Pacing back and forth in a clearing has been Malva's newfound specialty these days, considering that's about the only thing she has been doing. After Cora confronted her regarding her daily routines that were somewhat quite 'disturbingly unhealthy' for someone like her, she had to go back through her records to see if people still believed her hiatus from the hospital was due to a transfer to Georgia. Apparently they still do and well, to say the Aspect of Magic was slightly relieved would be an understatement. She's been thinking about it since last night, the thoughts of returning to work as a pathologist there once again has been bugging her head. A little voice in her told her she should resume her work as one, maybe that could get her head away from some things that has been doing nothing but bring doubt and reluctancy to her. Whilst it was just as important as others, she was leading an unhealthy lifestyle, so much her younger sister had to shook her out of the state.

She still spent her time working on to retracing some trails back, but it's going to be slightly minimal due to her working commitment. She can't agree that performing autopsies and cutting people's bodies open was the option she opted for, to take her mind off things, but she wasn't being picky or choosy. And yet she has been doing nothing but pace around since last night. Her tendency to block things out and endurance was surprisingly a talent for the Aspect of Magic. For the past two days, all that the brunette has been doing was cutting her palm open to rectify her reasons on using blood magic to retrace their two finest guards’ disappearance that was holding their utmost attention at the moment, especially hers, considering she’s failed trying to get ahold of them. 13 times trying various locator spells she could think of, even up to resorting to blood magic for a more clearer insight, yet 13 times she was returned with a huge no.

Malva may as well make a dissertation out of it and see if anyone else reading hers would be just as frustrated as she is when everything she tried came back futile. Well, not everything. There were plenty of forms she still has yet to try but most of them dabbled way too much in the darker path; a path she doesn’t favor. But she’s desperate enough to seek out other ways just to see if she’s just a little low in her game or there was someone else who’s more advanced in this game than her. Of course she knew there were plenty of potential proteges everywhere in the world, but for someone to be able to tamper with her locator spells, that took a certain degree and the fact that she didn’t even know who it might be worries her to no end. Huffing slightly to herself, the pessimistic Ailward Aspect took the tablet on her desk and plopped on her bed, sitting cross legged as she ran her fingers wildly on the screen. It was clear that she was trying to find someone in their database, which would take a while considering they had thousands of names alone in them.

Halfway through her search, she stopped momentarily and wondered the risks that she was taking just to find someone. Everything was stored inside, every data, both internal and external, so she had to be careful. It was the same thing she did trying to track down Isaiah Bradford the first time, she did it manually so no one would notice and unfortunately, Malva needed this to remain a secret. “I can’t believe I’m really just diving into a pile of files to find one person.” she grumbled and pushed the tablet away from her before making her way downstairs to the control room so she could find physical copies of them. After spending at least two hours rummaging through them, she saw one particular name that caught her eye in the ledger. Until she noticed the species on the right side saying he’s a dark diviner. There was no point in pushing this prospect away in the end, she could make the most of it. Rushing to get his file and sneak out of there to get back to her room, but not before making sure there was no mess left around.

She’s going to get her answer today one way or another. He came from a long line of Necromancers, so surely he could hold the key to her question. She won’t know if she doesn’t try. Enacting a simple locator spell to find just where the male is, it didn’t take her long to pinpoint his location. A club, how surprising. She doesn’t usually venture to shady places like that but desperate times call for drastic measures. Brushing her hair for a while before letting it cascade down her shoulders, she wrapped a scarf and coat over her before taking her bag and make her way out of the room. As per usual, the habitual liking of locking her room and enchant them before leaving was making its comeback too. After a while of not getting used to her dragon transformation, she decided to retest it out, just for the sake of rekindling the fires that needed to be rekindled. In an instance, the dark haired Aspect had transformed into her purple dragon form as she soared through the skies and found the club not far off from where she was at.

Taking her place to land in between the trees, she was grateful their dragon forms were invisible to the eyes, since it would've been weird to see a dragon flying around. Even for supernaturals. Slowly reverting back to her human form, she made sure to trace her amethyst pendant that gave her the ability to transform into one. She missed the times where she would just fly around for the sake of peace in her own mind. The club was packed, as usual, even the wintery night couldn’t push her away. Malva’s adamant in finding this guy and getting an answer once and for all. But her temperament did got riled up because people kept bumping into her and if she couldn’t locate Lyndon in the hectic place tonight, she’s most likely going to throw a fit no one wants to be near. Until her sapphire hues landed on one raven haired guy sitting by the bar, thank god. Propping herself at the seat next to him, she obviously looked like she didn’t belong there. “I hope you’re sober enough to talk like any civilized person.”

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Lyndon watched her as she questions him. She questioned his magic and, while he knew she was baiting him, it made his skin crawl that someone would diminish his ego so easily. He raised his hand in the air and twisted his fingers in while muttering incantations. Each bottle on the shelf proceeded to smash, launching out the shards of glass towards the girl in a long, winding, almost snake like stream. Just before making contact, it stopped and begun to dance around the girl in the air. The, the mutterings changed and the shards of glass disintegrated into sand before floating back to the shelfs and rebuilding themselves, piece by piece, until the bottles stood tall in their first form. Lyndons concentration was second to only a few he’d ever met. He was fully capable of weaving in and out of spells quickly and unlike some Diviners who needed to chant loudly and clearly, Lyndon had perfected the art of muttered incantations.

Turning back to her, he cocked his head to the side and flicked his fingers while saying nothing, each speaker in the club making a loud ‘POP’ before beginning to smoke and break, each with their own little electrical light show. “Just a taste love.”

As the girl, mentioned more on magic, he shrugged. “Magic is magic, it makes sense for it to be around. These evil beings sound more like an episode of Buffy than real life.” He snipped back before scoffy. “Risky would have been to leave the magic up for grabs."

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Shifting his weight, the Diviner moved on to return the whiskey to its fixed bottle and pour himself a glass, taking a short sip, he turned with glass in hand. “Alright. I’ll help you do what you need to do.” A small smirk stretched its way across his features like a passing tide.

“But whats in it for me?”

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Admittedly, she did not see this coming. Yep, Malva had no idea he would do that, though she couldn't say it wasn't included in the prospective channeling. She did her research on him before coming, afterall. Malva wasn't about to step into an uncharted territory such as this without any plans acting for backup. Even if she didn't, the Aspect of Magic has enough things in her mind to stretch them out to conjure one. Like Octavia and others have said, her mind is her weapon. You can defeat her physically perhaps, but when it comes to mind games, she's still a formidable opponent. “I'd say color me impressed but I'd be lying.” Blank. That's what she was. Blank and utterly emotionless. The threatening gesture he did earlier really riled her up and took her everything not to act recklessly on her impulses right there and then.

Malva had a temper; which always got her in trouble. She couldn't count the times she's pissed off some second degree witches around the world throughout this century alone. But did she ever took heed to it? No. Because she's stubborn and hard-headed per usual.

Though seeing the demonstration did confirm one thing, he is above average and a lot more experienced than others, in a few aspects. Especially when it seemed like he wasn't much of a practitioner. “Not entire non-verbal but close enough to it, that's a point.” Credit is given when due, even she understood that. “But don't ever-,” One tap against the counter. “ever try to intimidate me that way again, I won't hesitate to hex you the next time” she hissed, her tone slightly aggravated and sinister. But she hasn't given him any payback yet, so it meant her tolerance level is improving, something she prides herself in. “Wouldn't want to give you my taste anytime soon” she reminded, her sapphire hues narrowing slightly.

“Coming from a dark diviner to talk about that sounds funny, no offense. There's a lot more from where these came from, you know. People like us, we started somewhere. Haven't you gotten the slightest bit of curiosity to find out how?” Yes, she emphasized on ‘us', calculating herself as a diviner instead of imposing on herself to be someone else. It was the easiest route to use. “Well what do you want? Or need? I think I can make it worth that much.” Make no mistake, she is a woman of her words and she'd do anything to get her hands back on board to controlling her magic.

The credit she gave him seemed forced, but all the same it added a cocky grin back to the Diviners features. He cocked his head to the side and listened to her threat, the grin still placed on his features. “Maybe we could both use that advice.” He said, gesturing around to the empty bar surrounding them, still covered in water from the sprinklers. Shifting, Lyndon placed his elbows onto the counter and sat his chin upon his hands. “Maybe, seen as though you’re the one that wants something, you should be a little more polite.”

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As she mentioned about knowing where he came from, he chuckled softly and shrugged. “I know where I came from, An alcoholic and an angel.” He snapped simply and then shook his head. “I don’t need to know any further than that. I started from the bottom, I got to the top. Isn’t that good enough?” He knew that’s not what she meant, but is was the smartest thing he could come up with. He wasn’t a fan of delving into things without needing too, He learnt that the hard way as a child.

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Lyndon let out a breath and then shrugged. “I’ll help you, lets say you’ll just owe me one.” A smaller, slyer smirk began to creep across his features. “Im sure I’ll think of something.”

With that, the Diviner brushed off his jacket and watched her, grinning.

“Lets get started.”

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Admittedly, she wasn't the best company, but that does not mean she could provide a decent one. Once you get to know her, only then can they actually make the judgement. To everyone else, Malva is a cold hearted witch who only ever seemed to like being people every time people found a way to irritate or aggravate her, which quite frankly, is very easy to do, considering the Aspect of Magic possessed a rather short fuse that would literally get triggered pee usual with ease. With Lyndon, it was surprising that she still hasn't been devising some sort of a plan to shut him up for the next 24 hours, because if it was any other casual day, that might've been a viable option for her to dally around.

Scoffing at the dark diviner male before her, she couldn't help but to wonder if she's actually making the right decision to trust him. Okay, maybe not fully trust, since the definitions go a different way. Malva is still here, because she's a desperate woman who's running out of time, and she needs to find a solution. Pronto. There only seemed to be so much that could offer itself as a good choice. Like it or not, she is in this alone, but at least if she's going to tread these matters by being a lone dragon, she should get a few starting pointers on where to start. That'll be extremely helpful on her journey. “Just you really.” Rolling her eyes at the English male, every second she spent with him was a second wasted and boy did she dread spending them. Asking for her to be polite now? The Ailward Aspect wondered what's going in the head of his to even think about telling her that. But then again, he didn't exactly know what and who she is as a whole, other than that she's a shady diviner who came into the club to seek him out for no goddamn reason. Seems legit.

“This is me being polite and civil, excuse you. I can't say the same for you though” she exclaimed coolly, narrowing her icy hues onto his dark ones. She had no time to be playing around and the more they banter between one another, the more it is likely that her temper lid will be ripped off and then there was no saying for what might happen next. “Besides, the part you'll play is hardly much compared to mine.” Considerably, he is considered an informant – a tether. It seems like he's not taking her words rhetorically, not that she would be surprised. “Sometimes that alone isn't good enough,” which is understably true, in the world they live in, you needed connections and power. Staying a humble foreground while possessing both seemed too good to be true.

A part of her was telling her to get out of the deal while she still could because the thought of having a favor owed to someone without having the slightest hint of what it may entail doesn't seem like Malva move, since the Aspect of Magic hated ambiguity in general. Is she going to risk it? Oh well, what could he possibly want that would jeopardize her state anyways, right? As long as it is not detrimental to her health or others, she can make do. That smirk bothered her but she brushed it off. “Strict rules applied on the said agreement. No killing. I don't do that” she muttered, her tone firm and stern. The smirk on him was as usual as her scowl, it's always there.

Mal dashed out of the premise as fast as her feet could take her, inhaling the cold breeze of the night air. Thank god she's out. “First step, your grimoire. You said the physical copies are no longer existing, right? Do you have anything that you brought from your home? Anything at all?” She didn't peg him as a sentimental type but if he has anything from home, then she can use ancestral magic to at least try to dig into the information she needed. Honestly, she'd like to have a choice before getting inside his head, it's too mind-boggling.

Lyndon chuckled and shook his head. "If this is you polite i'd hate to see you be rude." He purred challenging like, but never the less nodded. "A truce then, to politeness from here on out? If we're going to be working together I suppose thats the main thing to expect hm? Some respect either way."

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He thought, for a moment, the girl before him would be smart and deny his deal for a favor. Unfortunately for her however, she agreed with one simple rule. No killed. He smirked softly and tilted his to the side casually, "When i'm killing i like to do it myself, make sure the jobs actually done." The comment itself came with it a flood of memories, one particular standing out...

The whites of her eyes were bright, almost glowing, the hazel hue to her optic bright and the bloodshot nature made Lyndon pause. He watched her eyes dull and glaze over, he felt her body stiffen and then relax too much, going limp before him...

He shivered and shrugged off the memory, watching Malva for a moment before clearing his throat. "What first?" he purred wandering around the bar towards her.

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As she mentioned his grimoire once more, the diviner rolled his eyes and then stiffened as she mentioned heirlooms. He raised his right hand and twisted it around to show her the gold band that lay around his middle finger. "My fathers wedding band? Although there isn't any magic  tied to this anymore." He then cleared his throat once more before sighing. "I also have my mothers jewelry...all of it, gifts tied to most the necromancers in the Beckett family."

With that, the diviner clapped his hands and wandered towards the exit of the bar. "Lets get started." 

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Malva was really trying her best to refrain from really just cutting the male out, she is not exactly the most hospitable person there is, but it’s also clear that she has decent mannerisms, though it’s not reflecting as well as it should be, on her. There is only so much a person can hold on to, after all. And Malva is very limited when it comes to her temperament and emotional ties. Anything that held any resemblance to her having to use her heart more than her head, she’s utterly and hopelessly weak at them, since most of the time, it’s clear that when she allows her heart to decide, that’s when things get awry. How had she managed to keep her temper stored inside when someone like Lyndon Beckett is literally flaunting every single thing that would rile her up to the sky?

As if that wasn’t enough, he also felt the amusement and need to push it to her face. God, how she’s never found it in herself to hold back for so long, yes… half an hour, give or take. That’s quite possibly the longest she’s ever lasted in a company that she has yet to hex to oblivion. “Well I’d hate to see you on one of your bad days too, seeing as this is what you can call ‘civil’,” she retorted hotly, clearly displeased with the idea of sharing the air with this guy any longer than she needed to, but if she wants to get to the bottom of this problem she’s currently having, she’ll have to play nice. For now.

Fortunately, seeing the male propose somewhat a civil truce between the two of them for this partnership to work, she was glad that the topic came up. Yes, if there were any chances of working together without any issues nor clashing conflicts, they’ll have to be tolerant of one another. The first step to that is to respect one another. Then, they’ll work their way around. Surely, it wouldn’t be half as bad. Scrunching her nose up at the thought of murder, Mal only turned away. She couldn’t be a hypocrite and say she didn’t even think about getting the job done, but as an Ailward Aspect, she’s never actually killed directly. But was she completely immune at the idea of it that she might actually have to get her hands dirty in the future if such circumstances presented itself? No.

Given how the Aspect of Magic is usually very adamant and resilient in wanting things to go her way one way or the other, it’s not something that’s going to be surprising. When he told her he had something of his family, she quirked an eyebrow questioningly towards the dark diviner. “Strange, I didn’t peg you as the sentimental type, but I don’t judge,” she trailed off, accentuating her words with deep snark casually. Enchanted jewelry, it wasn’t something new, but no one really keeps them around after the late 17th century, for good reasons, since most are cursed items and god forbids if it’s ever misused. The brunette female eyed the band carefully before tracing one finger around it, feeling the energy it pulsed faintly.

Magic can’t actually be erased, a fragment of them will always stay behind. Just like that band, it’s still a magical item nonetheless, and it’ll retain its identity as one. “You can dip them into tar or paint but it’ll still peel off if you use the right method. There’s still magic in there, not much, but it’s there. Enough to do an ancestral summoning.” Now whilst ancestral magic agrees with Malva, the Aspect of Magic, however, did not like conjuring ancestral medium plane. Mostly because she doesn’t have a lot of friends, but enemies? Plenty. Now where to go? “Let’s get back to the diviner territory, plenty of space to cover and we won’t be disturbed even if we’re doing magic. I’d be very much delighted to know this process would go on fast.” Oh, of course, she would. Then she wouldn’t have to be around him anymore.

Lyndon knew that he was testing his luck with the girls seemingly limited temper strain. He’d always been the type to push that touch too far, the type to pick and pick and pick until the other snapped. But, fortunately, Lyndon also knew when to stop, he had an aptitude for telling when someone was near their breaking point and in conjunction, when he was pushing them past it. With Malva however, he merely smirked slightly and tilted his head a little to the side as if to make it clear he wasn’t near finished with her, but a break was due in the torment.

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As she tormented his definition of ‘civil’ the Diviner let out a short, humorless chuckle with a shake of his head as he ran his fingers through his light hair. “I suppose you’re right, I haven’t truly been civil towards you this evening.” He muttered and then shrugged “guess that what you get interrupting my evening,”

“I’m not.” Lyndon snapped at the thought of sentimentality. “My father was a brute after my mother died, I keep his ring merely as a celebration of where I came from…and where I am now.” The comment, even as it left his lips, felt dead and cold. The truther was, Lyndon looked more and more like his father everyday he took to the bottle. Every moment the spent in a bar, wooing women and bedding them to and fro, he was more and more like his father. The thought made a shiver run down his spine, a cold scraping that lifted the hairs at the back of his neck. Taking a breath, the diviner eyed the brunette as she ran her finger over the ring, his fingers curling into a fist and stiffening by his side.

As she mentioned getting back to Diviner territory, he nodded and began on foot. “I need to walk to sober up more. This type of magic needs a calm mind…and a clear one.” He muttered as he made his way from the bar located in the human sector. Lyndon made his way in silence, his hands clasped as he rolled his fathers ring around his finger, twisting the band around and around. Maybe she was right, maybe there was still some magic left in his fathers ring? Once again he shuddered at the thought, maybe that’s what lead Lyndon down this path? Maybe his father influence still tackled the London boy inside Lyndons head?

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She’s still here with him, isn’t she? And he’s still intact in one piece, but not for much longer if he decided to push her buttons once again. Everyone who knew Malva knew better than to push her buttons, knowing fully well, you can be her own brother or siblings, but she’d still go out her way and get back to you in a way you never fathom would happen in that head of hers. Her magic wasn’t what made her strong, no. It’s all entirely inside her head. A diviner’s ability is measured on their creativeness and how high their imaginations go. Any diviner can enact this or that spell with enough will and power, but how many are able to twist it around to follow their whims? So little.

None tried to trifle with it for magic, in general, is already stated at a volatile element, one you do not want to touch without your gloves. Lyndon however, he doesn’t know her, he didn’t know who she is and what she’s capable of, and she would rather keep it that way seeing as Malva isn’t exactly on her A-game as of late. Either she’s just getting rusty or she’s forgotten a few things. The thought of herself blocking her channels is also a suggestion but being the prideful person she is, Mal refuses to believe that the problem originated from herself. It must be something else. Calm down, he’s just trying to elicit the worst reaction from you, she reminded herself. Today is not the day for her to lose her temper, nothing good will come out of that, so she’ll refrain from doing so.

The Aspect of Magic might be temperamental, but she is also a patient person due to her calculating endeavors that surpasses any spontaneity she held within. There’s more than what meets the eye, they say. And they are right. A scowl came across her face when she got hit by that remark, prompting her to scoff in response. “Interrupting your evening, what were you about to do? Drink your sorrows away?” Keep it down, Mal. “I’m giving you a chance to reconnect with your magic, please, you wanted to find this opportunity secretly inside you, don’t deny it,” she said dismissively, making sure her pace is quickened so they could be on their way and get all of this done with as soon as possible. There was no telling when her patience might wear out, especially ever since she lost her touch on her magic, her temper is slowly riling everything up, every fiber of her wanted to just drown it down by lashing out.

“Obviously,” she rolled her eyes in annoyance, following his words on being sober. “Though I am pretty sure I can provide a solution for that, a quick one. Wouldn’t hurt that much, it’s probably somewhere in he- oh here it is” she rummaged through her bag and her hand found the small vial hidden underneath the other things she brought with her. “And no, I’m not creepy enough to bring vials of blood with me everywhere I go…” she reminded, well, in truth, she is a pathologist and she’s currently working on blood tests right now. Offering it in front of him, the vial was small and minuscule, it looks like a mixture of blood and blue essence. “Don’t ask what it is, I used it on one of my guards to get him to sober up so he won’t get alcohol poisoning, it worked. Kind of. There are a few side effects, but nothing harmful.” Dominic is still working well, isn’t he?

Lyndon knew he was pushing it, as usual, but with no clear line to stop, he merely plastered on the mask of confidence and exuded it for her benefit. It helped knowing she was having issues with magic of course, why else would she be asking Lyndon for help? That gave him leverage in the conversation.
As she scoffed at his comment, Lyndons eyes narrowed into slits and his feet stopped moving. Was she mocking him? Or merely showing her disgust for his habit. “MY magic is perfectly fine” He snapped and almost growled to him. “You do understand that im helping you right? I could turn my ass around and go straight back to that bar, but im not! So I suggest you keep your judgements of my habits to yourself.” His feet began moving again, quicker than before. It seemed the pair wanted whatever this was over with incredibly quickly.

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Glancing over to her, he cocked a brow. “Being the king of a city made me really wary of taking suspicious drinks from strangers.” He muttered and scoffed out a laugh. “People used to think poison would actually work, little did they know…” He trailed off and just shook his head slightly “Im fine, I sober up quickly.” He said simply.
The diviner territory was quiet, not many people were awake so early. The orange rays of dawn slowly begun to peak over the mountain. Running his fingers through his hair, Lyndon turned on Malva, stopping abruptly.
“Lets find a spot and do this.”

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Curse her for having to do this. Had she been telling past her that the day would come when she would force herself to get out of the manor so she could seek out any diviner to help her get a hold of her magic again, she would’ve laughed. Malva wasn’t arrogant nor was she ignorant, she knew what’s going on. Her perceptive levels are high, much like everyone else in the family and factor alike. It’s hard not to notice the differences in things when you’re too used to changes occurring so casually before you. But this is about her magic. If she didn’t get a hold of it anytime soon, what would be of her when they need her ability and she wasn’t able to lend it? Then, what’s the point of still holding on to her title as the Aspect of Magic?

Strangely enough, she didn’t want to go now. If she’s going to go, it will be on her own terms. She’s done plenty, she deserves at least that much; her own choice of retirement so she can finally lay herself at rest in peace. Lyndon wasn’t her first choice, but he’s shown exceptional skills in demonstrating his inner magic from what the records told her and honestly, she couldn’t be bothered to seek out another prodigal son or daughter when she’s not sure if they could help her. Going to the ambassador is one thing, but Malva would rather keep her personal matters personal, Kaelyn would no doubt tell on her to her siblings if they asked. To keep everything at good interest, or so they say. The fact that the male did hold some sort of leverage above her did infuriate the Russian born female. She’s not used to this.

Following the snap he delivered after she had snarked the hell out of him, Mal huffed slightly in a childish manner and pressed her lips into a thin line. Hey, she never claimed to be a master at her words. She’s Malva Ailward, you never know if she’s being incredibly serious or the opposite. You know her as what she wants you to know, with a small number of people who knew her better than she knows herself. At this point, she understood the problem in this. Mal was frustrated and distressed with her current state, she couldn’t do as much as even light magic to even help a plant grow, much less tamper with locator spells. The moment the map lit itself on fire, she knew that was the last straw for her to be playing around with her unstable magic, and decided to seek out anyone who could possibly help her find her way back. And because she’s angry at herself, she took it out at everyone or anyone near her. That’s just classic temperamental Malva, right there.

“Sorry, I’m a bit unhinged with this problem” that’s one way to put it. “I’m not used to this, my magic has never spiraled out of control or ceased to function before…” No, she always had a problem with overloading herself, hence the reason for the creation of gemstones where she transferred the energy so it can store it properly without propelling itself halfway across the universe. A moment of truth didn’t last long when a scowl made its way up to her face. “Excuse you…” she grumbled. “I was trying to be nice, but fine” she tossed the vial inside her bag and followed him using the same pace from before, up until they reached the diviner territory. “If I wanted to get rid of someone, poison is the least method I’d ever use” when you can deliver a curse, why bother delivering a poison physically instead? Not that she would ever do that.

Upon hearing that they needed to find a spot, her eyes scoured the area and decided she would feel a lot more comfortable conducting her magic somewhere she’s used to; near the boulders just next to the river. She beckoned for him to follow her and as soon as they got there, she took a seat, placing her bag on the grass as she extended her palm out. “Can I please have your band?”

Lyndon wasn’t exactly the smartest man on the planet, he’d be the first to admit that. However, he was a very smart Diviner. London had been a breeding place for his magic, he’d managed to gain more than ever and had all the time in the world to practice, which is exactly what he did. He managed to perfect his personal spell book, including his family’s grimoires and their spells. He slacked since moving to Evermore, but the knowledge was still there. Like riding a bike…right?

The childish huff that came out of Malva made him smirk, she was such a simple and professional looking woman, but she seemed old and young all at the same time. He cocked his head to the side slightly and ran his fingers through his white-blonde hair “Here we go…” He muttered softly.

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Lyndon listened for a moment and then sighed himself, softly but without pity. He wasn’t one for pity. “I get that.” He whispered and watched her for a moment before nodding again. “Look, Lets cut the dramatics and get your magic back in line.” He said with a smile and raised his hands to his chin-line and wiggled his fingers. “What to do…”

As they reached the boulders, Lyndon stood by the edge of the river, his Greeny-blue hued orbs gazing at the babbling water as it frothed and ran. A shiver ran down his spine as she asked for the wedding band that he kept. He’d kept the band around his finger since his father’s death, he took it from the old man’s cold hands, and it hasn’t left Lyndon’s finger since. He turned back to her and watched for a moment; his eyes dull.


He said simply, wandering towards her, his hand turning the ring around his finger over and over again before sliding it off and placing it into the center of her palm. His fingers lingered for a moment before pulling back stiffly, scratching at the back of his neck. Moving to sit opposite her and her bag, he crossed his legs and nodded once, finalizing it. “So, what shall I do?”

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