There is no doubt that the passed has an effect on us. What people has been through forms them. The simplest example of this is childhood and parenthood. Experiences as a child is often something we strive towards when raising our own children or the opposite, something we promise never to put anything through. 

Cassandras traumas didn’t come from a bad uprising. She didn’t have an abusive relative or was bullied through out her school years. Actually she, alike all celestials, had no memory to the years before descending to earth. Her bogeys came from years of being suppressed by her fiancé. Something she just had started to realise. It had been over 70 years and a captivation since his death but still the blonde could find her self avoiding doing things because she knew it would annoy him.

The fierce woman were usually someone who wasn’t afraid to speak her tongue, even in tough situations, so she didn’t see herself as a victim. Also much of her success was due to her ex. He’d kept her disciplined keeping her focus on the goal at the cost of other social things, but still it had taken her to the position she had now, one of the youngest and only women captains within the fire department.

Cassandra was at the stations gym, trying to put in a mile on the rowing machine before dinner, when the alarm went off sending everyone to the trucks. This time the alarm voice announced that they would assist a boy stuck in a tree. To some it might seem like an odd assignment for a firefighter but most calls actually didn’t involve fires. As captain it was her job to coordinate her team keep and interact with other departments. According to the police the kid had run away from an abusive parent and got stuck in a tree. The parents whereabouts was still unknown. 

At the scene Cassandra ordered a few of her team to climb up the latter and secure the kid. A loud boom caused her to shift focus. After ordering her fellow firefighters to continue the rescue she left the scene to follow the sound. A few blocks away she found the origin to the sound. Two men stood in fighting position one with an iron pipe. The Star recognised one of the men as the abusing parent, but the other one was unknown. However she could see the hatred burn hot in his eyes. A feeling she understood. How could someone torment an innocent child? It made her blood boil, she’d love to see him suffer, but it wasn’t her place to serve justice. Nor was it this mans right to do so. ”Hey, Cool off” Cass ordered the man with the iron pipe her voice filled with authority.

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