There was always a loophole in everything. Taealha first learnt that when she couldn't seem to get things her way during her experiments. She wasn't sure if she had experienced or before in her teen years considering the human still has yet to recall the small bits of her memories before her 17 year old self. Unfortunately, from the previous visit for her medical checkup today the doctor, she said the PTA could be permanent despite her therapies. Clearly, she wasn't happy to hear those news but said nothing about it. It wasn't as if she could actually express her upsetness, anyway. It was simply impossible for her to do that, so she gave a grateful nod and smile to her doctor before taking her leave. She decided then that there must be a way. A loophole. 

That was two weeks ago, she was thinking of stopping her therapies but Arianna told her it's best to keep up with it, so she did. Her eyes landed on the picture of her posing in front of the beautiful sunset, she had set it as her lock screen picture. It reminded her of that cheat day she never wanted to end; the best cheat day in her entire life. She ended up befriending the one she requested to take the same picture. Ivory Blake. Taealha misses her. After spending hours talking to each other at the cafe, they were forced to go their separate ways once the cafe was closing, but not before promising each other to meet again later. Initially, they planned to meet again the next Saturday, they were supposed to go to the greenhouse Ivy told her about. Unfortunately, neither of their schedules seemed to line up. Ivy was busy with her work and so was Taealha. She couldn't exactly stop midway and sneak out, it wasn't Taealha. 

Whenever Ivy is free, the human would be occupied with her thesis paper or the likes, and whenever she was free, Ivy would be somewhere outside of Evermore, doing her job. But finally, after a while, they were able to set a date to meet and spend the day. It was why she decided to clear everything on her day today, specifically for the Aussie girl. Taealha also made sure nobody would call her in. Today was just her and Ivy, as planned. As part of her New Year's look, the human decided to dye her hair, changing the dark shade of black to a brighter color that would definitely catch people's attention; red. She also sported that new blouse she got, a baby blue one with her usual skater skirt that stops just her knees, lower now because the weather was chilling. Her vibrant hair was curled naturally and left loose with a beret on top of it, her neck adorned with necklaces and all of her ear piercings present. The human still opted for heels, but settled for boots instead of pumps. 

Was she all dressed up to meet Ivy? Yes. Taealha always dressed up prettily for herself but perhaps she wanted to show a certain look for a certain someone today. After petting her cat, she slung her bag around her and locked the doors before making her way downstairs. They had agreed to meet in front of the same cafe; the cafe Ivy led her to, that day. It was only a few miles away from her apartment complex and Taealha enjoys jogging every morning, anyway, her cardio levels were fine. By the time she got there, she saw a familiar silhouette standing in front of the entrance, just across her. In order to get there, she needed to cross, in which Taealha waved enthusiastically towards her before doing so. "Have you waited for long?" 

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Ivy had an amused look on her face as Taealha explained how she wasn’t a scaredy-cat but really didn’t like loud noises or things that made her jump “Have you thought about using those special earplugs which bring down the volume?” she questioned with a curious expression, they were expensive as hell for the ones which really worked so maybe it was a luxury that the human hadn’t been able to give to herself. “I think if ghosts were real that would definitely unsettle me...there’s something a little creepy about thinking about people haunting others” she bit her lip slightly and shivered.

She couldn’t stop the profuse blush that appeared on her cheeks when Taealha questioned her about her experience “Never...I mean I’m not totally inexperienced...a girl knows how to take care of herself and all but” she bit her bottom lip “That’s always been kinda complicated for me...knew for a long time I wasn’t interested in guys but girls uh…” she pressed her lips together “I guess you could say I was in the closet for way too long and by the time I wanted to come out...I didn’t meet the right person” until she had met the brunette she was with right now of course. She had to admit it sounded kinda romantic to sit at the back of a jazz bar and just admire from a distance “That’s should do the things that make you comfortable” she encouraged with a smile.

Noticing the way Taealha blushed when she pointed out her experience with the frat boys told her that she had hit the nail on the head “Selfishness is such a horrible trait” she commented shaking her head slightly, she knew so many people who were extremely selfish and only cared about themselves, it was hard to know who you could trust in an industry like hers because of all the self-serving jerks. “Mine is...less homey” she admitted with a small smile, she had a nice house but it was more the kind of home that was put together for show rather than a little nest which looked like it had a lot of care and attention poured into it “I travel a lot so I don’t really have a lot of time for putting the little touches” she spoke softly, seeing Taealha’s home made her want to though.

There was a silence that fell between them as Ivy stared back into the dark-haired girl’s eyes, their expressions both showing some apprehension but also a mutual magnetism that had them unable to turn away. The gap between them kept closing and before she knew it, Taealha had leaned in to press her lips against hers. Her heart felt like it was leaping in her chest as her lips moved gently in rhythm with the humans, quickly deepening as the two of them gave in to the attraction they shared. It was all a blur as the two of them kept coming in for more, each of them searching for dominance. Ivy was completely in euphoria, her head spinning as they stumbled back a little from the doorway and before long she was sitting down on the couch and pulling Taya onto her lap. The human seemed at home there with her legs wrapped around her as though she never wanted to let go.

Ivy paused for a little while, breaking the kiss just so she could stare at Taealha in wonder before slowly trailing her finger against her cheek and down the side of her neck “Wow” she breathed softly, this was even better than she ever pictured. Her hands came to stroke gently against her hair before she leaned in again, a soft kiss this time.

Ivy's suggestion did make her wonder how effective those could be, she even went over to the Organization's section where the inventors are swarming about, something like that could be enhanced better with the help of innovative people. "I thought about it but the last time I used one, it malfunctioned and kind of shocked me…" Literally. So she'll put her trust in her fellow humans working under the Organization maybe. Instead of a company manufacturing it without knowing the flaws they've made in long term business. "And they were quite pricey, after it malfunctioned, I didn't think about getting another and decided to save the money for something else instead." But now that she had a job, perhaps she could think more about it. Aside from working at the lab, she also decided to undertake the position of TA in Biochemistry. To Taealha, experience equals everything. "Ghosts can be… a trip down the memory lane you really don't want to switch on. Those malevolent spirits… who knows what they want." They could haunt them for the sake of it. 

She couldn't help but blush when she talked about knowing her own body, of course even the human has taken care of her own self, sometimes better than her own 'companions' if she was being honest. But it doesn't beat the real thing too. And once you're repressed after getting it, there's not much you could do about it. She did like the idea of being the right person for Ivy though, it made her smile endlessly. She didn't comment much on it but the grin on her lips clearly spoke volumes. "I didn't really care if they were being selfish or not… mostly because I'm using them for my own fix too" at some point, Taealha stopped thinking about the idea of finding love with those people. It's clear they're using her, so why won't she do the same? Albeit on a slightly tamer scale that wouldn't hurt anyone except the party.

"I don't always go back home despite all this, the spare room at the laboratory is actually more of my main home instead of second if I actually count the days I spend there and here" but she did bring her work home. There were vials everywhere and the notes were stacked up in huge folders. Plural. The human was proud of her home though, even if it was slightly messy with her books and journals, it was homey. She didn't hear any bell jiggling so she went with the thought that Leo was sleeping in her room. The offer for either coffee or tea went out the window quite fast, especially when both of them had their lips locked on each other. She didn't think a kiss would feel this sweet but it did. Taealha has kissed a lot of people, but none felt quite like this. She didn't even realize that the Initia had already sat down on the couch with her sitting on her lap, still not breaking the kiss they were sharing together. 

She wondered if it's going to break at all considering how heated the moment was. The tension filling the air was slowly getting to her and by the time the brunette pulled away, the redhead took a sharp intake of her breath and stared at her with a look that could be described as lustful. God did she want her. When Ivy leaned in for another kiss, she returned it with equal vigor, not realizing that she had gotten into a habit that making out usually equals to sex for the human. So it wasn't a surprise to find her fumbling on her blouse and was halfway unbuttoning it until they pulled away again. That was when she noticed the state she was in, which was half naked with how the blouse was pulled off, slightly revealing her bra. 

Ivy bit her lip thoughtfully when Taealha sent the message about how those headphones had shocked her, that must have been pretty disappointing for her “It must be strange for you, being so sensitive to noise but not being able know” Ivy didn’t want to be insensitive to her disability but she was honestly really curious to know how she handled day to day life and were her mind was at when it came to it all. Taealha seemed so strong to her that sometimes it was hard for the Initia to believe she was struggling at all. Ivy shivered slightly when the redhead talked about malevolent spirits “You’re giving me the creeps” she jested shaking her head slightly.

She noticed the way Taealha blushed when the Initia talked about taking care of herself which spoke everything she needed to know about whether she did too. “Who knew you could be so heartless” she responded, a wry smile on her lips as she looked back at her the human and tilted her head, it seemed like Taealha had a good understanding of her own needs. Ivy was a little surprised when she admitted she often didn’t make it back home from work and tended to stay there “I don’t think I could do that...being constantly surrounded by work isn’t healthy you know” Ivy tried to separate herself from it as much as she could because even though she loved her job and the work she got to do, the world it surrounded her in wasn’t one she enjoyed.

She noticed the way that Taealha’s house was cluttered with different books and other things she could use to do experiments, Ivy didn’t really know much about laboratory work but she did know that Taealha took her work very seriously. Kissing was such an experience for Ivy, it was everything she had imagined it to be and more, she was warm and her lips felt soft against hers, the smallest movement meant the human’s would glide against hers slowly. She tasted sweet against her and she couldn’t help herself from wanting more.

It was new for her and yet it also didn’t feel new, she felt like she had been waiting for a moment like this forever and now that it was finally here, her body was running on autopilot and letting her just enjoy the moment. Her hand came up to slowly run through Taealha’s hair, it was soft and silky between her fingertips. When they pulled apart, her eyes fluttered open only to see a deepened expression from her, her heart clenched in her chest from nervousness because she’d never had someone look at her like that before. She didn’t even realize what Taealha was doing because she was so lost in the kiss, so lost in the soft scent of her perfume and how her own heartbeat was racing.

So when she pulled back, catching her breath for a moment, and opened her eyes, the view was such a surprise that her breath hitched once more. “Oh..” she spoke softly as she looked back at her. She’d imagined what it would be like to have a woman undress for her before but this was almost surreal to her. “’re so beautiful” she spoke softly as her hand came to rest gently against her bare shoulder “I have to...tell you case…” she bit her lip slightly.

“I’m not human” she confessed softly “I wasn’t going to tell you but sometimes when I get carried away my eyes…” she blushed slightly and pressed her hand against Taealha’s before using her earth element to make a small snowdrop flower and leave it in the human’s palm. Her eyes were glowing green as she looked back at her before she blinked and it faded away.

Her disabilities were a huge disadvantage for the human but in time she accepted the way things are going. She was going to pay attention to the things she can change instead of lamenting on the things she couldn't. Because of that, it never bothered her. "I hated how inferior it made me but I think the problem was just with how stressed I was with my condition." It improved after she started going to therapies, so a mental factor had to be in there somewhere. "Not to worry of course, I have a friend in a similar department that is helping me with hearing aids" It's amazing what technology could offer them, she's one of the many who uses it to find more answers.  The resources the Organization offered them was endless, making the possibilities endless for the likes of her. "Careful Ivy" she teased when the Initia told her it was giving her the creeps. 

"Heartless? No. But was I selfish to get the pleasure I wanted? Maybe. But can you blame me?" Frat boys can be the absolute worse but most of the jocks she has met are jacked up and Taealha would admit she loves herself some eye candy. "It's not that I'm pushing myself in this work, it's just that I study a lot and all of the things I do requires a research every five minutes so the equipments I need are back in the laboratory…" if she had access to such things nearby then she wouldn't have slept there. Time could either move fast or slow depending on how into this she was, the way Ivy's lips moved against hers could plague her mind day and night and the human wouldn't even groan at it. In fact, she would welcome it. 

A part of her was grateful she decided to wear her favorite chapstick today because she knew it had its own special flavor of sweetness that was probably keeping Ivy coming back for more. Not that she was complaining. Oh she didn't want her to stop. The look she was giving her was filled with so much need, and Taealha knew either one of them will have to stop before things escalated further or it's gonna be a night to be remembered. Her body felt hot against Ivy's and when she realized she had unbuttoned the rest of her blouse, leaving herself half naked in front of the brunette, her chest only covered with her red lace bra, lips swollen and a flushed face to accompany the hot mess look, Taealha felt her cheeks burning. Oh, she forgot all about her habit. The redhead was so sure Ivy was going to tell her off about her undressing but what came out after that surprised her. 

Taealha cupped her face gently and chuckled, she had known Ivy was probably not a human, her research surrounded itself on supernatural biology and thinking so it wasn't hard after a while knowing someone. But she didn't know what she was either. Until today. "You look beautiful" she mumbled and pressed her lips against hers once more before smiling. "I want you… but I completely understand if you want to stop here"

Reading her message about how she felt about her own condition made Ivy bite her lip and lift her gaze to offer a smile, not because she was celebrating Taealha’s difficulties but because she appreciated her honesty and how she didn’t hold herself back “Well I happen to think you’re pretty badass, regardless” she responded and hit the send button as she looked back up at her, she liked Taealha, she liked her a lot. She grinned slightly at the way the other girl responded to being referred to as heartless, she was impressed by the way she described it as being selfish “I like a girl who knows what she wants” she responded and bit her lip slightly, if anything she was bolder than the Initia was.

It was cute how Taealha defended how she ended up falling asleep at the lab because she was so busy “It sounds like you get really caught up in your work” she teased softly tilting her head curiously “Do you really enjoy it that much?” it must be something she was really passionate about if she would spend so much time there working on it. Ivy loved what she did but by the end of a working day she wanted to get as far away from set as possible so she could respect Taealha’s commitment.

It was so easy to lose herself in her, Taealha’s lips felt gently and inviting against hers, every kiss exchanging sweetness between them that had both of them wanting more. It was honestly everything she had hoped it would be. Especially the way it made her feel inside, like the whole of her had been lit up from the inside and suddenly come alive, she could feel every touch Taealha made. The taste of her as they shared passionate and intimate feeling kisses. The kind she had only ever dreamed about. Her scent, soft but somehow fresh and comforting, which mad her want to hold her close and never let her go. And the heat in her chest which began to feel consuming, especially when the redhead looked at her with that sultry look which spoke more than words.

She knew it was bad timing to part their kiss and confess but honestly, Ivy didn’t know how far this might go and she didn’t want to scare Taealha. She looked amazing, despite the fact that her lipstick was smudged and her cheeks were flushed red, her body was beautiful, with accentuated curves and hair that fell in waves around her shoulders. She sucked in a surprised breath when Taealha pulled her in closer, staring into those dark eyes that kept captivating hers and gently placing her hands against hers “I do?” she spoke softly at the small words the human managed to bring out. Ivy met her lips eagerly when she leaned in again, this time it was her own shirt she was tugging at, pulling it out from under her belt and pulling it up over her head before breathlessly claiming another kiss “Where’s your bedroom?” she asked softly, her hands coming to wrap around Taealha to rest on her hips as she leaned in to claim one more dizzying kiss before getting to her feet and offering her hand out towards her.

The fact that she called her a badass made her giggle, now that was something you don't usually hear everyday. Ivy is a sweet breath of a fresh air to Taealha, who has spent her teenhood with questionable people surrounding her. Of course, the people in the orphanage wasn't too bad, they all treated her like an older sister or a younger one, depending on who. The orphanages director is also her adoptive older sister. But the rest of those she has met in the university were much wilder. Ivy wasn't like that and at first, she was intrigued by the type of person this mysterious girl was. That was before she slowly fell for her humor and kindness though. She could feel her heart beating faster than usual upon hearing Ivy say that. I like a girl who knows what she wants, she said. She didn't know why but that was enough to send a chilling sensation down her spine and cause her thighs to brush against each other briefly. Suddenly, the room felt hotter. 

"I do" she nodded as she texted, work was something else for the human. Her studies and research meant everything to her. It wasn't just something she does for the sake of being paid well and enter the lab from morning to evening on a clock shift. She was willing to stay back just to finish this or that, whatever it takes. A job likes hers, wouldn't it take a little bit of sacrifice? This was her first time kissing a woman so admittedly, everything felt new and exciting. She never shied away from her sexuality, even from a younger age as she stepped into teenhood, Taealha knew she was attracted to females just as much as she was attracted to males. It never bothered her to come out to identify herself because she didn't mind who they were. Of course, a woman has her needs and she slept with a few men to satisfy her lust but she longs to find someone who would look at her the way lovers do. 

With Ivy, she could feel like she's the happiest woman ever. Like now, the sounds of them breathing heavily was echoing in her quiet living room. Leo was probably fast asleep in her little house and she is straddling a very attractive woman who likes her just as much as she likes her. Could she be any luckier than this? Taealha wasn't even aware something like this was going to happen when she dressed prettily underneath too. The red lady undergarments were new, she literally just bought them last week. She nodded as if she was saying you do when Ivy asked for confirmation if she looks beautiful, the way her eyes glowed earlier had her putty. Supernatural or not, Taealha couldn't bring herself to care. It wasn't as if she had anything against them anyway. The human couldn't help but bite her lip and chuckle as she discarded their clothes, with Ivy taking off her clothes, Taealha couldn't wait to get out of hers too but for now, she could appreciate the view and watch. She took her hand and got up, tugging the initia towards her room and closed the door but not fully. Moments later, her skirt was dropped to the floor and so did her accessories. With her body flopped against her bed, it didn't take Taealha long to beckon for Ivy to get closer with a come hither gesture.


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