Name: Reid Bateman
Age: 27
Species: Human
Supernatural Standing: No Knowledge of the Supernatural
Face Claim: Robbie Amell

Reid Bateman comes from a long line of hard-working corporate businessmen. He grew up under the caring, considerate hand of his father’s secretary – ever since his mother passed away, his father cared little for him and he wouldn’t have survived if it wasn’t for her. She ensured he was fed, learned to walk, survived up until he was a young adult prepared for the world a little more; that he had a chance at a l l. Fleeing the business side of life as soon as he was able to, Reid found himself safe and in a more structured life when he moved to Evermore.

Originally from the loud city and hustle of New York, the twenty-seven-year-old has managed to find himself living independently after being forced to grow far too quickly and abandon his father at the height of his career. He was supposed to become the CEO and further the business pursuits and become a valuable token to the network of businessmen (in other words, only his father), but he knew that life was never for him – he had seen the effects it had on people, and how they became MONSTERS outside of their office cubicle.

Reid was always on the lookout for a peaceful, sustainable life, full of virtue and considerate others, but he always found himself encumbered with other people’s problems; empathy cauterized by the cold upbringing of his father’s rejection meant he never took responsibility to see them through the problems. He’s learning to be a brand-new person, free of expectation and becoming easy on himself; as well as forgiving of others for what he may presume is hindering – but is simply an attempt to bond with him, or genuine beckons for help. He regularly attends therapy to gain the comprehension of human empathy that he missed out on, having no bond with either parent through his life.

Growing up on in Central New York (Upper Manhattan) gave him the lap of luxury (albeit a very lonely luxury), so he’s used to driving around in fancy new cars, able to afford – essentially, anything he’d want, but he found himself a quaint little house in the suburbs, because when reality struck him that money didn’t define you in Evermore, his perspective on life was altered permanently. He still lives on investments he cleverly transferred from his move, and is extremely comfortable for the foreseeable future to n o t have to work or pursue opportunities to make money on the side. Now he’s just enjoying life, entirely unaware of what surrounds him on the surface.

Positive: optimistic, meticulous, intelligent.
Negative: impulsive, uncertain, stubborn.

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