No, they definitely weren't in Kansas anymore. Actually, not very far at all from there. A week or so had passed since his kind had fallen from the veil and void to the Earth with no understanding of why or how. Being locked out from communication to their home was making Lucien more disheartened by the day. What had caused their expulsion? The theories and whispers ran rampant throughout the Ailward mansion where the Aspects and Guards were kind enough to let them stay in Evermore, Colorado as Malva worked her magic to make the final touches on their home which would reside in the prairies not far from here.

Lucien had been scouring endless amounts of books and other texts with Malva, hounding Venetus if anything else had changed with a shift in the realms, and even bothering the Aspect of Death to see if the souls of those who had passed were caught in the void without any help, but Erythreus, along with his other siblings, always said the same; there were no real answers. The only sure thing was they all believed it couldn't be a coincidence that their arrival had lined up with the curious happenings around Evermore. He could tell the Ailwards were on edge, but he was gracious to them all for their hospitality.

The aurazin's worried eyes finally peeled away from the large bay window he had been staring out of absentmindedly as the front doors of the manor closed. Another one of his kind had been welcomed inside and Lucien couldn't help but wonder how many of them were still lost in the world. Frightened. No way to reach out for help or easy way to make their journey to the Ailwards. There were quite a few of them at the manor now and there was some comfort in that. At least they had each other. 

Lucien's gaze moved over the enormous living room where the others gathered for a touch base and to prepare for their move from the manor to their own place together. They all had so many questions he couldn't answer, but he had to remain strong. Being a leader was not something he ever wanted in this way, but someone needed to ensure their safety and he had been the top ranking sentry. If it had to be him, Lucien would gladly do it for them. Whatever it took, he'd get the Aurazin home no matter what that home may look like now. 

"So," he began, rubbing his hands together and then clasping them behind his back tightly, trying to force a small smile that would be pointless among the company in front of him now. Trying to fake an emotion was not exactly the easiest thing to do around Aurazin. "How's everyone doing? Honestly." A simple question. Possibly a stupid question, but Luke knew that if there was one way to make his kind feel better, it would be to lay out all the emotions they could to ease some of the weight off their shoulders.

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Maddison was lost in the art, that hung on the wall of the living room, in the Ailward Manor. Taking in the colors and the finesse of each piece. Maddie had always appreciated art; even in her mortal days. When she was younger, she’d wonder if certain art was trying to tell a story. And maybe in their own ways, they were. After all, artists had unique ways of expressing themselves. Art was one such form. The longer she was looking at the different paintings;the longer she found it to be a distraction from what was going around her and the rest of the Aurazin.

It felt strange, being back on earth. Having the ability to be among the living on a bigger level than just for missions. Maddison had made her peace with being dead and her new purpose, when she had been in the veils. So being thrown back, with others like her. It was taking some getting used to. Especially the need to sleep, and eat again. Human necessities; which none of the Aurazin had for years; some even decades or centuries.  Without the Aspects, they would have been truly lost. Maddison had stumbled upon Evermore, Lucian and the Aspects; after she and her mentor had been lost and unable to reach the Veil, after the expulsion. She had felt confused and lost. Trying to reach for her new home, with no luck. She knew something had been wrong then. But no clue, as to just how complicated things were. No one really knew what was going on.

When she first arrived at the manor; the first person she had been looking for was her baby brother Hudson. But he was nowhere to be seen.  That had made Maddie panicked. Was her brother okay? Where was he? Was he still lost somewhere? About a gazillion thoughts kept running through her mind. Anytime, a new Aurazin found their way to Evermore, Maddison secretly kept hoping it was her brother. As the week dragged on, since the fall from the veil, she was slowly growing more concerned. Even if she tried not to let it show; she was certain the elder Aurazin could see right through her. She was never too good, at covering up her true emotions. Even when she was human. Now, with all the Empaths in the room; no one was safe at keeping their emotions to themselves.

The sound of Lucien’s voice, snapped her back to reality. Shifting, to turn towards her leader. Seemingly, even the elder male was struggling at keeping his true emotions to himself. “Shouldn’t one of us, be asking you that very same question?” Maddison questioned, giving him a sympathetic smile. From what she knew and heard; Lucien had a wife. That was stuck in the veil; she could imagine it was much harder for Lucien than for the rest of them, being down here. A slight sigh escaped her. Sitting down on one of the cushioned chairs, for more comfort. “Honestly, I am still not sure what to make of everything.I had just gotten used to being dead...and my new purpose, in the after-life. And now...this.” If she tried to make sense of it, it made her head spin.

She had been rather calm compared to most of her kind about this shift. She knew the leaders of her group were looking for a way back to the veil, they were tiring themselves trying to be the best they could be. Ommin was not a help in this section as in the veil she was very distant from her Aurazin kind and how they ran things. She followed her ordered and helped her humans in need. That was that for her. Seeing how worried her family was, how stressed they had been making themselves. She decided to do the opposite and bring them some peace... In the form of cooking! The Ailward manor had a beautifully large kitchen where she was free to do as she pleased, long as there was enough to share. 

Ommin's nose had been stuffed into the fridge all week. Cooking and making sure her kind was taking care of their human form bodies. She had most of the counters in the Aliward manor kitchen covered with different food products she had cooked. Most hearty good food and a couple not so good for them treats she had learned how to make. She had been dead for almost 500 years and missed food more then anything. Her taste buds craving different things she had never had a chance to try in her previous life. She had fresh cookies, lasagna and something she didn't have a name for yet. A weird mix of jello and cucumber salad that she could not get enough of. She had offered it to many others but alas - they only went for the cookies and lasagna. She heard Lucien speak from the main area as she scramble toward the kitchen door. Holding cookies in a little bowl she opened the door, almost tripping over the air, letting the door close very gently behind her. 

She watched Lucien and Maddison speak. Knowing sugar was bad for them she just could not help herself with these cookies. Never in her time had she tried such warm glorious balls of happiness. She walked up to Maddison and set a cookie on her lap and leaned to kiss her forehead "We are all confused darling. Even me, best we can do is help where we can" she walked to Lucien and forcefully put a cookie into his hand without a word, patting the top of his hand. Settling herself down onto one of the chairs she responded to Lucien "Good, I am good..." A ping in her chest pulled as she lied. Smiling brightly she knew she could not lie to the others about how she felt. Lost, afraid, worried....But for now she wanted to be a brave face. "What matters is we have each other..." She whispered to herself barely audible to the others in the room. 

Things were different now. There was no going back and that had to be accepted. Big breath, shoulders back, chin up...And do not cry. Their world had locked them out, expelled them into this new world and it was terrifying. Kaia was a tough person, her life had been hard enough that this event wasn't the worst thing to happen, but she feared this new world as much as the others did.

Kaia had pushed Lucien to the Ailwards and when he finally listened and poured himself into books, Kaia kept up too. She wanted to help and she wanted to be in this loop as Luciens right hand. But she too feared this new world...
They had gathered in the living room, an enormous circular room within the manor they had moved into in Evermore, with large ornate framed paintings adorning the walls, large crushed velvet recliners and couches and a bunch of nervous Aurazin. She thought every person in that room had asked Lucien a new question, and most of which he couldn't answer.
First to speak was Lucien, asking how everyone was, not exactly the most informative answer he could have given, but Kaia reclined back against the wall, staying stood with her ankles crossed, leaning. The next to speak was Maddison, who had been captured from the art around the room. She repeated to question before answering herself, the response made Kaia frown. She hadn't realised how new some people were to this life, it was hard enough already...

Then Ommin spoke, she was a reasonable Aurazin and offered cookies filled with sugar as she settled herself down into one of the chairs in the room. Kaia sighed at her response, she professed she was good. Good was such a throwaway term, it meant nothing, and I think Ommin knew that because as soon as the words left her lips, her features hardened into a plastered on smile, knowing full well the others could see through it.

Kaia pushed off the wall and spoke, her tone stony and defensive. "Well I certainly am not okay." She said simply, glancing at the others in the room. "We have no idea where we are, why we are here and why we can't go back home. We were thrown out of the void with nothing but a headache to remind us that we have no information." As he words flowed, she knew her bluntness was showing, but her eyes caught Luciens and she wet her lips taking a small step back. "I have read every book I have come across, every word on every page and I can't make sense of the situation...We need some sort of hope Luke..." Her words trailed off like the last puffs of smoke from a dying fire.

Kaia felt defeated in this new world, despite only having been there a few days. Her stubbornness made her call out to the veil everyday, but the silence that came back was deafening...

Forever Hold Your Peace — Alisha Wainwright Gif Hunt Under the cut...

Since he had gotten stuck on Earth, Joonbaek had spent many days wondering what would happen to him now that he couldn’t return to the veil. After meeting up with Lucien and the others in Evermore, Joonbaek needed something to keep his mind occupied from all the emotions that run rampant in the other Aurazins in the Ailward Manor. He threw himself into researching his family’s company, and tried to learn as much as he could from articles in the news, and the worldwide web. He had no idea of what to do in this new world where he was no longer dead. He had been debating about returning to his family’s company here in Evermore, yet he wasn’t sure of the impact or consequences that it would bring. He had been dead eleven years, so just walking into the building, claiming to be the dead son of the company owner would surely raise some red flags and many more questions. These thoughts had stopped him from entering the building and claiming the right he had earned before his death.

The young Aurazin sat quietly in the living room of the Ailward Manor, listening to the others as they spoke. None of them had the answers that they all sought right now, so it was almost pointless to ask the biggest questions right away. He knew that it would take time and patience to find the answers that they all needed, and given his background in business, he wasn’t exactly the most patient person. Sure he had some patience, but extensive lengths of it, he did not hold. So Joonbaek wasn’t exactly worried about their current situation, as much as he was frustrated. Kaia’s words held a strong resonance with him and some of the feelings he had held within. She was the first of them to stand up and address the strongest of their concerns and he couldn’t agree more with her. When the room quieted down a little, Joonbaek decided it was his time to respond. “Sure. We’re all fine here” he replied sarcastically before standing from his seat.

“I agree with Kaia. None of us know why we were cast out from the veil, however there’s other questions we should be asking as well” he began. “I’m not so much concerned about the answers we can’t get right now, I’m more concerned by the question of what do we do now that we’re here?” he spoke out his opinion. “We can’t exactly return to the lives we once lived, no matter how long or short ago those lives were right? We all know that would raise too many questions” surely he couldn’t have been the only one who felt like this. “I’ve been restraining myself from attempting to relive my previous life, by walking into my family’s business here in Evermore and demanding my rightful place at the top. Son of Samsung owner returns after eleven years believed dead. I’m sure the news would just explode and we would eventually be exposed. So how are we supposed to deal with these feelings of frustration” his voice slightly raising before sitting back into his seat. He may have gone overboard a little there, but he wasn’t going to hide his emotions from a room filled with Empaths who would easily sense the lie.

Damarco's emotions were all over the place, and the more Aurazin that joined the room, the worse it got for him. He was doing well to maintain, and decided to indulge in the sweets that Ommin had brought in to them all. Damarco had been lacking restraint with a lot of different things lately, sweets being the very main thing he needed more control over. He knew the others were really feeling it today just like he was, he could feel everyone's emotions, or thats how it felt any time he surrounded himself with his kind. Lucien held a straight-laced expression and remained strong for them all, but Damarco's concerns were right where Maddie's were. He was happy to hear someone ask Lucien how he was, because that mattered as much as the rest of them mattered. 

"I'm dealing as best as I can I guess. How are you Lucien?" he asked in return, before shoveling a few of the cookies down his throat as if he feigned the very thing that was toxic to them. Sugar. He certainly needed some restrictions and boundaries, but one thing at a time. First, Marco needed to deal with the fact that the Ailwards had mentioned the strange occurrences in the city, and how the Aurazin seemed to be cast from their home around the time that these strange things began happening. Damarco  was willing to help where ever and however he could, and he had been staying close to Lucein, and if not Lucien, then the Aspects. Marco had been disturbed by nightmares of the voidlings in the void, for some reason, that didn't even start until he'd been cast out of the void, and he really wanted to understand why he felt so afraid of them again. 

"Ive also been reading a lot of books, whatever I can really. Ive been staying close to ECPD, in hopes of getting a job there since I was an expert EOD in my past life, but Ive managed to sustain some newspaper articles" Damarco put the articles on the table in the middle of where they all sat, articles that spoke of the strange occurrences in Evermore, in hopes that they'd be of some use, and even if they couldn't help the Aurazin's, it would keep them up to speed with what's been going on everywhere else in this city. "I'm more than happy to help people with whatever I can, I figure I'm doing good enough to remind everyone to eat, sleep, blend." he said simply, while he himself needed a little more practice when it came to blending in. Damarco was very very curious and like a child, he tended to touch everything he saw, and now that he had a little sugar in his system, he was a bit amped up, and trailing his finger tips across one of the antique sword cases hung on the wall in front of him, his eyes attached to it as if it were gold. "I love this!" he shrieked, remembering one just like it that hung in his parents house. He would often dwell on how unappreciative he felt towards his father, and found himself distracted now, his attempt to hang the sword back up, was futile, as it dropped to the floor, thankfully not slicing a foot off as it happened. One of the Ailward Guards stepped to Damarco, and scooped the sword off the floor. "Kindly keep your hands off things that can sever a limb" the man's voice was deep, and he was built like a bear, and Damarco sized him up before rejoining the others in their meeting just as a new member arrived, expressing his concerns with the feelings he'd been overwhelmed by and the need to relive his past life.  "Sorry" he spoke simply about the ruckus he caused with the Guard a minute ago. Clearing his throat Damarco sat beside Joonbaek "I think we would all benefit from focusing on what we can do here on earth. There has to be a reason we were cast out, and there's plenty of people we can be helping while we try to figure out what's going on. I think we will survive this if we stick together above all"

Settling down in the eternal city hasn't been easy, not for them and certainly not for her. She hasn't been alive for half the millennium and it didn't help that she hasn't been able to come back to Earth after she relinquished her position as an Empath almost 80 years ago. Ever since then, she's been working as a Shepherd which was why she understood the growing tension in the room. Despite not having been an Empath for a while, old habits die hard and she's served as one for 500 years, it wasn't as easy to forget their elevated concerns in the room. If anything, Astraea felt stuffy. She didn't know what to make of the situation, they were left in the dark as to what was happening. Nobody knew why they were cast out, not even the Ailwards could provide them with the answer to ease their worries. Everyone was frustrated and worried, but the aggravation was not necessary. It was only setting the Aurazin off. 

Every face in the room was familiar to her, both Shepherds and Empaths. Unlike some of the others, Astraea was focused on adapting to the modern century after losing out on it for so long instead of filling her head with what seemed to be the question in hand now. She had a feeling that they were going to stay for a while, and if they were going to survive, they needed to adapt. She noticed the young faces in the room, the same couldn't be said for those who haven't been around for some time. She was sitting next to Damarco and Joonbaek at the table, staring at each and every person in the room. She heard the sass from Kaia and Joonbaek, the soft answers from Maddison and Ommin. All she could do was offer an apologetic gaze towards Lucien. "Can it, guys. Nobody likes this anymore than you do" she muttered softly and pressed both her hands over the table, "We're not used to this, it's not exactly something we had prepared ourselves for, Luke… everyone's just confused" and that means they were more prone to lashing out. 

"What did Venetus say? Or any of the Ailward Aspects? Do they know what might be causing this anomaly?" The last thing she wanted to do was pressure him but like the others, she too, wanted answers or anything close to something. They were vulnerable in this world. "We can't go back to our previous lives but Joonbaek is also right, some of us here haven't died longer than a decade, people still remember them. It's a risky move to be here without any veiling, they can't be expected to wipe their memories either, not when we have no alternative to go back to the veil." She had nothing to worry when it comes to reuniting with her previous life, though the same couldn't be said for some of them. "We need to start planning, waiting for the Ailwards to help us, that's not going to last for long. They have other pressing matters just as well." She grimaced upon hearing Damarco saying he’s fine with reminding people to sleep, eat, and drink, “Right… I forget we have to do that too.” She hasn’t done any of that in a long time.

Arabella finally found her way to Evermore, three days ago she had simply fallen out of the veil as if she had tripped on some majestic item and landed back into the physical mortal realm. At first she was stunned as she had appeared back in Michigan yet in entirely different city, confused and alone yet understanding that she was in fact in her old body again she had traveled back to her home Bear Lake to tell her parents the good news, but along the way she realized it was wrong for her to suddenly come back into their lives, she had died after all but she wanted to see them so went anyway but shrouded in thick jacket and face covered with shades and a face mask.

From far away she spotted them and realized that they had some divorced sometime in her death, in her time as an Aurazin she learned humans had a knack for blaming each other for event's far out of their control and letting it get between them, it seems she was her parents. Despite divorced she quickly realized that her parents moved on making new families of their own, as an Aurazin she was suppose to help humanity find peace in their grief and her plan to go back to them would be an upset of that very mission, she couldn't do that to them as an Aurazin but more so as their daughter.

With her hopes to reunite with her family destroyed it lead her to go to Evermore after precuring her old cello from the grave site born from her old home, she was now among the other Aurazins that seem to be stuck on the earthen realm the same as her, she hadn’t been on Earth since her death and she always thought she would be so happy to be able to see real sunlight, touch real items and flesh but now that she was touching the wall and seeing the other Aurazins in the flesh and as how they wished to be perceived it was completely foreign to her, the ten years she spent training in the veil had been far longer passage of time than she had ever thought it to be.

For the longest time she liked to think of herself as some human among humans for trying to help them through their troubles like a nurse helps a patient or a teacher helps a student  but the reality was now set in after being back in her body that looked no older than the day she died compared to her parents aged faces made it clear she just wasn't human at all anymore. As an Aurazin she could feel everyone's emotional state and she knew well that they would be able to feel her's making it hard for her to spite out the words asking if they were okay because she knew everyone wasn't. To make up for her own lack of words she keenly listened to the others, she hadn't thought much of it at first but now that she knew her old life was gone she simply wished to return back to the veil that had started to just became her new one, she looked to Lucien for answers but he nor the others had any slightest idea on why they couldn't return.

Knowing she was stuck on Earth with no home and couldn't return to the one she had just started getting use to was concept most hard to swallow, and the auras of everyone mixing in the room to an almost palpable level didn't make it easier to take. The others making it clear that they could not return to their old lives for those it was even an option to was clear, and for better or worst some of them had already made a name for themselves in Evermore unlike her made it that much harder to find a silver lining in a grey situation Damarco reminded them they needed to eat and sleep and drink which was something that Arabella was surprised she had forgotten only making her feel worst but that brought an entire situation entirely.

"Were stuck information on how we got here and no information on how we get back and we seem to be unable to on are own. Damarco right we need to eat, sleep and drink, but with this many of us and the possibility of more coming  food will eventually run out and we will need money to get more, we need jobs. " 

Hudson was one of the last of the Aurazins to find their way back to the others and to Evermore City. With how he was on the other side of the world when they were locked out the veil. Luckily him and his emptah trainer who he was with were able to figure and find out that the others were in a city called Evermore. Since then he’d been trying to figure out a way to get himself with everyone else. All proving to be more difficult than he had first thought. With how it's not so easily to go from England all the way to Evermore. Meaning Hudson had to be more clever around it all. Managing to get a job for a few weeks in a local bar to earn enough money and find someone to get him a fake passport and a plane ticket. Trying to learn to live as a human again, confused by all that was happening. Not knowing what had happened to their home and why they couldn’t get back. All he knew was that he had to get to his people, not stopping till he was able to reach them. He still hasn't been able to get in touch with his sister either. Hoping she was safe and with all the others, he knew that she would be. Probably worrying more about him than herself, since he knows how much his sister worries for him. 

Luckily he managed to safely escape England travelling all the way to America. Missing his old country, his old home. He had taken a flight to Los Angeles, it was too the last place he had lived before he died. With a few hours to kill between his next connecting flight to Colorado. He couldn’t help himself to check out his old city. Trying his best not to go back to his old firehouse place where he spent years working at. Hudson knew that it was one of their golden rules not to go back to their old family or friends, with how it’s one of the things they have to sacrifice after they die. Missing being there back and part of his team and all of the crazy and dangerous incidents they have to tackle on a daily basis. Smiling seeing his old fire truck going down the busy streets of Los Angeles bringing him back as a kid watching and hearing all the lights. Now he’s able to move past it all looking forward to his second chance at life, something he knew he wasn’t going to lose. Heading back to the airport after seeing a few more of the old sites. Getting a connecting flight to Colorado, luckily for him the flight didn’t take too long, only a few hours. Arriving in Denver Colorado. Using the rest of his money getting a few buses to Evermore City the final mark of his journey.   

Following the directions his Empath Trainer had given him he had to find his way to Ailward Manor place where the others were all hiding out and be. Luckily for him it wasn’t too hard to find with it being a massive mansion, kind of hard not to see. Walking right up and past the gates to the doors, opening and inviting himself in. With how he knew the doors were open for people like him who were coming back. Soon as he arrived he was greeted by someone who he found out to be a guard member and was told where the others were and that they were all waiting and gathered. Seeing through the doors of the large living room seeing he was right and they were all there. Spotting straight away Lucien, their leader who was in front of them all. A wide grin appeared on his lips seeing his sister sitting there. “Maddie!” The Aurazin’s In practically ran to her all excitedly with how it’s been what felt forever since seeing and being with people he knew. Hudson was all ready to be tackled and hugged by his older sister and expected to be given a beating too at the same time for not getting in touch with her. “I’m here, sorry I’m late” He chimed in looking at Lucien and all the others seeing people were all looking more serious knowing he’d interrupted a meeting. “It’s just my luck I managed to get stuck in England” Laughing shaking his head sheepishly soon sitting down on the sofa edge where his sister was. Ready to be caught up on everything he’s missed and hoping to get a few answers in all the madness. 

His mind fluttered images like a movie, the memories assailing him as he sat, pensive on the couch of the Ailward Mansion. His gaze had been resting unseeing on the ornate artefacts. Being preoccupied with the details of how they came to be here and what they could do to get back, Daniel had all but forgotten the implication of being back fully in this place. 

It felt weird.

Even after his death when Lucien had helped him, he had come back to help others but he had rarely thought about this place as him or as home. Now however it had never felt more familiar and more alien than ever. A painful contradiction. While they had been seeking answers from Ven, Dan had chanced upon a table with breakdancing music and videos and a hard pang had hit his chest. Perhaps Nostalgia wasn't quite the right thing to call it, more like a sense of lack- or a part of him he had not forgotten but failed to recognise. 

He had been one of the earliest to come into the Ailward Manor and work alongside Lucien and others to get as much information as possible and though everyone had been putting up a brave face and trying to attempt to understand by logic just what had been happening, the pain and confusion were rather evident. And not even the promise of sugar was diminishing that.

As Lucien began asking everyone how they were doing, Dan did appreciate his leader for attempting to comfort and bring solidarity amongst them even if nothing could be figured out of what exactly would happen next. He remained for most part a silent spectator, preferring others to air out their concerns in open. Some were alert though not anxious, others fearful, some calm but it was in all a rather sober atmosphere until a small ruckus drew his attention towards the man who had entered. A small smile flickered as he recognised him to the lost guy he had met in the hallways wandering around and although his peepy mood wasn't exactly appropriate, it was much needed.

As Lucien's eyes fell on him, Daniel straightened himself "I am honestly fine for the most part. We at least have some sugar." Though the grin wasn't the widest, it wasn't fake either "Of course I am worried about our situation especially since no one can yet figure out how or why this happened and why now of all time. But we have each other so that's something" His gaze moved across the room, seeing the members who had sort of become his family for a long while "I'm just concerned about you. Wouldn't want you dead on your feet when we do figure out what to do next and...I am sure we will. It will take time and effort but hey, we all go this far, didn't we?" 

He knew he was leaning towards the more optimistic angle rather than being a realistic but Daniel figured sometimes optimism was needed to push forth a reality in manifesting itself. 

It was hard to stand in front of his group of peers and listen to all of their concerns without being able to really give them the answers they were looking for. Lucien looked from person to person as they spoke their turn and though he was listening to them intently, he also couldn't help but read each of their auras at the same time, watching as the intricate colors waved around them. It was always so unique and immediately telling of how they were handling their own emotions despite not necessarily delving into all the levels of things they might be feeling. 

Clearing his throat, he stood a bit straighter and decided on the truth. Not that he would ever choose to lie if it were remotely possible to do so with a group of Aurazin who were pretty keen on deciphering the truth from a person, but because the truth was what they deserved even if it wasn't the best of news. "I understand everyone is confused, believe me I am too," Luke began with a slight sigh. "The Ailwards are still helping as best they can. They have an expansive breadth of resources at our disposable and I don't intend to stop looking if there are still more books and other assets to go through. The computer and I seem to finally be getting on as well." 

Luke cleared his throat, placing his very tempting cookie that Miss Ommin had given him down on the table for later. "The Ailwards think there may be some link to the strange anomalies happening around Evermore. They can't exactly pinpoint what is going on yet, but I've offered to help them figure out what it could be as it in turn may lead to more answers for us. I'd like it if perhaps some of you would also be willing to volunteer in small ways with any help they may need. It seems the more hands on this the better. These anomalies seem to be the work of some kind of magic, but they are unclear of the hows and whos of it all." 

"In the meantime," he paused for a moment to ensure everyone understood that what he was about to say was very important. "We must stick to one of our utmost imperative rules of not engaging with anyone from our previous lives that may recognize us. For many of us that is easy enough, but I know for some of you, this will prove much harder." This was always the problem with having newly appointed Aurazin coming to Earth before their training was complete and not having the proper time spent away from their lives before death. The urge to want to pick up where they left off would cause for catastrophe if their family and friends were to see them alive once more. However, Lucien had a strong feeling that some of them would inevitably go researching their families again, even if they were far away from Evermore.

"As for me, I'll be fine." Fine. The most often used word for people who actually wouldn't be fine at all. "We do have each other." If there wasn't a more perfect time to be interrupted, it was now when Hudson came barging in. Luke smirked at seeing the man, happy he'd made it from across the ocean in one piece. Turning back to his kind, he looked to each of them again. "Life on Earth is strange for me. There is no doubt about that, but I'm kind of counting on those that have passed within the last fifty years to help us.. older Aurazin, transition into this new world. Seeing as I don't know how long we'll be here, I don't want to take too much advantage of the Ailwards any longer. As you guys know, we can move into the lodge that was refurbished for us not far from here today which has a bedroom for everyone. We'll get the proper IDs and documents required for those of you that would like to go out and get jobs. Those of you that don't feel quite ready to walk among the people of Evermore are not required to work." Lucien's voice softened a bit. "I know our.. purpose seems somewhat lost now that we have free will, but I also know that we can't help but be pulled to people in distress. I wouldn't say that means we can't do our job as Aurazin still. Help those in need if you feel you can. Just because we can't get back to the veil and void doesn't mean we stop being Aurazin. Those places don't define us. We are who we are still and I'm confident we can continue doing good things for others."

Joon listened to the others as each of them spoke their thoughts, some more truthful than others as they tried to hide their true feelings. Given how long he has been dead, he had been slowly adjusting to his life in the veil, with the occasional visit to Earth to fulfill his duties as an Aurazin. Although he had been forbidden to reach out to his family every time he was sent to Earth on a mission, Joonbaek would always do some ‘off the books’ research of his parents’ company. It wasn’t easy for him to give up the life he had supposed to live, and to die before he had gotten the chance; it still caused him pain emotionally. Now that he was trapped on Earth with no way to return to the veil, his wishes to return to the life he lost was more powerful than ever. It was true that they had each other in these drowning moments of uncertainty, he wasn’t sure anyone among them could truly understand his emotions; even if they were Empaths. To Joon, the business was everything to him; and now he was just supposed to walk around in a city that held his parents’ company, and pretend like he was okay. That very thought had probably hurt him more than the poison that had killed him in the first place.

When Lucien had reminded them of their rule to not engage with people from their past lives, Joon felt a little grimace show. Normally he would follow rules without question, but part of him couldn’t help but see this current situation of theirs as a second chance at the life that had been taken from him so abruptly. “That will be rather hard. Probably more so for anyone in the same predicament as me, where their family’s company has a building here in Evermore” he responded to Lucien’s words. “Rules are rules though, and they need to be followed in a time like this” he continued with a slight frown. His words were true, but his intentions were probably far from that. For now though, he would follow the rules until he could find some way to break the rules without bringing the entire species into the light of day. It wasn’t going to be easy, however he had nothing but time to kill now.

He looked intently at the cookie that he had been given earlier, and yet he had chosen not to take a bite. He wasn’t really one for sweets growing up, and after becoming an Aurazin, sugar was the furthest thing from his mind. “I’m not entirely certain how I can help our situation Lucien, but you can count on me to help in any way that I can” he spoke truthfully. While he wanted to return to the life he previously owned, he also knew that he couldn’t just drop his duties as an Aurazin. He would help them in any way that he could, even if that meant he had to wait longer for his plans to come to reality. “It does sound nice to have a place to call our own. It might not be the veil, but it can be home for the time being” he spoke in a much calmer voice than his earlier frustrated tone. Maybe his frustrations were so high due to the number of different emotions that ran through the room, or maybe he just harbored deeper feelings of frustration than he himself knew. After he found out about the lodge where they would live, Joon couldn’t help but let his thoughts drift, wondering what kind of place it would actually be.

After her own comment on the situation two more Aurazins arrived as one was related to an already present one and the other coming from deeper inside the house, Lucian seemed to be watching..listening to their concerns up until this point before finally speaking again. He didn’t butter up the fact he was almost just as confused as they were but gave hope that the Ailward guards resources were at their disposal to dig up any information they could on how to figure out how to get back to the veil and in the meantime he would use those resources for research.

To be frank Arabella didn’t really have any idea who or what this Ailward guard was, she heard its name but didn’t truly know what they were about but it seemed they were rather important if they had such expansive network of resources and information, enough to the point Lucien wanted to try and help and asked if any of us could help it would be appreciated.He paused once more before warning them that going to see their families was not something to take lightly, something Arabella had already come to terms with making her sad but knew it was for the best.

The Aurazin who had came in meeting with his supposed sister ask Lucien how he was, he explained that he was okay but being on earth for what seemed to be a longer time than she had was strange to him and he was just trying to ease back into the current world, one he hoped people like her and maybe some others whose deaths weren’t so far could do.

In the meantime however he made it clear that those who didn’t want to work and immerse themselves in today’s society didn’t have to but that they didn’t stop having to be Aurazins just because of their new predicament. “Not being able to see my hear their voices, and see their’s hard. I went to go see them..from a distance, I know what’s at stake, and I know they need to keep moving forward without me. I have no lingering ties to Evermore so I’m a free agent and will do everything I can to help. Both my fellow Aurazins and the populace of Evermore”

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