Walking through the dark streets of Evermore city Sariah kept her eyes forward, it had been a disappointing day at the office in general, with the latest lab prototype of a new device failing preliminary checks before an important presentation and the mayhem that followed as they attempted to not look like complete fools in front of the council and potential investors. Thanks to some last minute changes however she had made it through the presentation by the skin of her teeth. The ambassador however felt frustrated by it all and had ended up staying far later than she probably should have trying to straighten the mess. Hours later and by the time she had finally stepped out of the office it was dark. 

Sariah's walk home wasn't the shortest, the apartment she had chosen was about a 30 minute walk from the office, which was the kind of distance you felt obligated to walk instead of take the bus. With her headphones in the blonde walked avoiding the stares of people around her, everyone recognized her nowadays and it didn't always feel like a good thing. People in Evermore stared at ambassadors like they were celebrities and the details of their lives ended up in tabloids more often than not, it had been a major adjustment for her, one she still wasn't used to. 

For the most part of her walk she had walked without much thought to those around her but as she entered the park which she usually crossed on her journey home she thought she caught a shadow of a person in her peripheral vision. Looking over her shoulder for a moment she blinked a couple of times unable to see anything there "You're going insane" she scolded herself before she turned her eyes forward once again and walked a little faster feeling her heart rate increase in her chest. The park wasn't large but at this time of night there was no one around and it was almost pitch black aside from the overhead lights on the walkway she was travelling along. 

Despite her just checking and finding nothing Sariah couldn't shake the feeling that someone was there in the shadows causing a shudder to roll over her shoulders, it was times like this she wished she had someone to walk alongside her, just to help her feel safe. Her mind drifted to Orion for a few moments and she bit gently on her lip, that was a complicated story to say the least. Sighing the ambassador pulled out her supernatural detection device as if it was her phone and she was changing her music. The blonde's eyes widened when it lit up with the words "Therianthrope".

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Elijah had promised to destroy everything Orion cared about and so far he had been rather quiet. He was allowing Orion a false sense of security thinking maybe Elijah had forgotten or left it be. That wasn’t in the lycan’s personality to let things go, he wanted Tansy back and he wanted the Valkyrie Alpha to pay for his insolence. Only idiots stood up to Elijah and now he was going to break the man down the best way that he knew how, through others.

For the past two weeks Elijah had his pack members doing recon to find out who in this city meant anything to the Kitsune. It surprisingly wasn’t just the Therian pack as he had expect but a dhampir who seemed to be his business partner, Orion’s children obviously, the pack and one very particular human. A human who also happened to be one of the Ambassadors of the city and rather important in the way it was run. An interesting and important pawn if Elijah had to make a guess especially from what his pack members had told him of Orion’s chemical signals around the woman.

All was fair in love and war and this was far from love and had all the makings of one heck of a war. With such a weakness Elijah wondered why the elder Kitsune didn’t keep the human woman close but perhaps even Orion was unaware what she truly meant to him. Or maybe the man stupidly believed if he stayed away from her that Elijah wouldn’t notice, the problem was Elijah noticed and took note of everything especially potential weaknesses.

That was why the lycan was currently moving soundlessly through the park, keeping to the shadows which was helped by his all black attire. Unlike some Therians who played at being human, Elijah knew he was a predator and used those skills to his benefit. He could smell Sariah’s unease as she checked behind her once more seeing nothing. It was always fun to toy with one’s prey in such a way, cause them to have that feeling of being watched, the hairs on the back of their neck and on their arms standing on end. It was a survival instinct to know when someone was watching you and Sariah seemed to be a survivor.

Elijah was keenly aware of her every movement and he was close enough to what she held in her hand was not a phone. “You really are a rather resourceful one aren’t you? Though there isn’t much point of hiding in the shadows.” It was easier to increase someone’s fear when they fully understood what they were up against. His eyes began to glow red like embers in the way an Alpha lycan’s would as he slowly moved from the shadows and stepped into the dim lightening revealing himself to her. “I regret to inform you that you’ve made friends with the wrong sort of people, the kind that can’t help you now.” There was a half smirk upon his lips showing his arrogance knowing Orion wouldn’t come to her rescue, not tonight when he didn’t even know she was in danger.

The moment that the word had flashed on the screen the blonde's eyes had widened as she looked around for what it had detcted, though it didn't take long for her silent thoughts to be answered as a large built man stepped out of the shadows, Sariah however barely saw what he looked like because in the darkness of the space they were in his piercing red eyes were the only thing she could see. Just looking at him she could feel the sense of presence and command that an alpha had. Sariah however did her best to keep her emotions in check, panic and fear weren't welcome in a dire situation like this one might be.

Sariah didn't recognize the man's voice at all, she was mentally scanning in her head for what links he could have to people around the city, the faction system and the ambassadors of course had their opposers but from the moment that the man spoke she was pretty sure this was a personal matter which of course pointed straight back to Orion, considering that this man was a therianthrope and alphas tended not to get along with one another. The blonde did her best to keep distance between herself and the dark haired man whom now if she focused on she could see was probably in his late thirties or early forties, which meant he was an experience man and from the sound of his tone, a dangerous one.

"Well then I suppose it's a good job that I don't need anyone to save me" she answered his remarks doing her best to keep a straight face, though looking back at his red eyes it was hard not to falter, it was almost like there was a pressure pushing against her mind, telling her she needed to be afraid, that she needed to scream and run and hope that someone heard her. Sariah however was smarter than the average human who would have done any or all of those things. Giving the impression that she was nervous she picked at the sleeve of her dress for a moment to make the movement feel more natural as she reached up to straighten her glasses.

As she did so, the ambassador pressed a small button installed on the frames before dropping her hands down to her waist once more and speaking again "I'm pretty sure my judgement in character is just fine" she answered before pressing her lips into a hard line, of course she was scared but right now keeping this man talking was her best bet, after the incident at the vampire party, Sariah had fitted all the organization members who went out into the field with built in alarms on them and she had of course fitted one to her glasses, all she had to do was keep this guy distracted long enough for back up to arrive, 10 minutes shouldn't be too hard, especially if he didn't realize that anything was wrong. 

Lifting his head slightly Elijah sniffed at the air which wafted towards him, after all chemical signatures were the best way to gage the emotions of another person. A person could learn to lower their heart rate or keep their emotions from being visible but each emotion had a different scent. The blonde human was stubborn and determined, that much was clear but he could still smell that hint of fear since she had no idea what to expect from him. It was intoxicating and drove his predatory instinct into overdrive.

If the young woman was looking for something familiar she would find nothing but his eyes were keenly aware of every move she made. Something about her told him that she moved with purpose and each motion meant something even if it was only to her. The distance between them was maintained since for every step he took she seemed to take a counter step but she did so in a very calculating way. Something about her was not as it seemed but he wasn’t sure what it was.

“That is good since the one person I know would try doesn’t have a very good track record with keep those he cares about safe and alive. Have you ever thought to ask Orion how he lost his family? Or how he became an Alpha?” Sadistic humor danced in his eyes wanting nothing more than to air out the dirty laundry the kitsune alpha tried to hide. She seemed rather unaffected by him but she’d yet to meet anyone like him, he was the one truth alpha above other alphas. Other’s bowed and feared him and soon so would Orion after Elijah damaged everything he cared about.

With a roll of his still glowing coal like eyes he sneered at her comment. “Then you knowingly spend your time with cowards and has-beens. I’m not sure which of you is more pathetic little human, yourself or Valkyrie.” Amusement danced in his voice since it funny in an extremely pathetic way. “You do put on a brave front, I’ll give you that. We both know it’s nothing more than a well-rehearsed act.”

Sariah allowed her hands to clench at her side to stop herself from fidgeting to show just how unnerving the whole situation really was, what was worse was that she had no idea what this man wanted or what Orion had done to receive such a level of hatred that she heard in the dark haired male's voice. The only ease that the blonde felt was knowing that by now the organization would have received her message and know her exact location.

"Sounds like you don't know very many people in this city" she answered surprised that he really thought that attacking an ambassador wouldn't come with repercussions, Sariah had a lot of allies and this therian seemed to have very few considering that he had decided to come alone, considering his tone she couldn't imagine he had many people that followed him for loyalty, perhaps out of fear. Despite all that, one on one she didn't stand a chance against any therianthrope, let alone an alpha, whilst she had learned the basics Sariah had never been much of a physical fighter and right now she wasn't armed either.

The blonde attempted to keep her expression straight as the man mentioned Orion, so her guess had been correct, though she wasn't sure why this man thought she was the best target to get at Orion, they hadn't even been on a date. "I didn't think it was appropriate to ask about the circumstances of such a thing considering that I barely know him" she made an emphasis on that last part to get across that he really was barking up the wrong tree if he thought she meant enough to Orion it to impact him, of course she didn't really know what truth there was to that. Shaking it off the blonde remained strong not giving into the impulse she felt to coil herself up and scream.

Hearing his taunting the blonde remained still, it wasn't worth risking getting him angry when she was so close to getting help to her, she kept her stance open and watched him, she needed him to keep talking without laying a hand on her "Whatever problem you have with Orion has nothing to do with me" she stated it as though it was a fact, she had no idea what his intention was with this whole sneak attack and she certainly didn't want to stick around to find out. Despite her brave front she knew he would be able to hear her heart as it beat faster in her chest as she watched him, lucky that she had some experience with looking into the eyes of an alpha.

Every tiny micro expression was taken into account, the human female thought Elijah was clueless to who and what she was. Never did he back someone into a corner without knowing exactly the fire power they could fight back with. There was a hint of curiosity in the woman’s eyes, she heard what he said and she was curious, anyone would be. It was human nature and she was after all, human. She was too much at ease though even for someone who didn’t know who he was. That meant she was waiting on something or for something but she was doing well with being brave or at least appearing that way.

“This isn’t my city and I don’t have to know anyone here. You see, I know who you are or more correctly what you are. I would be an idiot not to.” You never went into a city blind if you had the intention of attack someone prominent and Orion Valkyrie was not only an Alpha but held the place of an Ambassador, the same position this young woman was in. It was a position that people knew and followed you in and the humans here weren’t as…old world and ignorant of the supernaturals around them. Ignorant to the dangerous they were in every day, though Sariah was not the same, she knew what went bump in the night.

There was the slightest hint of acknowledgement in Sariah’s features but as soon as it happened it passed. A thunderous chuckle left him at her poor attempt at explaining she barely knew the Therian Ambassador. “I think you know him better than you’d like to admit or my pack wouldn’t have sent me to you. His family is easy enough to go after and it takes nothing to find them, you on the other hand.” He allowed his voice to trail off his ears listening in around them, waiting. “Orion never fought for his place as an Alpha, never deserved to be one but every Alpha in his family before him fell. They were weak just like Orion.” A dark humor over came his features, “Orion however doesn’t have friends so if he takes an interest in someone so do I.”   

The time he had with the little blonde was quickly coming to a close, normally he would have turned violent already but she was just a message, a message that he could play nice. It was a warning since Orion would know the dark turn the meeting could have taken. “Oh little girl, that’s where you’re wrong. He had the chance to keep this between himself and I but refused me offer. That’s going to cost him, it’s going to cost him dearly.” Elijah’s fist slammed into a nearby tree the bark splintering. “The next time you see Orion, tell him that this meeting could have gone differently and the next time, it will.” He said with a snarl fading back into the tree before turning to run before whatever reinforcements she had coming showed up.

The blonde for the most part kept quiet as he spoke and kept her gaze bold and free from the fear that she knew wanted to take over her whole body. Considering the threats she had suffered back in college high school she had learned well how to put on a brave face and pretend that she was fine when she really wasn't, you had to shut down the part of you that felt emotions until you felt numb, it had become a survival technique for her, one she hoped she would never have to use again. His words sent a chill down her spine, just how much did he know about her and her life exactly, what kind of danger was really at stake here.

The ambassador almost felt sick to her stomach as she listened to him laugh, something about this man had every alarm bell in her head ringing over the night air. The very idea that anyone would want to hurt 2 kids whom had their whole lives ahead of them made her sick, regardless of her own safety she worried for that of Orion's family, this psychopath intended to bring nothing but misery to their lives. "Clearly not if you had to tell me this very delightful story" she answered in a monotone voice as she stared across the distance once more, she wasn't going to back down and fall into a pit of fear like he wanted her to, Sariah refused to give anyone that satisfaction or control over her again, if he was going to kill her, it would be with her head held high.

Hearing the therianthrope alpha's words about Orion she couldn't help but wonder what must have happened to make him so dark and vengeful, when Sariah looked at Orion she saw nothing but light and a good person but sometimes she wondered if the reason he kept her at arms length was because he had something to hide, Sariah didn't do well with secrets, her mind would always obsess over them, was it her, did someone secretly hate her, it was a struggle she had carried through most of her life. Upon the shadow the blonde showed her first sign of fear when she flinched to cover her face away from whatever he intended to do. Once the emotions started pouring in they didn't stop and her breathing started to get heavier.

Once he finally disappeared she picked up her phone which had been buzzing in her pocket over and over for the last few minutes "Yeah, I'm fine" she answered though it was clear her voice was about to break. Pressing the end button she clutched her arms around her shoulders and started to walk quickly as far away from the place as she could. She'd be damned if that lowlife managed to get her to cry and so she straightened her shoulders and took a deep breath, she was going to ruin this guy's life for reminding her of the worst moments in her life, alpha feuds regardless.


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