Aiden stood outside his flat as the storm began to pelt the ground with rain drops the cool rain drops caused him to come out of his meditative trance as he opened his eyes the sky   had an early morning look   as Aiden walked to the bench as he began to stretch   before he started to run in the familiar route he would take to his office as he turned to the first street    raising his hand to   the familiar people who often waved to him,    he didn't know them but being rude never helped business   the splashing of the puddles when he ran into them was relaxing   since Scarlett had found him he had concerns of Scarlett being in the city Scarlett was a country girl not made for the city as he turned on to the final street Aiden was stopped by a shop vendor who was renovating his shop asked for his advice once ago before continuing he was met by the site of his Office coming closer with every step he took 

Walking through the doors to his business, Aiden was met by his secretary, who began to ramble on   about the day's itinerary as he walked to the lift he stopped to look at her Susan” I think you have forgotten something, “he stood in his damp running gear as she looked blankly at him as the doors to the lift often he watched as the   lightbulb thought hit her as she ran off Aiden held the door open as she came running back with a towel as the lift doors shut again he thought about the Retirement party for his last secretary Elizabeth    she had been with the company 10 years, and she knew him   where Susan didn't as the familiar ping for his floor he stepped out into his office that he had designed by scratch to meet the criteria her was looking for with secret panels to store many secrets that he kept as he walked to the wall by his desk he pressed a button on the wall as a clothing rail    opened as pulled out a white shirt black trousers and jacket looking at the black shoes he's debated with his mind before taking a pair  and walking into the spare room to change 

The meetings began at 9 am on the dot   from potential zoning issues to design floors and such, but Aiden's mind travelled back to his sister Scarlett here in Evermore he feared her being around him that he may corrupt her and turn her into a dark diviner or the city corrupting her the city wasn't like what she grew up in and there is danger in every corner he closed his eyes as he wrote notes and gave choices to   the situations they were facing the morning passed very quickly before he knew it was 12 pm   lunchtime today was a Tuesday” he walked back to his desk taking a seat at the computer screen as he looked at emails and schematics as he heard the door open and the smell of a meatball Mariana filled the room”  excellent choice Susan thank you that's all for now "he watched as she walked away as he tucked into his lunch as he thought about Scarlett as his minds light came on remembering the responsibility he had back hone and that anyone had to listen to the leader” pressing down on the intercom with his free hand" Susan can you do me a favour and locate a Miss Kaelyn Brook and ask if she would meet me here at 8pm send a car if you have all he heard was a yes sir before   the line went dead   Aiden sighed as he sat back hoping Kaelyn could help 

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