Pacing back and forth in a clearing has been Malva's newfound specialty these days, considering that's about the only thing she has been doing. After Cora confronted her regarding her daily routines that were somewhat quite 'disturbingly unhealthy' for someone like her, she had to go back through her records to see if people still believed her hiatus from the hospital was due to a transfer to Georgia. Apparently they still do and well, to say the Aspect of Magic was slightly relieved would be an understatement. She's been thinking about it since last night, the thoughts of returning to work as a pathologist there once again has been bugging her head. A little voice in her told her she should resume her work as one, maybe that could get her head away from some things that has been doing nothing but bring doubt and reluctancy to her. Whilst it was just as important as others, she was leading an unhealthy lifestyle, so much her younger sister had to shook her out of the state.

She still spent her time working on to retracing some trails back, but it's going to be slightly minimal due to her working commitment. She can't agree that performing autopsies and cutting people's bodies open was the option she opted for, to take her mind off things, but she wasn't being picky or choosy. And yet she has been doing nothing but pace around since last night. Her tendency to block things out and endurance was surprisingly a talent for the Aspect of Magic. For the past two days, all that the brunette has been doing was cutting her palm open to rectify her reasons on using blood magic to retrace their two finest guards’ disappearance that was holding their utmost attention at the moment, especially hers, considering she’s failed trying to get ahold of them. 13 times trying various locator spells she could think of, even up to resorting to blood magic for a more clearer insight, yet 13 times she was returned with a huge no.

Malva may as well make a dissertation out of it and see if anyone else reading hers would be just as frustrated as she is when everything she tried came back futile. Well, not everything. There were plenty of forms she still has yet to try but most of them dabbled way too much in the darker path; a path she doesn’t favor. But she’s desperate enough to seek out other ways just to see if she’s just a little low in her game or there was someone else who’s more advanced in this game than her. Of course she knew there were plenty of potential proteges everywhere in the world, but for someone to be able to tamper with her locator spells, that took a certain degree and the fact that she didn’t even know who it might be worries her to no end. Huffing slightly to herself, the pessimistic Ailward Aspect took the tablet on her desk and plopped on her bed, sitting cross legged as she ran her fingers wildly on the screen. It was clear that she was trying to find someone in their database, which would take a while considering they had thousands of names alone in them.

Halfway through her search, she stopped momentarily and wondered the risks that she was taking just to find someone. Everything was stored inside, every data, both internal and external, so she had to be careful. It was the same thing she did trying to track down Isaiah Bradford the first time, she did it manually so no one would notice and unfortunately, Malva needed this to remain a secret. “I can’t believe I’m really just diving into a pile of files to find one person.” she grumbled and pushed the tablet away from her before making her way downstairs to the control room so she could find physical copies of them. After spending at least two hours rummaging through them, she saw one particular name that caught her eye in the ledger. Until she noticed the species on the right side saying he’s a dark diviner. There was no point in pushing this prospect away in the end, she could make the most of it. Rushing to get his file and sneak out of there to get back to her room, but not before making sure there was no mess left around.

She’s going to get her answer today one way or another. He came from a long line of Necromancers, so surely he could hold the key to her question. She won’t know if she doesn’t try. Enacting a simple locator spell to find just where the male is, it didn’t take her long to pinpoint his location. A club, how surprising. She doesn’t usually venture to shady places like that but desperate times call for drastic measures. Brushing her hair for a while before letting it cascade down her shoulders, she wrapped a scarf and coat over her before taking her bag and make her way out of the room. As per usual, the habitual liking of locking her room and enchant them before leaving was making its comeback too. After a while of not getting used to her dragon transformation, she decided to retest it out, just for the sake of rekindling the fires that needed to be rekindled. In an instance, the dark haired Aspect had transformed into her purple dragon form as she soared through the skies and found the club not far off from where she was at.

Taking her place to land in between the trees, she was grateful their dragon forms were invisible to the eyes, since it would've been weird to see a dragon flying around. Even for supernaturals. Slowly reverting back to her human form, she made sure to trace her amethyst pendant that gave her the ability to transform into one. She missed the times where she would just fly around for the sake of peace in her own mind. The club was packed, as usual, even the wintery night couldn’t push her away. Malva’s adamant in finding this guy and getting an answer once and for all. But her temperament did got riled up because people kept bumping into her and if she couldn’t locate Lyndon in the hectic place tonight, she’s most likely going to throw a fit no one wants to be near. Until her sapphire hues landed on one raven haired guy sitting by the bar, thank god. Propping herself at the seat next to him, she obviously looked like she didn’t belong there. “I hope you’re sober enough to talk like any civilized person.”

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Lyndon watched her as she questions him. She questioned his magic and, while he knew she was baiting him, it made his skin crawl that someone would diminish his ego so easily. He raised his hand in the air and twisted his fingers in while muttering incantations. Each bottle on the shelf proceeded to smash, launching out the shards of glass towards the girl in a long, winding, almost snake like stream. Just before making contact, it stopped and begun to dance around the girl in the air. The, the mutterings changed and the shards of glass disintegrated into sand before floating back to the shelfs and rebuilding themselves, piece by piece, until the bottles stood tall in their first form. Lyndons concentration was second to only a few he’d ever met. He was fully capable of weaving in and out of spells quickly and unlike some Diviners who needed to chant loudly and clearly, Lyndon had perfected the art of muttered incantations.

Turning back to her, he cocked his head to the side and flicked his fingers while saying nothing, each speaker in the club making a loud ‘POP’ before beginning to smoke and break, each with their own little electrical light show. “Just a taste love.”

As the girl, mentioned more on magic, he shrugged. “Magic is magic, it makes sense for it to be around. These evil beings sound more like an episode of Buffy than real life.” He snipped back before scoffy. “Risky would have been to leave the magic up for grabs."

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Shifting his weight, the Diviner moved on to return the whiskey to its fixed bottle and pour himself a glass, taking a short sip, he turned with glass in hand. “Alright. I’ll help you do what you need to do.” A small smirk stretched its way across his features like a passing tide.

“But whats in it for me?”

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