Ray looked at the calendar as he sighed the night was here that one day of the month he hated dance night as he put on his black button-up shirt he couldn't believe. It had been a month already as he. grabbed the broom he walked over to the dance floor giving it one last brush to make sure it was perfect as he looked out he saw a line beginning to form as he looked to the waitress " looks like its gonna be busy " after giving the floor a final brush he walked out to the kitchen to pick up the menus as his eyes scanned the food as he returned to the front of the bar placing them in the menu slot

Ray stepped behind the bar as the manager telling the staff " Remember the specials for those with there dates half-price drinks as it was Valentine's day " Ray nodded like all the staff did before he returned to the office " Ray walked over to the door as the clock ran 1800hrs as he turned the sign to say open and began to pull the door open as the crowd moved into the room " half-price drinks if you're here with your date ladies and gentleman " ray left the door open as the music began to playmaking his way back to the bar as he began to serve drinks and take meal orders.

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Katrina was not afraid to say she loved to dance. Maybe she wasn't the best but she really did have a secret love for dancing. Back in Scotland when they held different celebrations she always joined in. Even having no dance partner. There was something about dancing that kept you alive and in the moment.

Katerina had a black dress that was the floor-length. She never liked today's cocktail dresses. She much preferred the clothing of the olden days but that was where she started her life. When she arrived at the bar it seemed to be booming Which wasn't a surprise to Katerina.

She listened as the gentleman said half price for a date but you could obviously tell that no date yet. Sapphire was someone she was interested and with the kiss, she wondered if there would be a next time. Hoping she would she didn't even know if Sapphire would even like this style.

Heading inside she made her way to the bar. "I will take a Martini please." She said aimlessly at the bar. 

Ray made his way back to the cooking hatch as he picked up the ribs and wings as he took note of the table number as he returned to the busy area as he began to look for the table before placing the items on the ground " Hope you enjoy your meal " he returned to the bar as he noticed the female from the cue " one Martini coming up " ray began to press the till buttons. before turning his back to get everything he needed

" Haven't seen you here before " Ray began to make the Martini in less than a minute " would you like a tab or to pay " Ray continued to make drinks as he waited for a response as he began to dial things in the till and writing names for checks as he heard the bell ding for service " excuse me " he nodded as he walked away from the bar towards the kitchen

Katrina smiled looking at the bartender as he spoke. "No, I haven't been here before, I like to dance and sing as well." She said smiling as he made her drink. "I haven't done it in a while so I will just sing-along for the beginning but why not have some fun." She said with a smile before taking the drink he handed her. "I will pay for it." Smiling she watched him go and took a sip of it while putting 10 bucks on the counter. She normally had a drink and then water as she had learned long ago she wasn't good with her alcohol. 

Smiling she glanced at him. "I am Katrina O'Sullivan. And you?"

Well, welcome to Mels " Ray discreetly dialled up the cost but presses the. Half price button as he gave back her change " yea we have monthly events movie nights dance nights quiz nights and if you are into a curry. Curry nights " the bell at the hatch ran again as he yelled '" coming " he turned his head to Katerina " please excuse me " Ray walked out from behind the bar heading towards the hatch as he picked up two plates followed by Merideth picking up the following to as they both made their way towards the table as he placed the plates down as he noticed the cigarette being lit " Death sticks outside mate " he watched as the. cigarette away as he returned towards the bar

Ray. returned to the girl " Nice to meet you, Katerina, I'm Ray Fight fighter by day barman by night " he chuckled as he quickly made another drink for a customer " i do recommend the wings if you eat meat or the tapas " ray began to wipe down the bar

Katerina saw how busy the man was. She hoped her sitting and talking to him wasn't bothering him.

When he returned she smiled. "Thank you I will most defiantly have to come back again." She watched him talk to the person who was smoking. She was amazed at how he was able to tell the guy like that. Personally Katerina only was direct when she needed to be.

She looked at him and smiled. "Nice to meet you Ray Fight." She listened as he spoke about food smiling she glanced at him, "1 dish of wings and a tape please then. With a glass of water if possible. Can I have it here or would that bother you?"

Ray began to  add the  food to the  till as he placed the receipt on the  side as  he focused on pouring two more  drinks  for a few more people  as he smiled gently " yea that's no problem ill make sure I get your  so it doesn't get lost " ray chuckled as he heard his name " I'm Ray herald  barman by night firefighter by day  " he laughed

Fifteen minutes later the bell at the hatch rang as Ray began to make his way to the hatch as he delivered the last few drinks as two plates of wings and a plate of Tapas as he balanced the meals on his arms he made his way out to the bar as he placed the one plate of wings and Tapas on the bar in front of  Katerina enjoy your meal would you object to me joining you as I'm on break?

Katrina smiled at him. "So sorry my apologies Ray Herald." Smiling she looked at him gently as he continued to work and as he brought her some wings and a plate of Tapas she smiled. "Please do. You are more then welcome to join me." She smiled as she pointed to the seat beside her. 

"Please take a wing or a Tapa. Help yourself." She said offering the plates in the middle open for him to grab at it. "So tell me something interesting about you!"

Katrina smiled listening to the bar. The music was starting and the lights were a bit irritating to the eye lids. She always wondered how people could work at a place like this. That would irritate her.

She needed proper lighting when helping deliver children or her past healing she used to provide in the past. 

She blinked fast a few times and moved on realizing that it was time she started adjusting to the lighting. She planned to be here for a few hours. 

Interesting " mmmm Ray thought about something interesting as he chuckled " oo did you hear about the explosion at the fire academy there was a firefighter probe caught in the blaze   I was that probe " Ray sat on the stool next to her " may I ask you a question and  I apologise if I'm wrong, but your accent is you Scottish " he watched her as her eyes avoided the light  " give it 20 minutes and the music will change, and the sun will change to suit the music ".

" you don't recognise me do you  " Ray let out a little smirk " as we have met before doc " he waited a few minutes to give her time to think "  would you like another drink on the house " Ray got up moving behind the bar as he made himself a soda as he wrote down what  Katrina had before and put on the house " yea about a month ago a pregnant lady went into labour after being in a road traffic crash, and a fire rescue unit brought her in " Ray sat down on the still again. 

She looked at Ray as he spoke about something interesting.
"Oh my how are you after that?" She said looking at him gently as she took a sip more of her drink. "Yes its Scottish, you have a good eye of noticing. I have only been in America for the past 40-50 years maybe. Time becomes a bit of a blur the longer you live." She said with a smile.

"Thank you." She said as she took the drink and smiled. "I am sorry no I guess I didn't but now that you bring that by how could I forget. First time I had someone coming to the clinic saying that they needed some help." She smiled gently as she took a bite of a Tapa. "So why are you working at a bar if you are a firefighter?" 

Ray chuckled * lets put it this way it was unexpected, but someone said the Q word " ray chuckled as before his face turned confused " 40- 50 years  " do you mean 4 to 5 years? as he  placed  his hand on  his pocket with his  lighter  well being honest  yours was the only clinic with in the  area of the rescue  " ray smirked " have you seen the paperwork   for someone  giving birth in the   truck  I still have the headache  " takes a sip of my drink."

Ray shrugged " the city payment isn't great, so this job ties me over with the extra essentials and pay for extra courses and besides  I cannot leave the people here in the lurch as they paid for all my classes in the Academy and it gives me a unique title the fire fighting barman " ray chuckled. Still, his mind began to wonder if she was serious about being here 40-50 years ago. 

I admit I have always wanted to visit Scotland and England  I don't know why just want to go and visit  places 

When she heard him for a second she took another sip of her drink and then chuckled a bit. "No, I meant it 40-50 years. Age really isn't a problem if you understand what I mean?" She said looking at him. 

"I probably have but I have seen so much paperwork out of the years it comes out of my ears. So much has happened it all begins to blend together sadly. Thats time for you. It is wonderful but the more you get of it the more you realize that you barely remember what happened roughly 10 years ago." 

"Ah well if you don't mind doing it then that is amazing. It really is." 

Ray looked to Katrina as he realised  Katrina was being severe he recalled several people he had encountered they had mentioned there was more than humans in the city including his self as he looked at the bar as it got a bit busier " excuse me  " ray rose to his seat quickly moving behind the bar as he served drinks but. kept in earshot of  Katrina  as he thought about the people he had encountered  as he turned back to Katerina " I'm guessing you  Nephilim or may be  Valkyr not Initia " ray shrugged a little 

Your lucky " ray raised a finger  ' paperwork we have to deal with one we have to give in detail report of the incident three say who nominated the idea to bring them in the truck including officer then was the truck clean and safe to transport it  " he chuckled a little as he laughed ", but I would not give it up for the world I expect the same for you " he smiled as the crowd died down as he returned to the seat. 

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