It was always the same old and same old when it comes to his Aspect but lately, it’s gotten better for both of them. Ven no longer dwells around the ill spirits of his own and drinks himself to sleep, he’s actually getting better and sober. Henri was more than happy to aid him through recovery in that sense, he’s also been running a few casual missions here and there, mostly to track a rogue redhead Valkyr he’s been researching for the past decade but never actually received a green light to go after her. He had nothing else to do but scour and patrol as of late. Until today. They found out that there were another species that came to the city, a group of people called Aurazin. It’s the name they fashioned themselves and honestly, Henri couldn’t say that he’s heard of them either. It was clear that their existence was kept a secret to a lot of people and perhaps, for the better. He only ever knew more about them and why they were here because he had overhead Venetus talking to their ambassador. 

After that, he had poked his Aspect for more information, to which he spilled, surprisingly. Apparently, their world, ‘the veil’ had been locked out from any access, which led to their fall on earth and now they’re here in Evermore because it’s the closest connection they have to the Aspect of Realms, the only person who knew regarding the other world. He had known there was bound to be other worlds but it’s still surprising. Seeing is believing. He was assigned to work alongside Octavia to find out what’s wrong with the doors locking the Aurazin here, coincidentally he needed something to work on and was more than enthusiastic to know he’s been given another mission. Henri wasn’t particularly close with anyone, not enough to call them a close friend, but Octavia had been his mentor for a while when he first joined the Guard. It was ironic. Aurelia brought him there and Octavia trained him. It seemed like the two sisters had a significant part in his life, after all.

 His room was on the first floor so it didn't take Henri long to get downstairs and pass the living room that seemed so dead he actually had to stop himself from wincing again. Things used to be so merry back then when they were at the Isle. It wasn't all rainbows and sunshine, maybe. But they weren't like this. With all that's going on with the city, mysterious cases of people falling victim to active maiming activity, he had best be prepared for anything. He dragged the backpack with him as he wrapped the jacket around his body, it felt snug, probably because he needed to get a new one. Henri pretty much lives in his jacket and shirts, after all. It grants him easier access when he goes down to work. Today he was running an errand, the last time he checked the laboratory, they were lacking a few vitamins. Obviously, Henri needed to do a quick sweep over the local pharmacy so he could get back to testing. 

But some of the things he needed are highly unusual for an individual like him so he would often deal with those from outside because he would like to keep in mind that people didn’t need to know of the Ailwards’ organization more than they already do. After a couple of minutes of walking, he finally arrived in front of a pharmacy, Henri went over to push the doors and noticed the bells rang as if it was indicating his arrival. It didn’t take Henri long to head over the counter and push over a small piece of paper that detailed out what he needed; plenty of painkillers that would exceed anyone’s individual prescription.

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