There was always a loophole in everything. Taealha first learnt that when she couldn't seem to get things her way during her experiments. She wasn't sure if she had experienced or before in her teen years considering the human still has yet to recall the small bits of her memories before her 17 year old self. Unfortunately, from the previous visit for her medical checkup today the doctor, she said the PTA could be permanent despite her therapies. Clearly, she wasn't happy to hear those news but said nothing about it. It wasn't as if she could actually express her upsetness, anyway. It was simply impossible for her to do that, so she gave a grateful nod and smile to her doctor before taking her leave. She decided then that there must be a way. A loophole. 

That was two weeks ago, she was thinking of stopping her therapies but Arianna told her it's best to keep up with it, so she did. Her eyes landed on the picture of her posing in front of the beautiful sunset, she had set it as her lock screen picture. It reminded her of that cheat day she never wanted to end; the best cheat day in her entire life. She ended up befriending the one she requested to take the same picture. Ivory Blake. Taealha misses her. After spending hours talking to each other at the cafe, they were forced to go their separate ways once the cafe was closing, but not before promising each other to meet again later. Initially, they planned to meet again the next Saturday, they were supposed to go to the greenhouse Ivy told her about. Unfortunately, neither of their schedules seemed to line up. Ivy was busy with her work and so was Taealha. She couldn't exactly stop midway and sneak out, it wasn't Taealha. 

Whenever Ivy is free, the human would be occupied with her thesis paper or the likes, and whenever she was free, Ivy would be somewhere outside of Evermore, doing her job. But finally, after a while, they were able to set a date to meet and spend the day. It was why she decided to clear everything on her day today, specifically for the Aussie girl. Taealha also made sure nobody would call her in. Today was just her and Ivy, as planned. As part of her New Year's look, the human decided to dye her hair, changing the dark shade of black to a brighter color that would definitely catch people's attention; red. She also sported that new blouse she got, a baby blue one with her usual skater skirt that stops just her knees, lower now because the weather was chilling. Her vibrant hair was curled naturally and left loose with a beret on top of it, her neck adorned with necklaces and all of her ear piercings present. The human still opted for heels, but settled for boots instead of pumps. 

Was she all dressed up to meet Ivy? Yes. Taealha always dressed up prettily for herself but perhaps she wanted to show a certain look for a certain someone today. After petting her cat, she slung her bag around her and locked the doors before making her way downstairs. They had agreed to meet in front of the same cafe; the cafe Ivy led her to, that day. It was only a few miles away from her apartment complex and Taealha enjoys jogging every morning, anyway, her cardio levels were fine. By the time she got there, she saw a familiar silhouette standing in front of the entrance, just across her. In order to get there, she needed to cross, in which Taealha waved enthusiastically towards her before doing so. "Have you waited for long?" 

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Ivy wrinkled her nose and then shook her head “Of course you haven’t, because you have actual style and aren’t constantly stuck in the styles which were popular in the 90s” though Ivy was still convinced that Taealha could somehow make it work. She gave the human a pointed look when she said that she thought Ivy would look good in suede tracksuits “Yeah well we will never find out because I refuse to wear them, I’m happy with my regular sweatpants” she had to admit she never really thought her legs were her best feature but she did appreciate the complimented “How would you know, you haven’t even seen my legs?” she gave a slight smirk before she started laughing shaking her head at Taealha telling her story about her shorts “Oh gosh you are way too precious at times Taya” she commented with a soft grin her direction.

It was still weird to her to be talking to the robot voice but after a while in the car she was getting used to it and responding more naturally to Taealha, she was sure with time she wouldn’t even notice the difference. When Taealha asked her why she was scared she gave a somewhat sheepish grin and then shrugged “I’ve never really felt confident with things I’ve never done before, it sets me on edge” she glanced over at Taealha, she seemed much more at ease when it came to that, probably because she just seemed to be quite a happy-go-lucky person and it didn’t bother her. “See you telling me you can’t be distracted makes me want to try really hard to see if I can do it but then I get the feeling you’d get mad at me if I managed to do it” she chuckled, so in a way it was a lose-lose situation.

Ivy gave a shake of her head at how focused Taealha seemed to be on getting this wish and also getting to hug one of those animals she seemed to love so much “Well it has to hug you back too, it doesn’t count if you just brave getting bitten in exchange for a wish” she scolded as she looked back at the other girl. The way she was so coy about what wish it was she would ask for made Ivy naturally suspicious because she was the kind of person who wanted to know things and mysteries really bothered her “Am I going to regret saying yes to this?” she asked with a slight shake of her head because Taealha seemed to have her doing things she usually wouldn’t. She raised her brows with the redhead said she was doing a good job of keeping her attention “So you’re saying I should do more of what I’m currently doing huh?” she smiled softly as she watched her.

Ivy’s eyes were mostly on the road, though she snuck a few glances over to Taealha while they were talking because the robot voice lacked all emotion and she wanted to gauge how Taealha was feeling about things from the expressions she gave while they were chatting. But she was still caught off guard as she felt her leaning closer, the soft scent of her perfume filling her senses as she felt her gentle lips leave a soft kiss against her cheek. Her blush deepened almost immediately but there was a stupid smile on her lips the moment that she realized what had just happened. She thought about saying something but she ended up just glancing over at Taealha almost in shock of what just happened “I think it will, that’s the point of the butterfly garden, they let you buy little pots of nectar to feed them too” she pulled up in the parking lot and took a deep, somewhat nervous breath “Are you ready?” she spoke softly.

Taealha let out a small chuckle when Ivy said she had actual style and wasn’t constantly stuck in the 90s, which had the human scrunching her nose up while narrowing her dark hues at the Initia, “Hey, don’t blame the 90s, some of the late fashion is actually good. You just have to find a way to rock it…” Vintage doesn’t usually go with her vibe but it doesn’t mean she couldn’t give it a try, she was positive if she wanted to make it work, there’s a high chance it would. Motivation is the key, no? A pout appeared on her lips when Ivy said she may never see her in such clothing attire because she’s comfortable with her sweatpants, “I’m not saying sweatpants isn’t a good look on you, but can’t you give it a try one day? For me?” If luck would have it, Ivy may fall for the way Taealha was incessantly batting her eyelashes, in hopes that she could, perhaps, coerce the Initia into doing that. 

Her eyes widened considerably when she realized that she had basically outed herself into staring at the other female’s gorgeous legs. Shit. This is why you always try to filter your words, Taealha. “I mean… they’re hard not to stare at…” and right at the moment, her eyes fell on her legs, they were nice. “You do have nice legs though…” she murmured. As if Ivy couldn’t surprise her even more, the moment she heard the shortened version of her name which seemed to be a nickname, the human coughed and blinked a few times, “Wait, did you just call me Taya?” And yes, she is a precious bean. The robotic voice from the phone wasn’t appreciated but at least it wasn’t as monotonous as before after Taealha tried to modify it, “One day I’m going to work on a voice modulator to fit my voice…” she sighed, that’s definitely going on her bucket list, for sure. She wondered how her voice would sound like, she could barely remember how 9-year-old her spoke. And she was sure it was predominantly Korean instead of English. 

One thing at a thing, she reminded herself. “You’re not wrong, I would get mad if you try to do that. But… I think you underestimate how much I love it when you tease me, even if it sets me on edge, sometimes” she beamed sheepishly, maybe she’ll give her the chance to keep on bothering her, it wasn’t as if Taealha minded. The human probably liked it more than she would give herself the credit. “So go ahead, try it and if I get distracted, I’ll grant you a wish” It was a big bet. But surely, a harmless one? Could she really get a racc***, of all animals, to hug her back and return the affection she shows? That’s a difficult mission, but she wasn’t the type to give up either. “Fine… but you have to promise me you’ll grant me a wish, okay?” Would she regret saying yes to it? “Maybe… but I’m harmless, Ivy.” That was one way to phrase it. “Mhmm, I like the company you bring…” 

Did she feel any guilt after giving a surprise kiss like that to her cheek? No, not really. All Taealha felt was the warm fluttery thing in her heart, the one she pictured having every time she read something so cute from a novel. The redhead nodded enthusiastically as she stared at the parking lot like it was the newest place she had to discover, “I’ve never been here but you told me it’s beautiful, I’m taking your word and trusting you so…” she got out and linked her arm around Ivy’s with a soft smile, “Lead the way.”

Ivy grinned slightly, she had guessed from their first meeting that Taealha was quite the fashionista and knew about trends and how to follow them “So do you consider yourself an on-trend girl or a trendsetter?” she asked it curiously, from what she could see, the human tended to pick whatever she wanted to wear, regardless of whether it was considered in season, she certainly wasn’t seen in pants, she was definitely a skirt and dresses girl “I definitely made the effort to look through you Instagram” and she was glad she did so because the other girl looked so bright and happy in all her photos. She reached out to touch a strand of Taealha’s red hair and grinned “You managed to keep this one well hidden though” she praised with a light chuckle, it had definitely surprised Ivy when he saw her. “You ask for the strangest things” she responded with an amused shake of her head when Taealha asked if she would wear them for her.

Ivy grinned slightly as Taealha realized that she had noted the fact she had been checking out her legs “Why thank you, makes all those days at the gym almost worth it” she chuckled slightly, she hated going to the gym but you had to keep a certain standard of health as an actress if you wanted to keep work and so she kept her regime, though a little reluctantly “I think I’d argue yours are nicer but maybe that’s just because I get a better view of them” she teased noting that she definitely showed hers off more than Ivy did. Hearing her cough when she used a nickname Ivy widening her eyes a little, was that not okay? She flushed “Yeah...I think it sounded..cute...if you don’t like it I can stop” the last thing she wanted to do was upset her after all. “Work on it as in make one for yourself?” she asked curiously, she knew Taealha was smart but she wouldn’t even know how to start when it came to making something like that.

“So you’re telling me you will get mad at me but you want me to try anyway” she grinned slightly, glancing over at Taealha with a soft smile “Well that sounds like a challenge I may just have to rise to” she laughed softly, it sounded like a real feat to be able to distract her from her work, she did strike Ivy as being quite studious and perhaps even strict. “You do like your wishes” she responded with a smile, what would she even wish for when it comes to her? Ivy couldn’t say anything really came to mind other than asking for more time to spend with her but she hoped she wouldn’t need a wish to convince Taealha of that. “A wish it is” she responded with a wry grin and a shake of her head “You’re going to have me in suspense wondering what you want for the whole time aren’t you” she pressed her lips together, Ivy hated not knowing things.

It was a small kiss to the cheek and yet it made Ivy feel a little giddy inside, her younger self screaming she likes me inside like some silly teenager. She covered it with a smile but she couldn’t stop thinking about how it was that easy for her to lean in, how it didn’t have to feel as complicated as Ivy always seemed to imagine it in her mind “It is beautiful, you’re going to love it” she’d had her publicist call ahead and ensure they went at the least busy time of the day so it would almost be like they had the place to themselves, she just wants a while with Taealha only. She put her hand against the arm linked through hers and headed towards the door. After they headed inside she passed the tickets she’d had printed off and before long they were given a cup of nectar each and sent towards the entrance “You go first, I want to see your reaction” she spoke softly as she nudged her forward a little.

Was she a trendsetter or an on-trend girl? That question had Taealha pondering for a quick while, turning her head to the side to face Ivy before staring at her own clothes, “Trendsetter. I don’t always keep up with the current trends if I don’t like them. Whatever I could find in my closet… I try to make it work, I remember that’s the only reason why my 14-year-old self even tried to start sewing anyway” She wasn’t a big fan of sewing, as a child. Obviously, she grew out of that rebellious phase and found a way to make the best out of the time she was given. “I don’t usually have spare time to myself, so I don’t go out to buy clothes that often either” And, for Taealha, she needed to save up properly, she was still new to the working sector, and she was still studying. “Did you follow me?” she squinted her eyes playfully since her Instagram page was left public, there was no need to follow her, but she’d love to know if Ivy followed her. 

When Ivy reached out to touch her hair, Taealha grinned and leaned aside so the other female would have better access, “That’s a rule for fashion, Ivy. Nobody should know unless you want them to” she mused coolly, in fact, she’s dyed her hair red for a few days and nobody noticed. Today was the first day she revealed it. “Some people think dyed hair as a breach to working policy but thankfully, the lab didn’t mind mine” she was immensely grateful for that, always receiving some sort of leniency, at the end of the day. “It’s a new color I’m trying, a part of me was nervous how it would turn out.” Turns out just fine. “Compared to the rest of the world’s population, the stuff I ask would be the least of being called strange, Ivy” she had a visible pout as she crossed her arms, pretending as if she was not amused. Her cheeks grew redder as she tried her best to calm her breathing, acting as if what Ivy said did not render her speechless whatsoever, “You’d never catch me in jeans or pants unless it’s an occasion.” 

It’s not as if the human disliked them, she just likes to wear skirts. Even when she was jogging in the morning, she’d often sport some shorts rather than pants. “I don’t even wear pants at home” That’s why there’s a whole collection of oversized shirts and nightgowns. “No! I mean… I was just surprised… nobody ever really gave me a nickname using my actual name…” Taya. Yeah, she can get behind that. Taealha was quick to change the subject by nodding her head at the idea of modifying the things they’ve already had, “A voice modulator already exists. I just need to modify them into fitting my vocals instead of the opposite. It’s a reverse engineering formula if I have the resources and time… I can try to see what I can do. That’s not my field though” The redhead was always sitting by the chemistry lane, but scientists in the Organization, the science division always found a way around to share their knowledge within their ranks. 

She wondered if Ivy would take that as a challenge and when she did, it made the human beam in delight, “I will look forward to your attempts to thwart my attention” she teased, surely it wouldn’t be that easy, right? “Please, it’s not going to be that big of a deal, Ivy, don’t worry” she cooed, Taealha wasn’t even sure what to ask, honestly. But Ivy didn’t need to know that. She was already imagining how the place would be, she’s even done her reading on the place yesterday, but nothing compares to seeing the thing in front of your eyes. Taealha took the cup giddily before blinking in confusion when Ivy beckoned for her to go ahead first, she was about to ask why but the moment she saw the butterflies from a distance, she only said a quick okay before dashing over the same direction. It was truly beautiful, she was only at the front but there were plenty of butterflies entrancing her, she wondered what would be in store once she entered further, one of the butterflies landed on her beret while she was busy taking pictures of the others. Another landed on the same spot, leaving the human to bounce. 

Despite it being slightly strange to make conversation with a robot-like voice, she could listen to Taealha talk for hours on end, she just seemed so passionate about every topic and even the monotone voice couldn’t erase it, she was so expressive with her movements and facial expressions that it was easy to tell what was important and interesting to her “Well then I’m sure you have a lot of teenagers looking up to you, doing their hair like yours, trying to recreate your outfits” with that many followers people definitely must follow her because they enjoy seeing the trends she comes up with. Ivy bit her lip when she asked if she followed her, of course, she hadn’t because her social media was all either private or managed by her publicist, depending on the account “I don’t really use social media much for myself...I see too much negativity there” which was true, her private accounts were only so she could contact friends, she didn’t share much about her life there.

Her expression softened just a little as she noticed the way that Taealha responded to her gentle touch against her hair, she bit her lip slightly before she slowly pulled her hand away “Rules of fashion huh?” she laughed softly “I’m pretty sure most of the outfits I wear probably break like 10 or more of those rules” she had never been the type to follow the crowd, she wore what she was comfortable in and if people wanted to judge then they could, she wasn’t the kind of person to change herself for others. Ivy pressed her lips together when she confessed that she was nervous about how the color would turn out “Well I’m definitely not that brave, the most I’ve changed my hair is putting blonde highlights in” she shook her head, even then that was for a movie role.

Ivy wrinkled her nose in amusement at the way Taealha talked about pants like they were the bane of her existence “I don’t think I’ve ever met a girl who prefers wearing dresses to sweatpants” it was cute really, that Taealha was so comfortable in her own style and that was very attractive because she made those skirts look amazing. The nickname had been something Ivy had been debating using since they first met, it sounded cute and she supposed she wanted something to call her by a name no one else did. She was nervous to use it and Taealha’s reaction made her feel a little panicked, especially because she started changing the subject and so she pressed her lips together..guess that was a no for the nickname then. “What I hear is a lot of smart things I will never understand” she responded and laughed softly “But what kind of voice do you think you’d have?” having only heard her say her name, Ivy had to wonder what it would be like to hear her speak.

Ivy laughed softly, if she was going to win this challenge she had the feeling she was going to need to get to know Taealha better, find the things which could steal her interest away and then find a way to weave them into her plan. Thankfully, Ivy was a pretty cunning person and was confident she could find a way to get her to crack “There’s a natural part of me that hates not knowing things, that’s why it’s a big deal” she grinned slightly sheepishly, mysteries bugged the hell out of her.

She was excited as she followed Taealha towards the garden, nudging her forward in encouragement while watching her carefully, it didn’t take long for the human to head into the greenhouse, she was surrounded by beautiful flowers and butterflies but Ivy’s eyes were focused on Taealha. The smile which was on her lips was so pure and beautiful that you couldn’t help but stare, especially as one of the butterflies landed on her hat and she was bouncing up and down from excitement. Ivy headed in behind her, holding up her arm with the pot of nectar which led to a few of the butterflies to come down and land on her hand “What to you think? A good alternative for a picnic?” she smiled softly remembering Taealha had been sad it was winter and they couldn’t go on one.

The longer she heard the robotic monotonous voice kept going with every word she had typed earlier, the more Taealha is driven to actually get herself a voice modulator. Before long, even if it doesn't fit her actual voice, perhaps it could at least give off a pleasant and better vibe compared to that. Even her ear hurts from the constant tone it kept using and she made sure to send Ivy an apologetic look. If only things were better. The thought of people, especially younger people, looking up to her and recreating the things she did, made the human squeal in enthusiasm. "Now that you've mentioned it, I wonder if I could set myself as a good role model… I'm not famous or anything but still… maybe being able to influence the kids to do some good would be a step" After all, isn't she the kind who wanted to make the world a better place? A part of her wanted Ivy to follow her, and she realized that it was the first time she actually wanted someone specific to do that. Did it meant that much to her?

 It wouldn't bother her if she didn't but if she did, then perhaps Taealha would be a bit happier. She's a simple girl. "Too much negativity?" she quipped gently, a frown making its way up to her soft features, of course, she was aware of this malicious comments and sometimes, it would break her heart too. "I get you… it's fine, I will always send you pictures that I don't post on Instagram from time to time too, you can call it… exclusive content" she beamed widely, Taealha wouldn't post a picture of her acting goofy in front of the camera while dressed in her pajamas. Yet Ivy received a photo of that, a few days ago. She saw those small moments whenever Ivy would bit her lip and it made her heart flutter, whether or was from delight or nervousness, she wasn't sure. But it led Taealha to also bite her lip. 

"You know what they say, if you can make it, you can break it. I'm sure you still rock the rule breaking outfits, though… I still wanna see you rock a suede tracksuit just to prove that theory" Oh she's not going to forget that any time soon. Ivy likes to be comfortable and she could respect that, it does give their fashion a flavor when they do that. The same way she wore skirts, she grew into them and couldn't think of another favorite bottom wear. Taealha stretched out her hands and played with one strand of the Initia's hair, "I would love to see those highlights one day… I'm sure they'd look good on you… like any other look" her hair was soft, and the human may or may not have had fun twirling with her locks. "Well, you found one, it's me" she pointed to herself and huffed in pride, she was actually proud of it, weirdly enough. 

"I don't know what it is but I guess I like being confident with my body, it was hard for me back then but then I gradually grew out of my coc*** so... " Better make it worthwhile, right? What kind of a voice would she have, indeed. "Well, you've heard me saying thank yous and your name… my name, I can only muster up a few other words after that. But I haven't talked for years… so I think it's hard for me to even comprehend what kind of a voice would I have. Thankfully I do try to record the words I managed to speak during therapy. It helps. It could even be a guide for me when it's time to go down on the voice modulator." She couldn't wait for a day where there was no more monotonous robotic talk. "Maybe… husky? I have a slight lisp" She likes the thought of Ivy investing her efforts in trying to avert her attention away just to succeed in the said challenge. It makes her feel important. Or was something to look forward to. 

"What to do… I've decided to stay mysterious for you" she sighed dramatically. She was so engrossed with the butterflies around her, she didn't even notice Ivy who was already next to her, hell it wasn't until she saw the other butterflies landing on Ivy. Her eyes lit up and Taealha waved cutely at the Initia, "It's a beautiful place… I've never been in a place such as this" Judging from how rapid her fingers were typing the screen, it was clear the enthusiasm was bouncing in the form of Taealha. "I can't thank you enough for bringing me here… thank you…" 

The way Taealha got excited when she said that she was a role model for younger people made Ivy smile, it just seemed so her to have this massive following because of what she posts and her cute nature and yet not realize that would have an impact on others “Of course you could, there are people reading your posts every day, no doubt you get a lot of comments on them too” she nodded slightly “You could use it to give all those girls confidence to wear what they want to wear and feel good about themselves” no real pressure if she was honest because Taealha was likely already doing that, from her posts she was always smiling while showing off her outfits she had put together, it encouraged creativity and standing out from the crowd.

When she asked about her reasons for not keeping social media of her own, Ivy nodded her head slightly, she used to be quite active on her social media because it had put her in a pretty dark place because she had seen all the people who would make comments on things they had no right to, speculating she was pregnant because she put on some weight, it was the type of thing you could become obsessed with “People think it’s their right to judge you if you put things out there so I don’t give them the chance to claim that right” she wasn’t implying that Taealha was like that of course, she just couldn’t keep having those accounts and obsessing over what people said about her. She grinned when she would send her exclusive content “I might be a little biased but I think I like the exclusive content better, it’s cute seeing you just be you” she’d gotten cute selfies of her in her jammies or her mime singing to her favorite song, it never failed to make Ivy smile.

Ivy laughed with an amused shake of her head “Maybe I do but I think the tracksuit is a little far, what would I even do with it after I wear it one time?” she certainly wasn’t going to keep it and wear it regularly that was for sure. Ivy had decided by now that she liked Taealha’s red hair very much, it was bold but that kind of worked for her because her style was bold and so it just felt natural when it was on her. “I did like them actually” she responded remembering when her stylist had told her she needed them for a role “I guess it was nice just to do something a little different” one of the hardest things about being an actress was that other people got to tell you how your hair should look and what makeup you should do and sometimes that felt really controlling to her “You are so unique” she commented with a wry smile, she stood out so much to Ivy, though maybe that was because the Initia definitely found herself liking her.

Ivy usually didn’t let people touch her face or hair but when Taealha did it, she didn’t mind at all, her eyes following as the human twirled a few of the stands around her fingers, it made the Initia laugh softly “Well you did a great job….a lot of girls would kill for the confidence you have” she admitted with a small smile, in a lot of was Taealha was even braver than Ivy because she showed her true self to the world, heart on her sleeve and all. Ivy tended to keep her life quite private, Taealha was one of the few people who got to see the real her. “Single words don’t really give a picture of the actual tone” she spoke with a slightly sad smile, she could imagine she did have quite a husky low voice from what she’d heard though “Sounds sexy” she teased with a smile as she glanced over at her, she was trying to lighten up the mood and encourage her.

She had been looking forward to making it here for a while now and it was exactly like she imagined, seeing the way the butterflies were gently landing on Taealha’s arms and shoulders, it was honestly like walking into a fairytale. She looked down at her phone as she received Taealha’s messages, she loved how excited she looked as she typed out everything “You’re welcome, though it was your idea, I just made it possible in the colder weather” she laughed moving in closer towards her and then handing the pot of nectar over to he, causing some of the butterflies to flutter from her to Taealha, she took a few steps back slowly as though not to scare them and then spoke “Stand in front of those flowers” she held up her phone and put it into camera mode before taking some photos of Taealha with the butterflies, she looked so stunning that she couldn’t help but keep taking a few more before she turned the phone around to show her some of the shots.

When she first installed Instagram, she didn’t think she’d end up with a massive following, but she was forever grateful for it because it gave her a platform to share her interests. Sometimes, she would even have a selfie day, mostly on Sunday. Other days, she would dress up following one color and call it color of the week. She enjoyed interacting with her followers too, Taealha proved herself to be a social butterfly despite her selective mutism. “I feel appreciated and of course, who wouldn’t love to be appreciated, right? Even if they were strangers... I feel like some of them knew me better than the people around me” It was a sad thought but it meant Taealha found a few mutuals in social media. When Ivy said she could inspire young girls, it made her heart flutter, “I like the thought of that.” Now that she’s said that, she would love to stand out even more. Even though Ivy didn’t have any social media to follow her, if she could continue to interact with the brunette then she’s fine. Personal messaging is always one way straight to another bubble, after all. 

“You’re quite inspirational for someone who doesn’t seem to show it, did you know that?” she quipped softly, her stare on her was leveled, showing her admiration towards the Initia out in the open. And if Ivy was already fine with making her blush, she was sure the Initia would have a blast knowing how the human was covering her cheeks and coughing, “Are you saying you want more exclusive content? Careful, Ivy, you may find yourself with a picture of me in my nightgown” she teased, it was her pajamas so she wouldn’t be surprised if she actually paired it with a face mask just to act goofy enough for her. “You could wear for the sake of wearing it?” Was she still trying to picture that? Yes. Because why not? “Is there any piece of clothing you would like to see me wear?” she was curious to see what kind of style Ivy preferred, and perhaps, she wanted to impress her just a little. 

Tilting her head to the side while staring at her hair while trying to imagine a lighter look on the Initia, it would suit her. You are so unique, she said. “Do you always make people blush so easily with your words all the time” she grumbled and was actually tempted to run off because she could feel how warm her cheeks were, “But thank you… you always offer me compliments, sometimes I wonder if I even deserve them.” She never saw anything special about herself, not enough to be considered ‘unique’ in the eyes of another. She’s confident but the human still had her insecurities. “All of this confidence didn’t build upon itself, it took me years to stack them up but here I am” she beamed, the day had just started but she had already pictured it to go smoothly like any other meeting. Ivy didn’t open herself much, the only way for Taealha to get to her was to chat with her via their messenger since she didn’t have any social media whereas Ivy could pretty much find the redhead on almost all social media from Instagram to Twitter. 

She felt special because, A) she had her number, B) she could chat with her all day. “One day, you’ll get to hear my voice” It was a promise she kept to herself but now, she couldn’t wait to see Ivy’s reaction to the progress she’s been keeping to herself. “It would be nowhere special compared to yours but… At least you’ll be able to hear me out.” You’re sexy, she murmured silently to herself, keep it to yourself, Taealha. Her grip around her phone was pretty much tied into her giddiness and enthusiasm as she practically bounced in happiness. “Exactly… you made it possible” she reiterated and grinned widely, “I can’t thank you enough.” Taealha took the pot of nectar into her hands and suddenly another batch of butterflies swarmed her, eliciting a delighted squeal from her as she attempted to pinpoint every single one that landed on her while not realizing that the other female had been taking a few photos of her.

 When she showed her the photos, she bit her lip and stared at her with what was possibly the sweetest gaze she ever offered someone. The redhead held her hand out, clearly waiting for Ivy to take it as she beckoned for them to continue the trail, “I still can’t believe this place existed… and how you even knew about it. I’ve lived here for a while and I didn’t even know, you sure do have an eye out for rare gems. Is there any other place I should know about? Perhaps… underground?”

Ivy nodded her head, she knew how Taealha felt when she said it was as though strangers knew her better than people who actually knew her, though in Ivy’s case she wasn’t sure anyone really knew who she was. Including herself. She had gotten so good at playing the part everyone wanted her to play that it had become almost impossible to switch that off. Who was she if she didn’t even know herself? “The only problem is when those people try to make you become a version of yourself which isn’t real” she spoke softly but then shrugged “But I don’t think there’s any risk of that for you, you’re not afraid to go against the grain” she had been quite upfront with her bisexuality, she wore the style she wanted regardless of what people might think.

Ivy shrugged slightly “People always tell me that but...I never know why” there were so many people who saw her as a role model and cited her as the reason they followed their dreams and the likes but that just made her feel guilty that she had been hiding so much about herself. The person they all idolized wasn’t even real, Tessa Blake was a face she showed to the world. She snickered slightly at Taealha’s sweet reaction to her saying she enjoyed the exclusive content “I mean I’ll never complain about you sending me cute pictures” she responded honestly and shrugged slightly “And I wouldn’t complain about that either” she grinned a little mischievously towards her. When she asked if she wanted to see her in any particular outfit the first thing that came to mind she couldn’t say, because it was impossible. But Ivy really would love to see what she would choose to wear on the red carpet “You’re the fashionista, honestly I just want to follow along with your creativity” she bit her lip “Maybe an emerald green color?” she asked it in a soft voice.

Ivy pressed her lips together when she asked if she always made people blush with her words “No” she answered honestly and bit her lip for a moment “I mean you’re...the first girl I’ve really...had a connection with” a connection that went both ways anyway, Ivy had always been so cautious with the people she let in back in LA because she had no idea who would try and expose her to the press and who she could trust. Maybe that was why everything felt so much easier with Taealha, because she had no idea who she was or that she was famous so she could simply just be with her. She didn’t feel that sense of paranoia she did with everyone else. “Well you did a good job” she spoke softly “And you have every reason to have that confidence, don’t doubt yourself now” she smiled softly, she admired her a lot if she was honest and Ivy felt like she could learn a lot from her.

“Is that a promise?” she asked with a smile, it seemed like she was determined to one day conquer her disability and Ivy was so proud of her for trying, she had done a lot of reading on selective mutism after they met so she could understand it and what Taealha was going through, sometimes she wanted to ask her about it but she usually chickened out before the words left her lips. “Are you kidding? There’s a certain attractiveness in not knowing, so enigmatic” she teased softly as she nudged against her side slightly and winked. She couldn’t help but feel elated by how excitable Taealha was being, it was almost addicting to be around her because she radiated positivity.

Honestly, if she had to describe a perfect first date, this would probably be it. Seeing the deep emotion in the human’s eyes as she showed her the photos she felt her heart swell a little in her chest and she realized quite how badly she had it, how she would pretty much anything to have her smile like that again. “Oh I’m pretty good at finding quiet...special places” she responded, part of what you had to do if you wanted to live a normal life when you were an actress. She glanced down at Taealha’s hand before placing her own it in, her fingers threading through hers and holding onto it tightly, their arms now intertwined between them “Your hand is really soft” she spoke softly and blushed, was this the first time she had held hands with a girl? Yes. “I know of a cave up in the mountains where you can swim under a waterfall, that’s really beautiful to explore” Evermore had a lot of natural beauty that was for sure and she would happily show Taealha it.

She bit her tongue before speaking again, curious to know more about the red-haired girl “You said you suffered amnesia right?” she spoke it softly “What kind? I mean you remember parts of your past or are they all just what you’ve been told?” honestly she was curious to know about her childhood and upbringing but there was no use asking Taealha about it if she didn’t remember it.

“Then I feel grateful that I still haven’t eaten those words and decided to take on the good ones that fueled me to be a better person while still being… me” she beamed, Taealha rarely gets any negativity under her comments section but that didn’t mean it was non-existent either. They were there. Thankfully for the human, it was considered to be a minority compared to the majority of uplifting ones. It made it easy for her to overlook those negative ones and by the time she had scrolled them down, her mutuals had reported the comments already. Maybe she was blessed to be surrounded with such people. “Hehe, I like to think you can only make a version of what you want yourself to be. This is mine. I like the person I am today and nothing will change that for me” it didn’t matter if others didn’t like her, as long as she had people who did, then that was more than enough for her. Taealha didn’t live to please everyone, after all. While the human does, indeed, likes to please people and make them proud, it didn’t define her entire life. 

“Most people don’t know what makes them special until someone else tells them. Don’t worry about that, maybe you don’t see what others do. I know I see a lot in you that you probably didn't notice. It’s all good things” she reassured, Ivy has shown her another side that she’s never seen from anyone else. Everything about the Initia just seems so charming and enigmatic. Compared to every person on her contacts list, Ivy ranked very high. The thought of posting cute pictures for her every morning makes her giddy, it felt like she had someone to look forward to her replies. She wouldn’t admit it out loud, not just yet, but Taealha awaited the other female’s response daily. Even amidst her busy schedule. “Emerald green? I think I have a dress in that color. Not sure if it’s jade or emerald though, I’ll go back and have a look later on” she pursed her lips slightly and grinned, “Let me tell you what, emerald green will be the color of next week.” Now that she’s finally had a color planned for the next weekend, she knew what she needed to do once she got back. 

You’re the first girl I’ve really had a connection with, oh how those words made her heart flutter, what is this? Why is she being so sweet? “I won’t. Only if you won’t, either. It works both ways, you know” she winked playfully, from what she sees, Ivy didn’t shy away in general but she wasn’t as forward as the human too. Her disability had been the biggest turning point of her life, she knew it was what made her this way today, and while it hasn’t been too negative from what she could remember, all the stories from her previous guardian and caretaker implied that she was mistreated because of this one disability. One mistake that robbed her entire future away. Or at least, that’s what people would tell her. Well, she’s here today, doing just fine. “Mhmm, it’s a promise.” One day, she’ll be able to talk to Ivy like anyone else. “You can’t tell someone you find them attractive without giving them a message, Ivy, you’ll end up giving them hope” she jested and nudged her gently. It was no lie that the Initia has been causing unrest to her heart.

 Her eyes fell on their intertwined fingers, her hand felt so warm, and it fitted against her own just fine. She squeezed her hands gently and giggled, “How good are you at swimming?” Did she want to go there too, in the future? Perhaps. Normally, she wouldn’t feel comfortable disclosing such personal information but it’s Ivy, she trusts her that much. Besides, it helps to talk it through, that’s what the therapist said the last time. “Post-traumatic amnesia. When I was 17, there was a fire at the orphanage I grew up in. It’s here, in Evermore. I don’t know what happened but I blacked out after witnessing something and woke up in the hospital one day. They said I’ve been out for 9 days. I couldn’t remember anything after that…”

She flashed a small smile when Taealha expressed her gratitude for not letting others change her “As someone who is affected by that more than she likes to admit, it’s kinda interesting you know, being around someone who just seems so...fierce” she laughed softly “Not a word most people describe you by I’m sure have a certain quiet strength I envy a little” it was one of the things which made her so uplifting to be around. “Don’t you ever worry if you do or say the wrong thing that people will judge you?” she spoke it in a soft voice and it was evident from the way she said it that she did worry about that. Probably because she was a celebrity and her publicist was constantly telling her about all the people who looked up to her.

Ivy watched her with careful eyes, she could give the impression she had a lot of confidence and didn’t care what others said about her but she did, she cared about her public image, she cared about what people close to her thought “Well if you see good things then I must be special” she commented with a half-smile and nodded “Thanks” she added, she always had this way of knowing what to say to make her feel better, sometimes without even trying. The way she just jumped straight into mission mode when she said what color she liked made the Initia smile softly, no one ever really went to those lengths to impress her like that and it was a nice feeling, it made her feel important “What color do you think would suit me?” she asked in response, she never really worried too much about the things she wore but she was curious what Taealha would choose.

Ivy’s lips parted when she said not to doubt herself either and she laughed softly “I’ve been doubting myself for most of my life” she confessed with a shrug of her shoulders “I never felt like I fit in with everyone that was around me, like I was kinda standing on the outside and watching them from a distance” perhaps it was her sharp nature or maybe it was just her mind playing tricks on her but she always wondered who she really was, where he place was and honestly, she still didn’t have the answer. Ivy smiled when she read her message about making that promise “Then I look forward to day” she wasn’t ever going to tell her to rush though, she was sure Taealha wanted to do it on her own terms. She chuckled softly when she accused her of calling her attractive with no follow-through. She grinned playfully and much like Taealha did earlier, she pressed a quick soft peck against her cheek “Is that enough of a message?” she whispered it with a wry grin as she slowly pulled away.

Ivy glanced down to their joined hands when she felt Taealha squeeze gently against hers “Good... I’ve been snorkeling in the reefs a few times” she responded, back when she was a kid she was always outdoors, she loved nature, probably in part due to her earth element which was yet to choose her but also because she just enjoyed how big the world looked from there. She had gone quiet when Taealha considered her answer to the question, honestly Ivy wasn’t sure if she would even answer, or if it would be too hard so she was patient as she waited for her to type it out before reading the message. She pressed her lips together slightly “That must have been...confusing and scary for you” she responded with a sad smile.

She swore the blush she wore today had a big competition when it comes to her own natural hue because she could feel her cheeks warming up at the compliment she received, "You think I'm fierce?" She's never been told that, so it was a new word for her. She was right, it wasn't a word most people would use to describe herself because to their eyes, Taealha was far from being fierce. Was she fierce? If Ivy said so then there's gotta be some truth to it, right? "I've never really seen myself as someone who is particularly strong… But thank you, hearing that from you gives me a new perspective. It feels nice" she grinned, Ivy just called her that and she loves it. When asked if she would worry if she'll get a backlash once she said something wrong,Taealha gave her a reassuring squeeze on her hand, "Well, I can't say a word so that doesn't happen but in social media where we have to do that… yeah, I'm scared. But I try my best not to let it faze me. Or else, how am I supposed to move on?" 

She likes that others see her as someone important enough to ask a few tips in the dms, but aside from that, she would rather lead a normal one. "You are pretty special to me" she nodded in affirmation, the way she wrote those words without even stopping before lifting her eyes up to send a heartfelt grin. To her, Ivy was pretty special in her eyes. "I wanna see you in red… it's a bold color but I could somehow picture you in such a bold setting, maybe even put some smokey eye shadow and that matte red lipstick on you… cat wing eyeliner" the way she analyzed the Initia was pretty much as if she was working as a makeup artist or stylist. She has wondered how Ivy would look if she gave her a chance to give her a makeover seeing as the human had quite literally a big box filled with them. "I know the feeling of not understanding why you don't feel like you could fit in but that's okay… it's not you, it's them. They don't see the precious gem inside you, that's why"

All her life, she wondered if that was the reason why she didn't have much of a friend until she grew up too. People only took interest in her when she was in high school. The thought of being able to speak without having to worry if there would be mistranslations was a good dream, and Taealha was always worked hard for her dreams all this while. But when Ivy kisses her cheek out of nowhere, Taealha swore she almost dropped her phone due to shock which thankfully, she didn't. With her eyes wide as her lips parted to form an o, Taealha covered her mouth and blushed profusely, "Ivy! You-you can't just kiss me like that- omg… oh wow" there were a few typos but of course, it was a given. Her cheeks were the same shade as her lipstick. "Next time we can go there, I've been dying to wear my new bikini… but never really had the chance to wear them" Now that's another thing she could look forward to. 

Surprisingly, it didn't feel as daunting when she was telling Ivy about her story, maybe she just wanted someone to hear her out without judging. "Everyone's got that tragic past right?" she chose to dismiss it with a smile, "Nothing I can't get out of. I can't keep living in the past, it's unhealthy. Come on" she pulled Ivy with her so they would go pass the next entrance that leads to another tunnel. It was dark so Taealha held onto her arm firmly as they walked through it. 


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