He’s been rolling over the bed for an hour now, surrounding himself with blank and crumpled papers and feathers from the pillows that he had brutally torn through last night. Ven’s state did not allow Henri to see him most of the time, which admittedly made him fume a few times because it was hard to drag the Aspect of Realms around due to his build without attracting attention to them both. The last time he met Venetus, he had found him reeling in the basement, where the wine cellar was located, with a bottle in his and looking completely out of it. With his enhanced senses, he was able to smell the alcohol reeking off the other male, much to his discontentment. So he’s been trying to search on things to do to get his mind off his worries for the Ailward Aspect, may it be some random medical book or even doodling on some blank paper. 

It hasn’t worked to his favor though, seeing as the therian would end up scrunching his nose up and sighed randomly every 5 minutes because of this thought at the back of his head. He wanted so badly to forget about the whispers inhabiting his head, telling him what could have happened to Ven if he didn't do his duty properly. A guttural growl escaped him as he buried his face with the only pillow that was left intact because he actually needed one to lay his head on. The brunette fiddled with the necklace hung around his neck and sighed before forcing himself to get up and clean his room, tossing every wasted paper into the can at the corner of his room, "So much for go green" he winced and grabbed his backpack and decided that he'll be using his time a lot better by doing what he does best; research. 

It's better that he uses his head to do something good rather than thinking about the endless possibilities of what would cost him his own life if things go haywire. His room was on the first floor so it didn't take Henri long to get downstairs and pass the living room that seemed so dead he actually had to stop himself from wincing again. Things used to be so merry back then when they were at the Isle. It wasn't all rainbows and sunshine, maybe. But they weren't like this. With all that's going on with the city, mysterious cases of people falling victims to active maiming activity, he had best be prepared for anything.

 His legs quickly brought him to a bus stop, where he leaned for a while and covered his face with his hands for a brief while until his phone rang, prompting the therian to go and take it, leaving his backpack on the bench as he walked a few steps away. 5 minutes or so passed and he still had his phone held against his air as he grabbed the backpack without looking and walked away, it was clear that whoever he was talking to delivered him unpleasant news. Did it occur to him that he had completely taken a different backpack? No. 

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“Kinda have to be, wasn’t like I had anyone out there looking out for me” from the moment he awoke in this world he had felt quite literally all alone, everything he did, he did for himself, he didn’t wait for anyone to come find him, he found the things he needed to survive, he put himself in tough situations for the very purpose of trying to better his life and while he never really achieved anything in the realm of a perfect life, he had come to the conclusion that the only real person he could rely on was himself. People would often tell him that he just hadn’t met the right people in his life when he said that but people had a habit of letting him down even when they had the best intentions because at the end of the day, while he was on the list, he didn’t think he would ever rank number one on anyone’s priority list.

“I’ve heard that one before” he commented under his breath when the other male said he was stronger than he looked, Sunmin always got this impression like people chose their words really carefully to hide something from him and at first he never noticed it but the older he got the more he noticed it. And now he was pretty sure he knew what it was, the supernatural secret. How could he blame people for keeping it when he had kept the fact he wasn’t aging to himself for years but every time he tried to research what the truth was and what the lies were, he hit a brick wall. “Interesting is the word people use when they want to say it sounds bad but they want to be polite” he commented quite bluntly as he shifted his gaze over to the other male, he was carrying medicine he wasn’t licensed to carry and saying it was for his work, it didn’t exactly look good.

“If it makes you feel better, so are most people” soon as you started asking direct questions people would panic and excuse themselves before they could say anything majorly incriminating, Sunmin had come pretty close to some truths with that method but he got this feeling like not everyone knew everything when it came to the supernatural. He had done research on fallen stars and vampires and werewolves but it was near impossible to tell fact from fiction. “You do realize how incredibly illegal you’re making this all sound right?” he commented it pretty straightforwardly and shrugged, if he was your average person he probably would have gone running to the police and honestly he was still wondering if he may have to. Though he would certainly have some trouble making a report when he wasn’t an official citizen. “So you’re looking for people to help?” it was all so vague that it was hard to tell what this guy’s intentions were but now he’d started asking questions he couldn’t stop.

“Yeah you say you’re not a lot of things but pretty vague on what all of this is for” he commented with narrowed eyes “But from the sounds of it no ones getting hurt or screwed out of money so” he pressed his lips together for a moment and shrugged, guess that would have to be enough, wasn’t like Sunmin would actually be able to keep this guy here if he tried and he doubted the cops would be able to find him either. When he introduced himself he went quiet for a moment before he responded to him “Sunmin” he nodded his head as if to affirm the words before listening to what the other male had to say next. Which surprised the young Celestial. He stared at him for a moment wondering what to say or even what his questions were, he guessed he just wanted more information about what it was he was dealing with in this city and while he could have gotten those answers from Hanseol, the personal attachment there was making Sunmin keep his distance. “Does the word Celestial mean anything to you?” he asked with raised brows, this was a leap of faith considering that Hanseol had told him about hunters but if he never talked about what he was he was never going to get answers.

"You'll just have to keep on moving and take care of your own self because depending on someone else to come to your rescue doesn't seem like a healthy thing to be doing" he murmured faintly, finding the irony in the truth itself because that was how life goes on. There was no point in dwelling on what ifs when it comes down to that. You can't trust people and nobody would help you if you have nothing to offer them, in the end, it's one man's interest to his own. When the other male mumbled about having heard that phrase before, Henri chuckled and shrugged absentmindedly, "Don't judge a book by its cover, right?" It would be an understatement to say that the therian was amused by the other male, when he said people only used interesting as a way to filter their words to a much more approachable attempt, "Maybe. But I don't judge. It's hard to trust someone when they say they're not doing anything shady but that's exactly what you're seeing. People see what they want to see, they say what they say. I can't stop that, and there's only a few means to justify myself for an act I don't think I even need to be justifying." 

He didn't need to ask anyone for their validation, for the most part, Henri never cared what people may think of him, simply because it wouldn't affect his day but seeing as taking this kind of approach would spare him the trouble he may or may not land himself in, why not? Something about this male standing across him piqued his interest, he didn't seem like a random passerby either. Maybe he was going to go on his way earlier but now that he had successfully taken his attention, he wasn't budging either which only confirmed his suspicions that he was searching for something, information perhaps. Wouldn't exactly be something out of the ordinary, it's Evermore, everyone wants to know things. People don't simply come here for a vacation without any agendas in hand. "I'm not the best when it comes to words. Plenty can assure you I do a better job using my head rather than my mouth" he quipped wryly, ironically it didn't allow him to think as critically as he needed to be witty to escape this kind of situation, curse systematics. 

"But then again, I don't see you running for the police so I'm guessing I'm safe at this moment. I incriminate myself more times than I can count, this isn't my first rodeo. But most people also don't care enough to stay and talk to someone they assume to be shady" he exclaimed, pointing out the exact thing that Sunmin was doing. "Which gives me the idea that reporting to the legal authorities seemed like it would have given you more trouble than benefit. But if it makes you feel better, I help people in need, yeah." Well, in his defense, the Ailward organization was initially formed to help. He narrowed his hazel hues against the male who later introduced himself, "Well, Sunmin, most people aren't so keen to give out what they're doing to strangers they aren't sure they'll be meeting the next time." Henri was grateful to finally have the question dropped because apparently, the other guy thinks he didn't involve any bad intentions mixed into it, he had offered to help him answer a few questions which struck a bulb in him when Sunmin finally fell to the temptation to know things. 

However, he didn't expect that he'd be asking him about Celestials. It was as if every bone in his body jolt up to form a caging expression, he had suddenly dropped the playful expression and within seconds, he clenched his jaw lightly as he stared at him with an unquestionable look, wondering why he had asked him about Celestials. "Celestials? Now that is something you don't hear people ask you about everyday... " he murmured and examined him carefully to determine whether he's dealing with a curious soul who only wished to know where to find said people or if he's a hunter in disguise. He didn't glow, so he couldn't be a Celestial, could he? "What do you want to know about them? I don't think it's a conversation I can have with you when we're at the roadside, though. Do you have somewhere to go or are you free to follow me? I'm headed to the library." He stopped momentarily on his steps and glanced over to the younger male, eyeing him with skepticism, "Can I ask why are you curious about them?"

“Something like that” he spoke softly as he watched the other male, he had to wonder with everything he was carrying and the way he seemed much stronger than he appeared that perhaps he was supernatural too, Sunmin had no idea how to tell if someone was supernatural though and everything he had managed to read about supernatural species was filled with things that could be true but then could also be entirely fiction. “Can’t say you can trust someone who can talk their way out of things either though” he commented thoughtfully “There are some very convincing compulsive liars in the world” he pulled a face because the overview here was that it was almost impossible to know who you could and couldn’t trust.

“That’s probably not a bad thing, unless you’re up to something you shouldn’t be” he grinned sarcastically at the other male because it was pretty obvious by now that the things he had were being illegally obtained and illegally used, which only left the question of why? “You can say I have a lot of free time on my hands” he commented nonchalantly as he shrugged his shoulders slightly, if he couldn’t get odd jobs to do for a few bucks then he usually ended up wandering the city, he could walk miles a day just exploring the city, finding new things, climbing into places he shoulder, he supposed you could call him a wanderer.

“Well you know, the police are so specific about details and I don’t even know half of the names of those things, besides, by the time I got there I’m sure you’d be long gone” he knew how things went, unless someone was actually getting seriously hurt for some reason the police just didn’t really seem to want to know about it. Better things to do he supposed. “Good, in that case, I’m going to choose to believe you’re helping people” he nodded slightly, this guy didn’t give him the impression he wanted to hurt anyone, perhaps more like the kind who really wanted to get information and would take illegal means to get it. “Well you know my name and I know yours now, so technically I am no longer a stranger” he gave a slightly smug grin in the other male’s direction because he could be pretty annoying when he picked holes in people’s words.

He saw the way the other male completely shifted his demeanor the moment that Sunmin mentioned Celestials which told him almost immediately that he did know what a Celestial was, which means he wasn’t wrong when he guessed this guy was either supernatural or knew about the supernatural “Finding information about that particular subject is like searching for a needle in a haystack, almost like it was all erased, or never existed at all” which is why every time he had searched he had ended up finding a total of nothing useful. Seeing the way the other male suddenly became secretive about it made the younger male wonder if it really was as dangerous as Hanseol made it out to be one. Still, he’d asked the question now so he figured he should see it through. He nodded slightly as he followed the male towards the library. The question he asked however made Sunmin go quiet wondering if he could trust the other male with what he knew. Sunmin wasn’t quite there yet so he pursed his lips “Don’t worry I’m not looking to steal their energy, I just want to know more about them” he headed inside of the library before finding a table in the back corner to sit down with the older male. He crossed one leg over the other as he studied him wondering if he would tell him the truth or avoid it like everyone else.

The first thing that came to his mind was that he probably needed a new bag now that today's one has been torn from the zips, ironically so on the day where he landed himself in trouble after a while. Henri always managed to stir away from the trouble because he likes to keep himself on the ground and away from the vision but today was an exception for the therian, which reminded him to always stay alert and cautious at all times. Henri nodded in affirmation so as to agree with what he said, "True. People who are likely to talk their way out of things are do much scarier. You never know what that silver tongue will be able to do or what it has done. It gives you room for doubt and while self-preservation may be all of that, it's a weight and burden you don't want to hold onto at those times." It's surprising to see how easily one could lie their way out of trouble, perhaps a bit admirable too in his view because that also required skills albeit not the better set of it but that didn't matter when you're in a situation where you have to force your way out of nobility. 

"Nothing is actually bad when you want to survive, right? It's like smuggling illegal medicine to help the people in need even though the entire country is under lock down and rationing takes place" he mused wryly, it's only bad if people make it to be that way and so far, Henri hasn't done anything that would implicate his own morals, "I shouldn't be doing a lot of things" he wiggled his eyebrows playfully and chuckled, god knows how many times he's actually done those. When he said he has a lot of free time, he felt curious, "So what do you do in your free time? Wander around on the adventurous trail?" He did have a point, that's one thing for sure, the police would be asking a lot of questions and that's not something people could be bothered with, especially people who would find it more burdensome than beneficial.

 "You're right, by the time they get there, I would've been long gone" Smart, he could give him that, escaping the authorities' watch has long been the norm for Henri, who was always hopping from one spot to another to collect his intel, he grinned sheepishly when Sunmin told him he was going to go with the path where he believes the therian is helping people out, only to deepen when he wittily pointed out that they were no longer strangers because they know each other's names now. "Point taken." He totally did not expect for him to start asking about Celestials of all things, it's not exactly a topic one would whip out suddenly in the air, so he was being extremely cautious to make sure he's not the enemy of that particular species first. The whole Celestial thing wasn't foreign to Guard members, after all, they were the ones who were sent out to capture them a century ago, something he felt guilty on but never said much, he knew they had room to speak but Henri preferred to keep himself behind the curtains and abide by the instructions around. It doesn't mean the therian hasn't tried to pay his penance.

 "Does it ever occur to you that perhaps it wasn't there easily for other people to access because it needed to stay that way?" he murmured faintly, but from the looks of things, Sunmin doesn't seem like a quitter which means he won't stop until he got his answers and there's not many who could offer him that too. Henri waited until he led him to the library and passed by the security guard, sparing an outgoing smile before going on his way inside and took a seat across the other male, settling in his seat comfortably and placed the bag down under the table before crossing his arms and leaned against the seat, still pursing his lips, "I'm telling you this because you seem like a good kid, Sunmin. Asking about Celestials… that's a serious thing. In any case, you're either 3 kinds of people; the hunter, a simple curious soul, or a Celestial yourself."

 When Sunmin confirmed that he wasn't there to steal any of their energy, Henri sighed and propped his hand on the table, "Since it's a bit of a sore topic, I should be mindful with what I say. But you don't seem like the first part which leaves you number 2 or 3, to which you're also not glowing… " So, not a Celestial either? It's only been about 3 years since the Celestials escaped their captivity, it could be that he fell recently but that doesn't seem the part. "What do you want to know about them anyway? Their history? If they're real? Where to find them? I don't want to open a whole anatomy or history subject here for things you may have known, after all."

“Well I wouldn’t go that far, there are people who do what they have to and then there are people who realize they can use people and hurt them to get what they want” he had met people of both kinds, namely in Vegas where the second type was very common and you constantly had to wonder who you could trust. “Neither should I” Sunmin responded with a half-grin, he had done things he wasn’t supposed to do and not all of it was about survival, he climbed a crane before simply because he wanted to see the full view of the city. He never did anything that actually hurt anyone but he definitely lived in the grey area, but in his defense, he never had much choice about that. “I like climbing a lot, I’ve been slowly working my way up the Evermore mountains, though it’s easier said than done without the right equipment” he glanced down at his shoes, old trainers which were definitely worse for wear but just about holding together.

He nodded knowingly when the other male said he would be long gone before the authorities arrived “Yeah I know a little about people who carry interesting things on the streets, they know how to steer clear of the authorities” and he was the same, he definitely had his own methods of keeping out the way and had to do so because his ID was fake and they wouldn’t find him on any central database because he wasn't a registered citizen. He grinned at how well the other male took his slightly sarcastic joke, he could deal with people who had a good sense of humor. He could definitely tell he had caught Henri off guard with his question about Celestials but Sunmin was trying to figure out why, he didn’t seem afraid so it wasn’t that he found them dangerous, he guessed his demeanor was suspicious which meant what Hanseol said about his kind being hunted was likely true. 

“Perhaps” Sunmin responded when the other male mentioned that perhaps the information on the species was locked away for a specific reason, it all fed into the original theory he had that Henri was worried about what Sunmin might do with the information. He crossed his arms over his chest as he leaned back in the seat from across the table. Sunmin was good at reading people ever since he worked in the casino because a big part of the job was tipping off the security if he noticed any tells of card counting or cheating. It was clear that Henri was pretty good at keeping himself in check though “I wouldn’t be asking if it wasn’t…” he searched for the word before settling on what he wanted to say “Really important” his identity was everything he was trying to find.

In a way, he felt relieved that the other male did actually confirm that he knew what a Celestial was though because now he knew he could ask more questions and not sound completely crazy, while the other male was hesitant about what he said, it gave the younger male confidence in the conversation. “What if I said I wasn’t sure if it was 2 or 3 either” he was really hesitant with the words because if this guy was dangerous then he had just revealed something that was seemingly important. “I want to know about them, how they come to be, what their lives are like, what powers they have, just...anything” it was clear from his tone that there was a sense of desperation behind this for him, because he was finally getting some clues after so long of being brushed off. 

"First option is what- survival of the fittest? And the second, deceptive people at its finest?" There were a bit that would pull them apart when it comes down to differences but in the end, people do what they know would be the outcome. A choice was done and there is no going back on that. Selfish people exist in the world and Henri could relate having encounter plenty of them. One look and he could see there were definitely hints of mischievousness lying behind those dark hues. Upon finding out that he was a big fan of climbing, his lips parted in awe, that's not often, it's not usual to find someone who was a big fan of climbing or hiking these days, especially when that said person is climbing a crane of all things, "You've hiked the mountains?" he asked, now that's news to him seeing as they have different sections of the city that was inhabited by different species; the mountains are usually Niveis territory and the woods, therianthropes. Much like why people don't usually venture of to the south side of the city because the Ailwards settlement is there. 

"And you've never encountered any trouble before?" If so, that's even more impressive because some people can be very territorial and Evermore's residents are not exempted. He couldn't help but laugh when Sunmin once again phrased the things he carried as interesting, because like what he had said earlier, interesting is the word people use to hide behind niceties.  "If you're going to run along carrying questionable things, you know the risk. So evading and running away from the authorities, that's a skill you must have" If not, then he's good as dead if he's caught and the last thing he wanted to do was raise questions he can't answer with the spotlight on him. "I can't be caught. It won't just be me who's going to get in trouble if so." There's a high possibility that he would end up trying to escape rather than be the model citizen and stay cuffed to the table once taken in for questioning. 

To say that he was worried about what the other male would do with the information he would give regarding the Celestials would be an understatement, it's not called classified for no reason, especially if the one asking had no actual motive to be asking around. Was this the right call? But he did tell him he would help and Sunmin doesn't look like he's lying either. He's going in with the mindset of helping a newcomer in Evermore, that's it. It's not like it's private information about one of the latest species who had also finally signed the peace treaty recently. "I just hope you know what you're getting yourself, Sunmin. People don't go around asking information about Celestials, when you do that people either see you as a potential hunter seeking to hunt them down or you're one of them. Curiosity killed the cat, they say. Knowing too much doesn't come without a price" he murmured softly and figured out what to answer following the questions he was asked. 

When Sunmin said he wasn't 2 or 3, a frown creased his features, that was unexpected, "You're not sure if you're a Celestial or a random curious soul? Celestials glow, Sunmin. They're literally fallen stars. They're the stars that aligned the constellations so to say." Can a Celestial be unaware of his own identity and still go around asking about it? "They've been around for a while, the current leader is dated to be about five centuries old, they're immortals, much like most supernatural species that exists. And most of those guys? They've been locked up for most part of their lives." They were guilty on that part, sorry. But he wasn't going to out himself being one of the people who aided and abetted that so fast. Not when he's not sure why he's asking. "Each fall on different places at different times. Apparently, they have no recollection of their past and memories until a few months pass following their fall."

 He was choosing his words very carefully because he's still wary but Sunmin really did seem like someone who was just trying to find answers. "Their lives aren't bright most of the time. They've been hunted down and targeted for their powers. As for their powers, they can manipulate time." He paused and eyed the male sitting across him because this was a bit overwhelming to take in so he had to take it slow. 

When the other male asked him about hiking the mountains he nodded a few times “Not all the way to the top but I like high vantage points, the view is amazing” he wasn’t going to outright admit to a person he barely knew that he tended to prefer more illegal forms of climbing but the sentiment was the same, his favorite thing to do in his free team “I also really like learning so I spend most of my time at the library” he was skilled in many things thanks to the internet and he truly craved the chance to further than learning on an academic level but he knew that wasn’t in the cards for him. “Why would I encounter trouble?” he asked with a confused quirk of his brow, did someone have some trespassing rule on the Evermore mountains or something?

“Well at least you’re self aware about what you’re doing” he commented softly, though he was also self-aware he did this because his own health and survival were at risk, if he didn’t take warm winter clothes to wear then he would freeze or get sick, if he didn’t take food then he would starve, people weren’t kind to the lowest members of society he found. “I’m going to guess the people you’re providing that to” he commented glancing down at the bag he was holding again for a moment and wondering if there were sick people he was treating. “Well that’s the thing, I have no idea what I’m getting myself into because every time I ask about anything which borderlines impossible people shut me down or get defensive” and at that point, he was left with nothing other than the knowledge that there was something to know.

And if he was ever going to find out what he was for real then he needed to find someone willing to tell him the smallest amount and Henri seemed like someone who wanted to help. While Sunmin wasn’t going to directly disclose anything or confirm anything for sure, he had to offer enough to make the other male feel like he could trust him. “Perhaps it did, but not knowing what world I’m living in and not being able to protect myself from it seems far more dangerous” he spoke it pretty bluntly because he didn’t think there was any arguing that and he certainly wasn’t intending to go hurt any Celestials. “Yeah, that I’ve heard, glowing is the ultimate tell” he looked down at his bare arms and bit his lip, no matter how hard he tried to unleash that glow everyone said about, nothing happened.

Hearing him talk about the Celestials and their leader almost made him want to ask where he could find them but he was sure that was going to set off alarm bells in Henri’s mind and now he was answering his questions, Sunmin didn’t want to jeopardize that. When he backed up what Hanseol said about being locked up he pursed his lips “Because of their energy” he spoke softly, the same energy which was supposed to make him glow but appeared to be missing. It was frustrating, every piece that seemed to line up seemed to be nudged out of place by another “Do they ever rememeber….anything?” he asked with a slightly worried look, if it lined up with what Hanseol said, the answer was no. Being able to manipulate time though that wasn’t one he’d heard before.

He considered it for a moment, control time seemed impossible right? But then he remembered that time way back when he was running from the security at the building site of a crane he climbed and while he was sure he would be caught, everything just... froze. “When you say manipulate time…” he was almost scared to ask but continued on “Do you mean stop it?” maybe that was what he had done that night but he hadn’t been able to do it again since.

The mountain tops are the Niveis territory and the base were run by Initia so he was curious to know just how much of the city has Sunmin scoured. Upon finding out that he hasn't reached the top yet, Henri nodded his head knowingly because without the proper equipment to aid him, it wouldn't be easy seeing as it only takes one slip up for the other male to fall down to his imminent death. Morbid, he knows. "Well, you do need the tools and equipment to do that. It's understandable why you choose to be safe. Being daring is one thing but being smart, that's a way to preserve yourself for the future" he quipped wryly, a part of him wasn't surprised to hear that he was also a fan of learning, "I'm guessing you know these parts very well then? It's in the center of the city and it's a public place so no one can actually avoid giving your access" Unless he breaks in at night where surprisingly the library is closed after a few hours of operating the moment dusk sets in. "What are you interested in? Someone who likes to learn surely has one part where he leans more than others" In his case, Henri usually read up a lot of investigative books, sometimes slipping up one or two books about legislation just to be safe.

 He pressed his lips together and cleared his throat to answer his question about trespassing rules, "You know what this city is about, right? It's been dubbed the 'supernatural haven' and a center for peace to coexist with one another without bloodshed occurring. So it's only given that we have plenty of supernaturals running around here, and most are part of the local faction since there needs to be a way for the faction in charge to monitor any of their kind" he shrugged casually, he thinks it's a good system because nobody causes trouble without thinking of the consequences then, "And the thing that maintained that peace is a contract; a peace treaty. Every faction signs in and recently, I heard we have two new additions; Niveis and Celestials. Some species have a… Uh, personal vendetta against the other, you know the whole ancient centuries-old rivalry between that species and this species? Yeah. So most people try not to trespass some places they think they shouldn't be." Besides, a Celestial should really be careful and mindful of their surroundings even after they are now added to the peace treaty. 

Their energy attracts so many supernaturals that it wouldn't take much for one to lose their sense of consciousness and give into the temptation, sweet promises of power. "You're not forbidden to step on any territory obviously since the city is for all but people like to be careful." Really, that's why he refrained from entering the west side of the city solely because he knew some Celestials could easily identify his face; especially those who he had been the one capturing last century. He felt slightly guilty for telling Sunmin that he only treats sick people when most of the supplies he had with him are products of his experiments and studies, mostly to aid the other Guards since most of them do not usually come back unscathed. Being situated in the Forensics department of the organization means he aids both the medic and his own department on tracking down the culprits or perpetrators. It does seem like Sunmin is confused about himself which made him wonder if this guy is also a Celestial even though he doesn't show any signs of one from physical appearance; he has no glow.

 "Right, self-preservation at its finest." He saw the way the other male looked down to his arm and looked equally conflicted, that definitely does arise some questions. "That's right, because of their energy. For someone who seems like he doesn't know anything about the Celestials, you sure do know the important parts" he pointed out coolly, but then again the talks about insurmountable possibilities one would have with the possession of Celestial energy wasn't that secretive either to some people. People believe what they want to believe. When asked if they remembered anything, Henri shook his head, "No, they don't remember anything of their past. I'm guessing they're only equipped with their name and constellation identity which can be identified from the look of their marks alone. Some probably didn't know they're even one until they got chased down. It differs for each but still the same in another sense."

 Maybe it was better for them not to remember their past, with the way the world operates, it's hard to see any bright future they probably would've had back then. At least now they are more open to that. Once again, Henri nodded the moment Sunmin asked him about the manipulation of time, "One of it is that, yeah. I don't know the full extent of their abilities. One thing is for sure, they're not from this Earth so their energy is basically considered a cosmic telling. It's powerful, and that's why people are willing to go extra lengths to gain possession of that." Sunmin seemed too peculiar for Henri to be able to go back today without sparing the male sitting across him another thought, "Why, have you encountered those things?" It's a trick question but it depends on Sunmin told vaguely answer or not. 

“Decently” he responded when the other male asked if he knew the area well “To be honest I know most of the city, I have a lot of spare time to wander” and there was so much to see from rivers to mountains to the woods, nature seemed to bloom especially brightly in Evermore which he was sure wasn’t a coincidence. When he asked what topics he was interested in learning Sunmin shrugged “Anything and everything really, I did a lot of reading on biology but if I had to pick a favorite I’d say graphic design” he loved messing around with random editing software he could get his hands on “And you’re a scientist of some kind?” he questioned with a raised brow.

Sunmin looked back at Henri with a slightly confused expression when he talked about the city being a supernatural haven because that wasn’t something he had ever heard of and while he had been sure for a very long time that the supernatural was real, he was the only one he knew of and any information he managed to find tended to be fictitious “When you search for the supernatural online you hardly get back a world of truth” he commented bluntly “So no, on that subject I’m not exactly well versed” so when Henri started talking about peace contracts and some species he’d never heard of, it was almost as though there were question marks dotted all over Sunmin’s face “I think you’re the first person who’s actually confirmed the supernatural even exists, except this one guy I met who told me a little about Celestials but honestly I thought maybe he was spouting nonsense” the Korean male eyed the elder male with a sharp gaze “How can I know I’m trespassing when no one shares these things?” he raised his brows in a questioning manner.

Sunmin had to admit it was a little frustrating to be told to be careful when he had no idea what these territories were or what species were even in the city, perhaps this guy was spouting nonsense too but a lot of the things he said lined up with exactly what Hanseol had told him and so the young male was intrigued by it all, things were finally starting to make a slither of sense for him. “I’ve been careful for my entire life, everything I do is about being careful and laying low, perhaps I’ve been playing the right cards without even knowing” he spoke it softly and shrugged a little. Hearing Henri confirm about celestial energy, only remembering a name and the mark only solidified his belief that he was, in fact, a Celestial, though he had no idea why his glow was missing or how he was supposed to get it back.

“I don’t remember anything of my past” he spoke softly as he looked down towards the ground, scuffing his feet against the carpet a little, he wished he did because maybe then he wouldn’t have spent 21 years of his life alone and wondering if someone out there was missing him. “And the mark it’s…” he paused for a moment “It’s a trail of dots that represents the constellation right?” he spoke it softly because it was evident now that he was trying to determine if he was a Celestial and at this point, it seemed likely he was. “If their energy is so powerful, why can’t they just fight back against the people hunting them?” it was an innocent enough question but he had to wonder why the others didn’t just use these seemingly super strong powers to save themselves “One time, something happened that I couldn’t explain, it was like the world stopped for a moment” he pursed his lips “I thought maybe I just dreamed it” because it had felt impossible but now he wasn’t so sure.

From what he got after hearing his answer, it seems that the other male spent most of his time wandering around the eternal city which does make him wonder how stealthy the younger male could be if he escaped unscathed without any warnings or the likes. But then again, it's been quite peaceful here in Evermore, aside from the inner conflicts and happenings occurring as of late that may have ruled the residents up from all the chaos. "Impressive" he commented, "Graphic design, you say? That's interesting. Quite the creative and art type, aren't you?" Henri, on the other hand is quite the opposite, he never relied on his head to come up with creative solutions without reprimanding himself to double check the statistics to prevent any anomalies from happening out of the blue. If there was no logical explanation warranting that assumption, then it was simply not accepted by the therian. They seemed to be the pair who were polar opposites yet they still clashed into one another today. 

When asked if he's a scientist, Henri shrugged, "Something like that." Judging from the clueless expression masking the other male's face, he's guessing that Sunmin was not aware of the city's reputation to the outsiders. It has gained a lot of publicity as of late and people were slowly swarming in, hoping to find a home there. The sweet promises of a peaceful home was a great offer to most. "Some of the things on the internet is actually true, which I'm guessing is either written by humans who knew about the supernatural or supernaturals themselves. But some people tend to mislead others by putting false myths for the sake of protecting their own world. You'd be surprised to see how protective most can be, even if it's not for their kind, they can do it for their own self." People can easily take down other people, it was incredibly important for people from different species to preserve themselves. "There was someone else who told you about the Celestials?" Henri was a bit worried that people are going around asking things but most of the time, it was out of curiosity, some supernaturals didn't know their own identity anyway, it was perfectly normal. 

"The supernaturals definitely exist. What do you think I am? If you could make a quick guess" Though, he was also sure Sunmin didn't know the full layout of the city's species yet, one he has yet to explain. But the first few basics for that are vampires, werewolves, witches. "Faction leaders can usually identify and sense when one of them is nearby, so most of the time, they are invited to join into the community then. Contrary to some beliefs, the concept of taking care of each other here is stronger than elsewhere. It's a systematic way to keep the balance and peace, and that's what we want to ensure for more years to come. Surely, the thought of not having to fear every corner wherever you go is tempting enough." To hear that he's been keeping a low-profiled life all this time reassures Henri that he was smarter than people may give him credit for, so what's left is to identify who he is and what he is. Throughout their discussion, Henri had been trying to identify what species Sunmin may originate from because he was no human, that one was already confirmed. But neither of the boxes were ticked. The suspicions of him being a Celestial is there but he's missing the glow and the therian has never met a Celestial that doesn't glow. 

"Everything you say is basically tuning you to the Celestial compatibility chart, the only thing kidding is the glow, perhaps you can find more answers to someone who knows this species better than anyone," Yes, he was referring to Ophelia, even Henri can't help him on this. When asked why they wouldn't fight back, Henri pressed his lips together and shrugged, "The same reason why people choose to hide instead of fighting. Not everyone thrives on winning through some measures. We have light species and dark ones. Even the dark species have their rules to follow, or else the world would be destroyed every time someone throws a tantrum" It was such an innocent question, Henri was sure Sunmin could actually be one of them fallen stars, "Celestial energy may be volatile, but they're light. To find back for defensive reasons may warrant them to use their abilities to protect themselves but I'm assuming it's also not easy to control their powers. They need to train properly and with the way people kept marching over to them in large numbers, not caring if they have to kill to get it, it's not exactly a fair situation, no?" Besides, there weren't that many of Celestials flocking around at a time. 

"People often take advantage of their kindness." He couldn't ease off that troubling guilt that never left him when he said those words. "Do you know how many species live in the city?" Sunmin had been asking specifically about the Celestials but it didn't hurt to help him navigate either. It's the least he could do. 

"I guess" he commented with a soft half-smile and a shrug "Kinda wish the talent I had was more practical for making money though" he could make some really nice graphics but most people wanted them for free or wanted someone with university or job experience of which he didn't have either. "I did get to do some commissioned street art once too which was a lot of fun" if he was a normal person perhaps he would have gone to art school or something but unfortunately, that wasn't on the cards for the young male. 

Listening as Henri talked about the supernatural so casually was almost surreal for Sunmin who had always been told to keep his voice down if he wanted to talk about nonsense in the past. It felt refreshing, having someone essentially confirm that all the things he noticed didn't make him completely crazy and there was some kind of explanation for it all. "How are you supposed to know the truth from the false when all the proof listed is either speculation or pure fiction and no one wants to say a word about any of it?" he raised his brows inquisitively at the dark-haired male and shrugged "I know something was wrong with the world or I guess wrong with me but no one wants to entertain me long enough to tell me the truth" he sighed gently out of frustration because of all the years he wasted til now. Seeing Henri's reaction  when he said someone told him about Celestials made the young star press his lips together "Don't worry, if he was telling the truth, which your statements seem to corroborate, then he's the last person who'd want to hurt a Celestial" it still begged the question of why no one ever went after him though. 

Sunmin stared at the gruff-looking male for a while in silence trying to figure out if he could pinpoint his species but without knowing what was real or fake he knew he was probably setting himself up for severe embarrassment "I mean simply from how much hair you have I'd have to guess a werewolf" he spoke it in a hushed voice because it felt completely ridiculous saying that. Hearing Henri explain the city system was interesting, Sunmin had gotten the feeling like he was meant to come to this city and he found himself wandering certain parts more than others, near where Hanseol had brought him before so perhaps there was some truth to it all. With all he had learned about Celestials so far it seemed almost certain he was one and yet he missed the one main trait and power a celestial had which threw everything off. "How do hunters typically find a Celestial if they mostly look human?" the young star was going to hazard a guess that it was by using their glow, which may explain why Sunmin was never hunted, he didn't have a glow.

"I'm not sure I'm ready to face a whole load of people who I might be one of and yet don't even fit in with" he admitted it with a grimace, if he wasn't one of them then he would have worked up the courage to meet with them for nothing at all and if he was then he was a broken star and he wasn't sure he needed yet another reason to feel like the odd one out in the world. Hearing Henri talk about light and dark species he was trying to understand the relevance when it came to protecting yourself, Sunmin had been fighting to survive for his whole life so it seemed odd to him that anyone could just sit back and let something like that happen, light species or not. "Just because someone is a light species, that doesn't automatically make them a good person" he spoke it softly because he was absolutely sure that wasn't how it all worked. Not being able to get a good enough handle on their powers though, that made more sense, especially of the energy was as powerful as both Henri and Hanseol had made it out to be. He was almost afraid to ask the next question but he had this dreading feeling is in his chest "Does taking a Celestial's energy kill them?" he hardly believed it would be a painless process otherwise deals would have been made to exchange it willingly he was sure.

He looked back at Henri for a moment and then shook his head slightly "Ironically enough I think I've been in the dark for my entire existence" he admitted it softly and shrugged his shoulders "Though I think I'd be disappointed if Vampires weren't real considering how much coverage they get in media" he laughed softly but looked intently back at the other male wanting to hear more.

"I'm guessing hearing that life had plenty planned out for you is somewhat the norm? But it's not wrong either, it's hard to believe that but if second chances exist, others do too." He could see so much potential stored in the other male, and was sure if he wanted to get anything done, he'd dive straight into it and make it happen. He seemed resilient enough. When asked how they were supposed to separate the truth from pure fiction, Henri found himself shrugging casually, "You don't. For some people, it's an instinct, mostly if they're from that particular species themselves but for others, who lack genuine exposure, it depends on them. I guess there's no actual way to differ them altogether." It's the same as him, the therian recalled not knowing much about other supernaturals except therianthropes and diviners, and that was only because both his parents are one. "I didn't know about others except two species, which I considered myself lucky because I only knew them from my parents. But, I lived most of my life like any human would, nothing changes much" Except the occasional shifting into his snow tiger form. 

He spared Sunmin a sad smile upon hearing that nobody would care to spare their time in order to entertain people with a few information, which was upsetting because Henri was under the impression that they should be looking out for one another. Or maybe that's just his moral compass talking after serving in the Guard for centuries. He was still the same person he was, albeit more tolerant and sympathetic. His interest was definitely piqued when he heard the other male quip on how the other associate would be the last person to hurt a Celestial, would that person be one as well? They do keep each other close because they were aware of the price hanging above their head if they were to be alone, targeted by many. The promise of power can cloud even the kindest hearts, sometimes. "I'm guessing the other guy is one of them as well," From what he heard, they were settling pretty well at the west side of the city. Henri swore he had to hold himself back from guffawing due to the Celestial's answer, "I trim my hair occasionally" he confirmed and still was trying to hold his laugh at bay because, one, they're in the library, two? He didn't want to overwhelm Sunmin more than he already does. 

"A close guess though but don't let those people hear you call them werewolves, they prefer lycanthropes. But I'm exactly a werewolf" He'll let him know later on once he explains the faction systems. How does one hunt down Celestials when they have nothing much to differentiate them and seemed pretty much human? "Their glow. That's the only distinction you can see on them apart from their mark which is always hidden from prying eyes. Supernaturals can see that glow all too well and it attracts a lot of attention, I'm guessing several Celestials work on dimming their glow to give a better camouflage." Which was smart. "You'd be surprised to know that a few species looked very human without flashing their marks to the world. It's how most have lived since the dawn of time" The grimace from the other male regarding the matter of not fitting in made Henri purse his lips, nobody should be forced, that's true. But a Celestial shouldn't be wandering off alone, glow or no glow. "Hey, you never know until you've tried right? I don't know about others but in Evermore, nobody is cast out. The factions are welcoming, and if you're seeking answers, it's better to go to them" he murmured gently, it wouldn't be the first time he's met someone who feels lost but it doesn't mean he doesn't empathize with them either.

 "No, it doesn't mean they're a good person. But good is a relative term, right? What defines as good? Nobody knows that for sure, but most species, they don't wish to be at war with another, it's hard enough to keep themselves afloat, especially if they're the minority so when they see a chance to stay out of things, they do that." He would admit that no one should have to feel inferior but in a world filled with prey and predator, someone needs to assume those roles. "People don't want to see another mishap even if they're done in self defense. There are always eyes watching and rather than implicating themselves even further, perhaps they think they'll lose more over fighting. But I do think the matter of the Celestial energy being the factor for this. What's to know if the attack ends up killing rather than maiming, right? So it's important to control your abilities." Henri could feel a lump in his throat when Sunmin asked him if taking a Celestial's energy would kill them.

"That's a vague situation. I'm not a Celestial so I wouldn't know any better either but I think it's like any other extraction. A human needs sufficient amount of blood in their body to function. Any less would render them weaker than usual. A Celestial's body may consist of the same human anatomy but let's say you extract some of those blood out of a person, wouldn't that make them weak?" It's the theory he'd been telling himself to understand better though he's not sure if that's close to accurate at all. "Like you said, selfish people are everywhere. And they're greedy. They'll only think about themselves so they won't mind taking more than it's possible at a time, no idea if it replenishes in time but I try to picture it like one extracting blood from the bone marrow which can only endure for so long. In a way, it'll end up draining the Celestial but they don't care about that, do they?" It made him bit his lip to contain the grimace because it sounds cruel.

 "I'll surmise it then, we have 11 species altogether here in Evermore. And yes, vampires do exist but they're not exactly called vampires, they're called Valkyrs. We have Valkyr, Dhampir, Human, Instar Diviner, Initia, Nephilim, Therianthrope, Niveis, Ailward Aspect, Ailward Guard, and last but not least, Celestial. Plenty of species to go around in this small city huh?"


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