Name: Owen Strachan
Age: 37 (Looks) 60 (Actual)
Species: Initia
Element: Air
Rank: Air Master
Face Claim: Mike Colter

| Organized | Disciplined | Strategic | Selfless | Stubborn | Self Centered | Womanizer | Arrogant |

For Owen Strachan life had been bittersweet from the moment he’d been born. Owen had been brought into the world on a hot summer night, in the popular town of Birmingham, Alabama, otherwise known as The Heart Of Dixie. Owens parents were anything but ordinary people. Especially with how they met. Barren Strachan came from a very war stricken tribe of Initia when he had met Owens mother. Priscilla Brier. Priscilla was a fierce Diviner who ran a voodoo shop in their hometown. A ruthless woman, who showed no mercy to anyone, not even to Barren. Priscilla and Barren met on a late summer night after an attack was made on Barren’s tribe. Barren was wounded, and had no where to go after his entire tribe had been wiped out.
Coming upon Priscilla’s house, which had seemed to be empty at the time, Barren let himself in, and locked the door behind him, only to feel a sharp pain in the back of his head from being smacked with something hard. The last thing he remembered before his world faded to black, was a beautiful raven haired woman, hovered just over top of him, looking into his eyes as though she were staring into his soul.

When Barren woke up, he was unfamiliar with his surroundings. Afraid that he had been captured by the Phoenix he’d been warring with, Barren stood, groaning as a searing pain coursed through him. Rushing out of the room he was in, the Initia collided right into the woman he saw before he slipped away into slumber. “Who are you? You hit me!” he shouted at her, wondering why she had left him alive. Priscilla gave him a crooked smirk before pursing her lips, “You should be thanking me. Even though you broke into my home, It looks like I saved your ass” she said nonchalantly, and strolled over to him, peeling his shirt back to check the wounds on his chest. ”You’ll be fine in no time, but I’m afraid the rest of your kind didn’t make it” she explained.

Barren fell to his knees, sobbing. When the attack was made, he’d fought alongside his brother Ellis. Ellis had died at the hand of the Phoenix. At the time, Birmingham was war stricken, and washed away by rogues who made it a pretty unbearable town to live in. Barren and his brother were close, practically best friends; but each of them was willing to die for their own. Priscilla kneeled by Barren as he remained in the floor, heartbroken by the loss of his elder brother. The Initia looked at her with saddened eyes, but he didn’t want her sympathy.”Is there anything I can do?” she asked while she cupped his chin, and forced him to look her in the eyes.

Mesmerized, Barren could only stare at her. A part of him felt like she was an evil seductress because it didn’t take long before he was up to his feet, and walking her hand-in-hand to her bedroom. After the lights faded, Barren wasted no time to spend the rest of that night making love to her. Priscilla woke up the next morning, sliding her petite frame out from underneath his embrace, trying not to wake him. But, when the husky Initia rolled over to see where she was going, the Dark Diviner frowned at him. “You can’t get used to this. It happened one time, and it will never happen again. I’ve given you a safe roof to sleep under, but that’s it”. Priscilla walked out of the room, leaving Barren to question her response, but it all became clear as he fumbled around the room looking for his clothes, knocking a framed picture off her dresser that’d been turned face down.

Grabbing the picture, Barren flipped it over, only to see the woman he just made love with, being held by another man, and seemingly happy. After getting his clothes on, Barren walked to the kitchen and joined Priscilla at the table. “So, where is he?” the Initia questioned, getting a dangerous glare from her, as though she were warning him. But, Barren was a stubborn man, and his curiosity was something that often got him in trouble, so when he insisted on knowing, Priscilla smacked her hand onto the table, and began shouting at him, but through the angered words she spoke, came a sad explanation. Her husband had been executed due to his betrayal to their community.

Barren hung his head low, and for the rest of that evening, the two didn’t speak to one another. The next day, Priscilla told Barren that he’d have to start pulling his weight, in order to continue staying with her. Priscilla had used protection and cloaking spells to keep him safe, so Barren couldn’t refuse her offer. The next few months seemed to fly by, and Barren helped Priscilla with whatever she needed, and though they didn’t speak much, the lingering stares eventually allowed them to explore one another again. Within the next few months, Priscilla learned that she’d became pregnant, and while the news seemed to devastate her, for Barren it was a miracle.
Barren and Priscilla ended up falling in love after the news of her pregnancy pushed them closer, and the two couldn’t have been any happier at that point. Priscilla still scared Barren at times, because she often lost herself in dark magic, and those were the moments he couldn’t recognize the love of his life. Day in, and day out, Priscilla spent her time practicing dark spells. The more she practiced the less alive she became. Her due date had finally arrived, and during one of the hottest nights that Birmingham had seen, Owen Strachan had been born. Both Priscilla and Barren were utterly thrilled and held their baby boy tightly in their embrace. Even with the way Priscilla was fading to the darkness of her magic, she still loved her child. Things seemed to be great for the first several months of Owen’s life. He had a set of loving parents who bent over backward to give him the world. His mother, Priscilla worked at a local voodoo shop, while his father Barren had taken the opportunity to start teaching Owen all about himself.

At just the tender age of five Owen was forming whole sentences, and soaking up all the knowledge he could about his father’s life, and how things worked with the Initia tribe that his father had been a part of. Barren began with the simple things, showing young Owen how to manipulate air, and other tricks that made the young boy laugh with an excitement that radiated for miles. Owen also showed an interest in airplanes. From just a very young age, Owen had collected tons of airplane figurines, and loved playing with them outdoors. His interest for airplanes only peeked as he aged a little more. Owen’s teachers found him to be a genius, and when he expressed his interest in the science of flight, there was nothing he didn’t want to know. It became clear to his father that he’d be just like him, but something so much more than just an Initia Master. A prodigy. Priscilla was just as happy for Owen, but the more she practiced dark magic, the more it seemed that Owen and his father were losing her.

Barren tried to keep Owen’s mind busy, to keep him from thinking about the possibility of his mother dying. Owen had began slipping in school. His grades were poor, and so was his social life. Owen couldn’t concentrate on his studies, and the kids at school often made fun of him, calling him stupid among other cruel names because of his grades. Home life was no better. As hard as his father tried to keep him busy, Owen watched his mother fade to nothingness. She’d been consumed by dark magic, until it had eventually wiped her away from them. Priscilla died one evening during a dark spell she’d been chanting over and over. Words that Owen would never forget.

Priscilla’s death rocked her entire community, especially young Owen and his father Barren. They mourned her, buried her, and moved on as best they could, because Barren realized his son was an Initia just like him, and he had much to teach him. Owen’s father had began pushing him too hard however, preaching at him about how he would walk the same path his father had. While Owen hated the pressure, the only thing that made sense in his life, was air. Something about air calmed the young boy, and it was a comforting feeling.

The next year of Owens life went by in a blur. He’d began making better grades, and continued training with his father, who annoyed him greatly with all the pushing he continued doing, and Owen became arrogant, and self centered. The void in Owen’s life had changed him. He began getting himself into trouble, partying, and causing chaos all around him. His father wasn’t pleased with his new behavior, but his father had given him time, chalking it up to the fact that he was just messed up over his mother. Owen’s father had taught him restraint, how to be disciplined and calculating, smart, and even manipulative if it worked to his advantage. Barren knew if given time, Owen would come back around. And, within a few months time, he did. Owen and his father returned back to their training, and Owen was soaring through every aspect of the element of air. Owen and his father had been at his mother’s voodoo shop packing all her things up one evening when the smell of smoke caused both of them to begin choking. The Phoenix that his father had been hiding from, had finally found him, because when Priscilla died, she could no longer keep Barren safe with protection spells, and now they wanted not only him, but also his son dead. Barren did something unimaginable however, something that would leave young Owen an orphan at just the age of 14. Barren told them he would go with them, and surrendered himself to the Phoenix to keep his son from dying at their hands as well. Owen cried out for his father, begging him not to do this to him, but it was Barren’s love for Owen that had him executed.

Owen fell to his knees, screaming, and rocking back and forth as he watched them drag his father away. “I love you son, please know that. Remember all that ive taught you” were the last words he heard his father speak, before he disappeared into the shadows of that day, facing a gruesome death at the hands of his enemies. Owen had no idea where he’d go, who he’d stay with, how he would finish school.. Nothing made sense, once again. Owen drug himself home, clutching his father’s necklace that’d fallen to the street as the drug him away, and hoarded himself in his bedroom for a week after that. The 14 year old hadn’t showered, ate, or slept for that matter. A part of him no longer wanted to live at all.

It was only when the door of his house flung open, when he finally drug himself out of his bedroom, he was met by two unfamiliar faces. Family members of his father’s he had never met. “Owen, I take it?” the red headed woman spoke. Her majestic emerald optics were kind, and soft, a set of eyes that looked to the young boy with sympathy and love. Owen nodded at them, but he didn’t speak. When the woman embraced him, she frowned, and scrunched up her nose at the smell. “Let’s get you out of here. Grab your things, only what you need” she stated, while the man beside her only smiled at Owen. “You look just like your mother” he sated, and it struck Owen down.

Still crippled by the loss of both of his parents, and learning all the new things he had about what he was, Owen began shouting. “Who the hell are you two? I’m not going anywhere with either of you until you tell me why you’re here!” he shouted in a shattered tone. The male walked over to him and kneeled on one knee, grabbing Owen’s hand before he began speaking. “Your mother was my sister. I’m your uncle, George. And that’s Mary, your aunt” he explained, and that’s all it took for Owen to fall into the man’s arms, sobbing as George held him closely. “It’s okay, we’re only here to help you” he explained, as Mary watched the heart broken boy grieve over his parents.

It was a sad day for all of them, but Owen was happy to know he had some place to go. After grabbing a few special items of his parents, and some clothes, Owen gave his family home one last look over, and left with his aunt and uncle, arriving to their home in no time. Owen was given the spare bedroom, and once he unpacked, he took a shower, put his father’s necklace on, that had his mother’s ring on it, and joined Mary and George for dinner. It was the first thing he’d ate in a week. Mary and George told him that he had to go to school in order to stay with them, and truth be told, Owen was ready to get back to school. Owen’s interest averted into something much different than anyone ever imagined for him, especially those in school who constantly put Owen down, saying he’d never amount to anything more than the orphan that he was.

The next few years seemed to go by in a blur, but Owen began mastering everything there was to master when it came to air. It all came to him so naturally. His community flocked behind him, and eventually, Owen became a prodigy to them. A leader. His uncle George often told him, his father would have been so proud.

Owen practiced his element day and night, whenever he wasn’t studying air battle management. Owen was very strategic, organized, and smart, so becoming an air battle manager, suited him perfectly. Aside from practicing and learning to control the air itself, it was the one thing that made Owen feel complete. And after his graduation, Mary and George rewarded him with a car, with a big red bow on it. Owen then packed up for college, hoping to fulfill his dream of becoming an air battle manager, and this was where Owen met the Initia Air Master. Makrus Agustus. Owen and Markus immediately connected, and Markus saw how much potential he had. Markus was tough however. The training became intensive, and consumed whatever time that Owen wasn’t spending with his face buried in books, and studying the way air battle management worked.

When it neared time for Owen to graduate college, Markus was confident that he was ready to do these things on his own, and Owen had chosen his path to Master just one element. Air. They spent that evening practicing the element of air, and it didn’t surprise Markus to see Owen owning the element as he manipulated it, and bent it to his will, but being as young as Owen was, Markus had explained to him that he had so much more to learn. To be the Initia Air Master, Owen would be taking a long journey, but in Owen’s heart it was what was right for him. If nothing in his life had ever made sense, at least this did.

Markus was ready to step down and live a normal life, and it was rewarding to know he’d taken someone as amazing as Owen in under his wing. The night of Owen’s college graduation, he was all set. Markus Agustus gave Owen everything he needed to start his new journey, along with a few of the other professors who happily rewarded Markus for all his hard work. With a plane ticket, his duffle bags, and a little cash to spare, Owen took his next journey, after bidding farewell to the only family he had left, promising he’d keep in touch. Owen landed in Morocco. The country its self was beautiful, but it wasn’t long before his knowledge had been put to the test. Being in a battle zone, he knew the risks and dangers of his job, but his element would also work to his advantage. While in the air, Owen strategized his way through the first battle, and then the next.

Owen became a prodigy to those he flew with. Over the next few decades, the Initia had excelled in everything he’d been doing in his life. Between practicing his element, and learning the many different ways a plane worked, he became known as a true prodigy, and made many friends in Morroco. After spending decades, safely leading attacks for the U.S Air Force, his time in Morroco had ended. Owen had finally found a home and a family with the Air Force, and he dreaded saying goodbye to them. But, the Initia never stayed in one place very long.
Owen had never really had a love life, but he didn’t mind casually dating, and women seemed to flock by his side by the dozens, but none had ever been special enough for him to keep around for more than one night. After bidding farewell to his friends in Morrocco, Owen found himself in Berlin where he met an interesting woman, by the name of Sofi Zahara. Sofi was a Psychic Initia; something that fascinated Owen beyond expression. He’d never in his life heard of a Psychic Initia, and spent his days getting to know her, while studying every aspect of air, and how it worked. Though his professor Markus had been somewhat of a genius to Owen, and taught him all that he could, Owen felt that he could never learn enough. Owen had spent the rest of his time abroad, with Sofi, and when she told him about the supernatural haven, Colorado, Evermore; That’s where the Initia found his sights set on. Getting to know Sofi, made Owen feel like he had just a little more purpose. The two of them spent the late nights conversing about all the trials and tribulations that each of them had been through, and the many adventures they had embarked on before meeting. Eventually, Owen considered Sofione of his closest friends.

Starting over had never been the plan for Owen, and when he first moved into the eternal city, he wasn’t comfortable, and couldn’t find his true calling. But after fifty six years of learning the one element that put a spark of life in the Initia, Owen had found his true calling, and became the tribes Air master. Owen finally settled in, and Evermore became his new home. Through all the trials and tribulations of Owen’s life, the one thing he never lost, was the craving he had for knowledge, and the will to want to teach people. Being the master of air, meant a lot of things for Owen, but mostly, it meant that he was ready to teach those who’d chosen a path to diversity.

At the age of 40, Owen finally had a place to call home, and he had genuine friends. Though he hadn’t became close to all the Initia, he had a few relatively close friends from his own faction that made him feel just a little more at home. Aside from the responsibilities that came with being the Initia tribes Air master, Owen picked up a job at Sinister Sounds as a bartender. One of the city’s hottest dance clubs, where Owen found himself enjoying the nightlife.

Owen finally felt as though he had a purpose, and he couldn’t wait to begin training those who needed his help.

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