He’s been rolling over the bed for an hour now, surrounding himself with blank and crumpled papers and feathers from the pillows that he had brutally torn through last night. Ven’s state did not allow Henri to see him most of the time, which admittedly made him fume a few times because it was hard to drag the Aspect of Realms around due to his build without attracting attention to them both. The last time he met Venetus, he had found him reeling in the basement, where the wine cellar was located, with a bottle in his and looking completely out of it. With his enhanced senses, he was able to smell the alcohol reeking off the other male, much to his discontentment. So he’s been trying to search on things to do to get his mind off his worries for the Ailward Aspect, may it be some random medical book or even doodling on some blank paper. 

It hasn’t worked to his favor though, seeing as the therian would end up scrunching his nose up and sighed randomly every 5 minutes because of this thought at the back of his head. He wanted so badly to forget about the whispers inhabiting his head, telling him what could have happened to Ven if he didn't do his duty properly. A guttural growl escaped him as he buried his face with the only pillow that was left intact because he actually needed one to lay his head on. The brunette fiddled with the necklace hung around his neck and sighed before forcing himself to get up and clean his room, tossing every wasted paper into the can at the corner of his room, "So much for go green" he winced and grabbed his backpack and decided that he'll be using his time a lot better by doing what he does best; research. 

It's better that he uses his head to do something good rather than thinking about the endless possibilities of what would cost him his own life if things go haywire. His room was on the first floor so it didn't take Henri long to get downstairs and pass the living room that seemed so dead he actually had to stop himself from wincing again. Things used to be so merry back then when they were at the Isle. It wasn't all rainbows and sunshine, maybe. But they weren't like this. With all that's going on with the city, mysterious cases of people falling victims to active maiming activity, he had best be prepared for anything.

 His legs quickly brought him to a bus stop, where he leaned for a while and covered his face with his hands for a brief while until his phone rang, prompting the therian to go and take it, leaving his backpack on the bench as he walked a few steps away. 5 minutes or so passed and he still had his phone held against his air as he grabbed the backpack without looking and walked away, it was clear that whoever he was talking to delivered him unpleasant news. Did it occur to him that he had completely taken a different backpack? No. 

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To most people, his everyday life would probably be considered a sob story. He lived life from day to day, every day was different but mostly it was filled with finding little things he could do to earn some cash here and there in the city. The star would wander the neighborhoods and ask the residents if they had any odd jobs he could do for some money. With his youthful looks, they usually assumed he was a local kid looking to buy some video games and give him a few things to do, mostly washing cars, cleaning out gutters or painting. It was a gamble which sometimes paid off and sometimes didn’t but it was just about enough to make sure he had food in his stomach by the end of the day.

Sunmin always had the same backpack with him, the bag held everything he owned. It wasn’t particularly big and it was strained at the seams where he had used it for so long but it was everything to him. Inside? Some clothes, a burner phone for emergency calls, any food he managed to stash, a single polaroid of him and the first friends he ever made back in San Jose, just smiling and laughing. A keyring from Vegas he had found on the street one day and had turned into his own lucky charm. Nothing of any real worth but it was all he had and had collected over the years. It was also his pillow which he laid his head to rest every night.

So every day he would head out of wherever he spent the night, count up all the money he had and hope it was enough for a bus ticket before making his way to the bus stop. If he couldn’t afford the bus then he was forced to walk. It was a very long walk into the center of the city where he needed to be but it wasn’t like Sunmin had anywhere else to be. He especially found the elderly neighbors in the human territory was the best for finding odd jobs as they needed people to mow their lawns or help them with cleaning hard to reach places.

He arrived at the bus stop and took out his wallet so that he could count out the coins that he had gathered the past few days, carefully making sure to total the amount he had. He set his bag down while he focused on the amount and the before long, realized he didn’t have enough today. He felt an uneasy feeling sink in his chest because he knew this would mean he needed to walk which meant it took longer to get to the destination and therefore less time to spend on jobs. He sighed gently picking the backpack up and heading in the other direction, slinging it over his shoulder and starting the long journey into the city.

The call he received was from a friend he knew back in World War 2 while he was busy fighting off another war that happened amidst the chaotic scene in Germany. He told Henri that he found what he was looking for, something the therian has been searching for almost three decades ago; the cause of the suspicious influenza that broke out almost a century ago. It came as an epidemic and plagued the Middle East viciously, leaving no survivors. He had some leads that it was some people inducing chaos everywhere they went and despite their technology and resources, the Ailward Guard still could not chase after them. Sure, they've had plenty of leads but a week or a month after they went on it, it disappeared as if it never existed in the first place. 

Henri was going to the library to see if he could study about the different kinds of poison he had noted over the centuries, in peace. No offense, but the manor doesn't exactly offer much for peace and seclusion, not when everyone's been on edge lately. Understandably, of course. But half way on his steps, he noticed he couldn't smell his herbs and the poison he stared inside his vials alongside other stuff. He halted his steps and unzipped the backpack only to find out that the smell didn't just disappear, it wasn't even there, his stuff. Where the hell did his stuff go and why are there different things he swore he never even saw in his entire life? Did someone prank him? Henri brought the bag up and sniffed, "I'm really going on a roadtrip by sniffing someone out-" he facepalmed and sighed heavily before zipping it and slung it on his back before he got down to business. 

Definitely now how he wanted to spend his day. It took him about 10 minutes before he felt the smell edging closer, it was bad enough he had to turn the other direction so he was hoping that the person has not opened his bag yet because that would mean trouble. It didn't take him long to pinpoint his bag slung on someone else's body, to which he jogged up to and tapped his shoulder, "Hey, I believe you have something of mine. We probably switched our bags earlier at the bus stop.

Sunmin had walked for a while before he started realizing that something was off, he was walking as normal but his bag felt heavier than usual and was weighing him down, it even made his back hurt a little which seemed bizarre given there were only clothes and a few trinkets in there. Eventually, he had to stop and open the bag up to see if someone had put a rock in there as a joke or something. People seemed to find messing with people on the streets fun so it seemed possible but after a moment he realized none of the stuff inside was his. He frowned slightly as he looked inside and then around him and a sense of panic set in as he realized he must have picked someone else’s bag up at the bus stop.

He gave a frustrated sigh as he tried to think of a way he could get the bag back to its owner, he started rummaging through it for any kind of identification or a phone number but all he found were a bunch of strange-looking objects and bags and his throat went dry at the realization he had probably picked up some drug dealer’s bag. He wasn’t really sure what to do with that knowledge, he could just keep walking and hope they didn’t find him but then he didn’t really want a bunch of illegal substances on him and he’d really like his clothes back. In the end, he decided to head back towards the bus stop thinking that if the person had realized it was gone they would probably go back to the place they last saw it.

He had just put the backpack back over his shoulder and started heading back in the direction he came when someone came up to him and tapped him on the shoulder, Sunmin was startled as he turned around to meet the face of a gruff-looking male. He cleared his throat before he nodded slightly, shifting on the spot. Sunmin did have to wonder what he was going to do with all the strange things in the bag but perhaps it was easier to not know “Thank god, I hadn’t managed to figure out how I was going to find out who this belonged to” he spoke it softly shrugged it off before handing it over “It’s really heavy though, are you sure you should be carrying that?” his eyes were a little shifty because he knew it would be evident he saw what was in the bag.

Henri knew he probably shouldn't have been keeping so many stuff related to his work inside his backpack but it was purely instinctual for the therian to keep the things he found important close to him. The last time he left them lying around in his room or the laboratory, it got mixed up by others and it didn't end up well. Long story short, Henri had to return from his mission because of it. So the moment he sensed something was wrong and that he could no longer smell the things from his bag, he was quick to go through it, only to find that it was filled with things he would never have with him. This wasn't his bag, he's been repeating that to himself ever since he went back to the bus stop and walked a little further from there to the opposite direction, hoping that he would be able to locate the owner of this bag as soon as possible. 

He wasn't exactly rushing because he had nothing else to do other than go to the library to finally read in silence and peace but the longer hair bag remained missing with questionable things contained inside them, the more he became antsy. He knew how much trouble the person would be in if people found him with his bag in his possession, it looked pretty illegal from the front, after all. And he doesn't exactly have the license to be showing why he had what he had. When he finally found a male who looked no older than his late teens, holding his bag, he let out a sigh of relief, feeling eternally grateful that he was able to locate him quickly. "Yeah, sorry about that. I didn't even leave a phone number or any other possible ways to reach me in case it goes missing... " he murmured and dropped the male's bag off from his shoulder to his arm, in his attempts to return it back to the rightful owner, "I never lost it before so I guess I got a bit confident it would never happen. Thanks for holding onto it." 

He knew it couldn't have been easy. If he was him, he would've tossed it away, fearing he'd be implicated if anyone were to see. He stopped halfway upon hearing the question coming out of the stranger's mouth, of course he had seen the content inside, why wouldn't he? Henri was in a stretch then, wondering what he should do to make sure he doesn't go around talking about it, "I should be the one carrying it. It's mine after all, right?" The bag was still in the stranger's grip and it was at that time that Henri felt so driven to get it, "Did you… open it?" Yes, he did. "Can I please have my bag now?" his tone was gruff and all hints of friendliness disappeared. 

Sunmin knew he should probably hand the bag over and be on his way, try and forget about the things he saw and go back to his own cluelessness but the young celestial had spent so much time in the dark that if there was some kind of answer in this bag he kinda wanted to know. Sumin was convinced for a long time that there was more to the world around him than most people saw, it was confirmed from the fact he hadn’t aged a day since the moment he woke up in the hospital 21 years ago. He’d been looking for answers since then but every time he felt like he was getting close to one, someone would shut him down or pretend they didn’t understand what he was talking about, it was frustrating.

“Yeah well I don’t actually have a phone so I’m not sure how much use it would have been anyway” he looked down at the backpack he dropped and then back up at him for a moment, he could see the male looking a little agitated that he hadn’t given it back yet and it wasn’t because Sunmin cared much for keeping what was inside more that he had questions he wasn’t really sure how to ask, or even if he wanted to know the answers. “Well, I learned to hold onto the things you have well because people can’t exactly be trusted” he was still eyeing the other male suspiciously as he finally shrugged it off his shoulders and then held it out to him.

“It’s dangerous to carry that much, you could hurt yourself” he spoke it matter of factly, in fact, he wasn’t sure how the male could go any distance at all with that on his back unless he was an actual superhero. He paled a little when he asked him if he had looked inside “Well I was looking for some kind of identification” he explained and shrugged his shoulders before grinning slightly nervously. When he took the bag he stared at him for a moment and bit his lip “What’s it all for?” he asked pretty bluntly, no doubts this guy would swerve him like every other person with clues normally did but never ask, never know, right?

The entire journey back to the bus stop was filled with Henri cursing internally, scolding himself for allowing such an error and a reckless mistake to be done while he was so busy up in his thinking clouds, thinking about things he probably shouldn't be concerning himself over. There you have it, a missing backpack and it doesn't help that it is not just any backpack too. Had the compartments been filled with other things instead of suspicious things such as syringes, vials of god knows what, and journals written down from autopsies he's performed, maybe that would make it a whole lot better. Thankfully the walk back to the bus stop didn't take him as long as he thought he would and the guy that took his backpack after mistaking it as his own wasn't that far off from where they were both at earlier. Thank heavens for that.

 "Oh, well, I'm just glad you weren't that far off and that I could catch you before you were anywhere further" he rubbed the back of his head awkwardly and grinned sheepishly, he realized his choice of words sounded a bit off and different but the therian didn't have time to properly be that articulate in his wordings when he's been panicking the whole time. He didn't intend to come off as rude or blunt but at the moment, Henri was anything but fidgety due to the fact that had the guy hand his backpack over to the authorities; namely the police, he would've gotten himself in deep trouble, especially when there's plenty of things in there to ID him. His hazel hues fell on the other male as soon as he felt the levelled gaze on him, "Yeah, some people can't be trusted." With the gaze he was given? Henri was contemplating whether this guy was trying to send him a message or if it was just his paranoid ass making a fuss out of nothing. Because if he was, then the message was clear enough. 

"Don't worry about it, it's not something I'm not used to carrying around, thanks for the concern though. Not a lot of people have that these days" he quipped, or people just don't ask about things they know they should not be intervening the matters of. His eyes never left the Celestial asked he examined his body language, daring kid, that's one thing for sure. When he said he was looking for some kind of identification which confirmed his suspicions that he's looked inside, Henri sighed and nodded, "Of course, you did. That's a good call. I hope you weren't… weirded out by the things you saw." At this point, he really hoped the kid had no intention of reporting because that's another problem he cannot handle right now. His grip on the bag tightened when he was asked what the content in the bag was for, shoot. "Uh… just for my work. I use a lot of these… stuff." Way to be convincing, Henri.

 Technically, he wasn't lying, in the forensics department in the Ailward organization, they have a lot of access to things that would aid their work better. But of course, this guy didn't know that. "You're a bit curious, aren't you? Haven't you heard of the saying, 'curiosity killed the cat'?" he hoisted the bag on his back, still staring at the male before him with a questioning look, "It's for my work."

Sunmin looked back at the other male with a skeptical expression, he could tell how strangely and awkward he was acting which immediately made the younger male suspicious, you could say that the young celestial was pretty dubious when it came to others, always wondering about their intentions or what they were looking to gain. Sunmin had seen a lot of the worst of people which made it very hard to see the good. He raised a slightly surprised brow when the other male said some people couldn’t be trusted, well he supposed that was true, including himself considering he was the type to take what he needed and not care much for the consequences but there was nothing in that bag he wanted, that much he was certain of “I’d correct that by saying most people can’t be trusted” perhaps he wanted the other male to think he might take what he saw to the police to make him concerned if he was doing something illegal.

“Good because you’d probably break your back before the end of a week if you tried to carry that much with you” there was a time when Sunmin had a lot of things in his bag and it became really heavy to lug around so he knew the feeling and definitely didn’t suggest doing so, in the end he had decided to ditch some of the nonessentials in order to ensure his health. He travelled pretty light nowadays, only clothes and food really. He gave a slightly shifty look when the other male mentioned the items inside the bag, if it wasn’t for what he had seen he was sure he would already be on his way, in fact, he was wondering to himself why he wasn’t already “Work?” he asked and bit his lip slightly because those seemed like a weird collection of items to have for work.

When he accused him of being too curious, he had to study him for a moment to try and decipher if he was delivering some sort of threat or just skirting around the truth so that he didnt have to answer any questions “I had a friend who died of a heroin overdose so” he pressed his lips together “I guess I wanted to make sure it wasn’t that and..” he shrugged, he hadn’t really thought about it past that point but strange herbs and powers along with syringes definitely had him worried for the other male’s safety he supposed or if he wasn’t taking it himself then for someone else he was dealing it to perhaps. Or maybe he was entirely wrong and it really was for some kind of work but he had no idea what job would need those things.

Was he aware that he was acting incredibly suspicious to a stranger who had every right to be skeptical of him? Maybe. But it's just an instinctual habit for Henri to remain possessive and territorial over his things, it's the reason why he always choose to keep his things close to him. You never know what may happen in the next moment, after all. So seeing his bag being in someone else's possession earlier might have egged him a bit, almost forcing a growl to escape him. Maybe not the best idea to give in to his animalistic instincts. The stranger didn't look threatening, no, not really. He looked like any decent young stranger, nothing threatening on him at all, at least not that he could smell it off him now. "Right, most people can't be trusted. Understandably so. The world is a harsh place to live in, you meet a lot of questionable people on your road." Well, if that ain't ironic for his current circumstances, he didn't know what is. 

"But I don't suppose you know how to identify those types of people, right? It's hard to see past someone else's exterior when you have no idea what they have in mind. A, they could turn out to be a homicidal psychotic maniac, or B, he's just an easily misunderstood person." Please see him as B, god please. Henri had no idea why he was trying so hard to convince this guy that he's not a bad guy, maybe because he didn't want anyone reporting his ass off. The last thing he wanted to handle was being detained at a police station, attracting the attention of the Organization too, no doubt. An Ailward Guard being in the possession of something that wasn't scanned prior to entrance into the eternal city, and above all, being locked up? Definitely trouble for his faction. "Trust me, I'm not that easily breakable" he chuckled, hey, at least he didn't have a weird sinister grin etched on his lips, "I've handle way heavier stuff than that before. That's nothing compared to the things I had to drag" God, why did he word it like that? 

Congratulations, Henri, you officially sound like a whole drug dealer smuggling illegal stuff inside the heavily guarded and fortified city. Who knew being honest could get him in such trouble? Not him, that's for sure. "Yeah, work." Please don't be suspicious, please don't be suspicious and ask him what work he's doing. When he told him he used to have a friend who died from a heroin overdose, the therian pressed his lips together and clenched his jaw slightly, "Sorry to hear about that but don't worry, it's nothing like that. I don't do those kind of drugs nor do I carry them around with me." Though, he did imply he carry drugs in general, just not sure what kind. "You seem quite concerned for a stranger, though" he pointed out casually, staring at him skeptically, trying to make out why he still hasn't scampered off. He was trying to zip the bag properly because it got stuck earlier but his strength got the best of him and it tore the line up and a few bottles of high end medication and syringes fell and rolled over to the other male's direction, stopping at just his feet, it doesn't help that there were also vials of unknown substance. "Shit."

Sunmin’s eyes widened greatly when he swore he heard the other male pretty much growl under his breath over the bag, that was completely unexpected and the young male had to wonder what about that bad was so important that the gruff male would practically be ready to fight him over it. Either way, the celestial knew better than to pick a fight he couldn’t win and so naturally he handed the bag back to the other male before long “You do, it’s hard to know who around you can be trusted, for the most part, I assume they can’t be” he looked the other male in the eye because he could see he was shifty which only mad Sunmin more curious.

“I mean it’s pretty easy to spot when someone is acting shady on the streets” he commented with a shrug of his shoulders, part of always being alone and looking out for yourself only was that you noticed pretty much everything around you. So Sunmin was aware of the fact the other male was acting suspicious about the contents of his bag, he just didn’t understand why. He knew he’d worried the other male because otherwise, he would have taken off already which meant he wanted to make sure the celestial was going to keep his mouth shut about what he had seen. The young male tilted his head to the side a little “Drag” he commented noting that phrasing was strange, there was something off about this male, the star could tell that much “Careful you don’t put a shoulder out, dragging things” he drew the word out to show he wasn’t convinced in the slightest.

Perhaps he should have turned and been on his way but something about this male screamed different to him and he wondered if perhaps he might have some more insight on the supernatural in Evermore. Ever since meeting Hanseol he had known he was a celestial but he still had no real idea what it all meant and since then he hadn’t been able to stop seeing all the things he missed before, it was like having a curtain pulled back in a way and he finally saw the world for what it was. It was absolutely terrifying. “Those kinds” he commented curiously “So you do...do drugs?” he eyed him suspiciously and widened his eyes when the bag practically exploded and a few bottles from inside came rolling towards him, he picked one up, checking the label before offering it back to him “I’m going to guess you’re not a licensed city doctor” he commented wondering what he was even doing with these medicines.

Keeping his animalistic instincts down never used to be this hard on Henri, he's been able to keep it down and controlled for the last five centuries thanks to the Ailward Guards' training but it's also hard to keep the overprotective manual down when he knows there's a huge chance that this other guy would report his ass off to the authorities. There wasn't any danger though, not yet. That much he could easily sense, whoever this stranger was, he didn't mean him any harm and neither did he. All he wanted was to go on his way peacefully without anything contradicting his 'presence' today. Unfortunately, that seems to be an epic failure after he contradicts himself even further into the chain of the conversation. "You assume people can't be trusted? In general?" he raised his eyebrows up questioningly towards him, wondering how hard the other male has had it in his life so far, "How so?" Why was he asking him when he could be on his feet and off the road as soon as he got his backpack earlier? No idea. 

Something about him seemed interesting enough and frankly, the therian couldn't quite pinpoint the exact reason why. But he's always trusted his instincts before, and they're telling him there was more to this guy than he shows himself to be. Why was he concerned? Again, no idea. Perhaps, it's just in his nature to be so investigatively curious. He kept telling himself that the only reason why he was still standing his ground in front of the other male with his gaze fixated on him was because he wanted to be sure no trouble would come to follow him on his trails; that the stranger would keep his mouth zipped. "Wrong choice of word, I know. People keep telling me I have a strange way of… phrasing things." No shit sherlock. "What I really meant was that I carry a lot of cargo in my days, nothing abnormal about it. So the issue about extra weight?" he narrowed his hues towards the Celestial, still examining the entire setting they were in, careful to see if there was anything other company, "Extra weight has never been a problem for me at all. I know how to keep myself in line with them. My job requires me to." 

From the tone he stretched out, it was clear that he was not convinced the slightest. Which is a problem for Henri. He hasn't turned back on his heels and went off either so it was possible that this guy was searching for something. He pursed his lips lightly and wondered what he was looking for, maybe that'll help him be more at ease. Henri tried to take in his features, from head to toe, to see if there was anything distinct that shows he's a supernatural. Yeah, he could smell that for sure. Not entirely human but he didn't have the time nor luxury to be lounging around in the middle of the road to be figuring who this guy was. "No, of course I don't do drugs… I mean, I do. But not in that kind of sense" he interjected, ruffling his hair in distress as he tried to file know a better way to explain that he's not a drug dealer or the likes of one, so when the bag finally tripped him up by rolling the contents over to the other male's feet, he closed his eyes and cursed internally, well that went well. 

He eyed the bottle skeptically before slowly extending his hand out to take it back from Sunmin, "Can you guess?" he murmured faintly, "That bad huh? Do I look like a shady guy?" he sighed heavily and went over to pick the things that fell over the pavement while trying to fix his back, cursing how easy the zip unravelled itself. "I swear to you I am not a drug dealer for sure. Those are medicine, drugs you can probably find people using at any pharmaceutical field… and some rare ones." He stopped halfway and stared back at him with a frown, "Were you going to report me?"

“Every time I have trusted someone that decision has turned around and stabbed me in the back” he commented it bluntly because there was no skirting around the fact that most people just didn’t care, they wanted things for themselves, they would get it at any means necessary, they would step on anyone who got in their way. People were impulsive and led by emotions which sent them on wild goose chances. This guy, there was something really off about him and Sunmin was trying to pinpoint why, he got the feeling that it might be because he knew about Evermore’s secrets and was hesitant to share any of them. Story of his life really, every time he reached for any kind of truth when it came to the supernatural, they seemed to freeze up. The only person who had so far given him anything to work with he had ended up running out on and he had been avoiding since. “Strange is one word for it” he commented somewhat bluntly as the male explained how he was used to carrying a lot “Really? It’s a wonder your back hasn’t given out on you yet” he’d lugged heavy things for long distances before “Your job sounds interesting” he commented and tilted his head slightly. ll.

Perhaps Sunmin was simply enjoying winding the other male up a little or perhaps he really was concerned, maybe a little of both, it was a strange combination, someone who carried a lot of heavy cargo would imply some kind of military work but then he was carrying herbs and medicine which gave the impression of a doctor. While he could be a doctor in the military, that would mean he was licensed to have the things he had and from the shifty way the male was acting made him worried that maybe he had stolen this medicine and was selling it for more than he should. Having seen a lot of people die because they needed expensive medication they couldn’t afford, that definitely struck a chord with the young celestial. Perhaps people might argue he should just keep out of other people’s business but he couldn’t just make himself unsee what he saw “Who’s the medicine for?” he asked it outright because that was the biggest worry on his mind.

“You’re a terrible liar” Sunmin admitted with a shrug of his shoulders “You panic under the pressure and that gives the impression you’re hiding something” if the police got hold of him he was sure the other male would struggle to talk his way out of it. Sunmin had gotten very good at lying and making people believe what he wanted them to while in Vegas, it was part of how he managed to survive on his own for so long. “But you still shouldn’t have it which begs the question of what you plan to do with it” he commented softly, he just wanted to make sure people were safe, he wasn’t going to judge anyone for stealing when he did it all the time.”I’m not a snitch” he commented softly “Just a concerned citizen as some people call it” he nodded slightly waiting for him to speak.

Henri pressed his lips into a fine thin line upon hearing all those words come out from the male across him, well that certainly hits closer to home than he would like to admit. But where was the lie anyway? "So I'm guessing you're quite… well-versed and experienced in that department, then" he mumbled, there were so many types of people they needed to be aware of, to avoid if necessary so he wasn't exactly surprised that this guy right here was being extremely cautious and wary of him, if he was him, he'd do the same thing too. He didn't seem too used to the city which led the therian to believe that he was new too. If his theories were right, then he was also searching for something because nobody stumbles upon Evermore for no good reason. Supernaturals were attracted to it for its reputation that was well aided by the rumors and humans who were fine with co-existing with them also created a sanctioned relationship between one another. 

Maybe he was sticking around to see if he could tell him anything, which did prod Henri to wonder if he did tell him what he wanted to know, would he had let this one slide? It didn't seem like it was something of his concern either way. "I am stronger than I look" he quipped humorously when the other male pointed out that carrying so much stuff would take a toll on him, "But then again, I guess I'm lucky in that sense. My physical kept me lucky." It definitely didn't come with no price, even when you were already born with enhanced strength, to not utilize it for centuries in his case, would eventually give him out. Practice makes perfect, after all. "You're about the hundredth person to tell me that my job is interesting, though I'm not sure if that still stands after you actually know what I do for a living." Can't exactly have him running his mouth around about being a Guard member, can he? Most of the time, Henri opted to just tell them he works in the forensics department. 

That's not completely a lie either. All the medicine stored up in his backpack could easily be identified by some medical practitioners since most had a labelled bottle to describe its usage, while the other half were something he combined from the old days studies. People didn't exactly all have a laboratory to aid them a few centuries back. When asked who's the medicine for, Henri swore he froze momentarily, quick enough for him to recall that he couldn't get out of this without spilling a bit because A, he's a terrible liar, much like what the stranger said, and B, he doesn't work well under pressure, surprisingly. Only when it comes to speaking, of course, keep him elsewhere and he'll be able to work just fine. This is one of the many reasons why Henri always chose to keep to himself and only interact when necessary. Because he's really bad at it.

 "I know I'm a terrible liar." No need to rub it in, he grumbled internally and sighed heavily, biting his bottom lip in apprehension as he stared at the bottle in his hand and back at the male, "No one in particular" he answered, "You asked who's the medicine for and that's my answer. I'm a practitioner who works in the forensics department, so yeah there's no specific clients for that. I don't treat people, though I usually get called as a medic once in a while." Knowing the Guards, some of the members never go back unscathed most of the time. "It's for anyone, I guess. Anyone in need." The other male was able to point out his weakness which did cause Henri to grumble under his breath because he hated not having any solutions out, he's always been living so systematically. "I'm not hiding anything. I'm just nervous, if the authorities got ahold that I'm carrying all of this stuff, they'll send out for me. Evidently, they must be prescribed and licensed to be used but I'm not in any part of the city, I work privately so you can understand why I don't want to attract attention to myself." 

That's about the closest thing to a truth he can tell him. "Don't worry, I'm not some mad scientist trying to experiment on people. Too much effort" he assured lightly, he began collecting every single thing that dropped out of his bag and used the straps to makeshift it into a knot that would hold, at least he gets back. "Well, concerned citizen, I never caught your name, I'm Henri." He probably shouldn't have it but their organization didn't last for centuries long for following the rules of the outside world anyway, then they wouldn't exactly have all the intel they needed. In Evermore, he needed to play safe and friendly. "You said you're not a snitch and I'm grateful that you won't report, so let me do you a favor. You don't look like a resident here. Which means you're new to the city, and that means you're searching for something. I can help you on that, I guess. Doesn't take much."


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