It wasn’t exactly a secret that Ivy had quite a hectic life, from traveling between Evermore and LA for work, to having to deal with constant prying into her personal life, it could be frustrating. But she had managed to find solace in a part of her that her mother always feared, the part of her that wasn’t human and she had latched onto that for many years. Earth had always been her center, when she needed peace and she wanted to feel most herself, she would turn to nature, she loved just sitting, surrounded by flowers and plants and feeling the energy they gave off, it was peaceful to her.

So perhaps her life was a little crazy, but being an Initia definitely helped to ground her and she had found a really great community in Evermore. When she arrived in the city she had been halfway through her training of her affinity element and now she was learning two more but she still felt like earth was her first love in a way and that was how she had met Enzo. He had always been a good trainer for her and his personality was certainly an interesting one, always so eccentric and making jokes. She was more the stoic kind but he had brought out a more playful side to her in time.

Which was exactly why, as she stood in the door to the Initia faction house, covered in dirt and rose petals which had been tipped over her head the moment it opened, she was cursing his name loud enough that wherever he was hiding in this damn building she would find him. She brushed off as much of the dirt as she could, from her outfit but she caught a look at her reflection in the hallway mirror and was practically seething in response to it, especially because she knew for some stupid reason that the rose petals were supposed to make things look less cruel and yet somehow felt like he was mocking her.

She stormed her way through the halls not really caring if she was getting dirt everywhere as she hunted for her former teacher “I swear to god Enzo I am going to ring your neck when I find you” she was laughing under her breath though because they’d had a back and forth prank war going on for a while and she was already thinking of things she could plan right back to give him a taste of his own medicine. Such a thorn in her side, she thought as she rounded the corridor and caught sight of the man she was looking for pretty much doubled over from laughter “Don’t you dare” she warned him as she pointed at him but she was holding herself back from laughing too.

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Becoming Earth Master was something Enzo didn’t take lightly. Even though he had a light hearted nature he didn’t make his choices in life lightly. He willingly gave up his sight when he could have been a diversified Initia and kept his sight. Yet earth was his first and main love, so he plunged in head first after some tough love from the prior earth Initia master. A man to this day he missed and aspired to be half as good of a teacher as he. He had trained a hand full of Initia in his time but most moved one after they gained what he had to offer. Though some of his students like Ivory became a more permanent part of his life.

He never asked where Ivory came from only wanted to know why she wanted to learn earth. He wanted to know the girls inner self not what the whispers of the Tribe had to say. So he got to know Ivy for who she was, which lead to a strange prank war between the two. He enjoyed bring out her carefree nature. It was something he hadn’t had in his life before. He had a few people he kept close but not one that would laugh off his jokes and even try to up him not holding back because he is blind.

So he set his trap for her before heading into a training session for some of the younger initia children of the tribe. He heard his name being screamed from the hall a lot sooner than the others as he turned towards the door from the children that were trying to grow plants. He was laughing so hard that he was doubled over as she entered the room and raised a brow. “Everything okay Ivy?” he asked as he raised his hand to cover mouth to keep himself from laughing more as he stood up from his position. The children behind him laughing with him. “I think maybe next time you will think about putting a stink bomb in my home. I smelled it for a week and Rocky almost ran away.”

He moved closer as he raised a hand to make the pedals from her float in the air off of her. “Oh I wish I could have seen the look on your face right now.” He admitted as he formed a flower out of the pedals before placing it on top of her head. “Look now you are a beautiful rose.” He smirked before taking a step back before she could take hold of his neck. “Also leave the neck alone. I may have a date tonight.” He laughed. “And she make kill me thinking someone else has their hands on me.” He chuckled knowing full well she would have her revenge. Something he would secretly be looking forward too.

One thing Ivy always liked about Enzo was that he never treated anyone different, he was the same mischievous and lighthearted person with everyone she found. To some that might be troubling or make the worry what he might come out with or do but for Ivy it was actually pretty fun to be surprised. Though she did grumble and curse his name a lot whenever he managed to pull a prank on her much like today. She remembered when they first met he had teased her about her name and the fact she was an earth Initia and they’d just kinda gotten along since then, it was strange, the stupid things you could bond over with a person.

She didn’t even care all that much that she heard the sound of giggling kids from in the room, she was on a mission to find that dastardly Initia. “Everything okay, damn it Enzo you knew I had an interview this afternoon and now I’m going to need like 4 showers” despite the fact he couldn’t see she was glaring at him like she could stare holes through him, though he did have a point about the stink bomb and she ended up chuckling slightly “Well I did threaten to steal your dog one day but I didn’t think it was easy as making him run into my waiting arms” she jested with a grin, she didn’t have any pets of her own but she did love making a fuss of other people’s a lot “Besides it only just made up for the damn glitter box you sent my in the mail, I’m still finding tiny confetti bits literally everywhere in my house 1 month later” she sighed dramatically and waved a hello to the kids who were here for their earth training.

She stared at him in disbelief as she watched the way he arranged the petals into a flower and then placed it on her head, making her sigh in an exasperated manner “You’re lucky you’re likable” she grumbled as she headed further inside and sat at the edge of the room watching as the kids got back to their training while she made herself comfortable “You make it even more tempting, who’s the crazy lady?” she asked as she watched the exercises they were doing, making skipping ropes out of vines which reminded her of when she used to do that when she was first training her earth element, now years down the line she had learned pretty much everything there was to without moving into a mastery.

“You need a training assistant for today? Can’t promise I’ll meet the standards of your prodigy but since I’m already here and covered in dirt, may as well get involved” was she still bitter over it? A little but she actually missed the whole training her element thing, sure the new ones she was learning were fun but there would always be something special about earth to her and so she always found herself coming back here to check in, she often learned new little tricks off him too.

Enzo shifted his foot on the ground as he faced, even though he couldn’t see her he could guess she was staring well more so glaring him down. “Come now don’t glare so hard unless you want your pretty face stuck that way.” He chuckled and moved closer to her with a small smile. “4 showers verses having to have a water initia come help clean out that stink seems like a fair trade if you ask me.” Enzo squinted at him for a moment. “Stop messing with Rocky… You know how hard it is for me to keep his affection already with all you pretty ladies.” He grumbled softly. “To be fair the glitter box ended up better than I thought it was going to be. Putting that thing together blind is much harder than it looks.” He chuckled at his own horrible joke. All the children waving back to Ivy.

 “Go on kids practice your vine for a little bit.” He smiled as he moved with her deeper into the room with the flower on her head. “One of my only selling points is I am likeable.” Enzo said as he moved to rest his back on the wall beside her. Enzo often didn’t wear shoes where he could get away with it. The initia hall was one of the places that he always could. He gave a soft hum as he pulled at his sleeve of his top for a moment. “That dark diviner woman I meet at the bar that one night I told you about. We kinda been seeing each other on and off I guess. I don’t know. She is kinda a free spirit in that aspect.” He gave a gentle shrug for a moment as he thought about Cassie. “I never know where her mind is at unless its when she is angry.”

He clapped his hands together for a moment, “Enough about my dating life. Not like you can give me answers right now anyways.” He chuckled and then smiled pushed off the wall. “Sure I could, let them see what they could do one day.” He raised a brow at her for a moment and then winked “Also as my student you should know how to get yourself cleaned up.” He said as he moved back over to the students and then smiled “Listen her kids, Ivy is going to join us today. She is gonna show you how to grow flowers on the vine ropes.” He made one grow and held it in his hand. “Ivy. Care to show them how it's done?”

She grumbled slightly when he called her out for glaring, sure of course she could just shrug all the dirt off but that didn’t actually clean her off now that it was all over her, in her hair, on her face, some had fallen down her shirt which was rather cold and unpleasant “If you are the Air master you could have changed the direction of the wind to made that awful dad joke redeemable” she retorted and laughed softly. She grinned slightly when he said to stop trying to steal his dog “But he’s so adorable, how could I resist that face” she cooed it playfully, she definitely liked his dog a whole lot though she didn’t think anyone could actually coax him away from Enzo. “Glitter is literally the bane of my existence at this point, I find it everywhere, in my bag, in my bed, some even ended up in my suitcase somehow so it got to see LA” she grumbled and it wasn’t made of earth so she couldn’t even cheat to get it off. 

The term ‘practice your vine’ did make her crack up for a moment because to quite literally anyone but them it would sound crazy “You make it sound like they’re Pokemon or something” she noted and smirked slightly when he said he was likable “Yeah I guess it goes especially well with the narcissism” she jested with a chuckle, she may work in Hollywood but Ivy had her own personality, one most of the world didn’t really get to see because what they wanted on the cameras was the sweet girl next door but really she was quite snarky. “On and off sounds a little off-putting” she commented with a thoughtful glance over in his direction to try and take in his expression and how he was feeling about it “Unless you’re actually in it for the casual, no judgment” she wasn’t that kind of girl herself, she wouldn’t admit to it out loud but she was the kind waiting for the fairytale girl “Well what do you like about her?” she was curious to know really. 

“Yeah, not exactly like I have my own dating life figured out” she admitted with a slight pout, she was in a very complicated situation right now where she was fake dating a guy who lived in Evermore to keep her image intact when in fact they were just close friends and she had zero interest in men at all. “By that you mean, sign up for endless pranks which I am definitely already planning my revenge for” she rolled her eyes and then went ahead and used her powers to gather all the dirt all on her and ball it up into a pile which she then tossed it into the trash. Before long the kids were gathering around for the vine flowers demonstration which she nodded and then looked down at her hands, a vine growing from them, twisting and turning to coil around her arm, much like the kids already had. “The flowers are pretty simple to make, you just have to clear your mind, take long breaths and then visualize the flower, it shouldn’t be like glueing it to the vine, imagine how the bud would slowly shape up from the vine and then grow bigger, imagine all the petals inside folded up and then at the right moment, let the bud open” while she explained it she slowly generated the exact flower she was describing and at the end, the flower popped open, showing beautiful pink petals. 

Enzo gave a soft laugh as she grumbled under her breath which only caused the Earth master to chuckle light heartedly. “You know my dad jokes are on point for not being a dad.” He smirked as he knew she was smiling. One thing he knew about Ivy was if she was angry angry she would let you know it. At this point everything has been a playful jabs. “I swear the only reason anyone talks to me is because of the fluff ball.” He laughed as he shook his head for a moment.  Ash she went on about how Glitter was the bane of her existence it gave him some satisfaction that some of his pranks would have a lasting effect. “Ah lighten up, and embrace the sparkling nature Glitter has.” he teased waiting to get hit with something at that point.

As the pair broke for adult talk for a moment he chuckled, “I mean we are our own Pokemon no? Never vine whip someone?” he asked as he listened to the children trying to practice growing their vines. “Narcissistic? Me? Did the dirt hit you hard in the head?” he chuckled back as he crossed his arms one over the other for a moment. “On and off isn’t bad when it's just for fun.” He said softly as he kept his eyes facing the children. “Casually I feel went out the window some time ago. Yet she isn’t the kind of woman to just settle down when she has better options hanging around I guess.” he gave a shrug as he wasn’t one to fight unless it was to save someone. “She has passion, and she is strong but my god she is stubborn. She hold grudges against her own brother like it's the last drop of water the earth has to offer. She could be so much more and I see that in her yet. She just pushes that all away to be angry at the world.” He gave a big huff for a moment. “ Maybe I am wrong to have those feelings but I have been at a crossroads before and I chose the hard path even when I didn’t think I could survive it.” He shrugged for a moment before shaking his head. “Guess the beauty is we don’t have to know our love lives today. We will figure it out in time.”

Complications seem to be life's way of making you remember you are alive. “Ah endless pranks, sounds like a long time our extended life.” he chuckled towards her as they moved back in front of the students. He listened to her explain how the flowers should look and grow from the vine and it made him smile softly as she clearly listen to his teaching well enough to be able to do the same. “Very good Ivy. Children give it ago.” He said as he started to walk between them stopping to help out one or two he were struggling with it.

“It kinda surprises me that you aren’t one, I mean you’ve got the jokes lined up, no doubt you probably wear slippers around the house and I’ll even bet you read the newspaper on a Sunday morning” was she jesting at him for being old? Perhaps. But that was their way of showing their care for one another, to most people it would probably seem like they hated each other but that was far from the truth. “Oh that’s not true, most of the time they ignore you and go straight for the fluff ball” she teased back and shook her head playfully, Rocky was really well raised which was all credit to Enzo “Yeah well you didn’t have your stylist yelling at you because you ended up with specks of glitter on your cheek when you were shooting” she mumbled, glitter quite literally was impossible to get rid of.

She laughed slightly “Well I suppose you could say we are, though I’m not much for battling or having other people tell me what to do” she commented with a grin, she had played the Pokemon games when she was younger, they were a fun way to waste a plane journey away. “Can’t say I really know the experience” she commented and shrugged her shoulders, as someone who was in the public eye, she had to be careful about who she dated and where she went, anyone seen with her could have things written about them “I’ve never had a girlfriend, let alone anything on and off” she’d told Enzo before that she was in a fake relationship for publicity, though she wasn’t sure if he remembered. “Well someone seems like he’s head over” she commented in a playful voice because despite the way he was venting frustrations in his words he didn’t seem to be able to keep this soft tone from his voice “Give her time, she probably needs to figure out all those frustrations and decide what she wants” she commented and shrugged, she seemed like the independent type from what he said.

“I did meet...the sweetest girl the other day” she commented and pressed her lips together, she had been thinking about calling her and arranging a date but she never seemed to get around to it and both their schedules were crazy busy, she wasn’t sure if it was the world telling her to give up already. “Well at least we will always have something to look forward to...or dread...depending whose turn it is” she actually liked their pranks, it was a reason to be inventive and silly which you just needed sometimes. After she explained how to make flowers she watched as the kids tried to make ones of their own, to varying success, one girl had it down almost immediately but she spotted a little boy trying really hard but not quite getting it, she sat down beside him and started coaching him through it and before long he had made the biggest flower of the class. As she circled back around to Enzo she smiled “I always loved the lessons like these” she commented as she looked around to see how wide-eyed they were as they saw their flowers bloom.

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