There was always a loophole in everything. Taealha first learnt that when she couldn't seem to get things her way during her experiments. She wasn't sure if she had experienced or before in her teen years considering the human still has yet to recall the small bits of her memories before her 17 year old self. Unfortunately, from the previous visit for her medical checkup today the doctor, she said the PTA could be permanent despite her therapies. Clearly, she wasn't happy to hear those news but said nothing about it. It wasn't as if she could actually express her upsetness, anyway. It was simply impossible for her to do that, so she gave a grateful nod and smile to her doctor before taking her leave. She decided then that there must be a way. A loophole. 

That was two weeks ago, she was thinking of stopping her therapies but Arianna told her it's best to keep up with it, so she did. Her eyes landed on the picture of her posing in front of the beautiful sunset, she had set it as her lock screen picture. It reminded her of that cheat day she never wanted to end; the best cheat day in her entire life. She ended up befriending the one she requested to take the same picture. Ivory Blake. Taealha misses her. After spending hours talking to each other at the cafe, they were forced to go their separate ways once the cafe was closing, but not before promising each other to meet again later. Initially, they planned to meet again the next Saturday, they were supposed to go to the greenhouse Ivy told her about. Unfortunately, neither of their schedules seemed to line up. Ivy was busy with her work and so was Taealha. She couldn't exactly stop midway and sneak out, it wasn't Taealha. 

Whenever Ivy is free, the human would be occupied with her thesis paper or the likes, and whenever she was free, Ivy would be somewhere outside of Evermore, doing her job. But finally, after a while, they were able to set a date to meet and spend the day. It was why she decided to clear everything on her day today, specifically for the Aussie girl. Taealha also made sure nobody would call her in. Today was just her and Ivy, as planned. As part of her New Year's look, the human decided to dye her hair, changing the dark shade of black to a brighter color that would definitely catch people's attention; red. She also sported that new blouse she got, a baby blue one with her usual skater skirt that stops just her knees, lower now because the weather was chilling. Her vibrant hair was curled naturally and left loose with a beret on top of it, her neck adorned with necklaces and all of her ear piercings present. The human still opted for heels, but settled for boots instead of pumps. 

Was she all dressed up to meet Ivy? Yes. Taealha always dressed up prettily for herself but perhaps she wanted to show a certain look for a certain someone today. After petting her cat, she slung her bag around her and locked the doors before making her way downstairs. They had agreed to meet in front of the same cafe; the cafe Ivy led her to, that day. It was only a few miles away from her apartment complex and Taealha enjoys jogging every morning, anyway, her cardio levels were fine. By the time she got there, she saw a familiar silhouette standing in front of the entrance, just across her. In order to get there, she needed to cross, in which Taealha waved enthusiastically towards her before doing so. "Have you waited for long?" 

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She nodded thoughtfully “We’re in a world where certain people are put on pedestals for being this certain way...but what most people don’t realize is that those people aren’t even really like that, they’re just good at playing the part” as an actress she had some experience in that, especially because she was constantly in the public eye. Though that was still the one thing she didn’t want Taealha to know about her, she didn’t want to change the current path they were on and she didn’t want her to see her any differently. She felt guilty in part for not being upfront but this was a first date, how was she supposed to get into the risks of fame along with her fake boyfriend, it would ruin the day and she couldn’t stand that.

She hoped in time she would be able to figure things out and when she was ready, she could come out to the world. Though someone like Taealha didn’t reserve the kind of judgment that would come to her should they find out about their date. It was hard for the Initia to know what was best. All she knew is that she didn’t want to leave right now, she wanted to spend time with her for as long as possible. “I feel like it might be illegal for a first date to go this well” she responded, laughing softly under her breath as she hit send, honestly she was waiting for something bad to happen or perhaps even to wake up and realize it was all a dream.

Ivy had noticed the soft blush on Taealha’s cheeks when she admitted she did like to be spoiled a little here and there, it was endearing seeing the way she seemed so humbled by the gifts “Well then I’d tell you that you may become even more spoiled around me” she laughed and tilted her head slightly “There are no doubt, many girls who want to go on a date with me, believe me I’ve tried” she smiled shyly “But you’re my first date” and that meant something to Ivy, she wanted to meet someone who she felt a connection with for herself. Because of her fake relationship it was too risky to date someone in the industry, so finding someone real...had felt impossible. Looking at the bag Taealha pushed to her she smiled softly opening it and hooking the keyring over her finger so she could hold it in her palm “It’s perfect, thank you” she responded and nodded a few times.

She swore her chest was doing little backflips as she watched the way Taealha clutched the plushie to her chest though and before long they were heading back to Ivy’s car. Thankfully, even though she looked around, she didn’t notice any paparazzi and no one had recognized her but she didn’t intend on sticking around long enough to risk it.

Good at playing the part, the way Ivy put it was as if she was experienced in that kind of situation. It made Taealha wonder if the Initia was ever stuck in that kind of situation where she saw people putting on masks and acting that way. "Kudos to their acting skills, then" she typed, she wished more people would see through it. She did like how open minded and rational the other female sounded, if there was anything the human liked, it was being able to be engaged in a conversation where they can freely talk about a lot of things without feeling constricted. An intelligent conversation makes the person very attractive. When she said it was illegal for a first date to go this well, Taealha chuckled and moved her fingers to pick a few cute gifs to express her mood and thoughts, "I know right? But we better not jinx it. I like it. It's very simple yet… very fun." 

She had a fun time with her today and it was clear neither wanted the day to end yet, which was why they told each other it was fine… to extend it a little bit more, even if that meant Ivy sending her back home. "Maybe this is a sign… that we should totally have a second one… and a third one… and well, you know how the numbers work" she quipped coyly. Was she bold in saying this? Perhaps. But Taealha really wished to have another date with her. It doesn't have to be that soon, the human really just wanted to spend more time with her, making memories together. Ivy understood her in ways most people didn't. "Careful Ivy, you make me like being pampered so much one day I'm gonna be the focus of all your affection" she jested playfully, not that she would mind. Taealha wasn't going to lie and said she didn't like the attention Ivy gave her because she honestly did. She was a bit surprised upon finding out that she really was her first date, "Well then I hope I made it memorable for you. It's a good memory to keep."

 This was far from being her first date but was it by far the most memorable? For sure. The plushie was normal sized but the way she held it against her chest really made it look slightly bigger than it originally was. By the time they got to Ivy's car, she quickly got into the passenger seat and tossed the plushie to the backseat so she could use her phone properly, she even wrote her address down for the Initia. Her heart was thumping in excitement from the idea of Ivy sending her back home from their first date, right… since most of her dates were all talk, walking her back home was not on their list. "This will actually be the first time someone walks… well drives me back home after a date."

“Part of the job I suppose” she responded when Taealha said they must be really good actors to be able to keep the facade up. Honestly, it was exhausting to do so and there had been so many times when Ivy wanted to quite. But she knew she was limited on options, it wasn’t like she wanted to give up the thing she enjoyed doing most but also if she was to show her real self she wasn’t sure many people would like it. Tessa Blake seemed like such a different person to the girl who was on this date with Taealha “Maybe that’s the key to it...maybe the reason others end up so terrible is because they try to do too much...put too much pressure” today was supposed to be casual and yet it had still made Ivy nervous. That was how she knew she really liked this girl a lot and wanted things to be real with her. It was a little scary.

Most of all, she had enjoyed herself today, she had enjoyed spending time with someone and just pouring out any thought that came to mind, it was freeing just being able to talk with someone about anything and everything, without the fear they were going to take what they knew and run straight to the tabloids about it. She smiled when she read Taealha’s message saying they should have more dates “Is this you asking me out again?” she responded and smiled to herself “Cause if so...I’d like to hear your ideas” Taealha seemed like the planning type so she was sure the human had some ideas about what they might do together. She smiled to herself at Taealha’s playful warning “Can’t be any worse than having all this affection to give and no one to receive it right?” it didn’t seem too scary to let Taealha in because for once, what she felt, felt real.

It didn’t take long for them to cross the parking lot and get into the car, Ivy closed the door and put on her seatbelt before looking over to Taealha to read the address she had typed out, she put it into the sat nav and then started up the car “I’ve never been to this part of the city before” she commented, noting that Taealha’s neighborhood was towards the outskirts of the city, close to the university. She was sure it was quieter than the center of the city where she lived which was no doubt nice “Your commute to work must be quite long” she commented thoughtfully, she couldn’t help but laugh a little when she heard the return of the robot voice as Taealha talked about this being the first time a date takes her home “Really? I always thought that was...the nice thing to do...make sure they get home safely” she looked over to her and smiled softly as she pulled out of the parking lot and started driving toward the direction the GPS told her “Maybe try and find an excuse to be let in and stay a little while” she laughed softly.

Taealha had a list if her favorite actors too and she wondered if they were as nice ad the media depicted them to be, which is real and which is not? Though she didn't linger around long enough to find out the dark truth in that industry, she would just continue to like them whenever she watched any of their dramas or movies. "That's sad…" She knew Ivy worked in the entertainment industry, the Initia told her that and that meant Ivy must've worked closely with them to know the extent of how truth works in that sector. But Taealha decided it wasn't the time to quench her curiosity and thirst of knowledge today. They had such a good day today and she didn't want to ruin it by talking about work. "I hope they find what makes them happy respectively… it's not as easy, I know… but if they try, maybe they can unlock the door to their happiness too" who knows? Taealha knew she came from a sad backstory but she didn't allow that to hold her back, in fact, the stories she heard from Arianna and her memory loss only gave her a second chance to begin a better path at life. She shouldn't waste it. 

"They'll find that people love the real them. Maybe not everyone, but there will be people who love them for who they are." She couldn't help but glance over to the brunette when she typed those words out, it was as if the human was trying to tell the other female that she really likes her. Love wasn't exactly a word she would pass around that easily, not the romantic kind anyway since she likes to think that she was attracted to a lot of things and people, the mutual like was always there for her. Love everything and enjoy your life, that was her motto when she was 17. She could still recall it. She noticed that Ivy seemed a bit reluctsnt at times and she wondered what made the Initia so worried. Eventually, Taealha dismissed it by telling herself Ivy was simply just nervous to be on this date. It is her first date, after all. Which did flatter the human. A lot. "Yes?" This is somewhat her way of asking her out again. She wanted to see that pretty smile again. 

"I'm a planner. Sometimes very meticulous which makes me slightly more annoying than usual but… I want to make it a surprise for our next time. I'll text you the details that you need to know. Since you organized this one, I should be organizing our next one." Though the idea of visiting that place Ivy talked about earlier seemed tempting, Taealha wanted to do something that will surprise the other female too. "You can give it to me, I do like affection and attention a lot. Most would say I'm an attention seeker" she teased playfully, she didn't dee anything wrong with it. She is, indeed, an attention seeker. She likes the spotlight on her and she wasn't embarrassed to admit that. The robotic voice that said every single word she wrote on the text returned again and it honestly made the human wince a bit because she wished she could talk to Ivy without having to use a device like this. Perhaps one day.

 "It's quieter… my place. It's also near my orphanage where I grew up at. The owner is my adoptive older sister so I try to help her when I can. I like the city but it doesn't mean I want to wake up at 3am hearing people partying." That definitely happened a lot when she was still studying her degree at the university and staying in campus. "It's long but I go there early so it's not as packed." Taealha often goes to work with earphones plugged in, it wasn't as if she could talk to anyone. She couldn't help but chuckle at the surprised tone Ivy gave, "I don't have a lot of good dates. My sexual life isn't as… fun either. I used to party a lot when I was a student. But now that I have a job and more responsibilities, partying is a no no." She couldn't risk a hangover when she could be submitting her work report the next morning either. "And if I invite you in, would you?" The way she stared at the brunette held a hint of hopefulness.

Ivy took what Taealha said to heart when she expressed her hopes that someone like that could find the things that made them happy. Honestly, Ivy constantly felt like she was searching for her place in life because no matter how much she accomplished or how many fans she had, she still felt like there was something she was missing, a point perhaps you could say. Not that she was ungrateful, just realistic about her own goals “I think a lot of people aren’t actually sure what makes them happy so they keep reaching for new things in the hopes one will stick” she loved acting, she really did, but she didn’t love the paranoia that came along with it.

Ivy pursed her lips thoughtfully, was there anyone who loved the real her? She couldn’t answer yes to that question, her relationship with her mom and step father was complex, they both wanted her to be someone she wasn’t. Her fans always stood by her, but a lot of what they saw was the best of her and what her publicist decided was best to show the world. She had friends but a lot of her connections were surface level “It feels easier said than done” she typed back, it was true that in some cases, the person you were, wasn’t what people wanted. Ivy grinned when Taealha responded almost without hesitation that she was asking her out again before following it up with a promise that she wanted to plan a surprise for her. Honestly it made her feel a little fluttery because it was rare for someone to go out of their way to make plans for her “Okay” she responded with a soft smile “I’m excited to see what your mind comes up with” she confessed as she glanced at her.

Ivy looked down for a moment after reading Taealha’s message about enjoying affection and attention, honestly it felt so surreal to the initia, the whole idea of being able to just be free to be affectionate with someone was foreign to her. Her experiences with it were either faked for the sake of publicity with someone who she wasn’t dating and felt nothing for...or were non-existent because of her fear of someone outing her if she crossed the line with them. It was the first time she felt free “And if I don’t want to let you go?” she responded, honestly she could see herself latching onto this opportunity. The robot voice was strange but also seemed familiar, mostly because it was reading the flow of Taealha’s typing which she had learned by now “Quiet is good” she responded “I like knowing when I go home...that people aren’t able to look in on me and I can just” she nodded a few times.

She was driving down the roads as the GPS instructed, not paying much mind to anything but the road and the words of her passenger “Good plan...though that must mean you like early mornings huh?” Ivy wrinkled her nose in distaste, she couldn’t say the same, she liked to avoid early shoots at all costs and yet they always seemed to be the ones she got anyway. Ivy couldn’t help but laugh at the next statement because of how weird it sounded for a robot voice to say sexual and she glanced over at Taealha before mimicking int and laughing “I’ve been to a lot of parties by honestly I don’t see the hype, I’d rather just have a nice bottle of wine at home” she laughed, at least then she didn’t have to share her drink. Ivy blushed a little when Taealha asked if she would come in if invited, she bit her lip as she turned to face her for a moment to gauge if she was serious. She averted her gaze and smiled a little “I’d like to” she spoke softly.

Her hopes and wishes might not be what the others wanted so she tried her best not to impose them when she was behaving in the influence of excitement. Ivy doesn't seem to be the type who would speak much, but she seemed nice and free around Taealha which was why the human was curious to poke the more fun side to the other female for some reason. Perhaps there was something others couldn't see that she could, right? They did go on a date after all. Ivy likes her and Taealha likes her too. "Do yours stick?" She asked curiously, "I like to think mine did." The human was happy to say she's currently content with what she's doing. It's not much and maybe others don't see it as much of an achievement but she did and that mattered the most. A small frown crossed her face when she read that Ivy thought it was easier said than done, she wished she could make things better for her. There must be a way she can without imposing too much in her personal life. Make her happy when she's with you, a small voice in her exclaimed. 

Getting on board with the whole planning things for the Initia in return for the memorable first date today, Taealha was happy to see a smile etched on her beautiful face once again. "You might be surprised" she teased, she's a planner and when you give her the reins to do anything, who knows what she'll come up with. "Have I told you how pretty you look when you smile? Especially to me? It makes my heart thump." Shameless. Maybe that's what she is. But she wasn't shy to show her affection. The effortless genuine smile look was the best look she has ever seen on her. Speaking of her heart thumping in an exciting manner, the moment she read her message again, Taealha could feel her heart beating faster as her cheeks blush. "Then don't let me go. I never said you had to. You underestimate how much I like having you close to me, Ivy" she chuckled and gave her a wink and puckered her lips up to make a kissing noise. 

"You can be free with me. You know I won't judge you… and I know it's not much coming from me but I hope you know I do like you for you. You're a fascinating person to be with." The entire time they spent their day together has filled Taealha with a newfound sense of adoration for the brunette. If she already liked Ivy, here she only found her even more endearing. The ride back to her place was faster than she expected, that or she completely zoned out while staring at the environment outside from the passenger seat's window. Chatting with Ivy also helped. "Once upon a time ago, I used to hate them. But then again, living here instead of the noisy city is better for me to collect my thoughts. It had to be done, my heart matters just as much as my mind so if I wanna stay here, I had to wake up early. It helps because I get to hear music all the time so I kinda zone out… a lot." She literally just did it for a brief while earlier. 

"I was younger… I wanted to have fun like the others and tried it out. Besides, I'm not the kind who can just wink at another person and boom, score myself a date. I don't think that even works…" Maybe Taealha has never tried it so she could never know for sure. Though she would also like to think she had a certain standard too. The GPS finally announced their arrival and she waited for Ivy to park her car at the parking lot before getting out herself. "I live in the 3rd floor." She pressed the button to wait for the elevator and chewed her bottom lip nervously, "Now the nervousness is kicking in…"

She shrugged her shoulders slightly when Taealha asked her she had managed to find what stuck “Some things do and some things don’t” she answered candidly, by that she meant there were both good things and bad things about her life and she had to deal with the bad and treasure the good “I like to think every day I take a step closer to finding...real happiness” she nodded her head slightly, she felt lately that she could be more herself which was important because for so long she had felt so lost in her own identity and become someone she wasn’t. But when she was with Taealha she didn’t feel that usual immense pressure to hide any parts of herself and she liked that a lot.

She raised her brows when Taealha said she might really be surprised by what she had in store “Well as long as you aren’t taking me into one of those haunted houses” she responded in a joking tone but she was utterly serious, she wouldn’t dare to step a foot inside of one of them and no one could convince her otherwise. Naturally, her smile only widened and made her a little flustered when Taealha complimented her smile, she swore this girl had a way of just drawing smiles out of her “You haven’t told me that no...but thank you” she spoke it in a soft voice as she glanced over at her “Happy moments feel all too rare but since I met you, they keep popping up everywhere” mostly in the form of those little silly texts she would send her in the day which the Initia would find herself getting excited over every time she would hear the ping telling her she got a new message “I feel like a teenager again” she commented softly, shaking her head in amusement at Taealha’s air kiss.

“I know” she responded and nodded her head slightly to emphasize that she did “It’s just something I’m not used to...everyone seems to have this...expectation of who I’m supposed to be” everyone had an opinion in the industry she was in and that meant constantly being judged or compared to others. Everything felt competitive and she constantly felt like she needed to hide the bad parts of herself so others wouldn’t speculate about her or call her a bad parent. “For so long I’ve felt like I’ve had to hide who I am” she confessed in a small voice, she’d never said that out loud to anyone before She smiled as she listened to the robot voice talk about the city and how she felt about living here and her opinion on getting up early “Music definitely helps” she responded and smiled “What kind of music do you like?” she asked it curiously.

She laughed when Taealha talked about parties and how she went to them because it was a good place to meet people, Ivy would agree with that sentiment, it was good for meeting people if you actually wanted to meet people “And yet you managed to attract all the frat boys huh?” she couldn’t be all that surprised, seemed pretty typical that they’d chase after a pretty girl like her. It didn’t take long at all before she was pulling up outside of Taealha’s apartment building, she got out of the car before closing the door softly behind her and following Taealha inside. Of course then Taealha picked up their usual method of conversation “There’s nothing to be nervous about” she spoke softly as she turned to look at her for a moment, though they were alone now, for the first time. No one was here to judge them or tell them what they could or couldn’t do. Before long they were stepping into the elevator and Ivy pressed the third button on the elevator door.

"You should keep that belief" she encouraged softly, there's only so much positivity you can reach out to grasp if it didn't come from yourself and while it may be hard, Taealha had hoped that Ivy would be able to find it. Who knows, maybe she could help? Taealha never felt like she had to hide herself from others, she gave up trying to do that and a part of her was grateful she couldn't recall her past because it helped her immensely. The not caring attitude came from that. It meant the human didn't have the burden of the past weighing her down like others and that felt much like a second chance at life.

"Oh please, I don't like haunted houses so you have no need to worry about that" she chuckled, it was true, she didn't really like them. Though she wouldn't go as far to say she hated them, Taealha found haunted houses to be extremely… manufactured. "Not a fan of haunted houses, checked" she teased, it seems like the two of them could agree on another thing together. What she had planned is far from that. It might have sounded cheesy but Taealha likes it, especially when it came from Ivy herself, knowing fully well that the other female wasn't the type to just say things she didn't mean. "If being happy makes you feel like a teenager again, then I'll do my best to make you return to those memories, only adding a special layer over it this time so you can enjoy it even more" she giggled, she was determined to make her feel that way again. 

"Well I don't" she quickly replied and smiled brightly, "I don't have any expectations on you the way others do so feel free to act however you please with me. I like making you happy" perhaps happy is a stretch but seeing her smile and laugh, that makes Taealha feel like she just accomplished something big. For a moment there, she wondered what parts of her that she had to hide, was it her sexuality? Something else? But she decided not to prod into it. Not today. "Pop… jazz and a little bit of rnb too. You?" She wasn't picky with her music, anything pleasing to her ears, she'd be on it. "Though I'm not really that fond of rock. Probably because the decibels irritated my ears" Taealha had sensitive hearing so she couldn't strain them longer than she could. She did manage to attract plenty of frat boys, "Yes… I had my fair share of experimenting with them but it's nothing memorable" by that she meant they were good for one night stands but not an option for flings.

And she didn't even want to return to them for a second try even if they were the last people on earth. Perhaps that's why she never dated that much after she graduated from her degree, she's more concerned with her work. Once the elevator opened, she stepped inside and bit her bottom lip nervously, "Is this how it feels like to invite someone home after a date?" Because her heart was thumping crazily. She could almost hear it. It didn't take long for them to reach the 3rd floor and her unit was nearby so once they arrived at the front, she was fumbling with the keys which eventually dropped to the floor because she was too nervous.

She grinned slightly when Taealha pointed out that she didn’t like haunted houses either, they seemed to have quite a few random things in common which she liked a lot, she felt like she could relate to the human on a way she couldn’t with others because she was so upfront and honest, there was no guessing whether she was saying one thing or meaning another, it was simple between them “So no weird halloween plans for us then” she laughed softly, she preferred staying home and watching scary movies, sometimes she would even get candy and answer the door to the trick or treaters. “My teenage years weren’t exactly filled with experiences that made me happy but...I guess it makes me feel like this is how they should have gone” she gave a half smile and nodded.

The initia found the whole thing refreshing, to be around someone who was so positive and open minded, she felt at ease with her which was odd because she was one of the only people in the world she had confessed she was gay to. And she was also one of the first to not make a big thing about it, coming out to her had been easy. She raised her brows when Taealha responded that she liked jazz “Don’t like anything too loud huh? I get the feeling you’re a sucker for a pretty piano melody aren’t you?” she grinned as she glanced over at her to see if she had guessed right. Ivy pressed her lips together when Taealha spoke about her experiences experimenting with frat boys “So they weren’t good then?” she snickered slightly because it was evident from the way the human worded it.

As soon as the elevator opened there seemed to be a somewhat awkward air between them. Ivy was projecting her usual confident exterior but she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t nervous to come home with the girl she just went on a date with. It had been nice, getting to talk with her all day and just freely explore together. She finally had the chance to be the exact person she wanted to be and have someone like her for it. But now they were alone she had no idea what really came next “You’ve really never done that before?” she questioned curiously. She stepped out of the elevator and followed Taealha through towards her apartment. Noticing the way she was fumbling Ivy hovered close to her and knelt down to pick up the keys she dropped. She lifted her gaze and smiled before placing them in Taealha’s hands as she pushed herself up to her feet, her hands lingering over hers for just a little longer than she needed to before letting go.

“What are you scared of?” she asked in a soft voice as she looked back at her, meeting Taealha’s gaze and getting utterly lost in it. She was so beautiful and it was hard not to stare at her when she had that wide-eyed doe look to her.

They had contrasting personalities if she were to draw a whole sheet of it comparing their vices and whatnot, but when it comes to likes and dislikes, it seems like they're not that far off from each other. She let out a small chuckle when Ivy said that meant no Halloween plans for them, to which the human shrugged cutely and tried to make it look as if she was thinking of something with her imaginary beard, "Hmm I wouldn't say zero plans. But it wouldn't have anything relating to haunted houses no, but we could still attempt to watch horror movies… and spend some time together worrying if a serial killer or a ghost is going to pop up any second" she teased, in this world? What's not possible anymore? Ghosts exist, she was pretty damn sure of that. She placed a reassuring hold on her shoulder, squeezing it lightly and spared the Initia a warm smile, tragic backstories and bad past, who didn't have those? Even someone with a blank slate like her had that prior to her amnesia. 

"You should make up to it now then, there's no point dwelling in the past no? I can help you make new memories. Good ones." Was it more like a promise? A rather enthusiastic one coming from Taealha. The way she expressed her attraction towards her also spelled it out to the human that Ivy clearly trusts her with this, and coming out of it wasn't as easy as most people make it out to be. She understood that. She giggled when Ivy pointed out her love for softer sounding melodies, to which she nodded in affirmation, "I'm not sure if it was just me trying to save myself from damaging my hearing because I'm sensitive to it but classical music has always soothed me. Though I wouldn't go as far to say it's my favorite, the instrumental helps me a lot in therapies so naturally it stuck around. I prefer ballads where I can hear their pretty vocals." 

She almost didn't notice the blush resting on her cheeks when she heard her say that, admittedly her choice to experiment with frat boys of all people didn't really leave much of a lasting impression. "Yeah… they weren't… really impressive, if I was being honest." Perhaps she could've experimented with other people but they weren't the only audience she targeted. "They were okay but not impressive." That's how she'd describe them. The air between them was even more stuffy at some point but it wasn't because Taealha was feeling uncomfortable, it's her anxiety levels suddenly spiking up like crazy which she was silently telling her heart to behave. The elevated tension didn't help the human, unfortunately. Thankfully, Ivy saw it and tried to help. She shook her head as a response to her inquiry and cursed silently to herself when the keys fell from her grasp. Get a hold of yourself, Taealha. Before she could get to it, Ivy had already retrieved it and placed it on her palms, which made her lift her doe eyes to meet the Initia's green ones with what could be described as quite possible the most innocent look she ever gave anyone.

She paused for a moment before typing back to her with a nervous sigh, "I seriously have no idea…" That's a good question, why was she nervous? She averted her gaze and started to unlock the door when she realized she was slowly getting sucked into her gaze, pushing the door ajar and beckoned for the other female to follow her, "Come in… welcome to my humble abode, I guess. It's not much." It's minimalistic and there were a lot of potted plants here and there too. It honestly screams her. "Tea? Coffee? Hot cocoa?"

Ivy couldn’t help but laugh at the way Taealha pretended to stroke an imaginary beard “Oh are you a bit of a scaredy-cat?” she questioned in her response message to her and grinned slightly “I can protect you from the ghosts” she claimed with a smile, Ivy wasn’t really bothered by that stuff that much but that still didn’t mean she was a fan of putting herself in the middle of a real-life scenario of one. She nodded slightly in agreement when she read Taealha’s message about making up for the bad memories she had as a teenager now “I think I spent so long in the closet that I actually missed all of the awkward teen awkward first date...or kiss” she bit her lip slightly as she pressed send “At least I never had to try having sex with a guy though” she laughed as she hit send.

Guys could be pretty vulgar when they talked about the girls they wanted to have sex with and honestly the catcalling and seeing how they talked about her online was about enough for her to decide that she never wanted to experience that. She looked up at Taealha after reading her thoughts about music so that she could smile at her encouragingly, she could tell from the way she phrased it that music was important to her, perhaps even healing “So are there any bands or artists you wanted to hear live?” perhaps she was asking casually because she had a few strings to pull in the industry and she’d love to be able to spoil her.

Ivy bit her lip and tilted her head when Taealha explained her experience in college with guys and how they were okay but hardly special “So they didn’t take good care of you then” she responded almost bluntly as she fiddled with the phone in her hands. Ivy might not have hands-on experience with that kind of setting but she liked to think she would be a gracious lover who wasn’t selfish when it came to pleasure. Those thoughts were spinning in her mind as the two of them made their way towards the apartment. Ivy wanted to be able to make Taealha feel at ease but she wasn’t sure how to do that when her heart was racing and wondering what-if herself.

Taealha’s reply made her smile softly “Then don’t be” she responded before stepping back to give her the space to open the door. Once open she followed her inside and took a look around, it was simple but nicely decorated, you could tell the human had carefully placed the plants around the room so they would get the most light during the day and let them thrive. “You have a beautiful home” she responded as she turned back towards the dark-haired female, her eyes didn’t want to stop taking her in, she was stunning. The question about drinks fell on deaf ears as the Initia moved in closer towards her.

It almost felt like there was a gravitational pull between her and Taealha as Ivy came in closer to her, eyes searching hers to see if she was feeling the same way she did, she took a deep breath and reached for her cheek so that she could stroke gently against it “Taya? Can I kiss you again?” god she wanted to so badly.

Was she a scaredy-cat? Taealha never thought she was the kind who would shriek and run for the hills whenever she sees something suspicious. After all, she did keep to herself and had a secret hideout of her own at the university, where it was located somewhere abandoned because the students thought the corridor and hallway to be haunted. "I wouldn't put myself like that… rather than being a scaredy-cat, I don't prefer being anywhere loud. If they're going to scream at me and do a jumpscare then I'll say no thanks. But then again, I have never stumbled upon a real-life paranormal activity so can I really say anything about it? Who knows, I might be scared out of my wits knowing it's real." Nothing impossible, indeed. When Ivy said she didn't get to experience all of that, Taealha wondered how lonely her life must've felt. 

Not even a first kiss? Then the kiss they shared earlier? No wonder. And the first date, being today's date, that made her want to give Ivy more of this. "So you've never had sex with a guy before? Or girl? That's… surprising" she didn't mean it in a bad way, of course. But it's hard to believe an attractive girl like Ivy hasn't experienced that even once. When asked if there were any musicians she would like to see live, the human wondered who would be her pick, "I'm the type to visit a jazz bar and take a seat at the furthest corner just to admire the singer on the stage. I don't think I can go to concerts… the noise from the speakers and crowd would be too overwhelming for me. But if it's a smaller scale, maybe Dan + Shay? Or operas… those are nice." Most people would've pegged her to be a pop girl, and she still is, but it depends on the decibels they take on too. "My sensitive hearing makes it hard for me to… enjoy things." Though she got used to it, it still posed a problem because she had to think twice about things. Even on something she was going to enjoy. 

The way Ivy had put it like that so bluntly that the boys couldn't satisfy her enough made her blush, "You can put it that way" It wasn't as if she was being wrong. They were mediocre. "You can't trust a selfish lover to take good care of you, I guess. And those frat boys, well they don't really care about… pleasuring the other partner, probably because I wouldn't exactly out about their skills" It wasn't worth the talk anyway. Inviting someone home shouldn't be this nervous but she couldn't calm her nerves until Ivy pointed it out. "Thank you… I'm sure yours is just as pretty if not prettier." For just her, with no roommates, the place is home to Taealha. When she got closer, she could feel her breath hitching when she asked if she could kiss her again. 

The distance between them was minimal, it would only take one step to close the gap. Do it, the voice kept telling her. The moment she stroked her cheek was when she lost the fight and decided to give in, Taealha pulling the Initia in and pressing her lips against hers passionately. It wasn't as soft as earlier, in fact there was a slight fire behind it, she wanted this and she didn't want it to end. She didn't even know what happened, one moment she was holding her waist like she was hanging onto her dear life, the next she was straddling the other female on the couch.


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