Aiden stood outside his flat as the storm began to pelt the ground with rain drops the cool rain drops caused him to come out of his meditative trance as he opened his eyes the sky had an early morning look as Aiden walked to the bench as he began to stretch before he started to run in the familiar route he would take to his office as he turned to the first street raising his hand to the familiar people who often waved to him, he didn't know them but being rude never helped business the splashing of the puddles when he ran into them was relaxing since Scarlett had found him he had concerns of Scarlett being in the city Scarlett was a country girl not made for the city as he turned on to the final street Aiden was stopped by a shop vendor who was renovating his shop asked for his advice once ago before continuing he was met by the site of his Office coming closer with every step he took 

Walking through the doors to his business, Aiden was met by his secretary, who began to ramble on about the day's itinerary as he walked to the lift he stopped to look at her Susan” I think you have forgotten something, “he stood in his damp running gear as she looked blankly at him as the doors to the lift often he watched as the   lightbulb thought hit her as she ran off Aiden held the door open as she came running back with a towel as the lift doors shut again he thought about the Retirement party for his last secretary Elizabeth she had been with the company 10 years, and she knew him   where Susan didn't as the familiar ping for his floor he stepped out into his office that he had designed by scratch to meet the criteria her was looking for with secret panels to store many secrets that he kept as he walked to the wall by his desk he pressed a button on the wall as a clothing rail opened as pulled out a white shirt black trousers and jacket looking at the black shoes he's debated with his mind before taking a pair and walking into the spare room to change 

The meetings began at 9 am on the dot   from potential zoning issues to design floors and such, but Aiden's mind travelled back to his sister Scarlett here in Evermore he feared her being around him that he may corrupt her and turn her into a dark diviner or the city corrupting her the city wasn't like what she grew up in and there is danger in every corner he closed his eyes as he wrote notes and gave choices to the situations they were facing the morning passed very quickly before he knew it was 12 pm lunchtime today was a Tuesday” he walked back to his desk taking a seat at the computer screen as he looked at emails and schematics as he heard the door open and the smell of a meatball Mariana filled the room” excellent choice Susan thank you that's all for now "he watched as she walked away as he tucked into his lunch as he thought about Scarlett as his minds light came on remembering the responsibility he had back hone and that anyone had to listen to the leader” pressing down on the intercom with his free hand" Susan can you do me a favour and locate a Miss Kaelyn Brook and ask if she would meet me here at 8pm send a car if you have all he heard was a yes sir before the line went dead Aiden sighed as he sat back hoping Kaelyn could help 

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Never has been simple for the Diviner. Even from day one. Being abandoned as a baby on the doorstep of an orphanage. Unwanted by her parents. Not even given the chance. Just an innocent baby sent away for what they may have thought was a better life proved to be misjuguced. With how it wasn’t any orphanage she was absconded at it was one that was far from it. A ploy for something even bigger. Some people would refer to it as being similar to the ‘Red Room’ Just without the violence, killing and more twisted parts. Whilst other children were out at a playground with their parents. The young Redhead was out learning how to pickpocket and steal. Doing anything she could do to survive. Sometimes when she was younger she would watch the happy families wishing for that life. Yet it never worked out for her. She was destined for a different life. One that she had to fight and work for everything. Nothing was handed out to her. 

Being a leader was something that she never saw herself becoming. Always having been someone who kept to herself. Never being a team leader or player at that. Yet that all seemed to change. Not being the same person she once was before coming to Evermore. The good and the bad. Mostly lately it had taken a turn for the worse so to speak. She faced and went against her demons, taking a life. Losing the light and finding the dark within. All because of one book she tried her best to keep Wyatt away from it not thinking that she too would be drawn to the darkness. She was too distracted by vengeance to see the book's power and what her evil ex wanted. 

The Diviner was still adapting to her new self. To be a dark Diviner. Still at the same time she had to remember she was a leader who was battling her own demons at the same time. Today was another day. Sipping her coffee she received a phone call from an unknown number that she let go to voicemal soon found was the security of one of her diviners asking for a summnace. There was one thing she hated and it was being summoned with how it was normally the otherb way around. People would be coming to her. Kaelyn debated whether or not to go to see what Aiden was wanting. Yet she remembered that the Hale Diviner was quite perisitsnt so to speak. 

Apparently a car was being sent her way but if she could rember rightly she had always given a fake address to everybody unless she was close to them or a fellow ambassador. Not wanting everyone to turn up at her home. She was a con artist after all. To make life easier for herself she used her teleportation powers and was outside the building of Aiden’s work in seconds. Kaelyn always loved the perks of its powers making life all that easier for herself. Heading inside she soon found her way to where his office was being greeted by his security who tried showing her to his office. Kaelyn beat her too, walking into the room before ‘Susan’ could tell Aiden of her arrival. “You summoned me?” Going straight to the point before the formal greetings. The Redhead took the seat opposite Aiden choosing to get herself settled remembering what the fellow Diviner was like. “So why did you call me here? I know it’s not work related” It was Diviner related. It’s been quite quiet with the Diviner up front with not many coming to her for help or advice. Many liked to keep to themselves until they wanted something. “Let me guess it may have something to do about a young blonde Diviner” She teased softly, raising her brows already to guess what his worries were.

Aiden froze as he held up 1 finger " one second Kaelyn "he finished cutting the last outgrowing branch of the bonsai tree before placing the scissors on the table as he rose to his feet moving quickly towards a wall on the left-hand side of the room, looking at the walk he pressed panels in various sizes before a series of shelves were shown" yes it is regarding Scarlett " his fingers scanned the shelves before finding a candle and the tube of salt . " kicking the panel closed Aiden returned to his seat placing the candle beside him he looked through his draw for a lighter grabbing one quickly as he began the silence spell to prevent listeners

" Aiden looked at the diviner leader as he nodded " Yes Scarlett is my biological sister " I fear being in Evermore may corrupt her she is nothing like me and would not be able to make the choices I have had to make " hie from plain site use fake addresses " aiden finished on that one as he knew the address he had for the diviner leader was fake.

He rose to his feet as he indicated with his hand " tea or a coffee or stronger ? " he walked over to the machines and he began to make a coffee for himself " Did you know Scarlett lost 2 people in her life even though she will say three our father i had to kill him to try and save what remained of my coven i had no pleasure in killing him but i had to protect my family and after i left she found some one she was happy till i found outhewas hurting her it " his voice turned stern showing no emotion as he spoke " i watched that scum die but before he died i made sure he felt everything Scarlett did" he walked to the table placing the coffee on a coaster " he rolled up his left sleeve pointing to his fathers name " even though hetried to destroy his family but is the only person i regret killing to keep Scarlett save you need to make her leave to prevent anyone hurting her or corrupting her

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