Staring out the windows from his own personal cabin up in the mountain tops of Evermore, he wondered if he had the correct and impartial file. The more he stares at it, the more he got conflicted. He’s been holding the file for a week or so, but the content in it kept getting thicker and thicker each day passes. Such as the 3 papers he received yesterday, that have successfully added itself on the file. He can’t believe he’s actually doing this, for Rhydian Snow; the right hand of the Niveis tribe, aka Anivia’s assistant. Whilst Anivia made her choice and Daehyun respected the chief of the tribe immensely, it did not mean the same would come when asked about Rhydian.

It occurred to Daehyun that he himself wasn’t the best around people generally. He was cold and quiet, infamously known for his spying skills and his demeanor that placed a stick in the end, where every other Niveis found it hard to even hold a conversation with the elder Stormwind, if it wasn’t about missions or anything serious. He might be uptight, but it’s all for good reasons. He would not want to allow himself to form unnecessary attachments, knowing fully well it would not last longer than he thought it would. It came as something complicated for the Niveis. Now here he was, leaning against the window frames as he contemplated into telling Rhydian about what he’s found. Perhaps, he should. It is too much of a risk for him to turn a blind eye.

Besides, if it involves Anivia, Daehyun wasn’t going to take any chance into debunking any possible theory that might surface. He’s been keeping an eye out for both Frostbournes too much not to care for them. He had his time looking out for Kaldre, but he also hasn’t forgotten Anivia, who’s still busy as ever, trying to make their tribe comfortable in the new city. Thankfully, it was winter, so they didn’t have as much difficulty as they might. They’ve only been settling for a week, but Daehyun had already ventured into the city, taking it in him as he trained his optics on every single place he’s been at. That, and he also met the other Frostbourne that left them 40 years ago.

Apparently, Kal has been residing in Evermore ever since. The more the Niveis searched the supernatural haven, the more he was fascinated by it. But will it hold for long? They haven’t signed any treaty as far as he knew, and he knew almost everything that goes around. He doesn’t particularly like Rhydian though, his arrogant air just couldn’t sit well with the older Niveis. Somehow, Daehyun just found it very hard to correlate with the male, especially with him debunking him every time. It’s no wonder he got tedious of the countless opposition he’s been met by ever since knowing the male.

Pushing the doors open, he left it ajar briefly before closing them and waited by the west side of the mountain. He had given Rhydian a message to meet him there, so they could train. It was a physical and mental review for the right hand, as he knew there was still some pent up regression held within. And Daehyun could not risk it being there, for any reason. One day, he could very well be influenced by his emotions, and somehow he had a feeling that wasn’t a sight he wished to see anytime soon. He stood there, waiting in the cold as the wind blew wildly, with a file in his hand.

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Rhydian slowed to a brisk walk as he turned off to the dojo and the little apartment he called home as he pushed the door open stepping inside the entrance as he made his way up to his apartment as he came across message pinned to his door taking it down as he walked through to his office opening the note raising an eyebrow as he read the letter.


meet me at the West side of the mountain.  

Rhydian Put the note down as he walked over to his fridge as his fingers ran over the bottles as he pulled out a bottle of water opening it quickly as he took a swig walking back to the note wondering why Dae wanted to meet him there . as Rhydian walked to his bedroom changing into more suitable attire for talking or possible training as he grabbed the jacket he thought about Does sister Mirae she was nothing like him he almost found her energy calming but does much more he dared not to think of Does energy was like as he made his way out of the building before beginning to jog out towards the west of the Mountain.

Rhydian reached the west side of the mountain his eyes beginning to scan his environment as he passed a familiar rock formation as his jog slowed to a cautious walk " Daehyn where are you " he kept walking towards a clearing with a clear line of sight of 2 directions as he sat on a stump of a tree waiting, 

Truth be told, he wasn't the biggest fan of Rhydian, no, everyone knew that if there was one person who would refute every single word or suggestions that came out of Rhydian's mouth, it was Dae. It was nothing personal, he always abided by whatever Anivia would tell him to do, but never the right hand. And sometimes, there was nothing the other male could do about him. Everyone knew not to poke Daehyun too much because it was like poking a sleeping tiger who would be more than willing to freeze your ass off before anything. He's done whatever he needed to, so most information was at his hand, that's why he retained his role as the tribe's spy. 

Unfortunately, the elder Stormwind wasn't about to stick around any longer than he should. He wasn't leaving forever, per se, but he was going to go away for a while. In order for Daehyun to leave without feeling like nothing is holding him back, he needed to be sure that Rhydian was in a clear mind to make sure nothing happens while he was gone. Dae knew Rhydian was more than capable of holding up but he's a new guy, someone he didn't trust fully. His mind, he likes. Aside from that? Nope. The Niveis was already dressed properly for a training session, head to toe while waiting in front of his cabin with a file in his hand. 

Upon hearing his name rung from the left, he glanced over and tapped his feet against the snow while waiting for the other Niveis, "Here." He wasn't going to waste his energy going to the clearing, knowing him, but because he wanted things to be done with, quickly, he made his way to the clearing either way. "Please tell me you have something for me the same way I have something for you." 

Rhydian folded his arms before slipping his hand into his jacket pocket pulling out a green key with the number 1895 " the items you requested through Anivia  " Rhydian tossed the key towards Dae "   City train station green section the locker number is on the is on the keyring you hiring a hitman or something  " he smirked as he pulled a flask out of his pocket as he offered to date  "  scotch?  " Rhydian leant against the tree stump "  and don't ruin any of the hideouts I got for you I used up a lot of favours.

What can you tell me of Coldren " Rhydian   tilt his head  to the side " from what I can understand and can see he has had a massive effect on her I need to know what drives her as you can not hold on to  the past that will end up getting her killed I can train her to survive, but I need to help her stop thinking she is fighting Coldren " Rhydian placed the flask on the stump  as he  looked to  Dae  " and I hope  what you have  is  useful and reliable  as the Nivels I was sent after had not been there ever 


He didn't want to spend a second longer than he needed to, it was clear to everyone in the tribe that Daehyun prefers to do his job silently and individually. With that being said, he's always the lone wolf in most things. When he goes out for missions, it'll be him alone. And when he comes home, he'll bring the results coming from him alone. When Rhydian presented him with a key that had the number 1895 etched on it, Dae furrowed his eyebrows in confusion and retrieved it from his hold after he tossed it, while staring at the numbers, "Why am I not surprised you'd do what she says but never anyone else's" he scoffed, of course, who wouldn't follow what Anivia says. 

However incompetent a person can be, even the pale-haired Niveis had to admit, incompetent us not a word he could use to describe Rhydian Snow. He does his job when asked. Properly. "How long did it take you to find this out?" Call him a curious cat. "Why hire a hitman when I can do the job just fine? No, I just need information on certain individuals that I can't be bothered to track down from ground zero." Not that it matters. At the end of the day, he'll find them. "No thank you" Dae declined his offer casually, "Who knows what you put inside." It was meant to be a sarcastic remark. When he mentioned the hideouts, the Niveis rolled his eyes, "Please. I know how to clean up after myself. You should be telling that to the other kids." 

The name Coldren had him freezing on the spot, that's how much it traumatized him. Even a single mention of his name was enough to trigger the elder Stormwind. "What do you want to know about him? If I could sum it up, I'll tell you he's a cold-hearted, pun intended… cruel tyrant. He doesn't spre anyone any mercy. Not even his daughter that he cherished so much. You're gonna have to ask me the right questions because I'm not about to pull a bedtime story on Coldren Frostbourne." Fighting? Who would be fighting Coldren still in their heads? "Who's fighting who? Is it Nivi?" Well now he's worried. "I always bring useful stuff to the table" he scowled, clearly not impressed on how he had just questioned his job, "I've been doing this for a while now, I know what I'm doing."

Well, Anivia is the boss and " Rhydian pulled out his cell phone shaking it  ", and the boss needs to stop. Pocket dialling people so the same time. Anivia did "  Rhydian took the flask from the stump taking a  huge swig to before adding the lid sliding it into his pocket as he switched for the card " and which reminds me there are a few fake i.ds there too I can picture you as a Henri. 

Who knows I wasn't there when it was made " Rhydian rose to his feet as he walked over to  Dae "  I have a few contacts  Arthur stays by the phone booth near the central station he can give you a lot of info and no associative deniability get the job done and info you want, but it never took. place if you  get my hint " Rhydian looked up  as a  fresh layer of snow began to drop  his mind went back to   Russia  " Ever been to Russia  when the show falls there it is like an art form very peaceful 

Rhydian stared at  Dae as he mentioned Coldren " Mirae is deeply affected by him and so seems are you  " Rhydians mind travels back to the many times he's had the flashback of Esmeralda death blinking slowly after a few minutes " I'm guessing you both lost someone due to him but its hit Mirae harder then most you can see it in her. Fighting style and her actions if Mirae sees  Coldren every time she fights, she will not see her opponent in front of her, and it may get her hurt or worse killed.

Rhydian began to pace between Dae and the tree stump as he tried to keep the thoughts of Esmeralda at bay. "   I have been there day every action you see the one that hurt you the most everyone I fought every one I lost control with they were not  Roman and I will not let  Mirae go down the same path even in her dreams she sees him   I can train her to see her opponent.  to control her strength to keep the power she is using to fight Coldren in her mind to keep it for any opponent to defend her self

Daehyun rolled his eyes in annoyance when he told her that he would follow what the boss says but no one else, of course, he would do that. Why was he even surprised, again? You place too much hope on a place that wasn’t going to ascend, Dae, he told himself. “Yes yes… she’s the boss. But you know, sometimes she tells us to do a few things and there were… certain times when we need your ‘expertise’ and help too, you’re her right hand, aren’t you?” he grumbled dismissively, logically speaking, he should be helping them with everything that’s going on. The elder Stormwind would be caught dead asking someone else for help, so that’s not a way to go either. Perhaps his ego is just as high as the sky, but that was also something he was equipped with. “Seriously, a Henri? Please, I have plenty of other fake ids and Henri is definitely not my type” he scoffed, “Where did you get them anyway?” Reliable, he sure is, but he was still curious to see where Rhydian always seemed to get his resources. 

The other male could be so secretive it does bother the Niveis a bit. Just a bit. Whoever this Arthur was, it was probably one of his other contacts, Dae will be sure to keep in mind when he sees him. “I’m kind of worried to see where you get your contacts but I won’t even question you” Admittedly, he’s worried about the tribe as a whole but you’d never hear him say it out loud on how he ‘cares’ for them. Better to keep it to himself. “I’ve been to Moscow twice… it’s pretty but cold. Then again, I probably preferred it better compared to any other sunny places.” Dae hates the heat. It was pretty much inevitable to escape a place with heat and while he tolerated them better than most, one of the things the pale-haired male hated was definitely heat.

 There was a prominent scowl marring his face when Rhydian talked about Coldren, “Look, I appreciate you trying to look out for her. She’s my sister, of course I want her safe and happy but if you’re looking to dig into the past that I am very sure everyone wanted to forget, don’t. You’re not going to get anything out of that, believe me.” The topic about Coldren Frostbourne was a very sensitive one. “And no, I’m not affected by that guy. Forgot what he did long ago. No point in living in the past.” Lie. But nobody else needed to know about that. “I’ll talk to Mirae about it…” he sighed heavily, it does seem like she couldn’t forget the tyrant either. He didn’t think it would escalate this far. Perhaps, he hasn’t been paying enough attention to realize the damage it brought to her until now.

 “Do whatever you want, she’s a grown woman. I trust her to choose her decisions wisely. She’ll know what to do… just don’t let her emotions get to her that much. She may look like a dainty flower but she’s a Stormwind, and we do have a nasty temper.” Indeed, they do. “How long have you been training her, anyway?” 

A friend. I made in Russia in the 60s   recently moved to Evermore has been making me social security cards and id for years and never failed " Rhydian folded his arms as he. looked at Dae " I am fully aware of my skills and when  they are needed, but like I had said to the boss and applied to all the tribe  come talk to me or leave me a  note  " Rhydian raised an eyebrow   when dad said  what he said " if I am  reading this    what services do you need of me  or  how can I help  " Rhydian looked slightly amused  as he rose to his feet Have you ever  thought Dae  who is the best to see things no one wants to  people to see then the people everyday public do not understand, but I have other contacts  if you require them even with CCTV  privileges  

I  lost the love of my life the  same way murdered  in front of me, yes I didn't cope with it  the right way, but  Mirae has that support  all she needs to do is talk about it, and I am very aware    so is the dojo but we have built techniques  to control it and change it to aggression and power for  attacks in a fight " Rhydian  nodded " a few weeks ago  when I visited her sho[ 

At first, he was a bit weirded out and extremely confused when Rhydian told him it was from a friend he was acquainted with back in the 60s, it wasn't until then that he realized and needed to remind himself that Rhydian wasn't a part of their tribe until Anivia took over. He wasn't part of the tribe during Coldren's rule which explains a lot why he was able to scout the world. Meanwhile, it's only been 40 years ever since Anivia took over the command, which meant Dae's never been anywhere else except Unyak until 40 years ago. "I always leave you a message and a note" he murmured dismissively, admittedly, the elder Stormwind didn't like to visit him face to face or personally like they're doing now. But then again, he didn't like to do that to most people either. "I just don't like to hold up a conversation any longer than I have to. You know that." 

He may not be warm, but he doesn't always outrightly show his coldness to everyone. He always leaves a note for Rhydian whenever he requires the latter's assistance. And he made sure to write the words down specifically. Enough for him not to leave any vagueness to the question. He never thought there was anything happening in the tribe that he didn't know, until Rhydian started mentioning about his own sister. "Should I be worried about her?" For once, Dae sounded softer. All the gruffness and harsh looks were discarded and that was left was the soul of a brother that wanted to do no more than protect his only sister. "What did she tell you, anyway? Is she still having nightmares? I know she's been taking those disgusting herbal remedies of hers… but I wasn't sure if it worked." Mirae was more than capable of taking care of herself so he knew he had nothing to worry about but she was a Stormwind, they were good at wearing masks. 

Rhydian  nodded " she is getting better  she  has learnt to channel some of the sadness and anger   into  forming  ice  shields if she needs to and her fighting skill has  grown  but the  flashbacks are still harsh   but she is learning to stop the ice forming as she had done in the past " he stopped   as he looked to Dae " Coldren was an ass and killed  people as far as she goes before ice grenades  go off and Camille tea good stuff helps someone to feel peace " Rhydians face turned in disgust as he agreed with his counterpart " I agree the taste is diabolical " he chuckled  a little 

" Mirae says I can trust you  so I will be live what she says " he folded his arms as he nodded " I am  her right hand  and what  assistance   with the black op you  need  I've been itching for some fun " Rhydian markings  glowed the usual icey blue  as a staff the size of a walking can be formed as he walked over towards  Dae "   as he listened " Shall we get going as I don't have all-day 

Mirae is his sister so it would make perfect sense that he would be worried about her. But it’s been so long since he could even see her without ducking for cover and flying away because he didn’t want her to see he was there. Coldren ruined a lot of things, things Dae couldn’t see himself forgiving him for, even in his grave, the pale-haired niveis still harbored a lot of resentment towards him. Not that it is a surprise given what the tyrant did to him, he robbed him of his choice and freedom, so much that the first thing he wished for as soon as the fall of his tyranny came to the surface, was to seek freedom. Going on scouting missions meant that too. “So she’s having trouble controlling her abilities since it’s linked to her emotions… don’t we all go through that? There must be a way to dismantle the switch at the very least.”

He obviously went through that too but unlike Mirae who was sentenced to live what seemed to be the rest of her life to serving people in the apothecary back in Unyak, Dae was acting like Coldren’s lapdog; being a part of his security personnel. It gave him to access most didn’t since the paranoid man only kept a certain amount of people close by. It’s why he became an effective spy. Being at the front line like that, he received strenuous training to control his abilities and it helped that he is mostly aloof about things rather than behaving erratically according to their emotions. He scrunched his nose up when Rhydian said the taste was that bad, “She drinks and eats those herbs as her life depended on it sometimes, I’m not surprised. She did work in the apothecary after all…” For some time, it was the only thing she had for company. 

He raised his eyebrows upon hearing his remark about trust, “Seriously? You conveniently decided to trust me just because my sister tells you to?” He wasn’t sure if he found that to be offending or funny, perhaps both seeing as it came from him of all people. “You know I don’t work well with others” he mumbled gruffly, everyone knew that he always kept to himself, he wasn’t even close to his sister, to start with, much fewer others. And he loves his sister dearly. “But anyway, I was told you can get information asap, and I don’t have time to torture it out of people so I’ll need your help with intel because I don’t want to travel halfway across the world only to be greeted with disappointment.” 

He walked a bit further and brushed his hands together. “I need you to tell me everything you know about our species before Unyak. As far as I’m concerned, the first documented niveis is Coldren, and that only dates our history back to 150 years ago. Is there really no other documented niveis before that?” 

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