There was always a loophole in everything. Taealha first learnt that when she couldn't seem to get things her way during her experiments. She wasn't sure if she had experienced or before in her teen years considering the human still has yet to recall the small bits of her memories before her 17 year old self. Unfortunately, from the previous visit for her medical checkup today the doctor, she said the PTA could be permanent despite her therapies. Clearly, she wasn't happy to hear those news but said nothing about it. It wasn't as if she could actually express her upsetness, anyway. It was simply impossible for her to do that, so she gave a grateful nod and smile to her doctor before taking her leave. She decided then that there must be a way. A loophole. 

That was two weeks ago, she was thinking of stopping her therapies but Arianna told her it's best to keep up with it, so she did. Her eyes landed on the picture of her posing in front of the beautiful sunset, she had set it as her lock screen picture. It reminded her of that cheat day she never wanted to end; the best cheat day in her entire life. She ended up befriending the one she requested to take the same picture. Ivory Blake. Taealha misses her. After spending hours talking to each other at the cafe, they were forced to go their separate ways once the cafe was closing, but not before promising each other to meet again later. Initially, they planned to meet again the next Saturday, they were supposed to go to the greenhouse Ivy told her about. Unfortunately, neither of their schedules seemed to line up. Ivy was busy with her work and so was Taealha. She couldn't exactly stop midway and sneak out, it wasn't Taealha. 

Whenever Ivy is free, the human would be occupied with her thesis paper or the likes, and whenever she was free, Ivy would be somewhere outside of Evermore, doing her job. But finally, after a while, they were able to set a date to meet and spend the day. It was why she decided to clear everything on her day today, specifically for the Aussie girl. Taealha also made sure nobody would call her in. Today was just her and Ivy, as planned. As part of her New Year's look, the human decided to dye her hair, changing the dark shade of black to a brighter color that would definitely catch people's attention; red. She also sported that new blouse she got, a baby blue one with her usual skater skirt that stops just her knees, lower now because the weather was chilling. Her vibrant hair was curled naturally and left loose with a beret on top of it, her neck adorned with necklaces and all of her ear piercings present. The human still opted for heels, but settled for boots instead of pumps. 

Was she all dressed up to meet Ivy? Yes. Taealha always dressed up prettily for herself but perhaps she wanted to show a certain look for a certain someone today. After petting her cat, she slung her bag around her and locked the doors before making her way downstairs. They had agreed to meet in front of the same cafe; the cafe Ivy led her to, that day. It was only a few miles away from her apartment complex and Taealha enjoys jogging every morning, anyway, her cardio levels were fine. By the time she got there, she saw a familiar silhouette standing in front of the entrance, just across her. In order to get there, she needed to cross, in which Taealha waved enthusiastically towards her before doing so. "Have you waited for long?" 

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She still remembered that evening like it was yesterday, the two of them talking the night away, not realizing the time and then promising they would meet again for an actual date. It had been one of those moments in life where everything felt like it lined up for a moment and she got totally swept away with the moment. Honestly, it wasn’t like her to get so caught up, Ivy was normally the skeptical type and to meet someone who seemingly had no idea who she actually was, shocked her. But even though she’d had to cancel their date several times because of a last-minute offer for shooting on a new movie she had been talking to Taealha pretty much non stop since they met.

It started with just chatting a little flirting back and forth but now she regularly trading selfies and random pictures showing snippets of her life to the other girl. She felt a little like she was a giddy teenager but then it occurred to her that she never got to do this before, never got to have a crush and have silly conversations with them and fawn about them to her friends. Though the sharing with friends part would actually require her to have some close friends. Shooting had been pretty draining the past few weeks but every time she got a message from the dark-haired beauty she felt herself uplifted and that was getting her through it.

This weekend was the weekend they finally got to see one another again though, the Initia landed back in Evermore 2 days ago and she had pretty much been counting down to the date since then. She had also been having a mental breakdown about what she was supposed to wear since then too. Because truth be told? She’d never actually done the date thing and it was way more stressful than a red carpet or interview was. At those places she had a team who decided what she should wear and did her makeup for her, that was easy. Choosing an outfit to wear for a date with someone you actually wanted to impress? Much harder. In the end, she had decided to go for a cute wintery look, black pants and brown boots paired with a black silk top which was covered by an oversized white sweater. Her hair was hanging in her usual loose waves around her shoulders and she had some pretty sparkly earrings in, nothing too crazy.

She was a little worried she might look like she didn’t try hard enough but Taealha had complimented her style many times so she decided to go with something that seemed ‘her’. That was the thing about Taealha, she actually felt like she could be herself around her, not the facade she showed to pretty much everyone else in the world but the goofy, sometimes grumpy, definitely a little socially awkward, person that she actually recognized as herself as now. Eventually, she finally made it out of the apartment and to her car, before starting it and driving to the cafe they first went to. It seemed like the easiest place to meet and she figured they could get drinks to go if they wanted. She arrived early, Ivy was pretty much early for everything and so she was leaning against the wall, fiddling the charm bracelet she always wore while she waited to see if her date would show.

She lifted her gaze for a moment to see the red-haired female just across the road and her face immediately lit up with a bright smile, she looked really cute, with her pretty blue blouse and signature short skirt and silver jewelry on pretty much every part of her body she could have jewelry. She was holding her phone because that was how the two of them communicated and smiled when she saw her message “Not long, I was just looking up the directions” she smiled sweetly as she lifted her gaze to take in how pretty she looked “You look….wow” she grinned sheepishly “The hair, I wasn’t expecting” she leaned in a closer to inspect it and then gave an approving nod “My car is just around the corner if you’re ready to go?” though Ivy did wonder how they would talk in the car because she couldn’t text and drive. After a moment though she paused, remembering the little gift she had gotten Taealha in LA because she saw it and immediately thought of her, she grinned slightly “First though close your eyes and hold out your hand” she bit her lip softly as she took the little raccoon bracelet she bought and placed it on her wrist.

She had so many things all planned out in her head and whilst she's never been to this greenhouse that Ivy was going to take her to, she was confident that she'll have fun either way. A good setting for a nature lover such as them both and there's that very good friend, Ivy, accompanying her. It's a good day to be out. Saturday is usually an off day for anyone but that wasn't the case for the human who's always cooped up in her room at the lab, trying to finish her thesis at a speeding pace, but for today, she's made sure that she would have the day to herself. She owed it to herself and she promised Ivy she'd be there. Taealha wasn't the kind who would drop anything at a last minute notice, anyway.

 They've been communicating just fine via phones, and considering the fact that Taealha's already shared a bunch of her memes to the other female, it clearly tells that she was very comfortable and interested in her. Very interested, indeed. It was hard to deny her attraction either, the closer they got to each other, the more Taealha found her heart beating faster at the thought of seeing her again. Like right now. There was a woman leaning against the wall, looking all too gorgeous in a casual style, no doubt waiting for her. As soon as her gaze fell on her, Taealha felt like she just found a treasure chest. The now red-haired female automatically brought her hand up to her hair and grinned sheepishly, ruffling it a bit, "Yeah, I thought I should go for a change. It's a new year, right? You know what they say, new year, new me? Yeah that's it."

 She was visibly flattered that the hair color suited her enough once the dye sets in, who knew a dark haired girl like her could go with a bright color such as that? Took quite the bleach though. "You look very pretty, Ivy" she noted the casual style was what made her stand out even more. Everyone else would wear something fitting the mood, sometimes even a dress, but with Ivy, so long as it's comfortable, it seems to enhance that mood even more. She nodded enthusiastically and was about to trail behind her to the car when Ivy told her to close her eyes in which she flashed a playful look but did it nonetheless. She felt the cool metal on her wrist and opened her eyes, suddenly greeted with a gift; a bracelet. Not just any bracelet, a raccoon bracelet. "Ivy… it's beautiful. I'm flattered that you thought of me… are you sure I'm not Trash Panda Queen in your contacts?" 

Ivy’s schedule was always crazy and things came up last minute often, typically the Initia just managed to juggle everything but there were definitely times when she felt overwhelmed, especially when traveling was involved because while Ivy didn’t mind the flying part of the journey, airports and the likes definitely stressed her out and the possibility of a plane being canceled or delayed was basically her worst nightmare. But she had finally managed to clear some time for this and counting down to it had definitely been a highlight of her month. So the moment she saw Taealha arrive she felt like it was finally real and she could relax a little. Or as much as someone could when her date showed up looking so incredibly gorgeous like that, not to mention this was her first...real date.

Ivy bit her lip softly, the more she was thinking about it the more she was feeling nervous which seemed ridiculous considering how much her and Taealha had talked since they first met, but it was the whole idea of it all that was getting to her. She realized her palms were a little sweaty and brushed them against her jeans as she tried to calm herself down. “I feel like I underdressed” she admitted as she took in Taealha’s attire, then again, the human had always seemed to be more stylish than she was, Taealha’s idea of casual didn’t include pants because she always seemed to prefer skirts. “It suits you” she responded with a smile as she looked up from her phone so she could take in the view in front of her, the bright color looks amazing on and highlighted her features even more than she thought was possible.

Ivy’s gaze shifted to the floor the moment that Taealha said she looked pretty and she smiled to herself “I was worried I wouldn’t look like I tried hard enough cause you know...this is important” and overdue too, she had been trying to make a day work for ages now and it felt almost shocking that they were finally here now. She stared at Taealha for a moment feeling a little nervous but then the human smiled which made her smile and put her at ease. So when she reached to put the bracelet on Taealha’s arm she felt a little more confident as she waited for her reaction “I saw it just had to come with me, it screamed out for you” she laughed softly as she let her arm go and stepped back with a soft smile “You aren’t but that is like the perfect name, I may have to change it” she laughed softly and nodded, okay, time for them to actually leave if they wanted to make it in time.

She nodded slightly before she led the way towards her car, she chose to bring her mid-range one rather than her sports car because she didn’t want tonight to be about her flashing money, she just wanted to enjoy one night as a normal girl on a normal date. Though she did have some concerns about who they might run into there. She headed around to the driver’s side and climbed in, waiting for Taealha to join her before starting the engine. She put her phone into her pocket and spoke out loud, not wanting to sit in silence for the whole drive “You can pick some music if you want” she spoke softly as she pointed to the stereo right as she pulled out of the carpark and onto the road.

Truth be told, Taealha wasn't sure if she was nervous or excited. At the moment, her nerves were basically all acting out and her emotions were jumbled up. Was she more enthusiastic than nervous? The human couldn't be sure but one thing was for sure, she's been waiting for this day since forever. Don't get her wrong, Taealha enjoyed texting with Ivy, even though they couldn't talk as much due to their schedules clashing over time, the human would try her very best to make time for the Initia. She remembered abandoning her OT chance just to get back home and squeal over a selfie Ivy sent her, after countless times of begging from her part. It was worth it. It was a cute selfie, a picture of Ivy at the set. It didn't matter even if the other female took it casually, it's the fact that she took it that sent butterflies. Ivy did it even when she didn't have to. That's what got to Taealha so much. Her consideration warmed her heart. 

Okay, maybe she was slightly nervous. But all of that went out the window as soon as her gaze fell on the female standing across her as she crossed the road. Oh wow, did she look gorgeous. This was considered a date, right? The thought of it alone was making her blush. "Oh, you're definitely not underdressed, I'm just being me" she sent her a toothy grin, it was another word for Taealha being her usual stylish self, no matter where she's at. Arianna swore that the redhead would actually dress fashionably at her own funeral. Which wasn't far-fetched at all. It was actually possible. "I hope I still dressed finely though, I didn't… overdress, right?" There's Ivy's concern of being underdressed and now there's Taealha's concern of being overdressed. Guess they do fit together, after all.

 "It is, isn't it? Is this your first too?" It was surely Taealha's first date so excuse the human for behaving so giddily. Some part of them made it clear that they were attracted to one another, with Taealha shamelessly admitting Ivy makes her heart flip. When she put the bracelet on her, she could only stare at it in awe, this was truly living up to her fantasies. "I mean so long as you still view one Trash Panda Queen cute, I'm fine with that. You still do find me cute, right?" Taealha was often cited as unpredictable. Not in a bad way, she could be extremely shy at one point and would have no problem leaning into your personal space if you let her or once she's comfortable with you. Whilst she was still shy, she had no problem admitting out loud what she feels. "It's so cute to see that you're still thinking of me even when you're away" It was a first time experience for her. 

The redhead trailed behind her and got into the passenger's seat, settling in comfortably with a smile, she was halfway putting on her seatbelt when she heard Ivy spoke, oh how she's missed that voice. Perhaps, it also helps that Taealha's been depending a lot on sounds and had a rather sensitive hearing. She wasn't sure how to communicate with Ivy while she's driving, seeing as the other couldn't exactly type while doing so. It wasn't until Taealha typed her words in a translator instead, it wouldn't sound good, a bit monotonous but it'll do. "What kind of music do you like?" She asked as she turned on the stereo. 

Ivy laughed softly when Taealha insisted she wasn’t underdressed, honestly, Ivy had no idea what was appropriate attire for a date because she had never been on one before and it wasn’t one where you were going out to dinner which might be obviously formal. “Well you being you looks really good” she complimented with a sheepish smile “How about we settle on saying whatever we wear as long as long as we feel happy and confident in it, then it doesn’t matter” she smiled softly as she looked back at her, Taealha clearly felt most confident when he was wearing her heels and pretty skirts, Ivy worked well with jeans and minimalistic outfits, they made a very interesting pair that was for sure but she kinda liked that.

“It’s my first….official date” she responded and felt herself getting a little embarrassed over admitting that, most of her dates were either fake ones with a guy, which basically consisted of doing what she had to for the paparazzi stalking around and then going home alone “My schedule has always been so crazy, it never really occurred to me I was missing out on anything” she admitted and shrugged her shoulders slightly, and then she had met an adorable girl on the street and she realized she wanted to spend more time with her. Not only that but she wanted to freely flirt with her and maybe even hold her hand. “Of course I find you cute” she responded and laughed softly “You’re the only trash panda I will ever admit is cute, and now you have the bracelet to prove it” she nodded slightly, really she saw it and knew how much Taealha loved them and knew she had to have it “Well we did talk pretty much every day and you kept begging me for a set selfie that day” she laughed softly, honestly every time she could between takes she would be checking her phone for another message.

Ivy figured if things got too difficult she could just ask yes or no questions to Taealha until they got to the place or she could tell some stupid story and ramble for a while which might bore the other girl but it seemed better than a silent car. She glanced over at the redhead before turning her eyes back to the road, pulling out and heading out towards the main road which took you through the city, she needed to keep her eyes focused on the road because of all the traffic around so she was surprised when she heard the robot-like voice echo through the car which in turn made her laugh at her own shock “I like anything really, as long as it has a good beat and the lyrics around about something interesting” she smiled softly “Let me guess, you like music you can dance to?” she glanced over at her and then back to the road, giving a slightly playful smile because Taealha seemed like the type who enjoyed dancing.

It may be the winter season but that didn't hinder Taealha from picking out something bright, befitting her nature instead of making sure it fits the occasion. She has always been a vibrant person and the colors accentuated every single part of that, much to her delight. So it wasn't a surprise to find her standing on her two feet dressed brightly from head to toe. Not too bright, of course. Who could ever match yellow with another color like orange without looking like a scarecrow? "Exactly, we can wear whatever we want so long as we're confident in it. It's your style, nobody should have a say in it." Occasionally, the female may have a few comments but then again, it was Taealha. She's never kept her mouth shut for anything that she wanted to have a clear say on. Pun intended. 

When Ivy admitted it was her very first official date, Taealha tried her best to hide her surprise, "Oh? Mine too. I've never been to any dates before, like I said, nobody took me serious enough to actually muster the courage to do that." Sadly, that's how things were. Crushing was usual for her, but official dates? Close to foreign. "I've been out for study dates but I won't count those. I'm not sure if they really wanted to study or not" There were plenty of those going around since high school but she wasn't sure what was the purpose of it when she could only communicate via texting and they weren't paying half the attention they were supposed to. "Crazy schedules, sound like something we both have in common. But, at least we could have a feel now, right? I think it'll be exciting." 

It's very unfortunate they couldn't have a picnic or something but then again, you make do with whatever you have and the trip to the greenhouse was more than enough to cover everything up. Besides, Ivy being there alone was filling that boredom. "The only trash panda you'll find cite. You know, at this point I'm not surprised if I end up adopting a trash panda as you so call them and name them after you. Maybe you guys can get along." Knowing Taealha, she may actually do that. "I'm not an animal whisperer but… maybe they'll be friendly once they meet someone friendly?" Her heart did flutter when Ivy called her cute, a simple compliment like that was enough to send her above. It wasn't like those empty-handed compliments or praises she received, this was so different. The sincerity behind those words, how could she not swoon over them?

 "And it was worth it. I still kept it with me. You should take selfies more often, you know. You're very pretty, Ivy. You shouldn't hide it." The robotic voice may have irritated her because she was so sure her own voice that hasn't been used for a while, sounds a lot better. But anything works so long as she could still communicate with Ivy rather than suffer in car silence. "Mhmm, I like to dance when I'm in my own comfort zone and by that, I mean I dance pretty much every time. My life can be a musical for all we know. I've never been to musical shows in theater but I think I'll love them very much. Do you like them? Have you been to one?"

Taealha had this really bright and optimistic way about her which Ivy really enjoyed, it wasn’t exactly a secret that the Initia could be a pessimist about a lot of things, she grumbled a lot, she liked to mutter under her breath about things and could easily get annoyed but she didn’t feel that so much when she was talking to Taealha. You’d think someone so positive would annoy her but actually it felt like quite the opposite to her. “And there’s not a single thing you could wear that you’d look bad in, I’m convinced of that much” Taealha often sent her pictures of her outfits she styled that day and asked for opinion and Ivy always appreciated just how good she looked in everything.

Ivy noticed the way that Taealha almost looked a little shocked when she said that she was on her first official date, perhaps it was shocking to the other girl but to Ivy, it was actually shocking that she’d managed to find someone she felt like she connected with and actually wanted to go on a date with “Well then it looks like we both have no idea what we’re doing” she responded to her message offering the human a soft slightly nervous smile “In my experience, study dates excuse to spend more time with someone” and it wasn’t really even that subtle if she was honest. The way Taealha described the idea of getting to do this today as exciting made her beam slightly though because she was really excited to, even if she wasn’t the type to show it on the outside “I wouldn’t miss it for the world” she responded a little cheesily and smiled over at the dark-haired female.

Ivy scrunched her nose at the idea of Taealha adopting some random raccoon and it ended up wrecking her home and going through her trash constantly, she could imagine it wouldn’t stay cute for very long and she might end up regretting her choice “You do realize that trash panda would end up being the complete bane of your existence? I’m not sure I like the idea of being likened to that” she shook her head slightly and she was pretty sure you couldn’t actually have one as a pet anyway. “You know your optimism is adorable but just a little naive” she responded honestly and shook her head slightly with an amused smile “It’s adorable but I’m worried someone would come along and hurt you” was she protective over her? Perhaps, she definitely felt like she was too precious for this world sometimes.

Ivy looked back at Taealha for a moment when she read the message about taking more selfies because she thought she was pretty, of course, she was used to people calling her pretty, she did a lot of modeling after all but it felt different being told it by someone she actually wanted to impress “But if I take too many then it won’t feel as special when I finally let you have one” she grinned slightly because she had eventually caved when Taealha kept asking for one and giving all those cute puppy dog eye emojis. She laughed as the robot voice explained how much Taealha loved dancing and musicals “Well then I look forward to seeing this constant dancing” she grinned slightly glancing over at her. She pressed her lips together when she asked if she had seen musicals, she had many friends in the theatre business so she had done a lot of backstage shows “Yes and if you’re going to see one you simply must go to NYC to experience it, there’s nothing more special than seeing a show in Broadway” of course Ivy was a sucker for the arts, since it was what she did for a living "Which would you want to see most?" she asked with a soft smile. 

Some of her colleagues would actually tease Taealha by saying she should go out some more, she's always cooped up in her spare room if not her work space. Either she was working on her thesis or she was studying more about the possibilities of cell engineering in the lab, it's always one or the two. Admittedly, the human spends a lot of time studying, in general. But ever since she met Ivy that day, she's been patiently waiting for this day to arrive; where they would finally get to make good on their words. Here they were again, in front of each other, making their way to the greenhouse the Aussie had raved to her the first time they met. She couldn't wait to finally set her foot there, honestly. Especially more so with Ivy. Her cheeks flushed slightly when she received yet another compliment from the other female, causing the red-haired female to cover her cheeks with her hands, "Anymore compliments and you'll send me flying for the moon, Ivy" she warned playfully. 

Her ego may not be able to rose that high but with how Ivy is being, the possibility was stark present there. The idea of her first date was even more appealing now. She was curious to see what will happen today. "That's fine, we both have no idea, we'll find one. That's the best thing about going in unprepared and inexperienced" she giggled, she didn't mind going in without any preparations in mind, she was free to see what goes on today. Perhaps, she'll get the chance to learn more regarding the other female. That sounds incredibly progressive. "Well, I have no idea why they would want to go on study dates with me when they couldn't even understand a word I'm trying to say. Pretty sure they dazed out the first 5 minutes in" she shook her head, when it involves things like that, Taealha found herself to be quite strict. If it was studies or work, she tended to be very professional and serious. 

Even though a raccoon is a bad choice of a pet, she still couldn't get rid of her thoughts on having one, the possibilities were there, no matter how…  thin. "You never know until you try, right?" she grinned sheepishly, yup she was still on the trash panda adoption agenda. "I know it's not the best compliment you'll get, I'm not sure if you could even consider that as one but… to me, you're cute and exceptionally adorable. Sometimes you look at me with those eyes and I find it hard to look away because... " she couldn't go ahead with her words so she sent a shrugging emoji alongside a heart one. "Oh, don't worry. Nobody would dare hurt me when I have you, right? You'll protect me" she beamed enthusiastically, her grin grew by tenfold and she couldn't remember the last time she had smiled this brightly. It wasn't that long ago sure, but this time it feels good to have a reason being a person. 

"The world has too many negativity, let me be one of the bit of positivity there is" she quipped softly, she liked the idea of being a light in that. Some people may need a nudge and push into such a direction, Taealha would be more than happy to assist with that. Ivy was very attractive, her green hues reflected her personality, she could almost sense the warmth in her tone originating from her heart, not to mention the sincerity accentuating them. Her smiles were precious, every single one seemed to send the human's heart fluttering. It was a good feeling. For once in her life, someone showed her the equal treatment, if not more. "What a big tease you are, Ivy" she pouted and crossed her arms as if to show her retaliation. It didn't last long though. 

Her eyes almost sparkled at the sudden mention of Broadway. Oh how she wished she could see at least one show. She could even die a happy woman. "I was a huge fan of The Phantom of the Opera. There's also… Hamilton. Oh OK! Come From Away!" She was basically fangirling silently, no pun intended. But her body language was showing her enthusiasm just fine.

Ivy didn’t really know what it was exactly about Taealha that made her feel so different to anyone else, the Initia wasn’t usually the type to genuinely compliment others or go out of her way to even point things out but Taealha was such a sweet and enticing person that they just kinda kept happening, she didn’t even filter the thoughts before they came out of her lips and she didn’t realize how flattering she was being until the human pointed it out, making Ivy blush slightly “We should get you the ugliest outfit possible just to prove that it’s not just a compliment” she commented and laughed softly, she really thought that it wouldn’t matter what she wore, she would still look adorable.

She felt at ease by the way Taealha seemed excited and curious for their date, she was worried that it would feel awkward or tense but those feelings quickly melted away, she supposed it wasn’t much different from the night they met, talking and smiling and generally enjoying someone’s company “Most people would feel out of their element having no idea what they’re getting into” she commented and smiled, Taealha seemed like she adapted well to her surroundings and situation. Really what she remembered most about their meeting was how easy it had been for them to talk and connect with each other, in spite of having to use their phones to talk and so she was excited to learn more, to talk more “I guess they realized pretty fast that you’re serious when it comes to studying huh? Miss scientist” a few times they’d talked on text about her work but honestly it was far too complicated for Ivy to actually understand, but it was evident that Taealha loved it a lot.

She chuckled under her breath at Taealha’s response “Well you definitely get points for determination” if someone could stubborn a raccoon into becoming a loving and well-behaved pet it was probably Taealha, she seemed to have the charms needed and Ivy got the feeling like she was very patient. Ivy sucked in a breath as Taealha went on to claim that she likened her to a teah panda because she thought she was cute and adorable and then she laughed at the heart emoji she used “I think that’s one of the only times someone has called me cute for a compliment” she responded with a blushing emoji and smiled purposely leaned in a bit closer to her so she could meet her eyes for a moment, just to see if it made her nervous. She nodded slightly when Taealha asked if she would protect her “Well true, someone has to make sure you don’t run into harm’s way” she felt this natural pull to take care of her.

“I like your positivity, I’m hoping being around you might let my siphon some” she chuckled under her breath, Taealha definitely did stand out for her positivity and how happy she seemed to be with herself and that was incredibly attractive to Ivy. She glanced over at the red-haired female appreciating how different she looked with the brighter colored locks and smiling gently because she really stood out, she had these soft doe eyes which were hard to resist, always so expressive and sweet looking, Ivy was sure she must get a lot of attention from random people who just noticed in passing how beautiful she was. She grinned when she called her a tease “Maybe I want to keep your interest” she teased slightly, noting the sweet hint of a pout on her lips.

The way even the robot voice seemed to convey how excited Taealha was about the topic made Ivy feel like she could literally feed off her energy and it had her thinking about how adorable it would be to get to see Taealha experience her first Broadway show “I so want to make it happen now, I’ve never seen someone so excited about musicals” she grinned, she knew a lot of people in the industry and she was sure she could arrange something. Before long they were getting to the outskirts of the city and she could see the glass roof of the butterfly garden in the distance “I hope you don’t mind the idea of butterflies landing on you” she spoke it shyly because she read online that it was pretty likely to happen.

Before today, she couldn't remember if she's ever been this happy, and the answer to that very question would be limited. She remembered being happy on her birthday because she would receive gifts from Arianna and Thalia. Their gifts were nowhere near extravagant but they meant everything to her. Books, she received those a lot while growing up and she cherished every single copy of them. It's the reason why she kept her shelves back home neat and clean. This kind of happiness and anticipation was slightly different, this time it was someone new; someone she felt familiar with. Something about Ivy intrigued her and all it told the human was that whatever it was, she was more than happy to find out. No wonder she was giddy today, for someone who's never had a real date before, this was supposed to mark everything. And perhaps it does. 

Ivory Blake was someone so sweet and mysterious, someone Taealha couldn't stop leaning towards. "The ugliest outfit ever huh? What is your definition of ugly then? Orange and yellow matched together?" she teased, surprisingly one can still rock those two color combinations given the right style. But the significance was something else seeing as it was meant to be their inside joke. Yep, theirs. Her heart fluttered at the mere thought of it. They had something together. Isn't that how every lovely relationship starts? "But we're not most people, are we?" And that's why she was so enticed by Ivy, everything about her screams ordinary yet so out of place she wanted so badly to reach out and pull close. Taealha chewed her bottom lip sheepishly as the blush set in her cheeks once Ivy called her Miss Scientist, it wasn't the first time someone called her that but coming from Ivy? It feels different. 

"I like studying, it's one of the only things I'm good at. It puts me at ease." And she likes that she knew what she wanted, she has never felt like things were out of her elements when she does that. Interestingly, isn't that what a smart woman would do? "If I were to tutor you, you would not be soared with any mercy either. It's very hard to distract me" she exclaimed, nobody's ever done that and succeeded. "I still have yet to see someone who has succeeded in doing that. I'm very focus-oriented." Was she still determined to tame a raccoon just to prove it to the Initia? The answer is yes. "One day, I'll show you a tame raccoon. I swear that day will come and I will proudly shove it to your face. How about we make a bet? If I manage to do that in a given period, would you grant me a wish?" It was something very random but then again, it also screams Taealha. 

Her fingers made a quick slide over the keyboard when she noticed how near Ivy was, the close proximity between them made her breath hitched, but not enough to make her hiccup, thankfully. That would've really outed her. Her dark hues grew wider as she licked her lips unconsciously, it felt as if the color red really favored her considering how red her face is slowly turning into. "Right, I won't need to worry because you'll take care of me." Somehow, she feels that Ivy would not disappoint her on that. "And I hope you will siphon them. It gives me all the reasons to stick by you. Keep myself close." Her eyes formed a crescent-like shape as she beamed enthusiastically. Taealha couldn't help but be attracted to Ivy, not when the Australian female kept charming her way into her good graces and whilst it may not be that hard to get into her good books, Ivy's entrance was enough to put a grip around her heart. 

Taealha could feel herself swallowing hard just thinking about how close Ivy leaned in earlier, it was causing her to exhale unevenly for a brief moment. "And what if I told you that you've already piqued my interest? Would you be responsible for what comes after?" Judging from the way she stared at the other female, Taealha knew it won't be easy to shrug her off, maybe she didn't even want to do that. "Gosh if you really take me to see a musical, I would literally kiss you from so much happiness" It wasn't until the sentence was spoken that she realized what she typed, leaving the human to cover her cheeks and look away for a while in embarrassment. "B-butterflies landing on you? Are we stepping into a fairytale?" 

“I mean we could always go for the double denim look, I’m sure you’d be able to make even that look good” she gave a playful roll of her eyes, mixing yellow and orange was equally as bad though so she was along the right lines “Or maybe one of those suede tracksuits that say something really inappropriate on the ass” she commented and grinned slightly because she was sure Taealha would likely have a problem with the idea of wearing one of those. “Well, you’re not most people” he commented and chuckled slightly, giving a somewhat shifty look “Me I might be pretty scared” she admitted with a slight roll of her eyes because she didn’t know why she was so nervous, it wasn’t like she’d never been around someone she thought was attractive before but she supposed the formally calling it a date part was what made it scary.

“I was never great at studying” she admitted in response to what Taealha said, if it was a subject she liked then it was fine but in all the others she felt herself trailing behind others without much knowledge of how she was supposed to catch up “Oh so you’re very serious about your work then” she responded, it was slightly teasing but she could respect someone who was very professional and dedicated to their work, when Ivy was on set, she liked to have fun but she was always very focused on her work, wanting to get it right and give the right impression to those watching it and she expected the same of others around her “You couldn’t even be distracted with food?” she asked it curiously wondering what things motivated Taealha the most, other than work which seemed very important to her. “Well then I look forward to meeting your trash panda who is an upstanding member of society” she responded and laughed gently “Though I am curious to know what your wish would be” she narrowed her eyes playfully at her.

The way Taealha responded to their closeness almost made Ivy feel a little jittery but she smiled sheepishly as she looked back at her, she liked the way that rosiness rested on the human’s cheeks, she looked adorable. It was surprising to her how Taealha could be such a positive and enthusiastic person despite everything she had been through in her life and how other people seemed to have let her down at every stage. Ivy hoped to be an exception to that, to be someone she thought of and only had memories of how happy she made her. “I’d like that” she responded, seeing the way that Taealha beamed so brightly and effortlessly that it made her heart feel a little fluttery in her chest as she looked back at her.

Ivy gave a slightly smug grin when Taealha said she had already piqued her interest “Well that’s a good start but getting someone’s interest isn’t hard” she responded and nodded her head thoughtfully “So why don’t we see if I can keep it” she had a twinkle in her eyes as she glanced over at the red-haired girl. She did end up blushing a little and averting her gaze when she quite so boldly said that she would kiss her if she took her to see a musical, Ivy was blushing furiously, her gaze on the road and focusing on it so hard as an attempt to avoid giving away how flustered she was by the idea of that “Don’t tempt me” she commented in a soft voice before shaking her head slightly “No but it is a butterfly garden” she responded and chuckled “I think they’re part of the deal” and speaking of the greenhouse, she could see it just in the distance, she pointed it out to Taealha with a smile.

"Double denim look?" she had a wry smirk etched on her lips because Taealha was already halfway imagining how that would look on her, "I've never donned any double denim before...  The only denim I remember wearing was jeans and I don't wear jeans that much, in general." As it was known, Taealha is a big skirt and dress girl, it was rare to find her covering her legs. "Let's try next time. Double denim, suede tracksuits… I think those would look good on you. You have pretty legs." Did she just literally out herself like that to Ivy? Yes, she did. In her defense, Ivy had really nice legs. Not that she's been staring. But the thought of wearing something that says inappropriate on her body did make her feel a bit reluctant, "My colleague gifted me a pair of shorts that says if you dare, tap me and I didn't realize there was that written on… while I was wearing it. No wonder people kept giving me slaps... " Trying to explain it alone was making her cheeks red. She was really surprised that time.

 "You're right… I'm not most people" she beamed, and she was pretty proud of it. It makes her feel unique. Like maybe she stood out. "Why would you be scared? Does being around me make you nervous?" she leaned in and blinked innocently. "Or is it because we're going on a date today?" That must be it. The human knew not everyone is equipped for studying, and she was fascinated by those who had talent to them more than anything, it was why she struggled trying to sew. She's not a seamstress but she could sew some of her own stuff to customize because she needed to quench her need for fashion. "It's very hard to distract me. Maybe I can be a bit… slow when it's food but so far nobody's successfully distracted me." She wasn't going to lie, she wondered if Ivy would be able to distract her someday. 

Taealha was really serious about taming a raccoon, or a trash panda as Ivy calls it. "If I get to hug a trash panda...  You must grant me a wish, yes?" As to what her wish might be, Taealha found herself fiddling nervously and grinned sheepishly, "Wouldn't you like to know… don't worry it's nothing big. It doesn't require much. You'll know when the time comes." It was as if her heart could come out and do cartwheels in front of her, with how rapid it's beating. Calm down, Taealha. Why are you so affected when Ivy closes the distance? "Good" qas all that she could find herself saying. It sounded so foreign yet so right. A mischievous grin crept up as she leaned closer to her side, leaving only a certain amount of distance left, "I think you're doing a good job of keeping my attention and interests occupied." There was just something about her that makes Taealha want to reach out even more.

 The mysterious enigma that surrounded the Initia made her seem like a forbidden flower but then there's also Taealha who wants to pluck that flower. She saw the pinkish hue resting on Ivy's cheeks and she could only smirk at the mere sight of it, so pretty. As soon as those words came out of her lips, the redhead found herself leaning a bit and pressing a kiss on her cheek before returning to her initial seating, she said nothing but the blush on her cheeks and her looking away clearly said a lot. She made sure there was no visible lipstick stain too. "Still, butterflies landing on you sounds like a dream that is too good to be true. I wonder if it really happens... " Her eyes were twinkling in excitement as soon as it fell on the greenhouse that was within their distance, she resembles a kid who was taken out for the first time. 


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