It wasn’t exactly a secret that Ivy had quite a hectic life, from traveling between Evermore and LA for work, to having to deal with constant prying into her personal life, it could be frustrating. But she had managed to find solace in a part of her that her mother always feared, the part of her that wasn’t human and she had latched onto that for many years. Earth had always been her center, when she needed peace and she wanted to feel most herself, she would turn to nature, she loved just sitting, surrounded by flowers and plants and feeling the energy they gave off, it was peaceful to her.

So perhaps her life was a little crazy, but being an Initia definitely helped to ground her and she had found a really great community in Evermore. When she arrived in the city she had been halfway through her training of her affinity element and now she was learning two more but she still felt like earth was her first love in a way and that was how she had met Enzo. He had always been a good trainer for her and his personality was certainly an interesting one, always so eccentric and making jokes. She was more the stoic kind but he had brought out a more playful side to her in time.

Which was exactly why, as she stood in the door to the Initia faction house, covered in dirt and rose petals which had been tipped over her head the moment it opened, she was cursing his name loud enough that wherever he was hiding in this damn building she would find him. She brushed off as much of the dirt as she could, from her outfit but she caught a look at her reflection in the hallway mirror and was practically seething in response to it, especially because she knew for some stupid reason that the rose petals were supposed to make things look less cruel and yet somehow felt like he was mocking her.

She stormed her way through the halls not really caring if she was getting dirt everywhere as she hunted for her former teacher “I swear to god Enzo I am going to ring your neck when I find you” she was laughing under her breath though because they’d had a back and forth prank war going on for a while and she was already thinking of things she could plan right back to give him a taste of his own medicine. Such a thorn in her side, she thought as she rounded the corridor and caught sight of the man she was looking for pretty much doubled over from laughter “Don’t you dare” she warned him as she pointed at him but she was holding herself back from laughing too.

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