Dating is not his strong suit. It has never been and it never will be. That's what Henri decided after the nth time of getting himself in trouble because he managed to get the people he probably shouldn't want trailing after him. And by that, he meant stalkers. Hot but crazy stalkers. Life as an Ailward guard is never going to be easy, it's hectic and you have a packed schedule every single day, even when you're resting. Which is also not something he understood much about, not when he keeps running errands for his Aspect, who finally kept a distance away from the bottle thankfully. If the therian wasn't in the lab working on something, then he was at the library, all cooped up alone at the furthest corner of the biology and criminology aisle with a few books stacked up to his left. It's the section where not a lot of people ventured to and gave him exactly what he needed; some peace and quiet.

 Not today though. Oddly enough, he wasn't sure how drunk he had been to have installed Tinder on his phone two days ago but he did, and apparently he filled out plenty of things that are strangely accurate. He was half impressed and half awed at the thought of being able to function semi properly while he was on the verge of having a bad hangover the next morning. When he scrolled to read the details he wrote down, he had closed his phone almost instantly. It wasn't until Tavia saw the profile when he gave her his phone to look at the pictures he captured from the debris they found last time. That's where the journey actually started, a little teasing a push from the Nephilim herself. He realized that he wanted to have more than just flings and one night stands when he felt like it. He's an immortal who has lived for over half a millennium, he knew he was bound to get bored sooner rather than later. 

Keeping himself busy with all the missions and studies wouldn't work this time. He was all too used to it so the thrill wasn't really there fully. Henri wanted to talk to someone, to have a casual relationship without having a full on commitment because he knew he simply couldn't do that in a long term plan. That day he swiped right on this girl who by the way is a beauty and realized some of their interests matched. He likes swimming and games. The girl wasn't that far off, she also seemed to like skiing and had a natural relationship with snow and water. Of course, Henri didn't think about the specifics on what she might be, because a) he doesn't need to worry since it would hardly be the first time he has met or dated or even slept with a supernatural. B) She is a beauty, it felt like a waste not to give it a try. 

They agreed to meet today at the arcade center. He knew his way around that part of the city because he actually ventured there a few times over the weekend, attempting to beat the high score if someone had beaten him. That's where he is today, currently leaning against the basketball machine, tossing a few balls in effortlessly while scrolling his phone, waiting for his date. It was a casual one and he was glad the first date wasn't going to be at a restaurant or something. He's picky about his meat.

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Freyja was just beginning to get used to the city. She had reunited with her people and filled a void that had been left by the previous ambassador choosing to go her own way. She wasn’t exactly sure she had what it took to be their leader but she started with the fact she understood their pain. The rest she was figuring out as she went. Much like her current life in Evermore City, which had essentially been turned upside down in the past few months she had been here. For one she had moved home up into the mountains.

For two she had gotten herself a job in the city, one she actually quite enjoyed. But if there was one thing she probably shouldn’t be rushing herself into, it was dating. Still, here she was putting in her earrings and staring and her casual reflection in the mirror. She had remembered grumbling when Steph, her very talkative but nice colleague from work had taken her phone and installed the app. The profile wasn’t her doing, it was all the bubbly blonde who insisted Freyja was uptight lately because she hadn’t gotten any.

She wasn’t wrong but that seemed beside the point. Her issue with dating was that most people were looking for stability and she was far from that. Her life was messy and crazy, she had a whole faction of people to look out for now. A home she was still in the process of renovating, a job she wanted to be able to progress in. It was complicated to say the least. She was going to delete the app right away that night after work but when she had opened it, a cute-looking guy in ski clothes was on her screen and perhaps curiosity got the better of her when she swiped right to complete the match.

She grabbed her bag, spraying perfume on her wrists and neck before heading out of the door and locking it behind her. It didn’t take her long to fly down into the city and then land in a nearby alley. She tucked her hands into her pockets as she wandered through the street and out towards the arcade. They’d talked a bit since the match happened, about their interests and what they liked about the city before she had suggested the arcade. At the very least she could say she went on the date and get Steph off her back for a while. You never knew, he might actually be a decent person.

She headed into the dark room which was illuminated by all of the different machines and games, she remembered coming here a few times before just to blow off some steam and distract herself when she needed a break from the crazy. She looked around for a moment before spotting the dark-haired male from the photo on Tinder and heading towards him “Well you look like your photo so that’s a good start” she spoke coyly to get his attention “I’m Freyja” she introduced with a soft smile. He was even hotter in person which definitely caught her off guard, especially because he was so much taller than her.

He probably could've spent the entire day there at the arcade, playing every single game possible just because he could. Technically, he did have the day off because he made sure Ven was busy with his own work and totally finished his lab report from the last night. Was he looking forward to this date? This very out of nowhere casual date with a stranger he just so happened to find attractive? Maybe. Was he aware there was a possibility he could be catfished? Oh for sure. But he'll have time to confirm the authenticity of her identity when she gets here. But from what he knew, she seemed like a good girl, they chatted for a while before agreeing to meet today, Henri found that his interests really did align with hers. Not every girl would find it easy to like a guy who probably prefers to game all day if that was even possible. 

He was halfway immersed with his phone when he suddenly heard a female voice talking to him. Looking up from his phone, his light hues landed on a pretty female standing just before him. If he didn't know she looked like, he probably wouldn't know if that sentence was meant for him specifically or not but since the picture matched, he's guessing this truly is Freyja. "Well, I'm not one to catfish, so don't you worry. One wouldn't be able to find someone else who is this handsome on google anyway. It takes precision" he jested, the first step was not to be shy right? God she remembered the times Ven lectured him to let loose which he wasn't even that uptight but since he never let anyone outside of his own personal life know what he does, he stayed silent and watched them tell him about things in amusement.

  When she introduced herself, he returned the same greeting, "Henri. But you already knew that. Normally I would extend my hand out to shake but that feels a bit too formal and… awkward." They are on a date after all, right? Okay he's nervous. Just because he got around doesn't mean he dated around. He knows nothing about dating! "I'm gonna be honest. This is my first time dating."

Freyja was a confident person generally, she liked being around people and knew how to read them well enough, plus when you spent so much of your time alone, there was a part of you that craved social attention. She got a lot of that from her tribe but she figured a few dates here and there wouldn’t hurt either. She was trying to create some kind of normal in her life and so Steph kept telling her, dating was normal. In the human’s defense though, she didn’t know Freyja had been locked up for a century. She laughed under her breath when he pointed out how it would be hard to find someone as handsome as he is “Confident….hint of cocky” she commented as she tilted her head, the smile of her lips said she wasn’t complaining about it though.

She chuckled when he explained that shaking hands seemed weird for a date “You mean this isn’t a business meeting?” she questioned with a playful look and then shrugged “Seems like I was missold” she commented and pressed her lips together. When he admitted this was his first date she widened her eyes, honestly she was trying to recall how old he said he was on his profile because it kinda seemed impossible for someone who looked liked him to get through life without dating a single person “Not even once? Damn….well then I guess I’m flattered” she commented with an amused smile “What made you decide to install Tinder?” if he didn’t usually date then it must be for hookups right.

Apparently, people did that nowadays which had been a little shocking for her at first but now she supposed it made sense, the modern world was definitely leaving behind old traditions and prioritizing personal choice which she honestly couldn’t complain about, she liked to think people were capable of figuring out what was best for them after all. “So I should probably warn you upfront that I am stupidly competitive and I won’t let you win easily” she jested as she watched him with a playful smile.

He was sure he would be that guy who is the complete opposite as the girl. At least that's the path he was going with. Tinder was a one time casual thing he was going to do, hell he was going to delete the app because it was in fact, a drunken mistake. But hey, a pretty girl who swiped him right, pun intended, with similar tastes. Why not? He could give this one a try. Before he fails miserably. Henri wasn't generally a pessimistic person but contrary to what people may believe, he's actually having a hard time keeping his nerves down since he got there. Playing the games and occupying his time with his phone was a coping method. Until Freyja came to introduce herself. "Ah yes… confident. My strong suit" Cocky, he wouldn't comment much on that but then again, he's most comfortable with the people he did choose to speak to, so maybe that's why. "Isn't that better? Or would you prefer to meet a meek and timid guy? Because I'm afraid I'm not that. I can tone the cockiness down a bit but I'm not… that." Admittedly, when he is in his zone, he can be pretty absorbed and quiet. She doesn't know that. Yet. 

She had a sense of humor, he noticed that. At least that's a good way to start this off. The last thing he wanted to do was make things more awkward than it already could be. He wasn't big on dating and he wasn't shy to admit it. Okay, maybe he is. Just a bit. But what matters is he admitted it. "Nope… not even once. I never had the time to properly date before, I don't stick around for long. My work… doesn't permit it." That was one way to word it. Being a Guard meant he had to be ready to move anywhere. Since they didn't really live in Evermore until the past years, it was hard to keep him anywhere that wasn't Isle of Skye. "And most people don't want a guy to commit anyway." Which was a subtle message of saying he sleeps around and that's the closest thing to intimacy. When asked what made him install Tinder, the therian chuckled nervously, "Right… how do I explain this without making myself look like an idiot?" The answer is no way.

 "Long story short, I was drinking with my friend and… well, I guess we talked about relationships or she dared me to do something and me being under the influence of alcohol installed it and somehow managed to insert all the details needed without so much as a typo or wrong photo from the gallery." Honestly, that part he was impressed. "You? I imagine it was better than my experience." Because nobody would install Tinder during a drunken misfit, Aleshire. "Oh? Don't you worry about that, if it comes to gaming, I don't let anyone trample over me. Not that area nope." 

She grinned slightly at the way he picked up on the confident part of her comment but pretended as though he didn’t hear the cocky part, that just about said it all when it came to her first impression of him but she could handle a little narcissism with ease, after all, she knew how to let a man down if she had to and she wasn’t afraid of anyone. She gave a dry laugh and smiled when he asked her if that was better “I can do confident, I like a man who knows what he wants and doesn’t hide it” she responded and nodded her head, she didn’t have time for people that put on acts in hopes of seeming like they were aloof or coy, she could respect bluntness and honesty because she had seen so many lies in her life that it just felt easier to connect with someone she could actually believe was truthful. “Though I would warn you to put your ego in check unless you want me to hurt it” she grinned playfully, she had no qualms.

She was being a little sarcastic and dry with her humor but that was just the way she was, it was easier to jest at things than it was to take it all too seriously and she didn’t have time for people who were overly sensitive “Busy schedule huh” she commented when he responded how he didn’t date because he was always moving around “I have a little experience with dating but...nothing particularly serious...easier to just...have a little fun” she had people to find and take care of though, her fellow niveis. “So what changed with work? Decide to change career path?” she commented raising her brows out of curiosity. From the way he talked it seemed like he was someone who took his work seriously which made her curious what it was that he did but she would hold onto some of her questions to bring up during the evening.

She tilted her head as she listened to him talk about his story and she couldn’t help but laugh softly when she realized that someone else had dared him into joining the dating app in the first place “My story isn’t far from that, colleague was telling me I needed to get laid” she laughed under her breath shaking her head slightly “She installed the app and set up the profile and then insisted I do some...swiping” she commented shaking her head because it seemed so dumb “Didn’t really expect to actually get a date out of it but I figured out how much worse could my boring life get by trying it?” she shrugged slightly “So we’re both obligation dates huh?” she laughed dryly before looking around at the machines around them “Well then how about we start this night off with a...friendly game of air hockey” she challenged with a wry smile before heading over to one of the tables and grinning at Henri, maybe tonight could be fun after all.

When she told him what kind of man she appreciates, Henri chuckled and gave her a nod of acknowledgement, as if he was praising her in his head. Truthfully? He's impressed. "Good, because I don't like to hide things. Too much effort." And he has poured enough effort in his work to be doing something backhanded such as lying. He had to admit, he likes that she was quick to jump into it. Not too forward but definitely not slow either. He could respect that. It wasn't as if the therian is someone who would dallied around just for the fun of it. He's a man of action. "Oh? Do I have to be worried?" He scoffed playfully and shook his head, "Noted, I can't promise but I will try my very best to keep it in check, milady." Joking with each other in a lighthearted manner so early into the date? That's a good sign, right? If he had to comment anything, Henri likes her humor. She was blunt but the sincerity is right up the surface and he appreciated people who don't lie to his face. 

"Mhmm… I'm always away doing my work. I don't stick around long enough to be committed in anything so yeah, most girls don't like that." That's why the people he met usually end up in his bed and that's the last he'll see of them. It seems that Freyja had some experience with dating, as opposed to him, but wasn't deeply committed to the idea of a tight knit relationship either which piqued his interest. "Not exactly a change of career, it's still the same. Just this time my employer is not moving so everything stays put. Until further notice at least." He was sure Evermore was going to stay as their main headquarters now, there was no creeping around it anymore, not when they don't have an Isle of Skye anymore.

"I know it makes me sound like I'm a dog following his master around but I work closely with them." It's vague but at least he gave an overview that he actually works. Couldn't be running around telling his first date that he's working under an ancient secret organisation tasked for the protection of the world. Sounds absurd. "She thought you needed to get laid huh? That sounds like a close friend thing to say." He couldn't count the times Ven asked if he had a healthy sexual life or not, to which he would groan and tell him to buzz off. He does not need to share his private life with his Aspect. "Air hockey? I must warn you, I don't take games easy even if you are my pretty date tonight" he teased cheekily and winked before taking his position across her. He placed his hand on his striker while the puck is placed in the middle. "Maybe we're obligation dates but that doesn't mean we can't make the best out of it and prove to our friend that we weren't thoroughly miserable."

She allowed a half smile to highlight her lips in response to his blunt admission that he didn’t like keeping secrets or showing anything fake “Can’t say anyone actually favors it, people only do it when they think they have something to gain by being someone they’re not” she always stuck to her own morals and definition of herself. If her experience with Coldren had drilled one thing into her it was that you couldn’t rely on other people to give you what was best for you. You had to reach out for that yourself. “Not as long as you behave yourself” she responded playfully to his comments about being worried “Just wouldn’t want to see you fall from do have a pretty face after all” she reached up and tapped playfully against his cheeks as though to emphasize it.

She laughed dryly “Let me date and they’re already proclaiming their love for you and blowing up your phone every moment of the day” she had experienced a few of those herself and they weren’t reserved for just girls either, a lot of people thought they had some right to your attention and your affection if you gave them a single date. “Ahhhh so you finally have some time to put down some roots” she nodded, she could relate to that story given her own background lately “I recently decided to call this city home too...still feels weird to me because it’s nothing like where I came from” she offered a half-smile “I do like the way it’s so easy to get lost in a crowd here though” she nodded, sometimes she just wanted to blend in.

She shrugged slightly “We all gotta earn a living somehow” he responded and smiled, she worked under a boss who could be a hard ass sometimes so she totally understood how people could change their entire lives to revolve around work. If you enjoyed what you were doing then it was worth the effort in her mind. She giggled slightly when he mentioned how her friend had been quite blunt with her “She’s the kind of person who thinks she has a right to everyone’s business, I just play along with it because the stories she ends up telling are hilarious” not that Frey believed half of them but it was definite;y entertaining to watch her desperately try to sell it. “I’d expect no less...I need a worthy opponent..not just some guy trying to get in my pants” he responded, shaking her head in amusement as she turned her back on him to lead the way towards one of the tables.

She put a coin in the slot and then the puck came clattering into her side of the table. She picked it up, noting the soft humming of the machine that was now turned on and gave him a look which said ‘are you ready?’ before she placed it down on the table and then nudged it to the middle with her mallet “And I fully intend to see this through, she’d never let me live it down if she didn’t” she teased softly.

She wasn't wrong, in this case, Henri didn't think he had anything to lose if he was being truthful and he wasn't generally a fan of anything that's nowhere close to the truth. Sure, it could be a bit distorted but that's to be expected. He preferred to see sincerity when it matters. He could respect that about her, as far as he's concerned, his first impression of her was going well. "Then I'll be sure to behave" he purposely dragged the last word for the sake of it. Who knows? Maybe he could even find a friend in her if their interests matched the way their profiles would. He couldn't help but scoff lightly when she tapped his cheeks and said that, "Well at least I know you're the type to stand for herself." A bit playful and coy, but nothing he wasn't used to. Wasn't he being coy to her right now too? "But yes please do refrain from targeting the face if you have any dissatisfaction, it's an asset" he winked playfully, tapping his own cheeks in response. 

She wasn't that far off from guessing it but it was definitely more than just love confessions, "Normally I'd find it cute. I mean you had to be either very brave or extremely shameless to go all the way to confess to someone you just met once right? But it's more to people sending more than just confessions and while I appreciate the gesture, I would rather not have to remind myself to block them because they keep blowing up my phone when I'm working." Even if he had muted them all, it would still be there, clogging all of his actually important messages. "Be careful not to get too lost in it, the city is pretty but you know what they say, every beautiful thing is secretly deadly, that's the actual appeal" he admitted Evermore was different than most places and he could see it clearly. But he also knew what goes on behind the scenes. Way more than he probably needed to know. "So you have this annoying boss that you are more likely to make fun of behind the curtains? Lucky" he couldn't say the same for his bosses. 

"Mine aren't hard asses like that but they can be quite high maintenanced" considering he is personally guarding the Aspect of Realms, he couldn't say much because Ven can be hilarious too. "But my job pays well and I enjoy what I do so there's that." She went straight to the point when talking about the kind of person she was looking for and he was amused by it, "Alright, you got straight to the point. I can appreciate that. Don't worry, I'm not that savage to go after women just to get into their pants" he chuckled, he wouldn't say he had all the time in the world to be flirting around aimlessly but he could still be a gentleman. Somewhat. He beckoned for her to start and eyed the puck the entire time, "What will you tell her?" What would he tell Tavia? He could brush it off but knowing the Nephilim and how closely he's working with her now due to their mission, it's hard to escape that. He responded with an equally forceful shove to her side.

She raised a brow and grinned when he said he was going to behave “Why do I have the feeling that’s not in your nature” she supposed it was the playful tone he was using in his words which made her suspect he was toying with her. “A girl’s gotta be her own hero in this world” she responded with a sweet smile. She definitely learned her lesson about looking out for herself in the harshest way possible. Thankfully she made it out the other side of it alive because it could have easily gone the other way “Gotta have something to lure in all the pretty girls to their doom huh?” she teased him playfully, tilting her head to see how he would respond to her jesting.

Freyja nodded a little “Well at least you have the ability to just tell them no without worrying about the repercussions” it was less simple for women to turn down a man without him becoming threatening she found. Pride was a hell of a thing and so was toxic masculinity. “Well don’t worry, I’m not the kind of girl to spam anyone, hell you’ll be lucky if you even get a text from me after tonight” she wasn’t much for obsessing over some guy and she certainly didn’t hang by a thread waiting for anyone’s approval. She grimaced slightly when he warned her that everything beautiful was deadly “It does have that vibe huh? Kinda like a dream come true which makes you wonder what the catch was that was waiting for you around the corner” though she honestly felt that way about most things “Thanks for the warning” she chided softly.

She laughed and shrugged “Everyone knows someone like that right?” she was sure everyone experienced meeting someone who you tolerated and perhaps even pretended to like when really they drove you completely insane. “Keeps you busy then huh?” her work wasn’t exactly something she saw herself doing forever but it paid the bills and kept her busy while she was studying. Her dream was much bigger than working at an ice cream place for the rest of her life that was for sure. She laughed and raised her brows when he said he wasn’t savage enough to go after a woman only to get in her pants “Really? Never put up with a girl longer than you normally would for the chance of taking her to bed?” she’d entertained boring men for that reason before so she wasn’t judging.

“That I kicked his ass at air hockey of course” she responded with a determined look as they started playing the game, her hand gripping tightly around the mallet ready to guard her goal, before long the puck was flying back and forth on the table, the loud ping echoing out every time it hit against the edges, with each time Frey tried to aim it to slip past his guard but she had to admit he was good.

"No, it's not exactly in my nature but there's a lot that can be said about my nature" he winked, was he flirting? Maybe. "That's right, the world is a malicious place if she's not careful enough, one misstep and she might end up drowning" he leveled his gaze with hers and bit his bottom lip, such a mysterious and charismatic woman. The fact that she gave him a sweet smile like that while maintaining the fiery attitude behind it tells him that she has more to say than she would admit. "I wouldn't say to their doom, if a good guy charms you, would you define leading people to an enjoyable ending as their doom?" There was a double meaning to it, or rather what the therian meant when he said enjoyable ending. Slightly suggestive. 

Until today, he has never had a date that didn't end with him sleeping with them. Not that he would call them proper dates to even begin with. "Something tells me you can say no just as easily without worrying much" Freyja looks like a strong person, both mentally and physically. Her jests were short but simple, to him it was the kind of conversation he could take. Henri placed a hand over his chest and feigned offense when she said that, "Ouch, too early to shoot down a man who only wants to give you an enjoyable day, no? Damn" he rubbed that spot just for the sake of it and shook his head, chuckling in mirth, "Now I'm curious on what a man has to do to get another text by this lovely lady." The entire sentence was dripping with sarcasm and he was sure she could sense it, but he didn't just say it, the therian really did mean it. What would it take for her to return the gesture? 

"It gives me a place to stay comfortably and puts food on the table. A bit rough around the edges type of job sometimes but it works for me" contrary to what he would give off, Henri really did enjoy the perks and the job it entailed, even if he may complain a few times. It's the only thing he has known his entire life, the guard is his family. "I know my worth, I don't chase and fuck everyone who wears a skirt, and if they're not worth my time then it's just not meant to be, no?" he scoffed, he really doesn't. "But there were a few times when they made it interesting enough, somewhat a challenge to get them. I don't entertain just anyone" he's picky in that sense but admittedly, Freyja might be the first he actually wanted to go after longer than usual. 

"Don't you think you're being a bit smug before knowing how big your opponent is?" Henri tried his best to not give her an opening to his side, the least he could do is make sure it'll be hard for her to score a goal, though the same could be said for him. Freyja didn't leave him an opening and he was focusing on it a bit too much to the point where he asserted too much strength to send the puck flying off the table. "Ooops?"

“A lot indeed” she echoed, purposely looking him up and down as she spoke, he was an interesting one, it didn’t seem to faze him to be challenged, if anything it only seemed to rile him up a little. She grinned slightly “What if I told you I’m a really good swimmer” she teased with raised brows, ironic because she quite literally controlled the water around her and couldn’t be drowned if she tried to be. He was attractive, that was one of the main things that came to mind as she watched him quite boldly bite his lip, well he definitely lived up to the photos on his profile anyway. His next suggestive comment made her smirk “Except they’re all doomed to fall for a guy who has no interest in sticking around huh?” she teased playfully.

She chuckled and shrugged “What can I say? I’m not easily impressed” she responded with a soft grin, she wasn’t the type of person who got hung up on people fast and she certainly wouldn’t do anything she didn’t want to do. “No is one of my favorite words” she teased with a chuckle. His feigned rejection did make her laugh though, she enjoyed his sense of humor and how he didn’t take all of this too seriously, it means she didn’t need to be nervous or feel too much pressure tonight, she could just have fun and see how things turned out. She pretended like she was thinking about his words, putting her finger under her chin and tapping a few times “Well they’d definitely have to be handsome but also...funny and give me a reason to think he’s worth my time” she raised her brows as though she was challenging him.

She nodded a few times when he said his work allowed him to stay comfortable “That’s important..having a home and...warmth” she spoke it softly, she had been frozen in an underground bunker for many years, she definitely knew the value of being in a comfortable home and for a niveis she even had a strange preference for the warmth which went against her nature. She raised her brows curiously when he said he didn’t chase everyone and that if people weren’t interested he wasn’t going to chase them “’ve got better willpower than me” she had definitely chosen to stay around longer for the chance of getting lucky before “So what makes a worthwhile...opponent?” she grinned wolfishly towards him.

“Maybe...but I like to think if you put out positive thoughts, things will come back to you” she giggled under her breath, the two of them had quite the rally going on back and forth across the table, the ping of the puck echoing around them. Both of them were pretty good at blocking one another but she widened her eyes in surprise when it lifted off the table and went flying past her ear “Damn you weren’t kidding when you said you were competitive huh?” she placed the puck down and purposely leaned over the table a little, enough that he could get a decent view down her top if he wanted to and she used the chance of the distraction to try and score.

From the pictures he saw on her Tinder profile, she seemed to be a fan of winter, or winter sports anyhow, there was also one picture of her posing next to a pool. Though he wasn't sure if that meant she was particularly good at it or decent because anyone would've been able to swim a pool. So when she said she was a good swimmer, the therian raised his eyebrows in a surprised manner before chuckling, "Are you now? How good? Do you have a track record?" Well, if there was one thing he did notice was that she did have a swimmer's body, that's for sure. Maybe he has been eyeing a bit here and there as he took in the beauty in front of him, carefully of course. "I have no desire to stick around in general, so if they're clingy, that's an even bigger turn off honestly." 

Nothing annoys him more than that, he didn't like forming unnecessary attachments if he didn't want it. "The fact that you're not easily impressed makes me want to try even more. I do like myself a challenge" he purred coyly, he wasn't going to give up so easily and this early into their date. Besides, she was feisty, and had a fiery personality to her. "I'll be sure to make sure that no stays off your dictionary when you're with me then. That sounds like a solid plan for starters." When Henri is determined, he really goes into it. "Handsome and funny… and worth your time huh? Not too high for standards, I wonder how many of those you've met before. The world seemed to lack a lot of things, that being in the equation as well." He was smug, he knows that. 

"Home can be anywhere for me. I just wanted to feel like I belonged somewhere, like I matter to someone, that's enough." More than enough if he was being honest. It's the reason why he could be a bit enthusiastic to get a mission after lounging for a while. He needed to get into action. When asked what makes someone a worthwhile opponent, Henri smirked and stretched his arms absentmindedly, "Her personality must be astounding… and by that I mean, keep me on my feet. Not too easy and not too hard because I may like to chase what I want but I can guarantee the other party would enjoy it once I tighten my grip on them. Because here's the thing," he leaned forward and brought one hand up to the left side of his mouth as if to whisper to her, "I almost always find my target. One way or another. The success rate is… maybe 96%." She was cute, he could see that, her positive mindset and cute quirks made her likable soon enough. 

When the puck flew past her ear due to the excessive strength he didn't realize he put in the game, Henri rubbed the back of his head awkwardly as his ears slowly turned red, "Sorry…" Calm down, he muttered to himself. He knew what she was doing yet he allowed himself to fall victim to the distraction tactic anyway and the therian didn't know why. His gaze naturally went to linger around her top when she leaned down, and that brief distraction gave her an opening to which she succeeded, leaving him to grumble in retaliation, "That's not fair."

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