness, and he was glad that they had found one another, and that each of them were safe. "Glad you made it, Hudson" Damarco gave him a nod followed by a friendly smile. Marcos attention lastly went to Daniel, who seemed fairly optimistic. He knew a lot of them could use some optimism even if in the back of all their minds lied the painful reality of what this situation really was.

Damarco had been haunted by the strain he felt of just simply wanting to go hug his parents. He was sure a lot of the Aurazins had been tempted by such things, and it hurt deep down that he'd chosen not to go through with it, allowing his parents to continue living out the rest of their lives happily. The devestation they could put on their families by turning up at the door after dying, was just too much. "Daniel is right. We've made it this far.. we're without a doubt going to find answers someday, and maybe not anytime soon.. but we're all here together and safe, for now we should take that as a win and focus on starting our lives here, and making things as normal as we can. I'm not saying it will be easy, but it's possible" Damarco had always been positive, and rarely ever did he radiate sadness onto others, or make others feel doomed about a bad situation. It was just like Damarco to be happy and perky even in a situation like this one, while late at night in his dark room, he'd often rock back and fourth with his knees curled up to his chest, sobbing like a baby, repeating the word 'why' over and over again. Marco bottled things up, and dealt with it in privacy, at least as much as he could. Right now everyone's emotions were colliding and tangling up together, so there wasn't much any of them could do, to hide their true feelings.

"Lucien, I would be happy to help the Ailwards with whatever they need help with. I think right now, that's probably the most important job any of us could take on, because if we don't help them, they can't help us" he just felt it was selfish not to help them more than anything. Marco averted his gaze to the others "Is there anyone in need of anything? If there's anything I can do, please tell me. Working together is going to be a big step in making this work" And lastly but certainly not least, Damarco looked back over to Lucien with a humble smile adorning his features "And you don't hesitate to call on us.. for anything, especially myself, I'm right here and would like to think I'm doing all that I can to make this doable" he didn't wanna speak for everyone else, and he was almost sure the others would be just a call away too, but Damarco felt it was important to make it known that Lucien could count on him. They all could.

Damarco was rather excited about the new cabin that had been refurbished for them to live in, feeling much more at ease to know that they could give the Ailwards their personal space back at least. "I'm available to help move things into the new place" he finished off, followed by giving a simple nod of his head to Lucien, appreciating how strong he was being for them and all the words of encouragement and wisdom he'd spoken today. To hear him say that the veil and void didn't define them as Aurazins, that they could still do their jobs here on earth, made Marco feel a hundred times better than he did coming into this meeting.

All the emotions in the room, were getting heightened. Maddison could feel all sorts of different waves of emotion all around her. At times, it made her flinch; her face looking somewhat uncomfortable. She always had trouble, suppressing all the heightened emotions; being a fairly new Empath. Still in training really. Rubbing her temple. Her own worries about her baby brother, didn’t help her own emotions, combined with those of her fellow Aurazins. When Ommin walked over to her, Maddison gave the other female a soft smile. “These cookies smell lush.” Maddison always tried to resist sugary treats, now that she was an Aurazin. But a lot of people, mainly her brother always somehow managed to tempt her into eating things like cookies and cakes. She was well aware when Ommin spoke; knowing it was a lie. She wasn’t fine. Maddison could see she was just putting on a brave face for everyone. “Yeah, there’s so many emotions in this room, it’s making my head spin.” Maddison admitted to Ommin. 

For a few moments, she had debated about the cookie on her lap. Before taking a bite. Giving into the warm treat left on her lap. The sudden sound of a sword clattering against the living room floor made her jump. Glancing over her shoulder over at the young Aurazin Damarco, whom seemed to have caused the noise. “Are you alright?” she questioned. He didn’t seem to be harmed, luckily. But being older, she had a tendency to check up on the younger Aurazins. And in the room, there were young faces around, teenagers or barely young adults. It was sad to see, so many young lives taken. But they all found a new purpose, after their death. But now, their purpose was looking slightly shaky with no access to the veil or the void.

Maddison had a question on the tip of her tongue. But the sudden new arrival, caused her to perk up. When she saw her brother walk into the room. “Hudson!” she yelled out, in relief. The worry and concern she felt from earlier, seemed to melt away. As she jumped up from her seat. Her arms wrapped around her brother. Hugging him tightly. She sighed in relief, muttering few thank-you’s, to no one in particular. She was just glad to see that her brother found his way to Evermore, safe and sound. “Why didn’t you call, or text? Do you have any idea how worried I’ve been? I was half scared to death...that something happened to you.” The elder sibling breathed out, half forgetting that they didn’t have access to a phone, since being cast out from the veil. She looked Hudson over, just to make sure he didn’t have any injuries on him. He was luckily in one piece. Hugging her brother, once more. Maddison squeezed him. Boy, was she happy to see him.

When Lucien gave his speech, reminding them not to make contact with those from their mortal lives. There weren’t many people, she and Hudson could possibly run into here. The only living relatives they had were their parents. But they haven’t really spoken to them in a very long time; even back when they were human. They had a complicated relationship with their mother and father; estranged really, especially the older they got. “What about the Shepherds?” Maddison asked Lucien. “They can’t do their duties, with the void and the veil being closed to us.” For Empaths, that wasn’t such a problem, as they could help people here on Earth. The Shepherds might have a harder time; not being able to save people from the void.  She wondered, if the Shepherds would be trained as Empaths, for the time being. 

Soon as he arrived he knew he’d stumbled into a meeting straight away. Not knowing how much he’d missed or if it’s only just begun. Feeling that he was imposing a little but he’d only just arrived in the city. Hudson couldn’t help but to make a scene as he came in late all upbeat, very different to everyone else. Seeing how everyone’s heads turned to him as he came bouncing in both happy and relieved he’d made it even if he had to make a scene. Finding he'd practically ran to his sister who was just as happy to see him, she'd already pulled him into a tight hug. Hearing her muttering various thank you knowing she was grateful that he’d managed to make it back. As expected she had told him off, giving him a lecture for not calling her. “Maddie, calm down. I didn’t have a phone or way to reach you remember” Trying to calm his sister making her remember how it was not so easy as she thought it was. Hudson rolled his eyes seeing how his sister was checking him over making a fuss. “Maddie, stop it” he begged sounding like a little kid not wanting his sister to move him whilst everyone was all watching them. Luckily his sister stopped pestering him and they stopped their little reniun not wanting for it to take time away from the meeting. Knowing his sister will be drilling him for what happened to him later on, that right now they had to bring their focus to more serious matters at hand.  

Hudson had noticed that Lucien and others were happy to see him back, Damarco was already greeting him.  “Hey, thanks man. Good to see you too” He grinned feeling happy to be back with everyone. Turning his attention back to the meeting he was trying to get the jist of what he’d missed so far. Finding that people were all talking of how they were finding things being back. Hudson nodded his head knowing that he’d be one of the ones they’ll be counting on to help. He was happy to hear that they’ll be able to move into a lodge with their own rooms. Lucky he wouldn’t have to share a room with his sister like they used to as kids. Hudson wasn’t too sure of where they were all at having missed out on a few weeks. Curious to heal Lucien giving them the option of it being up to them to look for some sort of job or that they were still able to help people like they used to do as empaths. Hudson wasn’t too sure of how it would work for the Shepherds but was curious to hear when it’s figured out. Hudson knew both him and Maddie were lucky as siblings to still be together knowing that it’s not the same for everyone else. He couldn’t help to feel sad hearing Arabella and others share their story of how it’s going to be hard for them to not see or go to their families. Whilst he’s thankful to still have Maddie here in his life, beside him.

Time was a strange concept for Danika. The dark haired female hadn't needed to keep a close eye on it for more than 200 years. Each passing day, she grew more accustomed to a sense of time. The Ailward Manor was massive and she found herself wandering outside or throughout the library, quite often. Danika had recently taken up to reading about whatever she could find. As she sat in one of the corners of the library, reading about the different supernatural species, she glanced up at the clock. A small sigh escaped her lips as Danika realized she was late for the meeting with Lucien. She placed the book back on the shelf and slowly made her way towards the living room. As the female got closer, she could hear people talking about how they were adjusting to the being in the mortal world. Danika had been debating on the fall ever since she followed Lucien to Evermore. She'd felt hopeless and confused when she couldn't come back through the veil. She still remembered when she'd found Lucien and the others. Everyone had looked to him for help and soon they'd voted for him to become the new leader. To Danika, it was the right choice. The week or so that they'd been at the Ailward's, she had began to accept their newfound fate. It was difficult not knowing what was going on or how to fix it, but she had made friends with some of the others.  She kept trying to stay focused on the positive side, instead of worrying. 

As she came to the door. Danika could hear Lucien discussing moving into lodging for the Aurazin. A small smile crept onto her face, as she tried to slowly creep into the room without being heard. Her eyes flickered around the room as she silently closed the door behind her. Taking in many faces of her kind, she gave a small embarrassed smile, amd hoped no one had seen her. Danika sat in the nearest chair and listened as everyone was talking. As she listened, she realized there was a new face. She gazed at Hudson for a second, before realizing her looked Maddison. A soft smile came iver her face as she watched the siblings. Being away from her family wouldn't be a problem for Danika. Her dearest Alan had passed on and so had her sweet daughter. Having a place to call their own sounded quite nice. She looked back at Lucien and looked at him, thoughtfully. "While I'd miss going on missions and helping lost souls, I'm sure there is a place for me. I have heard about people called therapists. They help people with emotional issues or when they become hurt in some way, such as physical injuries," she said, lightly. Her eyes drifted around the room until they fell onto a plate of cookies. She knew immediately who had made those. Common had been cooking all week and she was quite excellent at it. Danika longed for a cookie but she'd recently found herself eating a ton of sugary treats and feelong drained afterwards. 

Luke continued listening to his fellow Aurazin's concerns, mentally taking notes of who was more optimistic than others. He wanted to ensure he gave those finding their time on Earth harder more attention in private once the meeting was over and they had a chance to settle into their new home. He gave a grin and a short nod to Daniel for his concern on his well being as the others continued talking. He knew the others were fully aware of how much time and effort he was putting into finding them answers, foregoing sleep and proper meal times. Lucien was appreciative of their worries, but he had to keep pressing on no matter what. They needed concrete answers.

Hearing that Joon and Arabella had come very close to interacting with their previous lives gave him a slight pause, but he was thankful that they were at least being honest. If it were him having died only so long ago, he couldn't be sure that visiting his wife, if she were alive, wouldn't be at the top of the list. It would be a complete hypocrisy to remind them of their rules while he sneaked off and did the complete opposite. They were much stronger than he might've been. "I understand how hard it must be for some of you to be here. Just please use common sense. It's too dangerous and risky to be in the places you once were when you were alive, especially in your original human forms."

"However, I want to thank you," he continued, nodding to Joon, Arabella, and Damarco individually before looking to the rest of them. "Any help that you can provide the Ailwards will be immeasureable. They are low in their ranks and any of their missions that require simple tasks and not dangerous fieldwork to uncover what's been happening here in Evermore will help to determine what has happened to us as well." He signaled to Danika with a quick gesture in reference to what she had said before. "If you'd rather, there are many professions I feel that could suit our kind when it comes to helping others. It's in our nature to do so. I would look into those kinds of jobs if some of you are eager to begin getting into the world sooner than others, but please, don't feel pressured. I know some of us are in different places when it comes to being here and I don't want anyone to push themselves unnecessarily." The sentry turned to Maddison then. "I implore shepherds to also feel free to look for jobs too that might be in line with defending others. We can still do some training for those shepherds who would like to become proper empaths for the time being as well, but I have a feeling they will most likely turn to work." Lucien knew the shepherds above all others since being their leader before Kaia was to take over and the satisfaction of saving others, he believed, would outweigh most of them wanting to become empaths. "Perhaps we can assign one of the empaths here to be a designated trainer if anyone is interested."

His gaze moved to one of the archways leading into the room as a few of the Guards stood with boxes in their arms, waiting for their meeting to come to an end. His hand reached into his waistcoat to look at his pocket watch before turning to the faction again. "Everyone, please don't hesitate to come to me whenever. The lodge is our new home now and I'll be in my office downstairs more often than not. Come to me whenever you need with whatever you need. Be there for each other." Luke reached for the cookie Ommin had gifted him earlier and took a bite, instantly feeling better. He had to keep his optimism stronger than his worried thoughts of what darkness may lay ahead for them, but as they all kept saying and what he did truly feel, being together through all of this would see them through. "Let's start heading to the lodge."

Damarco's sigh lingered a little when Luc mentioned using common sense, and all the risk factors of visiting their loved ones and their previous lives. He'd been tempted to visit a few of the people he left behind himself, but.. he hadn't, he had been strong enough so far, so there was no sense in worrying about it now. Damarco felt that he had been dead long enough to adapt to his life as it is now. Giving him a simple nod back, Damarco smiled a friendly smile before running a hand over his face, stressed from what was about to come. He hadn't been sleeping since the first night mare and he had a feeling that things would get a little worse before anything normalized whatsoever. 

Raising a brow, Damarco's interest peaked when Luc mentioned that one of the empaths currently with them, could be a designated trainer for those interested. "I for one would love to take up some training" Damarco just wanted to get that out in the open, so he could link up with someone later on, someone willing to help him with a little training. 

Damarco followed Lucien's gaze to the Guard's in the arch way, holding boxes of their belongings, listening intently as their  leader ended this meeting on a kind note with letting them all know, he was there for whatever, whenever. "Thank you Luc, for everything you've done, and will have to do.. I'm sure I can speak for us all when I say you're appreciated" Damarco headed out and began helping with boxes. The young Aurazin was a little excited to go make another place their home. Being in this manor, hadn't felt very home-like for him, because he knew it was only a temporary solution. As Damarco reach the lodge with the boxes he'd helped tow away from the manor, he felt the need to go claim a room. The place was actually pretty cozy, and if this was home, then maybe .. just maybe he and the others could settle down rather well. Or at least that was his hopes. After picking a room to put his stuff in, Damarco waited to see what the others did, wondering if he'd end up with a roommate, or if he'd have a room to himself.. 

Either way, he knew this was the beginning of something more theirs.. something they could maybe learn to call theirs anyways. Damarco didn't wanna waste time however, he wanted to get started with helping the Ailwards as soon as he could, and with that, the Aurazin decided he'd just go back and fourth from here, to the manor until he came up with a plan as in who he'd help and what it was he could help with. 

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