He’s been rolling over the bed for an hour now, surrounding himself with blank and crumpled papers and feathers from the pillows that he had brutally torn through last night. Ven’s state did not allow Henri to see him most of the time, which admittedly made him fume a few times because it was hard to drag the Aspect of Realms around due to his build without attracting attention to them both. The last time he met Venetus, he had found him reeling in the basement, where the wine cellar was located, with a bottle in his and looking completely out of it. With his enhanced senses, he was able to smell the alcohol reeking off the other male, much to his discontentment. So he’s been trying to search on things to do to get his mind off his worries for the Ailward Aspect, may it be some random medical book or even doodling on some blank paper. 

It hasn’t worked to his favor though, seeing as the therian would end up scrunching his nose up and sighed randomly every 5 minutes because of this thought at the back of his head. He wanted so badly to forget about the whispers inhabiting his head, telling him what could have happened to Ven if he didn't do his duty properly. A guttural growl escaped him as he buried his face with the only pillow that was left intact because he actually needed one to lay his head on. The brunette fiddled with the necklace hung around his neck and sighed before forcing himself to get up and clean his room, tossing every wasted paper into the can at the corner of his room, "So much for go green" he winced and grabbed his backpack and decided that he'll be using his time a lot better by doing what he does best; research. 

It's better that he uses his head to do something good rather than thinking about the endless possibilities of what would cost him his own life if things go haywire. His room was on the first floor so it didn't take Henri long to get downstairs and pass the living room that seemed so dead he actually had to stop himself from wincing again. Things used to be so merry back then when they were at the Isle. It wasn't all rainbows and sunshine, maybe. But they weren't like this. With all that's going on with the city, mysterious cases of people falling victims to active maiming activity, he had best be prepared for anything.

 His legs quickly brought him to a bus stop, where he leaned for a while and covered his face with his hands for a brief while until his phone rang, prompting the therian to go and take it, leaving his backpack on the bench as he walked a few steps away. 5 minutes or so passed and he still had his phone held against his air as he grabbed the backpack without looking and walked away, it was clear that whoever he was talking to delivered him unpleasant news. Did it occur to him that he had completely taken a different backpack? No. 

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“Well now you can probably understand my struggle, knowing something is different about me but not being able to find a single person who will divulge me any truth” he sighed gently, it had been an uphill battle for him that was for sure, always getting tiny scraps of information but never the full truth about what he was and what it all meant. Now he had the truth though, he wasn’t sure if it was better or worse considering that he didn’t know. “I guess I don’t even have those” he commented quietly thinking about how everything he knew up til now indicated he was never born, which meant he didn’t have parents. He did potentially have a brother though which had completely freaked him out to the point he ran away and he hadn’t dared go back there since. How did he face someone he didn’t know who was supposed to be his family?

His mind had been on Hanseol a lot the past few weeks, he remembered how excited and giddy the other male had looked the moment realization set in that they shared the same mark and how for just a slight second, Sunmin had allowed himself to let in that feeling which always scared him most, hope. He might have a family and while they hadn’t necessarily been looking for him, it might mean he doesn’t need to be alone anymore. But then another guy had shown up at the house and reality set in that Hanseol already had a life without him, a good life and then he had ran. That seemed to be something he did a lot, run from hope, because it was such a painful feeling to have someone let you down. “He was yes and he glowed” he nodded slightly glancing down at his arms again and sighing gently. When Henri laughed when guessed a werewolf, Sunmin widened his eyes a little wondering if what he said was offensive. 

But it turned out he wasn’t actually that far off the mark which made him breathe a sigh of relief “So were-” he went to say the word again but corrected himself as suggested by Henri “Lycanthropes are real” he spoke it softly almost in amazement because it was the first confirmation he had gotten that anything by a Celestial actually existed, even if he suspected as such already it was nice to hear it out loud. “Well maybe that explains why I’ve never seen a hunter then” no glow, no detection, though he was still fuzzy on the reason he didn’t have a glow at all, was he faulty? “That’s not entirely surprising considering I’ve never managed to see one with my own eyes” he explained almost matter of factly and shrugged his shoulders a little “I just…” he paused trying to think how to explain what he felt “I do better alone” he spoke softly and nodded as to affirm it “So I think it’s better that I keep it that way” he bit his lip slightly, really he just didn’t feel like he was ready he supposed.

“Good is relative in a world that doesn’t work in black and white yes” he spoke softly and nodded, perhaps people would call him a bad person because he did what he needed to do to get by “I just don’t like the connotations that come with the idea of light and dark I guess” he nodded a couple of times as though to affirm his thoughts. “Well if I am a Celestial then I’ve either been really good at control or my Celestial energy left me a long time ago” he commented in a slightly grumbled tone. He could tell from the way Henri’s expression changed that a lot of Celestials must end up dead because of hunters, there was no mistaking that look on his face. “So basically what you’re saying if Celestials spend most of their lives running from people who want things they shouldn’t” he sighed softly “Not exactly the magical revelation I was hoping for” he spoke it softly “But then I suppose I should be happy for any truth at all” he commented and nodded.

He watched Henri as he listed out each species and he had so many questions about each and every one of them but words just wouldn’t come to him so he swallowed hard and just stared into space “That’s a lot” he spoke softly and bit his lip hard enough to make it bleed. It was pretty clear Sunmin wasn’t handling the information overload over the past few weeks all that well, even though it was exactly what he was looking for, it felt like everything he once knew had now changed. 

It was really unfortunate that Sunmin had to wander around for the entire time because nobody would tell him a single bit of the truth. Sure, it would extremely careless to be giving out information regarding the supernaturals but anyone could take a few minutes and look at the other male, enough to see that he wasn't exactly human. Well, at least now he's found someone who wouldn't stray away from giving him what he needed. Helping a supernatural settle in is usually the faction ambassador's work but it was clear that he refused to go see them for now, so Henri will do what he could. "Well, if it makes you feel any better, I'm here to help right? Even if we didn't meet under the proper circumstances" It still works out, at the end of the day, so did it really matter? Upon hearing that this other guy that he met was also a Celestial that glowed, Henri nodded knowingly, "Did he know what you were then? Was he aware that you were also like him?" He wondered how much of a conversation the other Celestial may have had with the said stranger that he conversed with. 

"Yes, lycanthropes are very real. So are a few other things, though I'm not sure if you are even surprised by it" Technically, even witches and wizards are true in the form of diviners and so are Initia at the whole part of being Avatar characters. "We also have elementals. Witches and wizards… all of that, that's the rough picture to describe them. Their terminology however, differs." A part of him was relieved that Sunmin was never hunted down, he always did empathize with people who had to run away from hunters simply because of what they are; namely, Celestials. "Then you should feel slightly relieved then. Perhaps your life isn't as pretty or pleasant but being hunted down for something you couldn't control over, that hurts another way" he reminded gently, He still had no idea why Sunmin didn't glow like any other Celestials still, but it was definitely going to beg a question for him to brainstorm on once he returns back to the manor. When he said he's better off alone, the therian found himself pursing his lips but said nothing against it, "Maybe that's right. I'm not gonna egg you to go find another pillar you could lean against if you're not used to it, but in some cases, it's always better to have someone that could have your back, someday."

 He was eternally grateful that he found the Ailward Guards, his life hasn't been too bad after that. "I've never heard of any Celestials still alive after their celestial energy had left their body. The only way you can lose your energy is if you're actually drained for it, if I wasn't mistaken. If you can't find your energy… maybe it's somewhere in you that you haven't triggered yet… there are plenty of possibilities for that, but I'm hardly someone you can come to know more than I already know" Henri only knew what he knew because of his years of service in the Guard; where they were able to gain access to plenty of confidential information. "I'm sorry it came off that way, but now they're living it better. They have better protection than ever, if I wasn't mistaken" Admittedly, there was no denying Ophelia's leadership because she was able to guide the Celestials properly here, and since they've already signed the peace treaty, they were in less danger. 

"I have plenty to tell you about, but from the way I see it, no one can digest all of this information without being overwhelmed," he saw the way Sunmin had bit down on his lip, eyeing the way it bled, "You don't need to know everything in one day, you know. It's not as if you're going anywhere else outside of the city, right?" He found it hard to believe that people would be able to leave the city as soon as they find answers here. "Do you have anywhere else to go?" Henri wasn't that dense not to listen to every detail he's spoken since and analyze his pattern.

Sunmin shrugged a little when Henri asked if it made him feel any better “I appreciate the answers but you don’t need to worry over me, I’ve handled myself my entire life” he spoke it pretty matter of factly because he hated people pitying him, he was in a much better position than most other people he knew on the streets, he was healthy and never touched alcohol or drugs in his life. “He knew I had the same mark as him but he wanted me to go to the ambassador to be sure” which had definitely set him on edge because one new stranger was enough to rock his life entirely, he wouldn’t have been able to handle more, especially not in that state of mind. Part of him wondered if he should go back there but he didn’t see anything good coming from it.

The young Celestial pressed a hand to either side of his face as he listened to Henri talk about all of the species there were, it kinda made him afraid because he had no idea this entire time of everything that surrounded him, he could have met some of these species, even befriended them and never know. “Are they dangerous?” he asked softly, perhaps a part of him wanted to believe they would all just be your average citizens just trying to go about the life they led much like him but he got the feeling that wasn’t the case. “I don’t feel particularly relieved about the fact I spent my entire life not knowing the dangers around me” he spoke quite bluntly in a frustrated tone, why did everyone keep telling him he was lucky to be a defective Celestial, was it really so much better? He took a few breaths to calm himself realizing he had just snapped a little “Sorry, I don’t do well with people” he explained with a gentle sigh, just never really found a way to get along with most people he met honestly.

He did appreciate the other male’s efforts to explain what might be wrong but it seemed like it was all speculation and guessing at this point “The overview is that no one really knows what’s wrong with me and why I am the way I am and maybe I should just be content with that” he pressed his lips together and then sighed “I’m not going to fit into some perfect community they have and I don’t even want to try” which was basically him thinking about getting his hopes up only to feel let down, he always avoided that feeling as best he could because he never wanted to feel like he wasn’t enough or that he had to live up to expectations. Sunmin paused for a moment as he wondered how the other male lived and what support system he had “Do you have a pack or something?” he asked in a soft voice as the watched the elder male for a few moments.

Sunmin did feel overwhelmed and he was getting that familiar pang in his chest that told him he needed to get away and just process it all, he got the feeling now he was going to be watching out for every person he passed and trying to decipher what they could be and he wasn’t sure that was a good state to be in. When Henri asked if he had anywhere else to go he looked down at the old battered watch he was wearing and noted how much time had passed “I was supposed to go into the city, find some odd jobs to do” but if he walked there now he probably wasn’t going to be able to get much of a day’s work in because of the distance.

Henri chuckled softly when Sunmin told him he didn’t need to be worrying over him, he understood that sentiment pretty well, he’d felt the same way most of the time, he didn’t like to be sympathized by any other person, just like the Celestial sitting across him at this moment. “Being independent is a good thing, that’s true. But sometimes when you’re too independent, that’s not good either. Everything in life needs to have that balance scale to weigh in your options” Especially when you are more likely to be hunted down once people got a wind up about a lone Celestial wandering around without his faction at his beck and call if anything were to happen. “I know it’s annoying when people started to pity you. You feel like everyone is trying to meddle in something they shouldn’t, in the first place. Your life is pretty well now, but don’t you think it could be better? I don’t know about you, Sunmin, but if I was given the chance to make my life better when I can, I’d take the chance and the risk because what’s the use of conforming yourself into one particular category only, right?”

 When he heard that the other Celestial Sunmin met also knew about him, a part of him wondered if that guy has done what he’s trying to do now, perhaps he was trying to help him too? Celestials wouldn’t just abandon their own, would they? “He told you to do the same thing I’m telling you to do. I’ll tell you this, I do think you should seek Ophelia out to find better answers regarding your current state, but I also understand that being pressured to meet someone new when you’re not good with people, in general, must suck. So take your time, just know that you’re not being forced to do anything you don’t wish to do, that’s the best thing about being that lone guy, right? You’re free to dictate your own life.” Henri shook his head when Sunmin asked him if they were dangerous, “There’s no knowing if someone is good or bad like you said. But here in Evermore, it’s more likely to encounter understanding people from what they practiced. People here are a part of a community and their leaders always made sure that they abide by all the rules or would be punished had they went against it” It’s actually a good way to make sure their system remained fair.

 “Just don’t cross them. Sometimes people can be really creative when it comes down to getting back to people without breaking the laws… by front. Most are quite impulsive to their nature, you never know.” It’s human nature to fight, or not so human after all. He realized that he may have not worded that properly and grimaced internally, “I don’t mean to make it sound like that… I swear. I’m just telling you that the past may have been… hazy. But now, you’ll do better once you’re aware of how much trouble you may have been able to escape” Was that better? “Don’t worry, I’m not the best when it comes to socializing either. You’d find me cooped up in some library or my laboratory more than you’d see me at a party.” It does seem like he wasn’t going to go and seek out the Celestial community at this rate and Henri was a bit stumped because he also didn’t want him to wander off aimlessly. What if something happens to him? 

While he was busy thinking about ways to make sure he gets to keep an eye out for the younger male, he blinked a few times in daze the moment he was asked if he had a pack, “Not really. I told you there are therianthropes here in Evermore, right? Lycanthropes are part of it, but there are two others that fit into the same faction; Kitsunes and Ailuranthropes. Kitsunes are...well true to their name, foxes. Ailuranthropes are cat-like animals; panthers, tigers, and the likes. I’m an Ailuranthrope, a snow tiger if you would. But I’m not part of the local community either, I’m… part of something else.” Which does give him the advantage of doing things the therians couldn’t, under the protection of the Ailward faction. “See, I don’t fit in that well, either. So no, no pack.” That’s a sad thought, but being in the Guard had been one of the best decisions he’s made in his 500 years of living. “What if I give you one” he quipped almost instantly when the bulb lit up in his head, hey, he was searching for a job, right? This would correlate with his plans perfectly.

“Yeah well every time I’ve relied on someone else it has turned out horribly wrong” it wasn’t like he had just never given people a chance, he had, and it had turned out miserably because before long people expected him to do things he didn’t want to do and to cross lines he wouldn’t. His life in Vegas had been cozy until the rug had been pulled out from under him and he didn’t want to let anyone else have the power to do that to him again. “You make it out like my life is bad” he spoke softly, he was right in saying it could be better, it could always be better right but possessions weren’t something he aimed for. He finally had answers about who he was which meant what he had right now was probably the very height of his existence, it was all he had wanted for a very long time “I don’t want people to pity me because there is nothing to pity, I’m alive, I’m free, I’m not hooked on substances or living under someone’s thumb” he nodded slightly “I’m better than I’ve ever been before” though perhaps he did need to start looking for some level of stability.

“More like he tried to insist I go see them right away” he spoke softly, after that Sunmin had done some research and found out where they were, they lived in a damn castle of all things and there was no way he could go in there and meet with the leader without becoming some kind of spectacle. Not to mention he didn’t intend on staying and didn’t want to feel pressure that he had to do so. “What if I really am one of them but also can never use my abilities” he spoke it softly, that was what he was most worried about, about being the one who didn’t fit in. He had never fitted in for his whole life and it seemed kinda ridiculous to wish otherwise but that was the way he felt about it. “Is that what they mean when everyone says Evermore is special?” was everyone out of control everywhere else but in line here? Sunmin had no idea but admittedly, he’d never noticed anything too out of the ordinary so they were good at keeping themselves under the radar at least.

“Hence why I stay as far from people as I can” the way Henri phrased not crossing people because they could be cruel and manipulative and find their ways around the laws, that was exactly what Sunmin had experienced and it wasn’t even about being supernatural or not, that was just the nature of people he found, they could be petty and self-centered and mean. “You mean because they were locked up?” he caught on to what Henri was implying and tying it back to what Hanseol said about their experiences. Hanseol had said they were caught by the police of the supernatural world and then locked up for their own safety, presumably because hunters couldn’t get to them there. But he remembered how badly the other Celestial had spoke of it which meant it wasn’t a good experience. “I just go wherever the wind takes me, I’ve seen all kinds of beautiful places in this city” he admitted it with a slightly sheepish grin, he was always moving really, hated being in one place too long.

Sunmin watched the other male’s reaction when he asked if he had a pack he saw a bit of surprise and perhaps sadness in his eyes as he responded, the way he explained therianthropes made a lot more sense, they were all kinds of animal shapeshifters and he had heard of all the species except Ailuranthropes but they seemed easy enough to understand “Does it hurt to uh…” he pressed his lips together “change?” he was curious really because this was one of the first forthcoming supernaturals he had met and he wasn’t expecting anything from Sunmin in return. “That’s okay, being alone isn’t as bad as people make it out to be” if anything it was harder to get rid of people than it was to be alone. He was shocked at the other male’s response on the topic of a job “You have a job to give?” he asked curiously, well he definitely wouldn’t turn down the opportunity for work that was for sure.

"I take it that you didn't exactly engage with the right people and you took that experience to serve you as a reminder, I can understand that" It wouldn't exactly be the first time he's heard someone who did the same, sometimes you can meet the worst people and you wouldn't even realize until it was too late. Perhaps, Sunmin had been told to do a few questionable things that would've been implicating his own moral compass. He wasn't going to pry on that, so the other male has got nothing to be afraid of. Henri knew how incredibly personal one's past can be, sometimes people don't want to remember them at all. "I don't mean to make it seem like it's bad, believe me… your life sounds like it would've been better than mine, once upon a time" Honestly, Henri had everything he could've wanted but it was only a misconception of his time, at the end of the day, he was left dry under the sun. Joining the Guard had been his saving grace.

 "What I meant was… stability? I'm sure everyone wants that, even if they tell themselves they don't. Living your life as a nomad may seem… fun, but you'll want to settle down somewhere instead of searching for yet another place to go to" He knew, secretly everyone wanted that. He did, too. "Guy sounds like he knows his Celestial knowledge" he pointed out wryly, he pursed his lips slightly when Sunmin expressed his concern that he ends up being one of them but couldn't even fulfill what a Celestial was supposed to do, "You don't know that for sure" he murmured softly and shrugged, so what if he couldn't use his abilities? He's still one of them, like it or not. "Your abilities and powers don't define you, Sunmin. Believe me, people will see your true worth and it definitely doesn't need to be based around abilities." Seeing the way he has survived all these years, the therian would conclude that Sunmin was, indeed, good at self-preservation. "Evermore is special in a lot of ways, but people know it as a supernatural haven. Here, you have to follow the rules. But they're not dictators either, they compromise and try to reach the best possible option to ensure a good future." 

Everywhere else may not be the same, just because they weren't loud, doesn't mean things weren't happening somewhere. "You seem like someone who would know when to take and when not to, which gives me the impression that you know how to take care of yourself" It wasn't a mere compliment, either. He really meant it. Though Henri found himself hitting the table with his shin abruptly the moment he heard about the Celestials being locked up, right, he was one of the ones who did that. He captured a lot of Sunmin's kind, probably that other Celestial he met too. The therian doesn't hide behind the curtains when it comes to admitting his mistakes but he didn't like to remind himself that he had to do a lot of things he had a hard time forgetting. "Yeah… something like that. They were locked up because one party deemed it was too risky to leave them out in the open when hunters are actively hunting them down more than ever. It was a bad call but… a call they did nonetheless." And he'll forever be guilty on that, but he had his orders and he carried them out without question. 

Knowing that he could atone for his mistakes by helping this Celestial, he's going to take it. "But to the Celestials who were locked up… they suffered. They were locked up against their will, after all. I can understand why that leaves a certain trauma" He swore he grimaced at the reminder of it. Sunmin was a certain kind of wanderer, he was too free-spirited even the therian himself found it hard not to smile around him. That child-like curiosity that leads him, it was fascinating. When asked if it hurts to change, Henri chuckled softly and shrugged absentmindedly, "It depends. First time is always the hardest. When I first turned, I forgot it was the day I was supposed to and it took me by surprise, it hurts like hell… my father only watched and did nothing to ease me. No words of consolation prize encouragement. Nothing. So it sucks. But then when you get used to it, it becomes slightly bearable? I mean, I've been around for a while and that's plenty of transformations."

 500 years is a long time for him. Jackpot, he had to stifle his laughter and grin because the reaction was priceless. "Mhmm. I work too, you know. Well, it's nowhere like what I do, but you could even get yourself a place to live in. Win-win, don't you think? And no, don't worry, I'm not mean enough to make you do shady things." He was really hoping Sunmin would take up the offer, honestly. It's the only thing he could think of right now. 

“Everyone acts like I’m some poor soul but” he shrugged slightly “Part of me chose this life, I had a home before I came here but I chose finding my identity over that” which most people would call reckless or stupid but in his mind he didn’t see the point in it all if he wasn’t being true to who he was. Everything else had just felt like biding time. “Maybe one day” he spoke softly “But it wasn’t the first thing that mattered to me, as long as I am alive and learning new things, I am okay” other people hated the idea of running and he had to admit once he got comfortable in a situation it was hard for him to leave but change and moving from place to place had never actually hurt him.

“Well you’d hope so considering he was one” he spoke softly and shrugged slightly, Hanseol had all the answers Sunmin wanted he was sure but he had run away from him. Hanseol’s very first memory of him would be him hurting him and he didn’t know how to face that, somehow he didn’t want to be seen as a massive disappointment in the other male’s eyes, even though that’s exactly what he set himself up to be. “I’ve spent my entire life looking for the person I’m supposed to be, if it doesn’t define me then nothing defines me” he was nothing if it wasn’t for his quest to search for who he was, it was the very thing that pushed him forward and that was why it mattered. “What happens to those who don’t follow the rules?” he asked in a soft tone, not everyone would after all, just like not every human followed the law.

“Well if I wasn’t smart when it comes to surviving I definitely wouldn’t have made it to today” he did know where to draw the line and it wouldn’t be the first time he had asked for help, even though he had hated doing it. His ask for help in Vegas had almost cost him his life and that was one of the reasons he was so careful about choosing what he wanted now and making sure that it was worth the price he would no doubt have to pay for it, nothing was truly free after all. He widened his eyes when he heard Henri bash his shin against the table but he said nothing on it, instead listening to his words about what happened to the Celestials “Who are the supernatural police he told me about?” in a way he could understand, if people were in so much danger then locking them up would keep them safe, he pursed his lips “I feel like people are avoiding telling me what is so dire that Celestials need to be protected so badly” it couldn’t just be the energy because he was sure there was other powerful energy sources in the world too.

He grimaced slightly as he heard Henri talk about turning and how his father had made him suffer through the first one. Sometimes Sunmin was glad he didn’t have parents because every story he heard about parents was how they let someone down or were cruel. “Well at least it gets better with time” he answered gently, he couldn’t imagine how hard it must be to process the idea of your own identity causing you pain. Except he realized that might actually be his own reality. The offer of a job was very kind but Sunmin still wasn’t in the place where he was ready for such an offer, it felt too good to be true and he usually found when something seemed too good to be true it was “Do you have an address I can contact while I...think about it?” he would say a number but Sunmin didn’t have a phone.

He knew it could be a bit hard when people always viewed you as that person who needed saving when really you were fine with what you're doing right now, it was why Henri had to stop himself from digging in further because it wasn't doing the other party any good if he kept pushing. The last thing he wanted to do was to make Sunmin uncomfortable. He was there to help him,  after all. "You are living a simple life, albeit a content one. In a way, I admire that part. I don't show it as much but I don't think I'll be able to live my life alone, not when I've been in this family for most of my life, I won't be able to leave it for sure." He dreaded to see the day come, if it does. He had poured his everything in the Guard and wouldn't want to leave for anything. Perhaps, he wasn't the most compliant due to his moral compass, but he never questioned directly as much and eventually choose to trust them at the end of the day. "Why didn't you stick with him, then? Is it because he was egging you to go see the faction?" Henri realized he never asked why Sunmin didn't stick around that other Celestial he had met before, surely a Celestial would know everything else better, including their anatomy and abilities. He wondered if something happened. 

"And now that you've found the first step into what you are, was it worth it? Did you feel accomplished or relieved?" He had hoped that Sunmin wouldn't be meeting disappointment more than that. But then again, truth isn't always pleasant. It can be incredibly bitter. When asked what happens to those who would not follow the rules, the therian cleared his throat properly and adjusted his seat properly, "If they're in the community, their respective faction would determine the punishment. Sometimes it could be mild, depending on the offense, of course. If you killed someone else in this city, you couldn't expect them to hit his hand with a cane 10 times." A certain balance must be reached. "The last thing they wanted is for the city to be overrode by chaos and destruction on its wake. Order must exist somewhere in order to prevent that from happening. History shouldn't be repeating itself, no? So they learn from what's happened and strive to make it better." There was no coincidence to why Henri had bashed his shin against the table, okay, it made him grunt in pain because it almost seemed like a reflex when in reality, that was just him being taken aback by the question.

 He had to press his lips in silence while calculating the possibilities of telling him that, no harm… right? He needs to gain his trust, anyway. If he'd going to help him, mutual trust and respect needs to be there. "They're called the Ailwards. Their faction are consisted of two essential categories; the leaders, the Ailward Aspects, and their Guards. They've been overseeing the course of all supernatural and some human-like activities for centuries. Like you said, supernatural police. Their purpose is to maintain the balance, to make sure nothing over weighs the other." That was the easiest way to surmise it. Then it came back to the reason why the Celestials had to be locked up, "I told you they could manipulate time, right? Well, that's true. There was an incident back then, some power-hungry folks wanted to change the timeline today allow them the advantage of defeating their opponent. And they used a Celestial to manipulate that. They killed a Celestial and were able to use her to manipulate the timeline to their selfish desires, and when you change the timeline, well… things essentially change and that causes a rift. Some people were not born… some people who were supposed to exist didn't… and thus imbalance was created." 

He then shrugged absentmindedly because the memory of his father never bothered him anymore, "That was a long time ago. It doesn't bother me anymore. I'm happy with how I am now, that's what really matters, right?" He didn't accept it but he didn't exactly reject it either, so when Sunmin asked for time to consider his offer, he nodded in understanding. He took out a pen and wrote down the address on a piece of paper before tearing it and giving it to the Celestial. "I'm usually home, and I'm pretty sure I'd be able to smell you from a distance if you come. But just in case, I'm not there or I'm in my room, just tell them my name and they should lead you to me. Or really, if you don't want to associate with social in general, wait by the water fountain near the greenhouse that I'm pretty sure you can spot when you enter the premise. Really, feel free to come by."

“I’ve always been better alone, I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me for that, I just find it easier to have one single thing to worry about I guess” the more people who got involved in your life the more you found yourself being pulled in different directions which made it harder to make the tough calls which you knew were better for you but might not necessarily be better for everyone else around you. When he asked why he didn’t stay with Hanseol that day he shrugged a little “If there’s one thing that has always caused me the worst pain it’s getting my hopes up” he admitted softly as he glanced at the elder male “Which sounds ridiculous I know but the idea of there actually being a family for me, I guess it was too much for me to process and I was just about coping” he nodded a few times “And then someone else came home and realized he already had a life without me” and so he had run because he didn’t need to be impacting on someone’s life like that and causing them trouble.

“In a stupid way it does feel worth it” it might not have been exactly what he was hoping for and therefore seem like somewhat of a disappointment in some ways but in others, he finally was able to make sense of things that he saw around him. He no longer felt like he was the only one who saw all of his stuff and that gave him comfort in the soundness of his mind “Though it does make me wonder what comes next, without something to search for will I just stop moving entirely?” he didn’t think so because there would always be the question of why and no person was going to be able to give him that answer, he wasn’t even sure he could give himself that answer. Hearing about how the laws were enforced made him swallow hard “So an eye for an eye essentially” he spoke it softly because that wasn’t the kind of thing you just went and said loudly in a very public library.

Hearing about the Ailwards tied back to what Henri said earlier about the list of species which made him wonder how the Celestials and the Ailwards could live in the same city and not be at one another’s throats. Though he wasn’t curious enough to ask about it because he was sure anyone outside of those two probably wouldn’t know. It hadn’t made sense to him why they would so badly want to lock people up until he heard what someone could do with Celestial energy and it all made sense. If someone could take the energy and change time they could change everything, they could kill people and create destruction and essentially ruin the world. He looked down and gasped a little realizing that if someone killed him they could do that too “No one should be able to wield that kind of power” he spoke thoughtfully, though locking someone up against their will didn’t sound like the fair way to prevent it either. Maybe it was better he didn’t glow, after all, then he couldn’t have his energy taken away from him “Then why are they not still locked up now?” someone had to ask the question because he was sure the police wouldn’t just drop their reasoning.

“Right” he spoke softly as he looked up at the other male, even if you told yourself you were over your past, he felt like it still lingered and made up a part of you, he didn’t get his distrust from people right away, that came from watching them do selfish and cruel things over and over again until he learned it was better to doubt people first. Sunmin looked down at the paper and chewed his bottom lip in thought before tucking it into his jacket pocket and nodded a little at Henri’s explanation about how to find him. The young male wasn’t sure he would use the lifeline but he was glad to have one, glad to have met someone today who seemed like they actually gave a damn “I hope you get to help whatever people you were trying to help” he spoke softly and nodded, he had guessed by now that Henri was working on some kind of supernatural science lab, probably figuring out how supernatural biology worked. He got to his feet and made a sheepish grin patting his pocket to show he still had the address before heading for the library exit.

"Understandably so" he nodded, when you're alone, you only have to care about your own self, in a way that was far better than having to concern yourself with others that you probably should have a better time worrying about yourself only. He didn't expect that answer from him honestly, truly. Upon finding out that Sunmin had been the one running away after getting a small glimpse of what the truth could be, Henri pressed his lips together and his eyes softened, "Too much hope doesn't do anyone good, huh... " So he sprinted at the mention of the possibility of having a family, while it was Sunmin's decision to make, the therian couldn't help but want to help him on that. "You didn't have to run, Sunmin. There was a big chance that he's also been searching for a family too, perhaps your existence would've made his life brighter" Judging from what the younger male told him about the other Celestial being excited and giddy, it seems that way. 

"I'm sure that won't be the last time you meet him though. If fate wills it, neither of you could run away from it" he quipped softly, he'll help Sunmin settle because he wanted to keep an eye out on him, a part of him had made the decision to guard over the Celestial. "Even if it's stupid, if you feel that it's worth it, then it's worth it." At the end of the day, your happiness was the one that truly mattered, really. Not everyone else's. When Sunmin wondered if he'll stop then, he shrugged, "You'll probably get back on your feet soon, I don't think you'll only stop at this." Sunmin was very promising from his perspective, honestly. It could be seen a bit inconsiderate but that's the reality of how the others punish everyone else to keep themselves in line of order. "Basically, yeah. They needed to maintain the peace but if they show too much leniency… people will assume that as a weakness and it won't be long to see people stepping on their heads" Though most people here are definitely tolerant. "Sometimes exile would do it. It depends." 

The therian shook his head dismissively when Sunmin said no one should be able to have so much power like that, "No, no one should. That time, they were facing a few difficulties and it was hard to assign one guard per Celestial even… but they needed them in one place so that happened." Not in the best way possible but he couldn't see the better way either too. Not when everyone was still recovering from the time rupture then. When asked why they were still not locked up until today, Henri leaned back against his seat comfortably, "Well, something happened and the Celestials were rescued by their leader." It was the simplest way to word it.

 "But they probably shouldn't be kept locked up forever for just being what they are... " He was relieved to know that they were safe here. Well, safer than any other places. He smiled gently because Sunmin had wished him luck, and he could see the genuinity. That's one step closer. Perhaps, he wouldn't take the job, but at least Henri found out about something new today; a Celestial that didn't glow and didn't belong to the community here. He waved for a while until his phone vibrated against his pocket, to which he fished out and got up before heading out to the nearest exit with the phone pressed against his ear. Back to reality land. 


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