Ray looked at the calendar as he sighed the night was here that one day of the month he hated dance night as he put on his black button-up shirt he couldn't believe. It had been a month already as he. grabbed the broom he walked over to the dance floor giving it one last brush to make sure it was perfect as he looked out he saw a line beginning to form as he looked to the waitress " looks like its gonna be busy " after giving the floor a final brush he walked out to the kitchen to pick up the menus as his eyes scanned the food as he returned to the front of the bar placing them in the menu slot

Ray stepped behind the bar as the manager telling the staff " Remember the specials for those with there dates half-price drinks as it was Valentine's day " Ray nodded like all the staff did before he returned to the office " Ray walked over to the door as the clock ran 1800hrs as he turned the sign to say open and began to pull the door open as the crowd moved into the room " half-price drinks if you're here with your date ladies and gentleman " ray left the door open as the music began to playmaking his way back to the bar as he began to serve drinks and take meal orders.

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She watched as Ray left and then returned
when he asked what she was she laughed a little before taking another drink. "Nope, I am a Celestial. Fell from the sky and all that stuff." She said with a small wink before taking a bite of some of her food. She ate and enjoyed her food while he spoke with her.

"Nope, why would you give it up its records of everything that happened." She looked at him smiling. "So are you human then? You seemed surprised when I said 40-50 years old." She asked watching him carefully.

"  Would you like to  get some fresh air "  Ray   moved towards the door   as he slides his hand into his pocket pulling out his lighter his mind wondered if he should  reveal himself  even though Katrina was  open about his self ray was always warned to be careful as he  walked outside  ray  waited for Katrina  as he  began to fiddle  with his lighter  like he did when his nerves kicked in  more as he was joined  in the alley 

Ray opened  his lighter as  the  flame came to life with a click  with a flick of his wrist  the flame became  very large as it began to shoot into the sky "  Im initia fire initia to be exact " ray   flew the flame  at the wall like a fire ball before closing his hand  extinguishing his flame " i had to show you out side as  last time i was in the bar i nearly blew the kitchen up "  he  chuckled a  little  

Katrina looked at Ray and gave a quick smile. "Sure." She should have learned in all her years not to go with strangers into a weird areas. She looked at him and watched as he walked away she quickly chowed down the last bite of her food and then sipped back her drinks. If anything were to happen she wanted to be full and not so sober.

She walked outfit and watched as fire seemed to surround them. "Fire Intita? Cool. I have never met one yet. At least not in my memory." She said with a small smile looking at him. 

"Yeah that would be wise not to burn the bar down." She said with a small laugh.  

Ray closed his eyes as he focused on extinguishing the flames out as he looked around making sure nobody had seen the display " your very brave telling people you are a celestial I was always told to hid my gift cause there are people willing to use our gifts for there own means " the final flame went out as he leant against the wall as he took a deep breath as he leant against a railing " sorry. there was an intense fire today  I'm not fully recharged 

Ray nodded  " yea I'm fire initial but. I'm not well adapted like the rest of my kin I was abandoned as a baby raised by a man I thought was my father but. the day I left to come to Evermore he told me  " he looked down a little "I understand to an extent but. i wish i knew who they were " ray sat back as a cool breeze  blew through the alleyway as  he stood back  up "   would you like to get back inside its pretty  cold out here " ray gently offered his arm  "  

Katrina looked at him and smiled.
"Yeah, I know there have been some issues with those who aren't too good with us and the different species but so far in my life it been plain and I haven't had to deal much with people coming after me." She said looking at him as he spoke. 

"Yes let's go in! Don't worry I won't tell anyone about this by the way." She said looking at him as she walked into the bar with him again. "Thank you for sharing by the way. I am sometimes too much of an open book." 

Ray walked back into the bar as  he moved quickly back behind the bar as the 2nd rush began to  happen  as he started to make drinks " so I'm guessing you have seen taverns turn  into  the pubs they are today then "  ray handed  over two large  two gents as he turned his head to Katrina " are you waiting  for your dance partner ? " he tilted his head as he began to wipe down the bar  as  he continued to  clean  down  as  he looked out to the small crowd that was dancing a little on the dance floor  

 " and I'm guessing you have seen how dances have also changed but give people there due they get up and dance my childhood it was how quickly can you repair the shotgun. How quick can you reassemble the  AK-47 I honestly thought right now I would be in Evermore a firefighter and a barman but the most significant plus having fun and? Not worrying too much what I do and what I can and can't " Ray looked up as he could smell cigarettes being lit as he smirked a little as he masked what he was doing with wiping down the bar as he did he swiped his fingers extinguishing the flames as he went back to wiping down " you would think them. would know this is a no-smoking bar " ray shook his head a little

"I have seen a lot of things happen, it's strange watching the world change and you stay the same old, same old." She said looking at him before sitting down. "No, sadly my girlfriend had no time this evening. In the future though. Maybe we double date or something?" She said looking at him.

She watched as he let their cigarettes go out. Smiling she turned to him and watched as he continued to wipe down the bar. "Dances have changed, people, places watching grandchildren of people you knew in their childhood. Its pretty fun but then its also lonesome knowing that this person is gone before you know it. Then you try not to get attached but you feel even more lonely." 

Ray smiled as he looked at Katrina’ “I will have to ask Clara “ he smiled gently as he finished wiping down the bar as he chuckled “ fancy trying to teach a firefighter with two left feet to dance “ he made Katrina another drink “ on the house as a thank you for making tonight easier I usually hate these things “ he looked as the smokers leave the bar.

But at least you knew them  “ Ray  stopped as he thought about his real family “  the day I left for Evermore I found out my dad wasn't my dad so “ he shrugged a little “ im hoping I may be able to find them at maybe the ambassador  knew of them “ Ray walked around to the seat  he was sat at  as he watched Katrina “

Katrina looked at him and smiled. "Well, that's a lovely name. How is it going between you two? I am nothing if I don't know what is going on in other people's lives." She said with a laugh in her voice before accepting the drink. "Are you sure? You have already given me an on the house drink, I am fine with paying for one. Really." She said before taking a sip. 

"I am sorry that sounds rough?" Katrina said watching how he took a seat beside her, facing him she smiled. "Well here is hoping that ambassador does find info out for you. Family hasn't been something I get. Sapphire is the first person I have actually opened myself up too. I am more of a loner it seems." 

Ray smiled gently as he listened “ yea she’s a  librarian at the city library on one of my very few days off I was walking int the park and I accidentally bumped into her and well “ he stopped a little as he blushed “ we spent time together and I fell for her we went on our first date last night we went to the new exhibit that opened in the museum then took her to dinner  “ he smiled as he thought about them for a minute “  for the first time in my life I feel at peace and complete when I am with her.

Yeah it is rough but cant be as rough as being shot at  point-blank “ he chuckled as he wiped down the bar “ and please  call it a thank you  for listening to me rabbling on all  night “  he smiled as he went off and made a few other orders of drinks as the bell went for the next order of food  was ready as ray looked at the  clock seeing it was an hour left as he returned to the bar “ if you  wanna  dance  there’s an hour till the dance floor closes “ he smiled gently 

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