There was always a loophole in everything. Taealha first learnt that when she couldn't seem to get things her way during her experiments. She wasn't sure if she had experienced or before in her teen years considering the human still has yet to recall the small bits of her memories before her 17 year old self. Unfortunately, from the previous visit for her medical checkup today the doctor, she said the PTA could be permanent despite her therapies. Clearly, she wasn't happy to hear those news but said nothing about it. It wasn't as if she could actually express her upsetness, anyway. It was simply impossible for her to do that, so she gave a grateful nod and smile to her doctor before taking her leave. She decided then that there must be a way. A loophole. 

That was two weeks ago, she was thinking of stopping her therapies but Arianna told her it's best to keep up with it, so she did. Her eyes landed on the picture of her posing in front of the beautiful sunset, she had set it as her lock screen picture. It reminded her of that cheat day she never wanted to end; the best cheat day in her entire life. She ended up befriending the one she requested to take the same picture. Ivory Blake. Taealha misses her. After spending hours talking to each other at the cafe, they were forced to go their separate ways once the cafe was closing, but not before promising each other to meet again later. Initially, they planned to meet again the next Saturday, they were supposed to go to the greenhouse Ivy told her about. Unfortunately, neither of their schedules seemed to line up. Ivy was busy with her work and so was Taealha. She couldn't exactly stop midway and sneak out, it wasn't Taealha. 

Whenever Ivy is free, the human would be occupied with her thesis paper or the likes, and whenever she was free, Ivy would be somewhere outside of Evermore, doing her job. But finally, after a while, they were able to set a date to meet and spend the day. It was why she decided to clear everything on her day today, specifically for the Aussie girl. Taealha also made sure nobody would call her in. Today was just her and Ivy, as planned. As part of her New Year's look, the human decided to dye her hair, changing the dark shade of black to a brighter color that would definitely catch people's attention; red. She also sported that new blouse she got, a baby blue one with her usual skater skirt that stops just her knees, lower now because the weather was chilling. Her vibrant hair was curled naturally and left loose with a beret on top of it, her neck adorned with necklaces and all of her ear piercings present. The human still opted for heels, but settled for boots instead of pumps. 

Was she all dressed up to meet Ivy? Yes. Taealha always dressed up prettily for herself but perhaps she wanted to show a certain look for a certain someone today. After petting her cat, she slung her bag around her and locked the doors before making her way downstairs. They had agreed to meet in front of the same cafe; the cafe Ivy led her to, that day. It was only a few miles away from her apartment complex and Taealha enjoys jogging every morning, anyway, her cardio levels were fine. By the time she got there, she saw a familiar silhouette standing in front of the entrance, just across her. In order to get there, she needed to cross, in which Taealha waved enthusiastically towards her before doing so. "Have you waited for long?" 

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Ivy’s expression softened a little when Taealha expressed how she hoped she wouldn’t have to cover over the person she was “You’re one of the first to think like that” she felt like everyone wanted to see her this certain way which was so far from who she was and she was good at playing the part. But Taealha saw something in her which others didn’t. She saw past the mask and seemed to stare right at the girl who just wanted to be normal and to experience a normal relationship. “You know my reputation might be completely tarnished if they knew how blind-sighted I got by a cute girl in front of the sunset” she laughed as she pressed the send button “But I kinda like the idea of it being out secret” she added to the end before pressing a finger against her own lips.

Ivy nodded slightly when she read the question about being in tune with her own sexuality “I definitely know I have zero interest in men” she joked back and laughed softly “But I haven’t actually know” she twiddled her thumbs before sending that message, a little embarrassed to admit it but she figured if Taealha and her were going to continue seeing one another then it was worth her knowing that sooner. She lifted her gaze from the phone over to her and pressed her lips together slightly. When she heard the next ping she read the way she described her and smiled “I think we all have our moments of different categories, sometimes we wanna be cute and comfy, other times we wanna be sexy” there was nothing wrong with that, it was a way to express yourself.

Taealha was a really mature and smart person, Ivy could tell that much already, a lot of people who had been through the things she did would be better or harsh, or they’d find it hard to trust people but she seemed so rational with her thoughts and opinions, it was honestly refreshing because Ivy had never seen someone able to handle things so well “You know if more people were like you, the world would probably be a better place” she responded pressing send and then smiling. She felt lucky to have gotten to meet her. When she confirmed she was open with everyone Ivy grinned “Most people are scared if they put too much of themselves out there that it’ll scare someone off” she responded laughing under her breath “You’re just incredibly you huh” she liked that, it was strange to her but Taealha just kinda owned everything about herself.

The way she laughed when Ivy mentioned having a secret lab made the Initia laugh too because she had such an endearing laugh and honestly she really liked hearing a hint of her voice “Yeah that definitely sounds like a way to make your neighbors to either hate you or worry that you’ve become a hermit” she responded and shook her head playfully “You really love your work that much huh?” she was really smart and she seemed to be really passionate too which Ivy liked a lot, she was interesting to know what about it she enjoyed so much. Ivy wrinkled her nose a little when Taealha explained how she thought the guy had been cute and that was why she had given him a second chance “Goes to prove you shouldn’t judge people by how they look huh” she shook her head a little, she couldn’t even imagine someone standing someone as gorgeous as Taealha up. Before long the two of them were off back on their adventure, heading into the darker room where they could see the coc***s of the caterpillars. She shook her head when she read Taealha’s comment about her being sweet with others “No...honestly most people would describe me as pretty cold” she confessed and shrugged “I like you, I like you a lot and I feel like I can be real with you” she leaned in closer to Taealha’s side as they watched through the glass.

She didn't expect Ivy to think of her that way, honestly she found the other female very intriguing, there was something about her that just clicks with Taealha and while she's a social butterfly who could probably get along with most people, the attraction Ivy brought was something else. It was something she hasn't experienced with anyone else before. She wanted to know more and get tp know her better, the thought of being able to be there for her made it significant. "I shouldn't be the only one who thought of that but I'm glad to be one of them" she returned, Ivy's a nice person with a good set of personality, it's a shame to monopolise that part of her alone. But did the human feel a tad bit special? Definitely.She couldn't help but to blush slightly when Ivy said she was blind-sighted by a cute girl in front of the sunset, "I'm sure there's nothing wrong with being blind-sighted by a cute girl" she teased, gosh she called her cute. How many times is she going to squeal internally over this? The Initia was making it incredibly hard for her not to dance happily from the comments she received. 

She brought up her pinky and grinned bashfully, "It'll be our secret" she insisted. A childish thing being so exclusive had her feeling special somehow. If this was not attraction, then Taealha wasn't sure what it was. Taealha widened her eyes a bit when she read the message back again and understood what Ivy was trying to imply, that was unexpected. "I thought a pretty girl like you would've surely had… someone" she chuckled nervously, even her emojis are falling out of place. But knowing Ivy was not interested in men did make her fiddle nervously, does this mean she has a chance? Suddenly, things looked brighter. "Nothing wrong with being confident and comfortable with your own self, you can even mix all the styles you want. If you think you make it work, then you make it work. Nobody else can tear you down over it." Taealha was pretty confident in herself, thinking her only flaw was her disability, she wondered if she would've been a different person if she didn't go through the things she did. 

"If more people had friends like me, maybe that could boost the world a bit too" she jested and nudged her playfully, Ivy was not short on her compliments and every single one felt so genuine and sincere, it was hard for the redhead not to fall deeper into this person. She already had a small crush on her before this date, now that they're finally into it, it was hard for her to calm her excited thumping heart. "Ah… I get it, they don't wish to overwhelm people, huh?" It seems weird to her but she wasn't a psychologist, she didn't study people enough to know what they're thinking about. Taealha nodded enthusiastically, it's true. She didn't try to be someone she isn't. "No point in trying to mask myself. A part of me believed that my amnesia gave me a second chance at life. I don't need to remember all the bitter past and I get to move forward with my life without the burden and constraints of it. I consider myself lucky in that aspect." And she should not waste it. 

"I've been working hard to get this position, you know… it's a dream come true when they offered me the internship the first time." Her dating history wasn't the best, she couldn't even recall having a good time that's particularly memorable to leave a lasting impact. "I'm hoping for this date to be different from my past ones… make it memorable" the blushing and shy emoji she sent clearly hinted that Taealha was looking forward to how things go between them. When she said she liked her a lot and leaned in near, the human couldn't focus on the display in front of them, she had her eyes fixated on the female that was just right next to her. Taealha had that stupid grin that would've made anyone think she was smitten. "I like you too… if that wasn't obvious already."

Ivy shrugged her shoulders slightly, perhaps Taealha was right but there wasn’t anything she could to change the way the world around her was, the business around her was obsessed with status, Instagram followers, inner circles, getting one up on others and especially beauty. It was exhausting a lot of the time because sometimes she wanted to just show up onto set with sweatpants and a messy bun but she knew she looks she would get if she did that “People can be shallow I guess” she shrugged it off and smiled. “Maybe not, but people tend to see me as this person who is unbothered by everything, it’s not exactly like me to interested” which made Taealha unique and special in her eyes, because ever since she walked in she had held the Initia’s attention.

Ivy eyed the pinky the human held up and scrunched her nose playfully, how adorable, she reached her hand out towards her and interlocked hers with it but instead of letting go she let their hands drop to their sides, just holding onto one another’s pinky. She glanced down to her phone again and laughed before finally letting go so she could type back to her message “I have a kinda crazy schedule, things are a bit quieter lately but anyone who tends to show interest I just kinda...warn off” she confessed, feeling a little guilty now she said it out loud “I guess I just don’t want to let anyone down” but when it came to Taealha, she simply had to know her, distance and crazy schedules to hell, she wanted to figure it out. She smiled when she read her positive words about style choices “I like the positivity behind that, I think people spend too much time trying to look like someone else that they forget it’s okay to just be happy with your own choices” and she was right, no one could take it away from you if you were adamantly happy.

It was clear to her that Taealha was different to others in that she didn’t seem to have the societal expectations of others, she hadn’t once given the indication that she wanted to Ivy to be any different than the way she was right now “Or they’re worried their real self might not be what the person was expecting or wanting” she responded and shrugged, she knew her real self and her dreams didn’t fit with her mom’s narrative, her father had walked out on her before she even had real memories of him. Ivy often had this feeling like she didn’t fit the box others wanted her to and so she stretched her image to fake it, because that was easier than explaining herself or seeing the disappointed looks. “I’m a little jealous of the way you see’s probably simpler for you, no need to mask” if Ivy changed that image now though, it would be catastrophic to her career and the family relationships she was just about holding together.

“Doesn’t it ever make you mad to know they abandoned you though?” it was an honest question, she was sure she must have been scared after the amnesia and the fact her family hadn’t been there for her in a hard time like that, it did make the Initia sad. She looked over to the human between reading he messages about the work she did and how she had worked really hard to get where she was “I’m sure it paid off, you seem like the kind of person who puts their everything into things” Taealha didn’t strike her as a half measures kind of girl, which definitely made her feel flattered that she had decided to take a chance on her. The next message with the blushing emoji did made Ivy bite her lip though, memorable, she hoped she could deliver the human that. Ivy noticed that Taealha kept sneaking glances at her which made her smile, sneaking a glance at her for a moment, she looked around to make sure no one was looking at them, they were along here. She reached her hand up to caress against her cheek gently, she felt her own heart fluttering in her chest as she looked into her eyes as though to ask if it was okay before she closed the gap, her hand resting gently on Taealha’s hips to bring her closer and the pressing her lips softly against hers.

Perhaps the two of them hailed from different backgrounds and lived in two different worlds. She didn't know what it was but something about Ivy emitted that strange frequency she couldn't quite comprehend. Ivy told her she works in the entertainment industry and that is one wide field, the human wasn't sure which part the other female was involved in but decided not to push too much into it. The last thing she wanted to do was delve too deep and end up being seen as somewhat a pushover. "Everyone has their own sets of interests at the end of the day" she quipped softly, her thumbs hovering over the emoticon field, eyeing the various emotions depicted in the cute icons before adding her own. "I hope you know how happy it makes me feel to grab your attention and interest though" indeed it does. She was used to being the center of attention, whether it was good or bad, and she didn't necessarily like them nor did she hate them. The reaction she received upon holding her pinky up for this promise had the female reeling internally, that nose scrunch was adorable, it was almost surprising to see such reaction coming from Ivy, of all people. 

Despite being close to one another, Ivy still held this certain air about her that commands the room. Even after she intertwined their fingers together, instead of letting it go, she let it drop to their sides, which made Taealha blush profusely. It was a sweet gesture and Ivy is playing along with her, which meant a lot. "I get the sentiment" she exclaimed when she heard the Initia said about not wanting to let anyone down, she didn't want to do that either. All the things she worked for the entire time has led her to this moment, she wasn't about to let it go so easily. "But sometimes we need a proper reminder that it's not healthy to be in that mindset forever, we're still young so it's a shame to waste it on overthinking and paranoia when we should be taking the risks we won't be able to when we're older." This was new. "If you are going to regret anything, it's better to regret things once you've done it rather than to regret that you didn't take the chance to do it, right?" The redhead couldn't be that person, she's not going to live forever, god knows if she even has a long life in store, so hesitation has never been part of her character.

 "Who cares if the real self isn't what others want, isn't the important part being the person they want themselves?" Environment did have a big part in playing a role in their growth but Taealha believed that if they only followed people around for everything, the satisfaction would end up being halved. "But I guess it's easier to fake it than showing your real self only to get hurt in the end… the aftermath might not be worth it so, that's understandable." Not everyone was going to be that way and she understands why. She ran away from her past, not wishing to remember because of that too. A small chuckle escaped her when Ivy said it was easier to be like her due to the lack of masking things for the sake of going about her day, "Life is short, Ivy. I want to experience a lot of things before my time is up. I want to look back and remember I experienced everything I could possibly want." Did it make her mad to know she was abandoned because they thought they couldn't handle her? Of course it did. "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hurt and upset. I try not to think too much about it, since it'll only hurt me in the end and it wasn't worth it. They're dead and it's not like I could seek them out and ask why they did what they did, no? No point in dwelling." She had to take the high road and be the better person. 

Her cheeks went aflame once again when the brunette complimented her, it was getting increasingly hard to hide her attraction with the way Ivy is acting around her. Is it possible to be this friendly with someone if you don't like them more than friends? So when Ivy suddenly glanced over and caressed her cheek while looking at her like she mattered the most, Taealha wasn't sure what to expect. Okay, maybe she wished she would kiss her. Imagine her delight and surprise when that actually happened. This wasn't her first kiss, but it sure felt like it. Taealha froze for a brief while before her mind registered what was happening, it didn't take the human long to realize this was a chance for her to kiss back and reciprocate the feelings. With her eyes shut, she brought her arms around Ivy's waist and deepened the kiss from earlier. 

She nodded slightly when Taealha said everyone was different when it came to their interests, she agreed, there was so much variation in people, some valued money, other got absorbed by fame, some were private and kept others close, some had more friends than anyone could count “Good” she typed back when she expressed her like for capturing her attention, she sent a halo emoji in response and smile, she did feel special to be noticed by Taealha. Perhaps that was ridiculous considering who she was to the world but the fact she mattered to her as Ivy, that meant everything to her.

Ivy nodded and smiled sheepishly as she read Taealha’s messages about how it wasn’t healthy to always be worried about letting people down, honestly she knew that and she knew that eventually her facade was going to come crashing down but honestly, it felt more exhausting to be her real self than just to play the part at this point “You know you’re really wise for someone so young” she responded, a soft smile on her lips as she clicked the send button and looked up at the red-haired female. “I don’t want to feel like something good passed me by because I was too scared to reach for it” she admitted, her cheeks a little flushed because it could be implied that something good she was referencing was the girl in front of her.

She had been thinking about everything this meant for most of the day, she felt this electric pull when it came to Taealha and without trying she kept pulling her in, if it wasn’t for the fact that Ivy was inexperienced when it came to all of this she was sure she would have fallen under her spell already. She was charming and sweet, this tiny girl was fierce and determined and had dreams bigger than most of the celebrities she had met. “It sounds simple when you say it” she responded, shaking her head in amusement, not bending to her mother’s perfect image though, that wasn’t a simple thing and honestly Ivy was scared it would hurt more than she could handle. “Maybe it has taken me too long to find someone that I feel like I can be my real self with” she typed, hovering for a moment before finally sending it and then looking up at Taealha, she was so different and special in the Initia’s eyes and she couldn’t even tell why but she knew she wanted to show her parts of herself others didn’t get to see.

Ivy’s expression softened when Taealha responded to her message about abandonment, she was so much stronger than she was sure anyone else gave her credit for. She felt so connected to her in that moment, especially because her focus was supposed to be on the butterflies in the room but all she could think about was those doe eyes that kept sneaking glances at her. It felt like the butterflies were in her stomach at that moment. A kiss was just a kiss to most people but to Ivy, it was something she had been putting off time and time again, nothing felt like the right moment, she would chicken out because of nerves, worrying if the other person would accept her. She didn’t feel nerves this time though, she was sure, sure that this pretty, kind and brave girl was the person she would remember as her first kiss. She fluttered her eyes closed as their lips met, Taealha’s were soft, with a slightly sweet taste because of her chapstick. It felt nice, feeling the way the shock moved through the human and then she reciprocated, she felt her heart leaping in her chest. It felt natural as it deepened, Ivy pulled her closer as though she never wanted to let her go. By the time she did, she was speechless, looking the other girl in the eyes with flushed cheeks “I was gonna wait til the end of the date to do that” she spoke bluntly.

The halo emoji was cute and Taealha made a small note to put it into her favorites later. She wondered how it would be if she could actually talk with Ivy but maybe she didn't feel that incompetent anymore because the other female is coping just fine with her. It goes to show how far Ivy really cared to make this date work and honestly, Taealha was on board the whole idea. The day has been great so far and she had no doubt it would end up being better. She could feel her cheeks flushing when she read the message from Ivy that said she was wise for her age, to which she quickly typed her thanks, "Thank you. I guess I just don't want to waste the time I have in the world by being something or someone I would only go back home to groan about. But that's just me, you know." She definitely won't judge if others coped with it. Her life is hers and others had their own. "Are you implying I'm something good that came into your life, Ivy?" she teased cheekily and chuckled before adding the annoyingly sweet gif that was winking at her. "I feel flattered." 

Their feelings were mutual, after all. It definitely made things feel brighter for her. Honestly, Taealha didn't know how she would ever score someone like the brunette. She is pretty and clearly more well connected in the entertainment industry than the human thought. There was this mysterious charm to her that only seemed to lure her in for more. It made her want to stay. "Well then I'm glad you could find one of those people now" oh yes she is definitely pointing at her own self, paired up with that bright grin she sported while typing enthusiastically, Taealha was basically deep in this hole that she initially didn't even want to climb out of. It was a romantic spot, really. With all the butterflies around them, pun intended, Taealha couldn't find a better spot than this when she finally felt the weight of Ivy's lips against hers. Maybe she didn't want the kiss to stop just there, it was longer than usual but it felt short to her. 

The redhead was halfway tempted to nibble against her bottom lip by the time they parted away, assuming they needed to breathe for it. Her eyes were wide in surprise and she gaped before chuckling nervously, "That was amazing" she replied with the blushing emoji. "Well, if it makes you feel better… maybe by the end of the date, you can do it again. Perhaps, longer then." She felt like this teenager who just scored a kiss with the hottest senior, which wasn't really a lie. Ivy is clearly a gorgeous woman who wouldn't let you kiss her easily. In an attempt to push the tension in the air away, Taealha tugged her closer and leaned her head against her side, with one hand around her waist, beckoning for Ivy to move forward to the next section, "Shall we?" 

Ivy knew it was going to be a challenge to take Taealha on a date because of the lack of verbal communication but they seemed to have managed well so far, if anything it felt less scary to her because she had time to think through what she wanted to say while she was typing. She felt like she had talked about a lot in the space of the few hours they had been exploring the butterfly garden “I find it hard not to focus on the bad things” she confessed, she wouldn’t exactly call herself a pessimist but more anxious than anything, no doubt created by the experiences she had being famous “Everyone seems to think it’s their right to insert their opinion where it isn’t needed” she added, nodding her head solemnly. She bit her lip when Taealha asked her what she was implying and Initia responded with the two pointing finger emojis “Maybe” she responded before lifting her gaze to look at her.

She watched her with careful eyes between messages, taking in her expressions and little reactions as she read the text on the phone and then debated what she was going to return, Taealha was fast at typing she would definitely commend her on that. The Initia couldn’t stop the little smile on her lips each time her phone went ping and she could read the next thing she had to say. “You’re right, who knew I’d find her staring into the sunset” she added and smiled nodding slightly “I forgot to ask if you lived nearby, I know we met up at the shop but if you’d like, I’ll drive you home later” whenever she wanted to go home that is. Ivy was just looking for a few more excuses to spend that little bit longer with her she supposed. Especially considering she had to fly out for a location shoot next week and wouldn’t get to see her again until that was done.

Her first kiss. There were so many ways she imagined it happened, some of them were grand, others were just her wanting to finally have it done with because it felt like it might never happen. This, this was kinda like a dream come true, so much so that she stifled a sigh of relief when Taealha kissed her back. She knew it was soon but it felt right, the two of them had been talking almost constantly since they met that other night and they were only getting closer. Ivy wanted to cement the fact that she saw Taealha as so much more than a friend. Her eyes fluttered open and she had this stupid smile on her lips as she looked back at the human “I would say sorry for jumping ahead but I’m not” she responded and then chuckled out loud as she leaned against her as she nestled in close “I don’t think there’s too much more to see” she admitted as she threaded her arm through hers and they headed for the exit.

They found themselves back at the entrance with the gift shop, a clerk was serving people who were entering the gardens. Ivy tugged Taealha over towards the racks of things before picking up a rainbow butterfly plushie and playfully perching it on the human’s shoulders “I think this one likes you too” she teased, remembering how many of the real butterflies had come and landed on her when they went through the gardens before.

She never really thought she would be able to score a good date like this. Not with someone like Ivy. Honestly, there were times when the redhead would often think about how Ivy is totally out of her league. The lack of verbal communication was hard for a lot of people, even herself. She couldn't expect them to use the phone to text the things they wanted to say all the time, it would get tiring and it was precisely the reason why she stopped going on blind dates or dates in general. But Ivy kept up with her with no problem and it sparked something inside her. The consideration is really making Taealha swoon every single time. "Everyone's a pessimist sometimes, don't worry about it" she reassured, she couldn't reprimand everyone, it was only natural for them to feel what they feel, after all. Even Taealha had her outbursts sometimes. To tell them off would make her a hypocrite. The pointing emoji made the redhead cover her mouth to stifle her laugh, it was cute. 

This was going so well, it was impossible for the human not to do a few flips inside. Even though she said maybe, it was basically a confirmation to her. She stole a few glances when she was typing, she was already so used to typing, whether it was on her phone or laptop, it made her a skilled typer. The reactions on Ivy's face every time she read her text was wholesome, for the first time in forever, Taealha felt like she was being appreciated. It feels good. When she offered to drive her home later, Taealha widened her eyes and bit her bottom lip, that was unexpected. "You don't mind?" She didn't want to burden her but she would be lying if she said she wasn't looking forward to more time spent with the Initia. "And to answer your question, I don't live far. If you would like to bring a girl home, I can tell you this person doesn't mind" she responded cheekily, is this really happening? Of course she knew the date would go fine considering it was with Ivy, someone she had already formed a good relationship with, but this is more than she expected. 

The kiss blew her mind. This was saying something because this wasn't Taealha's first kiss, far from it actually. She has kissed plenty of people throughout college, but the difference it had with Ivy was all too clear. It stood out. It did leave the human wanting to press her lips against the Initia's slightly longer. It felt so short. The smile Ivy had on her only made her want to kiss it. Taealha practically looked like she just received her first kiss. It might as well be that way. "You shouldn't be sorry" she shook her head and had a sheepish grin, "I don't regret it and I'm glad you don't either." Does it feel too soon? Not to Taealha. It felt just right, honestly. With their arms threaded together, Taealha giggled and remained close to the other female, basking in their close proximity in delight, "Then I guess it's done and we should go." Her eyes fell on the plushie Ivy had in her grasp, squealing softly when she perched it on her shoulders, "A butterfly? How romantic of you" she chuckled and took a rainbow headband that didn't look too obnoxious but cute enough, placing it on top of Ivy's head gently. "I think this is my favorite butterfly today" she texted and winked. 

Ivy never really branched like this before, she’d never met someone and just felt like she was a regular girl before. She had seen Taealha that first day and seen how happy she was as she posed taking photos in front of the sunset, she had no idea who Ivy was and that mattered, because she felt a connection with her and for once she didn’t have to question the other side’s intentions. So many times she’d turned down what might have been a good relationship for fear of what the other person might want out of it but she didn’t feel that worry with Taealha “True, it’s not like we live in a perfect world after all” though she had to admit if things got close to perfect, this day definitely had to rank because she was actually having a lot of fun as they explored the gardens together.

Her date had even dressed up all pretty to impress her, which honestly made her feel touched, Taealha seemed like the kind of person who would take any excuse to put an outfit together she had to admit but it meant something regardless. And she did look stunning as hell. She was enjoying herself. She had told herself she would come on this date and it turned out awful she could get away in a few hours but now here she was looking for reasons to extend it just a little while longer because she didn’t want to leave. “Of course, I mean I don’t want to keep you too long if you’re busy but” she pressed her lips together before continuing to type back to her “I’m definitely looking for excuses to spend longer with you” which was her way of saying that Taealha could just say the word and she would make sure she gets home safely. She raised her brows in surprise at her response though and she blushed slightly “Okay” she responded, hiding her face for a moment to let her flustered state die down.

In a moment, her first kiss was finally done and the memory of it was beautiful, just her and the human, holding onto one another and leaning in together. It felt special and it made the initia feel fluttery inside, something she wasn’t used to feeling. “I don’t think I could ever be sorry for kissing you” she responded before biting her lip, she could still taste a hint of Taealha’s chapstick on his lips and it tasted so sweet, a small reminder of what it felt like to be close to her like that. Normally Ivy would be the kind of person who passed by things like a gift shop, she knew the things in them were overpriced and not really worth their value but today might be an exception because it would be a reminder of this day they spent together. Plus the plushie was awfully cute, she gasped as she caught a look of her reflection where Taealha placed the headband on her “This butterfly is awfully rare, I heard there’s only one of this kind” she responded and put a smiley face after “Do you want the plushie?” she asked shifting on the spot a little. Ivy had more money than she knew how to spend most of the time but she didn’t want to overstep when she already got Taealha the bracelet before.

She has dated before, both men and women in general, so the idea of a date isn’t as foreign as she might like to think it would be to her but with Ivy today, it didn’t feel anywhere near those dates she went to before. Admittedly, if this was how every date with Ivy turns out, then forgive her for wanting a second one, and a third one, and you know how the numbers work. “I like imperfection” she giggled as she typed subtly, perfection was overrated to the human. She prefers seeing people and things in their natural state, following whatever their instincts would tell them to do and likewise. Taealha initially thought she had dressed up too much for today’s date, especially when it was just a stroll through the butterfly park and her being cute and lovey dovey with the Initia, but she felt comfortable and Ivy didn’t seem to judge her on it. In fact, she even gave her something that probably would not match any outfit given the sudden circumstances but it did match Taealha; the racc*** bracelet. 

While their date was slowly coming to an end, she enjoyed it immensely, and judging from the body language the other female emitted, she did too. So when Ivy finally confirmed that she didn’t want the day to end for them just yet, the exuberant human was quick to cling onto her with a smile that pretty much laid out what needed to be said, the ‘I want to be here with you too’ message. “Excuses to spend longer with me huh? Sneaky” she teased and nudged her playfully, “So that’s you saying yes, then.” A coffee after that sounds okay too, right? “Good…” she cleared her throat and replaced the small frown earlier with a smile of her own, “I don’t regret a single thing.” And she didn’t. The kiss? The date? The way she showed Ivy how she made her heart thump in excitement? Not one of them was a mistake. 

Usually, the first kiss on a first date sounds like a cliche but to Taealha, who has been trying to search for someone worth wasting her time on, a person who also thought that she herself, Taealha Kim, was worth spending time with, it was considered to be a wonderful discovery. Ivy played along and she couldn’t express how delightful that made her, she likes attention, so when the Initia plays along with her like that, it was really solidifying her case there. As if the human wasn’t already deep and whipped for her already. “What to do? I want this rare butterfly for myself… so I can keep staring and looking at her every day for the rest of my life. This beautiful butterfly…” she cooed. When asked whether she wanted the plushie or not, Taealha blinked a few times in awe and quickly typed her response, “I’m an avid plushie collector. You’d be surprised to see how many I have surrounding my bed, much less those I stacked up on the shelves. But you don’t have to, you know. You already gave me a gift earlier.” While she wasn’t opposed to a bit of pampering, Taealha didn’t want to give Ivy the wrong impression on herself. “Are you used to pampering people or is it just to people you really like? Or… me? Because I can tell you I feel loved.” she added and stared up from her phone to meet her green hues as she waited in anticipation.

She nodded as she read the message about imperfection “Perfection is very rarely actually that, people are good at making themselves look good on the surface but it’s not possible to never make mistakes” she made a lot of them, as did everyone she knew in Hollywood, even the people who appeared to have these perfect lives with perfect families “Idolizing it is a bad idea too” she responded and nodded, because that created jealousy and feeling insignificant. She enjoyed the date so far, she was worried that it might feel awkward or difficult considering she’d never actually been on one before but it was kinda like spending time with a friend, except that friend was someone you wanted to kiss. She had had this idea of dating being something more than that in her head but it was a pleasant surprise to have it feel...simple.

Taealha was a really affectionate person which didn’t match Ivy because she could be quite cold on the exterior, but when she human clung to her arm as though she was claiming she had to stay, it made the Initia smile, she felt special. “Well I don’t really have any dates to compare this one to, but being with you makes me happy” she responded almost matter of factly. If this is what dating someone felt like then she could see herself liking it a lot. There wasn’t pressure, it didn’t feel stuffy or like she couldn’t be herself. “That’s me saying yes, indeed” she responded and looked up to smile at her. Ivy had been so worried about her first date and kiss before, like they were some big barrier to cross but it was surprising how quickly that Taealha had pushed her along that path.

Ivy laughed when Taealha said she wanted the rare butterfly for herself, though there was a soft blush on her cheeks because it seemed like there was some sincerity in the words. This didn’t feel like something just purely casual, this felt special and something they both wanted to explore. Which was complicated for Ivy considering the world still thought she was dating a man and also because she didn’t want Taealha to be exposed to the toxic parts of her life because all they did was bring doubt and questioning. “An avid collector huh? Well then I can’t resist getting you one so that whenever you look at it, you’ll think of me” she laughed but paused when she asked her if she pampered everyone and whether it was just her “Just you” she responded before lifting her gaze and smiling “I’ve always wanted to meet someone I could pamper” she admitted before biting her lip “Someone who deserves the whole world” she added finally.

She headed up to the desk and bought the plushie before holding it out towards Taealha “Make sure you take good care of it” she chided with a playful smile.

She listened to her intently, nodding in response because Ivy was right. Perfection was rare real, it was just a facade most people decided to play into because they thought it would protect them from the cruelty of the world. But then again, Taealha could understand why; people are often afraid of what they can't understand, after all. It wasn't surprising nor new to see this. It doesn't make it any less sad though. "I hope people will realize that idolizing it is also a main factor contributing to longevity. People do it because others enable them to. It became a norm and they thought… why not?" It was a sad way to view their community, that's for sure. Honestly, she was impressed that the other female showcased a certain level of intelligence that really did pique her interest even more. It helps that Ivy is a sweetheart, kind to the core, someone who Taealha really enjoyed talking to. Or, texting to. She could feel that everything Ivy said to her, every compliment and jest, they were all genuine. And perhaps… the human was crushing even more on her because of it. 

She could hardly blame herself. The kiss they shared, she will never be able to forget how soft Ivy's lips were. It was not the first time Taealha had kissed a girl, but it sure made her want to dub it her first after Ivy. The lingering effect against her lips made the human bite her bottom lip a few times. Oh she wanted to do it again. "It makes me happy too" she returned with a cheeky grin, "Good" she giggled when she heard her answer. She should say yes, she thought softly to herself. The redhead could be quite demanding sometimes and often showed a bit of her bossy side to the people she cared for. A part of her wasn't surprised when Ivy insisted on getting her the plushie, to which Taealha just chuckled nervously and tried to avert her gaze away because she was blushing heavily. Oh, she could feel her cheeks warming, causing the female to touch both her cheeks absentmindedly. She hoped she wasn't too red in front of Ivy. 

"Well… what if I tell you that I'm a girl who loves to be pampered and spoiled, with a short attention span outside of work which makes me incredibly clingy most of the time…" she typed and waited for her reaction, sure today was their first date but this was basically a proposition that they could be more. "Do I tick the boxes in your criteria? Or… I don't know, there could be another person ready to go on a date with you" she cleared her throat awkwardly, gosh Taealha you are really going through with this. She followed her to the counter to which she also purchased the butterfly hairband she placed on Ivy earlier with a keychain of two butterflies paired together, putting it in a small plastic bag and pushing it to her. "Now we both have something to remember this day." She took the plushie from her, hugging it against her chest while squealing silently, shortly before linking an arm around Ivy, beckoning for the Initia to move. "Let's go back to my place."


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